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Pundit Review - Iowa GOP Debate

Dec 18, 2011|

The last GOP debate before the Iowa Caucus was this past week. We discuss the failing Ron Paul, Newt slipping in the polls, and Romney's newest endorsements.

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And welcome back under review radio Kevin -- with you. Give us some phone numbers and talk some politics here at another debate this week was it to. Commit to debate this week. Maybe it was last Saturday night and then again this Thursday that's what it was. It's very hard to keep track -- and on heaven in the long before the Iowa caucus and today. None other than Mitt Romney a former governor but the big endorsement of -- Moines register. Apparently these things still matter in Iowa. Wanna get your take on the GOP -- Says it stands rate now 6172666868. That's 6172666868. Coal -- eights sevens. -- 877469. 4322. Now this was the week I think maybe in Newt Gingrich crested a little bit came back to earth. Don't know that he made any particular mistakes this week. He's a bit on his best behavior. But. By for two of just being new. He's cut com. All the all the all of the the firepower pointed at him. And he took a vicious beating this week from the media establishment. Republicans. People like George Will. Scarborough. All kinds of people taking new shots and Gingrich's week. To be expected because. As they like to say more bag is an American Airlines. 6172666868. Toll free 8774694322. What's Mitt Romney on with Chris Wallace this morning. Have to say came across pretty well. Very. Chris Wallace who's usually don't like area -- a dog on his ankle biting away on Mitt Romney just marring away emit. Chris Wallace actually from a few soft balls and they let -- kind of show the human side. Talking about his wife in in and her illnesses within a mass and breast cancer 6172666868. 6172666068. Let's start with Scott. Welcome to the show has got. Merry Christmas mr. -- Merry Christmas. My manager Ron Paul. Let's analyze it. Romney for a second he can flip flops on everything. I I go any which way the wind -- so. I don't want him. He also calls any which way the -- -- so I don't want him. People saying it's a wasted vote. Speed data may I might election they would Ron because. He first -- he stands for something he stands for main street he wants to abolish the Federal Reserve which is never out of it. Principally -- the -- of work but currently he wants to stop it the country's. It's stopped giving trillions -- the right away. What that's what he you know he instead populist he also -- the but you like you we -- -- clap when -- yet. Chocolate and puppet. For the working people. And he wants to get from the Middle East but I would at least people on the table. Hey there's -- wrote put new cuts in the tables -- part of the part of the the agreement if you put the cards on the table is for people to react. And I think what people see Ron Paul going off on Iran and basically ignoring impairing his head in the sand about the IAEA report that Michelle Bachmann brought up and his. Anti -- stance on Iran. You know he has every right to say that make that stand -- wanna be isolationists and to get out of the Middle East. But that doesn't mean that people want to support that or agree within I think he really hurt himself the other night when he did that. Personally course he has every right to say and it's good to stand for something. -- -- -- -- could have put up an argument that Mitt Romney is like you know the rocket Gibraltar with his positions who you can't. That's his big weakness is known as you know multiple choice -- Ron -- he hasn't changed in twenty years and I guess maybe get some credit for that. But if you if you positions a whale left field haven't changed in twenty years is still way out in left field. 6172666868. That's 6172666868. Whole free 8774694322. -- and I was unimpressed with Ron Paul this during the last debate I thought he looked. Nervous under prepared in. -- thought -- using his conduct and his comments where really. You know had no substance and I feel like he's in non factor at this point. He's probably -- effective everywhere except Iowa and think he's gonna have a pretty good turnout in Iowa. He's been there for a long time he's got a pretty good organization there. And the Ron people who Ron Paul people they're -- in there Ron Paul people. While the candidates he's probably the most passionate. 6172666868. Tool free 8774694322. That said producer Danny did come across horribly in the debate. Especially on the foreign policy subjects. That's too bad because he makes some sense of some of the things. -- though when you I don't know together and I don't think it's a passing grade from Republicans. Let's go to the phones and welcome Ross I restless to talk to again Merry Christmas. Kevin congratulations. You're the forest talk show host -- RKO. To get Scott not to and the Jews congratulations. I I was waiting I had my finger on the button. You hit it well thank you knew that was a good call. For it you know can arguably he's had to say tonight. I've actually challenged him in the past you know he's here he's a Smart guy and only he. He can say creative things up in Tuesday as well will go one. You know Kevin as far as the establishment Republicans are concerned on the use of baseball analogy. Please keep the eye on the ball because of the bottom line is Barack Obama -- -- ago. Couldn't agree Morrison part of keeping the -- in the Balkans. You know as they sell the -- and Sundays you -- you know well as the independents decide the election of the 40% in the middle. Part of keeping your eye on the ball -- is focusing on nothing but the issues. There has never been more target rich environment on the issues and in his what does president. And if any Republican -- kind of strays into the personal. Into the Kenyan anti colonialism. Into the he's a socialist. To me that's just insanity. He has so many errors mistakes wrong policies. On his record that the focus should be on nothing but that. In the most you know -- Present one has the pipeline to taxes. Yes the the oil pipeline which he objects to which is one in the long list of what examples that you can site. When he sides essentially was either unions and environmentalists who blocked jobs. It goes on and on we talked a lot -- this year 2011 if we looked at over the year about the National Labor Relations Board. And what they did to Boeing and how out of control and activists. They have been and how they have stood in the way of business at every turn. Blast Friday night we mentioned. Our last Sunday we mentioned how one of the Friday night document dump the obamas were to become a regular thing. Last Friday night's document dump was that they dropped the complaint against Boeing. Finally and quietly. Well. The business people in America like the National Association of Manufacturers rest then I've taken it. They're totally fed up we're dealing with the NLRB in the Obama administration they have a list here that they put out this week. Is the Boeing complaint is the proposal to speed up union elections of board ruling that could create smaller bargaining units for unions along with a notice rule. Have all raise ire of the business group. Consequently Republicans have you proposed to pass legislation to block many of those proposals this year. And it looks like the two people he nominated to the NLRB. Are gonna be rejected by senate Republicans. And based on the -- heroes I think. It's probably the only thing they could do. There is it's unbelievable is the NLRB I think is such a great example you wanna make it simple you wanna focus in on some people can understand. There's nothing more bureaucratic -- big government in the NLRB. And standing in the way of a private company like Boeing won the biggest contractors and partners with the United States government. Telling them when they can and can't open -- plant and what kind of people -- can't work in. It's insane. You know Kevin talking about. About -- -- the something that no one of the talks about but. You know we have a major competitive now the world call there about. And the reason why we have that competitors. That wave back and we wanted to produce supersonic jets. If they approach to Vienna economical but the plane was is that we allowed the Europeans. To what they learned from that that technology has helped them are produced great airplanes. And if they didn't have that technology. Boeing would still be much stronger than. And -- -- completely government subsidized we should the Airbus of them out -- not exactly competing on a level field as it is. And then they get the Obama big governments in the on -- -- him as well. Adding to they have their challenges and rest so I wanna just thank you for -- you -- worth of contributions to the show. -- -- thank you and I mean every Christmas and hopefully next year will be about a year for all of us. Same to rest could be different thanks a lot. Nice to hear from -- fiscal read back to the phone's 6172666868. Toll free 8774694322. It's welcome. Paul -- Paul. It just belong. Paul -- all American city is shovel Russia's my mother's hometown Paul how's that would -- now like now when are now okay it's her home city. I am glad it is -- -- little girl. You want -- some of old girl my mom. -- -- the city's school is and I won't say the other thing now send. You thank you it was attacked Ternium a lot of see like -- -- Irish is. -- been able to. That's a lot of places the word is coach identification. Russia's very good call. Have heard of the guy before -- security carry the guy before I come across Cadillac Buick -- a couple people what they're likable. Ron Paul this much is denial of ambient -- It looked it was someone that has -- integrity. I don't consider myself. -- history but. We're at a time in American history when it would be nice to be had some -- now -- partly due to lack of leadership shall. -- Don't you think that's the what people looking for -- in my opinion this is someone to take strong firm opinions and then stand there as the brick -- you know fly. And I think people taking aim at them I think that's right that's why Chris Christie came up there was so instantly popular. That's why Newt Gingrich has made his bones in this campaign. Because he stood there -- said blunt direct things in these debates. He comes across really well today because although so the bag -- but I think that's what people want they want leadership someone like Reagan. Who'll stand up there. And say things he believes in you know we believe is that -- is not gonna change certainly Mitt Romney can't play that role. But I think that's what the American people a look to for and that's what you're describing bar and. Is that I consider is that call -- integrity. I guess it's -- -- it's integrity it's all. Full what -- -- don't just say it because it's sound good in front of the crowd is speaking in front and that's the problem I'm fine with supporters of Obama. It's similar to the supporters of bush did the ideologues they they just can't find it and then to be objective and criticize. Somebody was making mistakes. And this is one of the most corrupt administration. That was had in the media is controlled. You know to government media complex it Michael Savage called it and people like you and him or insightful. Who bring up major issues these people just. Whether they put their head and this can only do the best -- covered up but want the status quo because people that are government positions take getting it -- There's -- who's a good job. But the -- the richest of the richest county in America is the one that resides right outside of Washington DC -- doing just fine thanks. And the other problem is that congress is the people stop and realize now. There are able to get abetted shaken stock market and the rest of us because hippies shout any any type of black who. Of course they you know I mean you'd be a spent a stock trader Paul if you got the information three weeks in advance when -- And yeah of course and I'll leave you on this note here it doesn't matter. If that the democratic president whether it's Obama -- Clinton are -- -- Republican president you know bush is some abortion. White collar crime is alive and well. We have been prosecuted at all though he's so much money in the latest I wish Corzine who actually. Well he couldn't get men is to -- I wouldn't close the book on him not being prosecuted yet. Well he's easy to better them help which failed in the garage filed. He -- -- billion dollars and he doesn't know wherever it is and and I -- quote of the book on -- because they think he's another. Is SATA cables from Goldman Sachs he is solid like -- -- -- -- and I'm gonna record now Obama is getting it began in. We'll all have you heard me saying 75% Alia his reelection chances. Can -- you -- your -- will get it right. I'm saying is -- is a 75% he's getting them. Yeah I and even order -- liberal wing would amount to choose that people don't think like us if you go to all the places on vacation people play how embarrassing that Massachusetts is and it won't get any argument from me. But they also say is this the best the Republicans -- up to sum up what. Yeah -- is this -- apparently it is Paul -- do in the man's gonna play some -- Paul but I want you stay tuned because you know who Fareed Zakaria is. What -- increased the area Fareed Zakaria from CNN in the Washington Post. I think. Our -- a little -- you mentioned media bias the second I don't know how it got the media can't wait to see how they skew the numbers to -- they say a great example. From this weekend's Paris nice talk to -- Merry Christmas. A -- and what's different. And over promise and I didn't underestimate how how tough this is going to be. I always believed. That. This was a long term project. That don't take time we're gonna take more New -- gonna take more to yours as -- entered. More than one term. Excellent time to destroy America. No I don't really think he's out to destroy America and I just think his vision of America. Is really horrifying to a lot of people into government first and government everywhere and then he's tried his best to implement that. And I don't think people want that he had to go through all kinds of conclusions supposed to healthcare thing on us it's as unpopular as it's ever ban. I mentioned the second go screw up the phone for -- 61726668686172666868. All free 8774694322. I mentioned Fareed Zakaria this came from Barron's Magazine which I actually love getting on Saturday mornings comes at 7 o'clock because as reliable as the day is long. Brings my Paper and I start making my espresso I love my Barron's -- myself every Saturday morning. Here is gene Epstein rating. In his column and is a little note here at the end called for skewed to use of data. On our economic problems a good example is a December 7 op Ed in the Washington Post. By CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria. Sure many of you out there was known informally with Fareed Zakaria. According to him quote. Data simply do not support the idea that the economy is burdened by excessive government regulation and interference in taxes. What data -- a carrier. Says a key area try to Kauffman Foundation's index of entrepreneurial activity which reports it was -- Americans starting their own business. But the Kauffman Foundation's own report in the executive summary no less laments quote. The Great Recession and its high unemployment rates pushing many individuals in the business ownership. Or it says a key area. Noticed that a World Economic Forum survey ranks the US fifth and economic competitiveness. But the survey report itself notes quote. Escalating weaknesses that have -- the US ranking in recent years including concerns over. Government ability to maintain arm's length relationships with the private sector. And regulations as more burdensome. And burgeoning levels of public indebtedness. Some of the very things -- dismisses. As not supported by the data. Wanna hack. And what a great paragraph. By gene Epstein and -- 6172666868. Whole free 8774694322. Mike welcome to under review radio. Given the state -- you -- do you -- make Christmas Merry Christmas to you thank you the last -- that ball yes but probable. -- You don't like it should be a spokesman for the occupying. Bought. This case are you price some Google. Is that market because he talked about. In -- -- caller crying and whether it that it democratic republic and it's them against them so special losing jobs. -- a very typical for a lot of folks. And I know trickle down. Are currently. Let me just say. What wealthy people pay this year. Are open doors got bitten. -- reach out of people to come to work through them. They're not the demons. That a lot of people like Paul would like to I'd do it right. I don't think there's oppose come from -- really know what. You well given -- the -- Betsy Betsy. Interpretation outcome in doubt with. And slowly that he talked about the people we have running for president on the Republican side. You don't lean -- Page five of them. These people putting everything Evelyn Y get personal life. And lot of cases there. Bit muddy. Their reputations and everything else they may not be the best we have Kevin but certainly. You must respect the fact. That these people are trying. As it is very weak as it may be at least they're trying Kevin not to let the ball from. Mike any ball from Seoul made the same point you do does not agree -- cans in demean them personally. He didn't demean their effort. What is set aside any said it's not a very decrepit candidates talking argue with that when Mitt Romney's stand in the head and shoulders above the pack. I thought he says something about what followed is supported being wacky. Is that the -- truly used. You know kind of a transcript of the call Mike I don't know right. It you simply call them black you know you can't I'm a little upset with that. Insult against these people in this basically. They have a different mindset that you -- I incident probably fall. But at least. They have written opinions that should be respected. Like my rattled -- my -- opinions might. Absolutely. Absolutely you know you know your opinion could be. -- shifted and it needs a lot of bottles cut back then that I -- and they should be called out. When somebody -- disagrees with me -- Leo thank -- I call up the fact of the matter orange. We can't. He's talking about. Our candidate if we expect to take the White -- -- given we have this together and then went to Begin with you would have been at the very intimate. Mike has ever feel a little -- voting for the same person in November. No matter who witness. I absolutely agree with that immediately -- -- -- talking many. Does -- does the -- you know about this -- bulb on the tree. In Betemit 20% of rated percent of windows applications. -- might -- -- my idea it's 1% of them -- my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. I think it'll give it an anti at this facility into the year. And I I agree would you. He sun earth like we've done that we've done it Pisani at. We are so common ground and now all right -- what degree when and zero last all of 2011. Boy who -- have a great. Could question really activity in my tanks feel contributions to the program is always good to be called on -- -- break out into my right no. Tirades -- Steffi Obama. 2012. You know. -- a kid that's that's the nicest sense over on my list of defeat Obama in 2012. 6172666868. Toll free 8774694322. Now we're getting close to the top of the hour in the it was a fun story I saw today just testament we left. You know thinking about our president and some of the lifestyle he -- the life so the rich and famous was of course all of his golfing that he's done and the different parties at the White House and now seventeen days in Hawaii. Are you may recall in May the First Lady announced poetry night at the White House and you might also recall Laura Bush doing something similar when she was the First Lady when Laura Bush was this year has several poets they came into the White House may have. Dan -- then they discuss the works of Emily Dickinson and Langston news. And a Walt Whitman. Well you might remember when. The current First Lady I had a potion at the White House she decided to invite the successful Chicago poet. Money Rashid -- junior also known as common. However he's a little bit controversial. In part because his poetry threatens to shoot police at least one -- is calling for the burning of then president George W. Bush. Well those conservatives though they got so upset this so uptight. Can't just go along get along and seek common for the artists that he was it was a big story in the spring. Well there was a big article in the New York Post today it is common is back in the news doing what he does best. And then this is from today's New York Post it might be the most uncommon hip hop beef ever. Legendary poet Maya -- told the New York Post he's horrified that one of her biggest fans the rapper common. Put -- on a song peppered with the N word which she abhors. That's the official -- no slam polar -- of people could. What an administration we -- and we have an official slam poet. In common. And he's rain and and bombs on Mya Angelo wow if that it is and let us and -- -- in bones in my -- and classy unbelievable and when they asked Obama whose favorite musician has to and you remember. I'm drawing a blank Jay-Z. So as they as they say in -- -- 99 problems obamas did 99 problems. The he's detonated their problems and a slam poet is one of them. And believable it away hosts. They live a life of -- leisure over there it's unbelievable and then they have people like this come in and as the the hired help. Laura Bush wall but when -- use Emily Dickenson. This administration we UGZ in common. Unbelievable that the best she can do. Well we get into the top of the hour when we come back we'll take more your calls and we're gonna go through fuel the best of lists they are everywhere at this time of the year wanna hear from new. Will be back in a few. For the last hour the year. Under review radio Christmas time of the seven year WRKO.