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Dec 7, 2011|

Pat praises and zings restaurants throughout New England.

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WR Julio Boston. -- on the ABC news. Joan Bennett. Haven't heard McCain has formally bowed out of the GOP presidential race his rivals are vying for his supporters Ron Paul thinks he has mass appeal you have to have a candidate that's the repeal. Across the political spectrum. And I think with my views are quite different then the hard edge music so many on the Republican side frequently are showing. Ron Paul on CNN's state of the union almost before the Iowa Caucuses and Newt Gingrich is showing strength from the latest poll of likely GOP voters there. Followed by Ron Paul and Mitt Romney as for -- -- -- -- his campaign says ABC's David -- Won't be surprised if you see came try to inject himself into the continuing debate about politics in this country and there are a lot of avenues to do that we've seen other candidates do that. On cable talk shows some of them even have their own cable talk shows McCain's hope is to be relevant. As this race continues even though he's no longer a candidate. The annual Oklahoma State Oklahoma football game an intense rivalry called the bedlam game. Let's what happened last night in Stillwater as thousands of fans storm the field after the cowboys won at least thirteen people were injured two critically. China editors at the Stillwater Oklahoma med center. Most of the injuries were caused by eight grandstands can't ignore all after the victory over OEU. I'm launching the shield and so the -- -- the -- Likely caused them injuries at -- saw. Dry Santa Ana winds expected increase the wildfire danger in Southern California over the next two days the areas still trying to recover from last week's violent winds. That knocked out power to tens of thousands Alexander what is -- trying to make do with without tech toys just for me. Darkened pretty bored sometimes more and because. But I -- really -- and he uses or just playing around you're listening to ABC news. Growing up I was always mechanically minded doctor -- policy from Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates when I got to medical school -- -- -- rotation orthopedics -- sound that was a very mechanically oriented field as well it's just click that I could fix things and it was fun doing it and patients got better as well Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates the experts in orthopedic care I'm one of the senior members here having been in practice now. 26 years -- Wellesley orthopedic associates -- new ground -- -- PH we feel we have assembled a team of the finest orthopedic specialists in new England and whether it's knee back and hip or shoulder we can take care of your problem called Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates 6179640024. Board NW -- dot com I'm proud of the team of orthopedic -- so we've put together NW always expert care made easy. Good morning I'm -- -- WRKO news please say a twenty year old Framingham state university woman has been killed and an early morning single car crash. Police say Ashley Donahue of Bridgewater was one of five women in the car. And died after she was rejected from the backseat following the accident in Framingham shortly before 2:30 AM. Police and him are searching for the man that they say robbed a bank at gunpoint yesterday afternoon. Authorities set a man in his sixties and to the -- -- institute for savings on. Wedding street around 12:30 PMI showed a black -- handgun in his waist band it's unclear how much money if any the man at. Had -- fled the scene. Police say the suspect was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt blue jeans sneakers and a black wool hats. And despite improvements in the economy Massachusetts residents hold deeply pessimistic views about the future including a stark lack of confidence and real estate. And stock markets to traditional paths to financial security according to a news Suffolk University Boston Globe poll. The survey found a population that says it's saving glass giving less to charity and planning to work longer generally for one reason lack of money. And checking the WRKO's. Skyway patrol. We've got to traffic northbound are on the North Shore actually. Pretty easy. See this morning what's funny -- -- -- reports approaching downward to Lexington have a Christmas tree in the roadway there but otherwise 39395. Already provide to us from. New Hampshire does tell looks pretty good as well the Tobin. A straight shot Intel lowered -- looks good over -- -- -- dumb folks fired up for the patriots later on so ahead doctors about early morning. Tailgating at Foxboro route one north getting a little busy but 95 looks good -- at Foxboro stretching 2495. No problems there. The expressway it looks good from the splits in the tunnel and back head out on the pike you're wide open there from the Ulster Brighton tolls. -- -- In sports baseball pro Bobby Valentine joins the Red Sox is head coach elastic it seemed to the World Series back in 2000. He was then coach of the New York mats and of course the patriots take on the call this afternoon 1 PM Gillette Stadium. The RKO forecast calls for partly cloudy skies today highs in the low fifties overnight tonight partly cloudy lows in the mid forties tomorrow cloudy but. Hi this close to sixty partly cloudy now 39 in Boston. I'm Nicole stone's WRKO news. Talk radio -- You know why most people don't pre plan -- funeral well one reason is nobody wants to think about the around death but the truth is if you don't make your wishes known. That bird will be placed on your loved ones at a terrible emotional time -- death as a reality but planting a cremation. Doesn't have to be a long drawn out process. 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And that's the truth best fifth Boston based oxygen and AM six. Don't Ontario. This is just how may you rest it's. Just like to thank you know we find -- very consistent from pizza it's. It's. Just love this man it's. So yeah. This is how quickly -- it's. Been Rolling Stones. Adam how are hey welcome to the family restaurant program it's not -- can't know we've got a lot -- -- say hello. To everybody this is not as -- tonight. -- -- I've got my husband was you know -- it's. Just didn't. Joining. You know it was a and that -- Napster and they brought out -- good right yeah reinventing. Why it's. When he was running. Yeah I'm gonna happen but. It's great to be continue to ten we're doing -- if they don't know English isn't -- just go back to last night wars. -- Okay. And I love them and that's that always it's. Okay. And then you know -- -- comes up and everybody. -- Now I guess it's -- coming -- he had -- about one. Coming up on the -- and demands that. I'm gonna go into a good lesson of the paintings didn't. And then I'm gonna ultimately it's the Hilltop -- -- to join forces will be in contact. And that I think Theodore took about 430 this afternoon. And tonight that's a lot of -- There are a lot of other shows that you will be doing and they can briefly but I'm glad that you wanted to do some things that you -- eleventh that the channel -- in the North -- that that's very small movement but it's a very intimate. Venue and it's my favorite place. Is he doing commencement. Because I mean literally just this. Come and -- an infinite. Time. This down here you know exactly what that Wednesday's that is. I'd today at twelve known I'm not to vote on fourth thirty for joint. DeVon commons December 10 6 PM Saturday channel blossomed. Route 125 in North Andover. -- December 11 the Sunday OK this next Sunday. I hope that this did not know is an expanded surveillance yeah. -- duke duke duke duke duke pulled trickles dates for you. Plant and -- frontman -- while reap from this car because this is the right -- but the thing that I wanna tell everybody about right now if you don't mind. Is Kevin Cohen. Is going to be doing a special show for us. -- active role is and what. Sunday in order to get there. I hope to see you there it's -- dinner. And it's a show that Kevin Cohen is one of the most. They're allowed to walk up to be and they say -- believe and as that well you know but. While. When you see in here for yourself some of the things that come on in these readings. You always that how does he -- It's an amazing and amazing things -- he's one of the brightest in the youngest spirit to list and not all of the United States. And if you get an opportunity I certainly hope. That today you come and join -- good -- special price only forty dollars that's if for the dinner and the show. That's next Sunday doors open at twelve and aromas. In Watertown -- that you want ticket information. You can call me right now. And 8667451167. That's eight. 667451167. I'm Ellis Milan to smother -- by the way yet. Jerry valley is gonna be with a salute to -- drama Fred they relate to desk is here we're gonna talk about. Italy and at Christmas time and so the special recipes that he's gonna go inform his home. Also I wanna say hello sue Chang I got a message from sue Chang last night. Enjoys that concert from a lady was nice enough to say Suzanne hello where have you been. If you have not been too soon change restaurant at 373. Lowell street and Peabody. You truly don't know what commission this is a wonderful Chinese restaurant. They of the white it -- outside it's a white colonial experience a beautiful building. I am a very historic site to my -- inside. So -- menu features include a specialty items like soups and appetizers noodle dish is even lighter side dishes but as vegetables and -- food issues. And then there's the orange flavored pork -- for only 950 for the double delight know what is a double delight. Dutch you'd never never ask. Two yen and Yang arrangement of tender chicken -- -- in a white wine sauce and baby shrimp sauteed in the special says wants us now argue got to know. All you need to know is where is sue -- is located 373. Lowell street Peabody. The assorted Agnelli can't see given serve dad -- across North -- shopping center. -- -- Sue Chang 373 Lowell street and Peabody as easy as -- I tell her independently said his new. I got a yen emailed today. And I'm not gonna I'm not -- -- I don't have a clue. Guy wants to know where where the best bagels. Look I it. I'm not a very sophisticated bagel person. When I awards in New York or what does Carney Curry's daily but I never had their bagels. All the years I've been here I. I can't say that I shot to lot of places to try to variety of bagels that may be the may be all over New England. I did Dunkin' Donuts is all I know. So it is if you think his peers have. Good to be gentle on me now okay. Because I've just not a bagel expert panel Michael Abbott who do do do -- I do vote in the same thing Duncan donuts and I've always said the that the best bagel I've had. I was in Montreal and it was at this. This bakery on Saint Catherine street and you get refresh rate in the morning you see you can actually see the bagels going through -- going through the oven and you -- up front to pick 1 up with your morning coffee and it's probably the best thing and as far as bagels go I've ever had. Split up but other I'm yeah I'm just don't condone its packet addressed through type person usually -- so yeah it I don't mind to -- I do a little bit dated. Not a pizza -- to -- is -- crazy but I think it's a difference with -- these as -- -- -- -- just because it's. And consistent you're not nominal. Hello -- bush era especially first thing in the morning look I -- -- and once that part is that person in the morning here because you burned your burned out that mantle or spent on any any refresher. A giant -- of -- -- deadly thoughts. It did did did you that there are certain places in New England that just that offer better bagels for whatever reason they say the reason that. That bagels are better in New York is the water. Your granddaughter in New York I'm sure -- have the -- I'm Sharon knows anything -- is like water there. With authorities -- -- think that values its in now a packet anyway I if you wanna put it to sits in. Give us car that one triple 84346464. Is there one place that offers a better bagel. -- Maybe so maybe that. I don't know -- cause got to take your name and address south the at a -- give that I get a -- there used to be the cauldron the hour and and a you're automatically entered and our grand prize drawing for December. A cruise for two. You have a nice Christmas present time. Even though we give it away at Christmas. -- -- purely on that the Sunday before the New Year's Eve show. 821. Triple 84346464. Are there places. In New England that offer better bagels -- other places I'd like to know. We did -- did if you're an expert. That means indeed go out to more than one place. You be abuzz one triple 84346464. Coming out because you wait later we're not going to be able to. To give the answers and that -- don't know at this site I said to myself. Is there any real difference. Now when anybody even even call and you know I don't know. -- but anyway it's a deal one triple 84346464. We also have a ton of emails you ready for a ton of emails. That are offering all kinds of reviews from restaurants might pose a ribs and Barbeque and Acton. Smoke shack and best price they have vesco was -- -- Maine now a New Hampshire and I don't know VoS CAW Ian this gallon -- -- idea I'd JP -- grad dress Stratton pub. It's amazing for the brickyard in Woburn. The great American tavern in north rating -- -- in Woburn. Great American tavern in north draining cafe L espresso into Greensboro -- -- restaurants. It's in the flew one. Owens and college and draped it in the country's spirit Hendrick -- New Hampshire got a lot of those are right. So -- let's I give us a buzz in China and on your dining experiences during the week do so right now the number to call is one triple eight. 43464. A 64 okay -- and battle -- the easy way remembered as one triple eight. For dining. Night one AAA for dining before I go to the phones -- tell you did police use of Boston's North -- is located 423 mainstream stone them. Mr. -- -- north anymore same concept same recipes -- Jeff Fisher runs this place now spreading to fish. Going there today they have -- police's special creation and by the way if you go in there today. If you go in today I would do remember one thing don't go there before you call. Because they are often booked out especially. On Sunday's. I met guys at -- the phones are gonna record going crazy but I don't know where to go to loser you reason that I'm Lebanese towns up. One triple 84346464. Sheila is in a car -- Sheila. Hey -- -- -- and very good. I have a great -- clay and they have to relocate and comic -- bagel are you. And one of the canal street and -- and the other is I seventh street and keep it -- yeah and the difference between daylight back and Garnett as -- When they -- in -- the bagels they've got creamed here aren't you they don't get any kind of nicknamed it like really had -- -- -- We have begala does it quite right forearm that they bailed out the -- They are they have like -- -- chocolate chip and they also do it. They wonder and they don't tell by minute and their -- the last that the best -- -- -- bill that I go to Abu -- to get back. I will go all the way to Salem from with a win. The Salem is like it's easy to get to Boston and it is the assailant. An outlet fourteen and then out and out there that agree they've asked. That it -- that the. -- but I always make sure that Dunkin' Donuts and go in there -- I asked them to spread it. -- -- can you can do that but it just I don't know just. -- because they get right out of the evidence that our other poster that excellent. All right listen I appreciates -- Worrell in Salem antibody one is. They receive even be restaurants Sylvan street right. I think nasty than say Arab they are you and you 3 hour period I am an ice cream dialogue on how to go right exit available big port complex -- Right after. All right Sheila thank you. Joseph is gonna from Concord mass also in a car hello Joseph. They've got I had 290. Back disorder you're -- interceptions while the best very aware of that new places call that boots big old. -- -- -- -- Absolute best -- Then in Charleston where they chose to do you know. I don't have the exact street address but if you're standing in front of police station. We got -- but I'm a -- holes I treat both. I did you have a lot of experience standing in front of a police station -- I don't know how it got that. Could well drive around in circles you're at work place right now he's come kansans bagels. Correct but Buehrle very well and -- -- very straight dollars. So you've got soft cloth before you go. By the -- strange -- for bagel place using a bagel place to be like 5 o'clock in the morning until about noon. Yeah they do like they do like 3 o'clock in the morning like acrobat open up to get a the -- do for a little while. I'd call can't since one of these days and these -- got to give me some secrets of some are better than others. Joseph thank you very much Kathy I'm gonna be with you in just 12 again next week don't feel we're gonna be a Rona. I'll be there that's in wanted to know Kevin Cohen the medium psychic and if you laugh I didn't say I don't believe this stuff. Bring a picture of a deceased loved ones and see what happens. -- that's next Sunday we'll open up at twelve noon there's a dinner and then there's -- show afterwards I will be there as soon as possible okay for ticket information. 8667451167. And this. Have weekly restaurant show America's first and longest running restaurants -- And this is gone with the EUR of course listening to the panel with the US -- program every sunny morning from ten no one. Right here and AM six AW RK on Boston don't forget eagle watches in life here. During the restaurant program simply by going to our website and he dying net dot com that's letter and the letter -- the word -- dot com. And just select -- in the top box that says. -- video cam and she has them choosing -- if you watch us live here at the restaurant program. Gerald eateries looking at twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy I spoke to Jerry mark to issue the owner just the other day. This place -- and the atmosphere and the prices. Generous and I do mean generous proportions. It just wanna tell everybody the holidays are here. And if you're looking for summer they get helping out. And prepare platters that you could bring home or take an office party. You may wanna call -- eatery in Quincy to help you out because his prices are phenomenal to. And he has bakery items to. Or it's a great spot just pick up some -- -- delegates to narrows -- twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy asked for -- here's the phone number. 61777315100. Got that 61777315100. Farmer Brown's us to unify Robin Kathy Brown the located on route 62. And 210 maple street in Middleton Massachusetts. I can tell you if you wanna go -- bring home some soups they got some great since this is -- specialty supermarkets. And I mean a specialty supermarket im not gonna find everything there. But the things in the items that you find there. Are done too high a standards. Prince they have great chicken pot pies to Hulu with vegetables. -- that just popping amounts -- -- -- this -- they have a California style. Salad bar that is loaded with only high quality items. And it's produced right there and it's maintained throughout the day there's -- They're homemade. They make your own -- there's eleven different daily soups. To choose from including their corn chowder that I absolutely. Love their corn chowder. And -- have those who have zero clam chowder they -- chicken noodle soup in Chile. Farmer Brown's. And by the way damage in the make their own bread maker -- breads the three times a day and they have. Sandwich -- that you get portraits imagery which is I think the top of the line. They were great selection to -- bringing home and bring it make you selves. Wonderful -- which is -- brown say hi to -- Rob Brown route 62 in Middletown. A sports Kansas John McDonald for south keys that I've been heading up this whole globe -- promotion and we have a -- and our fans have spoken and the -- piece of the month of December is a slam -- they -- join -- is the Harlem Globetrotters kick off their magical new -- at -- -- -- at UMass -- on this 126 and don't forget to pick up your very -- -- trying to slam -- big -- -- it's only here for a limited time -- get one today for a location near you -- cells that -- dot com -- speeds -- and Al -- slice. Three. Decades and going strong so -- -- -- restaurants show Sunday mornings from 10 July. You got I got my phone number right. One Tripoli for 34. 6464. Tripoli and Ford dining is easy way to remembered. I don't it would hit until I have no idea. This -- guys disappear in this an email is is can you tell me as a doing the best bagel places are and I haven't a clue because of legalism legalism bagel to me. But evidently some of you believe that you found some of that. The best -- who plays his viewing them bagel world. In Salem on canal street canal street. And have been or -- also in Peabody on Sylvan street and we just turned about captains bagel which is very repressive police station and Chelsea. The your thoughts and comments by the way I am gonna give away fifty dollar gift certificate -- that. In the next we'll give it away at 1130. -- can text mean it's all you want to. I just text me at this X 8680 -- we were you favored bagel place is in between the calls. And the -- texting. I fifty delegates to do -- too. He you know hinders market in -- 1 of the finest gourmet shops in all of viewing them by far. All right so text is 68680. I let's go so I Kathy is coming from with Phil and hello Kathy. -- how we know I'm one -- back great. My have a great -- replace -- and not -- go up on who won fourteen. Panera Bread. Meanwhile -- crash anytime of day great variety and I think you've got back why should try it. No I've been -- many times. Thank you know that they go but I never try to bagels. They got the you can meg gonna do a little roof fattening stuff still have to put a threat ever write everything that -- have to take -- then. Really really good. And our studios are located right across from the training facilities that and -- an air hole where USE -- in the end and watch him train and in the -- smell can be quite horrific. -- I hope I guess globe they're wrapped in China daily -- you do -- the patriot and it's really been very goes I really got them. Are right -- you for the call Cathy let's go to mark who is calling from a car. Market. There are good thank you. They. I like -- rod they're actually up third period of our location. And I would 28 not erratic. The public domain have been aware of that. Okay and ready you'll now we're hole wherever it. I think asset one and on and so history and you realize that never been in this though. Yeah we have yet be under a little bit locations up because -- driving out by the opry hit really good obviously you know -- about it is closer to our. You'd just say yeah you probably saved her about it at least if you go down there every day you probably save about five hours of the week. Pro isn't that the I thank you very much more. Francine a Peabody hello how are yet. Good morning -- long time listener first time caller thank you bagel. Kate isn't healthy KH TV not Katherine K okay it's okay and they have very very tasty and again odd hours. I also wanna do agree with bagel world in Peabody very very good. He -- -- be another bagel shop opening. On who 1000 peavy was formally the -- card to trim the distributor and that the only man saying I think you'd say the world -- -- chef coming but I don't have many because -- -- my. That this. I don't know what is good reopened Sunday but it's -- headed toward Boston that's -- don't have one yeah -- -- contract so hopefully that's an open phone but I am not enough bagel shops. And they -- annual -- used to be great but they closed down and they do have these. An -- in some of the grossing just that they're not quite as good as. The original that eleven that is trash can right now. All right but that's interest in what is made aware -- what I do I thought it was. And in every case they are we'll find out about a bank yup thank you as calm and actually -- an -- -- one more call okay G is calling from a car crazy. My iPad how Leo wonderful thank you. I would actually calling to correct the job selling on captured bagels in Chelsea you can't I looked up their address on the Internet and it says 139. -- Streak. Okay went through in part. And it's actually it's set -- between congress and us central lab that she. She did it really don't call my walls are down 67 and I like challenges because those Eagles. When I was a kid but they've been around a long time. And the only other thing is I'm not Jewish but my cousin married a Jewish lawyer from New Jersey -- every time he came to New Jersey had to go to -- I he says they had the best -- so I trust. This gotta be good things you'll be met with my friends and even they didn't escape from the coliseum in Salem New Hampshire after this. Online travel. This is the -- Whitney restaurant show and he -- dot com. Oh are you we are our radio station radio. Also who's tall streak shouldn't say there's a VW ordinary. Closing fast just -- from HR off and we have a three way fight for third between sales IT. Craig Craig -- Craig and number 44 is talking behind him it's. They're closing and it's neck and neck. We have not seen any one race let's fast group -- tomorrow there. -- it's okay your turn. All. F one Boston has been meeting in team building place reviewing your business which European style racing -- conference in the bedrooms an incredible food. UN everything you need to make your next event fun and successful. Get your business on the fast track now call us at 7812282010. Or log on to F one boston.com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi there it's how we -- looking for great. Holiday gift I dinners or just want to treat yourself. Get my -- perfect deals for you were the ones on your list for the golfer check -- king of swing and -- get all the golf -- you need it you couldn't even work on your screen in the offseason to stay on top of your game if your -- is lacking in the style department check out Jack Franklin -- -- -- -- dot com Jack Franklin offers brand -- quality silk ties and a variety of colors and eye catching designs. Shopping first year old border check out -- stopping key in the west when -- helpful staff will get you prepared to hit the slopes this winner did your taste -- gift when you went to the savory dishes -- sold fire barbecue and all but the combination of smoked meats sauces and lively atmosphere equals Boston's best barbecue you'll definitely be going back for more. Bring the family out for a party dinner and get really -- with -- nine locations Piccadilly pub is replaced even meet this holiday season visit -- get my perks dot com to buy these deals and find out more about the perks. Days craze giveaway. Yeah. The sharing of reports that you're tied to the benefits of home ownership until the American dream -- I used against winning a kid he's my teachers. Independent studies show that homeownership not only benefits families and it also creates jobs and helps build -- communities to find out how homeownership can benefit you talk to an agent who's a real tour and visit house logic dot com slash buy and sell for more information every markets different -- real -- today and we'll tours are members of the national association of real source. Why it's. We are Boston's talks -- AM six AB WRK zero. Some -- on how -- Fine I'm glad you asked fantastically this is every restaurant show. Let me ask stayed and tried to. Jana thought wealth you courtroom via interact is by Dan. Introductions and. Beginning if you're 45 plus. You know. And before I get that back to the bagel saying unity shoot to enable it. I have had over the years I remember there's -- -- an award -- so -- on the -- they have -- -- club of Boston not long ago when everyone of the -- said that to me. You know what you should do is have a dating show for chefs. And -- in one place is because we get every means anybody were on Friday and Saturday and gore can always work. Why can't do exactly is that -- what we're doing. In our lake it was a introductions by Diana. And I also might add that as we do the cruises. A -- lot of requests for singles to come on board anyone know if there's going to be other singles answers yes there always has -- -- never been really organized. So I decided to do that before those of you that would be interest it. And I know they have a big New Year's Eve party schedule. As the Hilltop steak house. And they just did they receive girl 23 had a capital girl. An opportunity -- you go in and that in and meet other singles. And we'll tell you -- a great deal more about that as we continue our program and adventure adventure was then. Now we're a few moments -- we're talking about them. Well -- -- -- about bagels somebody's in words that should Manny knows that wears a -- bagels eyes and I mailed to mailed to mailed to me. I don't know. I'll care but evidently a lot of people do -- -- -- -- discovered and you know I have seen bagel world in the past. But I never really thought of them as having more than one or so but boy you. People are calling in listing off a whole bunch of them. One actually had bad pass by that -- but he just over 114 is still this Sylvan street. And they have on canal street in Salem we understand now route 28 in -- raining. And as soon to be all over the place and one opening up -- on one. Let's go to Lonny and Randolph and see what he's got a lot of your NW RKO. Hi pat. There it though but they attacked he is one -- dishonesty used to. Ask I've got the death. Best they go that I ever tasted. And -- -- needing available for a long time through yeah. And get an on ramp. From good trying to it would have very Hilltop. -- house and playing left. Now they have not known for if they -- -- still open. They're opening -- that's not all absolutely they have one until I guess the issue very no onions and they have one in mind is then in the market them. It's come -- my guess not a restaurant it's what they used to be a restaurant and -- and then they moved. -- historical claim that he needs and I would go to Syria. Not only for the -- that I would always pick up my bagel -- and helping -- you've got to help me out you know little I think I have bloody influence. What they held top name. You'd make an American mightily. He's getting all choked up -- I need to have anybody get Kyra -- you know why I'm getting choked up like they stopped selling album. Okay. They have the most wonderful day of and they would have them I'm not the -- that they have package and but once that they used to keep enough that the collapse of -- straight up pastry case he. An update just discontinue it few months back. I will ask you shift -- At the Hilltop steak house this afternoon. And police come to order of the week FaceBook and if I have to pay more money per bagel cost I'll be the real. Okay I don't allow me -- keep your mind this afternoon. Thank you pat thank you and they relate to this is sitting across from me right now. Let -- turn around so we -- both in the TV pictures here -- -- -- Mac hack and always give the people now you go to Italy now what I've been watching you and then yes yes that's what I would do death. Because I did art is on the YouTube. You're going to pan quickly and then look up the coliseum and then you've got recipe that's been going on there I think it's got to get a cup of coffee at. The notion that cold today so and I enjoy voices -- I enjoy voices again today. So you know before you -- wet food. Remember somebody reminded me the -- that they met me your replacement Kevin Cohen was there and decide yes and that's something is you can. You know everybody -- I don't believe it I don't believe it's about everybody is over the as it up off but I'll always come out -- -- -- -- know that. Yeah well amazing last week we had another site because Denise fix. And the kind of blossomed and boy. That was one of the most emotional night. It's. I have ever had is four as a cup party of people. There was there any evidence somebody had just passed away three days before and that personally contact. And she walked to -- somebody's trying to get intent to have my -- as I was getting ready to come in in the bathroom my life for flickering and they wanted to. Need to ten you. And she pointed the table would give the people the names and everything was just amazing it -- amazing people don't believe it but it raises more into ghosts I was over them -- to think -- and -- I'm the one to say I don't believe it but that was -- -- -- had dissolved. Enough yes it would say I don't believe it because as we've been nicer human nature -- but. Yes I go there and listen and ask -- -- -- mr. Scott and I -- a skeptic upon skeptics right. And it's Bhutto's Jews and thought okay I I that was cool what is it when you bring me today. I -- -- yeah this one is a pilot Tony if you can see in the AFC. That's was meeting Milano that's -- it was invented in their seventeen under at what happened was the things that make I was make embed. In oral once he made a mess you know he had does some. Fruits and stuff look like fools fall in the -- team and now what could do we couldn't throw them the -- we deny me discuss these these kind of. Let's take Christmas but I think. And naive but Ramon especially was I got a Christmas spread Christmas break then everybody Senator Biden. -- other and it's gonna come out bandit you'll always headed out every Christmas yes or was this -- -- -- need to leave you take one of those in -- and somebody's house and eventually this infinite doing it to somebody. We come back to you. So make sure you're given the good ones yeah. Now there's no you do that every every Christmas every present and they can buy it in a restaurant yes OK -- command that's undertaken and able to somebody's Alison that's where -- -- this -- -- their coffee delicate. Or otherwise that put him over there because these other things. And that's what people do -- -- -- flaws in the game but it donated some people they got like fifteen when Dallas. The Canadian mall it was somebody's -- solace in this when they even for -- -- Still you would never be with a reduced it from my house gone it's gone you know but I thought about 4 o'clock AM -- is gone -- And then now knowing he's cute -- traveled to do it in Peru and you're an Argentine you're in. Tell the story but I I colony when they when they insist that our man -- to see it decent he can't. Let and I said well how come these demo. I know you live outcome only there's a user's. No I'm enable just. I never know what I can't do for you. Going to be yeah because I got thousand papers and that I know. Basically go over them to a city isn't going to make -- -- can you from the edge of you bet it's got -- do and how -- you're new location Collison would be now fifteen years -- we can now. And 23 years in Salem. When -- really 23 -- seen that -- for -- -- I work in the northern and like previous and then I moved to Salem. It was difficult not supposed to bring goaltending can then afford to people that. No it will use in the days and no used to that was they used to like Italian spaghetti meatballs. He didn't always spaghetti meatballs and do you set to come to my place. Yeah I didn't come about it and I see the it's on my case every -- amend -- I hope to order before he's -- table. Because I love history enables -- surely knowing is it yeah -- the ground sirloin. Yes well and abuse them focus them and yeah you saw images is so tender so we've just really really good that I. How -- other places for you that the best beginning to both the unit you don't want me to say that I know but you do. Aren't the best quality that's what the -- say it was over therefore -- the best quality now would be the result everybody makes us all about they use. -- they use up the use new York city -- -- when he wouldn't someone of less than you pay fifty dollars just for the -- And he's not even the same quality I use I use -- -- -- -- all of that and it's just 4495. Week. -- -- was he -- at a place that charge was to boot. Before -- 1985. And I want to people too long I seven the best and I got to we're the best thing for the -- is priced well. One of the things that they've got two of them remember about you then something I learned very early if you're one of the reasons I wouldn't wanna be in the restaurant industry. Because you get have a really early in the morning and here's a mark. It's in Boston this is -- fun -- fun when you over the age who simply give that you. We will see everybody can be on the phone is give me this give me that the quote the company you know I'd like to go there I'd like to see what I buy -- before -- -- And then in my mobile and especially I would never until when it with the fish BSE -- -- -- the fish and then -- me. So this hill this all listen before you of these -- all what they have opted to not be so hopefully they know exactly what I wanted to -- they come to -- right place. Now one of the things I enjoyed about them and -- is a turn on the TV one day and what's his television ads. In these are writing their route 93 only back to the coliseum from the fish market in Boston. Choosing a fish -- Let let you know what when he's still phrase usually you can talk with -- at the Pentagon foolishness while that is the group whose idea how that Demi and that was as bad and then getting up. And we gotta say though that how long ago that look at the data stored -- memory that I -- I want eventually inevitably this. I'm just -- -- Myself basically you know with -- big deal. Yeah you have your own family there to go to yes I gotta -- decide what can my wife is they have all watch and everything. And I know this kind of business the best these two over the is -- the -- is enjoying what you do. One of the great gifts that you can give if you especially they were in the Merrimack Valley is a guess is giving it to the coliseum. And I remember one in there one day. Several years ago. On Monday and then they -- closed on Monday and I couldn't believe how many people were coming in knocking on the sort of idea. Significant he's been there for 23 years people they know the policy in the setting for so often and they come within the gift certificate never got. Never mind the name up espy and so given gift certificate from when he -- -- I'm reviewing the Minnesota but it's a good. Funny years ago I thought I'd get basically because after 1015 years he was still divided by the plays. Yet the policy it was still good until the -- similar via a 250 years. Dramatic call us doing doing just divvy it. And it was like a twenty years old wanna know frivolous there's still good to do what they've finally under the restaurant was closed that could shut out of state so I think -- happened on Monday as -- maybe next they're they easiest setting that India. We thought -- -- on Mondays that we are working on it because we have a lot of requests will be but the one of by the team and everybody schools on Monday has its yeah. He does he would be going oh my did meet the whirlwind and -- on Monday want some Maple Leafs. And that -- was -- on Monday I guess politically no matter if he does still dreaming you know you know anything special Christmas. Yes via the special -- what they stood patiently that -- buckle up. He's that that's not the Greek pastry this is that I caught fish sort of caught fish what do you do you put him what if what he's talking what do put before days. And then what you do we put him I Boylan didn't fix us all about any bricks -- merchant remember -- original work a little dialect. And I look possibly. In a special Ed monarch and dictating these funds that seek. And you seven that we some vinegar that Chris I like the spicy meaning a purpose in that city many -- economy -- -- -- -- adult. And some dress policy you know that all of the non. They're cute and all of this game. And then what else we have in the christmastime we do this so vicious we have a different kind of fish where the use -- price all views. -- -- I'm not -- in some other commodity and and and not dismiss the VGA we do expect it the other won't wanna. He's but it can be political ends up being in a duck sauce and that's what we of the PG. But that the most so and does that make the store for his leg got a little -- Clean stuff in -- live that I'm the owner in the us some spring release some. Some stuff they have a lot of things we didn't Christmas but the mostly in New Year's Eve -- BM up bust up an -- it. Because he's feeling peak yet go without can break it down translates it -- that led -- so please don't let those may -- -- component but what I do we use -- bikini. He's a quick bikinis -- doesn't just. Me to read -- skins and good outlook -- and death that's a chemical pollutants spicy beat some got -- All made you know we bought this game we didn't affect up and then wouldn't be good out when -- -- -- -- -- and -- mix in the mix also those. When we cook the lead to risk the lives of so the -- about Obama always over the course we always -- that's. United is ready made him feel pretty good you look easy now what I know what we have tonight you know face type reality does. And give -- from week to make type every region Ethan is different occasions by the best Sweden where like it is we but he does. And then again this also become like lie down and then despise you you didn't think I am I gonna. Oh my god is still good don't choose adoring him yeah do you still have that you have your own knowledge. 400 trees are what are you gonna reform yes some with community reeks of oil went depicting all this because I gotta I gotta find -- find -- -- I'll scratch and remembering this he kissed fish. Okay yeah but he adds his own Ali trees he goes -- yeah. Help and and that's what I do I get a feel it was when I was making mental -- all of -- that will go unavoidable part of the bed when the with a bit. I put my father plays -- on the finance. And the that they can out pathetic that that that's often not yes just and then put the -- -- of -- what is a little bit. Here everybody is still avoid all of Barley know that by this -- -- might go -- I think cost me like what he was my -- will lead to -- their world is like eight dollars. For one lethal lot of what Michael us I get a big deal of some that we bring to the -- what do we mean maximum -- we make it and I got films. All are how we make it. And then do not understand auto nearly all of August most lethal one dollar and I think I'm more is that can I can make gets a less than that. Well you know gas prices being what they Arkansas. Had hepatitis take a break now and that they can people. Color restaurant to order gift giving there's they have to come back at all I got -- -- -- -- -- more lines that were famous and that comes from the inside you'll. I could be next in in the sense that this isn't news there's no wonder we see everybody medi medi and that. I -- craziness. That -- with great pleasure. I think we'll take a break and we'll be right back you're listening to the family restaurant program the coliseum is on 28 in Salem New Hampshire. To praise for zinc. I -- -- afraid I wanted to AAA for dining and that's 888 would -- Flores scores six hole from this system -- we. Italy restaurant show AM six NE WRKO. In the path with the restaurant program every Sunday from ten -- one. So please when you did tell a friend my name's Scott with they figure who listen to the restaurant program. -- we have Jerry Valeant angelic as in Middleton on Friday night December 16. He is the world famous -- as you've probably seen the money BC's 20/20 we have tickets available right now great seats are available. Again December 16 that's a Friday night great to bring the family. Great to bring an office party and everything and angelic as in middle to 866. 7451167. That's 8667451167. The great -- restaurant is located. I'm great road in Bedford Massachusetts in the great wall shopping center that's how great they are able shopping center named drafted them. They are. A gold award winning Chinese restaurant and they've been there for about eighteen years now offering authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by. Professional chefs using only the highest quality of ingredients is a couple of items like you recommend here. They're crispy beef but a spicy brown sauce just 1295 with a Jumbo shrimp with ginger and scallions. And I do mean Jumbo shrimp just thirteen 95. -- sesame seed chicken which is my wife's favorite. Just 1250 by letting -- lunch and dinner will face to the great wall. Three and -- -- great road in Bedford mass geez is right there on the great wall shopping center police say hi Alice for us. That the nation restaurant look -- -- route 110 on the -- one he wrote mine. You guys remember bishops -- Lawrence. While this is where the folks when they decided to share -- decide to retire the folks open up their own restaurant and they are at the Venetian. Destination PHO. ENIC. I eight and restaurant. Again aren't they here -- -- online -- and find some Michael and the Sima they still love their three pound. Lobsters that are baked stuffed with definitions famous -- stuffing. And don't forget about their prime -- to end their French Fries -- -- bishops is famous war they have a there and Michael's function room to. They have a function room now. That holds up to 500. People that the nation restaurant and Michael's function hall -- 11012. I'll put street in -- role. Restaurant -- -- does that's reunifying the now for heroic still located at eleven Mount Vernon street and Winchester everything done here is -- work of art. The passion that you find in Italy. For the arts and food and culture you're gonna find that at restaurant they -- Not only is their. There restaurant just an arm be believable site because the walls in the ceilings are covered with campaigns. But the food off the food is a work of -- to. The passion. Again for the arts is paired here with Italian food. But there Marco Polo which is a seafood delight with shrimp clams mussels. Pulling in so cal Mari and -- can't sell light marinara sauce. And has served over better linguine. They have Sunday brunch is going on to and -- -- -- -- parking to you on street they have to municipal parking -- just a few steps away restaurant today -- Chia. Eleven Mount Vernon street in Winchester. To get in touch with patent. Go to and -- dot in dot com. Welcome back everybody I -- that would please don't forget please whatever you do do not for. A lot of jokes coming up and we love. Party when you get the don't forget -- voices. -- -- -- -- In North Andover also -- if you Jerry valid. World famous hypnotist do you see him on ABC's 20/20 years going to be on December 16 dead Angelica is that in Middleton. For ticket information call 866745116. To seven they they still. I was -- because he all of a sudden Arnie just -- saying goodbye. It always and always really -- isn't coming back in here. And that gets to do wanted to talk to you so guys Cisco isn't -- -- Tony you're next NW RKO with the family and they've been laid to rest of the coliseum in Salem New Hampshire. -- -- -- budget their budget -- Leo thank you. That you mr. Garrett also closure it would do well. I just wanted to say yes but I you got to talking about that beef dish I actually had it last night. At the at the coliseum itself and not just wanna say it was out of this world. What it was negotiated. And I'll gap that never let out beepers go like that I did it I just. You -- floor again there was some you know much Bentley had a couple of different issues but those at a that they might favorite. Thank you very much appreciate it the other big dress all of the -- that's for almost 56 hours and when you put him on the -- With the -- you just -- we default even would you look he's visiting follows up by. Not they do pretty much and -- -- -- the coliseum again next time -- -- me -- -- eleven of them when general Leo okay. There are so they do. And I think stunning -- is gone from -- academic year NW RKO. I have Leo yeah. Good to -- hurt them I have to rebuild it two nights ago any different my grandmother made it was absolutely delicious it's just brought back some memories. Illustrates and secondly that it wanted to say I'm docked off the beaten track it back to bagels I just recently moved to Braintree. And we're looking for a really great Italian Italian bakery and of course can't find one anywhere and I guess I happened upon I -- until you're open to new location in Braintree. I a couple of weeks ago and they had bagels they have this kitchen that's all open and that they don't look so fresh and make the bread you can see everything you're doing. He was really really nice I was pleasantly surprised that you know we have a nice -- -- entry. Nine month to -- thank you better positioned than those who want to -- come up here in the on the north Charlotte. Modern modern bakery. We beat I know that you got your favorite bakeries and I can't give away any trade secrets secret session so let's not where you get all of you desserts and everything. But it is modern one of your favorite yes. More than this season lower -- today they're not. Let them analysts say kind of over there once it was a week to pick up a mechanics and they got the best left to delist but that's what I'm really doesn't like to make it. And I was eating one in front of the plays and that's why he was in the back -- and neither live normal lots of deals. People will buy it was or is that -- appears as if they got to me aside and everybody was pulled me aside and that's overlooked appeals. San Diego's I don't have it meant that after fifteen customers. You know he saw me into it. I you have the -- or does -- basic. Yeah. We'll I remember you gave me one goes out details that both that was -- first from ever -- what this is like put off -- hope that he can -- think myself and I know yes I think that's the amazing thing is so light and so delicious. It has a nice suite after by. Dying and going to Naples seven yes and yes. So I don't look now you can go got a good duet Merry Christmas to everybody that I never remember I may relate to that's what's telephone number there -- -- have in front and he's eight. 981190. Enough -- quoted 60 to provide one more time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He gets out yet -- -- -- I would try to figure something really to -- I guess I. Can't get Japanese. Eight and an 8119 the article is 603. That he's making great he -- out that's his job -- and get tested. What I have one triple a 4346464. Is my telephone number -- values going to be was this a little bit later on. Can I say so that I Jamie's restaurant you're in there the other day in North Andover. I got to CJ Lee finally. You know -- U2 and hardworking guy and I could X. And those other tables around they're not Joe's. Well they're not -- a loaded with salts and sour -- would -- about what noted aren't I had the chili bowl which is served. In in. -- but it sure. I'm not gonna tell you when you go when they're ordered Chile and see how they serve I don't wanna -- I want to surprise you and I. In addition to that of course they have attorney clubs of beef tenderloin -- the mighty mighty taco. This is a hugely successful new restaurant called -- restaurants. 25 high street more than 2% Jamie for me would you please get in touch with patent. 8001 home for Laura Ingram went Guzman to whom this is milestones. Talks vision and AM URGO. From ABC news. I'm Joan Bennett. Another claim from Iran that its forces have shot down an unmanned US -- the latest from ABC's -- -- of the foreign desk Iran's English language press TV quoting military sources is reporting that the country's armed forces shot down an unmanned American spy plane that violated its airspace press TV says any future response to violations of the country's airspace will not be limited to exporters there has been no independent confirmation of the allegation -- -- ABC news is the fourth such claim from Iran this year no evidence that it's taken out any US drones. Who'll get Herman Cain supporters now that he's suspended his GOP bid for the White House many of the candidates including Michelle Bachmann are vying for McCain's backers. One thing that we've seen is that a lot of Herman Cain supporters have been calling our office. And they've been coming over to our site. Bachmann on CNN's state of the union claiming to be the most consistent conservative candidate in the contest. Our new poll of Iowa voters who are likely to attend the GOP caucuses next month has Newt Gingrich in the lead for the presidential nomination. Followed by Ron Paul and Mitt Romney ABC's this week anchor Christiane Amanpour says Gingrich may not stay in the lead for long it's. A month almost exactly until the Iowa caucus. And I guess again have to wait and see whether that organization which is crucial. To the focus our system and -- -- says. Can be put into place and also could be a lot of scrutiny from now until until January today. Chaos following Oklahoma State's 44 -- victory against archrival Oklahoma last night in Stillwater this fans stormed the the field some tumbling from wall to the concrete twenty feet below. They were broken. Homes thirteen people were injured two critically. German bomb experts have defused two World War II era bombs that were discovered last week in the Rhine river 45000 residents in the western city had to be evacuated. One of the bombs was British the other American. You're listening to ABC news. Someone told you that picture smile with a snap of a finger you're -- heartbeat right that's because a perfect smile is important but most people don't bother with -- because they think it's -- time consuming I thought the same thing until I met doctor Bruce -- in the perfect smiles my career is important to me and I couldn't trust any old cosmetic honestly give me smile make over I needed someone who was competent doctor -- -- gave me one of the most important services anyone can yet his time. And he didn't waste -- as for the procedure he couldn't have done a better job doctor -- has over 25 years of experience is a cosmetic dentist and he's an expert in his field what he does is truly an art -- -- perfect -- has transformed my life I have a newfound confidence and I won't have my perfect smile for the rest of my life become one of the thousands of people who now have a perfect -- perfect -- is located in Nashua, New Hampshire because perfect -- is located in New Hampshire you don't pay any sales -- call 1888. New smile -- on the -- that perfect smiles dot com. Good afternoon I'm Nicole's own WR -- news is concerned citizens in Foxboro rallied on the town Green yesterday morning to show their opposition to anything casino. Robert Kraft as well liked -- town proud to be a home with the patriots and these folks know. He's a formidable source force but in many Foxboro residents were anything but happy after news -- that. The patriots owner and casino developer Steve -- have been engaged in talks to build a possible. Billion dollar gaming facility under the State's new casino -- the town would have to approve any casino at a town meeting. And officials have arrested 23 year old Samuel Higginbotham Boston. In connection with the quadruple shooting outside the venue nightclub the rest made Friday night brightened. -- but Higginbotham will be charged with four counts of the solid the intent to murder. On November 18 four people were shot outside the nightclub. Located on Warrenton street in Boston's theatre district all victims were treated for nonlife threatening injured injuries. And the most intriguing part of Bobby Valentine's first news conference as the Boston Red Sox manager. The possibility of making Bill Buckner is sitting -- Ballantine a buck or college roommates who played together in -- Los Angeles Dodgers system. Valentine said he would consider the former Red Sox first baseman for his staff. Of course Buckner best remembered of Boston for his ninth inning error in game six of the 1986 World Series that helped the New York Mets. Come from behind and win and checking the WRKO. Skyway patrol well. Folks had its you know Foxboro and here for the games out in the cold and the patriots 1 o'clock so take a look. South of town for letting myself just try not anybody Foxborough what's the disabled vehicle causing delays there now what's funny it's I'll stop and go to take on the blog and 95 the through what is between -- and Sharon but the game 24 southbound prior to 139 reports just coming in an accident there are now. Tell no one north for the southbound rather prior to Wall Street live your life jobs for an animal. There's I don't know what kind of animal in the senate delayed. 39395. Running fine to us from New Hampshire downtown looks pretty good news president lots of volume southbound a billion deal. But also a little bit over the delays -- -- Columbia road and I'm on the -- west found and disabled vehicle -- 495 in the shoulder. Causing a minor delays there. And they -- -- forecast partly cloud. Each day highs in the low fifties -- cloudy overnight tonight lows in the mid thirties tomorrow cloudy. And highs close sixty partly cloudy now 44 in Boston I'm Nicole stone's WRKO news. Everybody. Eight PR three point 69% call today at 809702611. Almost across the permission of the restrictions may apply equal housing lender license and offers a -- Muslims for thirty and. Folks which nominee want to wish you a happy holiday and they won LA you know one dollar from every order will be given to the saint Jude's Children's Hospital call 809633791. Or visit better skin today dot com. Hello Simon I'm -- Rubin from college. You're -- invited to join us this -- need you've always wanted to go to college correct. Yeah well -- that invitation you've been waiting for -- -- -- -- -- Wake up you can't genuinely college they're actual steps -- need to take from the steps there's no -- go dot org antibody American Council on Education Lumina foundation for education and the ad council. For those stories and and white here on Boston's talks yeah PM six CD WR TO and. And finally I've got a great restaurant with the local. Hart's location New Hampshire tell us about your dining experience I've got all the rest frenetic -- you that I know arguably the can see in the waiting area to brains -- is being America's first and longest running restaurants you know I wanna recommend a -- on the we'll show you. This program today across the -- Paul Sullivan. And the sixty plus locations of settlement tired. Rerouting you can there be anybody at the CFO settlement doesn't I would be happy holidays very very solid -- okay. Also great guy great company. Plus locate. -- news. Right now it's. Gonna that was -- hypnotist who's been on 20/20 and. Very famous very popular here. He's like the hypnotist to the movie star -- -- one and we need. Mom -- your valleys and do with me in a few minutes. Right now it as showtime -- bagels. Pale when it. You appreciate it Michael. It is. Note pat this is a text okay note pat. The real bagels don't need toasting unless they're day old. -- -- toast them because -- just -- shaped like a bagel. Yeah well yeah I mean fresh political Sony toasting business -- -- That makes complete sense farming. Can buy bagels in the supermarket of those not bagels. I guess I'm like this and I'm not an expert and -- that's -- I'm I'm not either but. And that I would think they're more -- and I do you. Allegheny Brent I've taste if you think. That had good lives if that's what you save -- They probably not Moammar we don't yet I'm not indoor conduct and donors understand that to me. But -- bagel is a bagel is a bagel. And everybody seems to them I shouldn't say about have been allowed to do it seemed to disagree with me the entire. I know you got any knowledge you -- dead just a second OK let me go to Ben who's calling from Drake had been your next NW RKO. But that yes. I want to -- really greatest thanks for average show to Begin with thank you -- show is fantastic I listen to it every week. And I've learned so much from -- But I'll tell you what luck. Last week I learned that I look at the -- -- new restaurant in and I wanted to take my word I hope we are -- they need. And she has not stopped re gonna vote that we went through this sikh riots. He restaurant insult for doing and we sat right on the window. And the ocean was beautiful perfect. This -- was perfect and open Putin was. Perfect just like being out cruise ship packages you -- you look like you're middle Leo and. I sort of got it was just like being on a cruise ship new and it was perfect and I like that lady who called your show. To tell me about it because our live and -- it. And I never knew about that he and enable weather for your show I know what I've found out about it -- so kudos to your show. And co host good restaurant because it was just perfect for -- she says she never had a more -- Once I get all. Samuel -- a group that we just broke for lunch we don't -- that -- you don't like driving at night you but it wouldn't fantastic I -- thank you -- Well bin I got a note from your wife when the allies is about time he took me -- someplace decent. I know she's okay so much any well. That's -- -- made a marriage work. There was an expensive it was great yeah it's really that they death and Florida put -- view of everything you know I would have thought it was gonna cost we under boxer more united than it did even come close to what. But I was beautiful and you don't have to part do you have to worry about parking and dressed in all religions do bullets and they got their own parking lot and everything I didn't even know that place existed I was surprised he has been there about two or three years now. Now I'm gonna give you one more little tidbit what I felt that I might trip somewhere you are my journey so I think you'll like this. I went and they had a great primary have been. Thank you W bush added that I mean you know both great price moves over replace and update them. I would -- -- and I picked up the in in Salem do you intend to meet market where they have been prepared foods that I picked up for prime repair. It was -- -- a Dutch prime -- play ever that I couldn't believe that my own flights that are gonna tell you about it. Might tell you portable all the play here brought him. Now I have been I appreciate the call in the -- in the seat that some truth in appreciated too. -- -- by the way is right on Salisbury beach I mean it literally is on the B -- and as a matter of fact is over. A portion of the restaurants -- the over the ocean and it is truly truly beautiful place so Michael can you tell me what you have and they're from an email standpoint and you got something. Yeah we got an email. From Bob and he said there was a Jewish cafeteria on the corner of Washington and Dover. But -- Berkeley street in Boston in the seventies. There was across from JJ Foley's he can't remember the name or find it on the Internet he's injured his last hope. I've actually looking I can't find anything really representing that I found JJ Foley's -- -- which is down on mouthpiece Berkeley street Boston GM but aside from that I don't see anything that really represent oldest girl a politician China yeah and I can't really find anything that represents. A Jewish cafeteria anywhere in the area. So I'm remember he said across street in the seven music could very possible -- You know analogous Foley's at W than BofA to -- -- is not fit fit at hand is kind of pedestrian to say that leaves a -- yet in it's above the cubs. Had I got an average have been so nice to do that'll let me let -- let me to a some eventual get I wouldn't have gotten the news broke -- beaver Harris was it. -- what your return TV played at night at 2 o'clock in the morning. And they you know give that watching you know people trying to sell things where there's a very interest in programs in the Discovery Channel news channel and new channels like that. As -- this is can you guess. What is over 6000. Years old who's created some 6000 years ago. And it's no longer needed yet it's a two billion dollar industry in just the United States alone. Created three to 6000 years ago. Is no longer needed but it's it's too. Billion. Dollar industry. In this country. -- I'm not even par is so a lot of percent of the Internet then went out to you right after this OK okay the Venetian moon that. There are route twenty it is six say the main street and rating masks. If he had an opportunity east you know they have a -- Boneless filet mignon. It's a ten ounce prime boneless delay its -- it was their signature report wind Boston and Vanilla reduction sauce. In your choice of you know you know in the reductions software you really get the flavor that's the secret that's what the -- does it makes it different than anybody else's. Well anyway it's there with a side of pasta so it is various in such a broad broccoli for 33 dollars and told you last week about the -- storage. The 100% all natural organic -- stories and disarray by bone in that. And impressive site. Tablet common -- onions and -- with so it's a baby Spanish. Certified humane 32 dollars Chilean sea bass than that so many wonderful things in this is that nice shall restrain you. Took the ride is a great place to go in -- what's -- games today because mr. mark go down the steps and you'll find a wonderful little restaurant there. Okay. Steadily since. The nation move. Route 28 parking right there in front. Route 286. Say the main street in -- rating this says there's a long background here isn't the folks in on this Oly event from. You know -- drives in a revered and -- in that general area Marlon Medford over the years. And it brought this tradition. This is a family tradition the kids -- running an -- also up by. The dad who of course have opened up place -- and -- in these Boston many many years ago the Venetian room. Route 28680. Main street and rating by the way. If you're in reading at night. The decoration so far of all the Christmas decorations I've seen -- that's the best to really beautiful there. The phone number is in and there right did division moon is right in the middle of everything. The telephone number is 7819443633. You're driving around -- you're looking for something to do try to. 78194436339. The scholar rest that I did down on the -- sure Rand out. But cameras -- you know you can book your holiday parties there was scholars around out function room. -- -- -- AV people. You have the -- your dinner in the restaurant you call for details. And take out for the holidays and don't feel one of those -- you take out -- is the -- was tomato sauces all home made. The scholars dress that I think about cap growth plays route 28107. In north main street and Randolph and the phone number seven -- -- 963. 17107196317100. This program also marked by the China blossom -- so 125 in North Andover. Where we're going to be having have. I mean being with joy voice is coming up very very soon December 11 in North Andover. I hope to see -- there at the -- blossom and that is we can never get these shows on on time as to China blossom. In the reason is it's an all you can eat buffet. And people really take advantage of that you know what I mean they go back and go back and go back and go back. My idea granddaughters in college. I this is the dollar much you know but you back three times. And I said. I never seen -- with -- in chew gum at the schools uses have you ever -- college foods -- -- is so big news channel by the was a -- Anyway -- to get information for out. But Jolie voices it to channel blast and it's 8667451167. Kevin Cohen this period channel it. -- has been sharing his amazing gift to readings for over 25 years. He's back from the West Coast now his remarkable ability to relay detailed messages from loved one to pass to weigh in on the other side. Have made him one of the most famous. And one of the top mediums America. His client spend both coasts and the United States and of Europe all right -- we have a show coming up at Angelica is. December ninth that is in Middleton. And another show coming net. Today and I am going to be at this from at Verona as in Watertown at twelve noon on December 11. You're probably wondering how monitor them much good there on the air twelve no. The magic of radio you'll say -- -- -- like tickets to that is a dinner show. To only forty bucks a person McCain. And -- I'll tell you what can bring just one picture of a deceased does this he's first you're trying to reach its -- 8667451167. That is the -- to -- you got a 24/7. 8667451167. Or north George spirits that cup. All right now the question was. What was invented to between three and 6000 years ago. It has no use to that we don't need them anymore. But yet it's a two billion dollar business. And I would have been able to get to know us candles. What candles candles and now. Did stroke -- curious I know newest in my candle Bill Clinton. -- that some. I know that a little bit later on Scott is the motioning. I'm not always wait a minute we have flash. We have an answer this go to Mary -- next on WRK -- He had site can pat Kandahar I listened to every week and I -- so much knowledge from you you are wonderful and thank god that. I do have about how many memories back and it was execs grilled. Essex group right when I -- advance and they had these around tables would. A bold look -- -- Jewish pickles from the middle and all they were wonderful. And we go thereafter a movie. Bob and you'd meet friends there and they would just wonderful clean. Out my god -- from me. Well it sounds like -- Essex grill is the answer right I listen Mary thank you so much and know that said though make it gentlemen happy. You -- fears the Brownback. With a lot of memories -- thank you very much. Ankiel are now I have some email. I have three music in these guys that come. By the way you can still go in in ten minutes ten minutes time I'm going to be giving -- -- -- could -- delegates to -- at the -- market. I. In what you do if you go in Wright and Obama's. If you wanna tell me where the best bagel is an absolute best bagels. It does -- that if the emotions of people who does that just go to Dunkin' Donuts. But we'll do that. More restaurant reviews straight ahead sure listening to America's first and longest running restaurant show us how quickly restaurants show. You know I get some. I got a great idea for you if you're driving around right now and you -- how bad news you know let the economy. Point you remember our good friend of mine. By the name born mills. He -- made both of us a lot of money I didn't take his advice Beckman goes 600 he can tell and he's got to go up it's gonna go I was gonna go down for a while there's been the backup again. You know it is a guy you contrast he's a guy with a record he's been out there for over thirty years collecting rare coins. Got a big company -- in New Hampshire -- rare coins of New Hampshire. And my friend if you are looking for somebody you know PR with -- integrity somebody contrast. Let's say you want -- coins graded -- do that for you and you contrast is great and I. I've been doing business -- and in for some time and I invite you to do business with him because integrity is underlined and capitalized with him. That to warn those do you have any information if you wanna sell your rare coins or view and invest in some call 800. 2257264. And -- foreign -- 802257. -- 64. And this this guy but -- don't forget to watch us right now. By going to our FaceBook account which is restaurant show all one -- so FaceBook dot com slash restaurant show. And watch -- restaurant program right Ernie computing you do it every Sunday from ten to one. Earnings is the name of the restaurant look -- 38 implement. Do you know what earnings has a great deal on Tuesday nights you get two pizzas for the price of one you could order. Any two pieces -- any amount of combinations of toppings that you would like it paid. Only the higher priced item. It's not about to take out but it is incredible deal because earnings. As I'm sure you folks in the such short -- have won a lot of awards for their pizzas to. The restaurant -- restaurant features everything and earnings from. They're fried appetizer basket. Which is one of my favorites to they have deep fried zucchini mushroom. And they also have a waffle potato with the mozzarella stick served with that and she's just six dollars a great appetizer. -- also have as an entree there other and roasted Turkey dinner. There roasted boneless chicken dinner the New York's -- -- or how about there boiled seafood platter which is -- mentality. And I do mean -- morality of fresh sea crude from shrimp scallops inscribed. In a white wine and butter sauce just eighteen dollars Bernice is the name of the place here open for lunch and dinner. And by the way they were full function facility for banquets receptions and meetings great for the holidays call them if you like more information about that. 5087743400. Gurneys. Earnings -- 38 in Plymouth. And Hilltop steakhouse brings you this portion of the restaurant program we will be there tonight. With Joey voices it sold out hope you guys can get it to the next show they would do we -- but the Hilltop steak house and saw this is sold out. They have by the way an unbelievable deal if you like burgers they have holy cow -- it's twelve ounces. And it's fresh ground -- like I mean fresh ground Sorrell want it just 995. Hilltop steakhouse going to I don't -- There's January all the great folks at the Hilltop steakhouse inside us. This is your source for the most reliable restaurant reviews. Become -- food critic. Call 1888243. Fours 6464. It's. Letting your voice be heard up how Whitney restaurant show. If the weather's been so nice and lacking a little bit my Christmas spirit. And a sixty degrees Sears good fit that field will leave. We had as snowstorms just before Halloween and I -- there's no legitimate snowstorm. You really missed it where I'm -- people that I mean there was rain or Iowa soaring yes we we -- slush and rain but it wasn't. Well. Did did it sounded like the world was coming to an end as did Connecticut it was one we're going down the pitchers get to ship thought -- nor sure a lot of people lost power for a long while this guy -- -- But among complain a lot this time less sure shot -- three feet is snow out of my car there at that. Well so far if I won't take this all day and no this is this is -- you though that's the route. How much how cold it gets some bundled up but but I don't want shuttle. Now you have a lot of emails and then will go to -- little bit later okay. Their questions for people they are questions from people the worsening immense ask pat and I'm not come. We appreciate the fact that when you listen to this show you the restaurant critic the show is about word of mouth. You get appraisers in from -- to the gourmet and you've been doing that for 33 years going on 34 years now. Here on this restaurant program it's your friends basically reviewing restaurants these investors' views the world because they tell you like India's. You know sometimes that they don't use the necessarily at -- esoteric. Phrases that might be used and some of the -- of these it could be thrown your way in reviewing the various sauces. They just say oh I can't nobody in -- and get some two of them -- very very knowledgeable. But they've Teddy if it's good -- -- so if you're looking for a place. That is exceptional. Are looking for a place perhaps to stay away from. Just people listen to this show up now one of the things that there we're gonna normal list is going for another half hour. I because this is good not. That a couple of fifty -- and his -- -- from Henry's market the Beverly. Wonderful gourmet and that's the only active call it but it's like that. It's like. The retro is I go back to the forties when it opened up other get open oven forty to. Except it's modern and they have the butchers like they did dim and the answer all of your questions and he's just an -- upper scale. -- market -- satellite you know there though the run of the mill supermarket it's relatively small and they take everything to the car for yet. But it will get some fifty delegates if it's we're going to be giving away. To those of you that way into this question can you tell me where the best bellies are in New England in a manner that best that was I'm sorry the best we can say that -- if you want to. But the best place. They get a bay -- the best bagels and doing. I'd just go to you in text me at 68680. You guys debt 68680. And will announce orders coming up here right after the 12 o'clock hour -- Chatham dedicate this next on WRK -- IPad -- absolute tragedy -- Garland actually get so. Question about that that. The -- little bagel place it over Washington you were looking for a place. Yeah it was the -- smoke at the -- six -- a little bit depth feature in Washington street cause it to the -- district. Even though leading management and if that's the one I know that was on the corner and if he -- with a little black electrical -- I was -- again it was called it Erica mocha. Did check out smoker yeah okay that it would. -- crisis that hotel that was right on the corner across the street he. On the right hand that if you're going and telling you need to illustrate he. And maybe some other old timer like me. Who might -- Back in the 60s70s and I'm pretty sure that was it. This dilemma that white castle the only white castle and you in the yeah the great credit I know he's still there. If I would say no it is. I haven't examined regularly prolong. Anytime you near China's yeah yeah yeah this. Grade I never had had a white castle hamburger -- had a mother places yes but never had a noon they used to have one of Brooklyn -- he. Nokia to go. This -- live and learn live and learn it and how great help there is no absolutely take it. -- let me read some of the reviews that we have this is for oppose ribs and Barbeque in Acton at 344. Great road. It's from John -- for my wife and I went to the recently opened a restaurant. My first surprise was that the staff was all oriental. However after looking at the menu and ordering I would serve them best -- and have ever had in a long time. It has got to look. Redundant. Except that at the contradictory statement -- that act act act act anyway I've never had ribs that were so -- And the SARS they serve would just excellent. My wife and head out. Pulled. Chicken dinner that was delicious. The cost of the entire meals from the to a less with a one -- including different tax 125 dollars. I only go that too many people who read this review and start to make they're relatively small restaurant crowded that John from western. The place -- and ribs and Barbeque at 344 great growth in active when we come back to review for the brickyard in Woburn. Three decades and going strong so how -- restaurants so. Sunday mornings from 10 July. Our -- on its feet. On Boston's -- vision stadiums -- treaty. WR -- do you have pain from your diabetic neuropathy. 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When anyone -- -- -- 48 page report unexpected tax increase -- 888801. -- reports the -- no charge -- need -- 801 -- one pass from -- It's overwhelming conclusion -- big -- stations that will help -- make sense of at all. Business news Boston's talk station. They're succeeding WOR OK you know. I let me redo that reveals its that I -- just in the brickyard in Woburn mass. Is from Jeff -- -- here's what -- said. New restaurant American -- and -- we also ordered a pizza with pepperoni. The burgers came back. Well done and cold. I -- start the murders for every in the peace to his average. And very small twelve inches the burgers were at 1150 each -- not worth the price -- 111050. Cents or burger. -- -- -- -- -- -- my -- myself. -- -- -- -- there was also very pricey in that worth the price. The service was fine but the food and the price says it's a no go. That's the brickyard in Woburn -- that's -- promised to get to. To get to you Brian and -- about Kia and as the blacks one group 133 at 250 and over -- in Georgetown. First of all this is an absolutely beautiful place it is gorgeous. You're right obviously on a golf course. A beautiful golf course -- -- but the facility itself is just about as beautiful as you could possibly get. That they have the hand breaded chicken finger issue that deconstruct did not chose that part of their appetizers. For the entrees there's the primary of this steak tips the proper -- efficient chips. The big scallops and Brett just back every Sunday and every -- right that tended to. -- tended to live music. Featuring Dan sky. Music it's Israel anyway showbiz named Dan Schneider. He has sustained stormy weather. My game. And sky as I was I hit it didn't let it that's guy keying and threaten me. -- -- It cans grill has been out there awarded to reduce George award for the best runs in the area the -- features carving stations on this holy waffles. That dessert station breakfast breads and pastries tend not items and that's fabulous. Make your own bloody Mary bar wolf I'd be dangerous there if you let me make my home. All right cans at the blacks why -- won 33. 258. And Dover street in Georgetown let me give you know there's up beautiful place guys. Aren't. I was over where they have the director Sharon eyes as donors is not that far from 95 -- Right -- and at the blacks one rule 133 to 58 Andover street George -- that -- GPS. The phone number is 978. 35279269783527926. Channel to Allen -- the air quality there. Jo fish. Jo fish don't forget that don't like Jo fish at the lot. For FaceBook. Okay like a black a black -- You give the gift to the fabulous seafood. Knew in order gives -- -- it's online at Joseph fish they accept all major credit card. This program today and succeeded WRKO being presented by Regina pizzeria. World famous is 1926. Boy it's hard to believe nineteen -- -- that Evan. -- in the sector street location actually allowed over the net. It pro goes definitely 1890s as soon. -- that gives it its distinct flavor and -- imaginary peace has been made in certain how many people. Just to turn of the century that that the last centric. I love to say about their newest place at 353 Cambridge street and all stood. Now the menu the start. -- -- -- -- of course Margaret needs is they even have a saint Anthony's pizza that was created by them because issuing bonds in Anthony's feast. Quote that's just it did you do. Nancy I don't know mate penny who did ask. Macaroni and cheese. Although an all old north and recipes they had. Just remember the name and address this is -- whether new ones and I can guarantee that we -- the more popular locations Regina pizzeria. 353. Cambridge street and Alston and give me the number of other legitimate to free parking. I just different parking. The number to call 6177832300. This 617783. -- 300. I was hoping to have today. Kathy and Rob Brown a farmer Brown's. But I don't I don't know and if you get out of met. But is that if they come -- -- talk Tillman says do not want to let stand got to Omaha sirloin strip steak -- they hand cut beef tips. But to talk about all of their soups I couldn't even get to the -- the crowd -- so big yesterday when I was there. The you know go see what the fuss is about. Farmer brown drew 62 to ten maple street in Middleton can't the end Rob Brown. The telephone number 978774711. Now -- valleys was you are Nigerian scooters are doing all that. But how are you loan fund -- thanks for having me again then you know yes so -- entirely new brand name. Literally to every that treatment so that I -- compliment you and Scott and I think it's my kids my producer. -- them wonderful. Studio set up you have Jimmy sound Luke Luke. Look -- being the owner and have done marvelous work with with these buildings -- here and then and we put him in the movie with me you know. Not a I don't recall boys who put in right downstairs and is. The restaurant do celebratory right where what I act is giving your last time he came out to straighten it out you know we're gonna do fire is so what ended up -- -- the -- out -- -- -- -- -- yet. Yes I yeah well my guess there's a lot of movies. Mike did a whole bunch of movies really yeah ha. I do OK I've seen might now about three different but three of movies of my game is still miss you when you have it be admitted any -- -- none not none. Awhile and we -- -- them busy don't. We have it be going to Bruins games -- have wanna go one -- I minutes while another -- move there isn't with a Jack -- remember Jack well of course they're no -- juices and went to see how that actually yeah. I was just action on but I got friendly with Jack and then he taught me something that used today in my show my hypnosis show. He did when the mood and ready to shoot the scene he say okay gang it's no magic time and I do that backstage I say I think it Jack Lemmon had taken my father think of -- -- members and am I knew he was my mentor and I say this 300 people out there opponent -- and create the magic. He's magic time now. He was from Newton. He was in the days of wine and roses -- -- I think he an Oscar for that we have great talk a great move was the the -- show that he's from here to to pass joy to yeah. -- -- -- rename them home very famous actress are beautiful beautiful girl her father owned a very famous furniture store here -- really he had another estimated called Telus but I met Chris to garner visited the trivia question Greg endured great trivia question right and -- -- -- was great -- I was great move. I -- -- two entrances. Act that's. Now you I was that is doing voices show last thing you should enjoy you have cause you just fabulous. And as lady sitting next to me sit. Oh my goodness Cherry Valley. He hypnotized readout on the Qaeda one attack and go by -- as a way back when and I had to listen to the whole story after and -- then why did they came. For many is the and in not some of the Seacrest hotel near death for twenty years in Johnny's done Yamon. -- -- -- it to the what's that one past him at the I forget IMS. I'm not an -- passed -- way down way down way down almost mirror almost to the attempt. Went down anyway did -- -- quite a fears seem. And the Seacrest was my favorite -- ever gonna retire. Never never know. And you've been doing this family. Funny one now I don't know EIG nine to retire as so much fun doing and then. I love pleasing the people and they love the show another part of it does -- act. I would suggest he and his supermarket noise and or talk about it last demolition joy we don't make you. Mean she it's in hypnosis to detonate as soon as you said it seems to me that part of the success of the show has to do with the people who -- hidden tax on the whole show depends on the subject Shia. But you -- it and that thing is what kind of personality they have who are they any threat to address on the need to be willing and have a fun personality -- And and that they don't all go into hypnosis so we stuck with 5020. We get down. To about maybe ten or twelve and his to a through their rise to the top to become the top stats they do is there outlandish. And the best -- the subject you wanna see. To see the most changes a person is like camp. Placate conservative banking you know suit and tie in very quiet and all of a sudden he blossoms it becomes Gypsy Rose Lee. He's singing and dancing uses great change that's how I get into it because. Somebody -- -- I would see Sam -- initially did not want to go see him being together those phony. -- back in 19671. Of the girls in my group which was who was an introvert. I mean she issue is a very mouse he will go very nice but very quiet she gets sudden becomes a star -- the -- Neiman and that. I said maybe -- run about hypnosis I mean I know this person -- and they get happened they have such a great time and that's the audiences loved the show us. The subjects loved the show because they feel wonderful may become the -- I've actually seen. People in my show become great status of the show. And sign autographs and -- it's really don't want my autograph yeah actually after every show I give it a hundred autograph pictures nobody wants alleges -- out anyway -- -- -- -- anyway but -- -- our -- in my -- so -- are -- happy that they -- -- as -- -- I paid for them -- you to take -- -- Act act -- I had accepted the gift certificate to each -- mind you may have an amazed how many I -- the one of those men. Now you and I are gonna be doing the show together. -- good and it comes up you know the show -- alum and I'll be there it is today here is there one and only -- path. -- December 16 dead angelic as in Middleton has come up pretty soon a week from Friday they're trying to week from Friday how we had played great seats left it to dinner show. And down. And you should go what should people expect explained. You shortages because -- don't know what should people expect this four is. I don't wanna get hypnotized but I wanna see this show but okay first let me say some other angelic as I have done and there are several times. They have the most wonderful staff and food is fabulous scene. Those -- -- pop over is that they I'm always everything you -- so -- advertises I don't need to act and and are -- I'm tricked them. Okay they come this show and what they'll expect is a little -- explanation about hypnosis. -- -- volunteers up on the stage and now attends the audience. And I will actually use the entire audience and actually be locked up their hands in the audience. But -- Martin -- and -- they have CNN's okay come from one of five and they cannot open their hands. Now this -- the work for everybody if Gaza saying well this is a certain percentage dug in about 40% that will -- that high and yet did you divided percent percent depending on the two best side teaching yet is an artist who pays to see you so and I assume getting a daily show that paying for the dinner and the paying for the show. They're very very receptive thing does not affect. As they come on the stage to volunteer that half of them has already. -- has and they created terrible habits and just go play you'll like you're in -- and he got a good job. Act -- -- actually I have never done that. Yeah but there was one hypnotist who did that to a guy new Yankee luck this hands you Cindy got into the men's show yeah normally you can have the -- any sense that the men's room. And I don't know what happened after that but I would never do that that guy's probably still in the -- -- However I would imagine anybody can play air act I would I would never there. My show this pretty clean and it's a little escape being picked the ensuing. And like the worst thing -- -- as we have the -- think they're spreading pregnant. Well and they want to around big -- -- they may tell me awhile to get pregnant so what's a funny bit right now manipulative -- -- you can you really do that to somebody -- actually -- -- -- Hypnosis is so really I've taken people who the surgery. -- actually and pre -- and post operative for us suggestions. And get them to major surgery with him notes with the very little anesthesia. And I and the hypnosis in a way you're talking about not as part of -- show and on -- -- when -- when and I had my second when I forgot they are now focused LA now I want to allude to the fact that diagnosis is very real you know what I'll do is out take the fifteen to twenty people. Look for the best subjects look who's reacting right and and dismissed the others. And then then put them in scenes of their outrageously funny like them and they make them -- get their belly buttons. And things like -- tell it what does the funny by the show -- there response site. We need to belly button fun. In one young girls that they needed to breezed through the evening he agreed to be about a man who once in my belly band sings means she has this is he's that's singing a different. That they'd say crazy things like that kept -- yeah you know committed only singers who went. Hypnosis is that hypnosis is a sub conscious. Imagination. And a license to poke fun when they lose all their inhibitions. Once they're into my circle constellation will do just about anything its own to do -- and it would put him into outrageously funny man not embarrassing great situations. And they just love it I mean they -- -- I can I break up on stage she and in fact I did Sean Tennessee I was laughing so much I fell off the stage. Baghdad Baghdad it was that is that Tenet the west Tennessee stayed there. And and then down to this so look I love southern people and every dumbing it down then they say. Young combatant IE can have so say yeah I hear how you had a hint hint -- coming back into. The -- that this show that you're gonna have -- Angelica is again. We have just great food like music grapefruit that in addition to that the show last about how are. My shows about to -- a show about an hour and fifteen minutes an hour and fifteen minutes right and then you have in this Shockey who actually sings pretty well too. Name is -- bill mean she's -- -- -- provide new music for dinner and then music and dancing so hooked December 16 during this stunning here's a number to call. To make sure that you did dead give tickets and information. In it would -- great Christian party wouldn't do you know retire family or for your business I have sent out that many emails -- my follow us. And I said wanna have you -- upon in the sixteenth and angelic isn't. So waiting for them to call him -- so make you scholarly -- 8667451167. What makes -- so that. Every room. -- -- -- It cause it happens all the time they wait to the last two minutes that's New England yet in the and they called me. Right in naked man because it can't get seem try to fertile and a way to get the people call two weeks ago are you good. Having -- well you are New England -- You know I don't know I'm from Alabama are really here now. Well limited run my wife -- -- and in the mid table renewing and people and especially in the winter they wait till last week like William Dalai bookings this weekend. Not because they're afraid of the Snow White or might snow whatever and they just don't plan ahead in the wintertime can. And the sun and -- I know the numbers 86674511. A 6070 guys that. You come up big time now. And welcome your tables and continue to have great center valley and I'll be back in just a second this program is brought you certainly relate to that's good. And -- they do best in the coliseum Breckenridge shopping plaza in Salem New Hampshire that's only 28. Here's his telephone number it's 603898119603898119. Online travel this is how Whitney restaurant show and he -- dot com. And this is Scott with the don't forget the village restaurant in Essex makes a great Christmas considering if you folks. Have you call right now you called them on the phone order on the phone the process it in the mail amount to tomorrow. That way you can have -- -- time for dollars -- make a great gift they really do the village restaurant in Essex Massachusetts 55 main street to do extract. That's a place that was featured in. They have Boston Globe you problems then some ominous sound -- magazine lukewarm magazine. We read about them in new England's favorite food shacks. They make. Positively hands down the best fried clams. You won't have anywhere at the village restaurant in -- so don't forget you call right now from the comfort of your home. And ordered -- -- -- -- of any size it's and then make the perfect gift for family members coworkers. Even the boss here's the phone number to call. 978. 7686400. If you wanna order something good something that there are truly got to love. The village restaurant just about forty minutes outside of downtown Boston is the place 978. 7686400. The village restaurant in Essex restaurant April April brings you this portion of the restaurant program they're located at. Right at 283 cause restrict the gateway to Boston's north bend. And -- holidays or any time a year they have a great function room that we use several times you for our groups -- they're the largest function room right now. In the entire north and and they located steps. From -- to the TD banknorth -- north garden Boston Garden there just steps away from there -- open for lunch and dinner too. Seven days a week restaurant thankfully -- please go and say hi to -- -- -- role for us and he got to try there zoom in Gorelick chicken. He is out of this world it's a chicken breast. That is rolled and stuff to shoot -- and find Tina that she needs me when he cut biting into it just the Roma. And then the course sauce in the first asparagus. It just all flows out into your mouth and a makeshift. Makes you want more zing around listening to this restaurant they -- vote 283 causeway street in Boston's historic. North End. A sports Kansas John McDonald -- -- -- I think heading up this whole -- try to -- change and we have -- -- and our fans have spoken and the -- piece of the month of December is a slam -- they -- join -- is the Harlem Globetrotters kick -- their magical new York at the strongest center at UMass -- on December 26 and don't forget to pick up your very -- -- trying to slam -- state -- pizza it's only here for a limited time -- gambling today for a location near you -- cells that -- dot com and salads -- and Al -- slice. All right. Just pray -- things from pizza to gourmet bid itself how quickly breaststroke. -- -- I remind everybody that YouTube but I -- dot com. And put in my name's pat dwindling WH IT LEY didn't select whatever you wanna. Okay and you can text me anytime 686 save in just a few minutes. Michael lag and read out some of these -- get an email question at that. And dead concerning dining. -- in addition to that I am going to ask you get in there right now. They didn't give me your. Your vote for the best. Best bagel place. And I'm glad to -- discovered one night and I -- and I am not an expert on bagel bagel is illegal is illegal to me. But evidently some of you -- and I appreciate the fact that -- we touched a nerve that's my job to tech juniors. I and if you can give me a call a no no no -- give me a call. Text me it's exceed these succeed he met when yourself. A fifteen dollar and Gibson's new -- from Henry's marketplace just in time for Christmas and a push everybody that. Those do that is automatically Internet grand prize drawing a cruise. For two. Okay where is the best bagels in the world in the world. I had 6868. Years senator glad new York bagels are still is some did in the water. I've I've seen what's in order in New York a lot of it floats in the Hudson River I don't know if it that's a great recommendation. I had a mountain of my friend -- -- here I am never never I didn't that. I didn't I'm Hanoi expressed myself you know I'm having trouble treatments haven't had real quick OK I didn't know you. I've further natus Golota is all I know that speed it up tonight I I didn't know you but I'd add to her about you all my eyes. Until about a month to go -- for the first time so I have not seen your show. So I'm coming down to the show there's a really good then want to see your show you can hypnotize and tell me it's good and -- -- -- different -- got to see my show. It's got in his usual. He's been used Internet giant you know then so the -- and I'll be done I didn't those guys in here in the World Cup the shows from the sun. Real world we ought to give Michael wanted to send that on punitive and -- might get smacked might not red scare -- Qaeda yeah. -- make of these in the movie NSA when you tell your fans out there and my friends out there that. If they come the show never mind if it becomes a show on December 16. I probably issue an exhilarating experience that you'll never forget it. Ever ever in what you wanna do is to bring some friend to -- is it ended the kind of show you really enjoy with people. I tell you bring your friend you -- a table with two and you'll have the time we left I guarantee certain. -- so this is the deal. Now I know a lot of you just gimmick of your mind right now. But you can call this number 24/7. 8667451167. Okay 8667451167. However you're driving in Concord, New Hampshire right now -- -- that Nero you're gonna cinematic moment and remember that number okay. We'll go to it in the you a new member of my web address. In the dot com opinion get telephone number there -- they look -- -- -- -- -- and look online to try to -- you go into. You can go to they can movies and always let me. And shop dot com yet as did had to know -- I know everything that's. That's the only Edwards says I know everything -- I Jerry gives great gig in but analysts now see you there OK yes -- and hopefully we'll have 300 people have high hopes up okay CNET know this boy okay 866745. 1167. I don't know my -- candidacy would need to open around stays with you hypnotized brings in these you know. The UN -- another bring you Betty every mother we're so happy that I had no name -- -- fifty in the half fish -- Boston's historical waterfront. They'll put up 1970. -- I didn't have. I Jimmy appeared to show Mahmud and the financial. I had a quote from Boston magazine this low priced seafood couldn't be fresher in the -- knows what to do with -- they ought to have been doing this is 191796. And I during no war war -- no one Cora scored only nine minutes side. Lobster meat salad chicken hamburgers and sirloin -- steamed lobsters. No name restaurant fifteen had. For national radio hall of Famer Howie -- this new. Boston -- fishermen hey I am so excited WRKO. From the ABC news. -- -- -- -- Herman Cain now how much what some Republican presidential sweepstakes the latest to Moines register poll puts Newt Gingrich out front. 25%. Support and Iowa in second Ron Paul who's trying not to get too caught up in the short term polling we. Had -- flavors of the month up and down you know so far. In this campaign I'd like to think of myself as the flavor of the decade. Mitt Romney is in third in Iowa Paul was speaking on CNN's state of the union of Massachusetts democratic congressman Barney Frank isn't impressed by the GOP field he calls current front -- Newt Gingrich the anti candidate. He would be a very weak candidate. He would have moved heavily and a lot of Democrats would win races in which. There would be grateful up. Frank who's not running for reelection next year was on ABC's this week broadcast. For the fourth time this year Iran is claiming to have shot down a US remote controlled aircraft. Iranian media say in our Q1 seventy was shot down along its eastern border and claimed the wreckage is now in the hands of the Iranian military three previous claims that Iran -- down these aircraft have not been substantiated. At least thirteen people were injured in Stillwater Oklahoma when thousands of college football fans stormed the field after Oklahoma State's win over archrival Oklahoma Charlotte beggars of Stillwater medical center. Most of the injuries were caused by eight grandstands can't ignore all after the victory over OEU. I'm launching the shield and so the height of the jump. Likely caused them injuries that we saw. One person was trampled to of the injured -- hospitalized in critical condition. In the German city of cold land use ordinance experts defused two World War II era bombs. Uncovered as the Rhine river receded because of drought one of the bombs nearly two tons and that's murder and evacuation of 45000. People. Nearly half the town's population you're listening to ABC news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- WRKO. News release day and age twenty year old Framingham state university woman has been killed in an early morning single car crash. Actually Donahue of Bridgewater was one of five women in the car. And she died after being ejected from the backseat following the accident in Framingham. Shortly before 2:30 AM. Police and -- -- searching for the man they say robbed a gay and got a bank at gunpoint yesterday afternoon. Authorities say the man in his sixties. And today hitting him institute for savings on Whiting street around 12:30 PM and showed a black handgun. In his waist band it's unclear how much money is winning the man had when he fled the scene. Police say the suspect as wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt blue jeans sneakers and a black wool hat. And despite improvements in the economy Massachusetts residents hold deeply pessimistic views about the future. Including. A stark lack of confidence and real estate and stock market's true traditional path to financial security. This according to a new Suffolk University Boston Globe poll. A survey found. The population that says that it's saving less giving less to charity and planning to work longer and it's all because of one thing lack of money. And checking the WR Kato's. Highway. Patrol we've got our second run away Christmas tree of the day. But just leads me to believe that you should know how to time down before you head off 95 southbound prior to 495. Christmas tree road stay left what's playing north. Easing out your Canada bit slow a -- -- by 138 though -- was still sluggish report ID five through -- here making you wait until last. Not west to ninety westbound by Solomon pond road watch for debris on the highway. And the tight checking out by dump some pretty good the lower deck running. Just by reading over this day gum and up north does straight -- 39395. All moving advice to and from the southern New Hampshire and handed sports baseball. Pro Bobby Valentine joins the Red Sox decide coach last of the team to the World Series back in 2000. He was then coach of the New York Mets and the patriots take on a cold this afternoon. 1 PM Gillette Stadium RKO forecast partly cloudy today highs in the low fifty's partly cloudy overnight lows in the mid forties tomorrow cloudy closest sixty. Partly cloudy now 39 in Boston I'm Nicole stone's WRK OA news -- -- -- reports -- you're tied to the benefits of home ownership. Until the American dream yeah I he's a guy winning it didn't -- to my teachers. Independent studies -- that -- not only benefits families and it also creates jobs and helps build -- communities to find out how homeownership can benefit -- you talk to an agent -- a -- tour and -- -- logic dot com slash buy and sell for more information every -- different -- -- -- today -- -- are members of the national association -- real source. Some assembly required. So stop saying -- participating NAPA Auto Parts store this December holiday savings on select tools sets what depression brand 128. Who gives us. 4999. -- Aguirre as -- he's universal rationing. Just 4999. Now you can get something for everyone in the family. -- your car. Offer expires 123111 while supplies last and. We're in great news breaks when you break it down more than just the headlines we are Boston's talk station and AM succeeding. W Warfield. How often lately rest. -- -- this is your choice for the most reliable restaurant reviews I have. Fine to raise more Zain if I ever. Heard of America's first love running restaurant show them my favorite team -- and a they'll have greatly restaurant show Sunday morning. Tend to watch the Sunday thank you so much -- participated in good you make you work Monday. You can call the Fraser zing from featured a core rate and throughout doing. Everybody says one Tripoli before -- Nina. As easy to remember I -- Scott Libby got our hands and things when you're really just turned you very brief presumably got a message but you have seen very very I didn't know -- saw. Yep I saw about a year and a half ago in the moment as some assume we gotta do is show with him moves -- it it's fun and and you know people always ask it was a list of whole interview I was on the phone when next we losing here. People ask me you're asking and answering this question is it real. Yes it was a -- there. Well I came then to see your show I just got there a few minutes for the show started at the finish I was very late. To me and I knew it was going to be relates of this Tom helped me get get a table. And I sat with. So this family members. And we were talking right before the show started and the guys Taylor who says you know we some last time he was here. And I couldn't be -- the test because I want to be hypnotize somebody else. From a is -- -- -- from -- -- was hypnotized so he's sitting you know the gets his volunteers and stop and then he can't unlock a stronger person. And the actuarial potluck on stage well you know so so does it can be hypnotized the answer is yes because I've. I've seen it firsthand and I know we wasn't fooling around. It's funny. It's it's funny because of the things that you do -- you know it's it's great I bite I just -- a party fourteen a few minutes ago. And -- it they wanna go as a whole family. -- -- -- response effort if family infringing that that's what how you should do it's we can share yep and heat he would take volunteers up on the states or you could. Do you experience it for yourself and say. And and it's just a fun. Fun I can't emphasize it more it's a fun night out now I actually saw him on 20/20. -- I did too I found the video clip and it's out there somewhere on -- do you learn YouTube or something actually saw the video clip. But John stop souls interview there with with him. Back I remember too. I years ago. Are now the number to call for tickets in the time is 86674511. The 67 that's 866. 7451167. Or go to in the -- Slash. Shop. Well any dine shop -- Russia doing and the letter and the letter of the we're dying and then shop all one word dot com you can take it all we're gonna show -- put up you -- you tell me I'm going to use I love everything had a slash and it went where you're from finding on switch at the computer. That's beside -- -- -- in the marketplace through when they were giving away. Michael you gonna give away. They give up fifty delegates did it today OK and just few minutes -- marketplace is in Beverly nightstand Portillo PMI doesn't know they have many years. You know and I -- seriously -- for a second guys. I want you to go in and try this restaurant. We've got to it is one of rice tactics to Dallas she wants to have a show out there as the great all. Hit 309 -- -- road in Bedford mass it's in the great wall shopping center. I don't know warm and Nolan from home. Effect Kevin Cohen our spirit channel which is great in there are no different it's a smaller room so we could we could figure out ways of doing. I was in Seattle so long ago and I had the minutes chicken what kind nets at PF Chang's. Night. And I wouldn't have ordered that except I knew that the first -- ahead it was at the great wall in it was wonderful. Wonderful. I you have it as an appetizer or you have it as a main course I -- this an appetizer what did you call I I think get every time and minerals could chicken with pine nuts and it serves and like a lettuce leaf and -- trying to think it's going to be math awful. If you -- I didn't really get techcrunch and they play rooms and not a soul. Tasty off. Minced chicken with pine nuts okay remember that when you only get there and you -- -- they have a bit of a fan all that they have dim sum today to that today. That's it. I live menus available upon request Saturday and Sunday from 1130 and two dim -- McCain. Now against they have Alice when you're in there would appreciate -- try to do that big old great -- shopping center. 309 -- great wrote in Bedford mass that great wall are right now. I get so many things to do -- got -- return do you -- because you -- you've been on the phone yep -- leave it on the phone with well. Similar became friends with throughout the years and years and years ago when I cracked and the radio. I was worked at a radio station called WTI. At that time is on lose speed and I used to do. An old time radio show and eight to ten at night and it had phenomenal ratings back in the early and mid eighties. And I became friends with with the man. Known as the Lone Ranger the narrator of the Lone Ranger on Radio One of the best. Voice is you'll ever hear period -- and he passed away a recently about a year ago and his wife just called with a question. And we need some help on that. She is set Fran Floyd is looking forward German restaurants in the Merrimack Valley area. I believe they live -- if I'm not mistaken reading north Redding area. So anywhere in the Merrimack Valley area you can call up and recommend a German restaurant. We don't know lot of room. And this couple might suggest IE. That I know of I wouldn't recommend -- -- so if folks could help us out I think they'll be a great topic to help out that Fran Floyd. Yeah those -- plays into the recommended open the New Hampshire. That's and it's so so clueless and so good -- lady from Germany. Told me about it. She was from Munich as a matter of fact and she said the shift this from Munich and doesn't speak English that well and I wanted to invited on the show. But you could talk about that speaking is that well he and understand loosening the so I never got -- well -- Yeah I think you all rule so that at. And out of fuel like I'm not desist. Nothing's like going through customs to customs and Germany -- day I bet you you'll get really spotted the ball -- -- -- right now my numbers you can help. Her out to telephone number for German as the German restaurants on the North Shore. My memory here's one triple -- 4346464. This one triple. 8434. -- 6464. Right now. Jo fish seafood restaurant and bar. -- won 25112. When he Osgood street North Andover. These folks Julie Dietz is a great friend of mine has been for many many many years. GPS and a note to -- says that you've got to tell everybody try to can't zoom. The can't -- which is a tuna it's fresh elephant and actually. And it's kind of pardon me. It's coded in -- crowns. Based flash fried. And his -- -- sugars that -- white rice -- vinegar. Was sobbing in soy -- in his 1995 and they say it is the -- the end all meals. All right. Can't sue. And you can has -- out -- of you wanna say god bless you Greg do you order. Do we Suez they have their fresh out to shell fish at the -- bar. That businesses that don't think -- -- also want you to like them on FaceBook. And you can be. Fabulous seafood ordering its affiliates are online at Joseph -- dot net. And they accept all major credit card clam Bakes and catering is available to and they just great folks there right. Jo fish seafood restaurant -- you probably see me there to go there quite a bit. Rule 1451120. Osgood street North -- here's the phone number 978. 6853663. 9786853663. Remember whenever you call leap family restaurant program if you give us the name and address -- automatically entered and our grand prize -- which will be a cruise for two. Karen's inhale -- is our rule one intent. No 10 -- Washington street in payroll I blood to introduce you to new places. And as the gentleman that called up earlier. Hit the nail on the -- said you'll see glass restaurants all -- -- beach is is that is a restaurant experience. I really wish more people knew about it. I think they think everybody knows about but they don't. It's a very unique. The dining experience. And is the kind of placed it really is a destination restaurant. Know what I mean by destination. I mean that it's worth traveling fifteen miles for. I get one of the reasons. The sector as the food a second there. They really crowded you have Sony for saying -- but you're going -- actually the way it's built it's built out over the ocean so the waves actually -- you. And I -- selective my eternal light to light at the ocean now is there one night. In July. And there was a thunderstorm in the area man. What an exciting experience that was so. That's a glass that's it's all very OK then Kansas payroll is a restaurant that really foods first year. I mean it is the potato questions had a which -- first Atlantic Canada and potato crest. It's Japan's producer with. The middle of this toasted -- In San -- better. 23 dollars. Grilled Atlantic swordfish quite wind -- in the doubles sliced chicken breast. And -- -- -- with a four sour cream potato Cooke hit and serves zucchini. Little white wine sauce. And for only 23 dollars. Right now -- here's the dish. I actually ruined this for myself and for everybody else. It is these three Brothers. Are we went in there with a whole bunch of people celebrating birthdays -- -- for -- -- mind. I actually -- of our friends and amendment cruises as a matter of fact. And they ask you what to order and I told him the three Brothers. So I thought that maybe one other further illustrate Brothers instead of the twelve people everybody ordered that -- that make. Correct and I I don't do that position many wonderful things on the -- was a three Brothers Israel there's Signet tradition they created it down in Dallas. Medallions of beef tenderloin in chicken breast. Alongside. Tune Jumbo shrimp. Share with whipped Yukon gold potatoes. Eleven days -- supreme sauce. Has there's got to be other things in it. They really use of the great taste in its won awards -- -- -- this restaurant itself when the Grammy Award which is. Voted on by it that businesses. In Massachusetts. In this place here at number one. All right T islands in the Paper -- 110105. Washington street in papal mass the phone number is 978. 5210112. That's 97852. And 011. To our guys do you already in there and -- you -- -- -- here. Let's go for it to bill was caught on compressed our New Hampshire build your next on W. -- -- Are you don't a very good thank you at -- very good show but wasn't so thank you should. So in regards to German restaurant where it happens to be one right around here. It's on route nine. Between cable. And Salem New Hampshire new and it's called the Green bar. Yet. I haven't been there recently. It was pretty good to last some out there were read the notion that's or whatever. And could have an assortment of -- As soon. It's it's authentic German. But I have a long time I know that I've been there too but it's been maybe ten years. Yeah he I might be five years for me and my wife doesn't like German for a bit and -- I do think that. I did -- -- out of the Germans could get to bad rap because everybody thinks it's very heavy it's not very. It's it's very. The light it can be AMA I guess it could be heavy depending on what to order. But. It's not a filling it is in this great deal. It's a great -- taste you wanna -- thinking this. I got and the hostages could just fax or -- All right -- -- nine SN is that he broke or were as it was doing and I've actually -- or electric soon. I have a sign right out on the road there's an intersection where I don't remember the name -- it looks like it looks like the -- -- -- a direct thank you very much effort. -- Michael I know you've been getting a lot of emails. And everything what do what do we have coming up from an email standpoint we have that one German answer in anybody's gonna help us out when there's a German restaurant. On the North Shore. She would appreciate it okay bye -- to call it one triple -- 4346464. We take a break here. -- listing of breaking into combat there. -- -- -- please remember everybody -- -- -- showed today automatically entered in a grand prize drawing in crews do. Also in this segment only come -- we're going to be giving away that fifty that was just didn't wanna write call to -- I don't forget. This time next week I am going to be at pearl was restaurant eighteen mount Auburn street Watertown. You know and have -- Kevin Cohen shows there. A telephone number for tickets that 8667451167. Small restaurant review is coming up. Three floors 6464. This is dubbed pat Wesley restaurants show. You know I've had some. I got a great idea for you if you're out driving around right now and you're here -- a bad news you know let the economy. Once you remember our good friend of mine. By the name born mills. He could have made both of us a lot of money I didn't take his advice Beckman goes 600 he can't tell and he's got to go up it's gonna gonna gonna go down for -- is gonna go back up again. You know it is a guy you contrast he's a guy with a record he's been out there for over thirty years collecting rare coins. Got a big company up in New Hampshire co rare coins of New Hampshire. And my friend if you are looking for somebody you know PO and integrity somebody contrast. Let's say you want you're calling graded -- do that for you and you -- -- his grade and I. I've been doing this is -- -- for some time and I -- you do business with him because integrity is underlined and capitalized with him. That to warn those do you have any information if you wanna sell your rare coins or -- and invest in some call 800. 2257264. And a foreign mills 8022572. 64 and this is sky with the don't -- you find out about all of our upcoming dinner shows. By just calling us here -- restaurant program 8667451167. Extension number two. 866745. 1167. Coliseum restaurant Breckenridge shop and -- route 28 in Salem New Hampshire that's where you gonna find my body in the relate to death Scott. And -- is where those characters. There when you watch him perform and I mean performing is in the kitchen. You can have realized that passion that he hasn't. The -- many he has preparing dishes go to our YouTube page just look up how quickly on YouTube. And you watch an evil like cooking and just preparing. It just dishes that. Just formulated in his mind just fine season grievances and puts them all together and it just works out perfectly he loves the cook and he loves to entertain. And one dish I'm gonna recommend that is restaurant. Is there deal coliseum. Eating out of this world is Paper thin deal it's not -- did. He buys it that way or the best deal. And it puts cheeses and mushrooms inside in this wonderful sauce and cut into it just flows out into your -- got a deal coliseum. At the coliseum restaurant Breckenridge shopping -- route 28 in Salem New Hampshire. Restaurant menus reviews. Sizzling new recipe use. Stimulating interviews www. And he -- dot com. Long range here. -- They issued another addressed this question is -- -- more was a Lone Ranger in. Fred -- was announced he'd just heard as Fred passed away. Not all of that long ago that I had -- -- -- as special through the years ago to that -- actually call my show. And that as a -- a group on the long range and I was familiar with him and and all I was just like while there's like. You know the pinnacle of my successively call my show but his is willow caught a few moments ago. And she is looking forward German restaurant on the North Shore now we have a lot of calls but you want more on the air -- All right by telephone number is 8667451167. You know I'm sorry wrong number of one triple 8434. 6464. May have been given their own number at one triple a 434. Or 64. 64 looking for German restaurant in the nor sure that would include some New Hampshire obviously okay. And the Merrimack Valley so he could help her out I certainly it would appreciated but I know Michael. Most guys can answer those phones and girls they come and I know you had to me no questions. We have room waiting for my screen little put off -- does that give blank look in your face that has -- because. Remember password again. It is password including. Izzo still -- -- Leo yeah okay go ahead. -- don't see any -- Boston writes hi pat my sister went to new York and brought back some and much criticism it. Bailey's. Or let me bait -- and bill haley's idol Miley is. Which is a Jewish they let's not boil but it's actually just -- with garlic and onions and and us is loves them and he'll he'll take them every can get some -- And the other email we god was -- from Windham New Hampshire. And now he wants no -- isn't. What restaurants are going to be open in the Salem New Hampshire area on Christmas Day and it's easy -- -- -- then have them the crap except. There's always an except Paul you know Michael Chinese restaurants and hotels veteran -- about it that's it and -- -- and -- who knew him unify and hotels that are open you know that do wanna go to it. All the Chinese restaurant Drupal on Christmas Day Nicole and I'm shall tell Laura Padilla. And I have to tell you that. The master is a restaurant association used to send me a list every year and they stopped about five years ago because a restaurant just wouldn't fill out the information. And I finally figure out why. Because none on the -- open. And that's why didn't bother. So that's the answer to your question folks right. Chinese restaurants I guess we should mention that every week Michael because you do get a lot of calls yeah about death especially this time here yeah. Hilltop steak after one and -- is this woman a -- day. At 430 would Jewish voice that you did George Bush is you've played a long way individual voices handy I was given listen yeah. Yeah I. My mom. This -- voices. Never figured gays are doing very hug and ending union again it's gonna -- -- Millsap Sega says they did doors open at 430 this afternoon. Taliban days shows probably about 6 o'clock. Right now there are other shows up and going. And would like to remind you of the Kevin Cohen the sun is going to be as I said a few moments ago at the Verona restaurant next week and we have some tickets available for that. The Verona is located. In Watertown. And that you do spring street address possess oral parking -- -- apartment on spring street to look at. -- restaurant itself when we talk forever on. Eighteen mount Auburn street is is -- dress actually. I would -- to a parking there but if you go around the back. On spring street there's a parking unless there. No problem at all none what so ever there. As a matter fact I actually get pulled over by a Watertown. -- You should do you know why I'm pulling you over and I said no I don't. And -- did you took her right on red when you should know all I am sorry. So these are wary -- going to the Verona. Messages. He should okay people ongoing appear in this play in the parking and it's free this time in ninth. And that was it. That was it no -- nothing thank you watered down goalies I appreciate I'll never make that mistake again never office chair okay. Anyway the -- restaurant is that is a great place for -- for Italian home food you know what I mean his home town cooking. Like the -- -- Cheney was shrimp and broccoli -- Alfredo sauce oil and and -- south. The it. Had in combination played deal harm ravioli. Penny meatballs to -- is only ten -- five. -- restaurants there early -- menu 46 PM Tuesday through Saturday. You know this boneless breast of chicken farm with prostitute and then decide the world's sirloin -- containment vessels only nine that -- by the -- functions. We tend to ninety people. Verona restaurant eighteen mount Auburn street what -- on the number 617926001. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can rock out as a modern blues music gore walker. Creations of the day stimulate your mind legally here on the Boston's officers should pay and succeeding WR Kerio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Me and you need I mean yeah. -- anything. Your hands and sing. And -- -- making me Green and blue Green. Making you need is making sure the airing your home healthy your family to clean. Testing for radon is easy you just call 866730. Greens. -- message in the US EPA. 97 point seven. We have. -- -- Lazy worthless. And loan assets of the widest range rocket and right now. 107 when we -- back on line as WA AF dot com. Boston's rock station WA AF. One of the big reasons I left Florida this time of year is -- frozen -- however if you don't wind up with a -- of placement like we've -- -- our house call -- late Kennedy and you're all set -- -- has an emergency restoration division -- expertly -- residential and commercial flood fire or -- disasters I've -- 24/7 at -- Kennedy -- Kennedy carpet but. Don't look at all that tires lots of telling cars that is blue line. And it pretty. Confessed that red ones telling. It's red like that -- -- Like my jacket. This is a thirty year old man my jacket not my car is it is my check it out car my jacket is red but it doesn't go back. -- asked he may sound a little strange to you and me. 52 year old son his interest in cars and colors he makes perfect sense -- fans and when you talk with your child people's vocabulary and learning starts long before school just to -- indeed takes simple everyday moments like eating dinner or just watching cars go by and turn -- into learning moments. And it's moving awfully fast. The man in the red tires back to meet the man the blue -- himself a pretty big ticket turn every -- moments -- tiny moments. For more tips could -- any -- or party Dana Delaney at council. Already -- -- should -- those monstrous story and the Hereford Arizona State and we've served. There's there's Boston's. -- position. KM sixty. W. My telephone number in case you didn't know it's one Tripoli for a tiny -- when Tripoli for three floors. 64 a 64 gonna give away that after delegates did you Henry. But in this segment please remember that every time you call this show. Will you go to any -- dot com where you text me it's it's 8680. You wouldn't yourself our grand prize for this month -- screws -- to OK so remember that. I. One triple eight for dining has a number we're gonna be reviewing the great American cavern north -- No no no I'm sorry we're not. Down and we'll see -- that one or cafe -- Suppressed so in things Borough in premium restaurant in the fluent. Kathy is gone from Hampton New Hampshire candy or you. Pat how are you very good -- -- get Alec -- you have got it on -- Sunday mornings I appreciate your show very much so much pleasure thank you. I want to tell -- that a place that I just love it's like go to play here at camp since called mark those restaurants you -- -- main -- I'm Lebanese restaurant. With homemade Lebanese food it is just to die for me and my favorite part of it is they owners Martha. And joke because they're so welcoming and jam packed I have -- cater lot of my party's. From my friends because it's just great true. And I don't think they've been recommended on the show. Really can walk their -- it's his hand Hampton by the -- and I am driving I don't have the address so bad it. They're it's terrific you know they -- could connect her comment Marcus Thomas and Portugal is just. Scrumptious he had in all of its traditional Lebanese food in concluding that it it sure why my. And that QB and that other things like you'd think they think he goes then the WX. But I'll stop getting ocean -- my favorite thing there aren't special is they have. What do they it's -- with that -- and Green being a comment that a movie movie that. Love you and so unbearable for lunch and dinner. I love it if I don't know what the word go I only go to Martha's. Sometimes -- was months as he was dangerous. I'm actually driving I don't have a charter one in Hampton New Hampshire you can. And is in the shopping area or don't do it. It's -- standalone. -- this this standalone little of restaurant and that's picketing dining there or you can't get take out. Time now remember monsters. I get -- listen thank you very much for the golf Suzanne appreciate it was I'm sorry -- the rain is next is -- -- is next on WRKO. Hi Matheson -- -- -- the -- track are you doing good I just wanted to correct you on something. That Jewish Spago is that the Alley. That's what they call us the reality well okay. Can't and I can't make any suggestion of a restaurant and I pack Pushkin. The Couric it's -- really excellent. And the prices are right we'll have all kinds of different food and that it's clearly excellent. Yeah that's been recommended. In many times in the past so must be pretty good but it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the name -- -- one more time. Under Corretja. We're it's an aipac. Com disaster anybody that does is very popular right. It isn't right we have the it's it's. I think it's actually in how wet track stereo type -- street. McCain during thank you very much for the call appreciate it can I had to do this government get a -- behind him I'd like to read some of these. Reviews it's coming and this is for the great American tavern route 28303. Main street north threading. It's funny guy the -- does that after we did the show last night and stone I passed by this place. It looked like it was close because it wasn't. This place should be I could be so great being so close to all my friends and and over a wishful thinking. The building is brand new. The bar is very nice. As are the people we've tried most of their fish -- there -- though wasn't. Real hat and we weren't real happy with any of -- If only they had the quality of Joseph fish in North Andover we would be regulars keys from Andover. Let him back and a compliment is it for Joseph fish but does English are great Americans tavern inaugurating. The prelude restaurant is -- five -- village road route 97 in the -- one. Shawn you're from Salem New Hampshire should descend. You -- night I -- restaurant to the area but you have to try it. We got to tribute to big east now. Let me tell you what bees is for those really in Hyde Park you have a clue what bees is v.s. There's an old sandwich shop these -- Broadway in Lawrence. And many of us grew up on -- scuttle is through common joke Ellis but they weren't there really -- commit you know pound about. And it's -- I love home. Is -- there was so music was so -- in -- they smelled so good they taste so good you burn the roof -- mouth because just had to bite into a partner has to background. All right that concern would bring -- -- a week after the tribute to bees which is dead bees with glue and cut let but much bigger. Bring your appetite. On this one -- was hand cut Fries. It tasted like truffle Fries excellent. Also serves there are two tacos. With homemade -- Pico de Gallo nice. They did a wonderful job done renovating it and Thomas sweetheart. Checked on everyone to see how everything was the service was excellent prices. Or reasonable for lunch panel will be trying it for dinner very soon -- from Salem New Hampshire that's great little restaurant five bears really erode. I -- IE seven with the very small place so inside the phone numbers 978. 6890123. I'd go ahead. My we have an address for the career of public. It was so long from Hyde Park was mentioning things. It's actually -- should -- it's in West Roxbury. 2032030. Centre street in west rocks bridge between. LaGrange and -- away. And there are -- career in Korea -- CO RR IB -- dot com. And is actually a location and brighten as well live to locations. The bright one is 396 market street in Brighton. Cocaine got -- -- at -- five back to phones we go Susan the Salem New Hampshire -- Susan. Like -- I had everything and I had a -- I go running my age. Might bring it -- a trailer or the restaurant and it's I think it's I think it's Salem what it looked like listen you know diplomats are okay -- travel route structure. But might trade and would do well terrible in the line. Well because mom you get you get a chunk of -- except for you this could -- some. 28 dollar jet for the meat and then you want the Kato it's different it's -- Shalit is bad. And we tried to split and there was no they mom that's a menu and saying about scoring in which track speech Hodgdon look putting agenda. And Milan I don't do that the improvements but at least except on the -- you don't know -- I'd say Cincinnati is. It should say you know well anyway it didn't but anyway that's for them but my training aid is far Ralph -- cafe at Cali at all in Salem New Hampshire. There's that little -- plays some on the writings you had -- with Owen. Right right right right right I read the union new -- yeah. Wonderful yeah but also I want to mention that I have seen Jerry Kelly can now to show many times he and he is offense can excel I just. Thought I'd throw that in opt out. Itself aren't gonna vector ralphie. They act quote on Sunday but argued that telephone number and -- weren't you. 603893. Tree in 777. People. All right Susan thank you -- would take a vacation for a moment in gold to New York Harbor Maine and I was in the either. And neither here next on WRK on Boston. Well good afternoon at a health like give it vacation that we are located in vacation land yeah oh yeah. I think the -- trying to -- open called the worst house yeah up in the fairway and you and I have not been -- and and a very long time but it was always. High quality my grandparents actually or German so I grew up with a lot of those. Really great. Smells and -- you know when I go visit my grandparents and to. I think they're on -- street. Another -- they are. The we have been getting I -- not I've been -- Toobin has been about ten years and they changed ownership it's not I can tell you also there it's not getting good reviews. Well that and people are afraid to come -- not afraid there's limited their shy. And there's the control room tells me there's a lot of people who call up and says it's there it's not what used to be. And sometimes that does happen is that the places has been around -- -- we had a great place in New York for many years I wish it was Philippine called Hansel and Gretel and -- really odd that I've learned that. That's playing it would. So perfect team that you know we even celebrate birthdays there in. I can't remember what happened but the woman who owned it was from Germany. And she really did. Have authentic they -- now the other one I highly recommend. But it very the person who want the restaurant that she was taking a trip for foliage or -- gotten the docket if they're geared. Is an all -- though it. You know. It often what they on the way to the look Colonia. -- area you William Howell I believe is the name of it. He and if it's a combination of Germany in -- Really. Delicious. High -- kind of gourmet food. Very nice you know that's that another sort of right ESP. Dear lady that called up and asked the question about the German restaurant. Is the -- The man used to be the announcer on the long ranger and William tell of course was the theme song for them the -- -- over to a Lone Ranger. Well there you go I have been known to have that kind of mental. Is that amazing. So I like somebody or instead trek so they once said that you know the -- of sophistication and culture. Is when you can listen to the William Delaware tour and not think of the Lone Ranger. Well I'd love all old time radio show they think they're wonderful -- though. I didn't realize that you read. Inquired about the restaurant I was just catching you and those kind of a lot and I thought oh that. That one in mid to end and I grew up in the Merrimack Valley but then the one that I have been for -- In an all -- and it's quite lovely the setting is wonderful of the great you know. Eighth trip among. Detonation William tell its call right yet listen. And these -- thank you so much I appreciate the call. Thank gets who's gonna win these -- Norwood who windy. Hi how are you wonderful thank you. Caribou in to our market -- conference last night cristina's apart a grill time. It was fabulous a great. It it was my to a -- -- there queen -- here we are hoping that we and there you hear the citadel in there is actual. But the but this here. It is I had no idea yeah -- it's beautiful if you walk in the door this tree decorated. Give a fireplace and and stockings and and whatnot. We have we a little bit per cables Saturday night about a half hour but we definitely huge -- we sat down had a drink an appetizer. The accurate it was fabulous. And then mountain. We had dinner and the Republican who believe the following December. -- he and the price. It was we can't shake your head up let's say we just don't understand that the food was. Amazingly got a sampler appetizer that have been some. -- create out of compete with. Different step and dumped her right -- unbelievable. And then I have had a country. -- my mom had a scholar with cranberry Lesotho and squashed. The presentation -- it was just like coming out of magazine -- and it was actually. Have you been back to the function there is no I have both -- -- -- upper hand well but -- they are bigger than functionaries -- bigger than BJ's. There are there huge. Cavs who do we dense and shows there. And I about that they can get 4000 people in there wow they have people directing traffic they had two people there are being. I mean you know on the you know Chris and his -- Marjorie -- them. Was the son of Anthony's been Izzo who is a food critic. For the Boston Globe for many years right and of course they the Iran for many years he's -- -- -- wine and food festival which lot of people look. Really wished he had not stopped dead because that was a major event and and really the East Coast not just most of yeah yeah I tried talking to understand the -- -- too busy no luck yet our will listen the Marjorie appreciates it I'm sure. Our thanks so much thank you very much. Match remind you have to ask about my US management effects sewage and oyster bar. There -- one north and -- you look at that there's a great BitTorrent lobster sign the thing that Gregory Brothers DC will be there. You gotta try their lobsters do. It's in North Shore hidden jewel they would do -- this about forty years there. -- and -- she does going to down Boston fish -- every data gets a fresh seafood available. Let me give you some samples the C which has different daily legends such as its sole scribe Trout can -- to lobby at. And shrimp scampi for 695. How these prices well. Efficient chips my favorite for just 650. Movie specials are Monday through Saturday from eleven until three. The C which also offers a wonderful dinner special broiled baked or fried seafood specialties in the lobsters there all cook your liking and serve fresh. At prices you can afford and sit down -- raw bar and enjoy second and oysters and clams on the half shell. We noticed some of their fried lobster tails don't forget the lobsters tool okay you've really moved to take out the -- restaurant oyster bar. Is a great -- for take out even on Friday and Saturday night's -- which. And oyster -- -- one north in Peabody look for that. Did go lobsters value in this that the phone number is 978. -- -- 356057. We will be out we will I promise you we will be back. Restaurants and show highlights. New England they're here interactive web site and he's dying dot com. And it's sky with a -- it's back to more the restaurant program. 68 we RKO in just a moment again restaurant program is every Sunday from ten to one so please tell a friend. Police just restaurant boss is not that is located in Starr now after about 45 years in Boston. It right there on the north and they moved out the storm about eleven years ago that's a unified Joseph Freddie. And that -- Sean Paul. This is highly recommended restaurants. And one of the true signs of very successful restaurant for the crowds that go in there. Every time I go to -- -- in north and I always scary out off but I can't think he got to try it. How would I go there around 3330 in the afternoon restaurants always poll that shows the quality. Of this restaurant. And go in what every do introduce yourself to Freddie. The guys that. Guys great guys great character to his great restaurant tour Freddie back to -- a Boston's North End. Right -- route 28 at 423 mainstream stardom and tried Charlie's -- which is pan fried. What Don lemon caper butter soft spot cottage style when you're sixteen ounce in New York's or large memorial to your liking. Over for lunch and dinner -- is open up at noon till 9 PM Monday through Thursday from 1130 -- -- Friday and Saturday from 1130 to 1030. Police show is a Boston's north and in -- -- -- marketplace that you're gonna fight all the -- -- they're located 588 Cabot street in north Beverly. It's a supermarket. What the supermarket that's a throwback two way. Supermarkets used to think. Before these big chains took over and they just mass produce. Items and they use all these fancy marketing companies to get out the food and theater experience done and no we're not -- marketplace is not to find that. This is the place where the butch is gonna know your name there -- gonna help you out in. Find great items from their bakery to audit -- -- they make their own. Items from their European -- to their hand decorated cakes they muffins and their stones out of this world. There's so many great things and -- marketplace including. An incredible sections of meals to go. They cater really to all your needs. Great to -- office parties to you pick up items and bring a pair of birthday parties Henley's marketplace please -- it's -- John co lane. By the 88 Cabot street in north -- the China Russian restaurant in North Andover. They have an all you can eat Chinese buffet. Seven days a week lunch and dinner the dinner buffet features prime rib and they prime -- I just think it's the best prime -- gonna find in the entire Merrimack Valley at the -- of loss of route 125. In north and -- Tell us about dining experience. Won't understand he's done dot com US. -- just how -- restaurant show some form ten to one. Guess today it's pretty good day to be added. Gillette Stadium. Weather's going to be just voicing. I said speaking just sort of confusion producer. I'm not who's gonna win it. And I do Debbie saw this as one on the gist of your 5050 all used to the kids to generate market and resume our medalist. And she will love -- because they got some great success there great great -- they're going to be emotionally too because metaphysical -- Was that a few surprises us go to rebate in Peabody reading your next on WRK -- Boston. Reed arena. Where do you there. Yeah okay how you're on the year. Hi my radio on and I don't hear that I think going to suggest that if you're desperate -- -- restaurant list generally open until about 4 o'clock on. Christmas is -- afternoon really bought Connors and seen the calendar and -- this is on Sunday this story you this year yeah. So I don't know but my husband and I only if you went out there. Leo -- Chris -- was different date -- a lot of restaurants stay open until 6:7 o'clock at night of Christmas Eve parties Christmas Day there closed. Do you wanna know and I any event you could go out to Long Island innuendo which restaurant to -- to go into every restaurant is open. He and comment on that restaurant in the killing my husband and I went there. My husband was by German lineage. That's not a good sign that. That's that's my -- He has saved those drugs though they're collaborating with the dance I'm good at fifth and how can anything really well prepared German you don't -- Wonderful it really is as first time I had it was in what was then the west Berlin. Are probably never forget amount that was after -- debt -- I mean Berlin is going to be authentic and didn't. Listen thank you so much treated for the telephone call rock okay. I know there's this need them that you just don't play it's got. In our news is one a message. It -- message from earlier today I -- a message in my earlier today okay go it. -- say about this decided got a call from the pro British. I just want -- they were talking about very old to remember that over bread bagels. Do you like that night that Garcia felt like -- Brenda. Liberia we -- go go at a wedding that I want to look crisp and has no. We talk about the day you were supposed to do the remote and you scholarship aren't Marjorie got to do it all by herself. Right actually it's not nice that the idea. Oh boy yeah every morning. When I was 2 in the morning show is Marjorie I'd pass over the Tobin bridge and they would do two things -- the -- takers there. They would give me a copy of the Boston Herald. -- they would give me. A free -- somebody Denham who was always drop by game free bagels and they always give me a bunch of home. In I'd take a minute would have a morning feast you kidding me. Led course their members are concerned it was nice that to go down to he's retired now. Nice enough to go to durable this once and in addition to that is daughter believe his estate states police officer now. Saw those bring back -- days man I've they have felt sorry for those -- were -- I'd be there -- 4 o'clock in the morning in the wintertime in January. They tell you folks as the Tobin Bridge going into Boston 4 AM in that wind in the bridge actually shakes. It is Cole. Border are remember that now I want to remember we'll scholar somebody route 28 and Randolph bobcat Perella. If you're planning a holiday party you call them for details we have take out for the holidays to. W one of the most popular take and I Angeles Dallas is there's tomato sauce. There you can call them. I have and you mean the number. Is 7819631710781. 96317100. This colorized the -- route 281070. Mount. Well homes do the wrong address 107 in north main street. In -- dot. All right sent Jenks. Don't forget my lovely sue and I got to go by and see her I have now has seen aren't sometime soon change at 373 Lowell street and Peabody. This is one of the most delightful Chinese restaurant -- ever go to than she is one of the most delightful people you'll ever meet. It's gotten GSM common to both have back problems and -- even suffering lately machine at work every day she says. Try to shrimp stuff -- plan when you there. Trip stuff and therefore much is only 650. They're Bagley across from the end nor -- -- law suit -- threesome Israel's repeated that he also to thank my buddy Jimmy and everybody at. That's the one and only known same restaurant in Boston. In the village restaurant if you if you wanna shop from home this village restaurant is perfect there -- a perfect gift for friends and family and coworkers even the boss. All you gotta do. He has to call 978. 7686400. And order over the phone. One size -- also -- -- -- zillion of these because they're so popular right. -- you the number again 97876864. Hundred -- didn't get better ahead and make sure. This program here on six AB WR given birth to by Regina pizzeria and please remember. The location at 353. Cambridge street also doesn't. The number to call for our show addressing -- next Sunday were going to be -- in Watertown. Kevin Cohen I mean -- 866745. Of 1167. -- self how sweetly restaurant show is a presentation tomorrow. Media Lauren whom we -- is modular home. This is Boston's talks -- AM six UWR stereo Boston. I'm Richard can -- The piece of US high tech weaponry or what's left of it may be in the hands of Iran. Iran in media are reporting that the military has shot down a remote controlled US spy plane along its eastern border. The Iranians are claiming the wreckage is now in its hands Mark Fitzpatrick of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London says. Absent proof it's just chest -- by the -- -- How many photos there's there's absolutely no evidence and on -- Of course even if there were photos they they could be doctored. This is the fourth time this year that Iran has claimed to have shot down a US drone it is substantiated none of those previous claims. Republican national committee chair -- previous says Herman -- provided an important voice in the GOP presidential race. McCain suspended his campaign on Saturday and Freeman says candidates come and go during every elections. Certainly his numbers were falling over the last few weeks and he was having trouble raising money and I think it's only natural fit if you're numbers are falling and you can't raise the money to stay in the race. Then you'd get out of the race. Revis on Meet the Press on NBC. 45000 residents of -- blends in Germany will be allowed back into their homes after a massive bomb from World War II was found in the Rhine river and defused. Yeah the army was a mystery to tell the people of complaints it was time to leave but I have to residents of the city. Patients and prisoners were evacuated and a nearby highway closed 350 sandbags were placed around a massive bomb which ended not with a bang but a whimper. Experts managed to defuse the bomb which weighed nearly two tons and had been sitting in the Rhine river since it was dropped by a British bomber in 1944. ABC's Linda element of the foreign desk you're listening to ABC news. If insurance was sold in the grocery store will be easier to compare. -- here's in the market for car insurance that's right so what do you think of these brands state farm Geico and progressive and Allstate honestly. They're all pretty much the same to me well and build your save drivers -- discount but look at the Ulster -- But fat contract even better it's -- check only Allstate rewards save drivers with that extra bonus every six months your accident free. Now race. Call Allstate today and you'll also get a lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance absolutely free. Get twenty foot seven access and -- flat rates on everything from coast to tire changes. For your free membership kit just call a local agent what made it made Allstate today shop less get more. Make one call normal standards and bonus -- not available in every state features optional. Terms conditions and availability Allstate property casualty insurance company handles it I casualty insurance company -- that it's -- for criminal. Everything's on the morning radio show this show that in the. About today. Ray -- you have to be excited because -- Louis -- has ever offered on the mortgage -- is. -- their record breaking. -- injures three and every job is offering. That is going to be gone by the end of the show us to take advantage this could be the last time you ever hear this industry. Being offered -- three point 75%. Thirty year treasury along with the big PR three point 897. 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