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Unimed's break through discoveries with Heart Factor Plus

Dec 27, 2011|

Heart Factor's plus is discussed, including how it can help you, side effects and why it might just be the best product available.

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This is doctor -- -- are welcome back to the health of -- -- on Boston's proxies -- Game six NEW York you know I would like to welcome our next guest mr. George felt -- CEO of you know -- international. A company which strong believes in in the engine -- things. I should mention that mr. -- Is also a pharmacist. By trade when he uses an extensive background in nutritional help to develop all of you immense products and sitting in front of me. I -- part that does plus. In teens and and George -- that gives us. Looks great. Hands. I've got some data on its hands if you could tell us. The main ingredient. In hard fact -- let's please. Sure how are you doctor thank you for having me on yeah. The -- part factor is what is actually. An Argentine base product. The story goes. That ten years ago. The bit Nobel prize in medicine and physiology were awarded to. Force scientists. In 1998. For discovering that mechanism by which metric oxides. User involvement whitening arteries. And -- -- it became a huge revolution in in the and natural cardiovascular health because. The -- substrate Albert park right departure mean. Which is currently available in north of people were taken it for our I guess fifty years have -- have been. I've -- -- five and I'm isolated in the lab. It's pretty common non armed armed -- you know -- submit people that are not -- wants the -- main weapon. Sort of speak in -- -- -- use them -- in them. Therefore helping with reductions in blood pressure levels. -- plot the insurers arm. It also has hired as a whole bunch of other benefits but. The cardiovascular health of course stakes struck that are -- and our. If it bit bit bigger one of their. Other effects that Argentinian has. By virtual reports it was sort of a Barbie and believing. The smaller. Arteries there's also are helping with -- sexual function issues in a dumb people started. Writing books barbaric. Look at for other users of the product studies -- it and armed. That -- -- just a fascinating effect of this. Natural immune nor accurate. That it doesn't have -- be any side effects. -- very people -- -- -- Are the patients to use of it but there are critical for these people or use up to forty -- -- -- they would without the media. To your side effects -- you know some people but dropped out of the political spurs dropped out for nausea or vomiting. Ricardo and so on. But -- You know -- been incredibly safe and therefore became. Interesting to me because I have hundreds of thousands of customers. Inner -- people don't know about anything about Argentinian. If they were deplorable what pressure. Or help or public pressure naturally Erica. Are you like you sort of pharmacist that AM and people are prescriptions for blood pressure. That we use -- -- You know. It's too -- the southern part million Americans were blood pressure so people on the pressure medications suffer from all these kinds of side effects. And I haven't figured that something like a respectable. Great. Also for a listeners. If you more curious about studies with Argentine. The journal circulation. 1998. June 2. As a nice article on long term L charging supplementation. Improving small vessel coronary and definitely -- functions in humans. There's also nice article in the journal of cardiovascular pharmacology. June 7 2010. -- finally. In this. The American journal hypertension. 1999. The January. Issue as well. And also more if you demand international they have a great website. Www. Better -- -- dot com. And George patients who go on that website will be able to find links to -- factors plus correct. That's correct and we we are also. What -- I mean there and -- street virtual art should mean that -- to prevent what helped but may be easier for. Your listeners doctor if they want to. Really getting -- -- to a more verbal -- virtually improved their their circulation and so on to rebuild book written by a bit Nobel Prize laureate doctor Eric Merrill. He came out and and and flat out wrote a book called. No more heart disease. Based on his research. No more hard but he became a huge best seller in it's it explains in very nice -- simple term. How are -- supplementation system would. You know previous healthier population of -- cardiovascular problems are -- this concern fantastic book and we do rely on merit. A lot because of its obvious here in regard to what the Nobel -- amounts of CI my company and abandonment and some of your listeners would no word because we have been -- -- -- the bureau -- for very long time. But we don't make. You know hold lied to pursue articles were not you know we don't have a hundred products we -- me. Me -- products we meet unique product that amount. Based on reading solid research. And not because of its -- our missions since the -- of the company in 1992. Armed. Be focused on things that are that that bit the mean population of Reading all about rather than what you can find him in the drugstore or -- -- you don't -- Orbit so what you see for their forward we make products. There are one unique to -- of Antioch -- source similar arm problem ingredients. Substances with. Naturally PH in and we focus on basic European he's in. Aspects of of -- and not just that -- -- -- cynical that is helpful for. Don't think we've already alluded to this somewhat. But that's what differentiates. -- captains plus from other origin supplement -- Great course America okay. So large in the in the news that we worry talked about the benefits or union right the problem with charging you when you take it by itself in my opinion anyway is that it's been at it it's an oxidant sergeant you create -- -- oxide not peroxide than oxidant. In amber at the bit this is a serious limitation on on our standalone Argentine products if you don't do you very long term. You need support if you darker than before me. Because you want to get the benefit of their Geneva and not very different payment of music box and that's why parts sector includes. -- antioxidants have it that makes that -- -- you agree to extract Green tea extract. Also has zinc. Which is. Important work for heart health and kept calcium it has vitamin C. So world. You know I I figure -- your arm. If you extract whatever some of them divert from the group the united -- -- for a profanity. So I thought it it it would be. Less certain gender -- -- -- -- an Argentinean talk in the market that does not have parked healthier you are. That's basically the main difference between a standalone Marjorie -- can go to the drugstore and our partners. -- in what factors plus. Patients can call up in place an order at 800. 7459301. Again 807459301. As we would advise. For anybody taking any supplement be sure to check with your health care provider before you start -- innings. Yep this is actually very good. Warding darker for you you do that all the time would -- a piece of that thing give. Argentinian. For example cannot should not be used by you by patients with liver can. Or are HIV. It -- you know it's small but significant limitation on the use of it so it definitely is very very important think to -- Position absolutely. And you took my next question so thank you for Communists that out. New information as well. Yeah puppies that play -- have three things of that review that they're about liver disease there and labor camp for eight straight BM partly basic. Great with any supplement this isn't unique to affect us less. Or to -- -- that we're gonna hear about it went along as well. But any nutritional store that you go to anything over the counter. You're always gonna see a little label lot of things that these payments of up and evaluated by the FDA so he went to ensure that any supplements you're taking. As George and I discussed not only minutes between your health care provider but you want to be sure that there is really nice resource. As there is with health status that was plus. But the respect charging. The show that this is a supplement that could really benefit you and concerned looks like it's gonna help a lot of people. And the data is error. It does -- and we sold tens of thousands of -- Products and feedback is fantastic. As far as blood pressure levels are concerned and they even built virtual -- -- You know they -- unfortunately. Not everybody that it's like your listeners doctor and not everybody goes in and checks for themselves although large benefits of over supplements so they take the one or two things that felt. You know the BBC on the bottle over Warren -- just fitted but. So far so very good bit of feedback in the -- where more people are part of the sports. And we know with male sexual function that vascular disease and affect adversely. So it seems that -- pegged -- plus. It is likely having a benefit. On the basketball. Aren't you you know what's interesting combat the American Heart Association puts out -- every year book that people that are the United States with -- population -- part of -- And 75. Million people in the latest the version -- a million people suffer from public pressure but. It's really. Astounding to find out that a quarter for the same book that 50%. Of male. Forty discovered you know in forty years it's W nine years old 50% of -- apart blood pressure have also. Some kind of problem. Intimacy. And and the reason is simple when you have. Public pressure -- a constriction of the blood flow at a very hard to have and natural. A robust that are intimacy experience when when you don't our blood flowing well we -- -- -- Iowa this is a very helpful for all of our listeners and you know the hard factors plus in the information and Argentine very helpful George if you had to pick. Three of the most important -- messes. Messages for our fabulous place would what what -- those three -- Hum I mean I don't know what -- and I just liked. Product because they came across my desk of the resource -- across my desk and it was extensive and it was. Great and they were quick break through. AM berm if it was amazing that nobody knows about. Come bigger bigger the man on the street knows. About vitamin C your vitamin -- your view of the stuff that it's -- umpire later in the media but it -- -- -- and heart disease -- them. -- number one killer of America. And so. Are you like the effectiveness Barbara arming. That the results wouldn't again when you read the studies. The results are are very quick quick to show our elected -- he operates the six people part is very hard and they elect. Part of that the variety abuse -- so he can use it for the lord your blood pressure will bet. There are people are controlled you can use it for as -- -- -- -- for. Miller and -- -- you can use it for. What are experts agree. Addition to your -- normal workout and also with muscle -- and importance sentences and if it at a higher doses that still helps to have HGH production have sought fantastic support people -- just read more on. This is definitely Missouri and you listen to the -- the moment sour on Boston's stock station. -- -- WRKO. Was speaking with mr. George felt -- -- CEO of the tournament international. The website is www. Bettors can today dot com again that's www. Bettors can they dot com. To order -- heart -- plus. 807459301. Again that phone numbers 807459301. As -- telling us for -- is pharmaceutical background as he is a pharmacist by trade that Argentine. Is very important is the main ingredient in hard -- plus. And again. Art fact was less is different than other rising supplements. And we had a great explanation of that as well to expose one more time. And what differentiates us for anyone just tuning in now. For anyone to -- and over the counter and looking for other argent supplements. Why should -- -- -- practice plus or rather urgent and so. What well be because harper report provides the protection against the oxidant effect of our support site are -- creates. An abundance of market Arcsight that the body that's how wipe them arteries and partly the blah -- Vessels to to close quote -- and what sort the united -- they've very let me turn -- of and so you get the benefits of part of our -- -- -- -- -- election. But you also get the disadvantage of oxidant and since our company is based on the -- -- -- the October. The idea sounded less than. Helpful to put out an Argentinian supplement without the protection of heart healthier the -- from which are included in -- purpose what. -- -- agree to their -- vitamin -- part of government agree Green the calcium things that are that are healthy healthy and it's tougher for the entire. Any any instructions attitude to capsules and breakfast and big. But first four for the regular and for regular self help me -- you can increase the -- according to. You're blood pressure levels through -- for -- very very good night. Sheep -- constructions that you know could include every order that would show. The -- exactly. How to who you. Part of the sport because not everybody have a book partial use student -- -- team. Elected he'll -- arteries for example with a -- a lot of work on. Argentinian and -- sclerosis and how with the help repay notes -- rubio repaired sometimes even reaper efforts post. We have so -- difference per use them but we haven't review very. Instruction sheet that comes with -- order from I think 2 cups of morning. I don't have public pressure. But I know people were taken 34 programs that David of the studies pointed out to. Up some programs that you can use for. -- We were speaking about how. That was plus can also be beneficial. For male sexual performance and function. And having to use that opportunity now to segue into its huge and which is an all natural testosterone boost our. Hands. Georgia decrypt let's. Horror of what -- would a male wanna look at T gen as a supplement. Whoever let me just first preference I think about -- never water to -- improved -- bill. You know -- business. Or -- capsules that are pro sports we have all that stuff. -- but. But -- lead there was a new ingredient called pass defense. Impact that -- Is made by -- patented in research and -- part of we view larger search property during cork and it is the only is it's an extract of for the -- see which is natural -- -- -- to play a part struck our. Better statement to bear in the east in the eastern civilizations in the India try and Egypt have thought. Am. In the clinical studies found that this ingredient. -- testosterone levels significantly. And against common wisdom that a -- the most important thing when you boost the -- from levels for males over forty. At the age forty year prosperity even birdie. Milk of our strong levels are dropping an average of one point 2% -- So ten years later to keep your clear Europe. And the fifty to -- you're 40% left are strong and and again against common wisdom that doesn't. So much effect the factual fortunate over -- Milken Paramount have a -- portrait. Workable pit stops for and move repercussions not as good but. Still find out but it affects everything else that -- and -- And an aging -- would affect the -- this sleeping pattern -- -- affects the energy it affects the optimism. That helped the outlook -- light and what we've found -- but with this ingredient without the and that. It really does. Miracles for -- Or directly -- -- -- -- -- -- the beacon go through the day. They're short -- somewhere far probably don't have time to work through. To elaborate they can't there's a big you know a guy told me. I used to have so much nor is it -- had. When my kids were would be talking about something you know and that -- debt is. -- far. The biggest anti aging effect. Of response from boosting and is that the -- is the only ingredient in the United States now. Approve. By he'd be armed. By the FDA -- regulating body. To make -- the book response from boosting. I found it to be. Agreed to ingredients for a product -- -- -- Again it -- for anti aging purposes. For mail over forty specifically even -- of people in the twenties Hughes and that it could be released a yard efforts to spew -- as -- But it I think it's a breakthrough. Not because of it. You know the virtual function saying it but just because. Our expert if you can restore to command. That I'm positive outlook and that energy level that they used a few years ago. If you're you're doing them a huge sort. That's the -- for anyone who wants to reserves that on the Internet. Or on your website towards its CE ST OF EU and Oregon TE ST OFE hadn't. Again the web site. For these products that George -- -- are speaking about is WWW. Dot bettors can today dot com that's www. Bettors can they dot com. As we're speaking about supplements. Always check -- your provider or your health care provider before taking any supplement over the counter. TJ it is no exception but the nice thing about -- -- is that -- the Fed is the only recognized. Testosterone booster Georgia's current. That's correct it's the only thing -- that. Be in the -- the -- approved for pleads not increasing testosterone levels naturally. Base its its -- certain interest thing. It's a direct link between tasks within those things haven't been boasting an effort. As far as frequent stops short. And that is it is improved testosterone 50%. Percent better than placebo. So there's something -- as opposed to all be governor. Would have that you couldn't read BB shore. It term and they were therefore used just for would be you know. Improvement that has not read you like that it is an ingredient that is natural -- percent natural. But test that was the only one that was recognized. We're there yet to do what it dark yet I mean that's what I wanna say. Different ethnic ingredients again. -- and also being -- have another very important Africa were partners that it it has and it. 200 milligrams of people's hero. Bit of sea coast -- Which. Protect prostate. They and -- -- -- -- -- professional level people that the prostate because of the spot from group to view speed. It -- third from over abundance of it and them it's a strategic value to prepare before the -- we have also have a lower cholesterol lowering effects. Again all over Europe as well -- -- -- clinical studies showing that. So again mixed PGM. Read the unique perspective from product. Two to improve testosterone levels. And protect the the roster of publicity department also has. A source of following funerals. Plan bark extract for -- -- for perfection and for parts of rocks right there are. -- -- -- A complete product for our command over forty -- open up a -- very strongly about it. Amber again the feedback in the preliminary. Researcher insight the company that -- what we do you're. Is incredibly -- great prop. And -- -- many biochemical parameters that we analyzed. For this product corrects. For corporate leader yes -- and the annual analyst and yet given placebo groups. -- all the tremors were felt normal for all the participants current. All right that's me. There are that this could affect the terms that you are on a web site com object Corbin you can you can you're you know -- -- what was going Gordon agreed in in global. Test affirmed clinical study him out there read you know whatever they need to know what the problem. -- so again it's one -- saw that our listeners. We've been speaking about hard tackles plus. Which is a great supplement. For the hearts. Argentina is the main products. Stands. We're now speaking about TJ and which is a natural testosterone support formula. Both of these products as of all supplements. And we Marty spoke about this. They're not investigated. By the FDA. So. I knew we really see estimate that these statements about being evaluated by the up. We -- -- your work exactly -- that -- -- -- to all of us loses the moment with the supplements. Speak to your health care provider. But it sure is nice. When he -- supplements. Some real data to back them up so although it has been -- of the security that the FDA review these FDA is reviewing. Medications that are going to be. We know we can't wait for -- people actually have better and -- -- power and a division to review the ability of the of the study of certain supplement could it -- would be great server for the public. That the FDA itself would review these studies -- and you know in department university of prolonged. But in the meanwhile people should be. Reaping the clinical studies grieving that the drug guys have to. National Institutes of Health these supplements have sought. And and like I told you on our -- factors doctor -- Argentines for example should not be used. Or use with Carson with people herpes or with liver disease. Of course of anything that was the start from -- collect seeds are you need to love how our current. You know PSA checked the current level of PSA you need to make sure you don't have brought it here for or any -- distrust from. You know. Separate -- And and sought so yes your doctor should be aware -- -- or at least you don't chat with them before you -- anything better our efforts to susteren or they have a problem up. And again having the data it's -- -- these -- organized and I wanna point out to our listeners again that for our Geneen. Articles circulation. June 2 1998. In the general cardiovascular pharmacology. June 7 2010. Ever in its articles are -- supplementation. I wanna remind our listeners about. The website www. Batters into the dot com again that's www. Better -- today dot com. Again to order any of these products. That mr. George Fazio has has as the CEO. Of you know about international. 807459301. In 80745. 9301. Missed about a is that a lot of these sorts in these products is a pharmacist by trade and he uses is extensive background in its original. And about all of the products. The humanity international company. To a -- -- again for the team as well there are currently on. And everyone has that phone number you know on the web site. And I think you'll be touching a lot of patients' lives in a positive way we approach. Again this is doctor -- laser you've been listening to the health and -- sour on Boston's talks recent. -- succeeding. WRKO. I want to thank our earlier -- doctor Aaron Carter miles he orthopedic associates. There website again www. NW always dot com. The end www. NW only got Kyle and I want to thank mr. Joyce felt -- The most -- -- It is web site. Www. Better -- today dot com again www. Bettors -- today dot com I want it was all of you. A happy week. Healthy week. And thanks for listening.