Girly Man

Feb 6, 2012|

Super Bowl stats on Tom Brady and his significant others: Brady with Bridget Moynahan, 2-0 (Super Bowls XXXVIII and XXXIX); Brady with Laura Kinsman, 1-0 (Super Bowl XXXVI); Brady with Bundchen, 0-2 (Super Bowls XLII and XLVI). Howie posited is Gisele turning Tom into a girly man.

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There there is no -- in -- This it's this it's a sad today. Amongst the the pom pom waving crew here in the it's it's it's just pretty. They weren't expecting to lose you know. We. Had that game in the bag we have it in the bag didn't. And then they blew it they blow it now Giselle bunch and is is so blaming. Is blaming her -- Her husband's. Dear friend I mean I got I almost got the feeling Wes Welker. Her Wexler if your Mayor Menino that west Wexler was. Brady's just about Brady's best friend on the team he's he all he has never said anything other than. The the highest we offered him anything other than highest praise and yet she's accusing him of dropping the ball. We have that cut just in case it's not someone is it just getting off for work it hasn't -- -- this is she's leaving yesterday by the way I don't know miles wanted to know who was the athletic looking woman with -- I do not -- I don't know miles. But he witnesses issues of the someone's yes someone's yelling you know -- -- radio launcher the Eli Manning on drugs but. And they and this is the it's hard to understand listen care listen closely. All lies ahead. Yeah might in my house and -- and the catch and throw the bleeping ball at the same time. I -- is in my husband can't leaping throw the ball in the same excuse me I'm a but the -- in the wrong place. Meanwhile a week we told you there was a riot that. At UMass who mass last night after the game. And we're -- we're gonna try to get that list of -- that thirteen students and one -- student who was arrested a price censored text by the way is it absolutely OK okay great okay so we have somebody on it out out there at the the -- the public relations office of UMass -- -- -- has assured me this morning that they will give us the -- -- list of names tomorrow some open for the best but just in case. We have another guy working on it so so to make sure that we have for Amaro and that will. We will move that by the way if you're not registered for our on our email blast list if we get that early in the day. -- -- -- -- an email blasts -- you wanna sign up to get on the email blast was -- find out who got arrested. You can go on to go to how we card but US and sign up. But it wasn't the only but there there wasn't much problem in Boston. But there were problems else there were problems in Brookline. A pack of agitated when one fan said they were trying to defend the patriots. On. In Brookline. Seriously really provide the honor of the team. When they attacked a group of giants fans -- post Super Bowls are wrestling them. And pushing them on to nearby ski tracks according Brookline equally this happened in Brookline. Washington square that's my house outside my house. -- on chased when he won at Cambridge Daniel power to a hand over and he him on there. 23 Boston one hell with some guy from -- overcome bound together. And these guys are from Brookline and you know I'd pick a fight my head. They told police they were walking by. Men in Washington -- shortly after midnight when they mark. About the giants quote being -- theory I'm sure those were the words they used to be -- year. To the patriots following their twenties when he won seventeen victory in Super Bowl 461. Of all they have a right to be if they won inseparable secondly. Walking traffic through Washington square. Off. An officer driving by said he saw one of the suspects pushing people in the group including onto the train tracks before bolting down beacon and Washington streets. An officer chased each chase this guy from Cambridge by on foot. And cops found hunter and powers on nearby university wrote. Police -- powers told police he was trying powers is the guy for me -- -- said told police she was trying to defend the patriots honor. -- Hi how drunk were that. In all four victims were refused treatment he said. I say -- that there are no sports bars and Washington square mean what else. The arrests were the closest local police came to rowdiness in the aftermath of the patriots crushing loss. Boston Police aided by state police helicopter had planned to -- -- crowd control barriers and -- more squared north station. And closed route traffic in both popular post game party hotspots. But with no -- to celebrate hundreds of fans trudged out of bars and restaurants with no energy or motivation to cause trouble. They don't have the same. Spirit. Or shall I say distilled spirits that they have about an -- apparently it doesn't matter it's new mass whether the team has won or lost. Do you think the fans at in -- who mass care whether the team is struggling. Of course they don't care they're just looking for an excuse store yet. It's -- rug leading. I couldn't care less about that the broccoli. Said -- name of spokesman for the entire student body mass. Crowds behaved extremely well said Austin police spokesman officer James continually. It came in stark contrast to the scene and Amherst where several small skirmishes broke out when 15100 zoom -- students gathered on campus last. Police in riot gear broke up the crowd I -- they had worked -- police on horseback. They had some pictures of you two apparently there were no reports of injuries or property damage but fourteen people were arrested including thirteen students. They are being referred to best dean of students for possible disciplinary action. I will be trying to. As as a concerned citizen. I'll be trying to reach those groups parents. Tomorrow -- find out where from. Because I think it's only right and fitting and proper. That this that their parents know that there the students are squandering. A fine fine education to mass. I leveling you're the one who actually tells the parent their travels arrest and I didn't know before what the hell -- think's gonna if I don't tell who the hell do you think's gonna tell CN the only they're gonna tell them -- I mean it's gotta be -- someone's someone's got to do this dirty work but it's I'm willing to I'm willing him to step off. And get a quick and easy call you always are. That's right. Special I was gonna go column about the bus. But com bust but apparently that's going to be in the Paper tomorrow so that's okay though. As long as I get a list of -- -- students 1877469432218774694322. What do you think of Tom Brady what do you think of -- Is Tom Brady has he become a girly men as one of the callers seven in the first hour has he become a metro sexual. This is Tom Brady. -- Tom Brady all done as a as a as a significant fat as Tom Brady -- I would not by age. Not by that knee injury in 2008 but by -- has he is is what when Tom Brady. Paul your next with allowing -- at all. I've been opinion you know yeah that's -- as -- but the halftime show them tired of this crap weather and equipment the and yeah over language in -- who do you think it's -- to go back to the much demand there from the crowd. You know not really super at least that yeah I would. Yeah -- suggest that always have a salute a salute to mayonnaise. Yes sure I can bring him back I am proud of that. Yeah I'm tired I'm tired I. I don't watch it all Paul you know it's a -- -- it's a good time to walk around to check out you know Turner Classic Movies or check out the Internet there's a check out anything other than rather than Madonna or. You know when he of these washed up groups for mob admiral -- I took -- the good status make sure I got enough left whether. Second -- a thanks for the call call 1877469432. To a mile car. 322 miles we have an answer for you. Someone sent us an answer for you who was with the -- last night -- Wilfork. So let's the wife of events will work the defensive. Lineman for the patriots. Suddenly once CNB seriously Brookline is not a -- well may be for a guy from handover. 18774694322857. How we we concerned listeners would like the names and hometowns and street addresses a possible. Posted tomorrow on how we card thought US. I'm gone I'm I'm planning to fight if I can if I can get that if I can get at that might get their street addresses I'll get their street addresses by the caller going to be able to get as their home -- -- well as soon as I haven't posted -- well as -- get a tomorrow. We'll put it out and an email blasts -- you want the if you wanna before before anybody else just a sign up for a senate to get on our email list. Tonight at how we car bought US European already signed up and that that's something which we don't send out to media blast when it when I'm gonna spin it to death and we wanna have a place to let everybody know -- going to be later in the year follow. If things aside all the way I'm praying they do. 18774694322. Some people saying this was that that this is the was suffocation of the pacification of America here what's happened to want to Tom Brady. Then 617 says how we use sound foolish Brady has been the five Super Bowls in eleven years this while missing a full season -- jerk you get to two more before his career is over good radio I think not. But the thing was he won three out of four. In his first four years and since those first four years he is zero for seven. Someone says this is a karma because he'd he'd deserted. Bridget. -- in hand after. After getting her in trouble as they used the said he. And this is did mini hooked up with jinx now. And again what well that'll be a lot of this sought to -- I hope they'll be a lot of it on inside edition. Inside edition tonight at 7 o'clock on channel five they were in the studio they were in the studio here earlier this afternoon. Taping taping an interview with me in the -- some calls from listeners. And I think one got its definitely gonna make it his bill he's one of Calder Yoko. Yoko bunch of that was it that was a very good line. 1877469432218774694322. Fred you're next with how we card -- have Fred. Yeah I gonna I gonna Brady opinion we get a let me tell you a storybook shall Alley to -- is cold out real quick -- -- -- feature -- Brady's Britney definitely marriage in the mail room lady. -- right now. I was working on what -- neighbor's house. Yes like my fourth day and I guess he would give them some time to get like an audible one righty -- and again I am. A little talk all the top. Sharon got pulled up and I'm an -- and an. You know I didn't happen RT but you know everyone can get it right -- any income -- -- and cops. You know neighbor's daughter and I'm working on the policy by joke. Wide by. I thought I left under his own power but we I -- The Herald a picture of a media that he -- on the steps of the house and there was a big sign that said Merry Christmas. -- -- How -- it was how it it would not ready and it was yell out just like now. That picture was taken. Before this year when did what they did. All -- all okay so you're saying that The -- picture would see that Carol picture was done before -- -- went back in the house. Hurricane but he went somewhere and then that went back in the house in the sheriff's. This year came and -- in the woods and cops and the -- kids. Is going wide joke why why that kid didn't know speech he was. Somebody told me that he used to that he doesn't like he doesn't like Evans I mean I thought it was I thought he was petitioning specifically to get to dampens the missile like he's doing a lot time and you know he's doing like seven or eight months. Would you like anywhere that you can't go to your refrigerator. How long. -- Hell no but I'd rather be I'd rather be DeVon and in Lexington -- -- wouldn't. -- -- You'll never do -- neither occasion -- I hope so I hope -- our bikes 187746943221877. 4694322. It seems ironic if if this is if what we're being told. Is true that he bit that -- Lelie is a guy who ran out that he's one of flipped and he testified against comic and it and a sell -- Macy and so that he they admitted they gave him the last time BC he's a degenerate gambler but he's. He's a real sleaze and you know on the media. They want -- that we gave him like a couple a year to exceed isn't much time to do he's -- he'd talk about once a piece complaining about B unit that Evans. 18774694322. That's what they all want ago. Jim -- that's where the cheese man it's that's where the saint it is you know although that's while the mafia guys go gem here next with how -- they -- -- GM your next with how we cargo ahead. -- -- -- -- Jimmy did get a bone in his -- last night did make. Yeah it probably not unintelligible. You probably felt a little bit -- them. Think again. The Red Sox were the only team that was eating chicken during the game but apparently like I said he got a bone in his throat -- -- You are all due to pick -- but you know what I'm gonna help at all. Do you think they just. Aren't important Armenians think it is all. And you know somebody's -- from Chelsea said today when did the when did the the patriots turn into the Red Sox in the -- turn into the Yankees. To pretty good question. Thanks thanks for the call -- 18774694322. -- -- car.