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Can Mitt Trick The Liberals Into Voting For Him?

Nov 17, 2011|

Ann Coulter has switched her allegiance from Newt to Mitt Romney saying in her most recent column that among Romney's positives is the fact that he has a demonstrated ability to trick liberals into voting for him. He was elected governor of Massachusetts -- one of the most liberal states in the union -- by appealing to Democrats, independents and suburban women. Howie agreed with Ann's assessment.

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I got the and called a column it is pretty it is pretty good. Okay if not Romney who if not now win. So now apparently says in -- we have to go through the cycle of the media pushing Newt Gingrich this is going to be fantastic. In addition to having an affair in the middle Clinton's impeachment. Apologizing to Jesse Jackson on behalf of JC watts one of two black Republicans than in congress. For having criticized poverty camps and then inviting Jackson to a State of the Union Address. Cutting a global warming commercial with Nancy Pelosi supporting George Soros is candidate -- scores of baba and a special congressional election in New York. Appearing in public with the Reverend Al Sharpton to support nonspecific educational reform. And calling all right in its plan to save Social Security right wing social engineering. We found out this week that Gingrich is a recipient of Freddie Mac political money. If I will admit however the -- was great when he was chairman of gopac back in the nineties with gay games at the hell. Although Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac the institutions most responsible for the nation's current financial crisis were almost and higher lead democratic cash cows they managed to dirty up enough Republicans to make it seem like bipartisan corruption corruption. Democrats suck hundreds of millions of dollars -- of these institutions. To about last last last hour. When he Franklin -- 980 million Jamie Gorelick 46 point four million Jim Johnson twenty million. By contrast. Republicans came cheap. For the amazingly low price of only 300000 dollars apiece Fannie and Freddie bought the goodwill formal reps Vin Weber of Minnesota. Susan Molinari of Staten Island and Newt Gingrich former senator Alfonse the model. New York with even cheaper 240000. Dollars. Action and now she says correction now he's admitted to one point six million that's still that's cola. Chicken feed though compared to what the Democrats is that. So -- conservative shy away from denouncing these -- institutions for fear of running in the Vin Weber cocktail party. Oh man. Let's say. In -- she start talking about the Mitt Mitt Romney. There may be better ways to stop obamacare than Romney but unfortunately they're not available right now on by the way where were you conservative purist when Republicans were nominating waterboarding is torture Jerry Falwell as an agent of intolerance my good friend Ted Kennedy amnesty for illegal aliens John. McCain Feingold for president. Among Romney's positives is the fact he has demonstrated ability to trick liberals in the voting for me was elected governor of Massachusetts by appealing to Democrats. Independents and suburban women. He came close to stopping the greatest calamity to befall this nation since Pearl Harbor by nearly beating Ted Kennedy in the senate race. That was when he -- a lot of things about it. Which he has since changed his mind if he had one would be carving his image on mount Rushmore. He's not part of the Washington establishment so we won't be caught taking money from Freddie Mac or cutting commercials with Nancy Pelosi. Also Reagan will be the first Republican presidential nominees since Ronald Reagan who -- talk. Liberals gonna have to dust off their playbook for thirty years ago to figure out how to run against a Republican was in a tongue tied marble -- As we've known for years his negatives are Romney care and mormonism. We look forward with -- anticipation to an explosion of and news stories about some of the stranger aspects of Mormon -- of the articles of party been written but they're not scheduled for release until today Romney wraps up the nomination. Okay well I'll -- -- more of this as we as we go along this -- 18774694322. Pretty good summation of its but Newt's baggage though. Starting with the most again starting with the most recent baggage one point six million from from for Freddie Mac I mean that's that's pretty. Pretty bad relief that's really bad and -- bully me -- defending rains and gore elected and and Johnson the Democrats whose. Who wore fed at the trough and then what the plate you know I mean they. They -- you didn't it and I believe -- did say that Barney Frank and Chris thought should be in jail. And now it turns out that he got more money than -- for different. To Barney's boyfriend didn't didn't work there for ten years -- 60000 year. 18774694322603. Obviously the cop in Framingham was not familiar with the Kenyan constitution. To a seventh since when does an Obama heed the constitution. 66163. Let me go and that now. Bible it says keep eating fat boy thanks I think I well an element of crab -- Glad you was glad you reminded me officer mark as a word for you okay all the one more. The people from occupy wall -- forming human chains to block traffic I wonder if you -- -- one is the effect built up the rest of the trade. I I don't know of this are the that the change conductors of electricity I don't know officer mark your next with Allah cart ahead officer mark. Yes I'll actually some. Drunk driving. Rest of American citizens -- data entry -- -- probable cause -- the stop and so forth. -- anyone college unconstitutional. Before. I've heard diaper all you you know you can't stop me so that okay well too late. But ever since it was a constant unconstitutional. -- no it's a question no -- -- -- -- -- I have been called a few choice male audience but now. You know for someone who's worried about new baggage in weight every day this seems to -- it is but -- be rolled into that studio. Which you Marat. Beating at the trough of money. And by the way the money coming on Monday how he is not the other it's called the inn at -- points. Vehemently point and that's what we're gonna have a happy how he's happy holiday party. The other point. That's great okay so be easy for it'll be easy to get to it will be yes we let that be plenty of parking. I you know I like the place that we were thinking about downtown but he knew -- a bit of a bear to find a parking space down there. Okay officer mark you're just jealous you wish you were gonna be challenge down this -- -- really good. I had been there and you blame it on that this Eagles and you know well they they don't I've actually helped you carry food out deal are night. So don't don't don't don't put -- -- put it over and India has. Just want to. I hear in my here. -- They're circling the circling -- Brad banks 187746. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 18774694322. Now doctor -- doctor John the young the veterinarian about how we car show is here doctor John what's up. And football -- I -- we got but it got -- It's that the budget -- right after. Art sometimes. People. I know it well let's put up it was like Billy -- Michael Bolton was great I got it you're talking about Newt Gingrich and -- like you're reminded of or. Let you know that you might recall it was photos no personal if you four years or so we all over the country. And tomorrow night our guest speakers actually -- Gingrich has emerged on right so if you like to come by I would look to see it starts at 7 o'clock. I'm afraid it probably -- error and what -- combined you can be there -- Ari can judge in person we would love what we would love to have I wish -- were here today we could really see how much food -- -- -- away at what. Well after tomorrow night -- sitting at a table that I've -- giving them completely of them implication I can I do what you know how much -- I actually don't -- and also left open candy earlier on. -- -- accurately predict that respect the other which you or the dark side. It's it's getting better pearl -- -- project divide us in her eyes and. Also -- cornea well yeah underwent cornea did you tell me that well but. I don't hit. That's -- -- -- what is it is the cream. Clearance. You know Asia they looked -- patently corneal ulcer on the eyes. It takes some -- possible to Gordon from the white of -- -- that polarization -- -- -- a local -- and -- -- -- And doubt it'll take a maritime British and he'll. Okay they listen mr. -- -- know when to get off the year what you we get new on I'd like that I argument just explain this Freddie Mac stop Augusta that I don't think -- -- I know you know your guest tomorrow night but. -- -- -- He had sex. You know about the -- don't have an agent contract guys stepping up or whatever because. -- -- -- -- -- The young did not answer my question I call I thought to cause -- the give me grief about the true Deerfield game. They are not gonna be that cruel. But I'm not I I think you should write circumnavigate going to be involved tomorrow but it is speaking Egypt hastily got -- -- so -- possible. Okay we'll try to get him doctor Jon and we'll see you on December 2 18774694322. By the way I will be yet cigar city. On route three day in Weymouth mass. On Saturday from eleven to two signing copies of all my books hit man and the Brothers -- that's right that's right. And dies so wanna stop on by and get all your Christmas shopping done early you can do so this cigar city. While its on 97 bridge street which is route three day. In Wayne and eleven to two on Saturday in -- given equate we ought to post that on our website if you -- if you if you wanna check it out later. Figure out where it is okay so just -- -- how we part about comic wanna see weren't going to be. 18774694322187746943. 22. Like looks like alien -- definitely switched over from for Christie two while Romney. Where he's at the purely just brought me is the articulate Republican she she repeats that. He's already explained. How mandating health insurance is in one particular wealthy liberal Northeastern State is different from inflicting on the entire country and always explained it but. As he really explained that believable. Credible way. 18774694322. As a governor Romney didn't have the ability to change federal laws requiring hospital emergency rooms to treat every illegal alien drug -- -- walked in the door consuming -- built that the taxpayers. -- -- But part of the reason that Romney care was proposed was that that this way we're gonna get illegal aliens to at least Begin paying. Some of the cost. Up health care in this country but I again the IBE emergency rooms -- is a full up with these foreign freeloaders as they work. Free Romney here in 200618774694322. Day of your next with power cargo ahead Dave. A -- -- the -- can get. Disorderly conduct business like it'll mark. 000 all along with Fiat and try is it -- him. Yeah yeah but it's like Harriet toll it's what is the book 1984 animal form where they see everybody's equal but some people are more equal. Then there's. Special friend Donald Washington. But -- -- How are how much was that they may have Freddie Mac gotten bail out 380 of 480 billion. I think it was I think it's it's more than that jaw -- Dave and the tab but whatever was the tab continues to run every cut every couple months you read in the headline about how they had to go back to the treasury for another ten or twenty billion. Yeah it was definitely over half of the bailout by the if you want to trim the fat and -- Annie Mae and Freddie Mac higher Herman Cain -- turn -- just like you did those other companies. You're still Herman Cain mandate of. Well right now just just yet kind of you know I haven't given up yet you know and and run the you know he ran for president on on mandated health care. And and he also you know you can stick around for the gay marriage vote in this state you know he was running for president and he can take care you know. And called the forgets that in a. -- -- I I agree I agree she didn't she's not she wasn't here and bay and by by the way calling this Leo while the liberal state I mean it's one thing to watch I guess we are by if you. You know you say what the average income is. But the cost of living here is through the roof it's probably second or third it -- new York and maybe San Francisco you know it's. This is a very very expensive state 11 especially in the eastern confines. And this I don't I don't consider this the only wealthy state like compared to DC. 18774694322. John your next without -- -- go ahead John. She got a call eight people Berman. Why. It's insulting to the -- Even correct -- equities. Income. Right about that. -- rats crawl out of the sort it to do his business in the -- goes back and I. Yet. I I heard I was listening earlier today just for the show came on fox. -- Occupied people. She says she's worried about you know she she's concerned about I'd soccer team. Yeah I would do what we had that that the whitbeck clip in the intro standing -- -- -- proceed that we or if someone else but it would expect I mispronouncing another word yeah. They. -- -- face -- go ahead drive the coupon. -- I'm thinking that I can get at least a quarter million dollar. Admiral Greg or -- -- -- the problem of low awkward in. That envelope pocket he probably don't hypocrisy here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes we have I -- -- below pockets of problems and issues I think I need aid that the government and -- money everybody. Now I'm not. And I know -- -- thanks for the call John. 187746943228413. Says c'mon H if Freddie or Fannie offered you thirty K a month to -- your mom out of the way to grab the check. Don't the night. 413 but. The fact is I'm not running for president and I'm also not not ripping an inch ripping it to Bob Franken saying they both belong in jail. Now if if -- which if I'd taken thirty grand a month. From Freddy Mac long enough to the run up -- cap of one point six million I think I would bite my -- whenever it was attempted to west say something bad about the about Fannie and Freddie. 18774694322. By the way how you might wanna look at the the stats on what Newt made it wasn't him that made the money but Gingrich incorporated that's the collective business -- of people. Let's see Jim Johnson at Fannie was good for up to 100 million plus 187. It is safe to six a 380 safety tips from my dog doctor John I have him here with me and occupy a occupies stink -- 1877. With a dog's dream marvelous mouse down there with 603 says Omar -- solution can you say. Chicken bone summit because of course he was he was pinched as he drove a right after he drove by chicken on the chicken -- Where we don't like show 18774694322. Michael -- next without point -- ahead Michael. -- am Java not the end up pouring rain connect straight -- have a question about maybe yes frankly I guess I need it. Yes every cracker. Like -- Quarshie on the crackers like Berry burst crackers from. Or in jail. But shouldn't there it -- cousin Franklin -- why I'm wearing around as CEO of cooking the. Did you call -- my cousin. And. -- -- Now we saw my cousin if he was like 'cause I would like -- shut him down for at least a couple of million I wouldn't be out like -- Why he has been there and not and she -- -- -- that thing I always do it. He was struggling he was. I agree that you don't let -- Michael here's the thing I mean what he did was solve rages that you don't even Democrats occasionally gets sent to the camp for doing stuff like this look at up. Look at up. Jon Corzine the former governor of New Jersey he just that he's here he is company is it has. Is missing 630 million dollars and stockholder funds he just hired a criminal defense lawyer. Mean what he did it's just play it it's just a variation of what Bob Franklin Raines dead yeah -- If you -- -- box in the private sector you go to jail. What if he had he was questioned him back to what thirty million in bonuses that he will grant it let me finish. And thirty million quite active -- we looked -- as she are important important actors. I know the heat the thing was that he got a lot more than thirty million. That's like saying -- -- you rob the bank okay so we're gonna. Working at electric golf free we don't even have to stand trial you don't have to make bail you could just go -- install a hundred grand. You're gonna give back thirty grand and then everything will be free everything is fine right. I'm gonna -- can't appreciate you get it together. They're cheap hopefully try it pure black I'll regret it would. Norwalk -- offer that Michael -- just -- ya it's it Democrats led Democrats get in a GM for the stops to when I mean red box at black people -- gone to jail for doing soft like this thing about congressman William Jefferson Democrat Louisiana. Media this that's a guy who the congressman -- ninety grand in his freezer he went to Iowa he went the club fed. So it you know it's just. It's it's fun it's fun being black so much it's being black and liberal. 18774. Security asked Herman Cain PP's got may be -- occur McCain's gotten a pass. Clarence Thomas. 1877469432. To the Melrose in the camp. Course he wasn't stealing money he was going after a little girls and not Catholic. Catholic school that's school that's. -- -- -- One 877. 469432218774694322. How am sick and tired of you railing it's Romney your biggest bulk beef is that you have the -- something under the -- and penalties of perjury clause every year it has no bearing on the reality of power works in Massachusetts your lack of support for baker allowing that she'll. Shrill kitty I want your program helped the value get elected if you don't like Romney shot. -- -- I will remind the text -- stopped coming on my show rather early because I kept reporting all the people from his hometown of Quincy. But he was shipping down to the lottery from the treasury so they can -- union protection to keep their tax state jobs. Because everybody at lotteries union to separate two -- And that's where he stopped coming on the show when I kept I kept reporting in beating the crap out of -- for a run for doing that those -- act. Hack transformers. -- I I don't think I you can blame me for a Charlie Baker was in the election. And it does bug me that the signed something under the -- -- have to sign anything under the pains and penalties of perjury for not having car insurance. Or home insurance. Or up half health insurance just just my own health insurance. And it does bought me I admit it 18774694322. -- says -- we just spoke with former Senator Edwards pending his trial he's looking for work and believes he you may have a case against a doctor for violation of -- privacy regulations your -- -- so violated gotta go Pete is calling. I. Actor John I mean I -- yeah probably not gonna call John Edwards. The ambulance chaser but yeah I mean these -- -- did did you ever written consent form from -- to release that kind of private information. Olds are on the cornea for high. And it pretty shocked. What I -- know that capped the Kathy didn't tell me she just the site gets a more cream from doctor John to put on the high. And -- I didn't know about the cornea. One HC -- company she does look better today -- 1877469432. To deck your -- with how we cargo ahead -- -- an appointment. Think -- that you look back and finish it was -- that 300000. The -- -- you're really the one point six million -- Bono and the equity but the on carriers and you've got 300000 dollars. -- Freddie Mac ever what did you do that and he explained that -- genetic material that I recall all about the million. Yet Dick c'mon now you -- wrong. -- -- pick don't don't don't don't you're right but I'm that you're you're -- he's the same kind of excuses Clinton's supporters used to make for now. What are you set I did not have sex with that woman and his explanation was he didn't consider oral sex to be sacks. Right Leone I didn't -- -- -- he -- he know what be asking him about all the money nobody know about the other one point three million a tell until this week. But they ambivalent but the big question what did you do better -- that 300000 and in bed with another great. I did that can I mean they've been battling in court tell the truth all through most of us. I know what is and what you're you're making legal argument sure it's like you're arguing a perjury case that the question was miss worded so my client was not under any obligation to while volunteering information that that might impeaches credibility -- lead to criminal charges. And it would. What are you -- good record has to -- -- U Dicker you'll -- you separate play one on radio. I'm glad you're already thought. Thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. Yeah I mean he. What I have done the same thing yes but. But again I'm not running for president probably one of the on the same thing as well but you were none of us are running for president. 1877469432. To jog your next with -- cargo ahead John. And how we -- -- like -- don't they don't let them flop from candidate to keep their bets on life. It's -- group. Usually you use the F word. You used yeah the double -- I'm sorry. You remember who took a bite to Bulger who really -- He yeah he did he I I agree that was. You know what drug that was his finest moment Ed that they happen in the first six months of his administration. In it I'm sure talk a lot about if there's one guy who's gonna go to Washington. Is out of this group that gaggle of Republican candidates -- probably. Get the job done. You're right John I have been flip flopping around on candidates and I'm like the typical voter in the Republican primary apparently. Thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. Text so. To 680680. Right now for your chance to win a twenty dollar certificate the CJ's more side grow in Framingham. CJ is is a sandwich shop on steroids stop by and enjoy a delicious powering sandwich for lunch or get a taste of their breakfast menu available each morning. Visit get my perks dot com now where you can get a twenty dollar certificate to CJ is more side -- for just ten dollars. You only have ten minutes that text and so text soup. To 6806 they don't right now message and data rates applied don't text and drive brought do you -- get my perks and Boston's fox station AM 680 WRKO. Mike your next with how we cargo that Mike. You -- enjoy cozy little. All of a protected class -- at all you governor it's terribly if you're at work but wow he was sure hey yeah. And don't -- to -- and yet he's seeing and absorb all Goldman Sachs OK so -- -- Call on the back -- three year old line it 360. Billion analysts -- Mexican drug but you don't apparently wants. -- not speak. To complete. Not not done any more than not thirty million deterred Franklin Raines. No I don't teach -- -- just like he's gonna go to jail. And partly -- brought about. I think it was cited that it's hard with a GA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know he's -- It. Was so I was -- You weren't actually vote Goldman. Oh my god. But -- Mike I you know don't think 6630. Million dollars missing I mean this is -- laundering money where you know -- one's gonna complain the Mexican drug dealers argue that. Go in front of a TV camera and bitch and moan. You -- to have lost people that lost at 630 million it's going to be like Madoff has met. Count three weeks and he didn't look all this she and in. And -- and it looks like it was. You know 2101000. To -- being you know I am. Parent or all that you know what you are so insulated. From new tactic. Maybe he should maybe he should recuse himself like Elena Kagan should recuse herself from the album on obamacare on the Supreme Court. Maybe they ought to bring in us special prosecutor for Corzine. Course is missing 600 his company MF global which is now on bankruptcy has has. -- There -- able I don't know if they've lost or stolen probably somewhat stalled 630. Million dollars in the the other regulators take. Every day that goes by and it's now been weeks. Every day that goes by makes it less likely there we're gonna find out where the money is or who talked it. -- Corzine Corzine was pretty big had a the company he was the CEO. How they nodded like the guy. Again do you know how many people becoming a will be had been part of those cameras comic will be interviewed on the networks on CNBC on fox. 18 in the in the New York papers 1877469432. To build your next with how we cargo ahead bill. Hey -- thanks stick my eye part though it would change your opinion all of a sudden -- -- -- a memo -- about Newt Gingrich right. Pop up being pretty should not be making these loan that they are making all around decisions do you think -- changed the tune of it. Absolutely bill absolutely but he can reproduce anything like you reproduce any such documents. I don't know what I'm sure there are written and he that you're. Italy the the the the Freddie Mac people who leaked the story to what the Bloomberg yesterday. They said they had that no recollection of his. His recollections of what he told -- people for that Freddie Mac. Well in my -- might get them back on file somewhere just wait for the right time to release some weight problems moment in the buildup and and it is not the wall. And and and honest I noticed by Mitt -- good current -- we've got Bollywood he was governor he gonna make your decision about what Karrie became president. Well. That's true that's true he did offer me a good hack job. -- -- all. Thanks for the call bill. 1877469432. -- of that piece of a girl who -- from Walt Sampson at -- obvious that. So how we Mitt promised you the job you know that the -- -- he was -- on that night and he said he sign that says it's a done deal. Sign Mitt Romney governor. So you know -- a commitment commitment to contend. 1877469432. To Peter your we'll take a break 18774694322. Car. -- 18774694322. I'm getting some texts about the usual problem this time of the year with the -- early sunsets. If -- in the way west of the city at WCR and AM 830 WCR and AMA thirty is carrying the show. Until seven and does so is south of the city WX TK. 95 point one FM out of Hyannis 985 point one FM. Peter your next with -- cargo ahead Peter. Tell you what you have to understand what everyone is missing is that the reason you're an altitude or. Or and so strongly against that is that a lot of people do not like met with good reason. No I understand I think I get -- yeah. -- -- -- -- Flip -- that they have a lot of issues he ran away from the health care that she developed in this state. Obama. Based itself embalmed and ought not get up there with that stupid relative. And tries to act like it's not the incident wasn't based. How their uses the phrase -- like to use this is -- say what ever pretty tough to say you write -- elected. -- on everyone's good thanks for the call here. -- --