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Garrett Quinn - Ty Burr of the Boston Globe

Feb 25, 2012|

Garrett Quinn is joined by Ty Burr of the Boston Globe to discuss tomorrow's Oscars. Garrett and Ty talk about the past, present and future of the awards. Will you be watching the Oscars tomorrow night?

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Good afternoon on your listening to AM 68 WRKO Boston's talk station. This is our number two. There were no radio circus. 61726668686172666868. You can also text us at 6686172666868. We are doing and. All Oscars all movies program for you today. And dog Jordanian studio is a lovely talented mechanic -- of the Boston Herald. In the creative director the heart and soul the brattle theatre. Near Hinkle hello. President does he has the -- is -- -- -- -- do you keep from her yet it's -- keep it low key and preserve your energy. -- join us on the line now let's talk more about the Oscars in movies in general from the Boston Globe is tied -- I -- -- coming on. -- do you decide tomorrow. -- Aware that. It'd threatening -- I can't -- like jumping up and down really pumped up but I'll be curious to see what happens. Is there any are there. May surprise. -- is that with current -- earlier an end in these guys to. Is there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's gonna happen tomorrow and there's very little that's left up to really. Take that chance at this point other than the shorts documentaries and a handful hot war wars -- even those you can predict because of the way the other awards shows -- -- are there any thing. Are there any awards that you think are toss ups are really. Really unsure what's gonna happen tomorrow. Are there any surprises left is what you're saying yeah three months of hype and remind -- other awards. And blogs parsing all the Herbert variables and I don't you know it's over when he's predicting national election he's dealing with a population of the United States. You know it's large and these guys are pretty much trying do figure out these what 5700. Basically. White. 72 year old men are going to -- With their votes so it it is one way -- -- here is what I think -- I'd I think the surprise might be. You know I I'd probably going to be wrong I think the artist is probably gonna win best picture but. You know you've got 505700. Academy voters most of them have its. Omelet and most of them feel guilty about this for one another and I think that ultimately might possibly. Just for pushing all the as the progressive buttons might. Now a look at a look at your per year year. Should have real win was robbed you put Hugo and and I was really he knew he shouldn't -- that -- for me and I'm not embarrassed to say this was the Sasha baron Cohen's character. He he was sympathetic to at least I wanna do -- the film but his sort of character -- may -- This have some sympathy for the guy six disease is just angry World War I that whose strike you know he's trying to get the girl and and -- in -- -- has this or similar yeah similar history Hugo I would I really thought he stole that I should say stole the movie but he plays such an important part of that film. Think he does and he got these sort of banks being -- these so it's sort of debate that's apparent willingness of and so much but I I would sending like you know some might might. Don't knobs that go to the movie oh you got it didn't want to see it but -- the city and they came back -- -- you know it's watching. Halfway through before I realized that was actually such apparent and I don't -- Now he's aiming to steal the Oscars do that the agreement -- dictator. So yes the dictator that's right now until he got character -- -- week. We've got to have them back as -- such a bank and we know in Lebanon that art stuff as well. Well he might save the Oscars as it is it does and I and -- -- watch the Oscars it's not Japan currently hotels -- I -- at -- I would be in character. You know it's an LA to be less if they host it as a war the fact that haven't brought it up but for a company that. I definitely did not like from now on that but I did in director you -- do you think woody Allen's shooting beater from a nine Paris. Why. I I always feel that this is like the the the best film that we -- made in -- in over a decade. I'd say it's certainly the most enjoyable you know when they. But the way they instructions and the globe we gotta we gotta say who was robbed and if you got they would drop and pick one of the -- that they're -- there and sometimes that's a reached. Glad he's got nominated but at least five. It's the one at least dependent on its direction. And I will say that he's never been a visual -- I actually you know don't get me started but I think he's kind of one of Leo what we're overrated filmmakers working but when he -- And the -- good. I have no problem with -- I'm glad it got big big old yet but this is not a movie about its direction and ultimately the other movies are. It a C I would just like to see him win justice not Buchanan because he never goes to these things. Now he's you know he's it quite yet you never. After nine elevenths he showed up. Boy did he go to them. Yes he did that short film about new York and it -- the second it was this huge deal that -- here it is like I love you look it's McKay. Ought to get there but the Woody Allen oppression oh and I just I. That's pretty good collective some like Owen Wilson and it is I don't like and I grew up over the site. A group and the cyclone Brooklyn was awful I aged school. Childhood. It's instantly more from the stands. Yes now I hope what I wanna ask you about this is as well and I've -- best a lot of people about this earlier. Every there's been so much -- about how the Oscars earned this crisis that does this crisis in the academy. The Oscars are I have had -- decade now where they just become out of touch with the moviegoing public that their out of touch with America. -- I sent side since you just it doesn't matter. You know what the movie -- the Oscars have all it. Pardon me but I get a little historical -- you are trying to -- great. -- Oscars have always been and ones that way out of touch with the American public because they were created. Way back in the twenty's as a publicity move. When the movie industry was under the microscope all all the editorialists in the country in Washington with threatening censorship and you know the movies were elected -- is bad for kids you know somethings never change and so. So people in the movie and says hey you know what what -- organization to sort of promote. All the good things we do all that really important artistic movies people call it an academy bugle call -- an organization called an academy and somebody said hey let's give out awards. And so the doctors have always been about. Hollywood. Saying this is what we do not what's the most on -- most entertaining what made the most money this is the stuff that makes us feel good about ourselves. So it's always every now and then you'll get something like Titanic -- you know went all the awards and that was a movie next it was great and fun. And -- -- and it is his indicated. But by and large it's not it's it's more often about. What the film industry thinks make them look but. Right what makes them look good I mean it's about patting themselves on the back it up -- has been an industry porch but I effect and I think that. The genius of Harvey Weinstein is that he's been able to. I mean. Having people keep Blake and linking him I I get a monster world and out. But now that that he's been able to change the Oscars into something that feel at least feels like it should be. Honoring art art films you know what capital -- art films yeah. Rather than the Titanic and you know even the hot -- even hot the LA confidential -- of those guitarists -- -- of the avatar blockers instead of the avatars. -- actually if you look over the -- the years of the best picture -- -- It's got a fairly good balance between pop entertainment and duck it's good for you and you know I like to see that balance them. You know sometimes it seems we are -- for instance Shakespeare in Love win out over it's Saving Private Ryan which is a big shock to hear. You know. And when did you like when crash beat out Brokeback Mountain which everybody is expecting would win but then you realize crash is about. People having personal crises in traffic -- in Los Angeles but that's what I'm gonna. It -- hot hot -- -- book should crest was the last of the crash were answerable last year that was a -- wasn't it. Were people went into the Yost is nobody is -- nobody had any idea was gonna win. I wasn't like we were going to this it's pretty much consensus is is point to the -- is gonna win but -- -- -- what 05 was six. They're about and yet. At an angle into that it was a because Brokeback Mountain a couple of the films and it was then I think everybody was sort of said it was a fifteen it was that nobody there was no clear front -- And it was like crash one it was like this there's a big gas than the -- the lowest rated Oscars effort to. And -- and build our -- until tomorrow night which. Yeah. You think that led tomorrow's gonna be the lowest read on. I just never think anybody it's not it does not India Billy Crystal it has nothing to do the broadcast I do think that that that Twitter. Like social media thing might actually goose the ratings because people think it's fun to do that. I ain't I I don't know if you agree with me -- I just think the best picture category. I just think it's it's not interest thing you know and I of the fact that everybody says the artist is gonna win means that people just don't really. There's no surprise that. Course and a race that's like people get so cynical use Twitter to be so cynical because there's nothing else talk you know the artist is gonna win them you maybe seawater to these movies you know their pocket it -- idea I -- police benevolent you -- -- can compete but it's so that's what you did you turn and you make fun of people outfits and. And the difference between this show and it's Golden Globe during the grammys. Is everybody wing -- says there's no free bar everybody kind of uptight com and there's that there's fueled wild cards. You don't like our Reynolds and it's been -- there's no free will and hopefully Hillary will use. But I -- I think actually there is. Now I think Republicans sit around and blog about it and tweet about it and so there is this sort of mass public response but that's gonna actually boost the ratings. We are you're the scenic aircrew and researchers were talking at high Burr of the Boston Globe in studio and the net Hinkle from the brattle theatre. And mechanic can help from the Boston Herald I. There's a there's a thing to me where and I I I look I love of money and huge a huge movie -- but I'm also have I I I get a kick out the Oscars every year 'cause there. As if it's hard to knock excitable and as an Oscar as a film fan but they're also 'cause there's just there's so much. There is at least in my view because there's there is that there is there's always the homage to the past of cinematic news history but there's also the other. The cheesy as the Hokies of which is great but there are the other -- the things that I really look. Book for you are how they are things like the short films to documentaries to those are all like -- you noted this in your. In your piece for the globe without those are really toss -- it's hard to call those because there stirred to do is there's just not as much on. I guess. There's not as much information about them with the general public -- how many people have gone out and I've seen. Yeah. Agassi in the short any of the short films and yet the really seek those out. Well I will point out that those are now getting -- that theatrically released yeah yeah the year. So answered that's a recent occurrence yes that that's only I mean and I think part of actually realize that can make a chunk of money doing. It. How -- -- but those can make or break your Oscar pull those the ones that you can really could you keep the you got to do your homework the last couple. Now the one that nobody ever predict because nobody really understands and has found mixed right sound editing. What what is the difference in do you know the difference. I'm I hate. Actually I do they have an editor friends from college it's it's very busy in Hollywood he explained it to -- Wednesday. That's how -- mixes basically. Sound recording. Com and what you know how you put it -- yet put it together. Okay now I'm actually -- in the analytical. I doubt editing is is the actual editing of the pieces together on the on the soundtrack but I'm mixes and it has more to do -- Sound recording getting all the various piece -- -- together I still don't know what -- I still don't know and clearly. -- Well I think it I mean I don't -- I cannot speak to the difference between editing and mixing that but going back to. The documentary in the short film categories and and the foreign film categories. I think those are the ones that I mean for. For myself as somebody who works in showing movies. And I think for people who work in the industry that those are the ones. Does the categories were actually makes the most difference to the film's -- I mean there's this movie called apple head from Belgium which is. -- also nominated for foreign film which I haven't seen. I was is being distributed by some friends of mine and it's about a dude on steroids yeah I just I got theory -- gets involved with the steroid mafia. I don't know he's a steroid runner but nobody would have ever heard of that movie that honestly if it hadn't been nominated for an award so I. -- see the trailer -- books loss. It looks at just did actually it is what is is eastern European and -- its belt outside Belgium on. A separate house polish and don't. The but I want to -- put I mean I of the are you would argue that Billy Crystal I wanna go back sort of show itself because that seems like every time -- what should take in the bringing back Billy Crystal again this year or or is this just some of the people are spending way too much time talking about it. On the -- I mean I think they've finally. Caved in to the realization that they there's no way they can check this out that they can take -- -- younger -- they tried that last year. With an apple way and president of -- thank you know I just that doesn't. Irony does not work with the Oscars sarcasm maybe irony now on. And he'd be that you know what happened this year Brett -- it was but to produce it and Eddie Murphy was about to host. Brett Ratner said some stupid things and had to resign and that America's ability -- not go -- and I'm not doing that. And so they what we what you do when you're in that -- -- turn -- -- you get your uncle Billy does and I you know what. But this is when he did it and he doesn't really well. He got a better than Bob Hope if you ask me and and you know I'm -- I'm looking forward to seeing him yet because of the opposite it's sort of in meetings will never be hip will. Oscars in on the joke I mean they had they at least a video I was about earlier on Funny or Die where when you did this yes the Oscar the cat is academy did as where they send to young people to go find Billy Crystal and he's like miracle Max living decayed and I know. He had no diet and I was like Cano there and they're not just trying to pretend like Billy -- hip and cool rhetoric by the Oscars they know it's a little bit. Ridiculous but to talk about it. Heidi you you might if we take your total calls with -- -- go to Ernie in New Hampshire Ernie you're up next -- -- -- mechanic -- hill. Many Hinkle and -- of the Boston Globe. I got -- -- -- -- may be surprised our is that is that now at the other gentleman yeah there. This there was a group in the sixties I hope he wrecking crew. And they were like studio musicians. And they played they were right front purpose. And they they played a lot of groups in Iraq a lot of things. Groups that advocate stay wanted to play nose and and it's another thing. In the book about it and I it was a document document -- may be coming our way has been out in limited edition of anybody about it. You don't have been an immediate built in and I suspect. I know there's a book coming up -- the general economy it is the other night. I think there is a movie but not an -- I along the -- cannot remember. Exactly what it is I'm looking to Garrett is in the presidency with Internet access or. I -- calling it as we did I tell -- -- an expert I you know I ruled try to get to that by the and the show it's very give give him an an answer on that as well as she earning his 5 -- I was puzzled about earnings and have a question with hostile planets are actually. There is a movie about it and it's out there are sort of hitting the festival circuit that is called the record -- and I doesn't hasn't gotten as you can see. And more information at wrecking crew dot. It's dot TV they couldn't do what it out with. Not. I've gone to the Oscars. I'll never happened. In fact. You know every now and then I guess you know -- -- -- a big story about the globe every year as well you go to that you. Utley looks never responds to you to go to Hollywood. -- -- quite -- -- -- want to keep it you know it and I could do it -- change is if I want. He will. It's actually going to this show is pretty much the worst place to this year because if you're there covered as a journalist get stuck in the field and then back. Amen to what you none of the closer to keep. Like covering a debate -- stuck in the filing center with all the other journalists and expecting eight re a winner you know I don't know he's been around. Yeah -- and and -- there are no critics who are members of the academy or they were they'd be you know beaten severely yet. And so now would we I don't ask this but I. You know I think if I -- it seemed that he is the way to. Yeah I I agree I would say scene at the brattle -- is Oscar party which is to run I would totally which -- that informs you there are still seats available for an album which are which is is try the best way to see -- there's an open bar by the way if you get there early. No I just took that to me and and and that -- that I've always have enjoyed that it's it's amazed me is that the that the op at the Oscars -- -- at this point now where I I think it's always a do you have to find a way to increase the -- does mean. It isn't so much of the academy -- and looked -- I should note to the academy does do a lot of good work with preservation and in film educational things like that right at the Oscars or perhaps though the worst thing that they -- -- -- in relative terror. But that's what that's where they get all their their funding from -- it for selling ads and selling the rights to the key to the Josh all right is that -- they. Yeah that's -- they get they do all these other outreach things in and they they restore films they have been they do exhibit's they'd need they need to give -- passive film festivals theaters then movie theaters -- we've never gotten one but still. Yeah they give them out and it's incredibly valuable now there's only I think they've. Deserved every Oscar winner all the nominees except for like two or three that were destroyed in the fire in my. The thirties -- online I forget I forget order as far as like reading this the other day about sort of the history of the of all of this thing about film preservation and I think almost every Oscar films and preserve it but there were couple that are lost well they -- lost Oscar film Yemen is difference between. Preservation and restoration says it's with the academy. Has a film archive and they have a copy of every single with probably two exceptions every single Academy Award nominee ya it's not just the winners but everything that's been nominated it is his -- Now I I -- is there anything particular you would suggest to the my audience that they should watch for tomorrow. Tomorrow night. In in the in and in the during the ceremony. During the ceremony as it is Saturday you know who will win -- what's gonna happen. Is there anything that could be of they could be exciting your interest and I I know the academy is notorious for not for at least for avoiding unscripted this it. I know that everybody hopes there's another streaker -- something like that but what we're but -- Not like that happens there's no off scripts. Although it a couple of them the most outrageous thing a couple of years ago was the there was a the short film guy out there and did this whole thing you did that don't Mariano who like robot answer whenever that was the most exciting thing in the last ten years. You know upset and looking at the moment is that it was gonna win and who's who might go off script. Unfortunately it's not the seventies anymore people aren't doing it and as many drug and I would just. Like gonna get up there just sort of late. Did Ed people want -- they know that they -- a political speech they're gonna get hammered. That. A home all of which sort of -- is I'm just not as excited about the squeezes yours that there are so few surprises in the nominees and sort of in and what's coming up you know. I I was delighted to CD in this year will get our best opt out and about best actor nomination. Because I mean nobody seen in the -- com yeah it's been pretty it -- perfectly good elements of -- probably good performance but it was just unexpected. Com and you need more especially coming between solid month and so the long march of out of awards ceremonies. -- hoping to just to sit out. And I alma we don't see foresee any of that happened except you know I don't know maybe they were able is that you look back from the dead when they -- that you know they have the dead dead dead dead dead person. Zombie Elizabeth Taylor. But zombie Elizabeth Arnold -- Your. Terrifying. Let's go to Karen Karen you're talking with best actress. Yes I channel and I thought I would I would love to see Merrill cheaply but I think bio Davis and show Williams is gonna at a what it's all European. There my opinion is that -- elected -- probably gonna win. Michelle Williams is that as a dark horse could win I think at this point. You know Merrill Streep gets Oscar nominated for offering. He and it adds to the point will release it for every issue. -- it's a first round body every way. And I know nobody ever let anyone that nobody really thinks beyond that this sort of local that you really actually deserve the award just this performance actually deserve -- being nominated. And will she yep yes it's gonna get nominated until -- -- out shuffles off this mortal coil and I don't know whether shall actually went. She asked one for. She just won for deer hunter was -- Out of their choice so he's just as I I missed schillings little underwhelming. In my Mallon Kelly in this -- it seems like in the unfortunately tie we -- up against the break here I really appreciate you coming on and not a with us for awhile but the Oscars in movies. On where you just are you headed. You watching -- and our special Lamar he's gonna this need your pajamas and typical. -- all you're gonna watch you always you know I got autonomy and meet poppy you ready for the papers -- -- -- -- should come -- hi -- of the -- Boston Globe he's with a she film critics over there and we will be right back we can -- a quick break here and now we get back we're gonna talk now more about the Oscars got -- Bernstein join us and allow. Talk about his favorite political films and here's his Oscar picks as well. You're listening to Garrick quit radio circuits and AM 68 WRKO.