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Carol Conway Bulman, CEO and Vice Chairman at Jack Conway Realtors on the Local Real Estate Market

Oct 26, 2011|

Jack Conway Realtors CEO and Vice Chairman Carol Conway Bulman discusses the local real estate market. Carol tells us whether she thinks now is the time to buy!

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There is sports fairly good. Gruesome one carrier furniture. And good morning on -- all good to have you with us on a cool start to you Wednesday edition of sports daily for 361240. As the number and we'll be for the next two hours of this show. Jeffrey lose his seat 00 and use their take your -- with respect to a forty servers the engineers. -- -- for the next couple of hours as we await aid. The field at Busch Stadium in Saint Louis and so just -- the latency. How that all shakes down game six of the World Series with the Rangers leading three games two on tap for tonight but whether I don't know whether threatening accurate that assessment was that will. I'll let it slide because by tonight and listening that's what it -- I think they're they're all -- that's the that's gonna rain and if it starts to rain is a it's just dissipate by later today will we apparently -- -- 40% chance here. I'd like to hear I wouldn't mind a little race no apparently in the in the low levels even of the Rockies yesterday. Quite a bit of it cold temperatures -- on that time a year when there's daylight savings when does that change. Seems like that would change fairly soon -- and maybe it happens next week or the week gaffes or Sunday him and even now again. -- -- Fall backwards. Right spring forward fall back recognizes an hour of -- line you guys been here very shortly and gain an hour of sleep bright. -- -- -- I can never figured those two things down -- there's some things that are clocks back and the faults so you get an extra hour isolated. But don't try to confuse me. Tolerated it do you remember oil from -- Wednesday. We expect Jason -- and at some point. -- to regale us on what's going on with the thundered to shoot out wins. Here on Wednesday. -- about that coming up a little bits and also. -- this is -- fantasy football. Tom checked out of all the dots. On I checked out of it but I am I just kids. Hit the skids. Now Darren McFadden hurt me last week everybody had a here. And I mean everybody has already has there injures or fifteen guys and -- week program well that's not the same as injuries so figured out a way to finish second in points for the week again you lost. Right that's the frustrating part of Iraq. Way to win one foreign -- now is that what you are 14001. Game this one game. Well not totally checked out you're you're still a little invest it on competitive again where you -- on checked out. Emotional. I'm I'm I'm kind of peace really I think it's. I don't know who's go to it does appear that anybody. Really wants let me crime -- shelf I think that that probably that ship is probably long since left the harbor. You you have Debbie. And pastor -- -- -- will there even Nevada okay well well who can blame them. I'm as -- on a conference pre season polls are out and absolutely no surprises. No surprise whatsoever. I don't know I picked it exactly that way don't know if you did either but I think the top for use certainly had in the order that it came out and Creighton Wichita State Indiana State northern Iowa. As bad as I have a problem with that on the I'm I'm -- stand by my guns I still have reservations. It's limited reservations about -- to us today. I wanna see how they play on the front court I wanna see how. Some new guys. Figure into that mix I want to see if -- -- is a guy can get on the floor for 810 minutes -- game this year and more. Does this all the things our policy. Well I understand that but that's how you are you gonna prove it to you you're not gonna take -- sight and scene. I mean you know every. They'll be right in the middle of it. What is right in the middle lizard -- valley isn't the valley has improved. Its better at the top than it has been. This I don't know I don't think a very good at the bottom. And how odd is it to look down their seed Illinois State southern Illinois in Bradley picked in the lower that the lower third of the conference like it is in good. And I it is included all of its top four I think we're gonna be pretty salty in the top two I think there's going to be very good. I don't think I would quite put Indiana State in that group but that remains to be seen. Remains to be state. So anyway and I don't think any surprise the pre season all valley team I you can very easy to pick. -- And the which does state women were picked third. Today got second and third we will see about that. They're just fix. It at all there. And guys making things. But I would imagine that the. The mens pick which will be headed that's going to be that's right word needs to be Creighton which does stating yesterday. And doctors to get 71 place votes muscles so we'll -- looking forward to it though. Open scrimmage at the devastated scrimmage tomorrow night -- on Thursday what's today Wednesday Thursday night Thursday night -- -- since the out their for that. I'll be watching the world's there won't be. Smuggled out and check them out real life. -- I mean and not a baseball fan are you get a good look at. I mean I'm really really stands look at. I'm -- what are you -- working again -- I'm going to do Bob are you aren't they get -- get a good look at the things that you just wondered about. How many get a good look at some of the guys that move that may be we have questions about you're gonna get a good islanders currently that's a forty minute game scrimmage not -- -- stunning you know and I am doing television -- you know where you like working then that's much to the consternation of a son but yes I will be working and and look trying to gain some degree of insight. Putting on -- -- games He would do on this here because they're of that valley TV a lot it's actually really -- him pretty fair -- are you doing some of the valley. That remains to be seen. We'll see it are you in the mix of that hole. ID you know no. We'll answer that question as I know it's a big deal mean then I'd probably know I'm probably not in the express cable news. I would sit -- and Bela. And am available at 1008 -- games are on the half ESPN her fox absolutely. Which is great. Absolutely outstanding for the program it's great. -- outstanding exposure. In the two games against dead Creighton on ESP and you. And to do so that's going to be a lot of fun to. -- like it right around -- corner. It is October 26. Paul it's -- somebody on the European sports medicine at -- hotline good morning. Good morning I'm just look and you guys and probably didn't think resolved -- now -- this -- that probably says that you'll be watching their World Series marlins'. They're probably would've been no statement that it would is that. Hopefully. Probably what. Well why why would I go to hopefully I mean he's got to have faulty data that feel like you're I don't I don't realize you're gonna win I don't know you played and. I'm looking forward -- -- that well but here that I have already. Reserve -- room for Saint Louis that the last week. Well you should do that anyway. But I got I got early bird. Nice special reserve it is that this Saturday but it involved a championship game on Sunday -- Are you Paul that's that's good stuff I I like it I I can honestly say that that's one of the most fun events that we go to each and every year don't over Saint Louis for the valley tournament they look great I would. RA my friend I appreciated thanks for starting us off today we appreciate -- 4361240. Is the number. Although our guests appear on the north Phoenix sportsmen and Cyprus title. It had not exactly yes there. And I do -- -- I guess -- dollars callers are callers nice yes Sasha and home now. Now not absolute what are today collars caller. Now how would you how -- -- would you describe the Cox if I collars they call us and why they're not pre determined guests of the show they they call the show. Certainly not -- yes thank you very much for clearing that up for me straightening me out. Which it well we have a guest. That -- but there on the hotline I will consider that as we move forward. West Virginia set to replace Missoula I think He got to feel pretty good about that don't you. -- aid the big twelve is being somewhat proactive. In this thing and isn't West Virginia a bit of a step up. If we're comparing and contrasting thoughts. I mean it is it's no surprise there -- -- I'm so sick of realignment I know you may be sick of it but it continues and the front page news of Sheridan itself and Anna Paulino little fold less Virginia and I can't wait to see. In the big -- well it. It's it's certainly better than the I don't know who's who's a better that is just so ridiculous. That were thrown all this together. And in my opinion I think they'll go we've become a day where we regret. That this has happened. I don't know what these schools are looking for I don't know what these conferences are looking for. West Virginia. In the big twelve. You know off artists from Morgantown, West Virginia and public taxes yet. Area almost 15100 migrants even longer than Colombia to. Gainesville which is about a thousand -- you know you're right. Regret what what is you will I don't know I just I just say I just think that for us here in Cannes just I have you're saying -- has to throttle that this is contrived I wrestle Arnold isn't when it comes to -- and I'm not looking at the big picture I don't care and I'm looking at how it affects kansans. And to lose Missouri. And out of this conference affects Kansas yes Kansas like playing Missouri especially. In Lawrence Kansas especially but also case say no no question about it oh yeah elects to thing go absolutely. And most of us and -- West Virginia is not going to be this. Well it is I don't know it it know it changes it but you know what people are drawn that stuff right down the toilet. People that -- that's not as our and that's not a -- that as people arm are starting to make these moves Texas thing and I -- obviously doesn't care about. Playing Texas. Missouri. There are no guarantees that anything would it continue to happen with the University of Kansas although I would think that just from a pragmatic standpoint you'd wanna keep that rivalry alive and -- the financially it makes pretty good sense for both schools because there's that. Familiarity. But I concede. Bill Self taking a stand and saying I'm not plan misery. While they they may both think that's right. I don't know how that's gonna well except it's not Missouri it's Missouri jolting debate twelfth. And it won't be the same when they're not in the send -- that's exactly right play and all have the same field it absolutely right and and Missouri's. Idiotic. I just go ahead and say there's that's a day it's the most ridiculous thing in the world for them to think that they're gonna. Go to the SEC east. -- is just cut it it's dumb found. You do you know that and and I believe my researchers write that Missouri has one fewer big twelve titles than any school in the big twelfth. Not surprised only true. Since the formation of the big twelve and one baseball lead the spring before. On. This spring before or did the big twelve all came together the -- the regular season. But since then have one soccer. And softball women's championships. That's been that that's their only -- now there are other factors. A dime there's no denying that Missouri is competitive. They've been very good in football they're alternative and basketball. I I always like Missouri I've enjoyed going to Missouri I I I enjoy a I mean bin to a lot of competition over there and and I always have a great nominee it's a beautiful school. And I'm sorry that it's going I don't understand why it's going. Because of Texas. And that's why. -- don't lose the same reason Nebraska left well Missouri at M lab Missouri had a place they have options at the table you don't think K user community out of here think I just think Missouri will be dwarfed India does they have options they wanna they don't like me and I don't like the them the elephant in the room that's Texas right every school in the -- have the ability -- leave. Has left except Oklahoma. And Texas right. And nobody's happy in this late. They can tell you they are all day long. And little bit I don't know if it. Happy I think it is. I just think that it's on it continues to be on that'll. But I think -- if you moved I think that things are. Even if Missouri leads and they're going to. I think that you're them in a better place now -- you worm a month ago two months ago. You conference still alive and a and you've got TCU in West Virginia a year football conference is it pretty good shape. Your your your good there again. You -- flat on -- yourself yes you and I ask Missouri you've lost a lot of rivalries. Yeah you've got a conference now and again again my whole feeling. It's a union -- me right you like to take a little bit large I do take a broader I'd take a much more focused view on what is -- -- To Kansas. And it has something for the state cans and well -- but still in the big twelve they are minutes which is probably he's better as a program. In different animal. No longer yeah well Colorado is never really big issue I think Nebraska was -- in Nebraska and Missouri goes to our big issues we loved -- -- raskin -- -- in this day. Will care much about there's never going to be a rivalry with less and maybe TCU. Notice there -- down there in Texas and they're just another Texas and TCU works for the southerner. It TCU is actually a good fit. Regardless of signs that regardless of the situation and it doesn't really do much for the Kansas. But the Kansas schools at the bottom of pecking order anyway it doesn't matter it's actually yeah that's right. We know that. They know that Bergen Essex -- that can make them happy especially K you thought well okay. Yeah but I mean it's just it's the world that we let him right now and it's not and it's not what's happened in the conference as it pertains to the Kansas schools has been. Damaging. You don't have true rivalries in this conference but damages and what level. You don't OK okay are right. But you know what that viewed as being taken now across college sports has nothing to do with the rivalries even though I think it should. -- the view now is all financial it's all. All of doesn't have rivalries. So well and I college athletic I think the attitude that that that many have as they move forward. Which date would be larger. Bottom line. Dangling in front of them is that you know what will make our rivalries. Is going to be OK use products outside case accident. There's going to be -- State's -- only K you but that but you know what that's not bad either can use been but that's always been -- I don't know all. What I mean it's a rivalry but that's where the focus becomes now. The focus will be case state and -- instead of Missouri being in the mix and stuff like that. Which clearly they have misery in Kansas is a bigger rivalry in my opinion. And then KUN case say yes or no. Maybe in the Kansas City area and out here where we live -- Zuma Tokyo local OK but you know what I think -- used in the Kansas City area. But were not. For me KUK's say it's a bigger rivalry NKE it is for me true but I don't think that is just for -- that all the matters yeah night I'd like I said I'm taking a broader view don't hate the product well right now -- hearing. On whether I'm in Kansas. Kansas -- provincial. Kansas has a bigger view of themselves. This is bad bad situation for Kansas. You you you don't have Missouri you don't have Nebraska. Mean those are bordering states to Kansas right. Kansas. Counts to me and of course accounts. One of two things we're gonna happen. I do you today in the big twelve. And decision was going to happen. Or you're going to lose leave the big twelve be absorbed into some other place the ACC -- Big Ten or whatever and the same thing would happen. What's the difference. It is to do that so what should understand of the SEC came to Kansas and said. It works fourteen in the SEC's case it worked twelve on the big ten's case. We wanna expand we want -- Can't is you know he's not a spot where they're gonna side. Now we've got a perfect deal announced that I don't think that they'd say a perfect deal that that's what they go X -- I don't I don't have the all estimation. Yes. I would say yes. I think go to the Big Ten and I don't think I don't think they go to the SEC but I think it probably go to the Big Ten. I do. Now will that happen is that a possibility I suppose I don't know. But it's hard to say. You never know their Vince there's been so many hard line taken now with the Missouri. And Missouri happens to be the one bearing the brunt of it because there -- the last ones and they're -- and and it what are they doing. Goal or stay while -- there what's the problem there's little there's a legal. Hurdles are waiting to be. There are waiting for their attorneys say okay we've got we're all good Korean player now all right that's only explanation on this Taylor stuff none of the stuff that affected Texas and a basically. There waiting I think they're waiting for it to be ought to go a week ago. I thank but I it's bizarre. And you know when TCU went to the big east we all that this major double take and of course the war. But -- the same thing -- was -- climate change now. And -- the experience is different a year later. Doubt which that was more. Geographically shocking then well not so much so now get Boise State and BYU and then you've got a conference. Okay then you've got your conference He got back to twelve. Then you gotta calm and cool and Cincinnati while not as sexy wouldn't be a more logical. Expansion. If you're gonna go back to twelfth get if you wanna loaded up football yeah area was in the nine day hearing then you have a conference that can stand with any. Football conference in the country including in my opinion the SEC SEC mine and I don't disagree with you. I don't. Know it's now we'll just have to see and I knew it it's it's not done list. I think that's the big twelve once oh Missouri leaves in West Virginia comes in I think built built built stand pat for -- And then they'll figure out where to go from that point. BYU and Boise would make would be my biggest that's what I would love to see happen that pairing right there. Would be awesome if you own totaled science and geography out a windowless -- Why not. Then I don't know how you do it would you separated east and west or would you upgrade our north and south is still you'd have West Virginia Boise. BYUKUK's. In Iowa State in the north -- And then those although Oklahoma and Texas schools and -- Alonso the configuration would be virtually the same with TCU taking place -- Texas and a right. And West Virginia Boise and BYU taken the place is of Missouri hello guys how are good of the football conference -- that -- bonds indicted ya gotta go staggering go for -- go for staggering. Right timing space and -- The. Awesome physical presence that is Virgil Ballard in the house. Right it's not fantasy. -- have some meaningless tripe -- to talk about his win over me he's hot He is not what can I gotta give it. Reporting the facts He is laden. Anyway. All right much to get to -- we get rolling on this October. 26 Wednesday. Nice to have you with us sports daily on these sports station today -- page. Sports daily we Bruce and -- on KM stage. Need to get something up your chest. So we know. Page top line is open ordering 61240. -- On the united sitting FC west battle with Philip Rivers in the San Diego Chargers at the Kansas City to take on Matt canceled the chiefs. Hi this is capital of Westwood One. Join boomers' lives in the line from the subway fresh broadcast Booth for all the action. -- San Diego rebound from a tough loss to the jets or won't Kansas City finds himself right back of the division alive after three consecutive wins. Chargers -- If it's Monday. Football it's why -- here. -- through Monday Night Football royal hero and -- -- church. Michael makes it any other quarterback would get a flag if they have the same and all it does that -- you wanna say Tom Brady and go Peyton Manning might get some call. All agree with you it's like any other sport you're stars gave calls. But don't tell me that it's every other quarterback in the league as well everybody keeping you bring -- play and you can't. You may get the calls that may be true just like Michael Jordan would get the calls hate mail we have the calls but it ends there might remind the morning. Sun Sports Radio carrier church. It's ten dollars to join Genesis health clubs let's make today count. 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To join for ten dollars let's make today counts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maximum amount during equipment -- you buy a walker Miller you get the full support at maximum outdoor equipment. -- And that. Dole. And Clinton. Whether it's cloudy and breezy today with a high of 57 degrees north wind at fifteen to 25 miles per hour and gusty. Tonight cloudy with a 50% chance for rain overnight low 38 north wind attended -- miles per hour gusting up to 25 miles per hour in the evening. Thursday sunny tomorrow's -- in the mid fifties north wind at ten to fifteen miles per hour. 8774361240. This is sports daily with Lucille Ball. On K okay. Good to know if they can't show. He Strickland. Guitarist from the B 5258. Years old today -- account if you're a guitarist for the beat -- he's a new fan okay I guess. Again. Mean any studio musician. Related Natalie the B 52 of two gals include upfront. And you know understand. He's got -- -- -- -- -- just pain in the neck kinda like except Bob will be the first to remind you and He will redundant -- in this theory in this. Segment that He leads the league in points in -- finally in the league in points in my 28 point way to go -- about. More points than anyone in the league at -- And really the -- a joke when it comes up and down okay well there you go in notables on your backers of the 802 points. In. In seven weeks. Films where you are trying to level what more can you possibly deal. Well win game idea that it. That's Harada and it's hard to believe that you can be only one foreign -- and let me repeat that one foreign to. With that number reports. It's I think there needs to be some sort of -- every every team my life and career and you'd think you get a shootout wins over the DeMarco Murray and yet there aren't going to hurry are you kidding me I play. I applied this navy's 49ers mean. John from Lincoln could barely get up on the morning and I and I got to. And I lose him yeah. He's BI are in Foster quality is stepped up -- anomaly guy she was He went nuts. And it's now 33 points from Marion faster in 32 from the mark Omar. Now that's tough to be when you have two guys that that are having candidate forget it million. I kind. On February you're gamers now that my game is fairly simple here's what happens if I get a standard -- from. McFadden and Billy -- I mean basically I am right there with you know India agenda as it. And He would Vincent Jackson that the one or Vincent Jackson is beneath human wants it's the appointment monstrous disappointment. On this -- of -- for me root -- with a win. He's us. Tough week for you you worked great. -- no -- -- Howard Klein construction Foreman the reactor for them -- there is the first time they've been of both 500 since. And -- -- it is another beat down on the younger brother's shoes and blah that hurts. Although it is good to have the sponsors Klein construction win well there's nothing wrong with that -- we need at least load them along and get him in the playoffs are there others. It was still the fewest points in the league. You it was horrible Mika. But a week John and makeup and yet these 33 and long. Well He in his defense -- has scored. -- the high the last three weeks has a new -- He was He was the last Wednesday. That's true now on you guys talked administered in news and -- one light of these one to relive history in three was last -- minority bunches loss lost a couple of here lately and Anderson. You play team and it's and any time -- Auburn played Tina's been. That's a lot of money is on substance five game winning streak for so you have the tiebreaker over team Anderson you guys are both -- -- I -- more points to love -- we wanted to just self -- a little bit louder and you guys to -- the six figure salary yes yes absolutely looking He shares some of that robustly. We'd like six cents. Part of the salary -- right so observations obviously you're hot we understand that. The -- about their separation it's starting to be some separation at the top right now you only -- four teams that have at least four wins in this thing right but still -- still only three games from top to bottom signing a win who'd likely decide I desperately need a win and hopefully though it is not get a chance although he's -- you know so I mean you know that's your projected the store this week I don't know what you've done with your team well and alienating yet. 69 points. We'll have to figure that out. I don't has operated on by and Darren McFadden on Biden appeared to -- trouble. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm forty so that's to serve you know it take your projections and children when -- on the -- -- All right it would ultimately would also deal like right now what are we need to know about -- the -- and I feel so bad for Bob Mann thank you why. -- he's just he's an easy target. But nobody ever seems to have their best we get into -- already congratulated movies check email us at last nine NC Atlanta I'm already congratulated. Who's -- this week. Honey badgers are pretty -- how hard graduated -- badges of honor on -- win on on a new ground in new single season high did point -- to me if I'm trying to do everything to reverse speakers I think Bob sold -- sold it is cardinals and -- well you know what he'll take that though. You know thought things these -- they went well. There they're well we're plans you know Ryan answered a plane and Hoosier team again based on it's begins with a seat the ins and globes. -- Well you get you know I haven't even. He then you're selling your results are wants to team and a World Series in -- entire -- not a how does that feel well -- football -- of summer league baseball now while the panda cubs made it that aren't aren't like baseball guy although I'd like to see it but if that if it ever happens is often a and it did they didn't -- the lives and they did do that and today in the biggest drugs. Although they get. How much did they have coming clear off the books. Some money that was a Clinton coming to fix us some bad cop yeah I -- feel it gave -- notes and key and I don't think you're gonna go for go for your board approvals and then I -- want to extensive knowledge or they'll intercept. The days in Saint Louis because I don't think any can afford what you'll see. I don't think I just don't see it. Justices three -- four teams that would make make of this and Karen do you care to share who those teams might be -- one will be the angels and I think the doctors who do into the mix all votes and that there there are situations -- -- the Marlins have won. New stadium. Bring in Dominican player like Albert to appeal to that fan days and I'm so dark horse in the first baseman. While I have Gabby Sanchez right guns and knives firemen our triumphs. -- It and and the Indians gave -- Sanchez -- and what exactly do they offer Burnett. Chris from its crisper and he's got all right up that Sanchez. And there's something wrong with that anyway all right what do we have coming up this week that -- -- just some well first -- I think on the average loans whose -- real loss -- -- again. And the he's gets Tom Brady back this week off Biden should be a pretty good -- -- -- five construction. Take on the week -- scorer last week -- GB nine -- You know playing construction just kind of you just -- moving down the field and -- the violence recline construction personally Tim Tebow Tim Tebow had. What did He have. Tony's Tony -- that's not bad. Yeah I already bizarre contest and He was like minus seventy -- I mean -- you guys gonna have rushing touchdowns and area and Ronnie -- hate him He won't matter that is doing -- so let's just made it even even better -- only scored those 28 like you know last year with him most of them this. Macon funny your team will go ahead I only want to hear that day yeah boy it's asleep right. Andrew Newbury scored forty well I do it and -- year old now well I mean I might receiving -- word we're Marianne. But I still war but I still would have been in the game but I'm telling you you might wanna check it if -- -- McFadden and Billy kind of just abnormal days I'm in the game and it was not. I wasn't blown out nobody uses -- and daddy daddy and yet her McFadden going out that that took care of me that takes about 24 points out of my thought it was a really gentle breeze get thrown does advertise -- -- wide receivers combined six point they're awful or make a deal absolutely awful. Well I need to get up I had -- we considerations that's a good time to -- to trade Darren McFadden. You'd get a lot for him and there's no guarantee that He going to be guys going and how hard is. -- -- you don't want to lose. I don't analysts here doctrine. Would -- I don't think treatment. He can't treat -- he's he's he's the he's the rock whose team and exactly anymore it's easy when every gadget that Nubian there. -- it's actually good we to have him on my. I'm wait for Chris Johnson to start and so well keep waking. But He doesn't do this we knew that my son has vehemently -- and he's like he's about ready to -- Media this week in Indianapolis this has happened and I'll think He has. By now I don't know I mean it was. It's look at Microsoft or looks like he's slowed down step as -- different skaters -- -- -- coal -- He got a guy He got his money on them. -- now I'm worried that I mean you know ruling. And now he's skewed the whole pay -- for running backs I mean everything changed now. -- with the reality of Chris Johnson and the money that He got from. And running Baxter. -- -- opposite has changed tremendously well in Ireland have launched a floppies you know -- warriors yeah absolutely but it's changed so much is so much running back by committee right and it makes sense if you not to think about it out. It makes great sense. We make you look -- the saints in the saints got a perfect advantage -- -- Peter Thomas who can use room between the tackles him. They bring marking -- you know shorter as. And got a guy like Darren Sproles. Who's just killed. And Darren Sproles has been nice and I get Andre Johnson back on the field at some point He may play this week is to be is. QB and I got Beanie Wells is being noticed is that he's here this is one thing any wells -- one -- duty of one good week remains to make this statement that I there's an -- there's nobody doing a better job as a gentleman who I am. That patent held serve that -- -- blocker when he's gone now I've had now I've got Beanie Wells banged up on Andre Johnson. I mean I figured I think. Can I just say the you're the executive of the half -- year -- -- now feel good about taking -- quality exception of that woman's accused her 52 I was on duty as true now and I'd like my quarterback situation is notes you know it's great I -- like -- -- -- and and and more priority you have to -- -- ACCO -- Anderson a little things and I and I and I. Is there enough room in here for me with a 2 egos that I am dealing with right now for -- sick and can I just say sickening. And we don't -- you do what you got to do your high value that we have an analog to. And nineteen -- team Anderson is to sneak a lead on alive by that is consistent as it has been a good team well Aaron Rodgers of that now yes and -- you're gonna marked down thirty points that guy and bad guys and -- -- 300 yards passing in the first half basically shut down -- -- -- last -- -- So I would guess about taken running backs if Thomas found that a portion one thing going forward and fantasy football. There was was this feeling that you better get your running man and early. To me that such a Dicey proposition it is with a little with a running back by committee that is up in the toys that if you're gonna get on you wanna -- one of the guys it's they're like a Canadian beer so susceptible to and to I mean there's about three guys about it good running backs I can't get them on the -- I -- an and I and I thought about this. Mean it doesn't it make sense to go after you gotta go after a top flight quarterback right up -- if you're in a draft. There's about three or four guys that you got it if you can get and you get them. And if you go to the next year then there's -- at about three running back maybe it they can or maybe even less than that in McFadden Peterson. Rey were -- -- to a left in on the floor he's been really good this year but I don't think that we body was going to be as -- insult. I mean if you ask any on this bright room -- lead the league in rushing in I have proposition nobody had a disaster lastly -- turn -- you've gone on that he's legally -- but then after that I mean. -- should that you can't look at -- receiver in this Danish down you can look at received it via the shoes capsule one of them I can't obviously and a -- from India and blew the sea resorts are defined them. That receiver who's who's going to be this year. You know Calvin Johnson & Johnson going to be -- and after that I can't win but that that get out of here -- -- -- after that you. -- don't know exactly right I mean after that but but there are the no it's it's hysteria it depends on the scored did you get as much for passing -- and you for rushing touchdowns. Then giving it nearly quarterback is really -- and I should've done. It would be interesting to tweak it this isn't it especially now that you played as many years as you've had you probably would if you sat down. And really took that into and looked at a league. Took -- ever put everything on the table. You could probably tweak -- league to be even more interest in right now it's like. Six points for this six points for that there's no real weight on here who gets in how they get it in to send the other thing but Robert G you can make their I a couple of weeks here and there in the scoring. Took it to really bring the strategy have it any good I'm not saying that there's not strategy because there is you've got to get the right players on the field but. You could really put a leaked out there that would be and very interesting challenge weekend and week out to people managing a team. Like for the league's Don -- are so different one of a touchdown legal only gonna get performance bonuses for like a hundred yards Russian -- to another league on man. The leaked to the touchdown as we get your point you. Pretty you know Drew Brees is four yard touchdown passes or four points but in Ross's. 95 yarder. To Jennings who were thirty point. Part of the legs of the touchdown so that's another way you know different types and so you know what I did know that going in thought and draft like that He should draft -- in big planet. It's interesting ad because it the more I play this game the more I can see where you could do some subtle things to make it even more. Competitors like there's leagues that use point perception for the running backs wide receivers -- -- -- good stuff -- you're always great with the time we appreciate your expertise and with five straight wins the expertise is obviously on the field as much as it is are not -- for a loss of two and evidence of how a nobody and a nice last week I mean you don't know why couldn't you've been due for a loss last week there was nobody virtual Ballard. Fantasy football on sports daily courtesy of flying construction 942 NBA and we continue to moment. Sports daily -- Bruce and Bob on KM stage. -- united -- FC west battle with Philip Rivers of San Diego Chargers at the Kansas City to take on Matt -- of the chiefs. Hi business capital of Westwood One. Joined Boomer Esiason on the line from a subway fresh broadcast Booth for all the action. -- San Diego rebound from a tough loss to the jets. Horrible Kansas City finds himself right back a -- of the original -- -- three consecutive wins. Chargers chiefs. If it's Monday Night Football it's play here. Listen -- Monday Night Football Roy -- hero and carry their church. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kansas -- no -- -- -- Ford and right now is the time to check out the new Ford escapes. It's towards the legendary compact sport utility feel like you see them all over town what you drive and you won't have to wonder why. 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Doctor Conrad Murray's attorneys will start calling character witnesses today. -- Crandall was a patient at his practice in Las Vegas I know for a fact just knowing the man. He did everything possible to keep. Michael Jackson alive prosecutors say Murray gave into Jackson's demands for a powerful sedative and then left the senior loan on the day He died. The Boeing 787 dreamliner finally finished its first commercial flight today came in for a landing in Hong Kong three years behind schedule. There's contests today in New York forty fastest text her -- the valves going out for the 50000 dollar prize. Luckily I have unlimited text messaging and I -- late at night. Upwards -- 101000. He says his first cell phone bill was about 300 pages long. This is CNN radio. Not on the air at 12:40 AM. And 97. F yeah sports daily news -- Bruce in bond money -- and. Is He downloads. Not was. David was. 59 today walking the dinosaur connect. Education name that fan's wish that it never realized how good luck thank you Don was gone on to become a major. Producer in the music in major major producer well the only if you listen to that song to nobody's got a real -- for -- tunes. Good since Tommy good war night walking the dinosaurs nothing like an obscure birthday to get us going out today was not large yes please. Please just. Ted you're showing your -- name anything more than they've not locking and blocking the tiger bingo hall taunting the Rangan I should have never -- -- there is of course you know. Of course you know. What do you read. Not raining hard at all to do with a youthful well now wait a minute we just got done talking about everything pertains to how it relates to Kansas and this relates to the university can't I rather I got carried out don't get -- -- -- and -- just -- -- know. I came here to fix the program. -- the program was broken. I -- How broken lizard aliens were -- program when it when He came out here don't you take that and they captain and a coach talking it irritates me well. Yeah I mean I am I defensive Barton and -- a little bit here. It might defensive of what marked -- geno did at that program at the University of Kansas to put -- to give KUA football identity. And do I think it's kind of being swept a little bit under the rug what He did -- Sure artists and irritates me but it's a coach saying what he's he's the roll him out in front of the media ads everywhere -- The during a Tuesday news conferences. I think He does one after practice one time yeah and then obviously after a game on sat. The guy's got to say something. What He says rings hollow to most people. -- -- I think it makes it look a little silly. -- looks briefer and it's just not certain. I don't mountain. We've covered KUFO while we all know where they are laws football they won 25 football games in the three years preceding Turner Gill. At the University of Kansas in though it they were realized in diminishing. Steps from twelve to eight to five they still want 25 football -- -- lost seven and a row when He they had. And there was some disarray to the -- yes I agree -- -- and they blur without. Some of the biggest stars. In the history of KU football. Meyer in the the reasoning and and Briscoe right he'd ever had those gas but it took a bit but was it ever broken. -- I don't know. I mean you're 45 and thirteen in those three years that's basically 666. Football broken may be too strong and world they were they were certainly -- a -- at a strange play and they were at the lowest -- of those when we are real person but I just I mean it bothers me a little bit. Because I do think that that's revisionist history. Now. Brian is -- at best player that he's had the opportunity to coach K he's so far. You have to stop. I'm not sure. I'm not sure I can think of of the guy who probably -- there offensive lineman yeah I would think Chandra Hawkins and is probably match you know hatch Hawkins and it may be at him there is an excellent tied in the -- kid it was OK okay. May be total and -- term again not -- out of that probably is but thinks He switched him to defense of yeah he's the defense hasn't had and not a very good He has appointment that they haven't had much talent yet. And that's where ultimately he'll be. Listen right now the odds of turner you know coaching this team in 2013. I'm not in go to next year behind him discuss that well I'm just gonna -- probably 25%. And I'm just gonna go ahead and state. What is going to be I think when I can state pretty emphatically will be a fact Turner Gill in his first two years. It's gonna winless football games and marked man -- in disarray did in his last season -- -- For whatever terror we we can all we can you can judge it anyway did you choose that's up to -- And I just don't wanna see mark meant it bothers me that marked man geno. And whatever legacy that mark mains you know had at the university Kansas city's -- -- Perkins is -- -- darn right. -- -- walked in this room right now to take -- I'd say so ironies -- not that I think he's he's got bad news well there you go on I don't think I'd probably do that. You know I'd probably go with you know Karl from I had the hamstring. It'll look -- -- or something like maybe I don't know what had been a good job of disparaging department you know zoom character and legacy stay here and what they did was they basically bottom ought to be quiet for but at some point in you know mark -- you know as well as I do. At some point marked man -- will have something to say about this. You'll have something to say. Maybe I would think so. And I know He will maybe He long. I would I would say that I would expect him to not have anything to say that it. And that this is a chapter in his life that he's moved on certain someone we'll ask him about it. At some point when He can talk about it any irony is that He comes back and forth to Kansas every now and and as long as the sun is an assistant up and actually right. Some it's not like he's not around every now and then and -- somebody like fox sports justice the store on my hands you know -- can't. -- in the last week written and He didn't really go after up in the thing. Did you see the store and I did not export -- did not see it. You heard that it was there but there have not Real Madrid and really attack anything there just it was this kind of an update on what he's doing in. -- And isn't -- now basically head hunting for coaches. I don't know what lose tonight. He was working at a private school along and that's I don't I think that's how you and I don't think that that he's not that going to be a part of that He was going to. Product coached basketball or at least a system that's. And for those of you that don't know that was lose the background athletically as a basketball player at University of Iowa. But. But I don't think that that's happening now and I thought He was kind of I thought He was kind of hit with -- -- -- on and on what is kind of become. Fashionable now. Locating. These guys for jobs. Maybe trying to get phenom processor but the irony of that is that He is one. Is -- at least his most recent offering would be Turner Gill at the university can't -- there's some irony in that. That's not like Randy Edsall wasn't a good hired the University of Connecticut. -- He was. Obviously but you get the idea. All right I don't ally got up on a tangent I don't know -- sorry about that about him a little defensive a -- -- -- -- -- always kinda liked. I just I kinda -- and -- and I but I really didn't. I just don't like -- and I don't than I'm made I'm not putting it on Turner -- I'm sure that that was the party line. When Lew Perkins was courting Turner Gill. Program is this program is that I'm sure he's just for repeating it. Listen we can all go after turning -- for virtually everything He says right now yeah I'm not I'm not putting it on him the the problem is. He's got to come -- say some written. And what He says right now there's. It's pretty much just goes in one iron -- the well and I think that it would be. As time goes on. I think data will be less and less because we've seen all we've all seen coaches who are. In their in days so to speak. And I would say that Turner Gill right now is probably experiencing some. Very very doubtful about whether he's going to be retained even next even this point. I'm still not ready to say that I think He should be gone. If I'm sick to my three year thing I got to stick to -- forever but there are contingent on I got you but there -- -- but there's a different dynamic here. The administration that was in place. Well Tim wise are obviously. Who wasn't the guy to lead for the hiring. Of Ron prince but the rest of that John we pulled Bob Krause those people were still all in place. You've got a different situation -- you Shane singer was not involved in the process. At all to bring in Turner Gill. Now that the chancellor Angela yes. -- Yes she was like yeah -- that's right okay. That's right almost 84361240. Is the number Gary joins us on the orthopedic sports medicine at cypress hotline good morning Gary you're on sports daily. -- you know Bob earlier years that were born to wrap this conference realignment. You don't water sports we've got a lot to a -- I regret the no alternate possession -- -- one basketball so what can you give. Old seeing. You call them I want to Lou Perkins. Your verdict or in the program that program what -- intermittently did what Perkins says he's gonna do an investigation. Newton. You'd had a wait split within the game. -- encourages started looking for jobs right away and then you target dog -- try to get through these and then it would deploy. So Perkins really you know you can't say well I gotta give it the end that's because He destroyed that program. -- -- -- -- -- And then all of a recruit there will contract. Ended up going to our other school. And that's that's that's the point that you're right though the program could be deemed as being broken. Not for what marked man gee you know did that for what Lew Perkins. Well it was just an overreaction. On his part you know because -- started with a fight and she did -- Sargent -- -- I know nothing. You know what the content that He didn't know any players or any unity of involvement. You know that was a girl saying you know it quickly tactic or whatnot. But it wouldn't -- out when these I think she told the players then open door policy -- being any problems. Taking you be giving romantic advice in static as He pushed me in the cataclysm and Carter term I feel. And that started it and then. Want investigation we're still -- programs over your -- your supporters. On the team who loved women came out and detractors. Thanks for the call -- you're right seal matches started what's wrong and it. I don't know what is wrong this feels like we've covered this ground while we have it to a degree but I am glad -- -- -- this week I'm on there's nothing. What do you wanna do with -- -- phone call I just I I just did. All under Einstein I'm just I'm time coming to the defense a little more man -- life and He appreciate -- well I'm not that sure that He couldn't care less but that's -- that doesn't change the fact that I still feel. That the -- I don't like the fact that this -- can continues to be thrown under the bus even if it unintentionally. By Turner -- Because -- men geno Turner Gill right now can't carry marked man -- is jock. Well -- -- He -- that in fact ride. That can't even Begin to do we all lose that it was a reach to bring turner you know the Kansas and so far it looks like an advisory. And. 4361240. You can get in line He was -- top of the hour IO -- a break we'll take one right now -- try to stay on schedule. Money Robert. You guys that are here every single day we'll get you guys in here momentarily stay with those sports daily on KFH -- each and every day by. Davis more -- deal of the day be listening for details on -- 2005. Nissan 350 Z -- The only 40000 actual miles won't believe. I don't sticker shock this will be sticker -- the other way. As you listen for the deal of the day was Davis more silliness. Sports daily -- Bruce in bottle on KF stage. Hey Kelli -- there is one of five point three sided with the -- station for contract in the morning as music all day. And this is does need to. We. Music when a five point three. The players -- ones. You're very same day well. You're they're ready to go. So yes it's a relief it's like okay with those Sports Radio. Through your church. Sunday Larry FitzGerald the Arizona Cardinals like east charm city to take god Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens. Hi this Howard David Westwood One doing putting this -- the -- the -- right broadcasting. All the action -- the ravens rebound but tough loss to Jacksonville. All the cars off the road upset Arizona all the more. If it -- a bell it right here. -- almost all of our employers there's some very good. -- -- When you're wasting your family as long as we are it's -- and a voice from home goes a long way there's nothing like hearing that voice. My dad my husband's. Little girls. For the men and women protecting our freedom around the world sports clips haircuts provides a little taste of home this holiday season. Hopefully hero call home by donating -- VFW's operation uplink -- called a program that any participating sport clips haircuts location now through November 13. And on veterans day Friday November 11 sport clips will donate one dollar from every hair -- service to operation uplink to show our support for our nation's heroes today sport clips and its clients have provided over fifteen million minutes of phone time to our troops overseas. Please -- sport -- -- come to find the store nearest you and -- military families connect with their loved ones up around the world -- that -- On the other side of the world. That's for eclipse it's good to be a guy. Especially when you're helping a hero. Victories -- drill in Wichita. -- hockey shoot. Saturday the twenty ninth and so little behind the -- takes another showdown. -- call someone like my seat now. -- just Halloween time. And contest -- You're Janzen 1500. Dollars in -- call seven my good seats or go to -- what has He done. Golf brand during native Woody Austin won't drop the ceremonial puck at 70. -- -- Kansas one call EMC insurance. Or call 75 -- C. Chilly start seeing you'll Wednesday but He did not the deals that Davis more Dotson grimsley is excited about a knees on 2005 this is at 350 easy. -- now DOS and this is a lot of fun and it's a lot of horses under the hood to. Lot of -- not a lot of money and but a lot of people don't realize now's the time device sports cartoons they're in the summertime evidence brink of their regular expletive. This is it 200540000. Mile course that was traded back into us. If it was purchased it Davis more. It is red line pain there whatever that means that they could mean incorporated -- -- a nice either red. -- alloy wheels instead of 300 or power. These 600. Six speed manual -- Talk about fun to drive at its signal a brand new set of eighteen huge Goodyear eagle Z rated tires -- through inspection mister -- we took very good carry this car. Kelley blue book on the first 18000 it's sixty dollars the big lot of it's more Kellogg we've got it on sale for 17990. Well folks seventeen and 9980s. This is -- 2005. Nissan 35 easy coop only 40000. Actual miles on this baby. What's that number out their DOS and. -- 6851188. Best for Paul -- if we always say if you can't get there to look at -- full of they'll bring it to you. Well and you this one won't last long cloak so hurry up. Coming season Davis more because you're always gonna find which does finest pre owned vehicles and of course the Davis -- always the reminder to buckle up slow down and pleased. In joy that ride. You know period for -- in Clearwater -- metropolitan area twelve total. 8774361240. This is sports daily with Bruce and log on KF rich. Daily news. Only it's that this game. This then. Natalie mercantile run that's a solid now is nothing really -- No it's 101000 mania has had one hit 101000 no it hasn't maniacs -- better than that you're not giving him Natalie rose to 48 today. When she left -- and what every year was. They were down the 9999. That is so clever thank you -- you cannot keep up with you when it comes to humor. Can't do it money go. Well to go along with what -- talk about. Before the break up. -- -- Do not understand why -- fire mark and you know I'm not know what hap Arnold. It -- it that they don't deal means put the ball is. Important in America. And the fact that take you had actually. Look good spot and I'd like it inked an -- good coach got a matter. Just can not believe that they were willing to -- fight no. Job person -- the issue should still need to go to their dash. I think that they were looking for and I think that the timing ended up working out for the administration they were looking for a new face to the football program marked man -- Lou Perkins -- of our -- -- that's basic and He saw that as an opening and though you can we can debate all day long whether. What marked man geno did and lots of that is. Our allegation has basically. Whether rose to the level of him losing his position yet but I think that the wheels were in motion regardless it was it was now look. The fact that they started losing helped facilitate that. And then other things came to light but at that point. Well I was an analyst it was -- answer yes anyway and then it became inevitable we knew that it was going to happen it was just a question of how is gonna happen Robert go. I don't know everything that they've caught on Bengie -- again be used as much as its future. I you know do you still play the Arizona job. -- DKQ -- there any chance. Either one of those. I think if He is our -- -- that -- man -- would have a chance. At that kind of a job via. We cannot think even that's -- know lock Leach brings even more baggage along probably. Especially at the -- is still going on but it seemed like both those villages have attract -- for winning it not at. Programs that don't have a lot of advantage. And they can be walking into a bigger and bigger program that does have some advantages that they would seem to be a pretty good are -- Doesn't doesn't that it was always. The guy chip -- is always mystified me because I think they do have some of them as I can understand why they've been. So historically bad and thought well. It's a great question. I don't know who has who would be more likely in your minds -- to build a Kansas solid football -- can't pay your case -- Kansas. But case state. Is a result of one man the perfect -- being made and the right administration and support that that person needed to have to make it -- man who came along as He was approaching fifty years -- Aid and stay there yet. I had even younger coach He probably would have left it in mean it was a person Stein and verification months of but -- your and I agree with you I mean. In theory is. There's money in the program. Good facility great facilities now -- have always thought that memorial stadium in the later it was situated at the base of -- hill and camping meal and everything around it made it one of the most attractive settings for college football. You've got. The support of one of the great basketball programs. In the history of cause of of this sport mean there's some and your proximity to Kansas City it's easy to get recruits in and out of there there's a good while factor. Yeah there's lots of wealth yeah Alonso it's hard to figure out why it's strange hard to figure it out. I don't know. Very stern and his stated just did doesn't make a great deal of sense -- Let me open up a little but it can't or arms I think -- -- you -- character really do but I think. Maybe part of the problem was his image maybe was not the greatest that people were little -- -- Well I mean yeah it yet we're just talking about his way out your targets -- parents and cabinet may have been part of what. If that may have been a parcel of what Lew Perkins I mean that that may have been all part of it like I said He wanted to change the face. Of KU football. And bad that entails a lot of things. The other thing to me if that -- you know those. He stumbled into something that really made him. In my opinion. Or -- -- and by the name without -- your equipment recruited to be faced the program though it was Kerry Meier mean and re seeing just turned out to be. Amazing and that -- you know -- that real well. No question it. No question and although it should be pointed out that Kerry Myers an awfully it is a talent that still playing today in the national. It allows -- does Obama as you know some outstanding sure and suppliers and even. And great defensive they had some really nice to see he's absolutely and -- You know they had a and they had a run -- talent there you know classes that seems to have dried out now. And thank you very much we appreciate your perspective -- Now thanks -- Sports daily writes each and every day by these sides -- side rocks. -- -- Brothers heating and air conditioning and little -- pools of spies tomorrow the -- -- craps pit crew will be here. Talk a little racing pays those school district also bringing you the it's the show I saw idea family Burke got back two KUK state game -- sitting over there have a good time well maybe not having a good time. I think that there sensibilities were fourth. -- you. I'm. Nice to see them -- through 61240. And campus lost that game against south. Sounded right down the salary parallel right kind of ride out the string here. And the we'll chat about that coming up on Friday. But we get the latest from the hazel school district and campus high school -- 361240 is the number that you can call them forget deal of the day from Davis more. Eight triple sharp that is underscored a triple sharp. He's on 2005350. Easy trip with only 40000 actual miles on this baby. 4179. And 9017990. That's the big -- succeed violent and 88 you can check it out on line. And Davis hype and more dot com we talked about big twelve stadium as the the inevitability of Missouri leaving in West Virginia coming in if you wanna weigh in on that He certainly can. Wichita State picked second in the Missouri Valley Conference behind Creighton once spotted heading to at Indiana State which is I think we're most people. I think that makes sense and even around here most people would have thought that. They have been open scrimmage -- tomorrow night shocker madness both elements of the women's and the men's basketball team and I'm playing I think that women are playing at 25 minute or thirty minute. A scrimmage and I think the men are playing a full forty minute scrimmage so we'll get a good look at the at the -- and a little bit of a different light than we have. Previously. And then now before you know what we're going to be playing exhibition games are you ready to take the basketball season running even with what. All gonna like it is done before so I suppose left to do it again in -- you -- put the World Series to debt. Now that's warm I that's the problem I feel about this right now hi good about things you've -- in game six of that game six in Saint Louis tonight. I mean Garcia is your guy feel good about I'm still client guy pitches well in Saint Louis. And you know what I -- I'm I'm I'm passing it along I don't need your little bar. To bar the art of good that's a little -- -- -- because a cardinals are still play and it's not a Barkley might not be after tonight. Well they're not they know but I will play it. The sixth game of the world's here's what I'm pulling in you know what that gets enough and give me a ring and then you know regulates the standard I don't talk to me than anything else you need to win. Well remember that need to win it I'll remember that the reason you need to win the world's -- a good drive. It as a -- is time pulling for game seven that's what I'm for game seven. I'm not even pulling out so I guess I'm that you only want our -- -- that Superman and for now outlined solve all DVR it. Don't let Mike go. And -- talk about the military West Virginia and my question there's there was some talk about Notre Dame and everything except -- ball. Between Notre Dame doesn't have as many options. That they might think they do -- -- so why wouldn't the big twelve say it will take care benefits for everything including. Not at Notre Dame expressed interest -- on of the big twelve that would only be with football shirt so I mean that's that's if they go to the big twelve they're gonna bring their -- I I don't regret -- I mean I don't think that they're gonna place there are other teens in the not a big -- no contest and now what so and nor should it. Now. Most sure I got the football let's that yeah that would be an over and absolutely I mean you'd you'd kill to get them involvement and use the term -- killed and they're used to determine figurative sense. Which you'd love to have noted there is no other. And -- Notre Dame supersedes all other places to get them -- not to mention geographically you can still makes it. I don't think you do that that that would be a no brainer I would like to see that happen. And relentless. 4362040s. The number of college you was with -- -- your convenience. Simple is getting on the phone and get -- don't. Lot of us in a player meetings a lot of introspection player team player only means. Things of that nature and don't mind knowing god please can we just hopefully we -- luckily it only -- -- -- it's like c'mon I just just go play. You lost a game and I did you know you're obviously not all laugh so I mean He don't get over yourselves and and just play football and try to regroup this this is ridiculous -- the sort now. Almost laughingly it is a little little bit of a chuckle. And you know we really are we really. Get in the wagon train circling the train as it work I think they're good I think they're going to be extremely motivated to play Saturday in I would navy -- as they are every as any team would be especially calling off a lot I was just saying and I'm just saying you -- note on our little play -- game of the year that you're saying. Let's cut to the chase with you. Here's what you're saying. You're waiting for Kansas State to have the collapse and this could -- when we call that collapse some nice color of the play a game that they say. I've kind of felt that was common to -- -- okay well they feel like they have a game coming weather killed by they haven't done it for five straight weeks. And be merely so you've got four weeks left to do it watch a pickle week. Instead of waiting for it to happen and -- things especially some very very on the case there you don't expect them to win either game node nor does anyone and I say they won't get. I think they will get beaten. Fairly soundly in both do you think it may be after these two weeks they'll be having team only meetings. I don't know that team only mean you know what I'm saying I am I being I'm being that I guess I just think that's a good football team it's a much much improved football team. I just think maybe these next two weeks going to be a little bit too much maybe so. Yeah but I mean. Kansas State is a good football team yes they're not a great football team I think they're good football Aaron good football team. And are today about where I mean. I think -- the fourth best team in the big twelve. I think. Oklahoma Oklahoma State and enamored better -- well they're gonna have a chance chance to prove you're gonna play into those five Nazis actually left -- the rest of the season you know what I think guide like that. Their chances against an MR interesting. That's a team that they dismantled a year ago yeah yen in Manhattan. And Texas on the road I don't know if this team ends up nine and three. And our competitive in one of the two games against Oklahoma Oklahoma State has a season finish -- sings great season. If they get blown out of these next two games and I'll reevaluate still a very good season this was a team that nobody understating it can't get blown out cable wait a minute but the -- Kate yes. But you're saying that with the knowledge of where we are right now you wouldn't have picked Kansas State to win more than seven games this and -- -- already what I saw there -- there right. I mean they've won they've won a game at Texas Tech I didn't expect -- to -- They wanna game that He against Baylor that at the time I questioned whether they can win. Com. What's gonna say idea. I feel like I feel like they're good football team I think they're going to be exposed a little bit the next says that it turned out. And I think they have enough weapons offensively. To win these next two games. I think the game add. Well obviously at Oklahoma State is the most problematic -- -- to and that's only because it's on the road it's not as it -- -- -- I'm not even picking between Oklahoma Oklahoma State. I think anytime you gotta play Oklahoma and Oklahoma State back to back. You've got some real issues. You've got you've got your hands full. And I think it Kansas State will have their hands full certainly over the next two weeks and I would be. Pleasantly surprised if they were able to win either one of these two game I would rather have them playing Oklahoma coming off a win yes protects I agree. I agree I think it can't. I think Oklahoma's focus will be significantly different this week and and Oklahoma is playing a very good football team. They know they know they know courts -- they know that this I don't know is all about the nice thing you're not gonna go in there especially in Manhattan absolutely. Absolutely. And I think you're right the wave that you play in these next two weeks will be key but those last three games are really gonna determine. Where this season faults. Can you get to nine and three Kenya get the tenants here do you settle for eight and four. Seven and five would not be good mom now 77 I don't not be very good. -- and -- would be okay that would mean for the last five lost its right but it would be okay still nine and three would be pretty darn nice. For this football team even at this juncture to. Like I said. Before the season if you said this is a football team or not nine game yes. We're not before the season with seven games then Brett and they have five remaining and you'd like to see them when three of those. To take at all I agree so they have to be one of the three teams judges that were better than. And if they do that brand I'm gonna stand up and takes -- known and that will be impressive that they went one of those three games. What they've done to this point has been very impressive it'll be interesting to see where they go from here is going and you knew that this was going to be. Where that where the teeth of the schedule war and candidates and it's exactly where it's going to be. Don't know what Texas is gonna look like down in Austin in four weeks not sure about that one. But I don't think that -- it would be anything right now right now that you would say they can't they couldn't go win it Texas. Right now mean that Texas is -- football team. So. We'll say it did yeah I think it's great for them to have this stretch coming up. And especially discarded at home. And I'm very intrigued by what was He on Saturday. On a lot of different levels -- case state react to it as Oklahoma reacted little bit of adversity. It's gonna be it's going to be. Interesting I guess that a lot of different levels 1023 in the AM sports daily brats you're buying our buddy Jeff clearance. 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Sports dailies with the roofs and mom Mon KM stage and KFH radio dot com mobile for. -- -- -- News. News. That's -- -- here at all arrived on sports daily that's -- files from funk a billionaire. Bootsy Collins bass player for the Vista funkadelic. Boot C oldest sixty today 60. Taylor -- -- He might also note -- from his time in parliament -- Tommy -- -- was He actually in the parliament or in a band called parliament. You know this key role you just keep taking your shots animals this that's fine yeah. That's fine no right. Not that I just asking questions. Don't always quite understand it. -- Oral Roberts is leading the summit in going to the Southland Conference. I guess that takes care of your Missouri Valley Conference reshuffling. Yeah I think I I don't know. It's more convenient geographically. For them to be in the Southland Conference or more potential. Rivalries for them I I kind of see that and they go south. That goes south and so weather is a considerate I guess that'd T take that out of the -- -- -- conference that they were it was a -- conference. Let's just beyond -- -- Casey's. C'mon yeah. You in case it was a badly. And and the south and while we. May raise an eyebrow it's okay -- the south and spine and a problem with the Southland Conference. I don't think that there's a problem with that. What do you think about TO working out nobody jumps there. Less Illini absolutely. But I'm what I'm Melissa them talked into greater rosenhaus on Mike and Mike the morning. I'm thinking to myself. Just -- football no matter will no matter what we'll just talk football if they'd say Rolla a soccer ball on a football field yeah and some guy goes and kicks it. We'll talk about a for a thirty day. I love looked acted and and look at and maybe someone will eventually picked up at TL I don't know I did it remains to be seen. But why is it news just because nobody shows up. The media Jerry Rice and Rachel Nichols they're doing you know little tag team with CEO. But not one team showed up to -- why then is it even news and invest it we know that in this country if TO. The stepped out this -- took you know wanton cover nice. But that might be better than is reality show. Who cares. TO. Marginal guy. At this stage of his career. Give me a team that that he's gonna really. Be that guy. Take them over the -- and get some to the playoffs world name that -- obviously no one felt strongly enough to send any representation. Other again and off film and and no more people are taken at times and doing all less than than. But give me a team that you really really feel good about that if they get TO boy that. All bets are off I'm waiting. Memo that says can you give me one no. I'm not true would be I'd like you to give me while I don't care -- I knew I if I'm -- an eighteen He would not be someone that I'd be interested in. What team was out there was -- yeah. -- but if you give up I'm just saying I found it interesting that no one showed up you brought him up and yet it became still a news story. I guess it was somewhat interesting that Nolan or not but that's about it does is He the guy. It does that could help to New Orleans Saints with another. Wide out kind of guy and it. Now they've got Marcus Colston -- certainly in using. Darren Sproles a laden. Them. Is -- the guy that can send them over the top -- not fair question. Does He go back to the Buffalo Bills and become a guy that the makes them a legitimate Super Bowl I know we'll see Bhutto's. They -- keep -- Stevie Johnson. Guys sorry that was a fantasy induced and that it was now as patsy that sorry about that this is what I've become too now. But I think of the Buffalo Bills I think -- -- giants -- breakdown this this Oral Roberts moved just a little bit ahead. They go to conferences in this south one. Got you got him it needs these days north western states just southeast -- Louisiana's. But Toby -- in a western division I would think with Sam Houston State and it. Texas State UT San Antonio. Stephen F Austin, Texas Arlington. And Texas and Corpus Christi have. So makes some sense -- that's fine. It's fine. Is it a better basketball conference than the one that they were and I think so. Opel is slightly there's no there's no Oakland in that conference and all Oakland now. Mean Oakland is it was there in the summit there's no Oakland. But I don't I mean I don't know. I just wanna get away from you I'm Casey all. Whenever you use just are not down with the saudis say let them again this year I don't think I don't know they do. If they do I can I just say I'm not going on. Well is that -- do you mind defied just don't sit. Wanna how can I mean -- area I I'm tired of -- and Casey. I mean it makes some sense on and on one level when when they're playing the game it. You know downtown did you know that they've moved on campus now -- 15100 seat stadium. I that's not even a stadium that's a -- That's smaller than the biggest -- in the city really. Is -- the biggest -- in the city league now -- Lester against -- scenario. But nowhere near and -- -- that's a nice -- arts and that's that's great the seminal of that facility eighties but. And enough. You don't even though we don't even consider you on Casey and must your plan basically in your in your building. I did enjoy going out for those gains of municipal bond. -- -- -- -- Didn't enjoy the games and now -- -- -- being knows full auditorium. You and Casey -- know you -- this is bad shame. That's a shame. But I do like the shocker schedule. -- like most -- I really do. And they play it very nice RPI schedule. There's some good games at home provided they get to play the right teams student. As was the case last year. Well they're gonna start with Colorado and then they're gonna get Alabama -- Merrill and those are pretty good RPI games one and not that -- pretty good. That's pretty good I think they're gonna beat Colorado. I don't know see Iowa City and you know oh loss to bonds they did and I thought that. I mean we -- Colorado -- I -- Colorado had a nice club last year they're a good cloning organ team you hope that that's going to be another. Decent team I'm not sure about power now I'm not either. I'm not either -- -- completely sure about my Ireland Denmark surgeons first year. I think ultimately they will be -- -- well let me just put it the it this way did I don't think I don't think Maryland beats Alabama. Today thanks so I wouldn't think that they would Alabama is pretty highly regarded us here and it was good cause that was a nice team. That just was quite. -- yet. And which us state did a great job in that game against a team that I think is that you rightfully so there's going to be as highly regarded this year they've got some thing at some. -- thing with the RP needs to happen for a dubious fruitful as you hope it's gotten. Colorado has got to be a decent team that cam via. A ten point teams I don't. Don't think I don't -- -- and it I don't think I don't believe that between -- -- -- Alabama -- to continue to build -- what it did last year I -- -- 95 is pretty good -- there. And then they're pretty yet. One of the teams. -- Well that's good to better be the -- doctors would produce fine. Better be the team the shocker would play in the finals or whatever they give them an audience that you get into the -- western Michigan Ohio and -- you may be better be a pretty good -- and I think UAE is going to be a good team. -- now and it that are gonna I don't know how well I mean -- Both. And let me it better be good team I don't think you know he's going to be quite as good as they have been. Also better be in -- is going to be a good team. Better be happy I think tolls is going to be a good team to Utah State needs to be a good day will be extremely well coach I'm glad -- which are states getting them home. We've seen a fair amount of Utah State the last couple years. Sounds. Like the schedule. It has its stance to be revoked it there's some things that to happen. To me that any given some have to do little more research into -- EB. Well you may be was a tournament team a year ago and has been at the top of conference USA -- -- only need to take us closer okay you do that you do that I'll report in tomorrow thank you appreciate. I think they're just going to be -- Well in the united they haven't been just decent anytime over the last few years -- that's right good thank Arab world and glad that we have -- a little more research and all and all you can do is you've got caller Alabama. Better both. Final four teams India ninety. Maryland plays that He ACC. You just don't hurt yourself playing teams like that you know I don't have been this much better for you -- seems a good UNLV has been to the NCAA tournament needs of the last three seasons and have been middle seeds now obviously there's a coaching change there. You just stayed years. A very fine team out of the west and has been consistently. They lose the big kid in the middle who was a nice player. But that's it but that's a program Utah State's -- gets demoralized more that's a great job. That should be that not that worried about that game the -- Belongs on the other concern me are you may be -- also noted that not a concern. I think He can be a little concerned no yeah he's at 41 team then you get a great guns drawn. And also will be a very good team to port 22 and nine laughs right. What's also end up last nineteen and thirteen -- can't say that was a good win for which to us state. Also is fairly high it was relatively high in the RPI by the time they finished up. They've done a pretty good job 1040 NB AM away and feel free to do. Sports daily nine KFH. These sports station -- to expect him. Sports daily we Bruce and Bob on KM stage. -- -- -- -- -- 5000 mark. More news. -- -- 5000 dollar range and replacements and other. -- -- -- -- Dead peace of mind about future expensive car repair bills call for your free quote now 809572236. The 809572236. Don't wait call 809572236. That's 809572236. 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And for a limited time be able to get a lower interest rates so the White House is hoping that'll allow people freeing up some money for people who right now are buried under a bunch of student debt. European leaders say they are making progress on a plan to solve Europe's debt and banking crisis. However there are some last minute delays that suggest significant disagreements. Ford says it turned a profit of one point six billion dollars in the third quarter it was less in the year before but was the ninth straight quarterly profit. An inquest shows singer Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning the official verdict read it was death by misadventure. The most trusted name in news this is CNN radio. Not on the air at 12:40 AM and 987. Scorched land wheat rice and Bob and Andre has yeah and also announced. And you don't tell you don't need tools and -- -- ten cents. This sounds like bad teeth and it. And instruments I eat bad teeth into that system. Unfortunate shot because they're Inglis yeah. And it's pop -- -- but He topless bar us Herman's -- really 65. Today 65. And that's Mrs. Brown you've got problems related Dotson who might not present rusher and -- You'll hear a little bit more government services and close out this oh good line literally doesn't like -- you gotta like that that's the did they do Winchester cathedral they've done everything I don't know that was -- -- somebody else that was a (%expletive) hands right now. Lose it. New vaudeville minstrel. And it is just got you there -- that is coach Steve and I don't hear something that impresses you about Tommy and I said this Fulton. He's got you know he'd like to sail on just to whatever. Time is a smart guy He He retains a lot and -- yes. And and impresses me well he's got to see no. Yes these guys. It is impressive. Sports daily for a courtesy each and every day of southwestern remodeling sand creek station in Newton cherry -- and Cheney of course iPod -- -- -- lounge. The daily lunch special is that sad pockets all right chip away at. Talked -- in small. Operative site I had the -- -- the weekend in Atlanta. Okay -- state debt bill -- George ish take a teen purchase. Alabama new atmosphere in the Georgia delta Lotta people. Albert that's good football cheered -- Jordan the DEA was much. Job better job. Brand of football so we're gonna be -- tribal leader of a woman I want without voter I'm watching. That all ballplayers and felt. Up top with regard to mr. Holland. Well -- cantor Gingrich ever worried or -- disruptive force. I take it that He wanted -- you late teens aged garlic civil -- very close. Well normally. You would you know would the later that thing and what they do -- -- -- Egypt I don't know how many good. Anybody out. Don't want them and may be just go get them back -- now. Didn't -- regarded tonight wider. And the water actually show -- The cardinals or. -- -- -- if you exactly get letters up to ensure you'll probably -- up there in Libya. Well I think if this there is just put off till. Friday gives a Rangers the opportunity to bring Derek Holland back as a game seven starter. And based on how He put it. The other night that's probably not a good thing it it also allowed Chris Carpenter. Who pitched Monday and I to get three days of rest and perhaps would be. The game seven starter for the cardinals on three days' rest I'm not crazy about that. The but it brings that into the -- But like is that congress is back home legal restrictions that are there are -- great start doubting us geeks. Out. Wait -- out of candidate I can also the fact that there is no DH I think ex pat -- gonna help. I'll be much more comfortable in Saint Louis I just feel so cold or apple and I synchronized Alice -- -- what I did in the -- talking over you on the usually not a fan of talking over the chip good job man. What is the -- in your estimation has been the fallout. For Toni originally had a deal -- all day holiday. And still so confounding issue that. Now you move on you had a day off here at home. You've got a good pitcher go -- for his hopefully tonight if not they'll go with Garcia tomorrow. And you take your chances I mean it is there's nothing you can do about it it's over and done with. Were ready for game six I have to believe the cardinals are gonna start hitting the ball. That's to me that's a major story the last 22 games. Is that after scoring sixteen runs in game three scored two runs. And the last two games right back can't happen no you're absolutely right and it's not because you're not getting people on especially in game five. They were all over the base as you just couldn't get a man that has to change. Policy learns of bitching and blue letter day and have been playing and playing -- all tonight that -- becomes a question it is if they don't play tonight I'll relax. At home. Maybe go to a movie plots. Stopped. Now figured out moon. In fact -- will go to a movie that you say I had would you mind. I mean David did this is it this is a typical proclamation on your behalf. And you end up -- guarantee -- but you need to guarantee it because frankly -- needs to get out. I mean let's face it I mean she's been kind of sequestered it's been baseball it's been. You know watching sports she needs a little more in -- life than that. For goodness -- -- me drink heavily and well Myers is here again I mean sedation comes in different forms now you -- the kidneys and I asked different line I can't remember the last. Dalai spent on that warm. There have -- well. And I gotta get the I gotta do more of that mountain lion and dime but that's not a bad thing. John Lackey guy's going to miss all of next season which is kind of a -- I -- -- -- I was gonna say what's the difference. And miss it with Tommy John surgery apparently the Red Sox had. And based on what I'd been reading the John Ferrell is. They're guy with the Toronto Blue Jays and rightfully so -- so -- know you're not tied in a -- -- -- -- I'm sure they'd let -- talk to the if you -- trade. Little dusty over there whenever you. I'm sure they talk to you than if you going to give up again and disparaging. I like original accident like put joy because he's one of the gamers while what did you do it seems to be one of the few gamers a lot of talk about the -- d.s we've got on that team I mean you can go without -- in if you really -- Disparage. I like not like -- joy -- saw a certain. Because they since they seem to be locked in -- well and don't and you gotta light in Jacoby Ellsbury not sure I don't I don't tolerate Jacoby -- a historian and then you know and I think Redick has a chance I like I don't mind him. And I kind of like him a little bit. I like the the rookie catcher. Now you wonder big town about Lester especially -- because not only was He involved in this he's been the main spokesman. And to me is only dug the hole will go a little bit deeper I mean at least He stood up and be and then heard from the not sure are likely I have to say. She must target and -- Josh Beckett I mean at least Lester has been stand stood up and pretty quite is -- anything. Woods. Just -- Clay Buchholz back in the next. We gotta pick up another picture. That. My good luck you got to get people healthy. You know and everyone deals with that. Lots of issues. Back in a moment stay with us this is sports daily and can't -- Who's involved. The music. Both music and kick out of double talk station for -- -- in the -- -- music all day. One of five point three device. Sunday night it's an NFC east showdown. The Philadelphia Eagles host the Dallas Cowboys I didn't -- -- that Westwood one's joined in -- -- -- from the subway fresh bright can't do that Billy brought the action. If Michael Vick in the Eagles win their second straight or look Tony Romo and the cowboys collapse of their is that -- it rival. To -- to find out if it's Sunday Night Football it's right here here's. Really love knows somebody in Ireland okay. Homeowners are you struggling with your mortgage and worried about foreclosure we're loan mitigation expert and can help you avoid foreclosure with a loan modification program we work with all lenders nationwide. Call us now and one of our friendly counselors will tell you how we can help you stop your lender from -- closing. 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And actually you and I should be alive in this anyway as long as one of the two robustness. This actually you're you're gonna win I shouldn't -- -- if you don't witness should that. -- choked before. All right everybody have a good one enjoyed and instruments to the break Jim rolled his next movie here tomorrow later.