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Chump Line 5-17-07

May 18, 2007|

This is the Howie Carr Chump Line- the part of the show where YOU get to take over the microphone. The Chump Line is played at the 5 o'clock hour each day. You can take a shot at the Chump Line by calling 617 779 3469 and we may or may not put you on air

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The only thing that's been here Ted Kennedy however the American. People that they can. Hello and. -- -- said yesterday so what phobias I didn't see it he said he was going about the Iraq war is and it's time for America to put a brake on this war. Hey it was five -- -- for you to put a brake on the Belmont. On the dike bridge back in 767 Iraq -- we've done this administration's Vietnam. Guess it's like back in the 8 with food Whitewater do -- without it. Bears say it was a mighty -- leave and located on -- I was yeah well you realize -- So -- -- hit -- state in 20081000 Indian oh good. So then I can sleep and so. Scene due to those movies this really goes and welfare and him. Reason. And don't forget Marc rich that is that possible don't forget all those pardons. Hey how's it or it was -- thwarted -- apparently indicating Americans but it and but spoke two problem Japan now when things in Europe. My landscaper is an American citizen. He lives in Walpole a C a but the post office someday it's illegal. He's this guy's only globally this guy is a legal citizen I know his dad two point closing -- noble. I know the whole family you know it -- all workers. I can't be responsible for everything I against -- I have inquired of him whether -- not the they have. Legal status to be here in the United States of America and he has assured me that they do. Inquired after -- short and -- next and it's very well again -- I'm not running for president who like me and you tell me that Ted Kennedy is as his grass cut by US citizens. I rather doubt. Illegal undocumented workers. They remember when bush that I don't read it three maybe it's three. I think what can really meant was I don't read history I repeated. I'm not. Yeah at this point I do think -- let's read it read my lips no new taxes. I'm -- we got we got another -- in my place. I of course north. Didn't give me do man I would love to see I would love to see those polls in New Hampshire the next time they take them John McCain he's already he's already falling like a rock. I'm proud to -- seeking sinking like a stone according to the zogby poll myth is now play it closed at ten points over Giuliani and McCain. McCain was in first place last last time it took them -- -- people now he's in third now we tied for second they've passed. Now I -- about the weather forecast it -- like your parents about these. On that it is going to be about great. -- go to some of these web site it -- rain or shine. I'll be there. And if Dave is Dave is there from Ken's place I'll be softened by after the car wash unless you want to bring some over to the car wash day. I am the front I AM the fried clam and the colonel I have a motto will work for fried clams. Now wants to be the definite and -- -- on the -- and that's not to go and out so well that didn't speak for itself. Which with time to get into that today. -- -- See there's a golf course of the big city apparently driving. During their coffee break you know they like drive if you go for it to avert. Don't kill the job but don't kill the driving range. That was your last -- line message. Thank you for calling have a -- you shout