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Chump Line Friday January 20, 2012 - You're Despicable

Jan 20, 2012|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a reference to Newt Gingrich calling the CNN moderator in last night's debate despicable for asking about his ex-wife's allegations that he asked for an open marriage.

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-- for Chelsea to believe it or Barbara even saying yes master yes that didn't we all JP yes master. There's another reason for the -- to -- the -- that -- to vote -- Scott -- he called it's your show and you know best. Combined. -- cut him some slack would you he called he called and finally took he he took the slings and arrows of outrageous call outraged callers for advice outreach post -- half -- did they. C'mon give him a break. Because if they Elizabeth Warren's coming on the show anytime soon Allen pigs fly yeah. And I never Calder and -- there was the and -- Calder an -- While new daughter our -- opening up -- double double toil and trouble. Player burn and cauldron bubbles I have to go frogs. -- -- He had that he. Again though Newt is. Notice. Trying to -- Deceive us into believing that those are -- in its own daughters who have attacked those are not Maryann don't fathers that are factor. Those were the first wives daughters were attacked. The step mom the evil stepmother -- hand. You would -- -- -- grounds Republicans. The truck and way that doesn't eight. Was an added James in the celebrity death pools she was not you checked our rights in -- -- -- no she wasn't she was an earlier one but not this one Peggy Lipton Peggy Lipton was definitely good from the Mod Squad in the Angie Dickinson. -- Angie Dickinson or wish you good looking woman she had does she had sex with president Kennedy. Yup she she said sex with Kennedy someone asked her about it she said it was the best and seconds of her life. Yeah we're. How -- Have. I'm. Mean days inevitable. Happy. But. -- Though she talking about. -- what is she what is she getting at. She's singer Etta James song. Only this front with dedicated to you. The only -- James -- I remember was when she was in that all hail rock and roll with. That that Chuck Berry movie with the -- -- Richardson in the wrong I'm pretty sure at last which that was that rendition that is probably at a team's most famous line yeah. -- No I haven't indicated that the cost. Man. I'll show and they forget. Remember what I will remember sandy though both with the biggest seller is telling T shirts and -- of all time -- -- -- were -- Tom Brown 41 brown T shirts. And and they had the truck and it's at brown and them on the packets at 41. And and now war. Now we can't get arrested in this town. And I'll grant was here. Let's -- they ran against Jim dement. In 2010 for the South Carolina so Nancy right. There's and his name was Al Green. Never -- If you could see that it can if you can and I. It -- -- I knew it. I approve this message. He's six points ahead and South Carolina. He's he's only ten points behind nationally. I did find the C word collapsing it was in the -- of the Gallup story that's how they were describing Mitt Romney's support. It is sort of everybody and I think it's the fact is we that would actually have sex with that that moron and I didn't. Maybe Henry Kissinger was right -- is the greatest -- of these -- in the world that's. Yeah he and again he he apparently has has been in that touch and everything but the third -- since it was in his twenties. The whole -- was when his geometry teacher or seduced him perform and later became his wife. Those kids in one host daughters is 48 years old and he's only 68 yours also. He married his high school teacher for God's sakes what -- saying but they have a kid that they had they had their first child when -- was only twenty years old. -- maybe even nineteen. That I mean the past couple days definitely you always get it was an airliner. And at that -- that the -- deep Deval Patrick White. I know it's yeah I mean we we hear that we have all states should not. Not call anyone else stupid it is pot calling the kettle black means that -- John Cary mumbled some of the you know. Johnny pockets -- I mean the list like that go on for the rest of the show but it would depressed me to watch. -- you know he was waiting for that question he we. It was like you know it was like a baseball game the bases were loaded there was a few of the key word new worked at 30 count he knew that he knew the pitcher had the command with the idea. With a big hanging curve ball he just smack that he smacked right out of park. Julie new -- my living -- she never did much for me. Martha Kristen Julie from lost in space. Remember talk about cut off shall remember Joey other than wow how about that how about the girl in the original dukes of hazard so what was your Barbara. All she was hot. Yeah all saying is that for -- it was definitely. Yeah we. I guess we were never like that saying very much. Always we don't know that Obama. According to court and in that these wind literally -- last night are the only city who would clap. -- Beyond those types -- -- right now greens are about you do you -- -- Green or how much support to be done and how we thank you. I don't feel like doing now agree. -- bill maybe I'll do some Wilson Pickett or something later on but don't hold your breath. Amount and Al Green -- Whole -- Obama wanna be elected. Oh really think -- epic and epic something that -- from elected. -- don't want my best what what more can I go. I commend her every day and you know I -- I keep talking about all the terrible things he's done there at the recess appointments when the senate wasn't in recess today brought up the Keystone Pipeline. We brought up fast and furious I mean I'm gonna do I go over the the the outrages of the day every day. I'm working matter if I'm open for change. -- I was in Oregon a couple of months. Gingrich got a cholesterol. Got all it got bigger -- It. Was Catherine box not Barbara marketing Barbara Barr was one it was a -- the Ringo Starr. Catherine -- she she me she may have looked better in the cops then I think she did better about that Marion. Can you say it's going to be who can't or that we can't. Isn't that the orange and at -- Connecticut. -- -- going to be at the point Sharpton and field and I'm going to be at the books or write it down now. Winchester Massachusetts. Dances. And it's a nice place and that may -- old snow bit tells me in the afternoon but that it will be that much now. When just -- so come on down and again will be giving away. Few if -- and -- to what the to the first five or six people -- copy of hard knocks. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling you know we -- cute he comes -- Okay it was -- Marion the other woman the first time around yes she was. If she wasn't surprise how would she be shocked that the -- would cheat on her -- aren't going to be a bitch -- you know. This why this well people in the in in gangs nearly always wanna know who who who actually killed the the last person was killed. Because they wanna know who's capable. They were and you know they they wanna know who could actually pull the trigger if it comes down to what I mean. Women should should should go find out whether men are capable though. Mean if if a man is capable of cheating on one woman he's gonna be capable of cheating on you. Why am I even saying this is so with so basic -- -- it mean this is stuff you should figure when you're thirteen. All right that's it for the chump like today that -- flight is the recorded voicemail message service about how we car show you call leave a message and -- work that day or night including weekends trampling number if you like to leave such a messages. 6177793469617779346. Mine. 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