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Former Patriot Drew Bledsoe on the Super Bowl and After-Football Ventures

Feb 6, 2012|

Former New England Patriot Drew Bledsoe gives his analysis on the Patriots Loss to the Giants in Super Bowl 46. Drew also highlights his life after football including his Winery.

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OK welcome back into the financial exchanged. My name is united with Barry Armstrong of course this is what we do. Every day Monday through Friday from nine to eleven now this is our new schedule married together. Have a good time today joining. Good morning everybody and you can text says it's 68680. Also hail Mary and Mary Armstrong at WRKO. OK so a couple of -- coming in let's go to. This one up in us at 603 of course for the self employed. What are advantages. And disadvantages. Of -- Verses. SE case -- -- yes asks the the nice thing about except he's get a tax deduction so if you're very successful and you make a lot of money. You can put a good forty or 50000 dollars into except this is a simplified employee pension plan from the good news is you get a current deduction and that could save you a lot of money your house and encouraging to do that saved a lot of money on your taxes. The money grows tax deferred when you take it out Sunday. When your hopefully it'll lower tax bracket you're gonna pay both federal and state income taxes on that money so saps are great. But just remember you get the current tax deduction today. The tradeoff is yet to take pay taxes on it wouldn't take the money out later. In the latest you can wait to take money out of this happens you have to start taken money out when you're seven. On that you -- have to be cut in half point seven point five. Okay the next Texas 68680. From John with the new era of social network IPOs. Other similar trends we should be paying attention to in the Asian markets some good question. You know there is in the Asian markets. -- one where people have been shying away from investing in the Asian markets because they had a bad year last year. And they have a lot of questionable accounting standards so people are reticent at this point to invest in Asia. With all that said the emerging markets meaning Asia and Brazil. At a tea. There's money to be made there you're gonna have a lot of volatility associated with your investments that is not what we would call low beta investing -- that's considered high -- And I had to -- it. You could look like you could buy stock in in in China and it might have a beta of five point zero meaning it's gonna be five times as volatile. As the American stock market so that's that's something to to keep in my -- considering that type of investment serious. -- eight we have a special guest. Former neighbor of mine he used to live in midfield Massachusetts and that's of course. Retired patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe drew welcome to the show thanks for joining us. -- -- -- You're I just -- thank you were great neighbor when you lived in that field you're very generous to our high school football team you bought them. Uniforms and equipment and on behalf of everybody who lives in that -- I wanted to thank you for that gesture on your part. A trip appreciate it it was a great terrible living -- -- Earlier really not there just great people and one little community -- great before. Great -- drew it's the morning after and tell us a clue what you've been on both sides of this trade you you've been a winning Super Bowl quarterback in you've been. On the side -- -- didn't win the game how the pats guys field today. You know which it's pretty rough when you when you don't so when it particularly because in order to get their game you know you. More in the a lot of games and grow and -- lot of success. And you know of playing that game. It's so big. Yeah become them off but it is usage is really pretty how long has taken over -- Achieve. That takes awhile for me wish it was. You know probably sweatshirts or even months I don't really remember there object when -- -- it was it was doubled to go to our -- as a washed. With the last game and so you know -- -- all of -- -- look forward to your when you go backup that we can try to picture. That was the very last one you could go with the world social. So order a -- -- over to mr. Kraft and the good lord that one. There. The wonderful. -- good restaurant shall and yeah that you that -- -- talk more in the wake of two. Yup I'm sure it is and I only when. What does it do do the the players endorsement opportunities when they lose the game RBC Eli Manning's gonna pick up a lot of endorsement deals. Does this hurt Brady from an endorsement standpoint does it hurt. Other members of the New England Patriots for endorsement deals. You know I don't think that'll be the Kobe -- Brady and his personal brand is so strong. You know I think you probably continue to that we choose to do. Because that is because of the culture would be the -- of the other guys can go to don't have. I mean you know the trauma victim told Brady may have more room you know gronkowski your Wes Welker you know -- -- -- true starlets -- They're going to be just -- in person so it's it's. Notes. You know players kind of numbers. Fifteen troops fifty. Bill. Not have the same opportunities. Endorsed was that there would have that they want again. Now you know when you left the game drew you didn't go to work for the NFL network and you didn't take -- -- fox or CBS you've even gone into private enterprise. Couple of your ventures are I guess you're in the wine business is that right. Yeah yeah I would got a couple of interest that we're still involved in or winery. And which is open my old hometown a group will go wall -- border war in Washington State yet. Their nerve he vetoed in the really incredible time and I was playing football. -- little -- I don't. Went from which of their -- -- sweet onions and and it's very good to. -- -- government in a world class or region. Really making some of the best for an entire world coming over a little valley. Big vacuum back and got into the oil business straight quarter of their. It was really fortunate to build a higher. Or neighborhood -- went on to become a true rock star in the in the -- it will be encroached against. So -- extra that there instead started at. 102 -- and a huge through the first one. Ago. You know people attrition critical acclaim Washington's so they're -- Christian rock star going to crypto people with sort of Oregon beautiful French president of the a great year. You know I've anyone -- Danica is that your quarterback rhetoric is sort of a that's been my little speech successful or we just released a third vintage. In January and it's almost walk on right now which is cool people looked towards -- that's called double back particularly in. On my wife loves that she that's what you are expected. I didn't know the name I didn't know that was you'd tell you said double back yeah. She loves -- so good now did you -- did you start financing for drew or how it like how did you get involved in the want you you're. Yeah so. Originally we were gonna going to potential should go to Cordoba actually gave me -- -- required to an accurate and Avery that we sort of look at it -- a partnership. You. Couldn't orbit since the war in Jordan. And both he discovered very quickly that that having fortune actually it to be affordable quarterbacks. It was just going to be could through a world of virtual world title -- social. That didn't happen but I stayed in touch. Couldn't work well. It's on the occasion been convention. To purchase should not play at the vineyard. Erica -- four. So traditional burping here it and then now on to other -- And have. -- it all but -- home much so we only have to take on the register small about it. Mostly just just. Equity investors -- -- To grow the thing it's. To do which requires. Forums of patience yeah I mean literally. Restarted restored order -- which is there an entry edit your -- for the release more neutral and that is go to your horizons you and mr. -- revenue is way out there but -- it can become a very very consistent your your business. Right now. Production levels allow us to start a little bit money. Production grows the next to the next three years were. But that we. We that it becomes more than an expense of our people are really good that was. That was drew thank you very much for joining us today after this -- trouble and it's a little orally for you out there in the West Coast thanks for your time. They've got an important are the ladies gentlemen that was Drew Bledsoe is that we drink. Drink double back. I I have had double back it's great and I saw a clip with him on chronicle recently and he was really find -- as he was saying -- -- right. The description of the line yeah. The back of the bottle he's like here's in August this big guys big football player writing about rose petals and flowers and -- knowledge that there was great. We'll be right back -- more company to exchange. In a --