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Chump Line Thursday October 20, 2011 - Obama Caught His 3rd Terrorist

Oct 20, 2011|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a stoner who thought Obama caught and killed Gadhafi after interupting his bus trip in Virginia.

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We. I am now it's time. -- how eight cars show we used to have the best -- think about. The world used to say let's traveled America let's see the Golden Gate Bridge we'll see. The Hoover Dam lets see these these amazing things that America bill are we gonna be the generation where we stopped -- use. Massive layoffs we've had in America today. Have. Of course are rooted in the last administration. This very clear. That private sector jobs in -- doing just fine it's the public sector jobs where we've lost to -- numbers. You can't. Not have. Strong capital markets in this country or the country's gonna go down the troops. I think I think most people want change in this country but they don't want the country to go down the tubes and want the country to become England how we. It's not temporary. When that 911 call comes in a woman's -- rate -- shows up in time read to rate to zero right using our great -- -- to describe Republican opposition to the I don't know if you don't know what I said let's get this straight guys don't screw with me. Let's get -- UK is a great breath no let me just listen to -- I'm listening I said rate was up. Three -- they not powered card WRKO radio networks. 187746943221877469. -- refuse to. His watch an idea. Headlines on the channel seven -- early newscast. Window her -- that reporter for channel seven appears to be wearing the same outfit that Michelle Bachmann -- to the to the debate in Las Vegas the other night. One of these though one of these white. White coats with the black buttons in the black trim. And I don't know where she -- I maybe should maybe they both bought it off the -- 18774694322. That's the toll free number of how we car show. If you like to one call in and be part of the show that's the number to call if you would like to what was into the show on the Internet caller web. Color -- color web address dispute. Go to our. Web address. Which is how we car dot com how we cart dot com and click on the live audio streaming. Also how we cart dot com you can take part in our daily Internet poll question daily Internet poll question. Is brought you by -- -- likable overtaken exit 33 day off 128. Go to about two miles Woburn four quarters shall see the the building the dealership up on the right it's the best Cadillac dealership in the region. And they have hundreds of new and used cadillacs. On the lot -- -- -- like many of the used cadillacs. Have warranties of up to six years and 100000 miles. And if if you like to check out the what they have in stock on line before you drive down their vehicle was co. Two Olson Cadillac dot com all LSE and Cadillac dot cops in what's the poll questioned one of the results thus far. Senator Harry Reid says the private sector jobs are doing just blind do you agree. OK we've gone to 97%. -- noted about the vote -- and the hike at that much since late today. It's only an infuriating statement I mean if you're in the dreaded private sector -- -- and it's just in its -- -- -- wherever you work. It's insulting statement to your intelligence that some would you know what it's the minds of the old saying about the urinating down -- back and telling you it was raining I mean Mets that's exactly what this is mean. Smarmy guy likes us when a text -- said that -- one of that effort not voting that guy out last last election He succeeds He. Somebody that once Pelosi. Bow. -- the I didn't. Chuck Schumer. Whole lot of we we repeat scoop Jackson's view war of the Jack Kennedy's. Of yesteryear. Where it. Jack Kennedy says ask you could ever play that anymore they don't just -- ask not what your country can do for US which you can do for your country. What do you what do you think of that occupy Wall Street with how you think they would react that statement hello John. It's. What you can do for main man starting with a new bong. You can call him weave -- messages any power the day or night including weekends the champ and number feel like we've -- of messages 61777934696177793469. We -- -- play your message at this time each weekday. The -- one has brought you today by streamline air. -- streamlined from -- it's from feel bad for flights are just 99 dollars to the Philly Trenton area book today I fly streamline dot. Not stored at best -- -- next week because if you lose -- one of the matter what I got so. When kids are gonna do about it and side. Probably not. That answers your question right let's move along and we have to talk about the price during the outbreak I talked to the winner who sat out from Maine. -- for Maine gaffe about T shirts for Bob brooks Eckerd Kuroda made him into some else to it. And now we take it to the floor of Wall Street stock exchange -- report by Joseph Biden Joseph how -- today. Well what -- what went. You know. Where they -- I got to get the story about Barack and it was in Virginia and not North Carolina where exit you can applaud now read that to you in a moment He was. But it's. -- -- -- -- -- I hope they buried him and -- accidentally. Yeah well I was -- that picture again of him and the leopard skin but he's not -- it's like just -- leopard skin but he's got its fake leopard some kind of leopard skin but he's got a he's got a red sash. Admit it looks like -- what is the looks like he's wearing some kind of rational wrapped around it that's. A purple and gold. Authority have to chase a cardinal to get that I don't mean a St. Louis Cardinals to get that -- -- But wound -- all the occupied opposite and dumping them in the middle of the the end of course -- And that's what else. President today Amber's -- mean. It was him the old one they get fisheries it's gonna smoke their way out of a cornfield. Going to a Halloween party stressed that says -- dismal month. But He needs some volunteers stood dress up like rebels and correct me around and get help you know. RP what I said the first power given to the picture of the guy is being credited with killing him. He's twenty years old and he's wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap. Keeping that. Whitey Bulger is not loses position as the number one following costs and it and now -- -- now. Maybe that's for its that's a possibility. More He looks but now that He was caught in crossfire. It's amazingly clean sure it was. That was shot by yankees. The UC also that He had a gold plated gun yeah. And -- actually a couple of Columbia Pictures the gun that they claim which is like like these these rebel fighters. You know we're just -- radical plated gun case they shop -- be in a throw down for the -- wrote down wish that it that the national cameraman. -- you know like love Barack Obama for president advocated them but there was killed in. Movies is that is that he's the debt that my hand on -- the president in those twelve man. Is that the tenth of Obama you're a native now on the of today it that that The Herald reported today. That's think it'll lot of money bank yeah. Steps -- in me and he's what does the name -- high experts said we're not good journey -- I don't care people wish that she ain't gonna meet this. A mr. vice president if old woman is being way I don't think the -- in Charleston I'm to prevent. The -- it's already process. Think it might have a little problem with your past present future thought process that mr. vice president. That's just one of the things got a problem with. Yeah it's crime rate is down by way. And the rate of gun ownership is up. And it's -- most people don't even old gold plated forty fives like. Bull market. Incredible go up it doesn't get it away. Who is that killed by a revote. A man. Rape and Ray Lewis linebacker for the of Baltimore Ravens. Had a few problems with the law over the years. Shall we to read in the turbine awful -- good feeds. They'll find if they spelled his name with the QOK yours G. Polls. He will read it on -- to -- feel -- with -- wardrobe go to veto. And the it's -- the Internet people radio station about a memo on how to spell that -- name I was I was amazed because excellent spoke to different ways to different screens but at the club that is -- on the stationary -- talks one way. MSNBC -- another way -- will. A solid third way because we're not spelling either way they are either the official the official. When we dispelled apparently is from the AP and the AP is nothing to do I mean they probably -- -- -- that's got poppy. That's the guy out spelling GA DH -- He got a copy got a copies on our website we'll. That's that's actually the easiest ones -- Could it would work. Don't do I got a but dry -- There's there's now another version of his last words. You know. Order spoke about it Miranda rights read -- -- -- -- -- I there's another story that's about the move on the wires -- says his last words were the private sector jobs are doing just fine. -- cowboy up you can do it I'd say -- -- day but I don't think that's possible. They want that Collins got back on the -- guided a threat -- OK. Okay. They wanna back big time IM yes funny guy could have sworn I just heard a couple met while they -- back on Tuesdays -- -- guy. Our fortune cookie -- else column. Okay fortune cookie guy you're invited the comeback is for on Tuesday next Tuesday OK I'm inviting you JE. Jay you're getting get your money's worth on that contract. -- We know about crap like what do forward people won't do anything vote. I think they're more of them out there and -- course. Not to let anybody even. I don't think you were -- is an anachronism bailing out the sixty -- hate independent propriety when you do the password -- stupid idiots. It just sounds mean. Listen I think -- visas -- ruby words we keep using viewing James all right. Feeling groovy. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling out retired UK. He jumped. Okay that was it for the -- like troubling is the recorded voice mail message service about how we -- show you can call leave a message of any hour of the day or night. We may -- -- -- play your messages this time each week say the -- point number if you like to leave such messages. 617779346961777934. 69. The chaplain was brought to you by streamline air flight streamline every weekday from hints from field in Bedford mass for the Philly Trenton area for just 99 dollars. Well today and I -- streamline dot com. Good you know -- love Barack Obama the president and has to keep them up but there were killed and terrorism leader's death is that he's the best and I bet my hand on him president -- twelve man. It sound like Obama is out themselves political plated pistol bring -- -- Moammar. He He He He He. He really did have a more measured statement today and after bin Laden was killed when He did used to but He. The first person singular about about a hundred times seems like. Okay we have do we you know we we talked yesterday about how the Red Sox now obvious needed -- new theme song for the sixth -- cents a said -- Josh Beckett he's not pitching. He likes to get up from the dugout ago. It's about that time and that goes back and gets his spotlight and it is so I this is the this -- I suggest we didn't have the original urgent. Yesterday but here here is the beginning of the original version of what made no well you. -- Today. No wall. Well wow that's a live version that's even better than the original. Course he's been during her onstage. He was drinker backstage I -- one time in Winston-Salem I told the story -- About what you have the -- -- stack of bills on the best which are local or so pro is his money for appeared at the club. And -- about the Q on one side of them and alignment of salt shaker on the other side cut the top line. I said how you doing Jerry Lee and He said. Make a million a year and spend too I'm doing okay. Will -- be global that I know working know that that what's on -- be the the B model the United States government. I think He drank. Seed and yeah He I don't know if Jimmy Swaggart is cousin to -- but He drank enough for both of all right well Obama ends bosh Tor with pitch to subdued crowd. This was at the fires that this was a fire station number -- In. In north chesterfield Virginia. The president got a polite reception from the 100 or so people crowded in to the station garage. -- the fire trucks there I mean no wonder was crowded it would have been -- have been twenty people there. Early in his speech He mentioned his American jobs act. One or two people clapped. You could go ahead and Clapp the president said go -- nothing wrong with it. -- -- -- The Virginia leg of the bus -- left some Democrats strategist pub puzzled. Obama bypassed a populist northern region the reflects the changing demographics of the state the influx of suburban voters who were receptive to his message and help him carry Virginia in 2008. Puzzles federal workers. Obama's first up was in a southern county greens bill with a population of only 121000. All here's a prank. By some tourists. An apparent. Prank break in at a county courthouse wind at five French Moroccan Taurus and a Texas jail. Where they were questioned by FBI agents local officials said Wednesday. Security footage showed the men wearing sombrero and playing around with a judge's gavel before they were arrested by police were tipped off by. By the courthouse security system. But since that left the sombrero is behind us they made their way out of the building the responding officers worried at first it could be some kind of terror plot. And I don't think they overreacted I I I really don't. So in the local media was quote on quote breathlessly. Reporting that the courthouse have been attacked. Reports surfaced that two of the -- Warren FBI watch list and the vote photos of critical infrastructure water systems and courthouses. Were found in their recreational vehicle. But after the security tapes were reviewed in the men questioned it became pretty clear that the break him with simply. They still -- per week. Said the spokesman for via. The county sheriff. It's pretty entertaining at least. Entertaining. Like I -- I don't think you're given the given the reality of the situation and everything that's going on I don't think it was I don't think the cops overreacted. 18774694322. And how we car.