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Newt/Bachman Smackdown

Dec 16, 2011|

The Republican debate last night on Fox News in Iowa was the last opportunity for the candidates to make their final stand on critical issues ranging from foreign policy to the economy to electability before the Iowa caucus. Howie was impressed by Mitt and Michelle Bachman.

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How many times did nothing wrong. And Perry had to. Practice that Tim Tebow line before it finally got it straight. Like about the media set piece in the debate last. We're gonna talk about the debate that it changed too much was it was interest and involvement by. I don't I don't think too many minds were changed in -- the status quo. And today in the continues. I think in the Republican. Field in I think that the pummeling of Newt Gingrich continues in Iowa which probably still slipping. So. You know but it's a Romney's in a better much better shape than wars through four days ago and -- expects was good pals. Michelle Bachmann Michelle Bachmann is like a straw for him Michelle Bachmann is the is to war Mitt Romney worked Christie my host was to what Deval Patrick and 2006. You know the guy who goes after via the main contender. The main opponent which would in that case was -- -- -- -- And I wonder you know if -- discussed anything hurts just. Assumed the she'll be giving a position in the Romney administration there is one. And last night he also had some help Ramallah on Paul you know Ron Paul's corner after -- -- -- in a big way. And I I don't know but I don't know that Hillary is officially aligned with. With -- but DC I mean you sell and up to you know that with these with his what is he what's -- 55 point five million dollar barrage of adds. And it a lot of them come down to being again you know either directly or indirectly against. Note because they talk about these model Washington insider Mets. That's code for. -- 18774694322. Why. There are some good news today. The good news is. That you know we talked about it yesterday that the impending ban on 100 -- -- incandescent lightbulbs. House. Last night. In in the budget bill to keep the keep the congress owe it to keep the government going. Has included a temporary reprieve as the wires are calling the gonna -- what the what hundred watt -- -- still continued pixel. But that's such good notes that's that's commitment you of the somebody. Somebody. -- to their senses here and and I'm happy India in the port sport you know and maybe this is the beginning of body. Return to common sense in the congress. Okay I'm wildly overly optimistic but. They've -- 18774694322413. Says how we they're given us more time to stock up on -- -- Yeah maybe maybe. -- think it'll global warming is not what it used to be good from 2007. You know when the when the Republicans Warren. And it. In this. Global warming. Green mood you know there -- a lot more people believe in global warming there have been any hurricanes for five years. There haven't been there have been a lot of that terrible. Terrible. Heat waves. -- did the week seemed the hide the decline memos you know their obviously faking the they -- that I too was. -- the global warming. Cultists. So I think that there's a chance that maybe maybe the incandescent light -- will survive. Christopher pitching as will not be down for breakfast Christopher hitching uses Leah writer who he was a good writer using just from how we our show. You may be the only -- ever allowed to drink. Only on the it in here in the studio. And an empty our liquor supplies such as it was considering it was fully using them signer of pinnacle -- name that was -- connect got a flavored malt liquor. PI figure that you went for the shines. They picked a guy he he he seemed like he was an early top shape -- key men and so. I asked if I can do something form in the and I knew what it was I knew what hero's welcome for. National regulation. So one of the -- listeners. Had had been down south and picked up some moonshine. And I think at the Christopher hutchings was pretty glad again any port in the storm. You know so he he he drank some of the shine -- -- I think he smokes cigarettes in here to Disney's handy. He did he -- of -- that's the first I mean -- memory for timely -- was up in the in New Hampshire. I was actually working with Jerry Williams -- be we're gonna hop broadcasting and I read into in the bar of all places mentioned that. Cause you guys -- a -- edges and Chris Richard has come on down yeah. It was a good guy like the mini was an excellent writer and you say you know it was an English guy and he's the two. PI came around -- we'll find out later to you know at one of these -- -- conversions and had the last rites of the Catholic Church or some such thing. But he wrote a book I wrote a moderate to race one time and that. But it was it was a really good writer and -- apparently they actually stop the presses last night at the New York Times. And a they they replay did they don't elaborate often last climate that was one Osama bin Laden was killed. End they they want to give the the obituary on the front page. And but you -- Maura. You know here at the local angle is Jay from Chelsea is just some media -- text. I actually head Christopher pitching in your last up pool and had the opportunity to take them again. In the current in the current one. Instead I took -- hello hello George Mitchell -- was in intensive care with ammonia. I just -- catcher goes to show you George Michael Michael -- George Mitchell -- senators appreciative of that goes to show you that you want to -- them right you yourself Christmas is now one. So -- I am speaking for most people on our audience especially those who like that -- guy at. So so they sages -- here it is a lot of people think apparently payback is a bitch that this is a year year and you -- that you. And get -- it you know you've changed horses in the middle of a stream. This is the ultimate nightmare you know you get someone in that -- we'd take him death pool after apple. And you change. What happens. Is god the guy you picked is gone or someone else got him but no one no one won this one so we don't have a doubtful Cohen here now. 18774694322. The incandescent light balls survive for another era more than nine months I think it's I think -- I think this is the beginning of its miraculous rebirth like the Phoenix and hoping they're gonna it's -- an election year I don't think they're gonna want to one. Waved the red flag in front the American people. All right let's see. And just. The gonna charge fifteen dollars for hazardous disposal of Mercury bulbs bulb that's good. Is Etta James in the doubtful. I don't know that it changes are not added James is apparently in the other blues singers apparently in the on the on her last legs as well but we don't have a winner today that's all right now. 18774694322. That's the toll free number of how we our show. If you would like to call him if you would like post moves show on the Internet you can always do so go to our website which is how we cart dot com how we cart dot com. Click on the live audio streaming also how we cart dot com -- Olympic partner daily Internet poll question. The daily Internet poll question is sponsored by Olson Cadillac of Woburn. Take exit 33 day off 120 acre down about two miles to Woburn four quarters and you'll see -- Cadillac appear on the left on the right. It's it's it's the best Cadillac dealership in the region. They have hundreds of new one pre owned cadillacs on the lot many of the pre -- cadillacs have warranties warranties of up to six years handle 100000 miles. If you like to see what they have in stock before you drive they're gold to. -- website Olson Cadillac dot com all LSE and cattle. Dot com. Cindy what's -- poll question one of the results. As for. Who won the argument last night's debate on need suppose it lobbying was at Michelle Bachmann. I don't know sometimes it comes from my memory doesn't it if. Actually had to I would probably -- Vietnam are vital for getting my facts are so -- like -- listen I'm a big guy because this isn't just once. I think it's outrageous. Didn't take it continue to say over and over through the debates that I don't have my facts right. When as a matter of fact I do. I'm a serious candidate for president of the United States and my facts -- accurate. She won and yes 67%. Think Michelle line. -- -- Again I -- I I just I -- see this all the time on Beacon Hill these guys these guys commit and they they claim they're not lobbyists -- don't know I'm handling public relations Warren. You know from life -- client. You know and it but there -- I mean they're not seen in public and then that that cockamamie story that -- even about what he did. I told them how to tell poor people. How to budget so that they can afford their house. Lol okay so they paid him one point six million dollars for this. Arabs forget that what do you tell what do you tell okay. Here's what should go to keep the house. When you get welfare check the first of the month you guys here's what look at this here this is a log book. You you want it while logging in all your checks that your right and all the deposits she get. So when you get welfare check for the first a month you write it and and you add that to your account. And then when you get your SSI crazy check your idea then and you get it to -- give it to you in to your account. When you get church's section well -- and get your section eight money Conseco's correctly total import but you and you add that in and then huge that you pay the mortgage. Right and then you ran out the basement. Of your house your new house it's been bought for you by the government and one way or another. You rented out. And I you'd turn it into what section eight apartment and you read it to your daughter. And your your -- my able to have one until she gets pregnant with her up with their first illegitimate child at the age of sixteen. So he should give you get a pregnant and then she can move into the section eight has -- the section eight that. Project did that you've got in your house section eight apartment. And then when the governments -- -- the check for the section eight apartment for your daughter and you're illegitimate grandchild then you couldn't write to. I think budget. They wanna pick me up just explained that right I like it one point six million from Freddie Mac. I explained how about the poor people can -- at one point six million and it was it was would you please come. It's not -- Well I must say you know. I think I'm like a football game where people tend to turn in late two -- late in just to see the end of the game. -- Begin that in the debates a lot of people turn and two in early. And they want and they just a stay until we get bored and the endorsed some boring stretches there in the middle. And so I think -- commitment camp really. Really hammered in the early part of the debate with these with Michelle Bachmann hitting him on the on the Freddie Mac money. He he had a nice return he had that he had a nice comeback later on people stay around that that that description of the yet judges you know cracking down on federal judges who were out of control I love that. That was great and what was even. -- have become grotesquely dictatorial. Far too powerful. And now and I think frankly arrogant they're misreading the American people. Higher Paper. And nick dot -- I've been working on this project since 2002. When the ninth Circuit Court said it. One nation under god is unconstitutional the pledge of allegiance and I -- -- you -- judges who were so radically anti American that they thought one nation under god was wrong. They shouldn't be on the court. This beautiful we kept going on and on it yet they yet another example of some guy in San Antonio. Who'd been. Hold -- output launch. And I thought it was it was really wonderful and then you don't you know I was Paul's best moment to wipe out Chris Paul's the only want everybody else of these judges are out of control. And Paul was the only one said the well you know I don't think this is a good idea. You know was I I disagree with -- but at least he kind of -- against the the prevailing wisdom in the in the Rome and among the other candidates up on the stage. And then I thought it was -- it even better. Response by via. Newt Gingrich came. When he was asked about the the pipeline the keystone pipeline and more Republicans should do we have that won the Keystone Pipeline response. It's. So I'll move on if we tend to energy issues and speak again tonight to Begin with you as you know the president sir has. -- rejected any efforts to tie their payroll tax cut extension. With the keystone cops pipeline and I've got to re open it. And then to explore -- -- -- as well he says that any other way to connect -- to would be akin to adding an extraneous issue. Given his opposition and and the likelihood that the keystone issue could be. Up in the air for a year or more how do you recommend Republicans. Must deal -- -- needs to force the issue. You know. They -- I sometimes get accused of using language is too strong. So I've been standing here editing. I'm very concerned about not appearing to be zany. And. But -- -- paint a picture for all of us Iranians are practicing closing the straits of Hormuz. The Canadian prime minister has already said the American president. If you don't wanna build this pipeline to bring create 20000 American jobs and bring oil through the United States to the largest refinery complex in the world Houston. I wouldn't put it straight western Canada to Vancouver and -- the old director China soon you'll lose the jobs you'll lose a throughput. You lose thirty or forty years of work in Houston. The president states cannot figure out that it is an amusing mild words utterly irrational. To say I'm now gonna veto a middle class tax cut to protect left wing environmental extremist and San Francisco. So we're gonna kill American jobs we can American energy. Make us more vulnerable to the Iranians and do so in a way that makes no sense to any normal rational mind. Right. Think about some that opted me. And he also said that they should just attached they should just you you know what that now let he's not a -- caved on the so called millionaire's tax they should he said just attached keystone. To the middle class. Payroll tax cut. And -- just and if he vetoes it just send it back don't like it that what the welfare they Clinton beat open your welfare reform. Bill twice until he -- -- he -- it was an election year and that 89% of the American people were in favor welfare form. So you don't know -- came back -- pretty strong at the at the end but. It's it it's ought to have to overcome being Leo Washington lobbyists like -- and today. Mitt Romney picked up the endorsement of Nikki Haley the governor of South Carolina he's trying to cut into -- lead in the South Carolina and new seems to pick up about 95% of -- votes down there exits cents a Herman. Dropped out of the race last week in and he's got a big lead and again hey hey at least one of these people you know you gotta wonder issue -- job is she looking for the vice presidential -- She probably more likely to get the vice presidential mob then. Then Michelle Bachmann I think Michelle apartments and went for cabinet post. Anyway 1877469432218774694322. Did you watch the debate last night did you was did that you. Think that there was one person who stood out particularly among all over the others. Big you know again every every -- admit that okay but that didn't Mitt did I mean he did okay he didn't have -- school -- or anything like that but. Topic there were really a lot of there was no there -- no memorable moments for him. And you know the thing is everybody's trying to use the everybody's using the the Rick Perry Tebow one liner you know and that's what you got -- -- I guess that's what you gotta do you got to come up with the -- the one liner that there everybody's got to remember that's that's what you want and you know among them on the morning drivers who radio shows and and throughout the course of the -- today after the debate but. I don't know let's let's say I don't think anything really changed much last night no no one had a no one had a terrible melt down. 18774694322. You don't like Rick Santorum but isn't it about time he just went home. And Jon Huntsman to Jon Huntsman is just. I don't know I use an icy -- According to a poll yesterday in New Hampshire he's up to a -- 13% in New Hampshire because that's where he's been campaigning. He's -- he's written off Iowa boy when he when he gets nothing in Iowa. He he he will lump is standing will probably seek a little bit and in in New Hampshire and and then I think I think he's Alban. Mitt Mitt has if Mitt wins Iowa he wins New Hampshire and that's that it's over 18774694322. Charlie you're next with our cargo -- Charlie. -- -- I'm I'd gotten original lineup tonight it was so when he said what President Obama thinks America in decline but. -- -- -- issued could very well believe that on the -- won't be some sort of aspect it was very but he was very good last night at. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know don't you think he came across as being very moderate I mean he didn't throw he didn't throw anybody in the -- the that he won't roll the Tea Party people people. People like us the the red meat the we're looking for Charlie I mean. A little red meat and when he said that it took a small Obama Europe. -- -- -- -- And rolled all it is you know don't don't. Don't don't hurt ourselves on won't go after the party you know that so. Why don't I think -- bit Mitt realize that that if you know if if somebody else is gonna do the shooting for you. You don't you don't you don't even need to while load your gotten to yet. I mean and Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul were born after not so happy I mean why why should be bother to why -- why should be barred but it too while opened fire. That's -- leadership Ali. -- as good consultants like a -- they surely. 1877469432218774694322. A by the way there're -- if -- listening today there are not seven members of the governor's council in Massachusetts there are. Eight. Members. -- the feeling that wasn't that in two in the government and I and you know it and it and I knew you know when he when he said. When he was gonna explain that he pointed mostly prosecutors everybody knew. At the state house when he started -- not of the prosecutors this is when he was preparing for the last night when he could say I appointed prosecutors. And this stuff about you know the you know he he had 2.0 these Democrats because of the governor's council was all democratic well well now that wasn't the time he was governor but it's I think there's. There's two Republicans on on the governor's council now like that last year for the first time for awhile. And I don't think there's any there's there's no. There's -- Box you have to check on the governor's council questionnaire. Whether you're a Democrat Republican. And in fact a lot of these people give money to Democrats and Republicans because -- the other wanna be judged so bad they just they just but I have to hedge their bets. On who's gonna win the when the election. -- and I if you know what everybody admits an up as a as a judicial nominee. Made it every single one he course he withdrew if you like the woman who was drinking chocolate Martinis. In the bathtub her kid was around and who threatened to. -- allegedly threatened to shoot her husband who was a state trooper. He withdrew that nomination but. She went to work from Marcia and the -- Re submitted her name the governor's council and now she's on the bench. Josh you're next with Howie -- -- had Josh. That -- the only way that the Republicans can beat Obama. Is if doctor Frankenstein cobbled together the city's Republican winners into one half decent nominate. Howard do you think that Chris Christie and Marco Rubio are both stupid. There were. They're both in their first terms Josh. Both crispy and rubio note that the Republicans are not getting back in the White House only forty years. After the Republicans killed 4000 American soldiers and started to unfunded wars. Were real Josh. Josh I mean you're going against what your heroes in DC said I mean Leon Panetta the secretary of defense said it was really a marvelous conflict. And the other day at the Fort Bragg in North Carolina. You're your hero your idol. But one claimed victory Josh. The mothers and the fathers of 30000 American soldiers that were brought home wounded injured crippled remained. Are acting the Republicans. Where are the weapons of mass destruction. So they ask or what are they asking Barack Obama that to focus he continued George Bush's game plan for the last three years kidney. The Republicans ran away from their responsibility. -- -- did he ran a lot Obama elected ten year old the policies of George Bush or not. Every judge did he continue the policies. Is the is is the troop withdrawal going all right along the but timeline of the George Bush Administration is getting most open as George but George Bush Administration wanted to debate. We still in Afghanistan. Has toward job bush wanted at the -- Did you want Obama to run away. That I want Obama -- -- -- -- -- anyone's gonna run away driver for our Josh bit. Harry -- your senator said the war was lost. In 2008. He said the war was lost. I we just heard from from black Obama and his Defense Secretary. This week that the war was one who's who's right Harry Reid -- Barack Obama and Leon Panetta. The Republicans. He doesn't add to my questions -- that it's Christmas Josh -- what you get away with that you're not answering my questions but I had enough. One mates -- I I've exhausted my Christmas spirit today. 18774694322. By the way speaking of Christmas spirit. You wanna order or a really really great gift to send somebody to get -- for somebody. You could order one of my blocks hit man or the Brothers Bulger hit man is in the hardcover. Brothers Bulger is in paperback -- mortgage you can order a -- special addition hardcover -- And that you can order from Wellesley blocks Wellesley books dot com where the call -- books and they'll be happy -- was. Happy to put one aside for -- I go down there every other day or so -- -- autograph books all inscribed it however you wanted to inscribed a couple of inscriptions I did today I didn't even understand bye -- give him anyway. And so like -- if you wanna -- you wanna mice yep for a how we carping and and your family or friends this is the thing to do. A Brothers Bulger or hit me. And and again I'll be signing. You get there we will be will be taken orders until -- for mailing until Monday night but that were sort were running out of time here Monday night is the deadline for a getting the mail orders and you can still if you come down to Wellesley book you can still order obviously. Before after a Monday night. CAD CAD you were aware -- you this afternoon. -- I went to see doctor Margolis an -- cosmetic surgery and I found it occurred to me. You know that we should mention of people that in might be really interesting Christmas gift. People are people are gonna do something like hair removal or the satellite and mobile those are things that aren't really invasive. But they -- Every woman thinks -- I can do this but I don't wanna spend the money from south it's a gift certificate. If you call unknowingly cosmetic surgery which is 9783696762. -- go online at noon cosmetic surgery dot com and possibly look at -- getting gift certificate for a woman who is not gonna spend the money. Or -- or may not been -- sealed -- nationally. -- CO2 laser treatment a still lot. I had I really think that that's CO2 laser treatment took about -- five to ten years off my my appearance. I got it meant I get a lot of compliments my scan and it's because of that and that's a little bit more invasive the other two things but there. He's got a home menu of things you can pick from that might make some and he really happy. Do it now before spring comes now be perfect time -- scheduled for the winter when they're not going to be wearing you know. Bathing suits her. Look like you've been in flight but that's so bad as it. I mean. For a week that's -- just just looked like. In a fight. Actually -- -- latest on our about a week and that's set for that but there's a lot of -- giving up their hair removal what to say like treatment you have nobody knows it's being done no side effects. Whatsoever. Okay let's talk to Steve Margolis and New England cosmetic surgery 18774694322. A -- car. Craig James gonna run for the senate. What does he run for before. What do you think what is your thinking is a cavity. I know it was a great running back for the SMU. Mustang -- By. Where's it would political experience -- via -- BP isn't the attorney general and in cruise where you're generally good candidate he's probably got a that got a good name right for Texas. The increasing Hispanic population cruise I think his idea is Cuban rather than Mexican but plays very very conservative. Right now I think I'd have to vote for Cruz instead of James. 18774694322187. -- Didn't did I assume you get the death penalty to enough football after a Jameson. A couple other guys were big stars left. -- -- 18774694322. We're talking about the debate. Last night you know you know -- Michelle Bachmann at near and at the very end of the debate really carved up by new again on the on the partial birth abortions. She said that he campaigned for a for people who was for Republicans who -- for partial birth abortions. And and of course -- he -- again accused girls. Getting your facts. All mixed up but that she asked him a follow up question -- he admitted he said were like set I wasn't gonna heard stuff. The Republicans who were full or partial birth abortion so she she pointed out believe your if you -- purged them that and you did campaign for all of the incumbents then you -- you worked campaigning for people who -- for partial birth abortion. And that's. That's a big that's a big issue I mean yet you know will be a United States senate I believe one time voted 98 and opting to 1 PM partial birth abortions. Barack Obama peace -- or partial I call I call -- fourth trimester abortions. You know you did it's basically the defeat the fetuses. Is is viable and -- you -- that's its curriculum human -- I mean 88 a human being that would survive. If it was removed from the -- It's it is it is a barbaric practice and and a new new cut the worst of that exchange as well. And that city in Iowa the you have a huge evangelical population that's in the Republicans on the Republican side union heavily at the smaller population of very conservative Roman Catholics as well so one that's it's a huge block of votes and Michelle Bachmann took. But by knew what that that exchange. Rob you're next with -- if it was watching at that point it was almost 11 o'clock at that at that time 10 o'clock in Iowa. Go ahead rob. Happy. And eight dollars. And and a merry Kwanzaa to you were. I appreciate it probably you don't want on the mortician. Correct mr. all the -- not new debate. Government lobbyist it's a pretty boy and get to just stick on you know that add up now. -- While mission like his -- in the cabinet member forum how many -- But it -- that my friend unfortunately -- appetite. No I don't like -- don't. Like like have been saying all along though you know in 1980 Ronald Reagan was Ronald Reagan either rob you understand that right. I do black there's never going to be another break out in UT had in the foreseeable future on -- GOP side is an America that Ronald Reagan's side. FDA coming through that are out and neither is likely be out. Yeah but. Again we didn't expect we didn't expect Reagan to become again you know I -- you gotta you gotta hope for the best. I am not the critic that I don't want four more years now react -- my paycheck can't take. Know the economy can't take it the whole country can't take it. Absolutely. So unfortunately act -- -- no clearcut winner last night and I don't. I don't -- union vote around the being now unfortunately nude in the big government Democrat. He's -- part of you that is. -- his ratings today at the lowest they've ever been his favorability ratings only 43% of the people in the country would vote to reelect them. Obama here is more unpopular than it has ever bad. If you don't USA today did a study on a survey on all these states and you know how many states the Republicans -- army states the Democrats had. And an added up by the I was like 0196. The electoral votes for the dams and won 91 for the Republicans. And then if -- including his swing states Virginia North Carolina. I mean I like I was adding them up in my head and I said you know upon a betting man if the if these numbers are true they have they have Missouri is a swing state. There is no way Obama's gonna carry Missouri rob. -- let me get rebuttal here and it's telling numbers very -- is generic. GOP candidate. All or Obama attending candidate yeah. Used to Obama that's scary I don't wanna you -- -- -- I'm not big opera not at all not quite get imagination. But I liked it GOP put somebody up there are strong and or put them -- presidential nomination up there. Equally strong. -- can beat them. I don't think vice president Al nominations mean anything look at -- look at the one with Joseph Biden one of the lightest -- in the US senate over the last 35 years. Thanks for the call rob. 18774694322. Although I think the key here we would be my ex vice presidential. Rich your -- with how we cargo -- rich. Yeah how we don't -- Very -- rather ordinary Christmas. Thank you. -- until the last great true Ron Paul you are now you're answer about -- is now. Two or. Or not yeah. I mean. What that what was crazy about it rich is he said well you know you know Barack Obama is right on this issue he's backing away. I couldn't believe it was -- -- that I what is his what is his Kuwait drinkers think about that. Aren't they aren't started. A little war. -- Said he was not. They -- they came back and you know in spades. We're proud of them and Bob Iger. He now Mitchell. -- Real hard answer. -- That it. I don't the other thing too rich did you notice how excited he was getting when he was talking about how bad would been to -- ram. That was it was more animated at that point that he was when he was talking about the about how bad the US economy was I mean it was just -- like you know. Identically. Saying he was gonna cut a trillion dollars out of the budget but boy when he can when he talked about I ran getting screwed by the US he was he was animate it. I did -- not only -- your web site and you know anybody. Our border. They go right after that you know what search engine. Yet I would be a good trivia question who was the one candidate on the stay true said the Barack Obama was doing something right that would be Ron Paul. That's yeah thanks for the thanks for the call at 18774694322. On how we --