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Mitt wins Florida, but still sounds plastic and Chris Matthews doesn't remember W. being treated poorly

Feb 1, 2012|

Florida is over, but the lame cliches from the candidates continue. Rachel Maddow creates racism so she can be outraged and Chris Matthews apparently has selective memory disorder.

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-- time for another edition will sound off. These. Crazy okay. You sound off weeks. Good morning talk talk WRK okay. Going up into the high fifties today cipher that he -- crazy -- any lover knows do you read about the birth control pills to third and they're recalling millions of birth control pills. They won't hurt you. They just don't work. And -- tough tough tough tough tough tough tough tough but what. The -- on this and -- this -- conspiracy how hot hot hot hot. -- -- tricky since that's right it's an unnatural intervention in God's natural plan for all so you don't have book game change great -- -- -- 2000 any election on the high -- in. Great writers did a great book it's been made into movies and HBO here's the trailer. We live in the age of YouTube in the 24 hour news cycles. Do you think the man who has no major life. Keeping an American hero the that was sound McCain's advice -- we can't. Okay. You're going to seriously consider we got to know. This is Sarah. Lipstick. I'm not sure she knows about -- You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska right there. My -- -- wasn't properly crash. He was doing. She's only. And now you are okay. Truly you just don't. -- Handedly carrying this. You mean. It is hot and what they did the ceremonial while our -- maker of stealing this nut job by the way -- resides so that's the trailer and that's a that's a pretty good -- and examples you win but I hope this movie. He is also has a lot of the Obama Hillary stuff because came Chandra is as much about Obama but Hillary in the Obama you make us about a book you picked the part of the book the works -- -- felt great stuff. I am gonna make. Have both a suggestion to you -- and that is one when it comes out. Opponents of the hall on TV saw it I was -- -- or -- -- gonna tell us on the -- you know we're gonna I think now that he's right then. I don't think there's going to be any negative Obama stuff and they did a movie called recount of the 2000 election young that was totally one sided totally geared towards. Al Gore got ripped off and moos is awful not then -- well -- -- -- an awful. Another sound off coming -- -- -- Mitt wins in Florida he wins big and he's got some trusty campaign stump phrases in some new ones three years ago this week a newly elected President Obama -- the American people and he said look I can't turn this economy around in three years I'll be looking at a one term proposition and we're -- the last. Who couldn't they've done a new punch line on the the United States senate -- besides we came to -- this campaign is about more than. Replacing a president it's about saving the soul of America. And I thought who's gonna say it's about Saving Private Ryan. The other -- we will build an America where hope is a new job with a paycheck. Not a -- word at all bumper sticker I like out -- that's a little -- if you don't great. Okay but I would really does well with just mentally I don't know. Is that these a lot these are like lines like these are these two and I'm officials stand up comedy equipped to. He was so much better with that phrase we did early -- where. I want to make America the number one place in the world come fast and I was like newest innovative you wanna feel my heart I knew exactly it's it's literally a statement it's -- words are surrounding a principal Snyder. Rip -- he's not a. We can't get that bumper sticker you know not a Arabs and it's still the -- you're in another pair of American crisis Thomas -- is reportedly said lead follow or get out of the way you know. Mr. President you're like to delete. You shows evolved and now so -- really get out of the way that was. Too cute lamb in the -- every one of these slides if you listen closely it's a rushed ending he rushes to know all the planes waiting top -- Think about his. Concern about his car rental lot I column from the Apollo don't know assault government and he said was six key life timing yes it is -- everything. -- new takes aim at Obama's singing. Which is that's below the belt in the presidential teleprompter last night. -- MBA working presidency. As much -- as Obama. But I'll get in a lot more job creation. And I say up front. I'm not gonna compete with the Obama and singing -- I'm not running for entertainer and -- I would say -- now Mr. President you cannot see your way past the disaster in your presidency. We well immediately and you know I've got my teleprompter so my. -- -- -- doing this because those staff failure. So now. It's good stuff. That is good stuff. He's he's he's so he's better at the spontaneity where he's taking his brain input in new and -- have really the ultimate candidate while just part of Newt I wouldn't wanna put his whole brain and mental aspect. Because -- starred Denzel I also massage. I know the differences is astounding put a new runs an open campaign. -- -- and -- -- bank and have a -- different candidates just joined the biggest marriages can be open. Sort of like -- sort of like Regis and Kelly Regis went out and she just has a different than my VP on every day. It you never know. Rachel -- and the Reverend Al Sharpton MSNBC. Host found nothing at all racist about -- speech so well she got creative. Newt Gingrich tonight. Went brought back the food -- president thing he's been doing that bringing that up in Florida and then tonight he -- President Obama ought to stop singing I'll stop being the entertainer in chief -- essentially -- -- him in an online wait almost calls out to mr. Good I look -- not that big reverend -- I'm. I think got a big. -- Broderbund -- gradually -- decision was he had no problem with. I -- -- -- I think did he is clearly going after where he considers a sudden and sounded. Would regime illusions and always wrapped around when he refers to the president. When he talks about this food still have stuff diesel no word no again losing is many things don't that is now one album. Nobody we can't say that for you half. If there's -- If President Obama. Sings. As president and does the big phony smile. Is he not calling on the minstrel image is he not a racist I'll -- like we need to seriously how can you. How can the president of the United States sing and Al Green song at a fund -- -- -- -- -- he demanded then that when someone comments on it. There are racist for bringing out their conjuring up the image -- minstrel that this. It's so freaking bizarre it's hard to believe she's a Rhodes scholar he had canal and -- and knows reverend Al command. Did -- but this is a Delaware for the best man. To know the but right now Graham is here. Who's the menstrual. Who's the racist. Maggie does not measure. We'll run 12100 constantly being GA and the -- is staying -- was -- I'm safe unless you know drive the -- Well we have. Morning call. Of guerrilla movement whose. This is something I. I couldn't resist we much we can you must not then you really. It's beautiful hurting right on American out of office by telling you thinking goes by the way how can -- -- White House political team beyond the DNC. Him and make this available as they kind of a fundraising organizers thank. -- so are soaring so when they had this story out so -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do whatever so meadow and shop since they try to say well look at this and this is mocking and denigrating the president of racial terms this stuff like that is scratching and say president. Obama ought to stop singing I'll stop being an entertainer in chief -- also essentially shirt picturing him in -- -- -- almost calls out to mr. -- Role is he's doing minstrel saves it in your mind -- Love you Colin flabbergasted she is here we continue to get up I thought I had the -- -- Andre perhaps she's just doing our Sharpton imitation I. Very tired on my face and I was just about a consistent pocket but you've got the hot. -- had some good moments in his speech yesterday in Florida. If you're comfortable. With the way America is decades. And we don't have to change much. We can just manage it okay. I'd like them. I like managing to connect how about you. If Barack Obama gets reelected there will be a disaster for the United States of America -- Make no bones about it but he can't have any record this bad. Unemployment is bad deficit is this bad policies this bad gasoline prices this high and and still get reelected. You can't imagine how radical will be in his second term. -- -- C'mon over him and -- -- to tell -- something. So little. When you pop up at five million consoles -- tomorrow and not only -- berg -- Obama trade anyone -- -- even know -- flat. C'mon only you can look at what -- just -- -- -- it -- the first. Sarah Palin -- have voted for nude in Florida and South Carolina and perhaps other states as well. I've added CM obviously it's it's mommy and -- to art I'm closest to mean that the front running. Candidates so I -- continue to vote for whomever is to allow the process and at this point it looks like it's still it's -- it's got it. I've continued to even the plane filled with your boats. The state didn't make any sense that it. She doesn't do sentenced -- -- -- you know students don't extremism words this is one of those examples where I have to listen to that I'm not sure they have no idea gambling I -- maybe is wasn't following -- in the software there's something wrong with me. She's being -- -- how was fast count on them she speaks a -- Made the press -- gold -- constitutional solutions and ring the bells and whistles. How we are plus or news or really keep this going in my -- Serena. C'mon over him and still don't know what the chairman Alan. How did admit wind down in Florida it's very interest in the exit polls reveal. Why did this happen -- Florida voters said number one who has. Who can defeat Barack Obama they know their stay will be huge Toni and -- Torvalds in the fall there are number one quality was who can defeat Barack Obama you see that well let's take a look at this. This is a thumping 58% to 33% the Tea Party movement. Do you 65% of Republican voters today support the Tea Party that has been a Newt Gingrich strength if you look and yet. Almost a split their governor Romney with a slight advantage 40% of voters who say they support the Tea Party voted for governor Romney 38% for speaker Gingrich. Well to his strength yeah -- T putt antibody would always be a huge plus in South Carolina. Who won women. All of the new due to -- and in Florida 22 women aren't -- all love her via a huge stuff. Really huge huge stuff somebody -- and current vernacular -- -- what would you say jump in what. And I think he I think he got opinions on a sadness too crude would do Chris Matthews. You are not yet clear how how hot I thought you know -- on the line is I was Okafor. Actress now they -- shocked by the country's absence of love. -- -- -- -- Course some worried about why didn't we have a Secret Service try to that they are not angry like I think it's if you don't -- -- an -- fear of violence. In that very high appear on 2010. It was a real I think you're wrong I think it was a real fear on the part of security people it might get out of hand -- hatred was real and palpable. There's a real level of national. Hatred of the president that I hadn't seen before -- out of the Clinton her on the W. And Adobe didn't. -- -- you guys how. Oh lord -- all right Chris who do it was there used to complain about it was its been around hatred that they have Vermont statute already Delphi haven't seen that before in Kenya and -- is -- under the bush years. Well time will remember -- thank you could you guys are appointed Leo and I have try to Ryan objectively. How. -- -- -- -- I got a lot of power because we're it was there are always there it's it's been around a -- that they have a much guys should already -- -- haven't seen that before. -- small -- you -- your alarm moustache is on bush relied have to sit all he has -- and puzzle or did the Democrats not complained during the Bill Clinton years. That there had never been such contempt for president there expressions of regret. That I. All that an assassin had not succeeded if this is that these -- democratic activist -- it -- -- it -- shame that -- about priorities assassin. -- you know it was unbelievable. Walk -- -- in the war crimes Hitler mustache well culture you have an agenda cause the assassin I'm turning my objective he now here's the DL I'm. Some held do you not remember the movie Amanda sat called the assassination of George -- yeah it was this Sundance Film Festival I was like -- like -- the glorification of the dream to it was unbelievable. Yeah how come we have I was what was there was such hatred and I never heard anyone talking about. -- Barack Obama potentially being assassinated other than. The people who supported him the most that's who talked about he was Chris Matthews talking about a there was no hatred for Hillary's first -- that brought up that little exchange there with Chris and she had to you know he hasn't seen and he never see and Hitler mustache and other stuff before our. He's a holy cross guy -- across a great school that this is an embarrassment wanted to slips through the yeah he didn't -- saturated or less on the State of the Union Address -- yet he for congress and out the you you would think for somebody who does commentary in a regular basis you at least -- -- yourself from everything that's out there I think you try to do it I know I do a -- what's on the left the left -- I read what's on the right when -- try to read everything -- the -- on the left find much funny it's informative do you get an idea get a sense of perspective the -- Donald Trump -- -- -- Hope we don't pull lets -- run cut troops to and he talks about a. Obama if you ask any questions or criticize the president it's always racism -- what do you said. How come he doesn't reveal his marks in school. Was he a bad student the answer is yes honey I know that because I've been told and I hear that his one college he was a very -- student and then he got into Columbia. We as of this for you a great student and then he got into Harvard so that's what I hear and maybe it's not so but that's what I hear. I celebrating a -- -- -- grace a little did maybe everybody can say that but. You know you say that you're racist now for my -- do you you're a lousy student. I don't think you consider that racial or racist. So we'll see what happens. Good point. Anybody following what's going on Jordan rather I would -- first and yes I know I can't find anything there's no news. -- the fact that he was called into court to test subpoenaed. And ignored the a subpoena yup do you believe that which it no it's not unusual for presidential Norris he's not just as a lawyer a lawyer doron. To not respond to protect -- doesn't exist well if they don't have jurisdiction. Well somebody would have to rural Alaska is so -- -- judge rules something that's an appropriate you know just ignore I guess the real appeal it to another judge uses text -- related very early in the show was that Obama. Might beat a prohibited. From being on the ballot in Georgia. -- this is a big news to anyone. Nothing nowhere I can still get on the mood -- on the ballot if he sings Al during with the same kind of talent he did. He's on the back. Oregon the signature of state senator. Broussard. Is so one woman who's gonna come on near the snapped stomach Todd WR here.