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Max Robins Monday February 6, 2012 - Alcatraz and Super Bowl

Feb 6, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...Most of today's questions have to do with the hit series Alcatraz and of course the Super Bowl.

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It's Monday afternoon. Around 530 and this time every week we're joined by Max robins. He has a long time journalist covering the broadcast TV industries now the executive vice president of the paley center for media. In New York City and a Maxi -- -- I am happily ever covered. You've recovered from bones recovered going to recovery. Doesn't -- -- me with Demi Moore by the all glad to note that. Will listen I am I might have appeared a little tired and emotionally yesterday. I'm I'm wondering here -- so we're just I just saw the story -- the Internet I was wondering this last night that. You know I was waiting for some appreciate the pregame was -- was remarkably short last night I mean -- the had a great game. They had that now they're saying it's the largest just barely but it's the largest Super -- largest TV show a reading of it now all our ship of all time. And they and they flip office after thirteen minutes of post game including three minutes of commercial. Two to go to some crappy life music show. Yes the sister disks. This was not a good programming decision wasn't Macs well I have to say. Look a day. MBC that doesn't have a whole work I mean they wanted to use this to global Altman that. In terms of promoting the one show they do have that seems to you break it whether you're like that is the voice. The -- OK how many people how many people watched the voice on an average week. I'm -- north at twenty mile north of twenty million. The Super Bowl last night that north of -- 111. I understand and I I have to think suited there was still plenty of appetite for. Yeah I think I gotta think the most how do you take care every cliche possible thirteen minutes. But I do use one you just wanna see people walking around and screaming and yelling -- I mean it's just it's. You know the thing is I I don't know what you're walking out my door new. Click I -- thought -- said WCBS. Had a great up pre I go to great post game show I switched over to ESPN myself in I'm sure the NFL network network candy. Had a post game show amid I would think that you you know most people just just checked that didn't stick with the with the voice you know. I think you're probably right I think that they kind of felt that the what they're gonna give because Super Bowl such. Incredible. Viewing of -- A lot of the people who are that you know the real lot of people watched the super ball might be one of one or two football games they want so yeah we're going to church on Christmas there you ago. That's that's that's like. Somebody once told me newsroom should be built like cathedrals the release date for design for capacity one -- two days year. But hum I think that the they're looking at this and networks who have the Super Bowl traditionally used it as a platform for some others. Via -- I'm sure they're doing spreadsheets they wanna milked every book they can so. Maybe they felt that with the -- ago by the way how. I mean. Great football game. And -- crap beat crop up it's you know we look to the Super Bowl for some. At least a few really clever spots then. Well -- I don't quite get the whole point of spending all that go on on on three million bucks now for an ad. When you're when you're gonna when you're gonna put bought another now they put most of them on the on the Internet the week before so what else the point. Well the point is how -- that it there's. Actually if you look at it in the amount of people you're reaching and you do the -- it's crazies it's that counts in the in the parlance of Madison avenue they'll tell you that -- and three million plus dollars for a 32. Suitable spot is actually efficient. Is actually -- You know that is as the -- is also Sam Madison avenue the creatives got to be either an. What a missed opportunity to have those you know 111112. Million eyeballs. And make some really crap because -- -- And now. Or stuff that was so I mean the the best of it the least it's it was it was kind of Q wasn't. Offense right or at least that the Clint -- thing that we're trying to do something even though you know I think like I think there's only two men I think we're down to the two minute warning America myself I don't -- at halftime. Well a fifth set then maybe I mean I thought the release with -- it was probably the most Mets and spotted the night. Mean there was -- volkswagens but that was okay. You know on the spot with Matthew Broderick was kind of fun. I mean there was that thing with you know that your side felt it was okay. But there was you know and end and maybe every day I saw somebody who's writing to the papers say he had to give props to. Anheuser-Busch that they tried it sort of take the high road you know Ayala you know GoDaddy which -- Yeah I didn't diving quite get that I mean it was really funny I was. Jason works the board here you would say that that we we we would we would come. And it you know assure. Oh wow I'm gonna go to GoDaddy. -- maybe I can see naked girls on the Internet. Well. Billy. Really flash. Full frontal on the web. How I'm shocked I am shocked. A letter revelations stop the presses -- oh yeah court the media -- we're gonna replace the front page kept a -- six astounding news how can have every right at. The all right okay it's. I don't know I and chips out there isn't out. I don't think chimps have really worked since the classic the best. Japan's use of chimpanzees and amber ties. You remember the old pros -- yeah I do remember now that was brilliant and a Tea Party chimps. That was a kind of party. People swing -- from the chandeliers. The speed of swinging from the chandeliers people wanna know who the Detroit Lions were rooting for last. They were rooting for all those car companies made in Detroit but -- but you know even last year I mean meanwhile there was these were commercial. Even last year. I mean that Eminem commercial made in Detroit that Christ yeah I think that's a great campaign that was a great commercial and with that they're prejudiced -- yeah for a Detroit at all. Hum I am fit. For what guilty as charged your -- 413 wants to know the Super Bowl -- -- out of the most minute pop watch while according to love deadline Hollywood -- dead right did it did induces the number it's number one show of all time but it. Last year last year this the the Steelers Packers game was a 111 million. This is a 111300. To 4111300000. So it's it's very close but still I mean how could football keep going up like this is just amazing -- it's of that the ratings keep going up in the rest of the sports seem to be. You know kind of flat line and I mean they're not their biggest not move them one way or the other. I think it away perhaps they can I mean I think that when you have. There was it was intercede now for -- Antarctic and hit a Ullman an op Ed page piece last week I can't remember was either in the New York Times. That it might have been times. But he he wrote a piece basically say one of the reasons. You're gonna you're getting this these huge numbers is. -- because of -- different things but there's there's just more parity with the teams than there's ever and so. So the chance of really good game -- gods have gone up by the time you get the Super Bowl yeah so so. And these things that we were talking before how -- trying to understand why people pay upwards of three million dollars for 3032. Spot. We really -- -- an air and that's why it's so amazing so many people watch this and that's what you saw that big NFL contract with all the networks broad areas like there's there's there's very few things that everybody watches like all -- like that understand -- three million spot if you if you out of -- back on audience won't say in his or mean. But one of one -- save it for the for the for the night the opening night so display you know. Yeah and I get that but I'll tell you something I think we. We we I think at this is a really good time to remember to remind listeners of their special units are potential sponsors that. The monkey business channel will be happy to do take. -- 32 spots for 10%. So that's true that's and that we might not deserve quantity. We deliver. That's right that's right. In the will keep the will have vote will have better some will have better sound of Gisele. Scream and the audience yelling at her. The -- to spend half an hour trying to make it understandable. On TV or radio. And speaking his screaming and executed in understanding what to figure that halftime show. I'm I'm I don't I never watch the halftime chat perhaps. Where you where you have if you pretzels that was I have it you know whatever I have is the acute acute stand any of those halftime shows like -- we do if you wanna go to -- -- -- US we have a picture of Madonna's underwear we captured idea. We have a screen capture underwear nothing but class so that's that's -- -- for here well let's let's let's go 1877469432218774694322. To a seven says naked women on the Internet since win. Maybe they're censoring the Internet up in Maine to -- -- -- a filtering. You know it's early interest in any new technology comes you know VCR cable. Web. The first thing -- really -- breaks through. It is the flash can tell. 18 sevenths well later that officer mark wants to know bearing -- it's on watchable. The Discovery Channel has jumped the shark with these gold hunting shows where the only can Constance are broken down equipment and ugly guys yelling at each other. Thank you officer mark the -- seems to be a recurring pattern in all were in most reality shows Lomax people over there they're not the most there but not too many what people of either sex who look like Gisele. And vote shows so yeah have you noticed. I guess it might be why the Kardashians and so. That's the the other at least somewhat normal some guy who runs a pawnshop in Detroit occurred occurred at. One. Is revenge coming back. I think it's it's it's. From strong for -- seems to have. Picked a couple of audience election. That's. What's going on with series laws going from prime time this Sunday night does that mean that shows in trouble. Necessarily mean NBC has so little working maybe that'll catch. Third season. When his breaking bad coming back. Look for -- To fall but check out. Courts. Pixel four maybe August amendment however comes back in March 20. -- watch -- contrast all right Max -- What you're gonna you're gonna show -- before they need sixty -- Because it's about people who were made before on the media. Every right maybe that's -- -- at the -- maybe this'll be -- in the I rocket will be in this. -- hopes re enter the I'm I'm looking forward to a wonderful reports at well at 10 o'clock write that okay. Jog your next with how we card Max -- -- ahead John. Two things Matt -- up with Edwards it's still want it not work recognized by the reruns in the back campaigners for an endangered species. Well albeit short very relaxed during those commercials. -- won't pick up the ice there was a -- -- has not we'll all be gone. It. People the other night -- right. He was once a lot of people want people with a dial that up the -- right. And they put up a sign. Some scenes may be disturbing to viewers shouldn't take Bavaria and put it on -- Jersey sure additional. -- -- That's the polar bears it's funny at Coca-Cola roll that out first -- maybe fifteen years ago weeks maybe twenty years ago. -- mean it's it's and -- you know let's get some fresh ideas. Let's see Atlantic boardwalk in homeland okay. I think -- -- boardwalk boardwalk empire and homeland. While both beat outlook for both next to. Test -- 603 says what is this thing you called the Internet. -- Currently they don't have a New Hampshire either Jason your -- officer mark -- Jason. Except Alex. -- so. We -- yes. -- outside grenade that I wondered. If you talk executive producers from any the housewives series and maybe you could combine like survivor and house slot I think I'd be pretty and rest and show you bank. Well I was doing -- -- now we have a show in development in the hockey business you know that's kind of homage to was those house -- problem vote but we're gonna do with celebrity's -- Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Actually I doubt the other today I just started that so like I sit there and I want to micro drastic crazy any of those -- -- those. Did you realize something in the world economy. How about affect how about Jason if -- there was a new housewife show that came out scantily clad Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Desperate Housewives. In my I think it would be thanks for the call we would put out one of the pre production and that the monkey does as well. Was that that was but on the halftime show since 603 I thought it was David Lee were -- Now that's funny. Alka trousers at 9 PM I was wondered about that I thought I I was wondering how as -- 9 PM on site. No it's because the bad news at the 10 o'clock news is on channel 25 year -- so it's kind of okay it's 53 result tomorrow I know I don't think she looks that bad for being 53. 18774694322. People out there give these Croatia ideas usually the they're ripping a if they had a chance to you know -- I don't think that I don't think that past are -- well let's put it this way it like to seal these guys and something tells me they look a lot more they're built a lot more likes -- -- Jeremy you're an accident that's what they're dated women who look a little likes Green. Jim your next with how we card Max robins. -- well -- I'm wondering about what I read Drudge Report that O'Reilly has already our viewers in Andyaat CNN. And if I walked shoreline we had its in my account the -- -- as the world you can watch a certain -- the towel off people's programs. There they're doing an average of how many people are watching over the hour if if you're a Nielsen subscribe to your Fox News or NBC or whatever. You're kidding though you're really getting like almost like a minute by minute breakdown for people watching. Now -- gets a little tough how accurate those cable ratings really are because the small audience ample. -- What do you mentioned these are the best of commercial or even segments like Wendy DNC chair will -- come on I immediately shovel off. Who thinks the American people that book of Britain Buick Open and what do more popular and what's off. I mean that's their way it's you know you ask a good question one of the things about. About any kind of advertising commercial advertising I mean there are certain metrics they're gonna use Emmy for example are they gonna see more you know they too. Acute for four. World. -- don't get -- cable gets overnight ratings level right. They -- how he was I think solo -- -- of Debbie Wasserman Schultz comes on. At 810 on the O'Reilly Factor. Now all of a sudden the the the 815 to 830 quarter -- has like one half the viewers of the 8 o'clock to 815. That you could probably. Surmise. That Debbie Wasserman Schultz was quite a turn off or you. I mean maybe I mean I don't know for sure don't know but. It is true that producers of entertainment shows news shows there especially news shows -- those shows where there booking different yes that will be out. There they are really watching what resonates with the audience in what people are gonna surf away and and and a lot of times how they booked him -- -- looking at they're really. There are located at subject matter to and you know that's what will Siegel whatever you know the gruesome murders and cable lose a pound whale and the missing bought. The missing blonde in the Caribbean. Yeah thanks for the call Jim that's a good question though I wondered about how bad they didn't take into account where that where -- where the numbers go 121 if you look at news you know you talk to news producers all the time I mean. How he talked to -- pails and local news there they'll tell you there. There really looking closely at what kind of store business and the numbers going up. One mates I tell you what's send -- awful -- -- -- this last corpus last week particularly was all the patriots stories with all these idiotic -- -- Moon the I'm pretty sure I -- Brady's -- Sharon. Caught my -- I was I was bit I was desperate to see at two Bagger from you and Chelsea you know that's a I wanted to see some flames shooting up in the sky. -- it's. I wanna get back to normalcy I'm good I'm glad I'm glad it's over now you know I didn't like salad bars -- killed right. -- school buses threat or menace. Mike your next -- -- the car go ahead Mike. It's dark humor I had a question I'm ordering it from Detroit. Is that hard core punch though actual reality show or those people in Detroit it's crazy as they are on -- show. There's crazies there -- Art and secondly there is more important -- tool that works. Intentionally. Set the -- Not to attend on the air for our quality our -- to make you not what you are gonna try to crazy. That you wanna watch certain chose he gave our and the either stop or start. A minute or two minutes late and you can do. That's really aggravating like the Smart networks says a lot in the cable channels where they will affect shows tend to run in order to over. That they will work and the program meaning that the your DVR get the whole show. But it can be a man can drive you crazy and that's where sometimes you really wanna see something like there's. That football game you wanna see your -- your teacher particularly fond. It makes sense it's a hassle. But not only the two record that show. But the show that comes on right afterwards just in case a little fails there but it is it's aggravating together networks do it deliberately. They wanna get that audience will people who are -- taping or recording shows. They want you to flow right into the next show wanted to -- benefited that we will -- for all those years they used adjusted than that have a break the show would be over in the that have a couple of minutes of crap -- commercials before they went to the next show. I don't know that -- dad died with remote control did that -- it is absolutely did and how I mean they still don't want like the premium cable channels but remember too how he -- The -- actually run the credits the out and now it's sometimes you might just you credit roll relief fast while the other shows star on the a once under the screen right or they're promoting another -- promoting the show that's coming after the an action so behavior really drives me crazy I mean they're -- I mean one of the reasons this is in the eighth in the nation of people with ADP is because what's going on in the screen in front of us I mean with the bug in this tonight in the in the ticker I mean it's. It's it's too much it's overkill and it's. It's just like -- And you know you and I've talked about this over the years. They spent the commercial loan shows too much anyways it's really it's really sending us away and it's driving up the sales of Tivo DVRs and all so. Is this going to be the final season of house in the there's been talk about it -- the -- is still strong still has a very well file. I mean it shows little long time it has been it's been hit for a long time. And it might be that you lorries tired of you know we always -- guys you would. Yeah man right dead horses logs escalates right you got plenty of time to retire. -- -- -- -- The golden years last a lot longer at the right thing okay Max thanks for being with us they salary okay and congratulations to those Detroit Lions. Next there. 1877469432. To a -- car.