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Max Robins Tuesday January 17, 2012 -Terra Nova and The Walking Dead

Jan 17, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...two of the shows which came up more than once were AMC's Walking Dead and Terra Nova.

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This time every Monday that it's Tuesday today but while people ought to me myself. So immune Tuesday this week we're joined by Max robins he is a veteran. Journalist covering the broadcast. TV industry's security answer your questions. But the television industry. And he is now on executive vice president of the pew center for media in New York City area their Macs I am yet I want to issue most. Champion hard. Thing to let you know that sixty as the new -- Thank you I appreciate that and so -- yesterday I was at Kennedy carpet in the in -- signing a few books and somebody brought me a nice lamp. And oh -- -- at Max when this idea that it's just it's a small lamp it's right now it's proven lightly now in my basement. But it's got the it's it's Leo light coming out of palms trees in at the base of the paltry. As a monkey you know they're wearing a vest that this all might. Priceless yes priceless the sort of -- wonderful birthday -- the symbol of the monkey business trio. -- -- He couldn't I I think he thought it was put them on when -- -- so excited about it completely it was probably one of those things he picked up by the yard sale for quarter. Yeah I but I did appreciate it greatly. Now it's I think it's terrific guy got a semi -- it's a wonderful I think I think that might be the logo. -- -- -- Nothing beats a palm tree at a monkey in the past -- is an -- that. It really is at all. -- you know it's I think it's going to be part of armor -- we were gonna sell monkey business -- as I agree god. I think there's going to be Rodham collectors let's get them while you. You know I think this is the best they gave -- to the kitchen magnets. Let's that it strategist just came my way just came my way I'm lucky guy that's what you get from being out their Macs you know good things happen to you if you're out on the street that's trait that is to -- what wonderful. Sorry what's a what is the deal with the DirecTV is market some of these channels off the year like direct apparently is knocked off channel seven I I I've I've now off direct so I don't know this but the people are texting in and telling me that. They've they've lost a channel seven off their DirecTV. Packages. Yet these skirmishes happen all the time where they can't the the carrier can be sometimes that we've seen happen with. Some of the big cable company's networks. This this has happened with directed -- when they really can't come to terms on here and and who's gonna pay one. So how long do you think this'll go on. Hello this usually go watch it usually not that long I mean it's usually less than a week in and everybody comes to their senses. -- Yeah how was it what does this Alka travelers saw that the is is that -- is that a decent show worth watching tonight. I would -- you know I think it's worth sample it it's got some pretty good was when I'm really excited about coming back it is it is. This new lomb is is the third season justified facts which comes -- Tesla last night there was -- that I laughed and it did it open strong it got pretty good numbers. It's gonna re air again Saturday night which is good because I forgot to DVR and I want to see the Saturn. A 100 he went to see how I did. It was it was kind of depressing. But it is amazing acting. Well this kind of scary go about it -- traditional apparently these guys have never age on you know kind of worried about why the restore being you know -- and you know apparently he could be thirty years old like like that 85 year old guy in the teaser that broke -- -- -- As they called fiction. That's good that's a that's a relief. Not too worried that too worried but. No I I would I would encourage everybody to 2222. The united Howard's show you'd even like that showed to us via. It's easier. That's Cindy Evian alma. Oh let's see -- let's I don't need that -- Regis excuse me. How we how long until rob Schneider's new show goes the way of the Michael O'Malley should know that at that. Yeah. That's gotten some really bad buzz and I don't think it's going to be around to. How about the locate her come on how we ask in my text that you several times and you never read my post below cater yet to get a check on that for once on my raiders are. House solution season of shameless to. A pretty good pretty good infect. I'm a fan of that show I think it's it gets stronger with every episodes based on series that reached it was a British series. But I think if if it's -- pretty good pretty good and I'm Showtime's real happy. Sanction -- this is not a stargate spinoff please please ask. They're begging to be these questions announcement day gain -- we're -- second sanctuary for. -- -- Terra nova. Get a check and that went to 4 AM this is -- off my game to monkey on how does monkey with -- Bobble heads the monkey would have does not have a Bobble head by a must. Say it and that's the only disappointment in the Birkhead is is is glued on tight. How we have already I've already. Got a marketing department we will have a problem. -- with terra -- Terror and overworked tech OK we're OK -- your next with how we card Max -- from that paley center for media New York City go ahead now. Pretty -- keep it on now that -- Branches doing OK it's one of those series that it has got a real strong. Fan base and and while doesn't have huge numbers it's a real committed audience and where they really pick up it's one of those shows that people like to DVR. -- -- How do you keep an odd sounds France watch it sounds like it's going to be is kept on anyway back I think so I wouldn't be surprised for that to come back for others -- I sort thanks to a call -- Its fate is still to be determined. And its fate is still unknown it may ride forever -- the streets of -- Show I ever heard oh thank you thank here going what your question today. The -- show that or they're going to be to have an American person it's called my big. Q wedding. About the Irish travelers over there in England. You know -- in sin is an American version of it coming over just wondering if you pertinent. I haven't heard anything about April below. Well -- TLC. Also it's a reality series. As a reality series -- we lost -- 18774694. You know there was there was a series it I was a big fan of the hit two seasons on effects that didn't make it call. The riches that was about tankers. But it was fictional some real good in the driver with. -- -- This Kelly rep and keeping the ratings up without Regis yes ratings are staying strong I think that there's still a lot of interest in terms of you know who ultimately who -- is going to be -- keeps the sizzle each week with something for us. How we please just maxis from -- UPS guy and lol since the occupy key wall streeters and it will bully filmed the new season of the walking dead. At that. Walking dead will be back next fall. Okay. It. Let's see is the way over Anthony board -- replacement for no reservation will no reservation be back over I think. Well I know reservation bedecked to mean at the report -- it's really become the Travis star trio. How supplies for entertainment value that's just a commentary. -- definitely is that's the outside showtime new series. Starring a wonderful Don Cheadle that is. Paired with California -- and just like can't -- for occasion. It's pretty explicit terms of subject matter language and yes the visuals hell on wheels season to question mark. Yes the one how we asked about archer that shows Larry's. You know -- seems to be clicking right along. I -- -- I gotta admit that maybe if it was back in the day when. You know you're in B word in Italy we would find archer funny -- Funded computer stretch. Max would you recommend shameless how it's got a couple of gay characters after all couldn't find -- about some. Why we remind me of Somerville that lifted Somerville they won the gay characters around I don't know about now. It does have a certain. A feel for certain demographic but there are couple gay characters played it's I wouldn't say it's like. TV show it it's it's pretty raucous. Make sure accuser. Joseph your next with a point guard Max -- go ahead Joseph. -- -- -- -- -- That's an adequate questions worry about down the Mitchell community on MBC it came back perceive that the -- last year and that I read they put it on high eight. So -- have you -- -- it's coming back. I think there's a pretty good chance it will that's a show that the critics love I think it's gotten funnier with each year arm but it. It's its ratings challenged but I think NB CNBC is a real history of sticking with shows like that people forget by. There were years where I mean the first few years aside felt it was really marginal every year was it was a question turned out to be one of the biggest comedies of all time. From other shows that have been challenged like that thirty rock the office. But have real critical flaws in and creative we've -- get better all the time they stick. One more in the NBC for him like that -- parks and recreation. And show. It was nearly here's here's the texts from 978 walking dead is coming back. On that February 11 not the ball you'd balance this is our job. I meant what I meant that BC. ST UN we. -- Season after this. Would issue right there have been cases. Where they Sherlock coming back on BBC. Don't have to double check for yeah -- by the way archer comes with the new season others. Is league common. I believe it is double what happened writing with -- lines seems to go on saw. You know a couple weeks ago to. I think it's really typical thing for these shows the creative EC states. When the show criminal -- Gilligan's Island never had this problem. Never good right he can -- But the the the other thing that happens with these shows they get successful. Writers editors successfully got a good team. It find its groove and then what happens is they get some of those writers get lured away and other projects that's right like like the guy that -- the Brothers -- the show runner he's from he's from boardwalk empire. Yeah there you go great by the way -- you know and I realize there's actually couple shows justify it's one of them. A port want to -- there's two seasons capturing them both be available the stream on your answer. I'm and on video those are two shows I think you actually. Modern shows in -- last users connect. By the way and meet TV how iron 5 January Dobie -- three year to CN you know what did give me for my birthday Max. With that some old dragnet episodes -- while. Now Andy. You really know what to gimmick. I actually do. And I know you know this would now like an -- to audio more about comic and listened to dragnet and then that the stress if dragnet malama audio more about how -- a lot of moderate the living Harmon watch. Dragnet. Jack Webb is my hero molester old dragnet all the time just affects men just Maria you're next with how we card -- province go ahead -- Tax hi holly. -- I wanna talk about that aren't you show call term. Kabul on. A high. -- -- yeah they're very. -- -- -- The Big Bang theory. Big -- there is a big hit major hit. Yeah so it's going to be back Marie Maria. I think I I think Maria Maria -- The -- with the big addition. Jim your next with how we guard Max province. They would -- -- In my life like that children bench. -- -- -- -- My wife. How we -- are we always suspicious of anybody. Who begins yesterday feed him a question about the -- I don't know if that's what we call -- my wife really light that's a red flag preface. It is indeed. I know I get a pretty good. That's okay. I -- anything about sure you know yours -- -- this. I also like that he's gotten down which -- a -- on HBO it's outrageous that joke. As a hilarious show I love that show. Yeah but revenge I think will be back for season two. I could I wanna get sucked in like the like the event -- -- on the banks. What's what's up Padilla the structured to talk about that on. Now you have the firm opened up -- Really good thank you thank you Jim. Hum. Let's see captain. Is downtown is don't know Abbie how was down now be doing on BBC America that's huge debt debt -- doubt Nabih. It's nine. To your it is out -- one. Doubt Libya that people are just mad about it so I mean that's that's like one of those shows that has buzz in the way. Like The Sopranos -- it it's it was it's wild. In very different quarters I keep hearing people talk about it has NBC canceled crimes suspect. I believe they have pulled the plug and double check for us Mac should be knows about the pick a bit in the UK I found that on YouTube and they're supposed we have new run being produced. Don't know about the thick of it. My guys this is America. Okay how about this this is a good one all these stupid CSI and others don't but cop shows goal away it's creepy that so many people watch and why does -- PM wasting this year. Com. All the police procedural Spezza staple primetime I don't see it going away anytime soon. Sorry Italian and I would. Beg to disagree about -- for him I still think it's probably is as. As well acted. As funniest show listeners and I disagree I think the seasons and -- are next with how we card Max -- -- had Mac. Pay. Eight I have you heard anything about the there's what you -- owner movies on you have a dark hour. But by you and I didn't speak I had it was that there would put off. The guys that are something about that -- in development to but I haven't heard anything recently about by the way the caller about prime suspect. Has not been canceled comes back January 22. Which it takes a good sign that they're gonna run it during sweeps and we'll see we'll see if it makes. Adult tickets Tata tea and a little disappointed I don't think it's up to the British original two days. But nothing matches Helen Mirren in primes. Com and yet -- clearances to. Georgia are next with Howard Kerr Max Robbins web George. Hey guys -- Yeah inject pure testosterone back into the conversation. Where the picture -- I'm only reading it I'm only reading the taxes they command -- on the telephone calls or don't know why everybody and you know George you can't -- And here's -- I want to talk about that tonight is he'd -- -- Barrett Jackson not Scottsdale the what the car or should not proposal we -- and it's actually went highlights of my -- year. Yeah I bushels are a lot of fun there at the real they really are and -- mean and it's it's it's it's a niche program that's not a terribly breakout hit but it's a lot of fun of somebody likes cars you like classic automobiles it's a lot of fun to watch. Are you ideally I'd DVR that non battle actually a few months. -- By the way that caller called about Sherlock on the PB BC it yet that comes Beckham march 3. Thanks for the thanks for the called torture so what's with the new show touch we just did do we do that -- no we haven't done touch it gets the okay. Rookie blows it coming back. Unknown. Betty white's new show last night. Betty white's new show yeah that's what they said yet that great. Terra nova coming back for season two. We think so. Wilford on FX coming back. I think will Wilford Wilford is. Fate to be determined. And and it's I think that maybe they will return over Beckett expansive views. She noted too but they haven't made an announcement on this so why is rob Schneider's goal while. I don't focus wasn't nice for Aston -- yeah he's he's a nice guy. Mari your bags with how we guard Max -- go ahead marine. Yeah a couple of weeks go Art -- I'll get a lot. It -- what it's like -- -- candid camera but didn't that. You know actors aren't and and Hillary but we're also what they normally -- Pakistan. And it -- I think there -- other. Alicia at once and I have been able to find it again. We're gonna check that out for you where you can see I get -- -- OK Maureen thanks. Let's see patches and even started still a balance that's -- -- -- for -- You know. This Cartoon Network canceled -- what would happen. The -- at the boy -- a stump the -- today not but I'm not a we're relegated obscured here were there more channels every week Macs that's what the the bill is becoming and it. It's about why we don't focus on equality here we focus on quality that's why here that's why year old magazine is to as the as a -- over with a heart attack they couldn't go to. Productive they couldn't print up all the listings at Iowa and he's yet channels have to be the size of a and a year next without a point guard Max -- corps veteran I. Wondering about -- seems strange addiction and the derives. I think both will be back. We're looking for dates were. You'll see I thought he skipped it feels elicits showboat weddings but. Our birthing babies by surprise birthday babies old -- and then of course there's. What's it called two hours. I'd probably isn't -- Match I gotta give you are getting to this one -- this is a great question for four with a 413 area go to help who we get rid of all these people with British and English dialects I'm so sick of them. What are they going taking over all the shows on all the channels I know at that. Well I'll. Organize a panel letter writing campaign and okay Max -- -- attitude anyway. All right thanks real witness that's banks -- and somehow we are.