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Defense contractors smoking dope on the job? Yep, they belong to a union.

Nov 29, 2011|

A business in Michigan is in charge of making armor for our military in Iraq, and they decide the best way to do it is get high!

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Rock and roll -- days Tuesday morning another warm day this week actually -- -- have a -- forties until Saturday heavily. But the high temperature trapped in the forties today it's today might give it to the mid sixties -- as much -- just to have a little -- there was no such a nihilistic. There was some I don't see any son who was it was. It was funny I kept -- the thermometer there was 6364. But it didn't feel like it -- if there was eight another. In that line of brilliant sunsets what a sunset last night thriller where were you what state. I was actually in the open -- picking up the kids at the school that explains it gorgeous. Regrets I have left ten men who are -- for our first cut of the day more union workers in Detroit caught smoking dope. And drinking on the job. Ten years ago W industries got their first defense. And by 2009. There revenue was. Ninety million dollars a year just last year the New York Times did an article on them and -- making parts for humvees in Stryker vehicles destined for Afghanistan and Iraq. Here's a humvee here's a striker. Here's one of the guys who works at the factory on his lunch break the times article also says the factory out who were an eight mile builds steel holes there will be used to make. -- -- foot long -- actions. Other Airbus 8350 passenger jets you've heard of that plane supposed to hold 350 travelers. Looks like this plant workers they -- it -- his own. Earlier this year powered international public company took over the play. Patient files out for lunch most of these guy's head off for meals on the head on with a the market -- up the street -- by brother saw smoke bond. Hey stop picking on the union guys does a bad apple and every tree you know us. Do this -- that there was a a brutal expose say couple months back. Similar yes swear they they showed the very very workers leaving in what was a car plan to -- iPhone now GM -- and they were going off on what was their lunch break and getting stoned and has been drinking beer consumed an apartment yeah. And I forget who it was something interest in about a on the parking lot. But they -- there's another one that and I wish people would just stop picking on the unions it's not fair it's not right from. -- -- -- -- Bob Lutz is a big joy made out of a little cigar you can buy inside the storm of the guys don't about the backup. And still leave already rolled gel -- they're -- and if special -- That's good it's nice note guys to work the next you are at the top of their game and some guys just can't function if they haven't had to go. I drives high low in the plant next. You all right. Really well useless we drink Daniel lunch break guys it's you know -- the -- you word. The word now -- during lunch break man I've seen you down there then there's this guy all smiles coming back from lunch. He's not smiling now and you know red parties at all times we'll read while -- worrying your lunch. You can love scene as well we over there doing your lunch hour. I like the reaction. These guys know how to react in such a way then all sense of guilt that's just washes off of -- -- -- -- -- Bob Beckel he's a Democrat -- the Farr -- the fox show the five heat isn't he too much of a problem with this stuff. Go to any factory in America and you can find people going to be outside smoking dope and having beer that is seventeen people who were there all seventeen of them have been now on their path to be had to work. And the guided to that story is -- church or your freezer right wing. In the guy's got it is right here right wingers who were not -- up there besides you're probably not as -- did shut does not wiping them. That. -- come on come on now are when there's no other place to turn. Played the race card nice job re start in the unemployment -- But the fire these guy right away his argument to Bob Beckel was confessing. That this was a noble enterprise this sting that was done by the reporter. And it was totally accurate -- because his argument to say they've been laid off they're being fired. Network that is I don't know I don't find it hard to believe that they're actually -- -- really such a little -- -- union what I self respecting union would allow worker we fared just disease smoking dope on the on the job seriously. Continue fire register. If it's artists like fourteenth offense I'm sure you can I doubt -- how can we hear from some union come -- push he had he's our guy drives hi always. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We can't hear him he's old welder and at least that's his occupation according to the Michigan department of corrections. Probably learn how to -- that Chop Shop the Iran which led to his first felony conviction. Ask conviction came when cops found -- skills and cash in his house you've already got two -- man. I know we're a hot head. Discussion move into the district general for Barney -- Regrets I have a few on. But -- -- union he can explain to you Tom that it's not appropriate to fire got for this right stiff. Yeah well I don't say it's not appropriate yesterday. I am very exact contract a contract -- -- forty years and even that even if you get caught her side and only you wire do you ride. I'm in a lot of contract she can't be fired for that. Did you have to go through our program. And then they need to get it yet how it but and things like that. -- out smoking -- -- still put it through rehab. If you guys remember a number years ago there was stuff. Casey is -- around. There are so my trailer drivers. For the big gave it a note on the methadone clinics and things like that. Yeah after sourced properly are actually programs offer help in a lot of union contracts they cover up. Same specifically. Stated -- just first off Leo how they can't just say. You know I'm it's automatically launch -- automatically gone you'd have to get pod person dealing. All our -- my arms substantial safety. Would murder do it. I think we'll have a murder without elevate you wanna see a fire. You can only -- know it's true Rihanna studio I'd say -- I don't think China probably. Thank you for the report. Right there are from the front lines it's only right that we should have to drive are on on the roads with truck drivers who were stone. Because some people do their best work as I continued to insist. After thirty years don't everything stone some people are just better and -- have that life than what I what I thought that you're on a high speed assembly line doing some things that require his skill and concentration and focus. And the guy next to the guy -- ahead of your -- Thomas how are you continually. Against the working men. Hot hot stuff that's not he's done it again who has not been sexually harassed that helped by Mervyn King. So is that the woman is gonna come forward and say she had an affair -- an affair with you this is the understanding that we have. Three mile journey through about what's going to be season. What do what do we're not giving us that her name what was she like they tell us a little something about this know what the nature of the French nope not gonna do that will it be premature do you work with -- and no. What that would be premature because the concern about some men -- church of -- Up first church every fell far -- lightning -- a little bit something about this know what the nature of the French nope not gonna do that will fit to be premature do you work -- and no. And what that would. -- broke. Remember he secured a Wolf Blitzer is there -- -- -- it lets me global online I don't know what Marcum who wrote this general. -- will compare the but but but remember when they were just love this guy just that was the last one we'll let the company wasn't an abnormal at all. Then in that included Todd had a good time he like I remind our viewers are this is grace. He's he's -- a insider that's right we did this is a kind of guy we need visa business and not talk. -- -- -- How much I actually helping his fall insurers have his presidential timber. I don't really see any change tough as you look back with a great wonders FDR JFK. Bill Clinton is he not proving himself -- he's -- -- By this audience. -- you know what's funny is the name of -- woman fifteen or an insight as a matter of reckless or who is general Jerry white. I'm not proud. I didn't wanna come out with this kind did not. Ginger -- was worried a political tsunami was headed her way so she decided to headed off. By confessing she was involved and on nearly fourteen yearlong affair with presidential hopeful Herman Cain. It was pretty simple. You listen complicated. And I was aware that he was married. And I was also aware that I was involved in a very inappropriate. Content. Situation relationship. -- -- -- -- -- What -- look. I think that's the biggest fans it's our company resistant -- engine otherwise yeah she was built. Look for okay. We can. -- -- -- He's -- and you will Wolf Blitzer Wolf Blitzer -- the last time we call the bullets had gone over came to a roughly. More of our sound offs coming -- up Tom and Todd W idea. Where do we talk to bolster boom and loosen. There's also talks.