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Tim Thomas. the Conservative Lighting Rod

Feb 10, 2012|

Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas refused to discuss his latest political statement posted to his Facebook page expressing his support of the Catholic church, though he did not indicate the reason behind the posting. He told reporters repeatedly he was "going to remain silent" about it and walked away from a press conference. Howie wondered would he be hasseled if he were a liberal.

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And our poll question today concerns Tim Thomas Kimberly this December owns goalies still getting crap Butler me. I thought it was over I thought I. I thought the media was gonna leave the guy alone after after he declined to the White House news hardly the first decline to the White House. To making a political statement so he posts something on FaceBook the other day. It on his FaceBook account and says says page and says says I'm with the Catholics on this contraception but. And sense that they've been they've been stalking him big -- that treating him like keys cell bleeping -- makes something like he's a criminal. And I mean that did the reporters just note that they won't let the guy -- hole. It really go to the coach of the wants an IQ I don't know hockey -- I started reading the hockey stories. Couple days ago when he when he got into -- into this GM again. The hockey writers gore around in the -- -- -- coach of the team. Is this having an effect on the team. How is it having it what do you what do you mean the only the only effect it's having as you guys are just talking about it all I'm white white is. Why does he not have free freedom of speech I don't I don't get it at all. Idea -- yet again I understand it's -- it's the -- double standard you know it's like NBC. NBC it was perfectly able last year when they had the golf tournament the kids saying the pledge of allegiance they were perfectly able. To edit out under god. By the kids. But are the Super Bowl. On Sunday night when the bad rap singer wanted to give give the -- the entire nation the finger they couldn't stop that. So it's it's a big -- it's a big deal with Tim Thomas is a is is and he conservative. They have to track him down upon them like that dock. But doesn't on the one else gets angry about it not do that. Wasilla cut decision this is him pocket to the reporters yesterday about this does that -- the -- goalie beat the best squad and be in MVP -- In the Stanley Cup last year. We knew this every day. But from -- the first question I get about it every day and I'm happy for that -- You regret writing it. Promote peace. Does he -- waiting yet. This this state. The blue ones play yen is over 50% cap. According to the national polls 60% of the Catholic population is is opposed. To this Obama. Regulation which is now been sort of sort of Bob walked back but not real. And it and yet they're they're asking and does he regret. I mean would they be asking him if he regretted apiece I'm with Obama on this would he still being chased around like that's. City what's the poll question what is the what are the results thus far. Would Tim Thomas goaltender for the Bryant being hassled if he held left wing views. No he would not be read 5050 and lights at them that that will change 18774694322. 774 Tim Thomas is the only guy on the team with the balls to stand up much like Curt Schilling when you finally get a guy willing to speak his mind it's newsworthy. It's it's it's and it's newsworthy but hey this isn't this is like a a case of new homes. This is it conservatives statement in which case your your -- asked if your -- the biting the team. In a furor -- -- -- I think they said that when he came back from the all star break he was gonna get booed again I wasn't following hockey at two weeks ago -- I can't tell you for sure but. I think the the the -- -- -- said that he was gonna get booed when he came back to the garden. And he apparently didn't get bode got a standing well. I I just I'm I'm kind of appalled I mean we you know you know Obama has walked this back but the that we can -- we get talked about that two women. Again -- I -- getting to the Obama statement today. A number one where the hell does he get the right to do this. Mean he didn't say I'm gonna you know proposed legislation for congress it is you know I'm gonna send up of built the house at some point that he -- he's just gonna do this. He's gonna go. And then and what's the difference what is what is the difference between. Having the Catholic Church pay for the pay for the the women's health issues also known as the contraception and abortions. -- having the insurance companies which take money from the Catholic Church has paid for I don't see it I don't see the difference. 1877469432218774694322. I just I'm just amazed that what's what's happened to attempt promise about how -- always being -- like this. Again I I can say okay he doesn't go. I understand we talk we talk about this what when of the story first broke meeting go to the White House when they were when the ones were invited test to one meet with the president after winning the Stanley Cup. I understand that was the story. You know that he did he didn't go I mean I -- I also understand what's on the story when Theo Epstein the erstwhile boy wonder general manager of the Boston Red Sox did not go to the White House in 2007. But now now we've established that he's a conservative right. Why are they continuing hassle this guy. He he can't people stupid crap on FaceBook all of platonic. In this they don't update it they don't that I get chased around in and and harassed by reporters and reporters go go to their bosses and ask them about it. -- -- One. 8774694322. I heard only three Bruins players are from the USS 77 for the public ire was only 20. 1877469432218774694322. Calls on Kennedy's behavior when will you take them. Maybe next hour I guess I I just I wanna talk about this focuses really been bugging me you know I did I thank her on the news this morning I read it in the papers. And they're. Again. I wouldn't it when the Celtics had a guy that Celtics have a guy who ran over somebody can more square remember that. I think he may have been drinking I think it probably was drinking I don't think he got as much grief as as Tim -- getting. Randy your next with how we cargo ahead Randy. Emigrating. Monitor yeah I -- I apologize for Josh he's he's he always. Does but there out there are. Favorite outlets saying you know we're proud as all of them because you know you like review BMI appear. And I don't know if you saw the interview yesterday about their got a -- and it words interview ornament. It's basically said that. You know he's done talking about it. Because of his. Position these -- as a freedom of speech in news is concerned the president well. Yeah what are -- celebrating diversity. -- a tolerant and in the First Amendment. -- -- not the right to express his views without getting her ran past. There are slowly but hopefully part was just as -- all the let -- all. Following interviews interviews to come and all the that's but it brought it -- but we're on and so on network says vote about about what's done and just walked opposite. I think -- -- I think the exact question and he was do you have any regrets. Here what does he said -- -- the end with the Catholics. Do you have any regrets. Like -- like kid that made a racial slur -- that given the finger on national TV your time but you know -- I'm proud as hell of a little -- sticks there was. Yeah I do to two cuts. Libya cut. Of him Tomas. Terminating yesterday's interview with the with the reporters. 1877469432218776943. 22. It's a year build your next with -- -- that we can do this every -- but from now on the first question about it today I'm -- -- -- for that. You regret writing it. Promote peace. Do you org rather. Do you regret writing it. I don't know does Barack Obama regret that reading from the teleprompter when he said the he want he one of the Tennessee that people would like to tax rate of a -- all I -- janitor. This he regrets saying that. How how often does he get called on. Billiard -- with how we cargo ahead bill. Yeah it's what I did that complicated work with these guys that these hockey -- that -- -- this swallowed up in the shop does that bite ya -- I agree that -- -- these guys to be questions that have. All that issue if you can hear it -- but -- they couldn't figure out what sequestered. Well I'll get to know about war. Two two on every. Campaign which we -- outlook of the -- indeed. All of the threat of what was said but that it locally it's what you did you wobble yeah that Oakland it's a skate today. Gotta pick -- -- -- -- -- -- you actually quote walk away while. You're such doubled the it is apart -- C but a debt occupied. -- gonna get it to politics but ultimately job. That. I know I know he he he exercised his first amendment rights he expressed a political opinion. But not in a I don't know why he's wise guy way your idea and obnoxious way he said he said what he felt like everybody uses FaceBook for in their in their. Did -- regret it. And they're asking that if -- if this if it's having ended negative impact how was having how could it possibly have a negative impact on the team. -- FaceBook to -- that's really what we're about. It. Got a concussion to respond below if that's what this city were able itself tried to -- that you guys and talk about awkward. Yeah I about it I wanna know or they gonna ask you Josh Beckett when he goes down to Florida are they gonna ask him. What do you prefer popped by ice chicken or Kentucky fried chicken you know how they're gonna ask him that it's gonna be all it's gonna be everything it's gonna be peaches and cream you know. Like you'll still have the -- popular doubt they'll guarantee it it will be sweet is that why after the at the world collapse of its US -- simple. A play -- that you know typical. -- want approach wait wait it out into the Serbian guys. A lot -- to the end but the I can't believe particularly political flip up or the courts you it will look at we did we get. The salukis coach of the team thanks for the call -- 187746943221877469. 4322 that did -- GA west regrets saying George Bush doesn't like white people that's a good point. Mean how how long was he chased around Hollywood after saying that. By the way I'm out peace I loved his or straight for that idiot who asked him whether he regretted writing what he did. 187746943226172. Reasons this is Boston and sports writers like that think their journalist. I think this is sportswriters everywhere though this is beyond a BC sports writers try to be if if anything -- are probably. As left the mom works so lefties than than even regular reporters really pumped up Syria I mean from what you can read. Mean who you'll -- based -- Steve the Aussie and and I and I don't know Tim Thomas I don't follow hockey I know I know the -- he's a good guy like him. And he had every right to say what he said you know he's a giant sphere and he played for the giants is someplace for the giants who was at the giants won the Super Bowl etc. -- And that's -- critical stuff for him and that's as they should have so wait why why is no one standing up now for Tim Thomas. Why are they why are they treating it like this is some like. He's been drinking but delights in eating pot pies fried chicken in the in the -- But it did the club house -- the dugout or whatever they call where the hockey players said again I'm not a fan. Why why doesn't he get this and why does he get the same defense of his first amendment rights to Steve the Osce does and again I. I'm all in favor of Steve -- have a right to say what every once I got no problem with -- what felt like here. What I think -- what do they care. What side Tim -- on in this contraception. Masts and again I I'd bet. I'd bet that probably. A majority of the people in the United States were on the same side -- Tim Thomas. Johnny your next with how we cargo ahead Johnny. -- -- -- I you know. What you mentioned. It is it doesn't affect the team I think that it does that it's in the weight you know win. When Tim Thomas got to get into politics and that that's not about the hockey that's not all but hockey. And the -- that came out the -- -- you know that money here if we and it was. They are now really hearing about Johnny where the hearing about the only place you're hearing about it despite the sports writers is -- -- Mostly -- yeah absolutely and what they -- it right now you know what music that -- hear that -- you know also I mean that that's both. I'm saying is this is -- this is us this is a quote unquote scandal that is totally concocted by eight by eighty. You open moronic jock sniffing journalists. I totally I totally agreed date date the parts of -- -- -- -- to create controversy with a rebel. Why you are and why isn't only -- controversy. Joining -- -- here's my point wait why is it only yet why is it only controversial. If you take a they troll conservative state and how come it's not conservative if you take a a pro liberals stand. I because most of the reporters out rebel. I totally agree I mean you know that's that's that's just the -- where -- -- you know. I I agree with that but I but I do I do think that it takes away from the scene and and you know went to -- Didn't go to Washington. Had -- been op ever since he refused to go to Washington ever -- he hasn't yet been in the game a lot. Why do you think they'd be like 'cause he's got to -- chased around Leo but locker room every night. There are no I don't think it is all. About I don't I mean the reporters. About the report -- absolutely should should ignore them really -- just how they were hounding him yesterday in Senegal coach -- coach and they asked him a question like -- -- -- like this is a big deal -- What are they gonna -- what happens next next ball when he would be what he would the for the the sake did you all further. -- -- Deal. -- for the republic you know they they treat it don't they treated -- like crap to you know they Michelle is never in the -- Got the same -- got the same. Same deal you know besides showing -- the same way he would he was conservative and and it was he backed bush. Yeah he's -- -- -- you know that the bloody X the bloody sock that was very when he was that he was a regional hero for a very brief amount of time once she started going out with George Bush. On the campaign trail that was that that -- at his his aunt what little lawn. Yeah absolutely I you know at that that's part of that living in Massachusetts to a you know that you know we we need to be a very local state and thanks. The call joining 18774694322. Tim Thomas officially made me a Bruins fan and I don't normally watch rocky but I will now yeah I got -- I'm gonna go that far. As to say I won't watch hockey game on TV but yet he has made me a broad spanned. Who asked him if he regretted writing I don't know I didn't recognize the voice that's a good that's a good question I don't know the answer if someone knows the hatchet to that question who asked Thomas yesterday if he regretted. Writing that posting on FaceBook got debt that the post -- controversial words. I stand with the Catholics. John your next with how we cargo ahead job. Ali I just wanna correct something that that previous callers said it is truth of the matter is the whole -- game. Has been off since both for the all star break. And it hasn't gotten any better as witnessed by that 62 and opens shellac in the other night. In which that game one of the opposing players skated up and sprayed snow and Tim thomas' states. And no one on the team came to thomas' defense like here's boast -- so it definitely has had an effect. I admire Thomas because he stood up for his beliefs knowing that he was gonna get flak for via the true just great here. It's the so called media. These people -- joke they're so in bed with Obama. Obama the I mean -- they should be getting paid because -- -- they're just. I mean they're they're just course for the guy that caller is still. I I I agree hey you know if if if Tim Tim Thomas -- -- if you've been arrested for drunk driving some but I mean OK you got that you've got a right to -- To go after the guy but what he's just it would what he's doing. What any citizen has the right to do you know. Well we we have that right until Obama -- the second term and then I think there right gonna disappear but in the meantime the press' doing their best. To take it away. From the conservative part of the population right now they're not waiting for Obama's executive order. Taking away our first amendment rights and they're going after us. Right now. Thanks for the call John 18774694322. Vegas five awaits says the guy who asked the question where is Joseph Hagerty of Comcast sports net New England. Pull up this photo he's beyond that stereotypical sports writer. 414 Ted Ted Williams had a right when he -- Boston sportswriters as the knights of the keyboard. 617 there was regular media there to not just sports -- swaps. It's 352 how we they jump on Tim Thomas. More so because he won many trophies in this bit Stanley Cup that's about left press makes him a target never mind. Never mind the ulterior motives of if Kim gets around that gets off his game how would that benefit other teams that mark in Florida. 18774694322. But left the church and heard jock sniffing reporters -- Curt Schilling when he was walking quote machine especially non sports statements he even wrote an op -- after 9/11 he comes out to the right. -- tour of the right of Leon Trotsky and now he's the anti Christ that's from rhubarb 18774694322. 18774694322. It did -- did get them tax money from Rhode Island when he set up this company down their but I mean I'm talking about the you know I'm talking about his. His adoration in the in the media in the sports media 18774694322. I'm Howie -- didn't. -- -- Another. Plus. On the POP dot gov website today Axelsson trends and again we think he's heading west there. A grand jury and he's probably gonna spend the weekend and what about maybe DeVon Smith who. And -- -- -- box. This is a great let this. You don't have to do when he researching Cheney every in the the state it's the best government website I've ever -- Because they -- Totally up today. Every every morning it at 1201. They post ever where everybody is so you know yesterday at 1159. He was listed in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Two minutes later he's in the they got him in transit in and you know in the papers just it's it because ever the papers now The Herald in the globe checked. Check BOP dot gov every morning it's like you know making the traditional police call you know. Boston Police Cambridge police you know state police district seat that many crimes committed -- -- checked to see worst which now as. Today he's on column -- us are right by the way of how we card speaking of cell at I'm on how we card bought US. In case you've forgotten the women -- left behind we have posted. With posted pictures. Of the women's cell left behind from his travels. From his trial actions last last. Summer and is my yeah my yeah. My website managers. Is smitten with actually. That makes. Actually right there on the front page -- US senior and then of course there's the -- -- She's also we have to -- pictures now. And again the weather was warm so their -- they're dressed appropriately. 1877469432218774694322. Before we whether Slater that will be with us later. 540. As a Catholic how we are why am asking is that in the future my religion be treated like is. The that is bets per about sums it up president. We can you imagine if if Tim if Tim Thomas did a Cat Stevens and became muzzle. In came out for sure real law and put on his FaceBook page. You might want it to some of them in my dimension Paper you know Tim Thomas has come up for sure real law anything swim mention about where Berkus. And he he supports Saudi Arabia's prohibition of women drivers. OK maybe a little weird but you know he has a First Amendment right to do. Nobody would be chasing -- around the -- Mike Garrity -- if any reporter chased him -- around the locker room for say in those -- things. Those Cat Stevens type things. They would be the ones who were all right it's not mocked him pops. But all my goodness he said he stood with the Catholics somebody says it wasn't somebody says it wasn't Hagerty it was a -- I don't know -- I don't know what sent do you regret writing that. 1877469432218774694322. 774 H what senator also lives in Plymouth could be could be -- stopping by to visit. It's funny you mention that 77 for the is an interesting story in the commonwealth a post on the commonwealth magazine website. About all of the -- -- launch who have or warrior roaring up in the midst of this Probation Department scandal. I'll be reading to complete the complete list. The hall names so it's but he wants it all she game because everybody has a right lead counsel -- world. Bought it tells you intelligent posts and solar system this year whose lawyer up. Be -- every day when I wonder why the -- has hired a lawyer. 18774694322. How we want to be -- -- bus driver ha ha ha. 1877. Force. How we officer mark says did BO have it tracked down and asked if he had regrets for snubbing George Bush know it was it was it was mentioned once. It was mentioned once. They set for personal reasons well that's what jive is an act. And base guy and that was that personal reasons in the it was left alone. 18774694322. Yes we -- interview we Mandela five yes we we can do that. Stephen your next with how we cargo ahead Stephen. Either. You characterization of him being -- is simply ridiculous. I mean here's here's a sports figure. Who all of a sudden Ottawa blue sports posting on his FaceBook page which is read by fans -- little ought to -- would be able. Occurred in. Posting his political views last season but the season before but I. Look what it what does that have to do with anything could be -- he he cited that that that the situation was so lot of control would be had to get involved. Well fine totally but I believe that a one time even what you work for the -- You were reported. You'll think that these orders have responsibility. And went and chased around a lot from this we're following practice them you opportunity he would ask these questions and if he didn't -- How come they never how come Theo Epstein didn't get out under -- on it. Did he regretted it did John -- Brett campaigning for a -- John Kerry did Kanye West regrets saying George Bush didn't -- didn't like what. People why is -- only got conservatives get a fast like that sent up. Wrapped and it's not only it's not just conservatives but back. Liberals tell me some liberal -- chased around what. Give me one liberal that has been but has been treated in the -- in the same way that Tim Thomas has been treated. OK can give me one. We're gonna we're gonna continue this to give me an example of a liberal that's been treated this way. I don't know blocked all -- about that's at the matte that's a bet that wraps it up by epic as. No no we can't because you you have achieve yet she did that the the point here. Is that he is being singled out because of his political beliefs and it's as simple as that. It -- -- you don't -- own -- and you have every right to call it but you have to you have to tell me. -- -- Liberals have been treated the same way if you're gonna say that he's not being harassed and that he's just posting these things out of the -- I mean everything has posted -- of the blow. I posted the picture of the Macy's -- last night out of the below. Right. Richard you're next with Howie -- go ahead Richard. We thank you for what you do and sorry have to put up like move that -- -- that's like that but I just want to make a couple of quick point. I don't think anyone should be surprised that what. Obama is doing Michelle said it best when he was first running for office -- said if you don't do what he says. He will make Q and when asked about reparations. Somebody asked him about. Or how many billions would that take he says that's not enough. This guy is dangerous. And we you know if if nothing happens in November we're going to be in really deep doo -- I I couldn't agree with you more idea I couldn't review more. You're secures a column for me Andrew McCarthy about this on in our robot that this this whole controversy with the Catholic Church. What I find personally most offensive about the HHS mandate has been shocked with which it has been -- why. This is who Barack Obama is there's no reason to be surprised by this he is not being spoke with two extremes by his base. He is the one doing the polling. Obama's abortion extremism is such that again this is Andrew McCarthy on national review dot com. Obama's abortion extremism is such that is a state legislature he opposed protection for use his words here. Quote that status fetus or child however you -- you want to describe yet. Win contrary to the wishes of the women involved in their abortionist there was quote movement or some indication that in fact they're not just coming out lamp and dead. Babies unquote babies were in conveniently being born alive self styled health care providers carted them off to the utility rooms where they would be left to -- That is infanticide plain and simple in all of the way people tried to stop this barbarism by supporting born alive legislation. Barack Obama fought them all the way. This is not a secret. The Obama media of course refused to cover while they were running down Sarah Palin's third grade report card. But clueless John McCain failed to bring any attention to what but it was far from unknown. People just don't listen do exactly what he's saying and you know he just won a 545. People letter scroll and 300 million. Thanks for the call Richard 18774694322. Bob your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. Yeah that did that congress Haiti is that it took the wind out of myself but the reason I call it because. All during that so called crack conference today. He never once mentioned the word abortion never want. They don't they they call it women's health. Outright and what a euphemism. Or reproductive issues and reproductive issues is a little closer to the truth of it and women's health. Yeah and amnesia liberal. Ladies who want that are so it. That's a way to with the board and then they're claiming that haven't giving Bart. It is dangerous vehicles went went almost dark you know. I thought the -- was it was a proven to war it increase a woman's chances of by contracting breast cancer. Absolutely it -- yet you know. -- -- -- auto it's sort of a woman tell that you after taking birth control pills -- it's bad for your help if your woman and you're -- birth control pills like you. 1877469432218774694322. 86 so just checked out -- to Macy any reports of Volvo all of whom. It's an Obama. Won 87 for their five away for me it begins and ends with the fact that it was his personal FaceBook page yeah. And now. It 02 what does that last caller think that Tim never posted an opinion on his personal FaceBook page before it no they just never irked the liberals as much as this when that. 617 other than Finneran to you know of any other present or former Boston Paul who was might be lawyering up will will give you the entire list. And by the way the Macy's lawyer -- Tom Kiley who came up with this novel defense that wasn't against a lot of take a bribe. He he he is represented a number of these clowns who were who -- media. May be sweating it out this weekend may be up pop in the -- bills trying to keep calm. Hank you're next with how we cargo ahead bank. Now I don't know that the -- this is not political it's been like. You know -- war in -- -- the how are the -- agency got to say. Yes yes they want the eloquent senator Glenn -- in the Arctic about the Obama administration -- -- -- -- In Chechnya. We write our institutions 68 million dollars partly right there aren't the solution -- they went out there. Are fortunate. Think while you go -- app I think then that maybe it will. It is -- got a lot of Muslims. Doesn't. What do you think -- -- how to out of the Muslims feel about these abortion being abortion rights being written into the new Kenyan constitution. Well not only attitudes itself are all dynamic problem Obama. -- out -- eighty million bucks 1877469432218774694322. 77 for its liberal women who were so fired up. How come -- model fired up about Obama changing requirements of mammograms you know the only liberal woman was concerned about that was momma -- Theresa Heinz to she'd had breast cancer she knew she knew how important mammograms work. In that you know she does she raised holy hell about it and I think they changed they changed the rules -- that to deny. 1877469432. To somehow car.