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Mr. EBT Likes To Swipe His Sisters Card - Yo!

Sep 21, 2011|

Who is Mr. EBT? He's a self-titled rapper who just came out with a new YouTube sensation titled "My EBT." Yes, he wears the traditional rapper get-up of a straight-brimmed hat and baggy pants. But look beyond the clothing and see something deeper -- the sort of leech who is bankrupting our society. Howie wanted entitlements such as EBT cards cut back.

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She -- say yes or in town hall to they've been Shapiro that a column four minutes to explain all what is wrong with America actually. Three minutes and 512. Steve always talking about. Mr. GBT. Says that everything that's wrong with America competes is summed up by mr. -- and as a rap music. Just who is mr. He beat -- he's a stealth self styled rapper. Who just came out with a new YouTube sensation title my EBT. Traditional rapper get up on the street -- Manhattan baggy pants but look beyond the clothing and see something deeper. The sort of -- Should. This evening as right let's play book sandwich. Because. You. It's the sort of Leach who has bankrupting our society. And a three minutes 512 song mr. EBT champions -- -- to -- -- -- Or rather his sister's EBT card yes that's -- Because as we all know government dependency is a family value. As He wanders aimlessly through the aisles of corner stores He chance. Sandwiches chips Snickers -- X I mean -- good potato chips of big box of Orioles serial critics might even -- He might even be -- walking down to have this food I got -- hunger for. Two dozen of hunger for grammar but He has -- taxpayer cash. It's not it's the BBP it's not foods He says if I don't have my card I use someone else's. -- Welcome to Obama's America where -- -- is no longer allowed. If you steal my money so that you can make videos about stealing my money at the very least hide the video when your basement so posted on YouTube. But the majority of those who live off the taxpayers old home barely championed their sucking from the taxpayer. Memory they see it as their god given right. -- -- The EB team mentality is destroyed the American economy people who can't afford mortgages but they weren't titled the mortgages simply by virtue of living in America. People who gave them those mortgages but they weren't filed a bailout simply because the federal government at all was bailed them out. Presenting human beings with BBPs of any form be it loopholes benefits -- bailouts. Perverts where human spirit of individualism it changes the nature of aspirations by changing the baseline. If a baseline we have out only our own skills and resources to work with -- week. Test -- -- maximize those skills and resources in order to benefit in every way. -- If a baseline we are given money from other sources will expire or to maximize that money -- the benefit from the NC is a cycle and America is deepen its two -- It's the old -- -- -- my treatment she. I think plan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. We'll that is at eight. -- -- Do you -- yeah. He. What is going to be invited the White House He He He disclaimer. Disclaimer at the CI PP TPT. I disclaimer. The same holds true excellent -- they're clever enough to grab 500 million dollars of public money they should be clever enough to run a business without that 500 million dollars I'll play another thing about -- Andhra. They're gonna invoke the Fifth Amendment at the house hearing they're smart enough not to -- testify and put themselves -- risks. Risk slanderous to top executives plan to we've invoked their fifth amendment rights refused to answer questions when they testified Friday before a house energy and commerce committee. Panel investigating the failed -- solar panel maker. Which received more than 500 million dollars in federally backed loans. So Linder said it is fully cooperating with the criminal investigation by the US attorney for the northern district of California. 187746943221774694322. One thing before we go wanna talk about them for a little bit more. This is from a big journalism into bright parts website. Appear. Joe McGinniss sees the -- that's written a new book about the Sarah Palin that's a causing all the headlines. He and He lived -- extort her I don't Wasilla Juneau last year. And apparently. He. On now on July 12. Of last year about 2 PM -- was allegedly driving an overdue rental car when He collided with an unoccupied vehicle. You're popular local coffee shop causing minor but disabling damage. -- failed to report to report the accident and left the scene but not before bystander recorded his license plate left the note for the owner of the parked vehicle. So than the cops came and they got them they got Joe McGinniss. The cops I asked Joseph -- Joseph -- if He had consumed any alcohol and He denied consuming any alcohol then -- Joe -- that if his vehicle was observed by witnesses as hitting another vehicle. Joe McGinniss admitted He had a red pick up -- was standing inside -- colliding Brothers looking out the window waiting for the owner of the red pickup to return. They didn't they didn't charge him with drunk driving. Officer mark your next with how we -- -- officer mark. Hey Al it is one -- thing missing from mr. EDT today to help. What's that. -- it. You try to He tried to buy some -- with that though didn't -- that's pretty good. Yeah that's gonna -- as you -- like there's been an artist. But I want to have been Obama gonna gonna stop having a little thing and -- despite that girl. And you know they -- He would pack up to go I try and I cannot afford -- -- It's that's right in many many tries to get the forty -- we can't get that either so it's it's it's kind of realistic story isn't -- -- Obviously racial oppression -- and. The man wouldn't sell amid the malt liquor. How dare the man do that. You know that this port eighty starting I mean look at this leather jacket and all that I mean you know that journalists don't hate. At church at at a swap beat. I'm look at for some ham where's the cheese. -- -- -- -- One if you have -- -- Garcia we will put -- -- -- to love -- He beat these cases a lot of people's developments in. I showed it to Charlotte last night the Charlotte I'm working American car. Then she was she was greatly amused by. 18774694322. Mike your next without cart violated child I know where she could get any BT I. The they all have she she use all our money from life guarding and working in the office 212 buyers to get yourself ready debit card. At the bank so she's all set. I'm sure should like -- EBT card she could go one. Mike your next what -- cargo had Mike. Stay out while this ten years go beside -- -- some -- edges dole out the irony is. They actually EDT. That all work has been given back to shore meet you right. I guess you know that's a good point -- also are. -- just. Still again it's given back its original meaning just wipes. Like the fact to in the song that He He points out that it's not it's not food stamps anymore it's an EBT cards you know. -- we deal do you care -- our spam. Yes it. It's because you know food stamps that network. That that was terrible for people self esteem you know they they wanted to give thumbs -- -- -- look like a credit card like. Like people actually worked in America have. That's right at no point to that video these senators and so my god anyway it spice. And it. I know I like that part -- -- -- -- That's right -- He's got everything I mean he's like He he's he's taken all the things you hate about EBT card to put -- of this three minutes and 51 seconds it's a great it's it's a great work check. -- I'm amenable to pick Obama is based out you know. I know I I know that they're just say yeah they're they're around. You know they they just want advocates it's all besides all this money is coming from Obama's stash from that woman in Detroit news said. The money when she came down for the free money last year to and the guy asked her where's the money coming from and she's I don't know it's common for Obama's stash I guess. Well yeah. It's a fruitless and I'll do whatever. Thanks for the call Mike 01877469432218774694322. I'm surprised that in here more last night was driving home and I didn't hear about going back today either and they all these -- I port a sworn that this would abandon this were an override. Mystery BT it's more on the it's more on the Internet that is on the on talk radio. One a beast one. 1877469432218774694322. 97 they can we give him the benefit of the doubt and and its say that this was really a protest on against the BT cards. Perhaps it is 978 but it's. Whatever it is it's art you know he's done he's done a good job with that thing. One dates are we -- -- -- T video is in the spoke there's another one's saying the same thing I don't know it's it's pretty it's pretty good make him it make him -- BTs are. How we iGoogle BBT video and there's another one with assistance from Compton will really make you puke. One I don't wanna have to puke I want it is now -- like that this would make me laugh. Might and other Mike -- -- with allowing cargo ahead Mike. I'll just department thing's been going out for decades were -- shocked but I I worked at my college one summer. We fresh air program where inner city kids come down one doubt during the year yet. -- at a suburban campus three squares a day. And they did a course there in the course of the -- And I've worked in the cafeteria. What at a group kids to mock me in bed and breakfast. At allotment -- they're retired and serving too much states. -- like that they don't like they're all these spots in jitters and be paid in every morning and yeah I'm thinking my god. Yeah you got a suburban campus you're getting it re educated and it's all our you're playing about. Right. Does it ever stops. Now though it doesn't they've they beat the it's they that they don't call -- an entitlement for nothing you know I mean they feel entitled. And again if you have those municipal bonds that they want to war you know put taxes on after all these years that's an earned income you know. It's -- and they've even hijack the English language you know if you work for something it's unearned and if you didn't work for something it's an entitlement. -- Thanks thanks Mike 1877469432218774694322. -- next without cart -- bill. Bill I LE -- Leo. Ali -- we talked about it this CPP is. He's a -- break it. Yeah he's a rapper via. If you have a -- that collar. Yes it's. Okay so so so. The only only white guy in the in the it in the whole video I think is the guy war behind the counter wants on the forty counselor. So so -- -- the big deal I mean or what -- what to what to let them wrap what the what to what the take on enemy with what the point. I mean. If He talked about bush and back I'd like. Point is he's talking about rip off the system and leaving for free and not working and judge issued and committing fraud. With his sister's EBT card in sandy can get whatever that -- wants with except for the -- in the pot with the IE BT card. Okay and still -- mock. Not facility supposedly of the law. That it would be yet to call open and comment on. It goes to show you that led. I hate to -- somebody of color. -- -- a problem with -- we're we're opposite mark might be involved. All I'm sure officer mark would take years somebody yellow lab in black I'm sure He will it. And lately well you're telling me you you don't think black people who work for a living you're gonna are not gonna enjoy this be it this. I saw. Good I've never I've never heard of -- -- -- back when -- twist came out played steady years ago. And my my my kids like at twelve -- used to be able to that. As. They would -- -- from the beginning to He had a -- what did they peak of others say the Gettysburg address in the -- -- okay -- Hello the play deletion. In a -- form or. It's not funny is is riding on his running GM and Hammond -- Thanks for thanks for the call bill. -- bucket entertainment here combined by district the thunder right out of itself -- to. And then after the -- where where is the cheese. One -- you know. Like cam but to really make him work you need to Cheney's right. And mystery -- -- knows that. Kevin your next without cargo ahead Kevin. We don't know the previous caller is it'll. Problem wants art article offered some mock rock and should be read the side are we nation it's still the last. They voted for president but that's indicative -- what's that it would have art of previous call from like I gave -- school logo. Call it basically make a statement where. He said they're all of these electronic benefit transfer things. They should be accepted restorers and so -- markets at all these local convenience places a bubble -- there should be one large centralized. With their actions cents -- maybe they'd be like what -- broke the state every large city for a while. And an ad that was the options so that you get all white label we ought to stop between good it's great these -- but not a name -- Right you don't have a white label and why am glad she's that says she's food. Yeah yeah. You know an end and they should only be able to buy vegetables and wrote -- and good. -- you believe -- -- -- have this run by the government have the welfare recipients actually running and keep you -- now filthy this thing would be. I don't know what I watched this team -- stroke which -- able -- hot or on. And it takes -- sort of watch on shot vintage Roy Bennett sure shortly but. But that's what their options that it would be what like that would be more security -- and co -- the F. Just picking these people a variety of children each. I'd stay open if they're called this stuff from the rest of us a lot so working to -- fortune lots. You know I don't wanna spend quite more so the market with these you know. The white school children of god I'd I'd rather just so. All the regular people get shot but there -- stored there you -- -- the only -- society. You have to go that there were tensions that are brought -- there were there considerate to bet that I would -- And Miller what do you know what are you gonna do you know -- -- you know there's still some decent neighborhoods in Brockton they're trying to hang on. And all of a sudden you get one of these BM things coming into your neighborhood -- cabinet methadone clinic comment there right. -- -- -- -- Thought about earlier this want to restrict quote golf course that. -- and terminal cancer patient that would. It's it's gonna -- way it's gonna get even worse you know I mean how -- I'm just saying that you know I just can't imagine how bad it would be like have a methadone clinic in the neighborhood you know what a methadone clinic is like you got these junkies out there they they -- they they they the ping pong ball there -- there methadone. And now they are walking around trying to was set to sell the methadone for Roth for heroin or proxies. And and you have the same thing going on these people would become -- out to be stealing stuff that people and guns so they give more stuff. So would be going out and then selling it to what to a drug -- you know a hundred dollars worth of she's for a for a five dollar fixer a ten dollar FedEx. -- would be. It would be. I know what you're saying to Kevin about you know it's a real pain in the ass when you watch when you behind these people who while we have by nothing but EBT cards in -- vouchers -- kind of stuff. They don't speak English they're trying to run scams on an on on everybody in this in the place whether they work there of their urges American citizens who -- who have to shop there. But -- I mean I just think it would be it would be even more hassle if you if you had this -- a segregated. These these segregated us the -- -- it would never work would be. Off one thanks protocol Kevin 18774694322. Ernie your next with how we Carnoy and earning. Probably you'll love this what that was in the BJ's and national law. And that would two women that knew each other obviously -- -- -- side by side got two different registers and -- behind them. And one of them seismic and her purchases and in their EPC card. And then the woman at the registers -- so I think it was sort -- like to order to Dalton 39 -- Shia the giver. Scott watches all of us are covered. And they're trying to figure out why so the woman at the register pages but manager and says. I mean this system what but He beats me all of a sudden the woman went ballistic that the register say you don't have the appetite of the beat you beat me. CN based on that. Aren't a lot -- there are a little -- Shall -- anyway it was B yes first apple all of a sudden after she says forget forget and I'll pay for two dollars. Should -- these -- -- turns around him speak EBT card to the woman on the other site. Noble of them each had more in the air in their car that I -- I was gonna -- open except my wife. And daughters well with me and I didn't want to embarrass my wife causing -- scene. But I was so furious because. My mother is seventy years old living on Social Security. We all the place down in Florida just basically so she could live there can't afford record. -- should -- -- she got for food stamps that you she got a whopping -- -- dollars a month. She can't forge Q what are false security -- And medical bills in her rob. You know and obviously -- she get a little system. Sixteen -- and yet these two women were easily each spending about a 150 dollars a share in the EP -- art. Unbelievable. Which is it again like like mystery BT it's against the law that's fraud and but yet there but what is that what the supermarkets opposed the don't mean it's -- It's it's like trying to war. It's it's like trying to stop the tide you know. Yes and you put you -- something though there are so many people are -- like -- -- friend on FaceBook what articles comments about this. They just can't believe but I must be lying about it. You know you know just like the person associate -- I see it all the time I'm I'm I'm in housing projects surveying the security of our alarm system. And I've been there and I see that the late model car as well but being immersed. In the parking lot of the system limping you know yup quickly assistant fund -- -- outward. What are these people we're gonna he's beat these moon bats shop that they don't see this mean that you pretty how can you not see it I mean there's so many. There's so many of these -- around it they've they've multiplied they've been brought into the country they've they've just stopped working. You know they both followed their were where their row were close relatives on the roles I mean. You don't at least ten to fit fifteen to 20% of the country is it never works doesn't work helping you avoid seeing them. I know I know you're just match -- come into the country out of multi comment because I just joined it late on the show. And this story with a woman who gave birth from the plane and she wants -- for. Are they -- who are to be born to -- a US citizen gee I wonder why she wants that. -- exactly it. Thanks for the call -- 187746943221. Point car and. Re making everything and enough. Is what makes money. That's the one -- com and that's the other one on YouTube in it could get -- that get gets much worse. Then. -- It shouldn't Sally she's fool around mr. He be eighties is is tongues sometimes seems to be planted firmly in cheek. This -- this woman from Compton she she seems to be singing. Singing. Howell Lou yeah. That the song that she's so happy that she doesn't have to work 18774694322. 18774694322. This from corner national review online. Obama has officially lost the room that's what they say of a comedian when the audience has lost interest in an even sympathy for his act. Here's Jay Leno. After saying the jobs bill is paid for President Obama now says it will be paid for by raising taxes over ten years. I can't figure out if he's the kind of guy who makes infomercials are the kind of guy who falls for infomercials. And as this points out Jay Leno is not cutting edge American humor is approaches to reflect general American sentiment not to try to change it. Though that limo. Can characterize Obama as either an informational charlatan or -- no third option shows that Leno doesn't expect much in the way of push back on this from. -- middle America. Remember the old joke about George H. W. Bush being born on third base and thinking He had a triple. In 2008 the American people plucked Barack Obama from the on deck circle and because He seemed to decent enough fellow deposit them on third base. What is -- He has accomplished since that is not even being caught stealing home he's been picked off third base. That's that's certainly for tree for over that's certainly true 18774694322. This Harvey -- thing is really good call Miami arena after the jump landed jobs bill but boggle -- -- The Andy's site is he's talking about how well the yeah. He wants to take all this money. And give it to the municipalities. In the states so it some advocates say while their jobs even though the tax base is crumbling. With the with a collapsed real estate market. But at the same time. He wants to pay. Four. The for them for the aides to the cities and the states. By doing away with the the or by putting taxes doing away with that the the non taxable municipal bonds. Have they go away with a -- if they get paid if they start taxing this war bonds guess what the municipal bonds -- started having to pay a higher rate of interest. Because you buy municipal bond because you don't have to pay taxes on it. You'd pay a lower rate so in other words he's gonna he's trying to help the cities in the cities and and states but. By the way he's chosen to finance and he's gonna end up charging kit costing them more money. -- they -- paid in the first place always into it to address a problem he's making the problem worse. Written and -- -- kind of guy who falls for -- -- infomercials that would be my guess I don't think he's bright enough to make an infomercial. Read your next with -- -- -- -- -- I don't. And I think He believe both. He makes some people believe it to believe it. And well -- -- outlet like that talking about is from the -- there in this country that probably could create jobs that we. You know -- were able the guest workers go home it's these people are. Skirt and the taxes by bringing him in here those people don't pay taxes in what they do -- send all the money all -- -- fourteen to fifteen million people around here. Yet there's a supposed Leo that the you know the there how many there are there what fifteen million Americans unemployed. In the still 100000 new life illegals are coming into the country every month to take jobs many are now. A lot of illegal. You don't have the legal guest workers -- and what they're doing is they're. -- because there through some. Consulting type -- agency units putting the bodies there they're painted you know we do read this state with an album and apartment. And they said all the money home so. The money speculating right and -- Yeah I know will go to the illegal alien places and see every you know area they have by the signs on the the seven elevens -- -- are they column in the our Rios. And then I'll just say surveys and cigarettes they they also have western union. Why why why -- they in the western union branches in all these illegal alien -- for that you know I because there's send in the money back home via via western union. Thanks for the call Steven you're next with how we cargo had Steven. And LA are. What an epic -- show thanks. Well back to the topic -- you know if we teach the second. You know it's at this stuff like a lot of those callers usually kind of respect to vote no never -- -- use them. You know I got -- at a -- wealthy just out there you know abuse the system don't really badly. You know that -- that that they're out there are people who do need them. You know I've. I'm not out of habit of having to. Have used some -- now out and. You know proud -- they have been working since -- you know are now -- backed college. In -- despite -- nick what but He uses. Notable benefits -- -- all like we do in outlook it's all art art and then you know we do actually need them. Right. Some -- but for so many people like mystery BD EB. He EDT and you know this woman from competent. I mean obviously there they're just reveling in in in living off the mind that living off the taxpayers and cheating everybody and and had never -- never do want an honest days work in their life. -- Noah and now -- you know you know couple not about what all of the ideal let. Now I adopted out there those you know bad apples -- you know even make it harder for people. Should be independent -- you get them. Welcome lucky gold go look in college Steven 18774694322. -- you're next with -- -- -- crests. -- I don't. They I think I just got along pretty much summed up but I'm about say about a summit propaganda. Make the point out there there there are people out there who. Legitimately need that EDT stop. My wife brought up was now one problem. And you know I one when I was growing up in -- on. I get EDT here food stamps back in day it was sort of like it did didn't really well broke out of that. And now it just sort of -- I mean I don't. Obviously now the stigma is gone. Yeah I don't want to sound like a racist or -- stereotype people. But it's kinda on the same way has cycle I've been to jail I've been stabbed average shot. It's sort of like built the street credit. But it's it's just really sad to hear people you know. Blatantly block there. They're raiding of the system knowing that there's people out there and legitimately use that up my wife and I we try to you know get ourselves. Assistance where there's something but since I -- work and I work. We get all -- or I like 200 bucks Ehrlich are there we don't call -- you know don't all -- -- And it sort of stopped at one well that's good. I guess that we don't all by its -- but man you know a couple of honor box here there are brochure is surely helped out and hear people. Apple knob there are the final eight that this. -- -- -- -- Thanks for the call Chris 18774694322. On our car. 1877469322. Chris your next without. You their Chris. Bonnie you're next with now cargo ahead. I I act on its well but I I laughed at all. That work on it. In other. -- -- working in the late opt out by. On the government dole on. All of out of landing on her own -- if you tree. You know we that it like last month -- Up that well quite -- less -- I arts but I guess I that you. It and you know why I meet people that I need -- -- the people behind -- -- -- I've always telling people. Are. All right let -- Yours in the same kind of thing that that mean in the colors -- say. You ask. What am I open it -- to gather where we're you know and -- -- But then you talk about these giant these these amazing fat people buying all these suites with very beefy cards. We've all seen that right. At this. -- And we were just reacted to what we see in this in the supermarkets. And and now on YouTube. Different they're proud. I'm Howie --