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OWS Crime Sprees

Oct 18, 2011|

Occupy Wall Street protesters said yesterday that packs of brazen crooks within their ranks have been robbing their fellow demonstrators blind, making off with pricey cameras, phones and laptops -- and even a hefty bundle of donated cash and food. Howie was shocked, shocked he says to here that thievery was going on.

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Them. I am now it's time -- how eight cars show where -- We're going to give them another chance. To do their jobs. But look at the Georgia it's helpful what we're gonna we're gonna break up my job but maybe they just couldn't understand the whole thing no -- You'll love. -- -- going to be in the senate we would like you to live your life is filled up before -- Fellow person born in Oklahoma and -- -- in the called it a lot myself how I could have had loaded. I'm not going to let you upload your right to apply it. -- look I am glad I -- it maybe maybe they don't you apparently can't get hurt that they hit an early today because we do know we. Care about money doing this line this morning from the New York -- morning Harry. -- wake up Harry yeah. Like the company is okay. But you we tired though he's meditating Donovan. And yeah. Now how -- Lawrence. My -- card WRKO radio networks. 877. 469432. Partial don't like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon. 18774694322. That. -- -- If you would like to listen to the show on the Internet Eagles go to our website which is how we cart dot com -- -- -- comment click on the live audio streaming. Also what how we cart dot com you can take part in the daily Internet poll question daily Internet poll question is sponsored by. Olson Cadillac of -- taken exit 33 day off 128. Go down about two miles to blow Woburn four corners shall see it up on the right those regions Pascal -- dealership -- Cadillac of hundreds of new and pre owned cadillacs on the lot. And -- many of the used cars have warranties of up to six years and of 100000. Miles. And that is if you'd like to check out what they have in stock on line that you could do that by going to Olson -- dot com OLSE. In cattle dot com. Or some cattle dot com. It used -- in the intro awhile Elizabeth Warren the the Harvard professor of 372000. Dollars a year. Is talking about hicks and she's a she's -- she say what they call me an elitist they call me kicked in and she thought that she started Vinci in the other guys start talking about X. And warned that what happened to Scott Brown if you start if you start referring to groups of people Hispanics. Think that would think that would be yeah and and on story in the global with. Big. Big story Michael. Cindy what's the poll question and one of the results -- four is the term hate it. A -- If it's a slower first got round which we know what we would be beset. Yes it's a slower when Elizabeth Warren says 67%. Take offense yes. I'm gonna I'm gonna be as offended as they are you know I IE I have a chip if they have a chip on their shoulder I wanna carry a bigger chip on my -- Okay 18774. Sick meanwhile who know Herman Cain could saying ha that's right he's the -- pretty good pretty good. Is she's got that gospel background predicaments office Baptist Church down in Georgia you calling him that. I'm just call themselves. Caught him as someone who belongs to Pentecostal church. The AME Zion church or something like that. 18774694322. Now -- we're gonna have a Pat Buchanan with us it forever after 4 o'clock the -- body is a his grim new book. On and I'm not. Basically the end of the world but -- that you care and so we it's gonna stop writing in his basement at 3 o'clock in the morning because they're getting darker and darker these bucks. They are they are getting darker dark while Agassi. In the becomes. You know finishes operating in the become. He says He told us it's only about ten minutes of the master NBC's studio. Where where there's a different type of darkness moved back darkness. Emanating from those those not so now -- But it wayward -- we're gonna talk first about the the the Obama bills occupied Boston group. As usual this whole lot war there's a whole lot of great stories about it in the in the various papers around the country. And that. We we got a copy of an email last night asking asking people to sign a petition. Repudiating all student loan debt so this could free up onto partnership. So blessed by what is this this legacy of the if the hippies. And -- backers don't papers due mostly to invent the you know solar power solar bong and fake ID factories and assembly line tattoo parlors and you know those. -- -- All those things cooperatives whatever the liberty radio would be doing as I'm sure that these guys are all those people in the living in the mud. Mud in the blood in the beer is. Johnny Cash would say our era I'm sure -- futures Steve Jobs and Henry Ford and Thomas Edison's and settler etc. you know from the they could get out from under those. Those pesky student loans they took to get the very very valuable degree. In art history. But there's there were there a couple of there's a lot of good stuff today about the the various. Model's first of all the Obama bill and in New York regional Obama occupies Wall Street. This from the New York Post again this story you'll read an -- which is too funny. We told you yesterday that the us several. The occupied the morning. People were mugged by utes neighborhood utes on a Sunday morning I guess they you know these these neighborhood youths must've been listening to their room rhetoric about. You know how it was time to steal money from the rich and they are correctly identified most of the protesters is rich and so they decided to rob them and the so now it's it's -- nationwide trend it's spread from going to was to New York City. Occupy Wall Street protesters said yesterday that packs of brought brazen Crocs within their ranks have been robbing their fellow demonstrators blind. Making off with pricey cameras phones and laptops and even a -- bundle of donated cash and food. Stealing is our biggest problem at the moment Sydney and Terry. Eighteen a kitchen and our kitchen legal team volunteer from Fort Lauderdale. She's eighteen and she's a legal team volunteer. She is she's gone to a whole lot of higher higher -- denied a -- eighteen years on what she had money for a plane ticket from Fort Lauderdale. This is what she's but she's got a lot of though she's this -- what she says man Terry eighteen I had my Mac stolen. That was like 5500. Box every night something else is gone but they're really expensive Mac. I'm sure that meant Terry is a realty. Is a really rich. Teenager. Last night our entire kitchen budget for the day was stolen so the first thing I had to do was get the message out to our supporters that we needed food. Crafty cat burglar sneak into the makeshift kitchen -- -- park overnight and swiped as much as 22500. Dollars in donated greenbacks. From right underneath the noses of volunteers who have fallen asleep. They fought anybody in their pockets loose there and they followed a sleeper at they house doubts. The worst thing is there's people sleeping in the kitchen when they come and they don't even know about it. It's a bad dope again. There's some really smart and sneaky fees year Terry said. I had a umbrella stolen a full -- that I brought because my back is bad they took that to. She's eighteen -- got a bad back in a 5500 dollar Mac. Then there was a security volunteer Harry -- of Brooklyn 22 -- furious about the at one point yesterday. Wyman and other volunteers briefly scuffled with a man who was standing near park entrance with a pale calling out Don defense donations. And then pocket the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Patrice and via fax earlier in the day and asked me if I was in New York City yesterday shifting donations donations before -- wish -- know that was -- Was not media Patrice but I it's it was a good idea that somebody. Okay. Portland. The Obama bill of the Obama bill in. Portland Oregon not Maine Portland Oregon. A convicted sex offender from California registered his address at the occupy. Port of Portland camp spoke to fox twelve about his past and reasons for moving. I'm not here to harm children said Raymond Curtis I'm not harmful to children. Curtis said He left Mendocino California. Is is that -- the the the what used to be called the -- seem asylum is in California Mendocino. When didn't mr. Douglas -- to a song about it in the sixties Mendocino. Curtis said He left Mendocino started driving and ended up in Portland since last week he's been living in lands -- one Wednesday -- square Monday. All hears that word again. Students. Among. Dozens of other demonstrators in solidarity with the national occupy Wall Street movement. I found there was an opportunity to maybe change the system dude and I put everything I have been to it here I have said Curtis the sex offender. As a convicted sex offender he's required to re register any time He moves. I had ten days to register with local authorities as a drug felony and -- a convicted sex of better. Oh he's model that sex offender he's a drug fell and I did this is part of my responsibilities. The Mendocino county sheriff's office wouldn't reveal details about his past offenses. But He said it involved a woman He thought was an -- All. The old woman -- Bob was -- -- about how did He know that she was underage she showed immediate -- library card. I was under the impression she was 21. As she was drinking are said Curtis. I got a misdemeanor annoy harass or molest a -- test of a person under the age of eighteen. Now. Dozens of demonstrators including families with children -- camp out in the two downtown parks -- across from City Hall. Sex offender Portland that's good thieves in -- in New York. My guys in the morning. Now we have. Now we have now we moved to Pittsburgh. In the keystone state. One as -- familiar Pittsburgh Tribune review today. One member of occupied Pittsburgh sleeping in Mellon Green just before 7 AM Monday was awakened by a shout. Get a job. Man it was the first day that members of the movement protesting corporate greed and other social problems space downtown Pittsburgh workforce on -- Sits setting up camp and be and why -- park on Saturday. Nearly sixty -- stayed overnight Sunday into Monday some left early to get to their jobs. They accepted some words of encouragement but at other times engaged in spirited debate. Quit polluting our park. Go get a job. Shouted Erin -- in the low 43 of the city's Allentown neighborhood -- said she works for financial institution. So there were nearly sixty that means almost five doesn't. Too big that's a big turnout among the the Obama bills the the okay now we have another we have more I mean this site I'm going the daily the daily Obama bill wrap up here you know I'm trying to give you. Around up from two of moves from around the country which led the telegraph behind me like the old radio newscast and at that. Guess who was endorsed. The occupied Philly movement as we move a little east from Pittsburgh. Convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal. Has sent out -- podcast. Endorsing. The Obama bills. In a podcast from prison if convicted murderer more -- Abu Jamal says he's always supportive of the occupied movement camp out in new York and Philadelphia. He also said that if He were in the morning in New York could be robbing the the -- the the rich trust fund -- kids through. It -- east He hasn't been out much in the last 3040 years. Abu Jamal compares the occupy -- Wall Street in the occupied Philly demonstrations to the uprising in Egypt. As well as the political protests in Wisconsin. Mumia is on death roll away in -- Western Pennsylvania prison for killing Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. But He releases regular podcasts on a website called -- radio. This is people's power He concludes may it remain so. Abu Jamal will be heading back to courts soon after the US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by Philadelphia. Philadelphia's district attorney on a ruling that tossed out Abu Jamal's death sentence. Are one. 87746943221877. 4694322. If you -- analysts say something about the occupied movements of the year. If you've been in the area today have been done check him about it you by if you if you driven by other ones whether veteran. Whether in Springfield or Ellsworth Maynor Concord, New Hampshire any of these places 1877. Were 694322. Was that Jamar -- -- in Portland Oregon says 50 wait. 413. Shocking -- things among the protesters. Isn't this whole movement about trying to steal what others have worked for yes it is that's what's trying to find a very ironic. Yeah. And meanwhile Doug shown via the via democratic pollster as a piece in the Wall Street Journal today. President Obama the democratic leadership are making a critical error error in embracing the occupy Wall Street movement and it may cost them the 2012 election. The occupy Wall Street movement reflects values that are dangerously out of touch with the broad mass of American people and particularly with swing voters were largely independent. And have been treading away from president since the debate over Health Care Reform. It comprises an un representative segment of the electorate that believes in radical redistribution of wealth Civil Disobedience and in some instances of violence. An overwhelming majority of demonstrators supported them Barack Obama in 2008. That's a shocker. Now 51% of the rep disapprove of the president while 44% of only 44% approve. 48% -- they will vote to reelect him at 2000 -- changed and he's one of them. The vast majority of demonstrators are actually employed in the purport proportional protesters unemployed 15%. Is a close to the close to the national unemployment rate the real unemployment rate the use -- -- -- column which is a sixteen or 17%. 18 so as Rush Limbaugh said -- what these people protesting is they actually have to work. They wanna they wanna get no they wanna get -- they were they wanna get away from those jobs they were in favor of but there in favor of that. Platform that they released last week on the occupy Wall Street that web site that said they they want though working wage even if you don't work. What's at twenty point five bucks an hour 1877469432. To lower your next without -- -- had -- -- It played out. I -- Out a few blocks away typical sixth album and see the ads. So where'd they owe it to -- -- and not. And all the -- so broke away it went late into a little bag whip the -- and George Miller highlights. -- being in the malls and I'll. And no legs I was gonna say so and there. Where whatever it is a weekend where was this -- what town city was this. A Boston Portland and they torture you. -- -- -- the newseum which one you know Essex street where the bomb saying how does not that far from. Is not that far from big the agreeing way here there you know it's it's a short it's about a half beer -- which. It was the -- -- well do it at least or block by block but I I don't know it war that it. This stated dialogue. But I don't watch -- -- That being offended by the word. Yeah. But I've grown to enjoy it lately because that work and doubts also. Yeah I I honestly I don't mind the work myself so He wants Columbia Redman her I don't care you know. It's just the way don't we talk to each other jobs since and being dumped from outlawed say they just use the public that -- I don't mind it so much from people I know you know what I mean. But obviously again if if you know what that -- Scott -- senate they they would be all over like what white -- rice. Com. Which she started -- Michael hey lady you know. Your pain in a lot of us all but. -- Seriously are you get it in historic night just. Thank you wouldn't take your order it is. Thanks for the call always see this is how out of touch so that -- we just told us out of touch these you -- if you don't believe the poll from Doug -- In this is out of touch they are but all youths in America drank Bud Light. These people drinking Miller. -- Miller high excuse me they're -- in the regular -- I won't drinks cool what was the last time you saw anybody drinking regular Miller. And every -- here call Miller high life and 18774694322. Kevin you're next with how -- cargo ahead Kevin. -- ordering in the financial district you know like that this job on delivering financial boost Paper yes you know which is probably like you know -- clots to -- A vampire in these people but it's it's all the financial that was stated that the bill would look like district yeah. I liked by people -- with a full kit but every day in in -- -- -- caught in -- for corporate development literate but He sort of -- they'll have the same week ago -- straw and the small government. Lowered taxes bright and clean up the other. -- typically -- -- -- apple pie you know it's for the July all and by. And I and I think that likes some of the the due to its its its -- the truth birds. And markets. The homosexuals. The code pink. There's marxists they're out there it's there. Minimum the they would tie dyed it -- signed by the you know like saying. It is it'll appear side and it was so -- -- -- that the other side of people support like a one world currency you know record deal. Ultimately you're the because the Euro was working out so well. We were one that's why are we doing better. Well need to be reminded that you know the Tea Party people are put on archetypes. They're able to -- Go Wall Street orbiter during its. The Democrats -- a couple -- whole bunch of single issue constituencies. -- -- like it's on full display like that the you know with the but agree -- the everywhere at this point they don't have a club with the robbery -- just reward is that you promote a couple more single day shall. The Democrats as a static -- all of these one additional constituencies. And at that. It'll let the evidence that it's bursts that Americans that in in the things that these -- You know an architect in markets where -- inspected its its -- when it. Well. He you know that this I well I love this thing about the world currency. Source told me the other day that -- it seemed so they have guy come back from us south Southern Africa. And He had a Zimbabwe in Zimbabwean note note. It was you know what it was for was for 1000001. Trillion Zimbabwe's or whatever they call -- currency one trillion that's the rate of inflation they have. Totally be wise to higher currency to while Robert Mugabe -- country right not to mention all these other rock crappy Third World dictatorships. Thanks for the call Kevin 1877469432. To keep your next with how we park go ahead keep. I've been done as a tight part two or three times could that work like it was in. But I'm. It just seems like when gigabytes -- organize mass of people that have conflicting. Idea collecting music industry now they're less religious religious right. And the other thing has. Is that the police down there. The most -- chilling amazing amount of restraint considering. Know what they're going through city spending two million dollars I think we got -- all the time. And now I read the local Paper ball down there and it's amazing what goes on as far as probably have to deal with -- Right yeah I think one guy who there was a freelance photographer who took a picture of a a cop grabbing one of these demonstrators by the neck. And -- He He didn't even if He was just you know it's too often as the camera needed even though He had the picture to lead the league got backed the newspaper were every was. And so He He sent the picture route. And now be all these moon bats across the country criticizing the newspapers are read in the picture saying how dare you run a picture of the -- fighting with the with a hippie. But that's what what's happened right I mean they try to they tried to -- -- -- up a Wall Street up a few nights ago. Already they've got that blocked -- you can't walk down 31000 I don't know Austria Austria actually -- yeah. And it got a black dot an -- -- walkway on one side to people can get back war. But for the majority -- blocked -- and really huge inconvenience. For mr. -- all these streets can just are blocked offered -- of people right. Walking back and forth and it's one more thing before I go it's. What is it that you think is caught in there were probably people did being unhappy with their inability to walk to get into the middle class was just somebody's. Trade policies that have gone -- I think they're just I think they're just spoiled it rich kids looking for you know looking for the next hour. Cool thing to -- yet you know. Amid a while it's like the sink in when the when the Red Sox winning the World Series right I mean that would be what what the kids don't they would come out and get more square. And turn over a couple of cars and -- him -- fire I mean this is just the reviewed the the equivalent this at this year's equivalent of that act. Well I think their local sixty -- be and be in May be that it'll be OMB Terrell golden that if this is your chance to our. Brag about that supported by over thirty years later part of. Right well it's it's funny when we got the list of hundred people who were arrested last week in in Boston for that when they when -- around and everybody up when they -- to to wreck the the new landscaping. They it was all it was -- mostly people in their twenty's. Fuel when their thirties. Nobody really in their forties or fifties and then it picked up at the network like five or six people in their sixties obvious already -- retreads -- Vietnam people and they all lived the places like Somerville. You know where you go if you -- -- hippie you know you don't have a trust fund you know when you couldn't afford to live in Cambridge. And that's you know that's that's what that's what this is all about and they they do think that they are. You know one there Dorsey I mostly the last night I was reading the the petition that you know about -- top students have -- -- -- loans at all that. There was this wacky booked in the in the early seventies called the student as in word. Like the like the student was oppressed me it was it was it was what we have to -- even and He even in the you know in the in the seventies. Thanks for the call Q8 18774694322. On how we car. And there's. I really miss Jerry Garcia. -- -- you could later be with us here. And them. Here it Obama Vilma and totally. It's not steal a man it's like Mac redistribution. -- Five await the protesters are a bunch of followers model leader among them a perfect time for mothers everywhere American work remodeling their basements. Bring on old man winners has 978603. The common denominator of the occupiers. Is. America like sucks I want more free stuff. 617 says I saw a sign we are not leaving can you give us jobs get. It. Yeah your your whole day. They want jobs they know that it's a difference though between jobs and work. You know jobs is something is as a place where you go when you know you can you know visit the -- all your favorite web sites. And it's nice and warm and you -- for a three hour lunch and you get the Bunker Hill day off as opposed to work. Which involves actually doing -- producing something. And whether it's good or service. Dean you're next with how we cargo ahead team. Hours. You know all the looters drawn parade here that are very lucky that the guise of -- didn't come in their New York last night cut their dirty little threads. Wouldn't that be a loss -- Yeah they would be given when they were treated pretty well -- lucky they got just be sneaky guys these visa cap burglar types come and. That's an ugly people out there may have remembered how the cops chased and beat the -- lot of people in the sixty's internal fire -- -- and not a member Kent State where they took care little scraps. Yeah well it did you hear some guys is some guy was CNN MSNBC last week that what -- what the occupy him Wall Street crowd needed was -- Kent State. Well like that they mean this is what got him again if -- -- somebody on fox said that could be in deep. Don't do. You know our liberal it's a liberal it's that whatever the hell they want to edit. Got ridiculous but yeah the way -- when it gets cold. Water tropic carpet man and I'll put -- to work in the words. Yes good luck I would say it. Thanks thanks the market -- The old men went. To us. Maybe it's cold outside. Maybe win must blow -- It's no Levitt's mullets. In here next with -- naturally. It that it and now they'll look at them get -- Google -- -- -- all is forgiven because acquired a -- so right. I guess it does you have bar -- includes bar tabs as well I thank you and and also -- losses. Well what what what is the -- up state because god got required advocates spoke about it out quite -- and the -- I wanna burn a mile and you know -- together. Charlie -- outlook -- Republican for rob Mort Zuckerman spoke number I -- either I wanna by the John Hancock Tower. How I give my note for a billion dollars. Oh and then you know the -- -- that followed it outright of course the only thing but I'm wrestlers contracts for a -- Evans won't mean anything either. Yet the you'll get away yeah. I don't know you know that they really did you know reigns among like that back out there -- They can't beat her. -- -- I know how could how could you have a society how -- you how can you do away with all bets you know -- right. I don't know if you. Find out what I want all quiet kind of -- bike -- though. Yeah I think yeah you'd wanna run a bus stop on your cards is the -- The extra 1877. Buses boys out. One it's -- -- -- back up the trucks. Were taken everything away. 18776. By 4322 rich you're next with a point -- go ahead rich. Yeah four field quote yesterday. And they got the oh and sincerity in. The people there -- went to count a pro. The vote so there. It and and their mother and dirty cops there say they called the world. Yeah that we -- You know guys -- special these -- -- -- probably got to get a permit it there are remember have a lot of all of them there they all ralphie killed and and we get -- 200 hours we're seeing it. All of our. We're willing. It's a whole plate that all the people. Yet it's it's now what they have more cops out that they did after the tornado and that's in the spring. It really from they had undercover people the special follow the -- Everything under the sun it was sixty. Q it's believable you wanna take any chance you'd never know what I mean in Boston the Bill -- now it's up to 160000. Dollars just for police over 160000. -- Just keeps -- come back with annual management noise -- -- what you imagine the Tea Party. It had something like this but 160000. Dollars in stock the taxpayers whether. -- Yeah they would they would -- editorials that the you know. Frank Rich -- right seventeen more columns for the New York Times -- New -- now New Yorker Magazine about herbal Tea Party is. Paul Krugman would. For nominate it's just the it's if they get away with they they're so much He picked colts and enough. You know. Thanks so this as well -- it's -- member rooting for the winter too early 18774694322. -- Your next without cart -- -- us. Now I heard it. The Franklin practice tool in the store and so attendance is down it's. Not suggest that any animals on the great way. That's an hour regardless of this Paper shouldn't even -- down there. The I know yeah He did He did go to your mom also be in my at least He keeps his mouth shut a body is that He wants to see the place mumbled endorses it but refuses to go down there. Course I can't say as I blame -- but He you know who would wanna vote out there. Thanks for the call us 1877469432218774694322. -- appear next without white -- go ahead Joseph. And losers operate. Tonight what -- bank -- a -- there and now for the nation's. I told them that it couldn't -- mr. Hsu at the money came promotional machine may have expire. That there could there. -- -- -- Yeah another completing the Bank of America turn a profit -- the in the third quarter that's like it's like that something Bank of America is not opposed to turn a profit. Much how much Home Depot is saving is saving them to the Dodd-Frank bill. Where they choose where the you know only they cut the the amount of money. But the that the aux sports day when -- swipe the debit card -- you know much. Actual people was gonna make every year thirty an extra 35 million bucks 35 million bucks a year and that's just. God only knows how much wal -- 18774694322. But the -- if they -- -- will read any newspaper stories are -- theories as. -- newspaper that mr. read these stories on line about the Genesis of the the Bank of America five dollar -- that they don't care it don't confuse them with acts. Billiard acts without -- cart -- that bill. -- there yeah there okay. This is why I know you don't like this topic but you should have David Horwitz on once a month. -- -- whatever the thought about it and collagen in the so called education system which is no more education now than nothing at all. These kids have been taught to the wonders -- -- Etc. etc. I just wish that teacher in the read. -- -- at and sort of map and the comment that nazism and to critically think for themselves and and we need to polish. On it in on -- of the topic the and and that we need -- unaware of what is that yeah that's of the Communist system without getting them. -- Horwitz has written some books about the the decline of American higher education he's a former radical himself He also wrote the right. -- -- in collier about the Kennedys have probably one of the best books about Kennedy family. Thanks for the thanks for the call 187746943221. Point car. 87746943. She's up from the Wall Street Journal Wall Street's gullible occupiers there's no mystery -- the walk occupy Wall Street movement came from is an offspring of the same false narrative about the causes of the financial crisis that export incorporated the government and brought -- -- thought frank. You know I mean how many times -- we have to goal for this you know beginning in 1992 the government required Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to direct a substantial portion of their mortgage financing to -- -- who were. At or below the median income in their communities. When more than half the man mortgages Fannie and Freddie were required to buy were required to have that characteristic. -- -- keep politics being sold to people with incomes below the median average. -- to government sponsored enterprises had to significantly reduced their underwriting standards. Guess what happened. They were selling them the people who had no credit histories who didn't work. Who -- bombs in many cases. 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Call and ask nick about the -- special ending October 31 call me at 80820. Funny that's 8082580.