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Garrett Quinn - Kurt Loder of Reason.com and MTV

Feb 25, 2012|

Garrett Quinn is joined by MTV News legend, Kurt Loder. The two talk about the Oscars and some sleeper movies that may have missed the cut. Kurt Loder's recent work includes a column on reason.com

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RKO. Boston's fox station. We are we are talking today were talking with the movies in general are also talking about the Oscars -- these are tomorrow the youngsters are the big fourth annual. Academy Awards are tomorrow night on ABC I think there'll be 7:38 o'clock. And down -- -- through the going through the odd nominees were going through -- -- resume last few years but now we're gonna talk to. Kurt voter of reason magazine and he is a outfield using film critic for reason he's also the author of the good. The bad and the god awful a a collection of movie reviews from the I think -- 21 century. Yeah. Thanks so I thinks Crocker prescribe. I I I pulled up a post and an article you wrote last year but how tight to vote not to watch the Oscars and down. I just ask what's your take on this year is this year's field is this another year where people you should watch the Oscars her. You know I think everybody like the Oscars going to laugh at them. That it I think the only suitable -- Triumph the Insult Comic Dog would be very quietly. People watch you know all watch it. A thinker. The most exciting field but there are some of those. Was there where -- I think that you thought was just particularly not worthy of nominations other than war horse which I think everybody just thought it was just. You -- not that fact that they're that at that I'm amazed and extremely incredibly close is it's just unbelievable. Now there's there's a problem with the genre films. Fantasy films out of people just don't like them and yet people like them X-Men first class and -- Mission Impossible Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part two -- -- more than a billion dollars worldwide that's also really well made I mean. You know and yet we yet extremely incredibly close to battling. But a lot that speaks to just sort of the biases of the of the academy of the -- than the makeup of the academy there and they're sort of out of touch this with. That the tip the average move ago. I think that's true I mean doctors like older content like this don't really mean anything. I mean you know -- could go to -- moved because of lost out to dances were walls I don't think so the F it's a largely -- older white guy. Group and -- Audience I think everybody knows -- another with the politics ago. But in years past though this hasn't you know the popular films have one out yet Lord of the Rings on third one. A couple of years back in and Titanic in the nine -- Did very well I had of course yet I think the go go back to seven he's got father. The rocky other other films did really well. What what what is happened in the last decade or so it's not there just seems to be a lot of -- copy out there now about how. It did in the Academy Awards have gone to this decade of just sort of been given lost where they've really. Certitude and there's been this development of just Academy Award films and then. Everything else is sort of the the moneymakers the transformers. The the fast and feed the fast and the furious the Harry Potter films you know the franchise films. -- have been brought them apart from the transformers films. -- You can only I mean nobody ever says anything good about I've never heard a key word for the Oscars. But this year there's some good movies and I think the -- the artist is probably gonna -- best picture -- soulful prophecy. And I think that's certainly entertaining movie it unique -- clever. On what our rescuer is there anything you think -- got snubbed in particular and a lot you'll sit drive was a big was one of the ones that really -- -- this year. Where it is a little young adult was completely. And Charlize -- Patton -- should have been nominated for Oscars. And it's not -- and driving crazy stupid love Ryan got really good as that was his year was last year and -- dimension it's. Kind of incredible. -- at Hinkle. I mean I thought I was a fantastic movie but it's hard to see it necessarily fitting into. This particular set of nominees -- now I mean last year we had some. And some amazing movies like true grit and winter's bone which were. Sort of out there and the jump in genre land but. I don't know this year to sentence in my drive would fit I was -- shocked that down. That Albert Brooks didn't get nominated for a supporting actor 'cause that is really if there's anything in that movie. And incredibly that's what it's. Hello. Outside organs and some. Way back. But that area we got to fix. That's been happening on. And I want to ask you sort out another thing I wanted to ask you what you with a -- -- I mean if you're picking Oscars are the only things that really. Can't truly be predicted because we live in this age now where. -- is all these blogs are devoted to award show coverage and all devoted towards -- choosing. You predicting who's gonna win there's all these metrics that going to determining the outcome of the Oscars long before we yet there's there's almost. No surprises anymore really. On who's going to win the Oscars. Well. Nobody can predict the future. But it's yeah I think as they say he armistice. I don't see any anywhere the. The the ones that seem to be really wild cards that most of the the the people that do the Oscar the forecasting you like although he awards daily do you gurus of gold sites like these. The only ones that suit really seem that we can't turn elect the shorts and the documentary films the the either the ones aren't nearly seen RRR will be much less seen by the general public. And I don't think anybody -- is -- paradise law factory. And those guys should get some sort of cluster for the industry is there credible and yeah I helped to get three people out of jail. So of the bombing people seeing that. There's there's new material on it but I don't think anybody's seen so we'll have to wait. They're viewed at America also turned the paradise lost movie studios are. For those -- for the ice doesn't know those are -- West Memphis three they were this group of they were this group of three teenagers in I think it was -- 901993. There were charged with the murders these brutal murders of three young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas and today. Worm basically brought to. They were chart arrested and charged on with murder based on the fact that they essentially that they listen to. Metallica and slayer and wore black clothes and had long hair and he's got these these directors were just happened to be sure -- movie at the time. And they caught this amazing footage of these guys basically getting screwed by the justice system. An abrasion on -- movie called murder on a Sunday morning but this what's different about these movies there's three and they sort of follow the evolution of these. -- Young boys were teenagers essentially into their forties. You see them evolve over time is really. An amazing depiction in the third one is sort of the the finale of the of the trilogy it's really this fascinating stuff. They've pretty much nailed it in the second movie I mean there's the interview guy just saying this is the -- this -- all but admitting it. And -- in the -- -- they've done they've got new DNA evidence which is. Apparently conclusive I would. The interesting thing that get that guy the father. One of the boys in the second movie in the third movie. He is one of the biggest. Supporters. Of the the theory of the convicted guys. Yeah and he's they they did I mean they proof item wires it's the other guy I can remember not to -- not the hawkish guy area with a tall the guy who. Thinks -- at a certain. The whole crazy one who's in the first one hour watch you -- -- now yeah oh that's yeah I think it is the other guy the -- -- by got to see the Dixie checks. Links in the third when there's a guy I I I don't understand there's two guys they sort of point the finger and then it becomes more who's been anyways that. The third wants their resolve how they get out in -- -- on. It's really impressive but have you occurred get a chance to CA short films. The documentary shorts -- just the George. Any of -- sure I mean there's three categories so. I haven't seen a lot of it. And so I'm looking through my book listed things there and fine. But. I don't think I have seen that. You can't see every movie. Nobody is as a as a critic though you get invites screens and things right. Urge you Korea have written reason doesn't make you pay for the Saudi -- pocket. I don't know what -- was like his latest movie theaters yet but it what it. -- -- -- Yeah. That's true. -- now while blessing for I'll let you go what com. Are you what -- what -- take -- Billy Crystal being the host of the Oscars again is this to serve -- -- the -- just some shrugging giving up for resist them. Are are we on the verge of them rebooting the whole. Academy Awards process are they gonna try to make this more relevant to young people are they going to try to trip to reform the whole. -- the the the Oscars so they are more. Reflective of the moviegoing public. Lleyton and other is talking about it and had -- sign of desperation reaching back for Billy Crystal is a very nice man but it's. -- old wave. It's a shame that Eddie Murphy dropped out -- where it would have probably been really good. They keep says they keep trying to go for younger demographic but they don't seem to be very good. I think they have to really sort of. The -- we didn't about it. Put. -- This I appreciate it take you time to come on the program today. This Kurt -- of reason magazine -- the film critic -- reason magazine he's also -- writer he's the author of the good the bad -- the god awful it's a collection of movie criticism I highly recommend. Thanks the anchor a that was Kurt -- haven't we -- little technical issues this far analyst at once it's kind of weird isn't that sort of feedback is -- -- is being impart some fans had enjoyed it for it was the first time that was like and he was like ask what happened on top house like god I don't know what's going on here. But I'm I think you know cards -- Kurt got a good -- -- drive was it was probably the biggest omission of films is -- but again that's another movie that. Wasn't a huge. It was actually more successful then you might think that's the thing I mean it wasn't Harry -- -- it certainly wasn't. I mean here's the thing my my feeling about the Oscars is that it's best picture. Of the year now that should include every you know they should be considering everything from. The tiniest filmed the biggest. I you know I was ever. Thinking about. It it would just never nominated. You know and as early I think I I I think that that mechanic yeah I think Titanic is one of those films that. -- -- I'll defend Titanic I all I will fall on my sword and an antibiotic. To acquire I will I'll defend Titanic because I think of what went into. The the making of that film but let's set aside the sappy love story that cheesy some. Let's let's look into making that they basically rebuilt the damn boat and that it blew it open -- did. And this wasn't done and there was a significant amount CGI but there was a whole lot of detail. And craftsmanship that went into making that film but I mean I'm not gonna sit here and say that it was this great. Cinematic masterpiece but on. What it was up against what LA confidential I think in the big Abbas to users and has generally -- by that latest that not -- of -- but. Felt their wedding because like her saying the format Harry Potter which is that Harry Potter is visually stunning movie and it's nominated for people sneak out and you know that's visuals and stuff like that. It's not nominated for best pictures of goes back to thinking I mean. Yes at the time Titanic. It was nine you know it blew my mind I was well look I cried Leonardo DiCaprio de Caprio -- your idea I was in love with the united Africa like for six years -- I was. That bad either as as they as a thirteen year old boy I was not unhappiness they don't let an imovie is that was a I was one of the ballots agreed to take that is going to be kind of weird. Because there's gonna be that -- -- we've. Reading the three Nancy with Kate Winslet and she's like they're in the car and she's drawn in Moscow. I think Dan it's it's it's interesting I mean. I I can admit I had probably questionable taste in movies and idol I've this. Well why -- well -- only OK you'd think I'd only seen two movies that not this year and help and it seen in ninety both great Red Bull but the two more mainstream option on. Mainstream what do you that's. That's -- was the last time we Alameda movie that was something in the -- and -- parent. I'm not I'm not I mean he's not at -- and that -- -- -- -- streaming on Netflix that and and it limitless with Bradley Cooper. I went permanent parents -- have gone for limitless and I've I've seen that it. Like a whole other thing is we don't that. It's you know last year I -- way more of the movie because they they came out on demand. Before the Oscars this I don't like any of the nominations that come out. And it -- an island New York City movie tickets sixteen. Dollars so I'm not seeing a lot of movies palaces of movie tickets brown -- 75 -- -- bargain. Happy meal and does it remove it and try to think -- -- -- art house theater in New York -- -- and the Anjelica but it still 1213 dollars and you know. An island -- -- island right and I so beat my week but Maryland but. That's what that's some nominations. Yeah Michelle Williams has got to get that it was. And it's it. I'll admit. I haven't. 6172666868. We are talking about the Oscars and movies in general 6172666860. Can also text us. At 668. We have to take a quick break and we will be right back with -- Gregory a circus and -- succeed WRKO.