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Jews For Janitors

Sep 26, 2011|

President Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus awards banquet over the weekend. Here is what the president said, catching himself almost in time but not quite: If asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a Jew, uh, as a janitor makes me a warrior for the working class, I wear that with a badge of honor. I have no problem with that. Howie wondered if this was some kind of freudian slip and is Obama unraveling.

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We'll talk about the Republicans for a while wanna talk about some disability claims skyrocketing among the unemployed. I am -- you -- -- you pick up Perry can come back people are saying now please all about Al -- and -- the -- all dot. But he's mean he's gonna be a bit of a GM -- you know people still don't really care that much from Mitt Romney. I don't I don't hear people saying well you know I'm liberal like Romney it's moralists like boy Rick Perry it's it's like threats. What He had to He had lousy debate you know you know I mean no one's no one's going over becoming a -- -- kind of disappointed him in Perry because they were hoping for more from -- And I guess the next. Debate. Committee consequences going to be it's gonna be open -- but I -- away what sort of art -- awards are neck of the woods here on how we car should focus its Nero are rushed affiliate W when -- October 11 at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire that's the next one. She fears badly there says ABC news -- fund raising will Begin to dry up to Begin to lose significant support national polls and He will likely be in -- death spiral. I didn't realize this but I I would think that in Texas you know when you when he's been in these these sort of the -- the answered the Texas politics is is a tough -- And I would think that He that they that would be debating all the time especially you know what by -- you know so many media markets and other states so big and it's hard to it's you know you need a plane the campaign and -- with the I -- thought that would be having debates all the time but apparently. These these last two debates that he's been in these minutes for debate since 2005. Which means for the last a tool to election the last two gubernatorial elections He said no debates. He didn't have its single debate against Kay bailout Hutchinson. Miki I would think she what do I -- she would head out -- and US senator just force him to debater. But I guess not. So why he's He spend. He has not been really. Under that much scrutiny. And I think that He I don't think the that the papers they are like the papers everywhere have. -- all the way. You know that yeah morning herald is gone and now it's one of Houston papers is on so they don't they don't have that the state house. Press corps has withered away. And so He doesn't using it called the law I don't know he's running around making up these stories about like you know He He was lobbied by the woman and who was 31 -- cervical cancer mean maybe he's told the story across the state and you know we just He He just goes into these little -- 2000. And that He doesn't have idea of the Statehouse press corps following him around so we can get away with the way He yeah. He he's gonna have to He slipped to stop. Stop feel a -- here you know I mean he's not a what does He think He is a Democrat you know. Mean Joseph Biden can get away make a fool out of himself and about lying and stealing people's biographies of electronic stuff but the Republican can't. One if He wants to do if He wants to act like that He better go back to be in a Democrat. 1877469432218774694322. But -- hoping but the thing Romney has going form it's He He is turning into generic Republican you know. And generic Republican is beating Obama handily in generic Republican is beating him by. -- in in Florida. Mitt Romney. AKA generic Republican is beating Obama by seven points last week that's that's a pretty big lead at this point. 18774694322. Good -- comeback. I wouldn't -- put too much stock and that Hermann came -- -- winning the pole and in Florida. The straw poll they got 37%. To -- carries a 15%. -- Two I think Perry Perry probably wanna wanna be had to have such a disappointing debate Romney is still third. And I think I think yeah I think people people like Herman Cain and -- like that they like the story about the can't about -- cancer on -- on on the debate on Thursday night so. I'd say that's probably going to be highlighted his campaign for president this year is winning -- crumpled -- Florida. 18774694322. Tom your -- with power cargo ahead Tom. There are are. -- guys are just gonna -- -- counter -- on that subject. Perry is not doubt there's no way to know anybody's done yet mr. early in the race however. I am concerned that. Adult. Both Kerry -- Romney look like -- all the union to what we are. You know what John McCain waters. In terms of becoming sort can't really tell what these -- liberal Republican or sort of eight semi conservative Democrat. And I want amber are used to endorse somebody like McCain again. So all I mean it it doesn't matter who generic Republican there's. Not a conservative well I'll. So I love McCain I love my. You gonna vote for top. Well -- I agree I completely on the public Apollo on principle of why can't I get why -- -- graduate aren't principal at my head. I don't want a book called for a guy like McCain however. Once again workforce to really go the guy they can beat this -- Obama. Have done it all and really all that the Tea Party conservatives. In congress that we picking gained ground can hold it straight to the -- keeping -- -- I think you can -- Every week. That goes by with these huge unemployment numbers and yeah you know people people getting deeper and deeper into war it it yet and not and nothing looking like it's improving at all. I mean the beat the country's being localized here you know I mean that in a I think I mean I mean it in a good way and it Tea Party way you know. And whatever wipe out once last year. It's there's another one booming I think just like it. Was the beginning of the 2008 wipe out. Well what what I think we as conservatives slash Republicans can tackle while warlords. Finally showed the liberals here and you don't migrate all of my data -- talk about. Not too liberal -- too -- that's what they're really out there and the and the Pratt and all of these it all the liberals always say don't don't know. They're all conspiracy. In just a pop up blocks well Obama shook -- -- they are socialists and Aiken never go back from that now they've been exposed. And of the -- -- I don't oppose a speech today or yesterday He kept using the word investment over and over again another one of those code words. But they they normally would keep it like one once purse and it's but again right the you're right the fig -- fear. You know. He's just -- around you know we -- get black people got to get woven you know this is about investments investments investments which we all lower higher taxes higher taxes no showed job that's what investments are. Yeah any -- -- in 2008 during the campaign He could Begin to the liberal distortion -- words that kind of fool everybody -- told that He was due on. But those days are gone everybody knows better now and it's the same old same old -- got a real trouble. Thanks for the call Tom. 77469432218774694322. Now it's got it's gotta be. Think about -- this is so close this is so close you know. Couple more debates and he's he's He is. He is meant He is generic Republican and then you know me. The city. How was how as the economy and improve. The way the way this thing is going away the way Barack Obama operates now the -- about another government shut down. How many times did He get the cry wolf what this government -- -- BS. Now. They think that's gonna help him get votes are the gonna blame the Republicans. 1877469432. To rush your next with our cargo -- -- You know how Obama like -- you can interpret our. You know maybe Obama has got kicked our resident advisor it makes -- think of the Jewish pay less contact us at. The. So words you confused you know I mean to call us. You colts at the St. Louis Rams the Los Angeles rams I mean it's gonna -- you're good you're showing your age to do that but you could do something like that right. That's and it's a natural thing to do there's so there's some things you get confused about but I mean GO NG editor is not one of those things. How we honestly I didn't believe my -- and his I'll tell -- I couldn't I couldn't believe that it had that don't. And it's just. I don't know does it -- wanna call up and defend -- a 160 IQ. You know eight I. I don't know if somebody's gonna Hawaiian tourist as far as that's concerned. Like my daughter was -- it was a volunteer this last summer with -- with the youth group. And they were doing plays. And they were reading cue cards in an Everett the kids -- the kids -- don't beautifully on the cue cards. I mean I don't think any of these kids the mobile worker for my daughter would make -- back kind of mistake. Anyhow -- did -- to get -- of -- teleprompter and give a big can look at. Thanks -- thanks for the call us 1877469432218774. At the end of his life by John Barrymore is -- was gone is the charges yet wet brain like Ted Kennedy and He could He could rumored of his lines He couldn't remember anything you know little hamlets soliloquy in the rest of it. He could rumors lines in Bulldog Drummond -- -- -- over the camera you know I wanna watch it sometimes just visits it fascinates me just -- guy you know who destroyed you know destroyed himself. And He looks over He always gets aligned to me it's. Read off a teleprompter is not that tough the only problem you got with a teleprompter is when is when the wind your expecting. Don't come up and me and I am a little something about this from my years in TV that's why that's where He all was carry. But you carry a copy of the tell prop up what's on on the teleprompter just in case something happened Jewell was have to be prepared. But I mean the bottom of the that the I don't know what's wrong that I I don't know it's I don't I just hope that he's very bright. John your Macs with how we cargo ahead job. I don't -- -- you know you you you this. I unrelated subject I talked I want twenty I predict. The -- and construction going -- and that's what I thought what true acrobat. Not only. Flat land and that's what everybody they what they want it. Air traffic group broke sweat equity and they didn't app that I'm in their pocket. It. I was shocked our chalk up I want Eric. But that doesn't change its spot cocktail what you re name and I don't agree -- -- -- -- -- but -- don't want him for one reason. -- to a -- into water and he's going up against the most corrupt machine out there. O o'clock all of -- steal that election. You think so it's hard to the you know you could steal a close election you know I was worried I remember being awarded 2009 when Corzine Corzine and it's -- injures you on the neck and back. I figured if it was in 5000 votes. Corzine which -- that I'm Sheila doesn't it doesn't if you know again it's like up. You know I mean could could Kerry -- Kerry could steal the 2004 election to that was three million votes. -- the media and it's very much a Republican right. Yeah a -- you're hearing. He's got all the people on the goal. Yeah I I don't know I I'm just I'm just I wondered if it that the white things are looking at could be a one of these landslides where that's it word will be impossible to steal the whole thing. So yeah. I spoke about -- about a mile up on. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. We saw a guy and a soft flagged me. It's one of those rare rare occurrences like seeing a you know American dishwasher. American this torture and American for an English speaking for. Paul your next with we cargo ahead Paul. -- -- Getting giving back to the cute comment yeah. It struck me every time -- every time I heard that. And knowing that. Obama comes the Al Sharpton school street organized. I I think that try substituting a couple words for the word janitor try substituting safe shopkeeper. Or landlord or money you want money lender. Speculate at all. It'll all make sense to us. Yeah it -- does it. I think He was not automatic indecent or just a -- not so that. What was it doesn't Jeremiah Wright his his his minister the guy who married Yemeni -- QC seven for twenty years I mean doesn't He have a a record of by anti somatic utterances. But of course you -- -- -- of course He does and that's the mobile bottle comes out of but he's been cleaned up for the public. Right and and your right Al Sharpton remember the you think you know what we got to throw the white -- -- off a 125 straight. Those -- birdies Freddy's fashion mart. Writes assists six people and that up by a dying I think inaudible more white by the way. -- -- you so you take Obama off the teleprompter in the in the kind of a crowd he's used to pitching that nonsense that He started the picture -- -- ultimate sentence and it's really simple. Yeah. I I I know I know I'm I'm I'm sure gonna make excuse it's like you know they're gonna make excuses Foreman -- when He called himself a Muslim on ABC and Stephanopoulos at the correct them. And tell you I was a Christian remember that. If you collect stepped up just carrying. Have you said universal and Everest to by the way by the way what are you now. Obama muzzle. If got a lot of Catholic. Well -- commitment and you lose you know how do you get some but how do you get something like that confused. He gets you say I want the steak medium rare no I mean medium. That's what to get confused you know get your religion confused you know -- did you want a -- confused. I don't know he's if he's into. What you do what you do -- money lender or shopkeeper. Or landlord at all so at all it was the cadences right and expects. I think you you know I think you know Stephanopoulos -- was too I almost think about you know when I YE recalled that when he's when He corrected -- I mean it's okay to correct somebody I think when they make a mistake like that when you're interviewing them. But I think you should -- it like about five more seconds stick to give him a chance the current took -- pretty important when you can't remember what your religion is. You know I think He should of waited for him to give Obama like He give Obama like it no maybe ten seconds. And that say oh by the way senator you're you're not -- -- last we checked you weren't Muslim you worry you were Christian. You know. Well. Thanks for the call call 18774694322. I'm now car. 1877469432218774694322. 413 says what confuses me why I was Perry built up to be a conservative godsend before He was hat into the ring and now we find out he's anything but. Did the leopard change his spots or something. Or I think were going on his block and his his book was fairly right wing and He -- all these things you know even even though was a kind of a crazy thing to say people like that. You know what each city you know we -- that He thought -- -- Texas should succeed from the union and they were grandfathered in and then east then He said that. That that that that. He He He well there there's a lot of stuff -- -- There was some that sound that sounded real good -- one -- Washington to be inconsequential when your life which I thought that was a great line. But we didn't know about that -- I don't care that the that the vaccine wasn't great but. That doesn't bug me as much as the the free tuition for illegal aliens. I saw some people were after me in the web sites of this weekend for saying free to wishes and set up in state tuition. But come I mean let's eat you know. Whoa why should we He. Pretend that they're actually gonna pay any thing they they don't record any income because they don't have a Social Security. You know sort of if they if they do work on the off chance that they do work. They're working under the table so the got a report in the win column for the whole family so the gonna get a free ride that's what it's all about. And that's pretty that's pretty bad the ticket a free right to illegally aliens in in my opinion. How we BO show also said as a badge of honor not with a badge of honor yeah I -- the He obviously turned his head away for -- told us teleprompter the United States when He when He was saying received. -- and you know keep -- so many things He knows nothing about meaning He knows nothing about geography. Languages. Economics He also knows nothing about the military army corps men. When we're gonna see his grades what are we gonna see is great I wanna know that. 18774694322. When I first heard the recording I thought Obama was going to see junior as in a junior worker -- secretary of such an every bit body was thinking you until I heard elsewhere. -- -- He couldn't -- just He He He could turned around and interest you know continued and said something like junior or something but He -- He stopped and He stopped. Right in in the middle of of the sentence. And that's why you have had to think that He was thinking He wasn't thinking GM artery was Lincoln GO. 18774694322. Dog man faxes me at least He didn't say -- -- down. Of course was you know said that. Reverend Seattle us. Jesse Jackson. Hi -- town. And a white envelope birds. That's. That's Al Sharpton Hymie town Jesse Jackson. Barack Obama just Jews. Chuck you're next with how we cargo ahead -- I was -- gonna talk about their act. But it argued -- -- had a little you don't white lose jobs. All right well look here at robot -- billion dollar -- all -- -- -- -- all what about Al yeah. They're talking about. Be advised badly twenty that are -- -- -- -- a couple of illegal alien out state trooper all over and doubt that governor reprimanded the true burger don't pay -- but people weren't at the plate -- What happened when this happened -- I'll just just recently were up. -- is talk it about it. -- -- Already got immigration a lot but here's the -- illegal aliens aren't eligibility they don't want our construction company -- every single one of our authority. Out there of you know caught wanna set -- We're gonna you don't want to edit -- by other our general contractors others they were we will be able related bad bad bad you don't. What if you if you have helped your like we have chuck just writes -- of you. You're you know they got it they come after you and eight they already knew if you don't have health insurance I mean you could be 22 years old in perfect health. You don't really need healthcare right unless you wash my accident. And yet they they portion of quieter they find you. Let's do medical tourism built robot will show up about Eric. People -- that but right at the hospital and I'd be required everybody welcome all make a LA. What would Sean -- the the governor have -- it. Would've -- up. What do you reprimanded the state trooper He would stop some Americans for a traffic violations -- is illegal aliens get a free free rides. -- -- I'll mighty god but it's okay if you're an illegal alien. I don't need. No state can speed limit to -- they're illegal aliens thanks for the call -- 18774694322. CAD win went Crist gets back it used to be you'd find that. The governor of Vermont. Chastising a state troopers stopping an illegal alien for new event Indian if 55. That's wonderful by the -- someone on -- -- show one of them now while we're worse uncle Omar he's back I. Exits I said this on Friday he's back at Conte -- And he's going -- coming up on his drunk driving charges on Thursday in in district court Framingham district court. But I I know of course I got a got a -- attacks from people won -- one is coming up on his on being an illegal alien for the last forty or fifty years. I don't know I don't know that -- like all I can tell you as the yet drunk driving cases come up. Mark your next with how we cargo ahead mark. I've gone from Springfield I was so watching all the morning shows morning and it seems that the Republican Bob is they're trying to push to get -- at -- -- rate that way. And I don't I don't see anybody talking about the fact that. If you put some of these -- Republicans into the race this late like -- the -- rubio or god forbid Scott Brown. Our big absolute certainty. I mean I got family in Florida that -- -- -- rubio talked about it the vice president candidate. -- rubio doesn't He He was elected in 2010 so he's not up for reelection until 2016. And Christie was elected in 2009. They of the off year election in New Jersey and Virginia so he's not up till 2013. Brown with brown would lose his seat but rounds but they're not gonna push around at the race. You don't think well. Okay yeah they wanted to tell you I agree with you Rick Perry is not done by any stretch. But if you look if He checked it out they -- a number on and on Saturday Night Live that whole debate state into just malaria they've made it look like a total fool. How well He had a common that -- I mean you can't you can't blame them for Saturday satellite for taking advantage of -- talk about a eight the that's a stationary target hopefully god. The best part about that debate they did though -- Gingrich. This the guy was playing shepherd -- for implement that. They knew what to beat the yacht parking lot map that it has been paid yet I walked up. -- It thanks for the call mark it here about 1877469432218774694322. -- are next with our cargo ahead -- But captain utterly -- said that He felt that Romney could not do that well with Obama didn't debate. I would have to disagree without. I mean until they started learning more and more about Rick Perry authority was going to be the stronger of the 22. But without his. Much position on illegal aliens. Well let me tell -- I'm not voting for him. Com but I do remember that Romney. Did quite well in the debates with but late. Senator. Ted Kennedy. I don't know why that's on my recollection -- but knows He was a rookie at the time that was a long time ago now. That was his first race. Yes. Well yeah yeah it was but to I think what you did pretty well a couple of the debate anyway. And I do remember Ted bettering the lot just like Obama ability. But. If Romney did as well I remember that it it would Ted Kennedy. I would have to believe that with the Obama if Obama didn't have his. In his teleprompter He Romney could not come up one nostril and just bit about the up I think you do following. Yet I think Romney would -- -- to it and the thing about Romney is she's developed a -- more somewhat more likable persona I mean -- He may not be someone you wanna have a beer with even if He drank a beer. Like have to -- them as long as He bought it. Well He. Hit by two for UN hit -- you know Diet Coke or something for itself but it but you know. The -- he's better he's much better he's much more. Fluid debater now that He has yet He -- when someone else makes a good joke. He laughs at them you know like and he's He takes it easy and He and He gives out -- org about compliments to to the other candidates I I think he's. He's he's really He I mean. Again if you spent four years ago when something you better be pretty good that yeah Andy has been working on it for four years. -- -- And I hope that. If He does win the ticket we will certainly have a stronger position in terms of getting the illegal aliens. Out of the country. I'm not sure. I think He I think He understands that people want something done but I I don't think he's a real hard like He he's not heartland may be as compared to watch. Compared to Rick Perry but I mean the guy did have a the guy did have illegal aliens working in his own yard and I know you. And I know we shouldn't you know you just given -- you know fellow Mormon. Break in the guide to all the sport one that He would He wouldn't have any more illegal aliens in the they found him again and He fired and all that so. But you know let's get that'll be used against him of course only when when He when He when He runs again. Well what I can come haven't worked out in my house and what they -- put in the and the contract was. No illegal aliens. One of the guys say CC York. Surely there's no no fine. No one like that I've got my father and I got up from my close friends know illegal aliens -- good good. Okay thanks thanks -- 18774694322. On our car. 18774694322. The way that this Republican -- -- question candidates this from ABC news would have exposed even Ronald Reagan has left -- can't remember Reagan was pro choice pro tax pro government pro compromised his political career I don't think it's Christie can handle scrutiny I've rubio could -- scrutiny -- rubio wanted is is mother's sick He -- east -- forty years old. Acute that the key he's got He He ran for vice president you know. And at Christie's the last one the last one standing cutesy Palin after all by the way Joe McGinniss is bitching and moaning He can't get on India. He -- on in the appeal left wing leaning media shadows to promote as a crappy book. John your next without cart go ahead John. I -- I come a long time was nurtured show in reader called. And what I want to talk about a while back that you mention about Obama was on was George Stephanopoulos yes and I saw that. On a Sunday -- -- line on the couch and when Obama said Mike Muslim state. Choked up on the couch and said we got this size now we've got and the next day I called up at team headquarters in Boston. Instead you look at this woman had put this nationwide. Thing mine balls I was so excited I thought I get rid of the and it wouldn't do. -- it couldn't do it couldn't believe -- How they cut off Greg -- hounding him for using his middle name I'm that we car.