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Foxboro takes gamble against casino.

Dec 28, 2011|

Foxboro selectmen vote down, by a 3-2 margin, to listen to casino talk from Kraft and Wynn. Town residents are irate.

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I'm back to lonely time. -- WR yeah. And welcome back to the Thomas judge -- caught on vacation for the balance this. -- is made Tom Finneran clients solo here in the W -- -- studio and taking your calls of course at 6172666868. By the way the common touch it was Britain being brought to buy network capital funding corporation. Your future financial. Just before we went to break we were talking to Jim. Who apparently is a resident of Foxborough. Town meeting last night over 700 people in attendance board of selectmen in the end voters treated to let's go right back to -- can set the scene hey Jim good morning thanks rant on. I don't worry I'm doing great so you do you actually you are you a resident of Foxborough what are the neighboring towns. -- our our our upon further review limits are you okay how how long. Pretty while OK so you know this town you know this town then before. Gillette Stadium became the Canon though the success. And out in an elementary credits become. Yes I have Ben and now they are they -- -- -- -- develop patriots ran a border is of the shops up there -- concerts -- they're -- great. But you know Tom I want she just -- -- direct -- the Biotech lab bill like you wanna go. Black -- -- -- and it would have been job creation and everything else you know they're not. Com because -- fox borrow big is it just not feasible because. That they actually -- all of over there -- -- situation -- reveal the location itself which is just not right. Is easy is -- is it right 95 or is it right you're not committed -- its right opposite the stadium itself but to take legal analyst that's one. Better as we don't want to not bump okay -- job. This 200 it'll every FBI and that the potato not -- go Walpole. There actually a certain parts or read it themselves while. OK I'm a backdoor -- back yeah sure okay. Now. -- -- -- this studio a little -- that the casino itself. 888 it. Com where -- -- dot com why -- -- count -- soak -- -- -- explain all things related eight. And I'm cardiac go to the if you wanna look up in the pocket Biggio cleaned every critic gambling codec on IE. I know I'm familiar with some of that not all that and I'm familiar with quite a bit. You know jury hate filled up and built domination. Thanks amber out there and explain overrated big play at that -- look out so Beijing -- -- just cannot regard. As I as I understand the and I I wanna play a little devil's advocate with you Jim and I'm gonna take calls from others as well 6172666868. Call with your opinion would you put up put this in your town if you're our neighbor our resident of talks -- you might be an off -- you might be a Walpole. All put off our true love to hear from you on this Jim gonna ask this question just as I say play devil's advocate so the pro opponents say hey wait a minute. We haven't even had a chance to make a presentation could you give us the courtesy the decency. Of a presentation and then if the residents of Foxboro don't want it okay fine we understand what made -- pitch. We have and we lost and -- and and we go away but didn't appoint seems to be -- this is an even. Democracy small. What what about that argument just given them. While listening to our -- come back we're back into an article about ten years ago. -- almost something like that came up before our okay. I'm bylaws state that gambling does not -- -- fox well we just thought I would yup we know well -- why are saying that. And then all of us -- when lord expects that turned around to back in the possibility. And then later tonight they just understood that by -- Iran. It's dead bolt who won't take -- gamble and if it's suppose someday we'll look at. Now. -- -- from what I saw last night April what I hear around down. Everybody we reflect wind or truck and say you know this. He's got all of violent equality emailed everybody else say today that people just I didn't say it again. -- senate -- sent yup it it sounds it's as if from the way to describe the gym and just sounds as if the magnitude of it pretty -- just frightens people and it you know didn't give. They want to maintain a small town feel appreciate the call on the the inside particularly the fact that. The -- -- call was at the town meeting last night he was one of the 700 plus people present let's go right to Kevin hey Kevin good morning welcome. -- Well well well would -- I would consultants they're looking to -- the -- notes or not yesterday I believe we're Bernardino fire. It was. Horrendous car accident with a couple of fatalities -- you know they called a couple of -- flight helicopters so we're going to be there. But you expressway near her. I read about it it was our you know Har an accident and then there was -- totality yup. They're not -- so -- that usually happens to your reward or -- or not because somebody went for the 35. I've not been made before or five times a year and it's just so people have to deal with because. The state police is forced to do is divert all of their traffic we're talking tens of thousands of vehicles. You know it's the smaller community should should go toward there was just there was there was just dead who have yesterday afternoon -- because if they -- everything into words what university have -- street. -- out I know I know pretty well and so this and that's because they have to shut down the highway to get the medical helicopter. You have yeah. I felt that -- that's that you got some guys. Open -- -- he's got some guy is stepping up -- -- -- they're losing his mortgage money distributed seventy light Russians Serbs toward violence they weren't quite proud spell ever servers -- you know. They're usually a twenty year old kid dressed for the bulk download so outfit. -- -- he goes all the flips his car without them there are. I don't know -- so for by -- here let's say after the court fight -- mark you know. I'm being smaller community can't it'll be influx. I tend to look thousands of vehicles every day going through that. You know you you raise an interesting point I suppose and it it's the point that encompasses the concerns the legitimate concerns and an end experiences of -- many small towns around -- itself be -- smaller than the others you mentioned can't attendant Sharon and west wouldn't. The other the the there's certainly decide infrastructure could not handle what you just described on up on a frequent basis. It's I didn't do that though the idea that the temperature that was coming out of this town meeting that I'm getting from the news reports Kevin is the temperature is. Very very high. Very key and the selectmen at least thus far -- nothing -- -- not to we're not interested in this thing -- anyway shape before it was a three to two vote then you know that can change but can appreciate the insight appreciate the call 6172666868. Is the phone number here we're talking about the town meeting that was held in Foxborough last night. A big big number or -- big turnout tea. Emotions running high the pro opponents saying hey. This is about jobs this is about economic opportunity this is about. Revenue for the town that'll allow us to keep -- tax rate low maybe improve the schools do those kind of things. Of people on the other side saying hey not then do what. Do not rule in the small town feel. Of this community this is what we call these out these Iraq home -- talking about this is a community we chose to live in. And if we wanted to live in Las Vegas I guess you know people of always had a choice of go to Vegas or Atlantic City -- or somewhere else I found it curious. And this isn't related just specifically to Foxboro exposed the logic question enemy dressed in Europe cause of you live in a community would you want -- -- and community to consider this. This idea of thorough of flow of a casino. Within the past did too the globe -- front page stories about Mohegan Sun and foxwoods. Two very up on till a few years ago it was very very successful. Casinos. Down there in Connecticut and really living and solid and some substantial way off of Massachusetts gamblers. And the the the reality is that a static the city and down this debt. It's not all fun and game and roses and revenue but it just is not it's a very different. Dynamic particularly as the economics and gambling can change so this is this is that this is tricky tricky stuff -- right. I know we have Mossad was here. Tino there's an comments and an amount of money into the. But I have to say there is no automatic way that doesn't -- comes out and you know I'm willing to live and thank you know -- -- -- get out of. Who want those Apollo follows a powerful words from another attendees here. And I I heard cuts and I think you had a little bit of it -- with a town moderator or whomever was. For shredded maintained some control apparently they had a very full agenda last -- so they try to put speaking limits on people and people who feel strongly about this. What the people feel strongly do not like to be told hey you -- have one minute all off. We've reached the end the debate. You know you're even weight and live from maybe 45 minutes or an ally and it is India told well we're not gonna get you because we don't have time it seems to me. -- that these we almost have to make time this is one of them. The grinding responsibilities have been on the board of selectmen lets us what is the most sound. Can't. Let's go ask the cheap to remove you a feisty Foxboro resident define -- time limit to make her views heard by the board of selectmen we're not gonna be here all night. And his staff this morning. Just. Speaking out against the crap to wind proposal for Foxborough. Yeah I guess so NN again you can you can he had a passion and emotion and the young woman's choice take. She's a resident she's attacks pay if she wants to speak she wants to be heard at the same time the poor guy who's trying to get the meetings are run kind of been a particular direction. All road over little period of time as some believe we -- a couple of tallest. Let's go to Joseph hey Joseph good morning and welcome. -- up -- not a money it can't bomb won't go live paycheck to paycheck. We might scare me if Torre you know I've got an Olympic traffic anyway. Possible do you -- Not yeah and not live in dad nearby open up the road a bit. But you're right it's sounds as if you'd have no interest if he got town -- -- with some -- it said hey. We can get also to -- it might create job opportunities for you Joseph. -- I'm not suggesting it in a negative way but all of a sudden. If there room for you know a thousand jobs at a gonna be created that seems to -- to create opportunities that union Finley might benefit from. There is no way you wouldn't benefit -- drive mental obligated you know all Procter and goes dad involved and. Don't go on currencies and sounds like Orlando men except -- a wide. All right switch to -- -- about how hot ha ha ha ha ha I don't -- gray and you know he may he made a good point. He has though money is live paycheck to paycheck away as the way to gamble there are a lot of people like that. They'll go out there hoping they're going to win that million dollar. You know tries to go into double their paycheck and they want -- nothing well that's so this is the social ills that got picked out a lot. -- to the the moral document that was ray raced against and over the years up in the legislature that look this is an industry that preys upon. We people in particular economically vulnerable -- people. And you know everyone's -- will goof around -- like when a a Mega Millions or something like that gets up to you know I 120 million dollar prize and you say you are gonna buy a couple of tickets tonight. But the -- people cooks and you see them up and land and I see the money and all around my neighborhoods they're of people who really on rolling in dough you know that. And they suspended 101520. Maybe few -- We'll double that there might exploit how unbelievable it did when you see when you say upn and go legislators and legislative bridge legislature Statehouse that there arguing the -- Those moral questions but they never argue about whether the fact the Massachusetts state lottery is doing and they don't. Endeavor problems so much of that so it's more of and you know -- don't don't don't approach and our terror. You know why it's because literally they unity in the lottery raises about a billion dollars you know used to talk about a lot honestly was us former senate president Tom Birmingham. He said look this this is a game that's designed -- And only -- client and only economically weak -- vulnerable marginal people. The other the other ones for the most got to get taken a clean well if you ask if the play for example a lottery tickets to sell sell lottery tickets let's sell he's number I don't Wellesley. As opposed to Chelsea. Chelsea the spending a lottery tickets just through the -- we. It's like somewhere down the line becomes my problem because you can't afford the mortgage your house goes into foreclosure that effects of the price of my house and I can't sell the next thing -- know the whole entire neighborhoods underwater. All the because Jarrett Jack the other world cards that sounds like you're with John wanna let's go to Jeff -- Jeff thanks to cross that this was the moment I thought this was the moment let's go to Jeff what's going on Jeff. I stopped if you know. The bottom wind I leave I'll give -- an opinion of the second but but it's gonna -- money talks there is going to be a casino in Massachusetts at some point don't you think. All in Massachusetts. Yes or no no question about -- They see this thing -- and you guys just such an audit that most people who saw our ports so when it got this open cigarettes if what people are you know people -- an assistant to some like that and a lot of them it's gonna go to the casino is what we call the cash benefit. People are gonna use the EB key cards and around about way to get cash to go to the casino they're already doing it there are using Social Security check down and foxwoods. -- -- -- They're doing it and it's gonna give you more you're subsidized some think the more you're getting in on the -- and another part of it it's gonna cause what you're you're gonna get the occasional high roller. But pentagon -- -- -- big -- Atlantic -- TV Cheney you know acts bad. TV shows and they just want the money import people -- but then that that could happen but bottom line it could happen W bush. Give it what I do because obviously the legislation authorizes up to three -- of people out there who say who kind of conclude the way you have Jeff. Hey I can make money off this thing and I don't particularly care about the economic. Vitality of my customers they're gonna come in the door and play good I'll take my peace and I'll retire a wealthy. Why didn't get to asked Jeff if if it was proposed for he is town. What was his reaction -- we'll take that call. Andy are tall in a moment when we come back and AM succeeding WRKO. Well there are hundreds of people have wanted to. To be heard last night after the blast -- four hours and in the end of the -- let me go to. Three did you decide not to have negotiations that Bob Kraft. -- casino mogul Steve went about building a casino here in Foxboro there. We'll be here at death pay for college town meeting that's a long town -- 700 people and and you can -- he met in attendance. Very contentious emotions running high on both sides the vote as of now 32 taken by the you have -- report assortment and not. Consider any any proposal that is brought forward by mr. Kraft and mr. windows out of their. Did joint ventured -- talking about the reality of casinos not coming to Massachusetts legislature approved casino gambling. Just you know over several weeks ago the governor signed the bill the governor has been a proponent of a truck. A number of years. And so the reality is beginning to dog. You know mr. Kraft -- mr. would've come up with a proposal that. They say would add millions of dollars in revenue to the town the town of Foxborough that is. And create many many thousands jobs jobs being a huge huge issue I know that the jobs issue -- we restart but different communities and maybe Suffolk downs. I know that the jobs issue was a big big. Concerned a big element. Four speaker -- us you don't consideration of this he's been a supporter of casino gambling for a long long time. He thinks it makes perfect sense at Suffolk downs. Keep in mind that he's grown up in Winthrop but -- Boston. Those communities are so familiar with the tour operation of the track from many many families of those communities. You can't compare these casino go there. To horse race. Are no I don't I don't compare but the point I'm making is needed the jobs and clearly the economy whether it was -- about people are unemployed and around Foxborough while Linda. Matta piano ought to hit you know -- Boston did deserve that there is a desire and I think a recognition that you do need. Economic opportunity. And you know I think the speaker's point of view I don't pretend to be able to -- com not authorized to speak from and I can't say tell them what else say that what about this is precisely accurate but his general sense was. In his lifetime grown up as a little boy in the new young man and then you know selectmen in the town another speaker of the house in Massachusetts. He would've he would have come to know. Hundreds of individuals in families. Who worked had he is easy to place a primary employment all right second job evenings or weekends. Might have been at the track and that those jobs provided to those families the opportunity to pay a mortgage pay tuition. Do the things that a lot much of people. Dream about and hope to be able to do you know -- hope they have the children do so it it's an argument is no question about it to very strong argument particularly at a at a time like this with the economy let's go right to the call 617. 2666868. Franco you -- next good morning welcome to the top Dutch shell. Applauding some books -- to come. I think these people really need to listen you know I mean they're I mean it took steps like camera not clear what you're white or wherever and failed to get the truth this is how I feel I'm -- -- -- -- side. Let's let's hit big game plan maybe they have a game player that traffic get. In the whole works let's hear them out before you make a decision like -- do at all. Yeah I and that and that really seems to be the -- -- dad was being made are attempted to be made at the meeting last night in dead is. Repeated in the news stirs this morning that some people just say -- While this violates the seems to violate just attended the basic rules of democracy you listen to the other side. -- -- say no okay fine bit at least the other side got a fear. Opportunity to present its its plans as you say and that you know I I I think this -- the I think there's seven of these ads are apparently then Jesus is pure speculation in my -- Franco. The -- of the the temperature in the town of sodium high in the opposition is so strong that the selectmen said. Why would we even go to -- because we know we know kind of intuitively we know we instinctively. We know from what's happened over the past two weeks during the Christmas holidays that we've been inundated with -- calls on what is another. Other correspondents. Indicating opposition saw who knows I mean I find it I I find it fascinating and I don't think Clark's role will be alone. In its a lob and and its resistance to them so take a lot of communities. Would worry about this being kind of drop into the emits no question Franco thanks for the call let's go right to Allen Allen is next good morning Ellen your -- -- top. I Tom I would just faint silhouette answered the call but it would be unlawful for many years that. That's directly -- residential area are -- it's very uninhabited and so you can make your way all around a little town without even getting out and we're well. You -- OK okay now to I'm told that these you know the site that's under consideration for all the casino. Is he is with him maybe a couple of hundred. -- of -- Walpole and north -- that those communities that would derive no direct benefit. But what might have hopefully you know kind of the residual what I call the residual effects of you know traffic and noise and lighting and things that changed the character of the town does that does that sound valid do you Allen has our resident. Not at all not at all. Noble coming -- it was a filling in Gillette Stadium area. I I I think it's a cross the street. -- the other side of route one sie Edley says I in the still it would be on the other side of route one from with -- stadium in patriot place you know she makes the point that. You can you don't have -- -- one if you live in those communities you can go. Kind of around the way. Which is fighting -- -- I don't have to use North Shore road I don't have to go by Suffolk downs -- have to hit L circles come to work every -- but now you're adding 101520 minutes to my commute every day every day -- got back and forth. And that's not fair remained. And then and then those drugs but just picking up on the point you make -- those roads themselves because everybody is trying to take the short cut right on the back world -- Those roads themselves speaking and become. Congested you know. I just know -- on the North Shore you can put back casino now. Comfortably. It has to go all west -- passing we'll put it out in the Berkshire in fact I think. That was the governor's idea when he first got to thinking about you know that they're announcing his support for casino gambling I think his idea was. There should be a destination that you have to. Actually. Drive to and that the infrastructure wherever this would be would be supportive of that so while pipe because say mass -- Route 91 which runs north and south. From Connecticut to New York up into Vermont. Maybe do it in combination with a golf husky you know skier I you know I don't know it just. The notion of cramming this in some way that's already fairly congested walk has to deal. Of a small towns such as such as fox -- apparently is is rubbing people the wrong way a very. Very contentious at town meeting last night let's go right well and again thanks to hold on -- You're welcome. They'll put the wanna add -- both communities that aren't 95 or 49 besides -- it's not adding ten or twenty minutes I'm talking about a little while bulk. And I want to go to the rent them outlet for instance that the quickest and need to go to the back roads into -- under one. Probably ever drove on a rope line and you have -- I mean. -- patriots. Became the caused other -- -- my commute when I had to go to work go into the city to work. Well you know I just wanted to ask that you can get quick access to 95 from those local community electric or ninety. I was not a good start you're appreciate the call on the inside -- -- -- -- a lot of information thanks for the call now and I I agree with her larger point that you can get quick access and as you said now everyone is going for the quick access. -- -- also mentions he knows she has to go through patriots traffic. But she knows that it paid huge traffic case she knows pats are playing the raiders on this Sunday night and -- works -- -- an extra -- -- thirty minutes to get there -- us now you're talking every single day I truly an extra hour and a half. Out of -- to foxwoods instead in this traffic plans to get into just the parking lot. And I don't wanna have to deal of that and I gave it. It -- I think you can be kind of a nightmarish thing. And your race -- and lieutenant in their Kevin. Works at. Patriot place and in the stadium and he says probably somewhere between fifteen and twenty events idea. I had mentioned to eight it regularly changed to pre season games one -- two playoff games you already out by my count plus somewhere between ten and twelve. And another maybe six to eight. With Kenny Chesney let's say this plane and he gets sold out so there are a lot of dynamics -- already under way. Okay you okay Kenny Chesney is playing on Wednesday night at five at Gillette Stadium sure. Traffic's not going to be there when the show starts and then you've got four or five hours where there's no traffic because everybody's in the venue. And in a traffic starts when the in the game is over when the cards it's over. The casino it's 24 hours a day seven days a week it's constant traffic constant winds of tires there's no gap in between paycheck this -- Massive traffic. When the patriots game is. And progress this little bit but -- like it is before and after the showed no it's the surge pre and and it's the surge value for the casino there the surges. Constant twenty -- like -- it is who just sent let's go to Joan Hage told good morning welcome thanks to hold on. I would look at. I'm trying to say that I'm so happy that the terrorists are complaining that the woman called -- love polls thank you pleased that she says. Unless they wanna put the country really Walpole. Because I took a look at of people. I'm doing I travel out that way I cannot believe people. Under Friday may take like four I've I was just at home I don't know if everybody knows. First strike I wanna really think I'm a delicate tester to let that -- I. Topics are the contested area. Initially trapped being a cry when you're doing. Already has been a principal and those areas so congested. And I would agree that -- A -- street C establishment desert shield. And it. On the backs of all the people that they literally giving -- -- -- I usually a lit her all the politicians to retire. And that they log that they just made all forty -- nation. And think you're doing you're ashamed that they and we're getting the casino industry. Is he not action it's an -- to a all of them yeah there are going to be paying the price for a. That sounds as if you have you doubts about the casinos no matter where it goes because as some of the of the effects appreciate the call John will -- we'll stay with this for a couple more minutes so short break probably less than two certainly less than three minutes we backed -- your calls at 6172666868. Back a moment on RK OP. -- the makes the world go round. Here on Boston's talk station and AM six AB. W. Good morning and welcome back to the Thomas judge -- -- on vacation for the balance of the the week I am flying solo -- you. A delightful. We like so Bob by the way -- judge shows Big -- to guide network capital funding corporation your future of -- we've been talking about a rock. This town meeting last night out in Foxborough more than 700 people in attendance in the end after a lot of back and forth. Select and vote three to two close vote. The vote three to 22 denied trip to not give any consideration to. A specific casino proposal the pro opponents mister Kraft mr. -- of cinch G simply can't we can't we simply have the courtesy. -- coming up with a detailed plan and try to address the concerns that we have heard expressed. So a real Donnybrook kind of back and forth last night we take -- calls -- a 217. 2666868. Ezra you -- next thanks all the -- Ezra good morning and welcome. Now it's resident first overall I would think it's again once the decision was made to have a casino they're better. Business partnership a better team than Bob Kraft most people and operate a casino on Massachusetts. And historically they used to be a racetrack. Advocate where they've built but it Schaefer stadium that was -- -- Philips rivers stadium there before they ever had so that. And then certainly under under the white people won't give them a chance so -- so it. Because. There's my experience that you know 700 people might -- about. But generally people that a posting a much more vocal. The people that support saying the 700 people don't -- like. That many people. The same time if they have a referendum of the whole thing aired out -- decides not to do it but I am encouraged. Joseph showed I I think you make a lot of good points Deseret and they other points that I believe the proponents have been trying to make pages give us a chance give us an audience try to be respectful will try to anticipate. The concerns -- controversies and address them. And and so they I think the proponents have to be very frustrated and disappointed. In last night's in last night's outcome is not final by any stretch of the imagination because I believe the proponents can and we all. Come back with something more detailed and try to work you know region and up but for now the selectmen seem -- you have to think. You know at least three selectmen. Saying those seem to have the confidence that they know the true sentiment that already exists. And that it's boiling in opposition out there let's go to Scott hey Scott good morning and welcome. Good morning thanks to stick micro -- Scott I'm a woman a little wilder made a great point. That is it'll absolutely become -- -- that would -- the problem. The problem why he would -- each seeking your brother a lot of co holder -- state house. Most of them as our backstop that a magistrate. It'll stick him in the casino. You're blue -- additional hours that is if they say you cannot have worked thank you for the state. Or are currently working for the state. Did you feel -- employed there you know what I know it it'll it'll give the Livermore power it's isn't being disgusting act drama. Below what level would push back a little misguided seems to me the jobs and I I I I'm not a regular casino go out then. So one and I went -- sure to -- -- show I -- to see any bad into who was Tony that I said he and he Bennett Tony -- goes back many many years and I was a guest of somebody. A -- of places in Vegas not to gamble but I have to go out there make a speech once. I'm not a gambler I don't patronize those places -- never go to Vegas some I don't. But that being said. The judge seemed to be. But sending jobs. Waiter waitress jobs. Dealer jobs. NN that the notion of somehow our run up unqualified. People are going to be -- If you and I were running this. When they're gonna hi yeah. Incompetent people this is a business why would we highest somebody whose adult why -- home. Somebody who can't -- that he's saying incompetent in terms of anyone who works and stayed I I I absolutely agree but it's sadly. Is that that is the case they'll they'll hire they'll find -- -- stops in cold shoulders and still stick them in our little spots. It'll be -- retirement resort. I mean is that the question that. Finally the people of Massachusetts reporting on the absorbent it rates were paying these retirees hundreds of thousands of dollars. After working at it. But the state 3040 years in different capacity. -- leave there and all know sort for the cheap now oh we finally put that little. I -- Stroud rest you have to go to the casino at that you'll happily have to borrow all state employees smacked the email period. The dress and good good good good I -- district good argument I'm not sure that a -- argument let's go to Robin Robin is next good morning and welcome Robert. On the eight homebody and they look and they can get around eligible citizen petition put it on media adult as an open you know town meeting -- clothes on but they need to put it -- division -- -- we can figure that would go -- about it. Yeah I there -- period there are other ways I think you right there are other ways for it to get that on the agenda. In Foxborough and yet I'm sure the proponents this morning Robin disappointed they would rather had a favorable vote last night and a negative one. What they'd put those that don't flow as funny look the other videos doing on. Who's gonna pick this guy all the time on the quip or the union guy and then -- an -- our audience. All the same guys you know 25 to 35 if you took down tied him for the how to have done look like a union meeting in this. And the second thing is is the editor's note the casino because -- -- -- -- comes -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- it was typical legalizing drugs. And we did particularly well I think drug. And then end to it put it -- We need might assert the clean up the drug people it has got to happen gamble -- you need to gamble and for me more money doesn't just attack on meet again it. OK -- you've got you've got your point of -- are now on American who I'm not gonna I you let's go to Mike hey Mike good morning welcome. Mike what did you take on this big big meeting held there last night. And god to protect a lot of. -- eyes I think before we lost Mike there he was talking about Panetta Franklin -- I'd be opposed to that I like to go to Franklin park on my grandchildren. I don't want them hang around the act to see you know in any way shape or form I have a very strong opinion on now want Tony you -- next good morning welcome to the Thomas dodge show Tommy apply his solo. Happy daughters Santa you don't Merry Christmas and a great new he would he would you family. They think might just got Barack democracy. My contract clap clap clap clap clap clap clap. Yeah I think he's down and out may be a little bit under the under the whether of not under the influence. I'm I'm a Boston a casino and anyway. That I think it's you go to referendum but I gotta I gotta ask your question because I LA and I hear this all the time and -- I think it comes from. -- money our favorite belt too often people talk about cap -- Amazon Indians in employees and people get in here and there epidemic diets some on my -- -- -- A -- to come some time. -- technical operation like great beyond. Eat eat any company any company and any and I can guarantee that. -- I got maybe ten people nine out of every ten people are working at cooperation here's Ali got their job. They've got them are there. Other brother worked there. I am also worked -- -- and Billy Elliot and that is so I don't like Yahoo! public employees since they work isn't gonna employees. They care about grab -- time. Well I I I I agree with -- and nobody who would deny and I certainly don't know that -- never miss the attempt -- they have been and occasionally the IR abuses. But but -- you know I I he also challenged Don when he's in here and abroad in different people from the state house at different times lieutenant governor Tim Murray this rap but that's senate up. And inevitably as they leave -- -- Todd says swap. -- -- Baghdad let's look there's there's there's people that have worked for Raytheon. There's police officers teachers there's corruption in and in every field across the border side. It's not that confined the public employee in any way a bad person as a bad person. I'm I don't know where you are going to call Tony I'm gonna leave you with a provocative thought you mentioned how to millions of people in many number of professions. Find out about a job opportunity yet Heidi you know -- cousin works at -- he also the cousin tells them javy up posting their look and fought. Disposition of that position whatever it so this kind of a network. It's actually always the reason that I have it's one of the I units and made. In support of affirmative action I know how controversial it is I know how we infuriating it is if you take the -- -- new school better than me and I get the job because some black or Hispanic -- one about. Other special categories but. But when you ask yourself about. How in the past. Networks. Work in whether certain groups had access to any networks -- -- to say you know what the it hasn't been fifth for a long long time how do you rectify that it get -- it's a very -- I don't mean to go off topic -- but. To the lodge a point you made their networks. Every Chara every area always have been and Tony always will be it's deciding human nature. Good call good call Tony thanks for the call let's go to Jimmy hey Jimmy -- the morning a welcome. It's starting right guard early this morning that is what what what what what brings a book called a global hosts you know back. The couple I didn't realize I should hold -- -- There's what's happening but it sounds to a -- -- rip the power and have. And ecstatic get a little ugly OK no we -- -- the chairman -- the -- chairman -- the -- -- -- by brought better but especially for the special out. -- conversation with the people that it has all the undisputed pound. What the pros in the cockpit with a pro forma serial called it's called -- to open its common have to destroy the -- One way or not. It sounds like the civil war us you know the emotions get all the hi mommy yeah it is the Santa in modern but -- -- last night. It just a mess before it does take off the -- now. It's so cold out will be Kurdish. Because even the aftermath of this get a pro and keep this going on I think it makes that next theory right into -- -- okay. Our fifth hit it that's six months so I fired six -- Charlie -- gonna build -- -- on the record of that peak cattle are all very. -- becomes it becomes like a volcano and I know you within Jimmy appreciate the call you the first call this wanna say thanks for the heads up and not and the return call by the way coming up a little bit the bottom of the -- Nextel. State senator Bob hello to be what does and he's going to be talking about the EB decommissioned you know buddy BT. Very very controversial stuff that's gone on some some serious and bad stuff going on up and -- recently. People abuse and -- got to buy drugs and to do other things senator Bob -- state senator Bob element -- with us at 730. The talk about the EB decommission we have a lot more between now and then -- -- -- of -- -- Good morning and welcome back to the -- judge showed taught on vacation it is meet Tom Finneran we have clients solo and by the way a little reminder. -- -- -- was being brought to -- network capital funding corporation. You -- future finance. State senator Bob hello to be with us at the bottom of the 7 o'clock -- about 730. He's gonna join us to talk about his work of what's gone on with the EBT. From called the fraud commission because people are very very up in arms about it as they should be. It's about the abuses that have become associated with the EBT cats. Will appeal Lucas at the 8 o'clock I'll do iChat with him about a little local as well as federal politics presidential politics. And then last but not least Jon Huntsman tomorrow that should be an awful lot of fun because that New Hampshire primary is right around the corner and we will be talking about presidential. Primary caucuses in politics in a little while there's a lot to talk about and ladies and gentlemen the grenades have now being taken out and thrown. Mitt Romney's becoming very aggressive Newt Gingrich is fired back. Ron Paul's take a lot of artillery about those newsletters we talked a little bit about that yesterday. It is. -- is really really heating up. It's gonna get to I think increasingly fractious and increasingly. Tends. As we get closer and closer to next Tuesday January -- keep in mind that our friends and neighbors to the north we have many many listeners thousands and thousands of listeners in New Hampshire and they're gonna get to our -- -- vote. A week after that on and on January 10 -- the united -- be up different a couple of days anyway. Sweep intend to provide front line coverage to you for your right information feel listening pleasure. So big big fight last night. To deny consideration of any casino proposal it's as if they've got to. But the fingers in the isn't just say no we're not even interested in hearing it because we know. We already know what the mood in the temper is. About residents here Foxboro. We know what you know maybe based upon their own research or whatever what the but the reality is in other small towns and across the country. That who have tried to host. Such facilities so for a variety reasons that's that's what that's the position they took us a last night 700 people crammed did. And you know somebody called the suggested that that really was not a lot of people. I beg to differ I think that's a lot of people particularly during hot holiday week. How to get people to get out of -- which is leave their families. Give up on their hobbies or whatever else they might be doing. An anti troop out. On a cold and wet night as I recall last night was not a pleasant -- to be outdoors in any way shape before. To go there in two make sure that the voice was no voice was heard. I think -- I think it tells us it tells us an awful lot. By the way coming up in webcams we've got several things that involve Ron Paul. Barack Obama all sorts of things about some interesting sound clips that -- he. That has put together and then as a -- to a state senator Bob middle of the returning shortly after that he is a Smart guys are good guys don't lot of work on this EBT stuff. And I'm dying to ask some questions about we we right now and we he thinks this thing is going to go. And then the treatable treats from my opinion have Peter Lucas columnist political columnist and -- the Lowell sun. He'll be joining minister the 8 o'clock hour so stay with us we gonna take a short break the news be back right after that with sound -- then also it's a fun. Obviously involving -- here on AM 680 WRKO.