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Chump Line Thursday January 19, 2012 - Wife And Girlfriend Toast

Jan 19, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a toast from Master and Commander in honor of Newt Gingrich - To My wife and girlfriend, may they never meet.

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It is. You and I can't. And put them. Isn't cool. Me and mrs. Jones mrs. Jones mrs. Jones -- systems. What was -- last night before she got me opal was mrs. Jones. -- how we can -- work today. That could only mean one thing spirited eminent -- it dropped both food supplies coming into the studio any minute. I had a speech yesterday OK I had a speech and Monday was a hole. What day that I had some book signings and Friday at the -- my kid played basketball I'm in I'm in for the duration now is. I am I I'm in for the duration. You'll see me here all February. Unless something better comes along. -- I'm gonna give him a wife swapping -- -- but I don't like to thank you what -- -- Remember what the Yankees they give him a wife swapping. The two Yankee pitchers I think it was and than the one of them to one pair of the swappers' decided they liked being with the other part of the other partner. And the other couple decided not so much -- -- that they they got divorced. But forget how it turned out I think everybody in that up in divorce court eventually I think that's the way usually works out. -- -- -- -- -- -- What's right and apparently just right probable that dirty deal. Now that's what you call limerick. That's a that's you know the war mind that the first two lines -- the second two lines -- and you come back for the first run in the fifth line perfect. How we are contribute to -- They have -- what -- didn't -- You know the differences I would never. He was stupid to even admit that atlas art. I just happened to men you know caught engaging and opening gross what is. They don't then. And I got to be in this. My -- won't include cuts. And now my campaigns. Goldstein is the -- he. You know -- the trust -- so much it's questionable at some oversight that's why you remember he he he raised a lot of money in the opening. Part of this campaign but he blew at all flying back every private jets to Washington from Iowa. Because Callista did one them spending them right in some pills she was operated. To get into -- trouble. That moto moto. It has taken alive from the movie master and commander. To my wife and my old friends and hope that they haven't. Somebody mentioned might it might spot for the they Hanover street chop house. Saturday night a perfect place to take your wife or girlfriend. But the also -- Chicago. I saw a man a man. In his I saw I saw a man amend. Me and the end he danced with his wife yeah that's that side I forget the rest of us about a pre order rhymes with but he was so happy he danced with his wife. Newt Gingrich knows that song better than me. And sound political news you -- -- woman problems but now Calista will let him do indeed being he wants. Well Bravo Bravo. Several -- longer leash on -- hugs than than. And Calista has knew she is never yeah sure she lets him do anything when she's never more than two feet from -- actually mean. That's -- I mean at least you know my dogs and my doctor feel they can run for you know. 1015 feet knew who doesn't have -- -- should not at all. Hello I'm -- -- it. The candidates. And I categorically didn't. And -- and it was a good book review and. Is that my boys these. Officer -- -- we're shoving people in front of him today faster than the Italian ship captain on his way -- satellite -- He was he he actually brought that he brought that grandson up and put the ransom in front of them. Like he was worried about someone was gonna throw a and again Emerson. Obama accused by an expert in. Iraq. Here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hope I certainly hope you're wrong. You see she is the same birthday as me Michelle Obama. She had an 81 dollar stake. That's what she had for Brooks sales from I couldn't give him but there's always somewhere new witness here oh here it is. She celebrated her 48 birthday at a DC steakhouse where they've menu features a 28 dollar hamburger or the Obama. According to one food blog at town famous for weeks the president and mrs. Obama ordered ten -- American. Why argue stake which -- 81 dollars is the second most expensive item on the menu just behind the twelve ounce American wide view. For he for 92 dollars. Dessert reportedly was a special order red velvet case. The puzzle are at -- It's a very expensive steaks and that's all I know about it. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling Kelly Connor you. OK that's it for the chump like that at the troubling is the recorded voice mail message service of how we are -- you -- -- leave messages -- or the day or night. Including weekends that jump -- number if you would like to leave such a message is 61777934696177793469. We -- -- -- player message. At this time each weekday. Joplin was brought two today by streamline hear what the big guys have -- -- cutting flights and raising fears streamline keeps working to save you time and money. So book your fast like the Philly Trenton today and I -- streamline dot com. Get it taken a line from the movie master and commander. Through my wife my children and hope that they have a shot.