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Bloomberg TV's Suzanne O'Halloran joins Barry

Nov 8, 2011|

The European debt crisis is the topic.

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen were brought to you by network capital funding corporation your future finance. Welcome to the show we are broadcasting to -- -- today from the Boston convention center -- here for the association. -- financial professionals. We're beginning to summit there agenda in a few minutes but we've got a great show in store for you today. We're gonna run right down to new York and talk to our differences and -- from Bloomberg TV Suzanne welcome to the show how you -- -- get very -- everybody. They would so what's the market doing is down about fifty points ten minutes ago still down. -- -- -- I called today a little changed -- I think is not afraid for example the Dow Industrials down in 33 point yet and he just to claim that seems an aspect. What we're really seen today that at fairly quiet session and it really we'd seen. On more details from Europe yet again is -- -- a -- states' view what's happening in Italy in particular. And that's a part -- a bit more information and and as a result we're teens about the sort of kept water connect. So Italy's gonna go through what confidence vote today. Why didn't vote this morning and arms Silvia Berlusconi actually on a budget here but without a majority. Bill what that tells us is it and how -- -- swing at but he doesn't have a majority there are still questions and uncertainty. And that what's ahead for his future. And there has been. Many reports coming out of its -- press that he is apparently not stepping down. He's denied those however there we're hearing that he will see it confident though and really what the market is -- if you look at. Italian I'm here -- So percent of yet that you're nearing 7% while over 6% and and that's what a great example on the market telling hand. You need to -- now time to go and I'm and the longer you drag it out. -- more at danger is. Perhaps a default for that country and Italy is the bigger deal country. But -- credit is more but from what I've princes in Italy is in not. Is -- a bad financial condition is Greece's at least they have attacked and authority. They haven't an overall economy when you compare degrees at night reading it wrong. I you reading it wrong but they do you have more liabilities and Portugal seen. Greece and Ireland combined to the fear here it is our -- continue. To -- That's gonna create more problems with batteries -- in copper country. Perhaps they'll be unable to make their debt payments there's whereas the the issue that the editing and -- -- Kerney had a terrible reputation any good to be EU meeting I had at meetings things. He actually send the data about implementing austerity magic when he gets back to his country. And nothing happened. So it's more of a perception. It's perhaps time for hand you hand over the greens to -- out again. Can do a better job. Of running the country from an economic standpoint. Would sell its oil doing today is still up in price. Oil is saying he had a tactic of talking -- as well -- I had 96 dollars but now that the three month high and and it if you think and packing oil number one is. The company in here at the back -- -- -- advocate buying because as these European community's grief now Italy perhaps France taking -- austerity measures. They're making progress enable within Q. Recession. In the near future. But the -- cited were probably for a report -- any -- and their nuclear. You know. And there's some speculation that the support me indeed how hard evidence that Iran is where he learned her creeping its nuclear program. And that's and that's a lot of oil -- that's really. Driving -- pray to Allah we don't that we know we're gonna get the data from its report later this week but we dispatcher what date he ran -- -- critically about that. I -- back contain information that. Inspectors have evidence any increase nuclear. Programmer that they're working with the Russians. That can actually create a new wrinkles for players in Italy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Am I -- he AT&T park but today it was outlining areas it's hard to increase in the Magdalene. That could potentially send oil to 105 and that would create -- -- set of issues for United States because that that now oil today and I think by the relatively few high. But again you know we don't know the details of this report actually there are Iranian President went down -- speaking to an Islamic music news agency. Warned the acne allies not to make -- allegation itself. To get his voice and there but clearly. If there's lot of speculation that this report is going to teens and making it means an academy -- the battered and well that's a very nervous about it. The oil market and it ran the second largest producer while we pretty mutual in the world oil markets. I was reading about a company called WebMD. And I see people like George Soros and Carl -- taken positions in this stock. Which it what do you make of WebMD is this something that individual investor should be looking at to include in their portfolios. I mean it can one of those companies that is clearly had attracted the interest. It's. Documents and George Soros and Carl Icahn and I kind at a that he icon is it's much did you think you mean because. He forget that identifying. Companies that needs scenes and forcing pertains whether or not that's. -- -- market spoke on the board. Or fourteen failed I mean one of his except oriented Motorola device not company detailed and out of really thinking in the Arab and I mean he was he is. Of first and foremost. In enforcing net sales that's companies though I'm gonna talk about a lot in particular because we you know. That he he got their interest said. It. -- it found 36% this year but we have seen a bit of an increase. I think we we've -- needs of its peak in this and then it stopped. I mean he look at me I think that the great indicator you one day you know you wanna think that that that's something positive it's gonna happen with the company. Clearly is they're putting their money. Into WebMD. You never now these things can drag out for very long time. But clearly something that work as a company. -- -- Any rumors of substance coming out of the super committee I'm hearing a lot are a different rumors and -- Trying to figure out which ones have any validity to them. You wouldn't -- to get people out on Mac Berry I think it you know we're gonna be continuing to get deep -- is an act. In the next couple of you know -- -- Korea insult me really I believe that deadline and the 23 -- November -- kind of get to get things in order. -- You know what we're hearing music detainees to be a lot of disagreements about what to focus on and how to cut the deficit. Nothing we denied her finger on today what I would say is the fact that the market and the continue to get. Headlines out of Los informed and the market really isn't giving anything that's actually. That would be at it. All right now -- -- Keep an eye on it and unity there's a lot of concern over what they're gonna do tax rates deductions. The estate tax I've heard rumors abouts in Medicare -- changes to Social Security any number different things that I think make a lot of people nervous is there. And wanted to think that that's how my analyst cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. And the pinnacle of a tax cut that in narrative in any sort of insinuated that. You know the cut -- -- each economy and that they could be a little bit more men like. The market is expecting an -- tax hospitals that play makers. Lab. Mean going to get your blood tested and things like that's so. Health care of from a financial standpoint aren't investing standpoint helped care -- -- done really love it here I got Canadian negative verdict for some of those. Companies helped kick -- upbeat at six and a half percent and I think that pretty well technology one -- mile we had in the third quarter. On to -- there's some of the things that we're focusing now but still it's still early days for those negotiations and it's great to put him on exactly how things that stick out. Right now oil prices up what are whats gold doing today. Get -- is is not that's well let -- -- he can -- And entity. He felt it typically cynical I think now -- -- CP and clearly this situation here at remains very related. In those in these types of -- investors Bible that as a CP and sure I think at about 10% since September. Can we get more clarity and your -- -- on the positive side that can actually he confidently and out of -- but. Much -- talking -- today it's gonna be watching 18100 an ounce level. -- he did not that that would people it -- going forward. But he YouTube let's go back to the Europe situation if Europe settles right if they negotiated settlement on Italy and Greece. Then you could -- gold decline in price. It's a lie on -- a couple of things happening. In Europe mean clearly were waiting on Italy. A -- talked about austerity measures. And I'll let you know a lot because believe ECB cut interest rates and not support of circles. You know there are more factors that work and just. Italy getting its house at quarter and that sort of -- but he he it's known in. On Wall Street as -- retreat back time. So I can that it retreat opt. Know when that happens and masters one Paper assets such as call I think I'm very I mean this is that things that are coming out of Europe I've missed defying. Pretty much everybody. -- it's impossible he would replace the back in the markets though if you wanna protect their money a lot of folks are going into well. The last hope they're not making a mistake I can just see gold -- set up here Suzanne for big. Well I mean it's a reminder that we have -- -- I mean afterglow OK okay you know -- 19100 dollar announced in August. And I think apparently calmed down sharply. Though. Called act quickly. We're down about 5% since back as quickly as the vehicles to rally there any positive development diet and it the other way partnered me. It's Kathleen the very volatile trade. No doubt about it. But today it appears to be -- -- and over the past few weeks because of the situation in Europe with team. More money flowing -- tickled. And eat it cold it's one of -- investment name Matt and George Soros but it has article means -- -- his largest holding. I would like to look at let me get -- -- filing with the people and the Smart money was pathetic Aileen and you -- a piece depicts Barack. You know they had their money hand in the spdr ET FT LP which is elected -- yet act like typical goals -- Just remember that Carlson just remember Paulson held a lot of Bank of America teachers and. Actually he you know I was looking at them and holding the FT -- and not you know a lot of banks actually sampled artist -- -- -- -- and he's as a result he's. -- is taking a hectic -- busy house except with finance -- 16%. All right Suzanne thanks for your time sure appreciate. It -- you to. Ladies and gentlemen that was Suzanne -- how learn from Bloomberg TV joining us today on lunch money.