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Max Robins Monday September 19, 2011 - The Walking Dead And The Emmys

Sep 19, 2011|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube...today we focused on the Emmy Awards hosted by Jane Lynch and the AMC series Walking Dead.

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Time now for the Max robins report Max provinces have veteran broadcast. Covering journalist and He is now the the executive vice president of the paley center for media in New York City. Right -- web a web column for the business insider. Andy surety answer all of your questions about TV and call us at 6177793469. 6177793469. The Max robins report is brought to you today by South Shore savings bank. -- that you watch the Emmys last night. Oh yes I did. I was having trouble -- Like issue an axles and happy -- last night I was I you know I could've been there but it'd been out -- actually all week index added that. I didn't model blocks -- Team. So how to how how with the ratings for the for the Emmys I'm assuming -- -- rather lackluster match what Drudge doesn't even put it on his website right -- we're looking for some overnights -- right now although. There were couple good lines a couple of good moments -- Eight yes. Let's just say weeding people out for. Its its best days are behind it and a -- I did think it is one of the modern family which is an extremely funny show and wanting the really. I thought I think spoke a lot about equality of comedy right now on television weren't real. Comic Renaissance I mean all five shows were nominated for best comedy Euro really funny shows modern family which is Larry's show one. That's Steve -- it's in the creator gets up there this this -- that was about the funniest moments as you know. Because one of the couples among gay couple. -- you know that a gay couple came up to -- That they want to thank me for. Spreading tolerance and beyond just making people. Except that He says yeah we've we've we've we've we've we've He says and that's true we've done it He says we've shown that it's okay for an old -- -- ever really young hot. And that it's that's that I consider what keynote at the audience many of you here tonight inventories that. Now that's fun. I mean every Beck crowd I've been in the audience -- -- you youth. You know you toss a quarter in any direction in the trophy. It's -- cup Palm Beach in -- would say there are certain. Demographic it. Anything anything else we need to anything happening Macs in the world with TV I mean again some of the new shows are starting this week you know it's it's it's it's not exactly like there's a stampede to the sets every night -- 730. No there's not but some good news shows are coming back I mean. I think it. The that are looking strong and and we we welcome them Beckham -- to fourteen next Sunday night when boardwalk and it's quite reach the weight so when did and when they wanted net which changed the name and there are there mail service to more quakes there. Because they're stupid. Home. And Alex's are pretty well known brand name high I don't know what they were thinking that you can commit to New Coke was taken. How all of Q and and and she only trove -- acted out in half on. Last night to -- numbers. Ten point 83 million viewers. And that's down from last year thirteen point 50 that's a priestess. The this picture -- is a -- big drop in and I think it does not bode well -- in the entire world. Or receive. Allow interest and awards have been won grammys. This is night. Maybe they should promote -- and it will have at least at least wonder to this this this tasteful. Disgusting. Moments and you heard me. -- probably really promote the well we thought we were gonna get that because they -- same sex kissing or sex kissing or some wardrobe malfunctions. You really do me dead in the active I think they did entities that -- -- didn't that win over east of the rehabilitation campaign is Charlie Sheen. Yeah I saw when -- do that he'd do anything He just came over their and He was really gracious and army threw. It. Yeah and which Ashton Kutcher well. But I would say if you wanna get the real deal tonight companies that. Each roast of -- And I saw some of those lines came pretty good speaking lines there were some in it like you know. Every time the cut lines from -- script tried snort them. It's packets -- uncommon for everybody else hey hey hey hey -- like or another you know so how. How much Coke is Charlie Sheen -- How much enough to kill two and half men -- out. That's a good when I like that at it. There -- some others that aren't suitable for a via the airwaves five -- says enemies would have been okay if it weren't for that nasty old bride Jane Lynch OJ which is -- she did as well she could with love immaterial but the I'm accessed. -- meet with me -- what about route via what do you like you can't have your own material and what about rookie -- coming back. -- checked it out for I think so wanna double check it you know use the one controversy brought before this and I know -- shock you involved L Baldwin. Yes and He was gonna make some joke about the pole there and did some some albeit about the scored. The -- and right thing was on fox products. Don't. Occur at. So -- -- -- which I like Alec Baldwin's commercials those airline commercials they're pretty funny and and thirty Iraqis are being funny show I mean I think especially for Davis you. Who worked for. -- where we go management so often really -- needs toppled. Yet if -- it's -- it's 30 Rock is a great send up he's in terms of playing the part of the corporate. We've who doesn't have a clue about what we do -- Mike here next with Howie -- and Max -- from the paley center for media go ahead Mike. How are you gonna get a kick out of this one. The show we are showtime. Literally addicted to it no pun intended. It's about the first Xbox that. Just honored -- if you have any idea when yet seventy. Mile deep. I'm surprised you mean this is the currencies and season seven. It yeah it's not gonna happen until the runs over an Indy pro we have to wait in those three or four months with things maybe -- maybe trying to. Which at Christmas time I think the government to more episodes ago seasons mr. Great show funny show on how often times the forceful. More importantly Max for that writes a book in the market picked up -- -- too long form series which deceit or read the lead the pack package and so. Boy I gotta think you're and we -- a couple bucks per. No so I mean it's it's I have to say we gotta take the Brothers faltered series. I is that time is -- forget that forget the movies stuff you know the move the movies a roll of the dice you know -- these movies advertising -- could He could come out on Friday and be dead on Sunday you know. A long form series could last for years years and years and years and years of residuals and that's. Such. A while the sound of good by Boston goodbye AM radio with the. Video are next with how we cargo ahead -- Yes hi capped an -- Mac the last time I spoke to you. It was about the event and it was asking you. It's it was gonna come on in the fall and told me no and Alitalia until disappointed it didn't come back. I am really looking forward to seeing -- know. I liked the idea of this story line going back in time the Jurassic Park what are your thoughts that you think this is gonna make a bit. Can you give me any -- about it but basically I like this story line. It's it -- trustees story I think -- kind of fantasy -- is always launch. I mean I think you know shows like lost in -- are the exception. It's really tough thing to law. I checked it out by. I don't know I forgot to Vikram cautiously pessimistic. I remember that time tunnel let's series in the securities that was a great show -- must to have a budget of about like 500 bucks for 20. And Robert Duvall the Australian one they spared no expense in the special effects and that she. Charlie here next with how we guard Max -- go ahead Charlie. -- Against a wall on lifetime out of storing and we'll have a second -- I think it is gonna get picked up for second season at two in just okay. Thanks for the call Charlie 18774694322. Is torch went on stars. Coming back up. On the bubble we don't know yet about -- -- How we they already made the Brothers Bulger movie it's called the departed not only gets all the departed Paul let's Paul UPS guy and well. But it's a little different what's what was the movie that China I got out one remember the -- I almost forget the name of the Chinese movie that it was -- Hong Kong movies made. That's why they that's why the guy they won the Academy Award Monahan. Didn't get the didn't get the award for best screenplay got the award for best adaptation. Right right absolutely and there was mean. A few years back and there was you do wanna watch it -- but there was such -- that was pretty good series brotherhood that shut out of Providence its. We had to immediately think a good guy unit that's see that's old fashioned thinking Max that you need one good guy in -- series you know yeah this is the note this is the new American you don't need to -- you just need all villains you know some people were black -- some people Wear a dark gray hats. I think you're right and I think that areas. The the audience can can take something -- once. -- get in immediately you know this monkey business -- in the meeting with some of these suits its its like. Will who's your audience go to -- for yeah. It referred good story it's entertaining yes so what qualities about you know it and I asked that question -- -- from with the -- modern civil courtroom for a -- -- root for the guy who has his liquor store stolen from. I should nobody never gets his liquor store backed industrial. Mets the end of the episode I write this -- I mean this but that's the -- -- exist yeah I mean it's I mean let's let's get straight here. You know sometimes bad things happen to good people in. Bad people get what did though in hideout for toddlers hiding in plain sight. Bobby your -- with how we card Max -- go ahead Bobby. -- -- acts the Ben Williams and the -- why did they. -- -- -- -- Valiantly customize my father says because it just have the ratings mean and it's always comes down to the numbers and and walking yet it's coming back. Come back in October. Just in time for Halloween that's right that's already advertise in the party stores are already -- acts. Six weeks out. -- Out the last Saturday night is zombies who wrote early in my. Kid a couple doors down you know it's moms the town at a party. I couldn't believe how it really turned and turned them. And it's okay I'm a college. We went through a nice part of Brooklyn on the weighted JFK we told again not to take the the GM up superhighways with the Obama. It's even when He took. Atlantic Atlantic you have I know the route in the well yeah. Some parts were better than others this is true -- what. We next time your town I'm gonna give you VoIP. I'd like to keep me off Atlantic avenue if I had your -- with how we cargo ahead Bryan and Max province. They -- I don't love the show. -- -- A lot to offer some hot spots on the -- Reed Hastings and his change be that Netflix name -- our. I've I think that He -- that to disassociate. What you feared that dying business -- the -- DBB. Subscriptions. You want it to disassociate that from the streaming sir I don't seem like clickserve and then he's trying to earlier. -- -- -- faster than I mean you know Brian it's still pretty good businesses and muted stolen. It's still making money and Netflix as a great it was a diminishing the -- you gradually transition to the -- This is crazy you don't alienate your court in Wall Street you know they get smacked. I mean how the stock is split. Half its value it was it's -- few months ago I you know pray Brian I understand what -- saying but it's you know that's that the jury has been disproven. Over and over again right most most. Imminently as I mentioned earlier by New Coke. Right. Yeah what did you think they're gonna change -- -- a whopper. With a -- faith Mac's face for a be aware of us here aside a budget next Monday idea Bob by. 18774694322. Now car.