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Chump Line Wednesday October 19, 2011 - Drinking In The Dug Out

Oct 19, 2011|

Most of today's chump line messages involved the hotly contested story that the Red Sox players were drinking in the Dug Out at Fenway during games.

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We. Time now there's time. -- how eight cars show in the. You lose all of your standing from my perspective because -- Hired illegals. On the break. I don't think that's ever hired an illegal in my life and so I'm afraid I've I'm. I'm looking forward to finding your facts on that because that just doesn't look at this -- -- again -- There were you I'm very -- I'm taking the -- may have -- used to play and you know you can't really plays well again I just didn't drive. -- -- Tuition McAllister. I'm here representing myself but I do work for the Los Angeles Unified School District I think that the zionist -- Who's running these big banks that are Federal Reserve which is not ran by the federal government. They need to be run out of this country. The most important thing we can do right now is those of us and leadership. Letting people know that we understand their struggles that we are on their side. How we. The -- from my friends and note poses is this whole jobs bill and this that this is just him. Give me a break temporary. I wish these guys -- temporary wish they had some notions like to be the other side of the gun. Or 200 companies stand over you telling you submit my powered car WRKO. Radio network. One 87746943221. 774694322. That's the toll free number of the Howie -- show if you like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon. If you would like to listen the show on the Internet you can always do so go to our web -- how we cart dot com and click on the live audio streaming. Also what how we card but commune in that -- our daily Internet poll question the daily Internet poll question is brought to you by. Olson cattle of Woburn take exit 33 day off 128 put on about two miles to Woburn four corners. You'll -- also Cadillac on the right it's say yeah it's the region's best Cadillac dealership they have hundreds of new and used cadillacs on the lot. In many of the used cadillacs have warranties of up to six years and or 100000 miles. If you like the one line -- would also Cadillac has in stock right now you can almost go to their website. Olson Cadillac dot com OLSD. End Cadillac dot com CNB what is the poll question and one of the results thus far. Do you believe that Red Sox players were drinking in the dugout during the team's yes I do -- 82%. Holding firm. Okay. I guess we won't have Jerry Lee Lewis -- tomorrow though will will will capture with the that your only him what made me what made Milwaukee famous. -- contract that -- -- have to worry about it. Being it's being handled. The -- line -- recorded voicemail message service of how we car show you can call leave a message in India or that there might including weekends. We may Europe may not play your message at this time each weekday the trampling number lately such messages 61777934. 696177793469. Joseph Klein is brought to -- streamline air flight streamlined from Hance and feel bad for. Flights are just 99 dollars to the Philly Trenton area today I flight streamline dot. I -- you get a break quote it is -- oh c'mon. Come on come on those that didn't get legislate it guys. Somebody said this morning came off like He was the hall monitor in junior high. -- can't get to put food truck. On the Green -- in the food trucks will chrome probably. Turnoff there aren't any food trucks on the Green way. They they and -- to Suffolk downs instead. There you think those people on the way there there were eating. Pot brownies. Yet another great. Particularly if what can I bet and it. Who. -- I am I am. -- I didn't that's kind of point isn't. -- nine bottles of beer on the law by way -- resentment might ERA at even higher than that. It's. Sure nothing got that the days so Grateful Dead. Their bones. Never complained about building that is it does sound pretty easy you know more bad bargain means it. Like dude -- I want my student loans forgiven men because. That way can start my career. I'm gonna grow Hydro robotic him. Man. I don't always drink beer in the dugout stick in it that -- park what I do. -- -- -- Isn't it ironic that the World Series starting this evening in Saint Louis. Home of Anheuser-Busch. And by the way XP the cops in Saint Louis -- worry you know whether worried. Because the dozen or so occupied Saint Louis demonstrators. They think the one of the may sneak into the park and streaked across the out. What what has what used to be. A fraternity prank has now become an act. Of political. Courage. On the park guards have dart guns. I hope they do like that your vote vote the last words I wanna hear one does that is don't tase me bro. -- or -- my body immunity -- it's. Very -- -- get real what whiter here. Nobody ever accused -- of drinking in the dugout it's. On the other accused of. News. You know and then build these. -- The season. Did. What are these at least three pitchers that -- strikes. Regular but lighter if they ever want with Bud Light -- much to lot of ads for them to -- Couldn't. It has. Not gonna do any good to cop trainers and He was just -- was. Sometimes. Sometimes. It pays to be worse He got to get the best of -- a bunch of abide by doing not. Sometimes it's better to what do not drink it the best of days He kept He kept most interesting television. Say differences there really isn't certain. Do you that they got a little testy. That was me what to protect -- boys never exchanged if you blow. Exit turn over the table sometimes but that doesn't only go to your -- duplicate bridge. You. Yeah -- Go through and you. Rules. I. It and it was. It's about that time. You can hear it or perhaps those could it be that sure that it's occupied doubles Maine I heard the bald guy and that He collapsed. Have to put the top of this. -- -- if you feed and drove them from Soviet war. Has anybody seen the -- something called and now He has occupies. And occupies Scarborough. And open up the hope that not that doing anything that can sports. Closed for the season. Or -- if they wanna know it's good for them otherwise the colonel's right after them. LA post gave themselves these new killed off the album that was funny effect -- them -- -- got killed in the course of the week by the way how many get that that they get them Dunkin' Donuts that I would be used to call off but He. The abuse. Are you saying it's taking -- -- -- we all know that's not true. OJ OJ wants one -- He was in here He drank some some. Of them -- -- remember the egg eating contest the donating contest what other content. It's about drinking water rose. Moment let's -- with the grossest. -- Okay. -- That would scare last -- line message thank you for calling have a card usage. I guess we left the space for the cal -- -- in case you wanted to come back. Return to to life and that's -- for the jump onto the trample him as a recorded voicemail message service of Howie -- show. You call leave a message of any Al war that they are high including weekends that troubling numbers slightly -- messages. 61777934696177793469. We may or may not play your -- this time each weekday. The -- was brought you by streamline. Air flight streamline every weekday from cancer concealment Bedford mass. To the Philly Trenton area for just 99 dollars book today and I -- streamline dot com. He can hear about a half does is it -- that. Sure that it's occupies double Maine I heard the bald guy -- that He collapsed into the top of the Cadillac if you -- -- dual -- from Soviet Awad. Okay 187746943.