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The Government is After Your 100 Watt Bulbs

Dec 2, 2011|

At the end of this month, you will not be able to find any 100 watt incandescent light bulbs in any stores around the country. Howie wanted to know if you agree with the government banning these light bulbs.

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-- to go back to this -- -- -- much time for the last night about the the pending. Outlawing of 100 watt bulbs this is just this is just amazing to me. I cannot believe that the the House of Representatives has not been more serious about that try to do something about this -- mean you don't expect anything from a Democrat senator. Or -- Democrat president because they're they're trying to it it's basically a it's it's it's -- -- entered the only it's much worse than someone for because it's gonna have much more far reaching effects I mean it's horrible. That that that we lost. 500 million dollars console went for a because -- they wanted to pay off a -- more to what the Barack Obama's campaign. But I mean this is this thing is gonna inconvenience. Every single person. In the United States of America it's gonna set up a new war. A new black market in in can you believe a hundred watt. Incandescent lightbulbs who have ever thought yes I. You know there's there's other there's other parts of our society where you where you Begin to see this happening you know where where you used to. We're used to have tool -- But traffic's like on the commonwealth avenue was as you go. As you are uses a north after the after -- have in -- -- go down that that tunnel. In the used to be two lanes of traffic and now there's only one lane of traffic because one of the lanes as I claim. And Massa have itself they're gonna take take away 71 parking spaces for like claimed 71 parking spaces is if there's a lot of parking down there to Begin with that that the media. City can give up 71 parking spaces. And were moving back here in it in. In the country in our society in in probably want to do away with a hundred watt light ball meet cute -- -- beating war. Perfect. Technological. Invention. It's it's the classic example of American know now Thomas Edison he worked all those years you know we tried all those. All those different medals come up with the with the right medal but that could conduct the electricity and produced -- the light finally came up with tungsten. And what are we going we can't -- we're getting rid of that. Bill you're next with Howie -- go ahead bill. How -- why you think also adamant about getting a candidate. For president that will win these two can't do it. Why can't we have Michelle Bachmann on there and let her I heard on another show last and that woman grieves fire. I mean we've had -- of the polls. To heck with all that stuff is Green movement is nothing but positive communism in traffic. Well it's closet communism may be and it's also closet coney. Crony capitalism because GE is gonna be the one that's gonna be making all these but lightbulbs in China. And making a lot more money and so what I've read it would -- big judge Jeffrey Immelt cares of but know what's gonna be able to was cedar read a balk at night. Now do -- probable can arsenal blind people as we go on that that won't stop what what -- we got. 32 unelected unaccountable 1001 of them being cast them in the -- to then meet. Punt and guess what happens -- -- amendment that killed John Holdren. Gonna make you don't make it in depth whatever you want it that's happened -- people like animal. You get the education about the work of clearing of the education -- -- The gay agenda shoved down out -- we have got to get these fools out of office. To do that. I know but but bill he you know what you have to remember here I mentioned that yesterday when we first brought this up do you know signed. This this ridiculous piece of legislation into law. Sadly enough George Bush I -- second I don't know why he would do -- but at that that does not mean. That all of -- we need. Fire breathing conservative in the White House within the house and the senate in our hands. And that we haven't started that -- and I think we have to do. Is go after the education system from grade from kindergarten through grade school grad school. They're heroes were fifty years back I mean this is this is beat the occupied movement is the product of American Public Education I mean it's it's more than just that timeouts and doctor Spock reading -- It's more about the public education system. To see yeah I'd like to see all the Democrat senators. -- running for reelection there's a ton of them this year. She -- -- next year and click to see him explain to us whether it when they think it's a good idea not to have any more hundred watt lightbulbs and of course coming -- behind the the next -- after the hundred watt lightbulbs on them they get rid of the 75 water the sixty water and then finally the 41. -- left with nothing but those crappy. Those crappy curly cues where they Calumet. You know if you -- -- break one there's Mercury in it and call -- Hazmat unit. 18774694322. -- your next with Howie -- go ahead Joseph. Hey Alex how are good. You know it's Herman Cain it's 800 watt light off I think we might be able -- -- -- great. You know it took the words that I'm not. You're talking about it ridiculous bits of all of this of course it's tension more ridiculous that's. But you've got those -- -- fry like Bob that you're right they make it. They think that did you write one you got a robot that house. And have died some from it and that's strange -- and clean it all up. Right and apparently they don't come on its pastor the early versions that come modest -- it was cold and guess what it's called the New England most of the year right. Our situation saying I want what snacks. I don't know how but how about these electric cars I mean we talked about of the bicycle paths the doorway with the incandescent lightbulbs. How about these ridiculous electric cars. -- I mean they don't catch that'll catch fire and an accident. You -- you all wait to wall off Florida for vacation for a week and you come back nobody's touched a car could be on fire. -- an end Ed GE. Our GM excuse me says well why a ball back -- comedy they've salt -- and they've spent billions of dollars to develop this cockamamie technology. And they've only sold 6000. Album in the whole country 6000. And -- in a country of 300 million people. Maybe we artist open as we as we sometimes think we are. Well how -- you know while we have the right to bear arms in New Hampshire I -- it. Have done that -- -- ever. They show 18774694322. And and don't get me started on the toilets that we that we would we'd talk that we we had congressman from Michigan on who was trying to get that repeal went public that never got repeal well. Mike you're next with how -- cargo ahead Mike. Couple things about electric got a Kiewit electricity come from right. -- -- -- -- -- yeah coal fired what we call them coal fired cars. That's hard to -- -- Polytechnic and at least shot citizens everywhere he said the charges is -- solid dot com. You know I mean it's ridiculous go to get back polite fault that the property -- as it has a solution out there. -- -- -- a lightbulb factory just to use within that state therefore that the rate interstate commerce. Really like someone told me that yesterday or -- of the attacks in Texas that repeal that I don't I did not cut taxes go against the federal law but as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So river back in the seventies people used to go go to places like Texas and that by cores beer and take it back to their home states. Now you have people wonder -- -- -- quarts of beer anywhere but you can't get a -- ball I mean again how how how whacked his -- You have that you will have that you'll have to make a road trip to Texas to buy a hundred watt lightbulbs. A lot of respect I mean if you -- to -- honest I don't -- -- people -- yeah that's chooses. Really think about it every state to know. I know there's a -- there it is that there -- a they consult mania factory in land. -- -- have a lot everywhere. Yeah. I think the key pockets -- former congressman that's where he started out at the so Albania factory and when. -- won't get ready you know they wanna Brady you know the occupiers wanna bring back all these jobs and this is good this is a good way to do what let's reopen all the old. America light bulb factories. One thanks for the call Mike 18774694322. Brian you're next with -- cargo have Brian. And how applied to 500 waters that it -- -- what eyeball -- just poke a little bit awkward shots. 500 watts now that's what I've and I figured I feeder at all albeit the only one and a 500 watt -- well. -- you know me and yard sale. Okay I had I don't -- a receive a 501 light well. Beautiful and I'm just -- -- type -- out and then. In and out West Orange New Jersey it is. Battery factory turn of the century 19100 it was building batteries to make battery powered car to get in war the that the federal government has torn down almost all laboratories that made the battery. And it replaced it low income housing. It's basically with the capitalist. Like that anymore -- Now now I I read I read another story say that they were making these electric powered cars as early as 1896. And they they in now here it is a 115 years later -- they haven't improved the mileage on him. You eat you can't drive you can't drive electric powered car any any further in. 2011 and you could in 1996. You know maybe something will get lucky but and told him I think we're gonna need internal combustion engines and I think we're gonna need incandescent lightbulbs and I think we're gonna meet toilets that you only up to flush wants. Am I think it's more important to have parking spaces that is to have bicycle lanes. I'm Mara I'm a real. Guerrilla struggle but I guess a lot like Paul you're next with power cargo ahead Paul. Hey Ali I honestly but I don't really understand what all the fuss is about. -- -- get accused of Tibet to candles and -- -- -- You always are you Paula you know what's even better than Campbell's. Whale oil. Everything and yeah me you know there's there's. Wales. We got all these whales swimming around out there you know a day which itself up that you know that New Bedford to very depressed community -- at that. -- it's -- -- whaling fleet up to bat for to get the whales. You -- we're -- the war it's out so yeah it's. Giving you are expected nowadays like Mike our little -- that it's slightly results stick that president bootable Christ. Visible -- I'd go -- visible just become a reason to -- car. I don't know our ability to know welcome to to America yes. There -- be 100 MB. What they don't Altria Group blog and the stations are able to close. Hit thanks for the call Paul 18774694322. On our car. 187746. Seven they won my mother has been reporting light -- since the law passed someone else thanks me and says that up on their FaceBook page to my indifference to -- stock up -- 900 waters. Seven they won like one of your callers once have we about the future was the Jetsons but it looks more like the Flintstones. 18774694322. Serves and you're next with how Lloyd -- go ahead Susan. I would like to say that -- -- an antebellum like myself. And so I can repeat it until the egg guy -- him -- that is that. And that. Well -- tools who Susan B of a split up among your kids are you got one -- Talent that the light outlook before. More than my total treatment. And so I'm you know think that each and -- and then. We're very valuable commodity and things like stock useless anyway. I probably did drag should be Adams breaking news of G apple little bit. And consumed by buying actually like don't touch it because I went a little. Those little while I am now the light bulb and then they would like to comment and -- -- -- options they get I think. Is a polarizing person in the last thing we need is all right interest in peace and disciplined. And any mania. Yeah this so and that's a headline on the Drudge Report right now it says. Experts say angry badger personality won't when White House. Thanks for the call us Susan. Jumbo your next with how we cargo ahead Jumbo. Hey Howard greetings from western mass happy valley here. They the touching on this. You know they told the USA factories and -- tax free China. That's one issue the. And the heat from the lightbulbs they used to get heat from the incandescent -- so you're not getting now with a fluorescent. Now let's say you're using your -- more. I don't add plus I think it takes more energy to make these CF wells that -- yeah -- did to make the incandescent bulbs but you're just make -- him in China so I guess it doesn't matter you're polluting China. Hey you know that's seventeen cents a month but they've taken over there that's that's. -- Naturally the Christmas bonus today. Key had believed that the that the congress I mean I can believe that a Democrat congress would pass despite can't believe that a Republican congress. Even if they only control 111. Of the two houses. Wouldn't at least try to put their foot down and say you know this is absurd. This is stupid why do you Democrats go back and ask your voters if they wanna pay more money for crappy your lightbulb. And the other you know for the home heating oil is more than gasoline now what happened to rebuild the Republican in the oil companies that are controlling the rights you know whatever happened the Republicans -- Republicans. Yeah that's we don't we don't plot would like to talk too much about the rising price of fuel now the obamas in the White House Jim Ball we'd like to talk about the about the fact that the unemployment rate has gone down because 3151000. People decided to stop looking for work so there out of the -- out of the picture now we don't have to worry about those 3151000. People anymore thanks for the call Jumbo. Betty you're next with how we cargo ahead Betty. -- -- -- -- Stephen you're next with how we cargo that Stephen. But hey Ali G and other GMT supplement -- they're asking for a rate increase because all these people -- using. He's curly -- right opposite them -- use less power so they need more rate increase your -- that. No but I believe that's what always happens right. It's it's insane it's insane and then they are match about it electric -- I predict how can you efficient we have two engines in General Electric and -- engine. But that's more attention right. Yeah well. I still can't get over the Chevy -- to -- during the old -- court Ayers. I got some analysts -- I think it is. God I think that it speeded and they and they they were hideous looking cars but you know one thing about a -- -- is. They didn't catch fire and less to actually had the engine going right. This is a -- saying this is a new technological advance the ball can catch fire with the engine not even wrong. Eventually it doesn't think. They are about it has been GM just because of bankruptcy in the back here this -- I like that. Right so we we. We blocked it were buying back the cars -- we already paid our money to bill. Right. How many times we gonna have to bite these effects -- Especially that. Thanks for the call Steven what you did you know except laugh. You know the other thing to remember. We're -- they when they first -- -- in the hybrid state they said that the you know like 10%. -- -- they -- -- the government issued these regulations. 10% of all the -- in California and have to be hybrids. And the every -- how alien enforcement. How can you force people to buy a crappy car that they don't wanna buy. And they could. So old now old days now they've come up with this new ball which is even more impractical. That that a hybrid car. And it and the people -- by -- costs. I don't know what it cost but it cost a hell of a lot more than a regular car. And I've seen I've seen numbers that beat the average person buying a vault is is one of these guilt ridden liberals. Indeed the -- makes a at an average. -- -- take home pay of two or three times what Pete but buyer of the normal car. Makes. And now now even always a foolish. You know Ream. Even the even these idiots these greens -- can't deal with best buying cars that catch fire in your garage when you're not there. -- your next with Howie -- Always. We've got to look at the big big picture as light bulb bill here a guy it's nice picture also got -- they're gonna enforce the federal watt deal and then it's going to be a job creation thing for the Democratic Party. Barack Obama's gonna hire at least 75000. Light -- -- Right. I don't think I I think that's the inspector is the wrong word -- more like -- they're gonna help our wrest power ports you know I didn't inspectors just means that they can -- chew up a civil. -- they wanna scare that beat the big government nowadays once the scare people and have arrest powers. In how I could see the headlines now all of Obama -- backing now should succeed you know I'm I'm I get arrested on the border for. For trafficking -- like -- they would reinforce. People. -- -- Helping smuggle them across the Great Lakes like they used to run boosted the Detroit during prohibition right. -- -- -- It's like a little plug in my police that's the 100 big regular incandescent Christmas like right now. Will probably be able to my -- from Boston. Merry Christmas -- thanks for the call one bill. Your failure next with how we cargo ahead fell. -- -- -- Guided the problem and it -- I'd -- my point about the heat from a light -- actually not any wired a bit and it appeared Menard the way it actually eating out. But. A lightbulb not any Hispanic Democrat in Antarctic -- out at an idea. What could possibly go wrong fell. -- my god I. Where is Boehner at all I Ike -- I repeat where is Boehner -- -- where they whereas what's the other guy's name McCarthy whereas the Republican leadership on this in the house why aren't they at least trying to war you throw down the gauntlet here. And and and get the Democrats on record as saying they think this is a really good idea to do away with incandescent lightbulbs. Thanks for the call -- thanks for the call -- 18774694322. And we should get rid of the post -- next you know how many people burn their fingers and posters. Think the energy -- used up and posters that's groups but the wrong with eating your bread wind. This is -- so many things that you know they'd be you know we think of them as as as advances is things that make our lives a little more amenable and easy. But they're not only necessary any more than a hundred watt lightbulb. Dan you're next with how -- cargo ahead Dan. -- -- -- I am willing to buy -- certainly make up. An electric pickup truck the big of a bet that I can -- beer and tobacco corporation won and we told our reporter asked him a call by war. In other words you won't buy one. Yeah and any you know I'm probably since we are like going back in time. You know I I I thought I was going back in time by shooting my own -- bit map -- -- so what am I gonna their. -- -- you're right you -- thing is I I mentioned whale oil early army whale oil is recyclable or is the it's a it's a recyclable. Commodity isn't it. It's the -- -- resource just like -- and. Right exactly renewable there was -- for renewable resource you know just once in awhile it all on the picture. Whale washed up on the beaches on Cape Cod. And every -- common well they're all whale meat for Florie you know forget -- imports. You know on candles. And what's wrong with. You know. Q -- an incandescent lightbulb that gives awfully. A nice in cents. In -- incidents smell like they have the now occupied Boston to the -- the Europeans. Keep your Macs without it cart ahead keep. A couple of things -- blocked went and made a deal at Home Depot about six months ago. And it wholesale -- border thousand dollars -- a little -- incandescent bulbs. Xbox. Yeah let's put -- -- -- -- -- figured -- -- bunch of them for one nobody has them but. The other thing I wanted to sit there and forcing it is -- new houses. But builders go building inspector goes into in the final inspection. All the lightbulbs and got to conform to the new regulations of the you don't get an occupancy. And what they have not done yet but what is looks like that is -- down the road. Just like when ego in check the smoke detectors and -- resale. They may be you're talking about putting a lawyer in when the inspector goes into check the smoke detectors that. He'll also -- for -- -- Have to change your monitor resale. Now one other thing does lets you know the Chevy Volt is not the district electric car it is -- hybrid. It has gas tank as well as the electric -- So that makes even more trouble when it catches fire. Right. Thanks thanks for the call 1877469432. To -- governor Chafee is concerned about Rhode Island that. You know that Christians are trying to impose religion on each and others by IE. By calling the tree in the in the conduct Christmas tree. But yet. The global warming religion has no qualms whatsoever. About forcing us to. To give up what is one of the great greatest inventions of the last of humankind. Which is the electrical light bulb that's okay because their religion. Is accept it. The religion of global warming and how we car. -- 187746943. 22. Let's see so if all the pollution that the -- saves is nullified when it catches fire and birds on your house to the ground and maybe your neighbors through. LED street lights breeze over they had he -- -- back -- oil. Royal life oil lamps to gas -- the gas -- here. -- how we car.