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This Round To Mitt?

Oct 19, 2011|

Despite predictions that Tuesday's debate would be a largely Herman Cain-centric affair, Romney was the dominant presence in the evening's event - and he didn't pull his punches. The candidate who has been criticized as the Republican answer to John Kerry showed plenty of personality (some might even say too much) when beating back attacks from his fellow candidates. Whether schooling Newt Gingrich on his support for the individual health care mandate, hammering Herman Cain for details on his 9-9-9 plan, or going head-to-head with Rick Perry over immigration, Romney may have helped put to rest concerns that he's not willing to take the gloves off. Howie thought Mitt won.

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He knows what's going on and he's EC which side you walk. That's what they used to say in the sixties right which side you're on. All right first off with -- welcome that a public our show and before in the further wanted to thank the way cafe they wanted to treat all of us here at W -- -- -- some samples. The thank us for supporting the suffered announced food truck festival topic now to these Boston this Saturday. From noon until 5 o'clock. That's it's great that they've -- -- and a bunch of great stuff I've been with a 421 again to having some of this food truck fear everybody's raving about it then it's. I'm I'll jump off bad. I'll jump off that you know lose smells as good as this food does. They got some up pulled pork barbecue here -- yet. -- -- some pot it's a they got some Italian dogs -- man. -- Something called -- being -- tell you it's a mighty fine drunken beef is that a sandwich. It is I mean I admit I mean take one of most home for dinner. I knew there was a reason I was staying away from the monthly cupcakes. Here at the accurate plus there. Okay I'm all set though. The solos of this policy goals they can come down to -- say -- after the first break after -- -- one. -- good week for the Siegel's incidentally OK anyway 100% of the five dollar admission price goes to charities serving families in need these Boston Winthrop. And Revere this holiday season. Check out the suffered announce events page for more details in the month FaceBook or Twitter or call 617. 782711761778271. 17. Okay if you -- like -- would be on the show today -- give us a call 1877469432218774694. Torre. 22. And if you like it was crucial -- and Chicago. I -- you know what it when I saw that -- when I saw that line -- and I know who it once I know it was colonel -- call again. To give me our raft of grief. -- -- There were a lot of this particular god. I didn't want you can't go into a human being and I gave it -- to promote a product. Want to be -- in the east and Africa eight. For all of your -- -- -- yeah it's so what are you even think about eating what you're talking about eighty. You'll have a -- it would be -- number were all in which you. Are all the good work that's been done your hair -- It but yet by. Well I. Yes. How was how we need. How was eating good Italian dog gonna hurt my eyes or my hair. I think that is going everywhere. After. We talk about giving you all of its reach that goal attempt. Yeah I want to get up -- in early. Were you can't let you look in -- and here we've been here you -- you and one. -- -- there. -- -- It but if it's what your future if I don't want me to if I didn't want me to eat this food colonel He wouldn't have said. The way cafe here to life here to bring it to me woody. Yeah yes He what He -- -- that the double can't figure out what caught. The national review and and what. Let me -- -- you out. You have this great skin and -- everything change about -- I -- you're -- a corn dog and and and smiling about. You know. Italian on the right next to the remix of the drunken beef sandwiches. And -- pulled pork. Oh really only about five pounds of pulled pork well I guess that'll that'll keep me going for through the weekend. And creating a good got a goalie you at all. And upon the government. And a political -- That would -- the orange -- debate I've seen a little bit about that was a good citizen -- and go. It's help but I. Absolutely -- tomorrow. I don't think I think Nevada -- in trouble. But I'd thought -- was -- rewards drug they have ever been anywhere on the white people -- job. It's an entertainment. -- can we can do that look in your golf ball -- -- If you are what people yelling at it. I think it got a little lock on and I and I believe minute and got it got it up again in resort while we got a -- back. He fought back a little bit of those kind of stark give him the same no I've never employed an illegal alien when He knew very well exactly what Perry was talking about in August. That. You're so there was columnist the use the set used to say and in when He was governor that they were to Romney's. There was -- you know the Dudley do right types straight arrow. In the that was sneaky Willard you know his real first name that was well Willard who wanna answer that question. Well it's gonna come out you don't wanna do public I agree and I think you're not all that but I thought I'd thought Cooper -- -- way albeit very white. I. I I think you know gone state Kubel were the wrong guy. But it is not be a terrible job well I. Apparently Rick Rick Perry -- Rick -- I guess I read somewhere today that Rick Perry's -- handlers and wanted forcing the rules on the debate so governor Perry just -- don't even list don't even bother with the rules just do whatever the hell you want up there -- I get I get right. Ronnie Lott the little bet it'd be too I think -- but I I just caught on security -- Got Republicans at all that debate last night. A long way to the it's a long way to the general election and I mean I think most of people watching that debate or just political junkies you know everybody I mean it was like it's probably got like five million viewers but they -- that's the you know that's been hard core political class who was watching I don't think most the general that the general population watch and work. Article on how the numbers are -- I haven't I haven't either. We -- the numbers but. Bad Elvis is gonna get all the wrong well people calling it -- even -- Yeah. I think that I had. But attorney it would three people on that stage and I could hear much because I think CNN I think is that maybe you report. Report it on baby Abby -- debate back. The kernel you've been a TV long enough to -- entertainment is the only value that has any meaning. -- television. Write. It well -- was not an entertaining debate. But I want to appointment. I'm gonna turn on start being -- while we regret -- I didn't. You'll -- glad you're sure it only you have to watch your app but what about markets -- on doctor -- on the amount. But but. I think lot right. And I didn't I didn't mean I don't know about you want a lot like about it blocks. You're like why entertaining. For adult I think it for political can't it would -- yeah. Okay crude oil and what is the hot dog. Did you want to say UA an Italian augur a drunken beef. I think you ought to be giving out -- studio and get out of this -- not -- -- Do not go to at the table. I'm looking at that table on May have to take an early break that this this hour to -- just to get into the dark. All all. It can OK colonel I appreciate your colony in here okay bye bye that's colonel David Hunt. The president of card nation 18774694322. If you would like to war listen to the shall in the united -- was so go to our website which is how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. Also how we cart dot com you can take you can take part daily poll with helium and Paul was brought to you by -- capital of Wilbert. Take exit 33 day off 128. Go down about two miles to Woburn four quarters -- up on the right. Best -- like dealership in the region. Olson Cadillac the hundreds of new and used -- on the lot and many of the use Catholics have more -- of up to six years and 100000. -- miles. Hand -- you like to check out Nina I know minority Berkman. It's it's it's alias and the Paper for what's about what I'm about to do an a whenever that is and if you would like to work go to that website -- what they have in stock online -- and bolts and countless dot com well last yen Cadillac dot com last night we told too late in the show. Channel seven was reporting that. Not only -- the three amigos on the roots -- Beckett though last -- lack the drinking allegedly drinking -- in the club clubhouse which they admitted. But they would denial. The work to -- Red Sox employees who said the they were drinking beer in the -- I don't know if they stop drinking beer in the seventh inning like all the pants can't buy anymore beer after the seventh advocate that -- injury but anyway. The globe -- in the globe and they're carded in the dugout. They wanted to be in the dugout so that they could be you know helpful young players. You know I mean what they can be helpful as about a couple that -- But anyway. The so the globe confirms the story and it's ensor looks like the Red Sox respond -- about 11 o'clock -- Red Sox issued a denial. Up from from three amigos and from the former manager Tito Francona. Saying that it wasn't true that they never drank in the dugout just in just in the clubhouse Societe what does the poll question what are the results thus -- Do you believe their Red Sox players are drinking in the dugout during games yes I do. 85%. Say yes. And in the 50% or members of Red Sox Nation literally. Employees of Fenway trying to try to -- it back was that it was employees of federal way dropped the line -- guys I love my favorite part is. It's in the sixth inning Josh Beckett would go it's that time. -- that stupid sweet Caroline so it's on song as it's about that I'm only means that the deepening played in the sixth. That time. Last call -- call for alcohol. -- -- at -- each airline keep it in the eighth get a new song for the sex. On Monday that much the most anyway we're gonna talk about the who you think. That one with some sound cuts and the -- just -- Two while we 21 talked about it it's. I don't think anybody -- the -- law a little bit He got that it does that. Actually -- that a pretty huge problem with the talk about the you know like. Jokingly sparring with them over the apples and oranges you know due to a how many apples oranges and the -- mean that was that was. It just decided to go in the on the spur of the moment. Okay yeah. That's right let me finish still has time what I. You give them. Colonel -- talking about you know I mean. I don't you know I know some people like you old Newt Gingrich was trying to say you know weren't doing weren't helping ourselves with this bickering in the number you know Marc -- this afternoon was talking about you know. You know every every you know moment ever every. Sound bite you run about them Mitt Romney's lawn boy it's a sound -- you know about the you know the pending -- catastrophe. In the United States economy with all this -- we've run up. But I mean. I think everybody knows about that I mean they were bitter insulted to be said for entertainment and we don't know why don't we Anderson Cooper's and He is -- Democrat stooge and -- plan. In the it's CC NN and the Clinton news network and there'll Democrats and we will know that but I. Again I mean it was it will it was entertaining. In and and I thought. I don't know what's wrong with Rick Perry I mean He He was much better last night but I mean if if that's his eight game. I mean you -- you gotta wonder where He would if He was in the clubhouse before if he's been in the clubhouse all of these nights you know before the debate I mean it's there's just this. There's not much there's not much to a -- what is hate Mitt Romney Howland in 2008. You could tell McCain. It's. -- -- Now. It I think -- think. Rick Hillary is the John McCain and in. But 2012. He's He just keep its -- but I mean look at those pictures. -- still pictures really tell the tell the story. Let's see who else was there there -- -- Herman -- Herman Cain was okay but you know -- Cheney also ski also kind of screwed up yesterday by saying that in an earlier interview with Wolf Blitzer. That He would He as president He could see himself releasing a thousand not everybody at gitmo to get back on American serviceman. And you know they the there's a reason -- pop white politicians. Seasoned politicians usually say. I can imagine if you were president we're almost out of time. And they were one American soldier -- been held for years and the demand was al-Qaeda or some other terrorist group. Yet you got a free everyone at Guantanamo Bay several hundred prisoners at Guantanamo could you see yourself as president authorizing that had to transfer. I could see myself -- that kind of transfer wrongly assert her do is I would make sure that I got all of the information I got all that input. Consider all of the options. And they end the president has to be the president and make a judgment call. I could make that followed by yet. Current did you think you were you watching when they said well would you negotiate with terrorists now I wouldn't but I have to take everything into consideration should never now like. I'm sorry. Right. I mean I mean did to me it was I thought it was a pretty natural cancer which is gonna say you know the elephant say. I'm looking like get a quick. Answer that question but I mean. The NC it's hypothetical question you know I mean or or if it's it's like a second guess Benjamin Netanyahu as I understand the totally the the setbacks that He was operating with but I title. I don't think that it would be good idea to for Americans to was one -- terrorist. Prisoners. Mean just like that and then you know that Anderson Cooper at one after the debate. Wendy you know people watch -- at that point but He said He misspoke He backed off a pretty quickly. Eat you know that was that was again. And open up much deceased or he's like. And it -- is it's it's going to be the I mean -- get -- last adults in the early you you know. Pound foolish. Even though they were trying to. And you know -- Mitt. Again He was Willard when they were asking him about picket line of boxing He cared Massachusetts that we -- -- for He alignment is in his heart comparable no apologies. Tweak. US something like that one cents. And they they move that sentence for the -- It was it was kind of Willard was strike was constantly trying wiggle. But but basically. Didn't it was getting -- on the legal immigration questions that was that He was just. He can't He can't -- beauty now. Against. -- I. Which according to website that. Politician. He is a career politician. Mean -- on TV enough to know you don't beat him eat it's better that you know play hope ago. Those people that hire illegals. Ought to be penalized. Admit you lose all of your standing from my perspective because you've hired illegals. In your home and you -- about it for a year. And the idea that she stand here before us and talk about that your strong on immigration is on its face. The height of hypocrisy. -- -- -- I don't think I've ever hired an illegal in my life. And so I'm afraid I'm I'm I'm look at fortifying your facts on that because that is. Look at this car -- again. Were you I was -- news I'm taking the newspaper I was behind the video. You've got thirty seconds I've been with a little work here is that I get sixty seconds with the management and -- all -- Another -- -- they want and here used to play and you knew him as diligently as well again it is getting into. I began to get tired of that but the thing is. You know met know what -- was say -- an you know if you know if you know what it was trial what the pairing was getting at in his in his tongue tied way by the way what is the height. Of hypocrisy. What what what's what little it's. A on the a couple of words there. You know what -- when He was talking about He had this you buy a landscape guy who went efficacy of -- was a member of his church of Warman was the He was and is an immigrant and the legal immigrant. And this guy this guy claimed that He had He had He had been victimized by some illegal aliens with fake papers. So -- went to the guy that would hurt tag his son went to the guy and set you gotta get rid of these you gotta get rid of these. The illegals and so He did. He said He did in the a year later the globe came back and and it's it's at that you spoke illegals were reportedly fired but. We always interstate to and hasn't been brought up all that much. Is that what Mitt says -- -- we have a cut were Mets as. I said I'm so I can't have illegals working for me for Pete's sake I'm running for office. Like. It's wrong to have illegals working for me it's. Office I can't have illegals were conforming. It's a basis of what He said you know Perry should pause and consider the -- morality of that statement it's I mean it's. You know it's not it's not that. Game changer that but it's it's it's a little glimpse into intimate spiky. 18774694322. Ethics of phone calls on this we have plenty to talk about here this afternoon will play the sound cuts we -- a lot of sound cut right. Bill belliard acts with how -- cargo ahead bill. You don't -- that. God bless and I. You know a couple of things I stop that can at this point is that the best person by you know what. I called you over a year ago and told yet and I and it holds true -- all of these debates -- group. Is that smart guy up there. It's the only ones who get off the -- Deliver a very imprecise. Coherent thought mid that is not sound like it's a pretty. -- -- and sound -- the you know I mean He is just. Absolutely the smartest guy and clearly. Want more most capable suggest hand Obama is it. -- -- -- Yeah it'll somebody said today in a five it was a good line -- you know I've never thought of it that these terms report recent somehow. You know -- you know law -- -- -- answers were great like they always have been and all these debates but somehow the man is is less than the sum of his parts. Anyway that's really true. Bench. -- that that's very good I guess a good analogy but I says it's just seeing data that Abbott Planar history it was. It put up a little higher in the standings at this point but I certainly it'll be able again because. He has the possibility. At all really climb up there. Yeah I notice he's I think he's the third guy in the in the fight you know at this point I mean repair Perry is Perry didn't help did not want not Harry didn't change any minds last night. As idiotic audit there's been read these guys double last week call in and out now. You know these. Supporters abroad all that well you know it's the principle thing I just all voted he's not look man I AM. I do not want. Mitt Romney. And it as our candidate I think they're just gonna clobbered -- on on all of numbered different issues. But you know what I mean while I won't hold my nose and both form and I'll probably -- it might keep it whole beauty pageants grow up. And -- -- the -- but they are right and Rick Berry is no alternative. To get Obama out -- can't be. I think you know it's it's easy to say you're not gonna vote but you know -- you know you're gonna walk away if your guy loses but. Helping many people do that if He -- that invested in the system. You're not gonna walk you know take your ball and go home especially with the stakes are pretty high there's that they've never been -- never been higher in my lifetime certainly. If not 2012 thanks for the call bill 18774694322. On our car. Three series and don't blame Wall Street don't blame the big banks and we've been on the job -- rich blame yourself. A few weeks ago the movement is -- do you still say that. There's still say that. They might be frustrated -- Wall Street and bankers. But we have direct their anger at the wrong place the Wall Street didn't put in failed economic policy is Wall Street didn't spend a trillion dollars that didn't do any good. Wall Street isn't going around the country trying to sell another 450 million dollars they automobile and from the White House today and I -- -- That was probably the best answer of the night the only thing that came close to it may be may be -- it was when Ron Paul was asked what to replace the income tax with. And He He responded. -- -- 18774694322413. Says apparently the beer that made Milwaukee famous has made losers out of the Red Sox that's long would work in the sixth that thing. Will have -- up their very shortly. Where we're getting it right now. Let's see here 774. H I called Kane's office last night and told them that -- statement people in Massachusetts are happy with Romney care to one told the call -- how happy we are. Hey you know what Newt Gingrich mentioned The Herald story yesterday about the that the bureaucrats at the that He commonwealth connector or whatever the -- like -- you know finding this a couple that are bankrupt. 3000 by actually aware they were only spend at 750 a month on their insurance I'm glad I'm glad somebody brought that up. 18774694322. Eric you're next with how -- cargo ahead Eric. About the new captain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it's fun to watch -- constructive view little mind numbing after a while watching animal fighting doesn't and to shop are in the back end game seemed to -- and you know. What that -- -- -- and what what what that pitched a -- by the way I thought I was listened to the Oprah Winfrey network or something you know -- but I know. I mean are. This development and marketing yourself what you get the soccer mom multiple -- -- camping then when I get it on the number field and some of them do that most substance to the citadel that was ridiculous but the other page. Ron Paul Michelle Bachmann if you're listening it's time ago you guys we're relevant last. You know the only guy that made any currently in my opinion was informed I've never seen and so activities and -- -- you know get chapter. But the rent them all locked up I mean Perry arm. I know. Got -- -- her arrogance that would give her by Eric -- detail that footnote apparently. Are you an American public health problem here to sit there get up close to -- -- It's -- that He you know how to get that big. Red tape and it angry. You know you. Too much package. Arbitrary saying you know I hate to say it I think Eric braverman right of the flavor of the week. You'll think it's put up there -- -- -- -- Ramallah and say it is my -- so that they made. Although what are they can go to like about -- -- of the 999 plan is that he's talking about like it just thrown up a whole tax code I mean I you know I think he's probably I mean that you -- Michelle Bachmann probably right that -- -- she is right there's no doubt about it the chief right. If you gave him a 9% sales tax they did go crazy with it. But. I don't want this set tinker and on the edges and that's something that bugs me about Santorum that your rights in -- was better last like that He has banned but. You don't see how like bragging in the you know I did this and I did that I'm the only one that's hot topic Democrat yet you also -- not stop yourself. But pretty badly by a guy -- dubbed Bob Casey junior who's not exactly. You know the youngest the second coming of mr. charisma. You know in east I don't know I -- I thinks they -- -- probably epic about check out as well thanks for the call or 18774626. It's gonna be Romney I mean people -- bitch and beepers to say in you know peppers wiping -- on the that's what they say I'm going. But I you know -- get it. I just. I I just think that the the -- just what Eric said was correct I mean he's he's got to learn to take the heat a little about our media that's that this the first time He actually got flustered last -- space does get read. Andy it and that that we -- laugh too. You know just. This. Will lose the last minute. Officer mark your next with our cargo ahead officer mark. One of the key questions that was missed last night was how much is. How are going to -- dissent and. Well I have I don't like to tell colonel hunt and you the vice president of how we nation that I just had a one of the drunken beef sandwiches and it was delicious but it did it. And are Jews you know bot roast beef sandwich that's -- guess. It's no it's got a lot of spices in -- with ground beef and onions and peppers and it's just -- it's it's quite explicit. You're worried about to help we've seen -- you'll -- up and down this. Edison there. I know I had I edit and a half embassy. After the drug could be a ticket to -- back for dinner tonight that's it from. I'm appealing to let us off and just talk now the trash course. Yes well we will when you come up into the primary we wanna make sure that you're Skelton and healthy and able to take that could be. December said I don't -- it undermines the few days away via the primary if by guard gets -- senses the since -- someone is trying to beat him to the punch. -- that's snow machines on standby occasion can make it past the -- so we'll get you out there. I mean you gotta keep the weight down so you know going. Now I'm keeping it down -- I stay away from the cupcakes that I thanks for the -- knowing knowing what was coming in the later afternoon thank you officer mark for Europe solicitude. Kevin you're next with how we cargo ahead Kevin. I don't know. What are the several years ago I watched. Basically that they that was lotteries like short seller. You know forget what it was. You know I thought it was going to be terrible that the guy comes across as kind of a receipt guy under the bill o's guy. -- it was a stressful it was probably that that's the -- I'd ever seen you know and moderating job I'd ever seen on. Who like either Eddie or it already kind of got the there's you know it was so let it. It'll be cut of the -- out and get a lot of the patient was conveyed to the deal weren't. -- or intelligent -- because of the job they'll get there one night in the so called for basically incited our. In Dayton not -- it it's. A record. What is wrong with the citing a bar fight. That was -- outlook polish. You know it conservatives. Republican. You know he's probably. Wind but -- and so on from like one of groups they built of the next. Because of the chocolate did He hurt a lot -- they're actually able -- forward it to what the other rappers and other ever. You know outside of that you know -- could be -- I can click it or what does. Not that much of the what the guys that are -- questions -- important moderated. Question. Everybody who are you sorry that they'll clear there's no threat to the United States. Like six we we shouldn't be people who want rate the break. But you know the thing -- -- that the Republicans there are operating and in an environment where the the other party controls not only that the its party but the media. So you know the week you know the these guys don't have the at the the luxury of walking away from a debate like the Democrats did it from the Fox News debate in 2008 remember that they also did what going to be in the fox debate. Well that we should that we don't mean perhaps you know that the debates we cadet school who were leveled at apple dot by fox I don't care. -- -- Abbott and Keller at least. Obama Democrat with that (%expletive) what order. It is -- and torment these guys a chance to -- -- warms up like to box in his campaign account this gives them a chance to you know it. The tick up on the stage and he's theoretically he's got it equals with Rick Perry and and Mitt Romney. Who have 1520 million bucks. -- again it went how how many people at the so called independents of these so called moderates -- watching missed the last. I think it was it was it was hard core politicos of both parties -- and that's that's what was that that's who was watching them. Then the mines are going to be changed and hoping maybe on the Republican side some lines were changed but. I think it's a yeah I mean it was it was Monday the most edifying moment for prologue these guys but it was I I again I. I was looking for good evening of entertainment and did it deliver. Thanks for the call bill Kevin -- next with how -- cart ahead bill. -- -- I am so sick and tired of that shallow pool. That we live in all it's -- -- -- and it's -- -- all in all it's kind of the you know. Blocked -- if we. Our country is going down on the issue. We have no in new guys -- we know that we know that learned to. Our elected unaccountable desire than there who are making pulses which but what the federal law. We get cap something -- that way to meet. Guns. Hundred. The Second Amendment that John Holdren who want to water over two. Don't matter organs a lot of I would want to. And it is what. We don't have time for the -- garbage anymore. I I know what what are you know there's there's a year before the election you know I mean the company. The candy in Russian Cooper also has a responsibility to get that to keep people tuned in and I mean you bring ups cast silenced by steam. I -- to see you know they can they can plot how many people are -- goods are clicking off when you when you bring up something. The that the topic you mentioned. You know there there's a place form but that. It not not at this early not at this early stage I don't like thanks for the call bill -- if you wanna if you wanna talk about -- the talk radio come to the Internet. 18774694322. On our car. 18774694322. Don't have time for another call 603 says I'm glad that debate was a knockdown drag out bare knuckles all we need the baddest dog in the pit. That go off against Barack. I I agree I agree with us again. It was good entertainment. 18774694322. We'll continue with that somehow we are. Take a look at these interest rates they're remarkably low and the folks -- network capital can help you get qualified right now they've got a fifteen year fixed with a three in a quarter percent interest -- the APR 3.5. 09%. Called -- now 8070806880708068. Because you can't afford not to do a -- five pick up the phone now and call them at 80708068. Network capital funding NM LSU I and 11712. Epson workforce pro small business printer is the fastest two cited inkjet printer in the world. We see it's fast it's cheetah fast. Actually we mean it's a cheat with a rocket boosters strapped to its back fast. 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