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Prime Time Republican Smack Down

Oct 19, 2011|

In slightly less than two hours, the nationally televised debate raised the prospect — maybe even the likelihood — of a nasty, brutish and potentially long fight for the nomination between Romney and Perry, both of whom are sitting on campaign war chests that exceed $10 million. Howie was looking forward to the campaign.

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We. Time now it's time. -- how a car show in the. You lose all of your standing from my perspective because you've hired illegals. On the break. I don't think that's ever hired an illegal in my life and so I'm afraid I've I'm. I'm looking forward to finding your facts on that because that just doesn't look the guys -- -- again -- There were you I'm very new I'm taking the newspaper UCLA and you -- you can't really plays well again I just didn't time. -- -- -- Tuition McAllister. I'm here representing myself but I do work for the Los Angeles Unified School District I think that. Of the zionist Jews who -- running these big banks that are Federal Reserve which is not ran by the federal government they need to be run out of this country. The most important thing we can do right now is those of us and leadership. Letting people know that we understand their struggles. That we are on their side. How we. The -- from my friends and note poses is this whole jobs bill and this that this is just him. Give me a break temporary. I wish these guys -- temporary wish they had some notions like to be the other side of the gun. Or 200 companies stand over you telling you submit my powered car WRKO. Radio network. You're really -- bad joke. You're really wish -- what was about to be raped. Man again I -- oil or use it but imagine Republicans thing. 1877469432218774694322. That is the toll free number. Of how -- car show if you like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon help yourself to some food over there. Via drunken beef that pulled pork it's all excellent anyway cafe they're all going to be at Suffolk downs -- The on the weekend on. It's on Saturday from noon to five too great a great take. Topic -- all the money goes to charity. If you would. If you like to join us here this hour that the number is 87746943228774694322. If you would like to listen to the show on the Internet you can always do so go to our website how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming also how we cart dot com. You can take part in our daily Internet poll question which is brought to you by -- Cadillac of Woburn. That is that they take exit 338128. -- now about two miles to work four corners. You see it up on the right Olson -- like the best Cadillac dealership in the region. They have hundreds of new news cadillacs on the lot many of the used cadillacs about warranties of up -- six years and or 100000 miles if you like to see. What they've got. In stock on the line you almost go to their website or some -- dot com away LSC and Cadillac dot com that's where I got my idea. SR acts and days like this it seat it's even better driving them. Than it is on good day if you couldn't you know you don't worry it's a -- Vehicle. By the way speaking of this day. You know what must really -- today. Must beat out to be at the Obama. In do we square. You know I if I would it was a little thing -- -- broken hearted opinions and giant Cheshire cat like Korean on your things. You know can't keep the LAPD to your voice for God's sakes you know I don't even think you know you get the best can't in the world. You know the one most waterproof -- in the world I don't think you can keep the all the water I think they give you have air mattresses I think you get the camp they space heaters. I have a generator for a space heaters and other -- India one of the guys that one the other stations cultivates got a cousin named Arthur. Who's a 64320. In the -- used protection racket in high school. Is -- writer when now and it can't -- Starting at what He may do he's gonna ask this guy Arturo weekend if you want to go down there and a and -- go from tent to tent and see if they have liked to liked that answer. MacBook and one of the -- is gonna go to your -- down the row of tents there's a guy that doesn't have any any apple tax so I'm gonna just take. Take your iPad to give it to help. -- distribute the -- that's right that's what right. -- 1877469432. Tuesday it was our poll question and one of the results thus far. Do you believe that Red Sox players returned king in the dugout during games yes like. 82%. Think it was Miller time. But like yes but. Anyway we we as someone support from western mass suggested that you know they have -- the place week Carolina the deepening it. I actually liked that story according to the story prize He never stand in saying row like city working the game. And to not. Dismayed you dead at pretty cage. -- -- -- You know -- play that sweet Caroline but we we found out last night allegedly. The that the team and all the players have denied the Josh Beckett in the sixth inning. Stands up in the weeks pitching the idea says. It's about that and we so we it is so we need to saw. For the sixth having to go along with sweet Caroline so here we've got the -- for the six that. Well we would have a sign except that Dan was in the middle of doing something when you did their studies the getting him a -- OK okay well it well but it just a moment we couldn't get the original I can't believe it's on the Internet. -- Like the real version that's illegal live version of you public. But it was -- it was live but not George Jones thought -- that's commander Cody now Smith it is not George -- Dominica and Baltic. Well sounds like George C that's good that's a good rendition of -- What made Milwaukee famous has made a loser. Out of the Red Sox but. Again I asked the question due to the day in solidarity with their fans does did the Beckett Lackey and Lester stopped drinking after the seventh inning and how long do you think that He DJ's gonna last at Fenway Park if He comes up with that little -- in the sixth inning. One can hope what can help. Next to buff -- BUFFET. To 68680. Right now for your chance to win a thirty dollar certificate to Rios steakhouse and Quincy and Plymouth in -- they're delicious flavor -- Brazilian dishes including the ever changing buff -- would would -- CEO -- -- pineapple. Get visit might get my perks dot com now get my perks dot com where you can get a thirty dollar certificate to -- steak house for just fifteen dollars. You only have ten minutes the text and so text to buff Fay. To 68680. Right now message and data rates apply don't text and drive brought you -- get my perks and Boston's park station. AM 680 WRKO. You know I just what's that if they let us back into the luxury box next season yeah. We should bring -- those Bose sound docs. And we can play our own little version a week it does sound -- are pretty powerful in Italy tap the park with one of those sectors. You know wirelessly and has supported these guys was via. It was a relief pitcher instead of starter. You don't want to win every got up this when every stood up in the bullpen and started warming up you could play that that would be an even better time to play via the plane tone. It out kind of a way of letting them that you would have to announce you just you know play the tone and -- -- that there I'll -- -- -- almighty god. What I have put up the helmet lackeys -- that the game. I guess that the last analysts after the broadcast authority to do this and I used to be fine but we're not going back there I guess. I use -- and it's like it's like the election it's a long -- -- spring training in opening mail -- that everything in ought to forget by then. All these people repeat the Red Sox and -- blow out the going to be predicting that the win the World Series -- left my prediction. You could you could keep that the recording and it's it's always the same the patriots are always going for the Super Bowl. In the Red Sox are always going to World Series doesn't -- Who what routine that the makeup of the team is you know you know whatever. Bio says colonel hunt is right Cooper totally lost control the debate in the beginning gained some authority back toward via. It was only great entertainment but most revealing perhaps influential on the candidates future Perry used post showed angry -- and gentlemanly conduct. Yeah I mean again He was. I thought you are the stuff and TV 11 you know Hamachi you don't want. You don't wanna get. You don't wanna be ST that's the that's the that's the first TV -- BST you know better. Better to take a punch that that the world. Just -- the coach of the -- Started can't do that is never gonna let me finish still has time what I. And they send in the sand. -- the others in beating up on him prove that they do not listen Kate. Kahne started disable corporate would be taxed but under his system that -- first been reduced by doing away with five current -- nobody listened. I'm glad you mentioned miles divided here say that either. I must a lot of analysts McCain needs a six seeing example SoundBite to prove his point He can't keep repeating apples and oranges. Just like 999. -- is still my main man. Romney suffered no loss deserves credit for taking Perry on without physically developing which is what Perry deserve. I'm close -- I think another rule in TV is you do not touch anybody else. Okay that's. That's that's and that's world number two after you know they don't don't start screaming -- at any one and a being nasty guy. Brockman hey how with the fashion expert white again -- at interpret. Well tell -- what somebody from the English Paper said that does He said she was wearing a bizarre outfit the middle look like they gave major rat. I think you can -- because it makes it stand out from a field of you know big black suits. And it and then. Gingrich very smart makes great points -- wish you weren't such a moral hypocrites Santorum truly sincere conservative not a bad guy from the field to win. He's a good guy I wish you were still in the senate He was you know on fortunately he's been placed in a way He would not in the same seat but. By Pat Toomey and other -- Very committed conservative. Let's see here 18774694322. Lets see here. But goes back via phones. -- your next with -- cart -- Bob. Football graduation -- restored airline probably makes you very -- Does. The future of American diplomats and our support this say I'm surprised at a -- the last tortured -- -- separate note it's like my god is when Emanuel are. But I I -- -- -- -- -- dot the most electable person. And our defense Michelle Bachmann replied yeah if they ever -- the sort of minute there when Jewish sort of patent I would spread guitar work. And retirement bases I -- trying to support it actually states are actually -- people want aren't that bridge. Would be no experience or any kind of understand it'll probably -- out. Right you know that the bombs thing I mean board where -- -- that just can I am I understand she's making a pitch but it was. It didn't sound like the view or something like that. Oh yeah exactly. Secretary our ports and that that remark Charlie. Thanks Bob 1877469432218774694322. Tools sevenths indicate you that you teach how to read on -- he's awful. Mean much to tell yourself AW at the L do you think that -- by could have I would have done it before now. Yeah the only and that 414 the only version of that song is the -- analysts at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John you're next with -- ahead jobs. It noted that. -- would commander Cody. Well I hope you enjoyed that version because it's going away. Our. Of the Jerry Lee Lewis -- going to be okay yeah yeah that's the classic. Original. And I think the only ones that really didn't hurt themselves last night -- was Gingrich and came and that's fine with me but I had to ask you. Do you think when -- -- put his hand on -- He was being friendly but you'd think it was. A calculated jester trying to get -- -- dragged down drive Perry over the edge. -- I think I think it was just I don't which He certainly wasn't trying to be friendly He was just I don't think it was a calculated gesture. Let's be honest I mean if if there was a who do you think would win a bar fight between Perry I mean there's there's no question Perry the -- the air force veteran. -- the former Democrat you know that he's He would He would. No offense meant but they did take it down no problem. Well that would go over NAFTA and Anderson Cooper. -- -- -- -- Well I'll stop you right here or two ago like we go that. 1877469432218774694322. In a in a commitment started to give an explanation of the illegal aliens is significantly. This is from the telegraph it's tell you what the telegraph walks. -- started to get an explanation saying you employ two sets of workers a year apart the turnout to be legal and rare moment of candor He expressed his reaction -- IE seven running for office for Pete's sake can't have illegals. Perry should have stopped the thought about the immorality of that statement but instead He kept needlessly and -- You're gonna get testy Mitt album in the audience loved it Perry stepped up the end in in interruptions. Romney turned his rudeness and torture issue. Okay have a question for yes but it's Syrian Dolores or that's on last hour. Jon Lester the pitcher the Red Sox. Out he's not you -- countries. I'm not familiar with the jobless numbers -- in every time somebody asked about it -- I don't now. Jerry Lee Lewis is is Jimmy's an -- in -- -- I -- -- it I guess you've ever heard Jerry lewis' version never now and what. We knew how can you make a an important decision because my decision is based on the -- don't have a look for different like Monica asks me a week ago as many defined your. That sounds very much like Jerry -- about to me John another -- your next with how we car. How -- I gotta have yet I Dijjer Russia's opinion on. -- with Ron Paul plans his financial plan and budget. He actually was thirtieth two again. Don't don't hang up on the bottom one of those little bet but. There's one thing about it it is the planet put out there actually is really good. You gotta you gotta read up on -- guilt and a copy of it over some fried clams. Well listen John the estimates thanks for picking -- -- but you know the thing about Ron Paul -- is it some of some of his stuff is just crazy I mean what you. Well Mikey have you heard him say that that that we had a we have it coming on 9/11. We brought it we ought to fire Phelps. What that's not what He says -- -- getting at is that it is looking at the reason that you cited -- it's what got him up and sucker punched in a bar which you wanna know why you get it. They could -- it again if you said something mediator in a bad neighborhood. I'm gonna go. Yeah we take a guide now -- sucker punch me so we can't hit me again. Which we've done. But the other thing I'm getting added. You gotta understand why He did it in the reason that the fighting was Burt these days you know I did -- we're going about the debate of and I -- I have -- bought it this guy but I am listen don't. Is that -- -- -- an -- play -- I can't stand in orbit everything it'll be well Republican Party but. Key guys like him you the blind that they don't like us because we're free and all the nonsense I heard the terrorists did that wants. -- -- not gonna say it but it they'd they'd just -- -- -- let's listen let me ask you something else. Were you happy when a Lackey -- the terrorists in Yemen the so the all American citizen the birthright -- -- -- -- and were you happy or sad when He was killed by the predator drone. Hollywood -- -- question. It stood for and I'm answering yours won't be different they assassinated Whitey Bulger to Ireland. But the bottom of the island and give -- drone strike is not a single. They're not gonna all of but they're not gonna they're not gonna do that and you don't you when you can make an argument like that yourself like you're from the ACLU so I mean they. -- a Lackey was training people. Take two to kill Americans He train that guy at the port glad He was the one who gave him the quorum or religious instruction. But justified opening fire on unarmed not military personnel. I I think He had a common to. I'm fine with them getting rid of a lot obviously but the thing about a -- got an American citizen. -- it's one thing you can and it doesn't want. An American citizen with -- an asterisk. Okay -- why because the -- mark. Well because He -- because He -- -- of IEA's board by some. By some people who just happen to be passing through the country he's got the birth -- citizenship which Michelle -- logic -- I -- I agree with that too but the guy I would give a twenty years. Format thirtieth thing. Now know He was only thirty or 35 when they get the right. The EU but He did you have any of the guys that's for all kinds of purposes grew up in America He did not brawl and an Arab. The air here any. He's a dvd -- have a Bob Sanders and only -- so Ali. So you think it acceptable all intercepted American citizens under certain conditions what it's like but yes I do. Put up against the Constitution Center so we have some of those things. Well -- -- yeah I I I I think I I wouldn't personally I would remind defeated at the Whitey Bulger but you know why they they didn't have to do to Whitey Bulger because they -- by the -- They don't even -- -- -- -- extradited him I think there have been cases where people have fled back Ireland of Irish descent. And that the Irish government and in a few at least a couple of cases has refused to extradite him so it maybe but he's also not what. And what's up John's but he's a little he's funny he's He keeps Andy's not won over by Ron Paul. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm into hurricane number one but it just -- 999 planet they get behind and that's all that I was a pilot He I think -- Herman gave Enron all. Financial planner I could go with that. -- endorsed him by the way up the Laffer Curve the guy you know the guy that was sort of behind reaganomics Ian though He He said He endorsed 999 -- in the Wall Street Journal today or yesterday. I just I just -- -- number of different factors there number one they're being at different vehicles protect station I can't get behind them are caused the economic trustees. I I would just get back that financial plan you know I think if you work it just a look at what Russia -- and India with the idea being met other candidate to get -- Yeah okay thanks -- 18774694322. John you're next with how we -- ahead John. How would you -- I would if there was -- kernel -- -- erupt -- in his. -- know it was government. And the military it. Not I know I I've just put out I'm just say that I knew I knew that someone was gonna bring up that He voted. Particular absorb stop politics what this guy but yet you can't take -- way to -- the worst president. I think the military. Yeah yeah yeah. Well you know -- job again hoping -- would. I told you he'd he'd like McCain it was a it was a military class that you know McCain went to one of the service academies -- father was an admiral. I mean you're you know I think the -- He made and He made and diet although He never has He may have I think it'll chip on the shoulder having gone to -- not having gone to one of the service academies Nielsen like anybody who our ranks him. Exactly there's another point and. Barack Obama Communist Marxist so so that that was -- alternative. I'm not again Hugh Hewitt couldn't teach him that the president nation what you write us at. Listen there there's a sword is a good story a national review one line that I you know -- Barack Obama's one around Virginia today. For -- got an election come you aren't they the of the off year elections are the the legislature. And he's been -- By the Virginia Democratic Party to stay out of all these can be like two thirds of the state he's been told to stay out up and oh yes He won 6065%. Of the vote in 2008. And how he's despised what the point Macon is colonel hunt isn't the only guy who heads as buyers remorse. Yeah I had the Internet in -- -- -- -- -- -- that would amount. Although the -- I understand. And that it would have been edited because I was really want to debate it and it is cool but what -- With Brian Williams -- for political. Gain. It detained in value of. -- -- -- Not gonna what am I just outside a lot more you appealing to. You did not know. It watching it. I mean why even give CN and it. In need I have watched fox who suffered Obama lie in it it's one. -- What does. -- mean she's fine with. McCain right now -- -- -- account of -- and gain in it it Mitt Romney is in the masters should primary. -- I I don't know -- I I haven't made up my mind I really haven't I I keep going back and forth to -- gonna vote for embassy how Herman Cain now holds up you know Monday. Like Herman Herman -- Hate Mitt Romney it's just that you know I I really have this big problem with Romney here John. You don't put. You slots -- for you because you stopped and I also at that level we got. I know I know He did I know you. And you get -- equally I like it would I mean much I can Begin to tell. You know you've just been talking about the books instead. Of that people -- like 3000 dollar that Emily Scott Brown as much responsible you're absolutely right shouldn't -- -- -- they give me that they. Mitt Romney would be pretty right. Now they want you what He behavior is what can be in the catbird seat. Certainly but He still not what that to swipe up or whatever they say to announce. I certainly am I saw him at the Scott Brown victory of celebration army. In the elevator and I remember. That guy at Mitt Romney legitimately it was January 90 right. So called public that we kind is now and the -- -- demeaning to -- they been challenged up via. -- -- Thanks job 1877469432218774694322. Jerry you're next with how we cargo ahead Jerry. Well yeah I Howard got some great fight I watched the -- to great isolated rural normative for. If you -- that you have received a debate. With -- what did they do the pledge of allegiance and national. Pledge allegiance or that the event that they agreed that the they that the -- national anthem they dead. I don't have that never happened before the debate what what -- -- there are. And I don't know. Maybe maybe because the Red Sox on in the World Series we wanna give us one more chance to hear -- But I'm sorry I couldn't resist that Jerry. Yes exactly as Michael died digital album it was going to be. You may. What -- mogul -- great basketball game. Aircraft carrier yeah on the yeah sectarian. They dropped -- Osama or in the in the real I didn't always the same aircraft carrier that's eight. Yeah they're entitled few days ago on the progress. -- Britain in my came back from Vegas today and He brought He bought me a ten dollar I got a ten dollar bet on nine UNC to was to win the national championship. They think that you could. Make it. I don't don't know I'd I don't know I don't I'll watch on TV ID you know -- I. Haven't been to a game since I graduated. I want to I want to -- the double -- with duke and UNC playing BCB Hewlett. And at the garden back and got 1983 that's the last game I've been too for you're right I -- -- period will be. On the one year old Lamar playing them and I -- -- So that's good that they're at their favorites to win the national championship this year -- they got the whole Frontline while very good players coming back they're they. A couple of days before my friend was in Vegas that worked there were it was 41 audits but now they they cut it to 321 it's now so like. So only went thirty packs. 18774694322. Thanks for the call Gerri I'm -- car. 1877469432. How would you sound like that he's a good boy woman as you defend the kernel. 413 please tell me what Republican colonel hunt voted for He did like Reagan bush 41 bush 43 or McCain because He picked Palin. -- -- He was all was voting for Obama or Hillary. So the but the the Ron Paul argument about that we shouldn't -- a Lackey. What if an American citizen fought for the Germans in World War II should we be allowed to shoot him ridiculous argument by Paul supporters there was only room with a guy in the guy that the broadcast the British. Subject to broadcast for the Germans in World War II. -- ha ha. What happened the lord haw -- after World War -- He was hanged. Okay maybe it's a have a trial but it's the same thing. 413 at least the Sox have an excuse they were drinking what is -- the rest of the -- he's excuse last I heard them on in the World Series either. Neither of the Phillies. 18774694322. Chris you're next with how we cargo ahead -- X 110 something use. Paint. Bang bang and things. I've done little group of taxpayers. It's because they would doorway it was dark can't -- camera. Aren't very each child credit. And it would be paying much much more. Impact. And I know some people say you need to leave a few exemptions in their protect the middle class but but what I think what Herman Cain is saying is. You don't you just gotta you just got to trash Holtz. The whole tax code and start over again. I attempt at all. Don't think document. Helped the 47%. And keep our country going. And the other thing you know. If you if you but if you you know if you put on a 9% sales tax and again and I know there are arguments against that and I and I and I buy into them. But if you if you pay it put an end a sales tax bent but 53% -- pay or whatever the percentage is 50% weren't paying any taxes. There at least gonna be -- in some kind of tax cress. Now because people. You want to eight. In your book yes I have to basic and a quarter percent to act as. Well and I prefer that come. I've paid 15400%. That's the big aspect. Right that's the apples in the charges that the that -- was talking about or that the that McCain was talking about me it was give them -- -- on. One 877469432. To them what's that she's grown from prison in mass -- as it's it is excellent quarter a for almost forgot. That it went up I -- I I hate that I thought that just because I voted voted to repeal edited and repeal. Oddly I lost that that fight. Like I've lost so many have you won any -- feeling well yeah I get rid of the electorate that He wants Scott says Scott Brown that's was -- there's Tim I was 211 year. 18774694322. Bob your next without cargo ahead Bob. Yeah it can give you an alternate float the picture -- sure. 011. And and so cute chick can -- a little. I like that I like that operational or call 18774694322. The seventh inning though so it's seventh inning his last call you could go with your place or mine by Gary Gary Stewart. But I don't know there there a lot of it's their their millions of good songs out there for the for this current soap opera and can more square. Mike you're next with Howie -- go ahead Mike. -- -- that rush all by itself from a couple of its army guy called it brain insult to agree it would want all. He goes on quite a wilder -- which. But right here all that stuff you know and it's pretty should look it up well -- long. They know they Ali. You know -- also not be golden -- took a first blows. Yeah you know the thing is most of the people to say -- are lefties I mean what -- -- they were I would almost think of a deer in the breakers at busy a famous quote from Supreme Court justice like here remember which one it is now. But He said it's the constitution is not a suicide pact. Yeah and you know what that means is we don't you know if if it's gonna cost us our society our lives we don't have to you know we don't have to follow. Every dot and cross every T to watch -- And that's pretty good as grounds out what -- ball which all else. I don't it's obvious angle that you you can't you you can draw level I think in the case of all hockey I don't even think it comes close when you got what -- -- -- -- if if they. I'll go out on the it's above my pay grade stuff like -- Curiously I don't watch out OK you said that He was our. You know fortunate restraint by a younger whip while the -- -- shooter and -- right yeah. Start global call for perpetrated. You -- terrorism after 9/11 not only 1 December 2001 after don't know. Most wanted list you don't want where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To be a repeat that in the final out. Well I am not saying that these people are that -- the intelligence agencies are are perfect and that they know what. Now the secretary of the army you can't. I can't -- yet I'd just say I'm telling you they're not perfect obviously -- -- so they don't like like most federal agencies they you know the the the met the intelligence agencies have a lot of problems. But I'm just saying what would you do if if -- if the you know. Did they call you on the on the you know the -- the red phone and they say. They say we've got that we've got to predator drone over Carl Lackey scar in the in Yemen what what would you do. Might want to do a memo. Out. And you are. Asking you what would you do if you were the president your place -- -- -- Know. If anyone is saying that you wouldn't say that Al yeah yeah. -- the world what you know. Oh. I would if the president and I know the guy was I've I've read them. Even. Okay so yeah they can answer my question if it were and will only one is only. You're not gonna answer my question you know He was everybody knew who He was it in -- and I would just say if I'm president and I'm in the golf cart. And they tell me should we pull the trigger on the predator drone I would say yes no bleeping doubt about it do what do it now. It. Yet there there were there was another American to -- that we -- that we week we issued our condolences to the family of the other the other guy like you believe we did that. Thanks for the call Mike 18774694322. Bob your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. I RE it's -- It's able to -- indicted. And -- not -- a mistake you guys so laws. The issue program. Big supporter Ron Paul supporter Brett you don't get a deal. I would you choose to go ahead and then have now Lockheed -- It's fine with -- have a channel and people you don't even -- make a decision until it's not I'm what you. Where do we decide that it's okay for Barack Obama and decision let me just say that Florida insurance -- And you minded than in the United States armed. I know the Internet I understand that I guess I guess that my feeling is that a Lackey. Is is in that you know it if if I had if if I could pass the -- birthright citizenship law. This guy would not even be a US citizen in the that would be a moot point. -- It's of that it was a -- and He could try. -- -- abstention or keep them so many wrong things are not abated. What it would what I -- you wanna tie up the quartz fur on on everything I mean ED you know they wanted to try to get all we get a lot. Detainees in in the in civil it in civil courts and criminal courts in the US but they've they they're they finally came to their census because mainly because of political considerations in New York. But -- the your -- here. Here where you stop when you weren't authorized to kill them if I'm vision is that if if a court -- -- -- it. In the courts and judges. Well who disks are. I'm IE and in if I'm the president I'm elected in I'll make that I'll make the decision and you know what I'll I'll live with that I'll in a quiet week. Have a press conference I'll I'll be glad to have a press conference -- UAL you Ron Paul supporter. Now are quite frankly I'm I'm I'm not sure happy lives any of them on the whole. Because I get the feel of the most of these people they if Ron Paul -- come on said He was for a Lackey they wouldn't before they wouldn't be for a you know not killing a -- either don't -- like -- it's like we go to the Yemen the the Yemeni attorney general and you know way issuing a Ridder -- you know send a rendition -- over there that that the -- to it's just I don't know I I would kill I'm glad the guy's dead and I'm glad they kill them. And it's one of the few good decisions of Barack Obama made thanks for the call Bob. 18774694322. On how we car.