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Christy Out, Perry Down, Cain Up...Mitt Steady.

Oct 4, 2011|

Some not-so-encouraging numbers for Texas Gov. Rick Perry in two new polls -- he has taken a drastic fall in the numbers while businessman Herman Cain gobbles up all that lost support. A Washington Post/ABC News poll out Tuesday shows businessman Herman Cain has tied Perry for second place behind front-runner Mitt Romney. Romney is at 25 percent while Cain and Perry each get 16 percent. Howie thought that slow and steady will probably win the race.

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Now as you know Chris Christie is out of the fight I think this is I think this is going to be all of the I think this is the end of the Republican entries I don't think. I don't think Sarah Palin is going to war is going to to get involved in in this battle. And the the interesting thing thing about this this is. Is repair can Rick Perry comeback I mean these polls over the last over the last few days I mean say these are just. These are amazing how bad these numbers are for wrote -- battery. He's lost He he's lost every. Half of his. Half of his voters have vanished in the last month. And now he's got now he's now we -- they've got a story in Austin. Perry wants offended confederate symbol it's I didn't think there was too much to that story yesterday the the the in word head. On the rock. But now they have him say as saying eleven. From state houses and other government buildings across the -- south that found an opponent and repair. Texas set appear bronze plaques with symbols of the confederacy displayed in -- State Supreme Court building Perry and then lieutenant governor. Said they should stay put arguing detection should never forget our history. Now and again. This is not a big deal for a Democrat. Because as I've pointed out before Fritz Hollings the former senator from South Carolina. Now back in the 1960s many of these southern states did not have the confederate battle flag as part of their. State flags. But they change the state flags to -- To show their commitment to to segregation and white supremacy. And the state of South Carolina the -- governor who pushed to add the confederate battle flag to the state flag was none other than. Ernest Fritz Hollings. Who later became a democratic senator and that was never mentioned of course went because she was a Democrat. Like Bob Byrd being in the Ku Klux Klan and you could you can't go after a Democrat for for being racist. Because. That's that's what Democrats are -- racists. That going back to the days of the Ku Klux Klan and then. Nathan Bedford Forrest a million the night writers and reconstruction. But a Republican messed who wore a Republican passed -- answer for these -- -- chargers. And now war now here's a poll of this of this is the Florida Paul. Florida poll. Romney 28%. -- that 24%. Perry is now down to fourth place with 9%. This is for American thinker can Rick Perry stopped the bleeding before his campaign implode if this new Florida poll was any indication he's getting close to were relevancy. Debates matter -- Florida's Ron Paul just past two guys Herman Cain and retiree. -- is now running in second place in Florida now but it supports surged nearly nineteen points after last month's Republican Party Florida's presidency five debate and straw poll. Meanwhile -- support plummeted nearly sixteen points. Romney's support rural modest three point seem harmful only care really. -- really move it. You're clearly moved the the B. The dial he'd he'd just He EC He started 20/20. 4528. Points there. All right now we have some other up Paul we have some other polls here this is the national Paul Rick Perry slips Herman -- arises in bid for GOP nomination poll finds. After a quick rise in the race for the presidential Republican presidential nomination -- the Washington Post. Texas governor Rick Perry has experience of almost equally dramatic decline losing about half of his support over the past month. According to a new Washington Post ABC news poll. The most direct beneficiary of the and achieve this and GM with various businessman. Herman Cain who was now tied for second place. Let's see. Among announced candidates Romney leads with 25%. She's got a quarter that's -- that's Molly gets ago quarter he's right there in a way around a quarter. Which is identical to his support from a month ago Perry and -- are tied for second -- 16% numbers representing a thirteen point drop for Perry and at twelve. Point rise fourteen. Since early September. Ron Paul is the only other candidate in double figures 11% just behind -- -- Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann both with 7%. -- -- numbers fell sharply after Perry announced his candidacy in and then the rest of -- for a month Huntsman. There are out there there through their their further back than that. 18774694322. Web by the way there was another reason other than that He did you didn't feel call for the presidency. Chris Christie. The ABC. VA BC Washington Post poll found only modest public support for Christie candidacy. However that the Christie finding it's far more positive than the risks for senate committee. Two candidacy by Sarah Palin. Two thirds of Republicans say they do not want the former Alaska governor to seek the party's nomination. Oddly Obama falls into virtual ties with Romney Perry and Christie among registered voters by an overwhelming majority expects Obama lose -- next year 5537. Among registered voters 46%. Say they won't definitely not vote for Obama next year while only 23% say they definitely well. 18774694322. And then here's -- here's one elementary last late last week. Most GOP voters are saying anybody nor Romney then we'll take your calls on how do you think the race is going which whoever consider were you woke -- Perry supporter. Have you war and you were. Written them off totally Mike to come back. The theme of the Republican. Race so far is the Republican voters are searching for someone anyone other than Mitt Romney. He is well known to Republican primary voters -- well known they all know about his infamous flip flops on abortion they all know about Romney care the government directed health care plan -- created as governor of Massachusetts which He touted as a model for the rest of the nation to follow. In which Barack Obama and congressional Democrats actually did use for their model. Mitt Romney might seem like a minimally acceptable candidate in a different year we were comfortable having a prudent competent consensus speak seeking manager of the status quo but a lot of people on the right since the Barack Obama has caused so much damage piled up so much debt and move the country so far in the direction of socialism. But the next president will only to be bold enough to leave the country in a radical change of direction. And they know that Mitt Romney is not that man this is Robert actress and -- real clear politics. After making some progress Ron Paul has faded back after quoting Osama bin Laden and his support of in support of his blame America first foreign policy. The next step of the campaign the in depth examination of Herman Cain I don't know yet if Herman Cain is the best man for the job but we do know one thing. Three quarters of the Republican voters are very clear on what they want. Anybody but Romney. By the way did you CEO last week somebody asked cast them Sarah Pailin about a McCain. And she said oil like -- -- -- -- 1877469432218774694322. Who I'd have to say team is in second place right now if if by you know I know I know that there's this residual. Group that are gonna say they're for Peri about it I I would guess -- you had a primary today or tomorrow YEE. -- would finish second to Mitt Romney. 187 it's probably pretty close second -- 18774694322. Steve your next without point cargo nets they've. Yes. Did you buy any -- -- the interview with Rick Perry and Carl Cameron up for either. No I didn't. -- -- You wouldn't be wondering why he's dropping like Iraq if you in your view view is just unbelievable. I didn't. Given what. And just the way He could answer as to that question especially on foreign policy I mean this guy is just totally. You know He doesn't belong in their ways and means there -- the races this flanked her reason the cream eventually rises to the and you know this year Romney here Cramer I mean whether you like that are not. -- came not gonna get the nomination that would be ridiculous. -- -- Is is -- that bad I mean he's been governor of Texas for ten years I mean he's he's been he's one democratic primaries he's one Republican primaries. The N and you know He is an Aggie you know. I mean area and may be you know what I'm I've never lived in Texas by -- lot of Texans I've spent time in Texas and and you know. An -- He is kind kind of a good old boy. You know what I -- -- Have a listen you know being governor of Texas doesn't require. That much knowledge. That the president requires you have to knows something about foreign policy yeah -- the though. -- bit about economic policy I mean you know it's nice to say. You know I created some of these jobs -- your unemployment rate like eight point 5%. It double what it was when He took over. I mean. -- -- You know you may have bought just on Sarah Palin and -- -- I think -- -- smarter than -- he's just not ready for -- I mean now. Now that. Christie is definitely not running Romney's advisors nobody else how -- reality. -- idea I'm afraid that the Romney is the guy I -- a much -- of him and Obama but just. Rather not have a guy -- as the the the albatross. The the -- -- -- -- -- would -- of Romney care around his neck thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Jim your next with how we cargo ahead Jim. The captain. You know our rob Christie would have been OK but don't we have enough names in the -- already guys that are OK just to quality at this point. You know there are okay that's what He -- do we did we really need another okay candidate I don't think so. No I don't I think by you know we're 48 hours you know once you've got to remember very few will even remember that He was thinking about running. Yeah and Republicans are expert -- really shoot himself in the -- you know leave it to Republicans to nominate Romney. You know the very time that they're trying to kill obamacare while we just you know dominate the worst candidate in the world to -- To attack him and I'll support that He gets self support any of those guys if they get it. You know which is carrying on the tradition. Republicans nominating mediocre candidates -- even if they win their mediocre presidents. And then you know I just -- -- in the -- there's somewhere. There's that immediate and picked up for it and try to take this candidate like they always do and you know. So -- just slots and one other thing about Sarah Palin you know -- you tell -- why Republicans would hate her so much so many Republicans just record over the idea of -- in the nominee. I appreciate the one Republican. That the laughed. Hate and fear doubt the same. I think the thing is she she really hasn't acted in a very presidential manner for the last year and a half for two years has she -- ever since she left the starting with leaving the governorship in the middle over term. Howie we've talked about this before 90% of the candidates -- run for president. I like -- I wish you any different from any other. Well. Your army -- there's a difference between putting off funny hat. ND AN and you -- running running around. You know David Letterman -- and you program that He started. And I you know -- haven't these problems with Facebook and her her son in law and it really should spend. It's just been kind of a trashy spectacle has -- Well come on now we don't -- joined that's -- I -- enjoy. Am I thought joining down -- -- I'd like I'd like us Sarah Palin she's a good looking woman you know and I think she's I agree with you she's smart. But I'm just saying she she just. She has she's acted more like -- somebody who you'd see on a Hollywood Squares. We're just about all in -- I would tell me what you -- -- how we conduct a cheap shot. I just mean that she is she looks like she's just trying to get publicity anywhere she -- like somebody who's trying to be like -- a grade B celebrity. A meeting you know she's not quite that the -- stage but she is our. -- always. Use it so -- -- she's if she's like a living to be on TV all the time you know. Which it can't keep -- She's not -- shot -- every now and that. Yeah I know -- that's what I mean she's all right she's on TV but -- but she's getting she gets into these GM she says there have been these big arguments on face blocked. Yeah you know her garage her her son in laws saying he's gonna leave the country if she's elected. -- got all these tabloid stories about her and a -- -- -- the prostitutes and she's run around with his business partner these -- -- I -- -- zero unconfirmed stories. But I mean this is this is not the kind of person that you want going instead of stepping forward as the potential leader of the free world is -- -- the -- and -- achieve good enough for me account -- some slack do you think about this. You know you're you're given you get a little to quote -- you -- the girl on just how hot territory for me. I like -- I like are fine I'm just saying I I don't think she's I think she could've handled herself -- It you know I'm not the guy I've -- handle myself with a lot of the former anything like that on the run for president you know if she wanted to run for president she should've you know made some made some speeches to somebody's. You know war. Groups like to the council on not the council on foreign relations -- Rockefeller Trilateral Commission again under trouble with the right wing. But you know what I'm saying she -- absence made some of these scholarly type speeches like nets got admits got a foreign policy address coming up -- who's gonna know what's gonna pay any attention to it but you have to do what if you're gonna do what you don't you know -- or show where you're shooting. Should shooting wild game medal Glasgow on not cable TV thanks for the call Jim. 1877469432218774694322. Bill you're next with how we cargo ahead bell. Talk principally -- hurricane. It's been chewing on a laudable Illinois -- a potential. Little jokes but He David Letterman shall most. When asked about Irvin case. That Sarah replied. Oh that split -- all assaults that it and it said that. So all you wanted to say Nobel. Thanks for the call 18774694322. Yet so she supposedly had a one night stand with Glen Rice the basketball player. You know I mean. You know 11 of these things are you know war tour three of them taken together it doesn't maybe not add up to much but I mean there's been it's just Kennedy. And an. Endless drumbeat of these things for the last two years. 18774694322. Joseph your next with how -- cargo ahead Joseph. I don't -- How Sarah Palin is the smartest politician in the room because they think there was a point after the election. When she figured the governor of Alaska with the -- He was gonna -- all. That's what she's quick now she left all the way to the bank she's making what 2030 million dollars a year. Yeah. For a few years yet she will be making that forever by that she she she didn't put the final. Matter shall all shall all over that a wave that the -- the Mitchell have optional -- ball that. And does. She she just I'm sorry she's she's outsmarted everybody she -- made their puberty they achieve that -- Ditzy broad excuse -- -- the English but it. She's she's smart and she's getting rich off what that guy aren't the biggest one thing about Mitt Mitt. In order to win is gonna be generic Republican because. Every time there's a poll them poll after poll. They put Republicans won in one after the other against Obama generic Republican the one that always wins. So basically -- doesn't have to make any mistakes he's just got to be. Himself and that the conventions spring Marco Rubio and and He. Yeah there there was an interesting story on -- on Politico yesterday about now Romney's a lot of Romney's eight for -- away -- went to work for a rubio when his us senate race in Florida. Last year and so did their very the two campaigns are sort of law already. In matched in some ways you know and guys have worked on both its Alex Scott brown and and Romney's campaign. Yet announced a month I'm not crazy about -- which you know again. If anything is better than what we've got there now. Right exactly exactly that's -- if He can be generic Republican and and you know if you were in and you know somebody said earlier few we'd be another mediocre president. But you know Ali at the at this point mediocrity would be a eight dramatic improvement over what we've got. Thanks for the thanks for the call 201877469432. To fill your next with -- -- cargo I have felt. -- -- Hey -- -- a quick thought portable mobile banking issue yes. What do we get away with all -- -- I don't use banks credit unions -- of that. Well their bank -- purpose I mean if you wanna what do you do what He had to do if you wanna buy a house. I don't my outrage now outright clean clear signal without my co -- Yeah but I mean so urine -- a minority the most people have to borrow money are still are still. All money to the banks you know I mean who's going to war. You know who's gonna give them my owed money for the car loans you know who's gonna provide money for small business startups that people lead banks. You know while some people do some people are yes but I means if if that people it didn't need to. In our say if the banks would stop -- all agree even stopped may be more people actually use them. Well I think I think the thing is with the crazy -- is that that there are places you can go if you look around credit unions and the smaller rock community banks that don't have these these crazy fees and it's gonna cost it's across Bank of America a lot of people although not as many as I I thought it went to I remember when when. Bank of Boston bought bought a bank which -- was a great paying no fees. Its state of the art ATMs. Just a great bank for consumers and I figured that the huge percentage of people would walk away from from the new from a Bank of Boston. I certainly did but it it turned out it was only two or 3% of the people could be bothered the rest are more willing to go. Was like 11 they had these 21 century say -- century ATMs. It when it was based bank -- in the next day of Bank of Boston took it over and you were like back in the 1970s. Again only there of the 1980s when Avery PM scheme men. Just it was horrible most of it was harbor and that it's gotten as far as like NC it's gotten worse with -- Bank of America comment. Thanks for the call fell 18774694322. On our cars. 1877469432. To talk about the Republican race. Kerry has fallen like a stone in the last month and is now either in the second period now tied with Herman -- and a national Paul and these -- to thwart the Florida. State that that Republicans must carry in the general election. One mates and they they need to -- carrier in the primary as well because as one of the year it's the first of the mega states. To vote whenever votes. It's. They haven't -- it's it's not certain yet everybody's still jockeying for a position when they're gonna vote. Probably sometime in late January. 1877469432. To build your next what -- cargo ahead bill. I don't like okay of the Tea Party and I am not listen to part of memory as of -- I'm looking. For myself. Not the Tea Party yeah that. The rhythm with campers speak I don't know their permission to use the name of another British. That's don't use it okay. But I haven't beat him and He had to give up his got a bit of background and the is what it can't do what. Because of Romney care -- -- belief -- man made global warming. At the camp Perry told them you know. It says. But -- you know Mitt -- tries to have it both ways like He tries that simple ways and so many channels -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah yeah -- -- are -- -- He says global warming may -- -- He says He thinks -- manmade global warming but He doesn't know if it's causing the temperatures to get warmer which of course -- is interesting because of the temperatures I -- the temperatures aren't getting -- And and and that we need a copy a conservative. Constitutional listed -- you know it is hard to speak in -- is good. And he's got a bit of background you know. You can studied it off on foreign policy receive like Rick parry he's got to like Rick Perry in that regard isn't it -- You know I think. The lure them out as a you know we've got to. I can't wait McBride given waiting for Rick Perry to learn it for a month by -- Andy's gonna ask Celtic a couple of days off the campaign trail in just a cram Kremlin they'll cram everything into -- said what did they they have. Hollywood not gonna get what I'm gonna get a perfect candidate ever. What we have to do is get this does I don't out of the White House. I agree I agree. Whoever can now get a mount malveaux whoever's the nominee I'll vote form thanks for the call bell Linda you're next with how -- cargo Atlanta. I how it's such a tactic get you up a little red baron and it can't share some. -- They'll plot of I can't I may have gotten on Iran that I heard earlier and I wanted to talk about I -- -- I got information on yesterday. And that was IBC get email saying that in January. 2012. Bet the house. Now it's 46 was passed that will put 81%. Tax on all bank traders' actions for people. I brought -- I've heard that to someone mentioned that today guide that the -- to supposedly to go for a for the for the obamacare. That was back. That gonna be on every transaction security chat market upon. I don't know I don't know Lynda all I know is what I I get the same kind of email you did I'm you know you can never you can never be sure about an. Like what I don't want to have any information on that would say please enlighten us -- greatly appreciate it. Right all all I'll be looking for it though Linda and for -- reliable sources spike you. 18774694322. Chris your -- with allowing cargo ahead Chris. Yeah I I don't they listen. Everywhere I go I hear people saying that they -- they won't vote for it but you know what. -- -- -- Obama to me I liken -- to -- against Charlie Baker when I ordered but they got I held my nose. And if I get -- going netbook and hold my nose and vote for -- that's what I'm gonna go. Yeah I mean -- -- you really think a lot of people are gonna vote for are gonna vote for that they hate it that they dislike Mitt more than they dislike Barack Obama. Exactly I mean exactly. I think by staying home it's almost like a vote for Obama. I mean you got you gotta go when they're on board if Mitt gets it. -- -- -- -- Right I mean -- hasn't you know you may not agree with everything that says but has -- hurt you. Where is this guy He in the White House has hurt everybody in the country. And you know what that make it a big deal out of the flip -- I remember when Ted Kennedy flip -- -- flip flopped on abortion can be found likely get a ton of votes that He stated. Right I know He did He did He was pro life they were all at all these Democrats were pro life. Unequivocal I couldn't believe all the ones that went to communion at his funeral you know all the resolve these -- pro abortion people I mean they they the Catholics say. They obviously. The only they have no respect for the at the for the teachings of the church and they have no respect for the church itself are the gonna go to communion. When they don't believe in the the most basic teaching of the church which is that all human life is sacred thanks for the call for us. 18774694322. -- your next without point cargo ahead -- How it earlier. Just a couple things -- in terms. First hour was about Bank of America us and in terms that are just are a couple quick points in the national army. Going against Obama. The first point is -- All how many billions -- Bank of America take to be bailed out. In -- a couple of years ago how much does that cost the taxpayers and -- we now being charged five dollars a month. -- -- Actually I think they I think didn't make of America I think most of these banks have paid the money back Kevin thank. Well now they're asking for more money cents on the -- It get -- America got bailed out. Social there was no cost of the taxpayer got a widget. It's happened then they went bankrupt and there's. -- trillions of dollars in deficit so that's the Obama part of my second point the question because he's called Hollywood. -- -- pretty -- Obama is. Wouldn't it be interesting. To just the debate alone again I don't I don't like Romney but again that earlier caller but -- did nothing -- -- agreed that has no foreign policy background. -- -- it. Will be interesting and -- Hollywood against Hollywood in the debate. And these are what has been. The thing about -- is that you know are all these rumors out there about the about Rick Perry you know and their all in I don't know about Herman Cain but they're all you know -- we know all the rumors now about Sarah Palin. And all these guys have these skeletons in their closet but one thing we can be pretty sure of is that -- has no skeletons in this closet right. Exactly -- I'm pretty sure about and again just spent the last caller executive order nose and vote but I guilt thing because Obama has been called. Hollywood for the sport it is not as he's done nothing producing what recession became look at bailout active bailout. It's like a trillion billion dollars in deficit we've known those numbers nobody knows those numbers don't believe George Bush just put up. What comport to a I'm gonna watch this debate tonight to write a column about it the democratic candidates for the senate I'm gonna I'm wondering how long it's gonna take before someone someone blames George Bush simply. The debates settlement that we are all. About local law 704 -- and give extra points to the first candidate who boy George Bush tonight. I think it will be one of the minor candidates you know the strike Tuesday state viable thanks for the call mark your next with a cargo -- mark. Yeah Ali I doing the better bet there would be over under on how many times labeling bush -- the states. I want you to pieces of the Republican field of how you wise I think Christie finally. You're entering cities yet now I didn't believe is getting -- to Begin with the good thing. It's stabilizes -- we have I think that gap here the Perry campaign. Is a good thing about it really feel very positive about him I think immigration that's gonna kill them. Well what we've pare it down and I've also heard rumors today that up Bachmann might be get out within a week or so. I think it's a good thing we like we're talking a couple of weeks ago. Well we've pared down these numbers we get out of three or four candidates. For the next couple months before these primaries. It's a good thing because it and get out there to give more time to talk during these debates. And you know I think actually have very good thing it and it Romney early in the packed here yet to businessman. Do you know one of them has been in politics one has. One -- more social conservative the other moderate. I think that the good thing for the party and I think it's gonna get more people behind especially the independent. Yeah. I don't know what you think about that's only gonna that would be -- Brockman got out that it would indeed backed off today. Yeah it would be it would be good if -- -- -- -- did back off those so those statements about -- I think He relies too screwed up but he's got -- he's got to get some. Somebody in there is gonna column I don't please don't comment on a store please don't comment on -- story at least until you've read it. You know better to a better let it sink in for awhile but. Make sure you read it before you were before you make a comment which I don't think he'd get on Sunday with that Washington Post story. Thanks for the call mark -- your next with power cargo ahead mad. Got -- captain that I bet they'll fall into the same old nonsense that the liberal media today and you're talking about -- gates would -- foreign policy expert who got how -- Barack probably can't even the appearance that he's He community knocked out. I know it and look and look what we got we got him talking he'd tell you thought it was great -- not -- more bark was overthrown and now we're right now we're looking at another we're. Islam's goal. Islam will not I don't know what you call it but -- a pro is a lot of state yeah. My point is. Let let us right now annual the president -- that common sense. And would straighten out this country the fact that you -- a politician and malignant happy that a bit of didn't get so. I'm thinking I'd say I opted to not to go to regular ethernet are people can't see that we need likened them because dismissed the abortion. A political I think that beat backtrack and people who don't know the twentieth he's he's like UN. Don't you -- I don't think it hurts you go to be you know like Ronald Reagan was never in a legislature but He was the governor He had to deal with the legislature army Herman came -- the deal with the legislature you -- -- -- out. Q does that exit -- are -- and make budget now episodes it might be over the legislature let me try. The IE I guess but I think the yes I think the legislature has more or you know more independence in -- board does in the gonna wise and they and they are -- to get your job maybe some of the board members aren't so. I -- let's say and I don't. I'm happy that Kane is up there now why them and then again -- -- shown me -- and so. Forget them 18774694322. On -- car. Just when you thought the Republican field was -- Politico is reporting that calls are being made on behalf of a mystery candidate to. Various early states to determine presidential filing deadlines. The calls were made by representatives of the law firm baker hostetler. A forum that employs lawyer mark Braden who represents. Sarah -- her political action committee. So looks like us -- is still love still. Teasing. She's. You know who knows if she serious or not but she's -- lead story on Drudge now. Pale on time and big red letters with a question mark at the end. So maybe it's not over now we --