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Bob Rosen from Belmont Medical Discusses Mobility Devices

Feb 18, 2012|

The Health and Wellness Hour with Dr. Glaser welcomes Bob Rosen to the show. Bob is the President of Belmont Medical Supply. The two talk about mobility aids. For those in need of mobility assistance, Bob will help you find the right mobility aid for a variety of conditions. He will cover various types of mobility aids and how they work to ensure it’s the best possible fit (i.e.; wheelchairs, canes, rollators, walkers, etc.).

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-- -- This contrail is and welcome back -- can't help the -- our show. It's. -- them -- kill -- I want it to him listen all of you have the only air mailed to all my listeners. And all the listeners -- -- your -- and wonderful holiday is where there be Christmas or Chanukah or any other -- he was celebrating. Our phone number again for today's show the call and leave a message for mr. Bob Rosen. Is 6172666868. Again at 6172666868. And I am happy to introduce mr. Bob Rosen president of Belmont medical supply company. Located at 185 Belmont street in Belmont Massachusetts. Good afternoon Bob good afternoon -- thanks for joining us on Sunday afternoon I know are competing against the New England Patriots. But I think that -- A lot of our listeners are gonna choose us. And my advice is if he knows from watching the patriots game. I would record the game -- sure you don't find out who won. And get some great medical advice. Because you're accompanying. Really helps people. In many different ways with supplies. And a lot of times someone will be. Seen their primary care doctor. And we may say boy you really wanna. Think about using a walker. May be rolling locker. It may be time for someone with some other mobility products. Stands. In the office we can write a prescription. And say bring this to wherever you are going to be able to get your supplies and then we kind of you know let it be of that and that's what a lot of offices will do. But patients don't know -- ago. And that's where your company really comes in as a huge help and so today I thought we would start off with -- talk about mobility products because I think that it's going to be great for people to hear of where did they go paralegal about it let's talk about -- steps so viable peace will come in. Does it wasn't primary care medicine. And they see myself for -- practitioners. Summers had multiple false. It may have had a fracture. They recovered. But it's time that they're -- is very unsteady and we're really risking other falls and we think they need a -- walker. We read the description they go to develop medical. What happens at that point. Well when they come into us. Our staff is able to. Take care of the patient. And give them the product that they need. We make sure that if a ruling marker is. The product that's for them who make sure that there is many trees we have like ten different styles and models on the floor for people to come in and try and seek. We think that's very important. They have to be adjusted to the patient. Some of them have. -- smaller wheels six inch -- as others have eight inch wheels depends on where they're going to be used. How are they going to be used. The patient's ability themselves. All of the ruling markets that are called -- leaders. They have siege to them they -- brakes on the rear wheels. They have. Adjustable. Baskets and either bag or basket that can go on them for different purposes. For instance of somebody needs to carry a small oxygen tank they need to have a basket that -- it will fit in. And that there safely so that it doesn't follow -- But the main thing is to adjusted to them properly. Suggesting the height of the war has so that they are standing up straight and properly walking with -- it correctly. They're also the regular aluminum folding style -- that. Which is really what is covered by Medicare. And though you can put wheels aren't -- you could put skis or glides -- some people put tennis falls on them. So there's many many different configurations of these things available. But the key is that when a patient needs one of these walkers. Or any kind of mobility advice that when they're going into Beaumont medical supply company. They're getting a whole appointment they're getting fitted they're getting advise them what's specific walker doing need. They're getting guided stands. That's really important because if you when he was one of these walkers this isn't some new this can use once and while this is the -- come part of your life. And you really wanna invest that time so it's great that you're there for the peace and inevitable that these choices. It's it's very very important. If they. Don't. Get the right thing. They're either going to be. Walking incorrectly. Not having that the proper support for themselves when they're walking. And not being able to function the way it should be so it's it's important that they get fitted properly. -- we get some little small little old ladies communion. That can't get their feet down on the flow in the sitting on the seats on the regulators. Therefore we have adjustable seat height -- leaders. So the seat height as well as they handle height can be adjusted so that they can get the proper. Positioning for themselves. -- along as a company and therefore we have been it'll be 76 years next month. We started out as a pharmacy. And have been into the medical equipment into the business since the fifties. So patients will get plenty of great expertise we help so from going down cheer your players know of course they well -- so. What other mobility devices. Will -- and also have to choose from. If they're at a point where the walker. Is not what's appropriate but now they start needing more about a wheelchair attempt device that look let's back up a little bit first of all that. The first thing they may need is just -- -- In this multiple. Styles of -- different shapes different handles different. You have a phone handle you have -- handles your contoured handles some that fit just in the right handed some -- in the left hand. It's a matter of choice as to. Which one is going to be the best thing for them so many people command and McCain may be the only thing that they need to start -- From the -- they may have to go to a regular walker. And depending on where they using and how they using -- they need to again be the one with the wheels they may need one with the skis. From that point then they would go to the relate as to -- with the breaks in the seat. And the baskets on the podium backtracking to the even McCain. -- -- You're saying that a patient who wins -- -- thinking let's say even several months. They shouldn't just go to any store to get this you really want an expert to show them the exact type that we should be. And the different types of skins available but their medical condition not only the height in the types of -- but we show them how to use it. If they're going to have physical therapist they will show them also but we do provide them with the instructions as to how to use -- cane properly. And that's great because of its use them properly -- can you worsen the condition exactly it. So again this is guardrail and loser you listened to help them on this hour. On AM succeeding WRKO. They were listening to mr. Bob Rosen president of Belmont medical supply company located at 185 Belmont street in Belmont Massachusetts. That's phone numbers 617484. 3888. And you can get them on the web at WWW. Dot Belmont medical dot com again that's www. Belmont medical dot com. Publish the outcome assists a little further now so. I think teens. We spoke a little bit in into the walkers and if you can tell us where visual go from there from that point investments vision. If that patient. Is. Not improving so that they can go from. Related to walk into came back and send and they have to go into it wheelchair or transport -- depends on the condition. If the patient is going to be using. A wheelchair. And they are not going to be pushing themselves. But they needed cheer for getting around the doctors' offices to -- offered the -- to go to restaurants wherever they may be going. Then a transport -- may be the correct thing to use it's much later -- less expensive. The are. Similar to wheelchair design. On the transport cheer the backs willful Daryn the -- will swing away and come off so that for the person putting in and out of the car. It makes it much much easier to use. -- transport -- can run in weight from. Roughly thirteen pounds to 26. Pounds -- so. Where we'll -- -- going to be considerably heavier involved here. Other than the patients starting that there are -- your office. Stands being told that they need when these wheelchairs. What does does the patient needs to do as far as getting that. Other thing coming into Beaumont medical supply. When you start getting into insurance coverage in Medicare coverage and -- that it it gets very. Complicated. The first thing that gassed -- and is that the physician has directory in order for it and make sure there's a diagnosis for. If the diagnosis doesn't justify the product. Insurance -- aren't going to cover it. There are. Lots of paperwork that needs to be fill out lots of signatures that we need from the patient plus their insurance information. And most of the time they will get reimbursed from Medicare and some of their other insurance is depending on what the situation is. But it's it's difficult to go blanket. Answer to that question. So but the visual is Thomas. That's the starting point once they have a prescription that's enough with the diagnosis of course to go into your place. And take it from there correct and we -- we have them fill out the forms that a necessary. And then we can build Medicare and their behalf. So those forms of those available right in your we have storms in -- yes that's great so it's really convenient for the patients don't come in there. They'll get guided appropriately to the time the mobility device that they need. The -- -- their paperwork those I wanna reforms are necessary and in the process goes hopefully we're a pretty smooth and easy from that point we don't so. All right great this is doctor -- Glazer and you listening to help them on this hour and AM succeeding WRKO. To call in to the today show with a question for mr. Bob Rosen please call 617. She was 666868. Again 6172666868. We have operators standing by to take your phone call. Bob once the patient gets their mobility device. Whether it be the walker. Whether -- time wheelchair or even McCain stands they need an adjustment but they -- service. Or repay our. They go back GO. Yes we service everything that we sell. And we make sure that. These things can be taken care of if there's a problem. Like on the related as one of the biggest problems and most people have about the brakes where. From constant use. So that that's all repair but we have a full time serviceman. That takes care of all our equipment and services that then. Does that Bob -- respect to the wheelchairs. How do you determine the size other than the obvious of the size of the patient the -- the other factors as well. Again in our -- -- we have. Many different kinds of wheelchairs are in my showroom floor. And we make sure that when somebody comes in to try them they sit in them. If there are lodged person will measure them because that's the end of wheelchair is one size we can get wheelchairs from. Fourteen inches wide in the -- opted 2426. Inches wide in the C. So it all depends in the person's height weight and size. As to what is going to be the best. Particularly -- for them the other thing we have to remember. Is to the patient need remove arms. If they do do they need full length -- -- they need guest -- The full length -- wouldn't allow the patient to be able to push up out of the -- more easily because there. More for the desk wearing the shorter and cut down. So that the patient can then get under a table or desk. I'm much more comfortably bring it to the right position. There are. Lightweight cheers there are standard wages they're heavy duty cheers. We can get wheelchairs and take a patient up to a thousand pounds. So it it all depends in what what they need the feet. Are now the problem. That they need a regular foot rest. In the Sydney regular sitting position and did -- need an elevating late -- By raising the lays out that helps control some swelling was spasms or other problems that they may be having so that all has to be determined. But there may be -- some patients who have a lot more difficulty. Getting one of these wheelchairs. In and out of the car some visions may be eleven more in depth and others some their medical condition may really be. I think I'm most into a hazard of trying to do this so. When patients are coming in depending on their medical condition and their ability you'll guide them as well and kind of -- window -- -- a factor. Oh absolutely it it all depends on what the patient is able to do and with a caregiver can get an elderly husband and wife that it communion. And the husband's very frail and the wife is the one going to be. Lifting the wheelchair. And that all has to be taken into consideration. Because they. The wife may not be able to get this thing in and out of the car properly. Sometimes instead of having to lifted in the trunk they can put in the backseat. There are ways of doing it can also get lifts for the cards pavilions. But it all depends on what the specifics that they have. So it's hard to determine. A light -- -- basically can run anywhere from. 32 pounds to 36 pounds understandably -- can go from 38. 45 pounds approximately -- and you get a heavy duty chairs. Which can go up to 85 pounds. Which pretty hefty for somebody after lift in and out. So it again it depends on the circumstances of where they going to be using it. How much mobility they're going to need nasty one of the beauties of the transport cheers. Is that it gives them the option of having a lighter piece of equipment. To move the patient around as long as a patient doesn't -- themselves. We should tell all of our listeners that once the patient is ready to take the mobility device home that. Deliveries available shouldn't be necessary correct but I guess when you're thinking about that. If the patient is there. With the vehicle that they -- going to be using. But the mobility devices that chute between these wheelchairs. And they are struggling and can't get into their own car. And you're gonna deliver for them which is very nice for the first time the pays -- millions of think well I got to help. From mr. Rosen getting -- home bunt now -- radio when editing and out of the car -- and get in and out so it's and that they should be so. Keep in mind and I know he has double guide them on yes absolutely. It. Again the website is www. Belmont medical dot com WWW. But Belmont medical dot com. Bob of the -- goes under the website. How many is mobility devices will they be able to see just on the web site. We have a lot of -- products on the website obviously not all of them. But there's enough there that they can get a variation. In C many different styles. And when a patient comes in to the showroom. And they've met with your staff. And they pick out the exact mobility device that they want stands when has being heard about just thinking. But for something that's a lot more involved with approaches. -- they get to bring home that day or is there a little bit of delay. It depends on what the product is we have many many things in stock that we can. Yes it would have them take that day other things depending on what it is we may have to order. And if we have to order it could be anywhere from -- to a couple of weeks. Before it gets it depends on the product and depending on how many adjustments will be individualized rental like when -- command we'll adjust the foot -- for them. Sometimes they may need to breaking extension if they don't have the strength in the air here in your arms or hands to lock the breaks on the chairs. So that's all something that can be determined in the -- there. This is doctor knowingly user and you listen to the health and wellness hour and AM 680 WR TO. Operators are standing by if you have a question per mr. Bob Rosen. Representing Beaumont medical supply company. The number to call in his 6172666868. Again 617. 2666868. If you wanna call someone medical supply company Monday morning they open nets. 9 o'clock 9 o'clock in the morning and their phone numbers 617. 4843888. Against 6174843888. This time of year a lot of us have New Year's resolutions. Some of us served better than others said so we're already broken there is an open myself and trying to work on lightweight. Stands to reason that I'm bring this up. Is not so much that when I see people tomorrow they gonna ask me -- with my weight they'll feel free to do that the -- -- -- -- Whether more criticism Miami is gonna -- ultimately help. But the reason I mention this is that. I'm wondering coming to Beaumont medical supply. Other patients. When you find in January that they may say you know what I've been putting this awful long time. I wanna start in the year off right and needed a keen for a long time. I'm gonna go and develop medical. Or is -- that just you're around you'll see people on does not necessarily -- -- Lawler a big time of pick up for that. No I I think we see people idea around of course but I don't think there's more of it. Increase after the New -- thing I think the biggest problem that occurs is that. Many people. Especially. Those of us that are getting older. Tend to be reluctant to admit it. And don't want to admit that we need McCain or need a walk -- need a wheelchair. I'm going to do this -- my own it and not gonna use these products. And that's why when interject right now that at our practice we see a whole range of patients. From. The -- teens right up till the early hundreds. And I encourage patients who are listening today. If he need to use this is your New Year's resolution. For years gates. To prevent falls. For you overall steadiness. Uses is a New Year's resolution. Go into Belmont medical supply company if you been putting off getting that keen. We're getting the rolling walker. In human residents I highly encourage you. Make this the news resolution. Falling having an incident from following having hip fracture. Can all greatly greatly change your life. Prevent that from happening. Go in take a look at these products you're most likely be much more comfortable with film and feel more reassured. Than you realize you would. Bob would be speaking more about this time of year. With. Canes and crutches. What are patients do who are new to this type -- device. Especially if it's gonna start getting -- out the we've been fortunate this -- so far. We've been very fortunate so far but there are products available. We have a nice grip there is attached to vote to both canes and crutches. That goes on the bottom of the the cane or crutch. And it's clamped darn and it flips up and down so when you go out into the snow -- you flip and Darren when you come inside. You flip it out so that it doesn't dig up your -- two floors it's got like five prongs on it that dig into the snow and ice. The other product that's use a vote is a cardiac track and that's -- the device that goes over your shoes -- boots. To give you grip on the snow and ice so that you know aren't going to follow and break that hit. And this is all available in this in this school as well yes it is -- patient needed this. And they came in tomorrow morning to see you they would walk moment that is well yes. We we install it army cane or crutches for them tonight and that was my next question for -- who may not be as technically inclined so -- comes and in -- for a most of us yes myself included. Bobby if they were three. T call messages that you felt when the most important. For mobility devices. In patients who -- a little older so let's say over the age of 75. For anyone listening today or if you're younger and you have a family member whose over the years of Sony five or grandparents. What are those three most important messages. I would not hesitate. To try to get the person to use them mobility device with its cane crutch walker. -- -- later. Wheelchairs or whatever if -- it's neat if they need it. They should not be ashamed of having to use -- they should be willing to use it to make themselves safer. Make their families feel safer. And allow them more independence. And that's very important it no more independent they are better -- they going to be. Uses is an opportunity. To be safe. And -- she be sure that you're safe getting around not just in your home but when you're taking those first few steps out of your room when getting in and out of the car. When you're at the supermarket. When you're at the mall. A ball game but wherever that may be. Get the proper mobility device. If medically it's indicated. And just about every -- go in society. There is accommodations. For all sorts of mobility devices. Again as Bob as you mentioned that you shouldn't feel. Funny. Or. Secluded in any way when you use one of these devices but in fact if he -- when these devices. And your putting it off. That's where we really need to get your attention. So again Belmont medical supply company -- located in Belmont on Belmont street that's 185 Belmont street. Mr. Bob Rosen has the president. You're on your staff will be happy to see you -- meant -- when you command. Www. Belmont medical dot com and WWW. -- -- medical dot com. This is doctor Allen is our own thing mr. Bob browsing and for joining us on this sunny afternoon. You've been missing for the -- them all this hour on Boston's Clark's face in -- succeed. WRKO. I wish you all a happy week a healthy week. Me and I loved sports injury to us next Sunday night at 5 PM. All the stations they say okay -- -- that -- listening meant that.