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Whitney Houston is dead- who cares?

Feb 13, 2012|

Avi Nelson and Areka Spencer argue about the coverage of Whitney Houston's death.

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Good morning and welcome back to the Thomas Todd -- Todd under the weather hopefully feel a veteran in the midst of -- rapidly complete recovery. Hobby Nelson is my co pilot here in the Thomas judge show which is being broadly by eight. Network capital funding corporation you off future financial having just -- we started the short drive to do we made a brief comment about. The passing of Whitney Houston -- seem to be. A little bit odd given the kind of celebratory atmosphere around the grammys and I know this is a high 88 act kind of cultural phenomenon that. Do you choose stoke demand if not consciously boycott could not even aware of -- -- -- be very much into. Beethoven typical and others are Rica has a thought -- that she thought should share with us -- -- Hasn't come Whitney I don't. I do good morning gentlemen good morning Dottie and while there -- eleven when you're here wolf thank you very very feisty you are it's one of the reasons I come as soon I can hear you give deliver the news now you're the best and we we do wish that -- Todd recovers quickly here to. I just wanted to sale would be remiss to not. Extend my condolences to. This family fans and friends of both Whitney Houston her legacy is just. Incredible and I did hear you at 530 discussing alive. People as it just makes such a big to do of the likes of Whitney Houston there there was -- like her before. There will not be more like turn and if I may just take off my. News hand and just our universe if you're a fan here in anti Iran what -- and -- service via person here this moment. The arts have been celebrated long before we began to. A good chicken take it to this level say leave the Michael Jackson's and the Kurt cobain's in the elvis' and so on the arts have been celebrating these people give their lives. Basically to to -- At peanuts the the and it did those two buy their products or are just really watch their movies or listen to their music. And and that made regardless of their down falls in the pits and what have you that they have they think should be celebrated and remembered for their contributions to use aside should listen. Let's -- -- there's no question about her because she was blessed with an absolutely stunning gorgeous Royce and an incredible presence. To many many years where where the troubles I think this fellow human beings -- I don't wanna dance on that -- You know her passing nuggets owner grave but that's not anything to be danced about I'm curious though when you think you -- -- -- -- in particular region. And the movies and up for an Oscar and all the rest of that stuff. And curious whether you think in the age in which we live. That somehow or other kind of the promotional. Stuff. Has has elevated people not a bit and really beyond did just desserts I'm not not this is not specific to Whitney Houston but I think of great singers of the passed through where. You know they're passing was seen delusional but it's a pass and pitching that day but it's not people aren't going around like. -- would would be totally obsessed about the passage of. Ella FitzGerald talked. William T price saw. All Brothers who word you -- similarly -- that performance I think our society has evolved as you said at 530 to such a place where. Celebrity and in in of itself. Regardless of the talent celebrity and in and of itself is just not placed on a totally different -- assembly -- shows like. An American Idol. Or if people are just inspiring just to get on the shelf now and -- just because you get on the shell. And and so is use the talent that actually makes it out of do you share the. Well I regularly weigh in here we are going to hold. I'm Whitney Houston it's already wall to wall coverage she was a shame there. -- good boyish good looking gal. Marleau allowing them you know without theories that I won't let the way you don't know I whale way to make my way and then my. Hey they can't really well interactive I disagree with you couldn't even I. I always wondering why you enough -- and his slice I can't wait a minute first of all let me let me just say this and again I'm taking out my news had to just get down and dirty with you here. I disagree with you. -- -- -- I disagree with you that she was just a singer or just a pretty woman and a minor actress and -- know the magnitude of the love and outpouring and adoration. Renders mute your comment in and of itself. And I also think it's rather insensitive to say that the woman's body using cold and she's not even in the ground yet know why I show you why is going she did Erica -- Well we you know we don't know the answer I get ugly but we will know as soon as the autopsy result back -- -- and I finally get. Obama they gentlemanly gentle womanly -- that eventually you do drugs. She was a drug addict right -- -- by the way let me jump in here on behalf of the -- and -- -- -- all of us have our own flaws and our own weaknesses and yet but for the grace of god not being the hottest -- -- and I brought this city I have friends I got family members who have OK we addictive disorder you're not. Tonight and tomorrow will drop. Well not out -- -- so anyway his battle with this I'm not so my guess I'm enjoying this right here and I I really I really resentment. In in a very humble way withheld their respect -- -- you you know that but -- I resent the idea. Of whether it's Whitney. Four or anyone. I mean I think might just action Michael Jackson Carla Cobain Ellis yeah I bet people in this is part of what I'm referring to inner psyche. We had just evolves so in this country maybe even in this world. To where is the civility that you know this one in what is -- doesn't really have -- why would you hold out she was a drug addict who was sure you will elicit yes she had that but now I'm sure I'm sure with all due respect Johnny that is the microscope. We're placed on your life and find some things that may not necessarily be appealing sound and then any of our size that's cell a -- with that being said I mean how would you like -- if this were you -- Hurry -- third and one reason only or even in the Doral instead of selling great value for your country this is. Just the way the way out there. -- or fringe it is that nobody's going to go wall to wall on my death. My problem isn't that she was -- are not well renowned oddity I understand that but your point appointee is. That I think the renowned is misdirected if we are going to focus on her first focus on the whole thing she's 48 years old. Dead because of drug abuse now she's a show anger let's start compare that to somebody you find a cure for cancer. Or all the people who are working in research labs who are doing far more significant things. Than originally originally -- he'll be he'll be not surprised that he Apple's phone calls wanna talk to you again hobbies you can you can -- about. I'm sick and this is cool I love this let's go to Barbara Barbara you're on the with a recap if with -- -- all time money. -- good morning I really like with Whitney Houston but she is just the -- -- answer whether drug addict and alcoholic. Okay I just I don't know why you're getting somatic paramedic says. That's not an all mad at him now this money -- and your argument our station at thank you however -- -- I've never and nor would I know and you would have to have half a brain cannot acknowledge that the woman had these demons in this is a a well documented. Public issue that she fought and battled when I'm speaking to here is when you set at 530. Why are people you know -- putting this woman in this place -- -- the -- -- -- -- yes but it but if it's over the top then why are all of the every network -- -- -- hit every -- I think it's so they don't see that isn't mentioning. That's a symptom of the disease were talking about the that is the symptom that we -- Just absolutely fixated for example you mentioned you know American Idol log in America's Got Talent. Yeah I'll voice. And you know so the Republican presidential primary debate we'll drop five million viewers and American Idol brought this one until I'm in real well I don't strenuous. Is these women as well as it is that's but I just find joy it's so if that's a societal our cultural -- Zynga but it's a problem -- I oddly enough. How hot. I 'cause there are great -- we love you do this has been a lot of fun so you know we were gonna do she packs Mitt Romney and everything else but we got a bunch of college skulls let's go to Steve hey Steve good morning and welcome home. -- still doing great what's. Want it I you know I don't let me you know -- appalling act also the -- -- polite yet it's so horrible tragedy. Of synthetic track get like fifteen years. And again I'm not gonna you know -- you know she she doesn't emit buried yet to allow me to -- disrespect. Only wanted to disrespect the laughter she's married it's okay you can start out. Now I'm just saying I mean you know. I mean people who would have you know it's not like she had you know I respect why I think she had a very charmed life I mean it's important now was the reader Fred kindergarten are her hot. Her mother and I of course another big star. And I'll see a lot. Mean you know it's not like you know it's not like she had a horrible -- adult life and granted you know -- -- -- superstars they have a lot of pressure on him to what I mean I don't think she was a crack at DP or anything like that. -- -- -- sure patients just start doing drugs and start drinking alcohol. And she alerted to get to look like we're it was a problem no one could do it. -- -- -- Let you know when they're born and flash you know god forbid we help us out on her -- beyond something you know -- -- actually strike. Right. I grew dew point well -- and if we are going to make these people celebrities and by implication role models. If we're going to lionized in -- her make such a big deal. And use only superlatives -- legend dies of the world won't be the same without -- and all what contribution she made we're gonna do all of that so much give the whole picture. And the whole picture and who's actually incorrectly said. This woman makes some pretty bad choices which if he's gonna use of a role model it's what you shouldn't do not what you. The premise that what you're congress. Let -- -- science O'Grady I wouldn't miss this -- -- -- that wasn't the premise of your conversation earlier no one is negating that she had her demons or that any of this was a part of her life no one has negated that he. He's staying irrigate -- bad but your question earlier was you uber questioning whether or not this woman was duke and why the exact. Honor that leave their country in fact the world skimming you know. I heard the option is a singer Lola hits a text message that I think your idol singer get a IE I would agree with that throughout our -- that she was an incredible singer and here's a text message that agrees with the Rica's premise at least. Terms of recognition of the talent -- Whitney's -- reverse the hit seven really this is off topic but I -- mistress seven releases went to number one a feat never before and likely. Never again to be achieved so that's a recognition of the immense I tell -- Does not against me Yahoo! now. Why I didn't know why -- get -- what the but the 1% of Augusta and I'll be back patio like that and I'd like to tell. And I want a little people who are worth your -- go let's go to Tony Tony is next Daytona you're on the with a reeker and and not be in May come -- hot. And -- -- do well every in every -- yeah you probably think Barack Obama were very good president then -- -- they're going to be a mount Rushmore. Where they were not allowed well a little the way women and good two person not I would never you don't know my politics and I've never discuss tomorrow when I don't -- and and I will not discuss that you'll love this guy as well as they lose they are here as well not just goes that you know it and you'll never know my my politics almost. I don't know. Yeah you probably I I can tell you -- -- -- and I can tell you this I can tell you this why I am an independent and that means that I am open minded -- whoever the best candidate yet he's still up for citizen that is what I can tell you say you would if you're trying to pay me replace me and some sort of box or have you you would never be able to. I think swimming is a great -- and she heads while wants wants out NASDAQ hitting the it is this celebratory aspect is the one that I do find the -- I find myself puzzling can be indicative of a society that may be as its priorities just a little skewed maybe a lot smoother. -- you think you think really got our priorities -- that screwed up when we we lionized someone like Whitney Houston and other people who make. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And create these people and our recently we created -- we did cry that the willow yes I would here's where you in nineteen Hollywood garage. -- -- made in the middle we created this -- and you've watched any of the wall to wall coverage in the -- the exposes that have been done. Like one of the the outlets did an next Thursday of how Whitney went to a soul train awards and done. Was booed by the audience who are not being quote unquote black enough. And in -- called that because part of my background in the media has been as an announcer in varies from country to R&B to your name and I've done at all. And I've met Whitney Houston. And then I've met a great -- other celebrities but at any rate -- the hole and I should highlight enough. I've that in two that is a ridiculous arguments and Asia and and any point whether -- -- you say it. And the whole race thing is it is ignorant -- in the first place I can just tell you that regardless of the the issue that is not a conversation that you can really have with me. And comfort because I just think it's ridiculous on. Any -- that -- we can we have to take a break we're gonna get one more call and and then go to break I can remember how ridiculous it was in terms of the early debate on Obama. Is he black enough -- what's what a silly silly this point. Juvenile yeah it really is let's go to land and then we'll go to break have to land Palin good morning welcome your on the with a -- and -- and. Good morning and I heard are these piano playing. You know positions. I like. I'm loud Chirac leaves out beef should he's been sent to the woodshed -- LA and always will let you go we'll be back -- calls without you John -- and audio in one moment AM 680 W -- Kerio. There was holier amusement park ride the battle of Bunker Hill and Washington crossing the Delaware. Well we may not doing so hot weather player box yeah. We'll get the job done. Evolution in 2012. AM six AB WR drill Boston.