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Diabetes and how your pharmacist can help.

Oct 26, 2011|

How to properly manage diabetes and how to look for the early signs.

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Beneficial to many people specifically is beneficial. To almost 26 million people in the United States and was speaking about diabetes. For any questions or comments about today's show please call my office at 7814312345. But -- 7814312345. To be diabetic. In the year 2011. In the United States. To be very very challenging. You're constantly worried about your blood sugar. Your life choices. Specifically years choices with diet. Your choices and exercise. This constant challenges around us. Just today walking into the studio -- when -- got to the front desk. There were four boxes of cupcakes. I ask my producer bill I said bill went all the cupcakes for at least a while every month we like to celebrate everybody's birthday. Megapixel pretty good I bypassed an old saw it's another another point. There in my Yahoo! might favor. But I'll I'll tell you it's it's challenging and you know when you're in the work environment and everyone's having a cup -- He regards as one cup -- But you know a lot of cupcakes and you know really affect your blood sugar does not just cupcakes this is Jose -- everywhere else that we face. So it's it's a challenging disease. And it's very challenging to manage and that's what -- show is going to be about about the management of diabetes. Hands. We're -- get that extra help. Many of us who have diabetes are being followed by our primary care physician and nurse practitioner. Some us we have an endocrinologist or diabetes specialist. That's helping us as well. But they -- gonna hear that. This pharmacist. Who really wanna become actively involved. In helping patients. -- as a diabetes. And in a little while we're gonna hear from miss -- free. A member of pharmacist that the American Pharmacists Association. Who's going to tell us about the ten city challenge. And specifically within this challenge. How pharmacist. Where assigned. To take place. In the patient's. Care of diabetes. And working in tandem with the primary care office. Backtracking we should really defined diabetes. Diabetes is. A disease that's -- in defined by high levels of blood sugar. A blood glucose. In a measles from either. The insulin that we need to good to control our blood sugar. Being deficient. War that the way to the insulin that is presence. Is working. That it isn't working as it showed. What's a combination of both. There's different forms of diabetes. There's type two diabetes. Which accounts for about ninety to 95%. Of all -- diagnosed cases of diabetes. Sodium a friend or neighbor or relative. Who's talking about their diabetes. That's most likely be the type of diabetes that they have. But we shouldn't ignore that there's type one diabetes. This devastation -- diabetes for women. Who develop diabetes while pregnant. And for a woman who's -- with a lot of times I'll be the first sign that they truly have diabetes. Info a lot of women would gestation diabetes. There's a percent unemployment going to develop. True type two diabetes. We we should also be aware. That there is pre diabetes. And as. With pre diabetes. If the patient can lose weight. They can increase -- physical activity. It's really important to note that we can prevent. Or delay. Type two diabetes from development. So that led to score that again. You have early warning signs. That you could be developing diabetes. But you're able to work on your weight you work on your diet you work on your exercise. And we can prevent diabetes from developing. That's really important. That's encouraging. And I think this give a lot of us incentive. Of what a -- to what's available. To help prevent diabetes. There could be many many complications of diabetes. Specifically. Heart disease. Stroke. High blood pressure IE hypertension. Blindness and -- problems. Kidney disease. Nervous system disease. Nobody nervous system disease but what to remain. You could lose sensation. -- develop pain. In your feet. -- in your hands. And I can become progressive. Also the nervous system. We're slowing down of digestion of food in the stomach. Usually more prone to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Or other nerve problems. And almost 30% of people with diabetes. Who over the age of forty. Have impaired sensation in the feet. Over 30%. That's a lot of lot of people. Amputations can be another. Complication of diabetes. There's many patients who couldn't who can lose a limb. In if you look at the amount of non dramatically. Lower limb amputations. More than 60% of those occur -- of diabetes. That's something else that's really hard to digest. Dental disease and other complication of diabetes. Complications of pregnancy. So as you can see there's a lot of reasons. To really. Take your diabetes management. As aggressively as you can't. I'm not gonna see as seriously as you Kim because. I think anybody with diabetes. Recognizes it's a serious disease. I mean you could almost be insulting to say that it's a serious disease we all know it's serious. We need to do is to advocate. For anyone with diabetes. To get really aggressive with your management. To really. Take hold of your diabetes. Can use whatever resource is you can. To get it under better control. And the -- as we go further along in the show today we're going to hear that pharmacists are going to be taking a more active role. As we go along in the years. With more Health Care Reform that's a hole that is going to take place. And the reason I'm hopeful as again as ten city challenge. That I guess pharmacist is going to tell us about. With a pharmacist really the dove right in. The -- -- with -- patients. To help them manage their diabetes. End of the best part of all about that study. Is ask. When you look at patients. Who were involved in that study. -- is patients who were knocked. There's clearly a positive difference. And it received some of those details. True mystery. Where we. Only get into that in the further details. Diabetes. Affects. Almost 26 million people. That's over 8%. Of the population of the United States. Almost nineteen million people have been diagnosed. So you do have done in the United States. Who are out there -- Not realizing may have diabetes. And it's so important to be diagnosed early. Succeed and take all the appropriate measures. In doing needs to be done. Tell put your diabetic -- Let's go to proceed forward. And talk about the patient has diabetes. And what they need to deal. What they should expect when they go to their primary care office. So the hemoglobin a one C. Is a blood test. That needs to be measured and it should be checked ideally four times a year. The goal for most patients. With diabetes. Is to have that level under seven. Now what this test this. Is it's a measure of your average blood sugar. Over a three month period of time. So when you make a little analogy. Stands. You're going to get checks. -- your position nurse practitioner or visit. And you wanna do really great at that deserves. And it's almost like cramming for -- Where each super healthy. He get him some extra walking. Through a few days before. And your blood sugar of that one point enzyme may not be bad. But the -- globe anyone see. Tells us we are over three months. So that cramming for the test isn't gonna for the human -- That number is what it is and it's a marker of how good you assert control has been over three months. And that's really important with -- management. Self monitoring of your blood sugar is extremely important with diabetes. And you work in collaboration with the medical team and how often need to check your blood sugar. We know the nutritional education management is importance. Physical activity. Crucial what diabetes. When you're getting checked at the office. What else can expect rejects. Kidney function. Diabetes can adversely affect you kidney function it's called the proper faith. Danny's a reminder and -- get -- when we do blood test to get smarter when -- trickier and very important to get that checked. Cholesterol. As we ordered one of our previous shows. When you have diabetes we treat that is if you have underlying heart disease. So that means to be very aggressively managed. And your -- DL bad cholesterol. Should be under seventy. For anybody with diabetes. Oftentimes you any medication to achieve that goal that's why you insects. Blood pressure and it's been aggressively managed. -- need to be checked. Sensation of the feeds and have -- hands she be secondary examination. I exams extremely extremely important. So easy to go to the eye doctor to get an -- examination. And think about how much we realize our vision. For everything in life. You need to get your eyes checked we have diabetes. Immunizations. Very important with diabetes as well. Everyone needs to get a yearly influenza vaccine. Unless you're in a small minority. Breast country located we have Arab certain. Condition when you can't receive a flu vaccine are so analogy. Most of us can get a flu vaccine. You really need to get that you wanna be up to be with your annual cargo vaccination against pneumonia. Again provided there aren't any content occasions. Dental care extremely important diabetes. It's important for everybody especially diabetes. If you're smoking. And you have diabetes. A real bad combination. He not only -- -- and -- blow civil control. Get rid of the cigarettes. This is guardrail laser this is the hope Obama -- and succeeding WRKO. For any questions or comments about today's show please call my office -- 781. 4312345. Again 7814312345. I cannot stress. How aggressive we need to be. With diabetes. It is a very challenging disease. It's progressive if we don't start the car -- early. We want to congress early we wanna do that with the help of a medical team. And as a gonna hear from -- member of pharmacists. The pharmacist -- part of the medical team as well and as we start going forward. With healthcare changes. As we start to wrap up 2011. Indian and -- -- years. We're gonna be working more and more as a medical team. The pharmacist should be more and more involves. In this ten city challenge. Over these ten cities in the United States. Promises to Wear an intrinsic part of the medical team. When you go into the pharmacy. And picking up a description. The zoo -- little sign inside out but when you get your description. Given questions to a pharmacy. Do not have any questions for the pharmacy. Blood times when irrationally when I get home we wanna see our children. We want to get home and get to dinner. And -- as quickly. Scribbled signature. And say -- I just -- me medication. I'm all set. Hope we have to today's show. You're not gonna describe your signature. It gonna take advantage of the pharmacist. And any other resource is that you can't. Again this is doctor Alon -- you're listening to help them on a sour on AM succeeding WR -- We're speaking about diabetes. For any questions or comments about today's show again my office number is some an 814312345. Again that's 7814312345. -- He could also see this. All www. WP cnet.com. Meant -- could also like this on FaceBook and -- of them so. I. 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Don WPC med dot com and of one of the welcome iphones from Washington DC. Miss Heather -- any member of pharmacists. Have the American Pharmacists Association. Mystery I hope you're enjoying your Sunday so far and I appreciate you taking your time -- us today. And thank you very much happening up so blissfully relieved. Already given our listeners a little overview of diabetes. Stands now what would be really helpful. Is to let us know how -- a pharmacist. Help us above and beyond this managing diabetes. Besides the obvious were a -- welcome -- the pharmacy. They bring their prescription. To get the description filled. They sign a form that says. -- -- I'm also and I don't have a question for the pharmacists consumers say they will the most sometimes people just pick up the -- so He could tell us a little bit of the role. Of the pharmacist. Knew what -- organization was really pushing for to help these millions of people with diabetes. Terror and you're -- earlier about the latter about I'd be if some of the information. People are not I ain't complicated or not thanks for diabetes is now that the complications -- this year that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Beck be if they hated egging them health care thing is he's hot economy. More than these so I'm control of the larger the dollar amount can become brick foyer as well but the ethernet itself. There's a lot of things we did it prevent complications. And one government are mainly there -- And then travel categories that the firm can partner with anything. Help under the F educated they -- further the that they can ultimately be the planet to control the situation I'd be. Mystery what are some of the ways as far as dignity management's. That a pharmacist will be able to assist the patient west. -- that would be nutritional management counseling. We cannot help but -- -- -- -- exercise and physical activity. Probably wanted to marry widest impact the cat can have it with their medications lap. We don't implement in your home with the Oakland Medicaid. Helping me -- -- highly Agile and again and she's in it accordingly it is important because in accurate look at -- different I'm here. Hey Eric. Or. Is that there's a lot of role to play but that isn't there in it. Sure that your right as a right. And that there -- back where your guy. We can also. Help -- your blood glucose monitoring devices. In the head and by working correctly and had lunch bucket. Of medication. Right for you and what going up your diet when you have that I. Throughout the day and went the extra what could be causing this kind of get this blue -- When a patient when when a patient history goes into a pharmacy. Whether it's you know this one of the local pharmacies here in the Boston area. And they want this hope that you're describing from the pharmacist. Is it available everywhere or -- patients have to order was doesn't look pharmacy but do they don't have a specific -- with their insurance. -- the great -- out some employers are actually contact he's out that this big arm you or program. I don't know they're aware of that and -- and that I -- I met him when the ten city Alan I read the American aren't -- foundation partnered with Alaska -- high. Now look at ITV's. Major cities across the United States. Looking at impact diabetes at you on this claim that active role in bear that cost the fact that -- work. Well as. Effectively work -- decent health care outcome and they did Fineman is -- my preferred. 11100 dollar per person where as well let her senate -- -- He's. Out there. That there are programs that here where -- it on out there. And that hope that he's that and it -- -- that -- not what I'm aren't there in fact that there player if they ask. -- that program. Secondly just couldn't get any firm comment if there are. Programs aren't willing and what time. You meant -- here. In Quebec and for making me. It doesn't hurt to have not act. There's many patients who have Medicare. Who are retired. So they don't have the benefit of getting. This from their employer so -- these occasions mystery UN advise go to the pharmacy counter. Tell them that you're the show on WRT know where. They know that pharmacies. And promises can mean much more involved in diabetic care and ask what these sources are available is that correct. This track and Medicare doesn't pay per per band I was caught medication their. There aren't that is able to sit down and go through their medication. Medication check up with the patient and make sure there on the right mad at them for the right -- and they're you know duplicate and they're. Especially when a patient had more than one part of it makes them a little bit more complicated. One more than one doctor -- a lot of doctors made it the different things duplicate. -- treatment partner with the armistice is that he's here. Hope you get your at it under control at -- when -- -- you're on a lot dramatic. Drop it. -- they're not only issue I. That they be. Calm and later down the road from back. Mystery in the Washington DC area we are based would you say that the pharmacist -- around. But the primary care physician and the nurse practitioners as a team right now what does that. The collaborative practice. Basically everything -- senator Graham a -- in Canada are all. Whether the events and the pharmacist or their nurse practitioner. We ought to be hurt me static we have the same goal -- mad at the -- Education at -- very important you with diabetes. Prevent further conflict it out. We are located. Do you think that you're achieving that all -- now work -- we where we need to be -- do you think that we sold a lot of improvements ago. We definitely have a lot of improvement though it goes in order view. Decrease numbered side EVP we have in the cost Andy and it -- it. It's estimated -- are estimated at -- 175. Billion dollar Brothers director and direct cost. Other officiated. With diabetes but there's also this that are sleeping carpet that's in -- -- -- the we still have a long way to go at it. First and foremost he's doing everything it these. Matta -- and I I plan or type you know. How was -- of the pharmacist is gonna have this extra time I I know what I glimpse of the local pharmacy. And in town that you you're recording -- keynote -- frozen because waiting for the pharmacist -- him. Three people at the window and they're filling prescriptions. Hands. It seems very challenging to do -- get through the day. Where where does that time come from. I agree with you it'd -- -- -- components that aren't there. What got and they need to be able the budget I think you but -- better -- but everybody is different. Now if you look at could be other retailers and I'm Kate and you have programs have been tied. What armed. The of the vote that I'm in there. But -- in the right permit it. It's very important well so not only knowing your message. Board they aren't. And make sure right arm has and but that time you. -- -- -- -- Looking around shopping around just like -- -- you know it just ignore -- partner at doctor I gotta find the right -- -- -- German studies. For patients who -- partnering up with their pharmacists. Nurses patients were not. With respect to their hemoglobin a one C which again to remind the listeners. That's a blood test. They gives us an idea of diabetic control over the previous three months. And I'm wondering in this free if there's any studies. To show that the hemoglobin a one C will actually be lower. With that a diabetic control. For the population. -- working in tandem with the pharmacist. Voices of those who were not. -- -- That the I didn't sense that. The -- and that was funded initiative I American -- this foundation as well -- -- I. Investigators -- it and I -- is it is maybe there are participating with their employer. And finally. It was a voluntary health and that's I think help -- because He is that they're diabetes that. But they add that this team. Program with the -- with the armistice. That they've partnered. There's the -- out. What we did you think that there is when He and they are -- the has increased respect. So they -- currently in there -- one is even more typical that we didn't see as well as but -- him -- a restaurant. I was really critical or is that you're humanities. Program requirements are beneficial or. From hearing those results. -- the first part. Of the puzzle it comes into my mind is that. Patients who are seen the pharmacist. Who had actively involved in the care. That they must be taken this a lot of extra time. Working with the patient. And news. Making the patient understands their diabetes. How to manage it better how to work on their diet better how to exercise better and that would explain. The hemoglobin a one seat -- cholesterol results improving the would you say that's a true statement or his or another explanation. I think that the great they are I needed this so compact. And they'll make it. Not because you're about the -- is not about and that there are many compounds. And here. Failure -- it and ask why we need it. I -- It's not gonna happen overnight a lot and it said it ultimately that all of that is how well they're gonna be -- But the more accurate information from the -- That is about it in the. This is doctor -- Glaser you listen to the health of the moment sour on -- succeeding WRKO. And we're discussing diabetes would miss another freak remember pharmacist. At the American. Pharmacists association. For any questions or comments about today's show you can call my office at 7814312345. Again at 781. 4312345. This week could go into a little bit more detail of the ten city challenge and you know -- Bradley -- -- -- well -- -- those ten cities where was -- done. It depends Eric it is running -- walking. His first. I've got out Cumberland Maryland yes the government Charleston, South Carolina. Hello -- brain believe blocked and put them. We don't went way up from Honolulu. And -- then Georgia as well as everything Florida. How -- those cities chosen. I don't they. I'm I'm winning seasons she had an opportunity to even apply to be to be part of this stands. I believe they did not have a sound they epic that's. Tied it -- that the top. -- diabetic area. And I wanted to let our guard outside attic area. So when you -- top diabetic areas that we saying that these areas have very high prevalence of diabetes just by chance. Everyone had to be dead -- at the -- At area. Income. Population. Factors contribute. To see whether it was this that all the way around. For a patients who was in this tent city challenge. Working directly with the pharmacist. And their blood sugar levels are rising. And there are already on injectable insulin. And the patient knew they needed adjustments. Who's advising the patient on that adjustments in this challenge. It would be the fireman said the pharmacist would not actually be directing the patient to change their. It would doing that they would be performing at the collaboration with our art with our position where the nurse practitioner whoever is describing that medication. It would be partnering with that just that -- To make sure that the -- games -- coverage based on. And then together in collaboration -- sounds like it's very very successful. So it sounds like one of the challenges is that the patient as He was saying when they're looking around for the right pharmacy. And the right pharmacist. Is they should have the expectation. That the pharmacist should really be willing to help them in the diabetic management's. I can greatly greatly your medication expert. And where they're cable cut dressed as information to you and that we don't click with He needed on the right arm. Rea. Relationship that the -- Tell me a little bit more about the exercise and physical activity instruction part of the program. Shirt. You may have to look at the individualized. Person there and from what they're capable of dealing. And what we incompetent and that it is performed. In the regular daily activities whether parity now low with just twenty minute walk. It intriguing that more that the activity so we can basically get that kind of a guidelines can be. An advocate -- attrition and that. -- Well are doing their blood glucose on tree that's gonna feel old -- After foundation where -- care. I'm guessing that's patients who were part of this ten city challenge. -- -- That's a program that was for anyone resist tuning into -- -- program that wasn't established. Provisions to help manage their diabetes on a day to day basis. Working with the pharmacists. And their primary care provider. -- be their position of the nurse practitioner as a collaborative team. Stands. Often with an employer will help support this as well. So with respect to this diabetes challenged. I'm guessing that there must be -- savings. To health care on a per patient basis. There is there an average net -- about 11100 dollar per person per year. That's astronomical. That they look at those 174. Billion dollar that activity. Do health health care costs. Directly and indirectly from diabetes. Could be huge savings over I'm really helped and it that He declared. Eight. And when we also look at the population and that we know we have almost 26 million people. Affected with diabetes. And if we could save over a thousand dollars. Per patient. Providing them better care. A longer. Life -- Decreased. Medical. Morbidity with respect to diabetes. Those are -- amazing savings. Everywhere you look at. Agreed agreed it's about it's about that preventative care but just getting loose shots and putting began making sure you're going to the eye doctor. All these. They're -- tiny -- -- even the people when they guard going to the eye doctor can hit play -- repair how this sugar is that the anti. And it paid and whether they're gonna have complications now officiated from their diabetes. That there it'll just little things that take a little bit at -- encourage -- And walking through and that helped pharmacists they're role and coming helping educate about all the different complications another issue but I'd be easy. Hope He gets that live -- Better control let them. He mentioned about the influenza vaccine. And we really want to stress that's all of our listeners. Especially if you have diabetes if you have a family member who has diabetes. You neighbor who has diabetes. Friends a coworker. You really need to get that flu vaccination. Unless you're in that very rare category where there's a content occasion. But. With that being said if you're not in that category where it's country indicated. It's so important. To be up to be with -- vaccinations. Can also be up to date. With the new cargo vaccination. Which prevents pneumonia. And I can agree with you more I mean. Despite getting the flu shot much remember it every year in that He got a lot -- though need to get this again this year. It can help prevent complications with. With little. -- prevent -- from getting -- from them at all but just because you get the plane shot doesn't mean that you can't get there it -- may not be as severe. We worry about tomorrow with the diabetic patient is. There are immune systems are not quite at the and remembered here a diabetic to get sick. It can increase your blood -- but it didn't -- -- regulate. Specter like Chuck Berry or you can call up further complications. The organ that your body. Which is what we see as the co morbidity and diet -- Heart disease kidney every year. Neuropathy in your -- now. How important -- dental visits for the issue of diabetes as opposed to. Someone without diabetes. They are still very critical on every boat component of your body has seen check out the regular antenna. But getting amber -- but the digest. Are all critically important that the that the senior regular position. Because. All these different. Conditions that are finishing it with diabetes can be seen by different practitioners. That can help you who her -- Further complications. Or to better control the diabetes or it -- where. And our practice and -- primary tremendous and with many many patients in the practice of diabetes. And many patients in other practices. In the area with diabetes. We'll find up in this Boston -- for whatever reason. Then getting patience to get the diabetic eye exam. Can be very very challenging and if you look at numbers. Provisions -- diabetes and what percent are getting their cholesterol levels checked and what percent. Are getting there of being examined them what percent. Are. Self monitoring their blood sugars and what percent. Have their eye exam. We find there's really a disproportionate amount of patients who are not getting their eyes checked. Mystery what what do we tell these patients. -- -- scary because. We're used to using in our eyes and them blessed be able -- diet and with diabetes. You can -- -- condition where. You're not gonna be able the user IIRC. Complications associated with that said I got you can actually look in the back of the I. Eat the masses -- -- -- Starting early. I doctor complained very important role knowing whether it I. All of -- more. Education. Is come about or even if we need to change -- medication. And make it more effective or you that it does that. This is doctor Alon Glazer you've been listening to the help the most sour and AM succeeding WRKO. And we've been discussing. A list of the and bill okay. -- militants like this is doctor -- Glazer and you listen into the hole tomorrow with sour on -- succeeding WRKO. And we have been discussing diabetes care -- miss -- -- a member of pharmacist at the American Pharmacists Association. Who has been kind enough to join us by phone on this Sunday afternoon from Washington DC. We've been discussing their diabetes ten city challenge. Which is a program. That helps decent minutes or diabetes by a team approach specifically by involving the pharmacists. In the every day management of diabetes. This -- we're gonna give us. Three. Take home messages that you think -- the most important. From today's show. What would you tell all all of our listeners. I that the patient has diabetes I think it's important to educate yourself as much as possible or about right yeah. In your specific -- -- know you're Madison you know your pharmacist. And get fat -- right yelling about how -- gonna take care of your hair and dominate complications that issue but -- see it. Don't let yourself is one that is. -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you think that over the next several years with all of the changes coming in health care. And all the changes that are ready happening in health care. That this diabetes ten city challenge. We may turn out to be. In the year 2014. The diabetes. Eighty city challenge 400 city chose to do think that's a -- school forest. I definitely bill and that reality -- on the the F back from the tent city Allen going in air up progressive measured. That does the how map. RX models where employers are not contract out. A lot of that -- Where the patient or employers up. The pharmacist in the position there are always had already seen granted without and that the -- -- is now. And there's other programs already out there like outcome that in Medicaid and they're in the not just for a diabetic patient. But for other patients and other conditions that can really benefit our program. Similar to diabetes and -- Another benefit that we haven't even touched upon yet is the benefit for the employer. If they have better health care for their employees. If they're diabetic patients a better managed. Their patience boggling and -- their patient person by their employees. With diabetes. As a patients are going to do that much better they wanna miss less time from work they going to be healthier. A healthier person is more productive. There's a lot of benefits for every great great. This freely again I want to thank you for taking all of your time. I'm sure this was an extremely beneficial to all of our listeners. And again for any questions about today's show please call. 781. 4312345. Again that 7814312345. You've got to -- and Ninety Nine restaurants nine crave for the real size entrees for 999. All with bold flavors like the new grilled barbecue Angus meatloaf New England fried shrimp pork chicken parmesan and Ninety Nine restaurants great -- great deal. Hi I'm Mike my entire life. Over 26 years entire loan is made borrowing -- by offering fast cash loans on gold and diamond jewelry. Antiques and collectibles musical instruments and so much more we -- credit checks. It's really what lending used to be. -- present -- -- -- locations figure out the value of your merchandise and then lend up to 70% of that value. That's -- appraise the collateral make an offer based on that appraisal one piece of idea a single piece of Paper the site. And you can Begin in and a rash doorway cashing your pocket. In less than twenty minutes we're empire alone in Boston Providence New Bedford -- and -- Find the location nearest you NN -- dot com. Call 180375. PA deadline unlike Don the owner it's that easy. We have a very large -- -- thirteen orthopedic surgeons doctor Evan Schumer from Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates by having such a large group we have the ability to some specialized for instance we have four fellowship trained insurgents somehow special areas of expertise in micro surgery we have people who were experts in complex injuries -- on the -- for throwing athletes etc. What we try to do is take the best of that imported into the community -- Newton -- orthopedic associates the experts in orthopedic care we have the good fortune of working -- -- beautiful physical facility it's easy to get here supporting his right here -- hospital and when you get here we hope that the experience is a much more warm and personal experience Newton -- orthopedic associates the best of what the academic institutions are doing -- in a more accessible -- 61796400244. NW -- dot com. At Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates it's never a pain to get the best care. -- -- Listen to us before most vital parts of your data from this is Boston's -- stationed AM 680. WR video. May have. On Tuesday evening. My wife Lisa. And my two oldest children Sabrina and Daniel. -- the Boston Bruins came in little Isabelle was at home. And. And there's almost 181000 people at the game. They happen to lose there was a lot of fun. But look you in the stadium. I'm thinking to myself. 8%. Of this crowd. Has diabetes. Which amounts to about 15100 people. And out of the 15100 people. Hundreds of them to -- ever realize they have diabetes. There -- undiagnosed. That's kind of scary. This doesn't have program about hockey although I do I do when it was Daniel good luck in his upcoming season which starts on Saturday. But what I really want to do is I would wish everybody with diabetes. For a healthy life. And to be sure. That you do your best. In tandem. With all resources available. Again this is doctor Alon Glazer and you've been listening to -- health and wellness our -- succeeding WR -- this Sunday afternoon. At 5 PM this 6 PM. And as we've been speaking about diabetes. And I hope that all of our listeners. Found this helpful. Again for any questions or comments about -- show please call 781. 4312345. Again at 781. 4312345. I wanna think -- -- free a member pharmacist. At the American pharmacists association. For all of our time on this Sunday afternoon. Joining us by phone from Washington DC. With diabetes. We we know -- challenging the disease can be. It's. Very difficult. To have to always be wondering what your blood sugar is. So be constantly. Monitoring what your diet choices are. To be very diligent about your exercise routine. In to be compliance. And being checked regularly eat. At your medical practice wherever that may be where you go. What I can tell you is it is so crucial. To be monitored for the diabetes. And to do all of the examinations. That there were advised that you. It's a lot we've heard about. Getting kidneys checked. With blood tests and your analyses. Put examination. I examination. Dental examination. Immunizations. It -- we understands. How challenging it is. For someone with diabetes. So many innocent there's disease process well. As caregivers. We really are sympathetic. -- and we wanna see someone with diabetes. Do really well with their disease. We wanna see anywhere with any disease process do well. We wanna keep our patients healthy. But what I need to stress to -- is taken minutes of every single resource. Available to you. With what we doing about the ten city challenge. With pharmacy involvement. A lot of times as a benefit from the employer. Sometimes as a benefit from your insurance plan whatever that may be. That you need to take advantage of that. When you go into the pharmacy. To pick up your prescription. -- is so quick to describe what your name. And be out as quick as possible. But I -- over. Think about some questions. That you may have specifically for the pharmacist. They can have some great input for an exercise program. For a diet program. -- what you need to look for that specific medication. And many other aspects of diabetes. But as the years go by. And as we get more and more into health care changes. One thing we do know. Is that we only to work as a team. Again this is doctor Alon Glazer. This is -- all the -- of -- -- M succeeding WRKO. Thank you for listening. I wish you all of the healthy it's enjoyable week. I'll look forward to listening to us again next Sunday. At 5 PM on Sunday. On AM six AB WRKO. Stay well come stay healthy and again thank you for listening it's. Let -- know. Solomon's. Could find very and a lunch Hollywood Barry Armstrong -- -- on Boston's tough decision may have. WRKO. Yeah.