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Obama-nomics, IT'S MATH STUPID!

Sep 20, 2011|

Obama says his jobs plan isn't about class warfare. It's about math! Really?

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Politics eighty WRKO. In time for another edition of sound. He's. Crazy you know -- they're -- so enough with only. 066. Good morning welcome back to the sabotage show looks like those clouds are moving in died and we do have some nice forecast of showers throughout the day show us some bad weather tomorrow plays a you know what the secret life. Do you knows when you watch cell sized mailbox. Post number after the frigid weather -- this for. The snows melted the ice is off the sidewalks. And I think there's a great tips are so right they just to feel that I mean this again ala Simpson Galicia an -- of spring let's start with a man wonderful own way He -- also the first one yes. Was on the prison on the right -- it said the first one is now is going to be -- White House official Cecilia -- knows she's the director of intergovernmental affairs and she hears she is describing president Obama's stance on immigration. And so what VH have been doing for the first time this kind have a strategy around the law enforcement work that is done and so while it's enforcing a lot vigorously in the congressman points out. It's also make a strategic judgments about who is a priority for enforcement of the wizard. Right -- rang -- police department in any urban area in this country you would expand more research is going after serious criminal after Jay walking. He does is doing the -- the immigration equivalent of the same thing. What she's trying to say is we want to as many people in the country illegally as possible. And we're gonna talk any grass Mattel as we have to do achieve that in pop pop pop pop pop pop up. Clancy interpretation desk that Jerry yeah that's Jared -- -- -- let's actually there's actually not us it's it's it's not any reads sometimes you're like out Laila Ali I think you -- realize that no west where you can log onto us a couple of years ago. But -- this -- -- I think you're I I I I think it's pretty obvious to everybody when you're an Obama fan aren't Obama forward critic. That He has a very relaxed view -- immigration that -- instead what she's saying is obvious you do focus on. The worst of the offenders who do you get if you know. Community but yet he's there are delays out -- what you do in an argument we hear is you look for fact it's not really Cogent to the point. They you know you're right on and then yell and scream about how right you are -- -- -- I hide it well let's and -- He kept the way you described by the rapid pull up here it's like Ebola but -- -- -- what did -- do how to say that's -- high -- say -- pop. -- your car is -- and you'll say I have my -- is a hot hot hot. And I can't really -- Leon I you know that's exactly right it's an unassailable fact Fatah. -- Jeff Immelt is the CEO general electric. And he's also the car the odd jobs czar for the president I I don't really get this whole thing. Because I thought He was one of those dirty evil rich people and at the same time one of those dirty evil big corporations that provide some ugly jobs that Obama hate so much. But nevertheless. He's working for the president and He just has. He just has unending. Glowing things to say about. Obama and when you really try to put yourself in their perspective. They have all the problems GE has only on steroids. So this is about small -- anyways you know one of the roads out of this is there's gotta be some simplification. Of regulations in the United States -- the -- that's a member of the Obama administration. Saying. Regulation is. Is creating a crisis for jobs small business He says this what he's learned on the job Jeff demo because He runs his big multinational corporation. 150 years -- -- something. And He says he's meant all the small business people and he's learned small business people are getting crushed -- trying to radicalism. Of the Obama administration thank you Jeff Immelt from putting that on the table now listen to his glowing review of the president. Fundamental small businesses have the United States and skill we have gotten much -- for what what is it like working with President Obama. He's good listener he's tough minded. Wow can I tell my colleagues in the business community. It's not like your first shot on goal is gonna get through this Pat's right. He He is tough minded and -- -- -- -- -- in the -- said you know a lot of people on the business community are now. Didn't He says twice it to say that. What is that is you're showing him that he's tough minded hobbies mindless enough Indies of -- let's listen. There are either of those things the number one criteria for being very president. They you have to be good listener you're really didn't -- and I have never curious and a good listener and that's that yeah I think that's true however fear of the City Council. You're only you're the only politician ever -- who listens to anyone. You can back yeah most people that stuff she'll root -- that is not true at all. Can no need more sure beat analysts'. I'm sorry I misunderstood. Here I -- I'm used to seeing and I'm Cochran I'm about capitalism jobs the economy all the time. Look I know He cares deeply about -- Eurasian -- I know He cares deeply about the United States do. Do I agree with everything that the president says -- realism at all or. Probably not affect of course no no definitely I don't. Does the same time you know he's my president -- and I believe when the president passion to do something. You say yes. Okay now we've got pictures from Jeff animal checked his opinion of the president are the two statements that the consultant has told me consent curious mind and tough -- good lesson you can tell her buddies and good looks and -- so how is -- working more than what you see uses -- tough minded he's just such -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- could you tell us small are. I tell us more on the radio this is it's funny he's -- -- listener he's a -- might not. And Diageo like war oh yeah yeah he's he's all radical destroying the country has a little reserved he's the love of iPods and the things I want -- -- get an up and do you support -- no I don't agree with that in contact grilling about who weren't. What would your president calls you starve its oh must half half half a -- but. Thank you Justin now and I like a black guy and -- you type feed you might go buy some stock it -- GP I can't. I could hear good things -- -- addressed by his leadership well it's all about Obama economics and He tells us it's -- math stupid. We asked the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share of taxes. -- -- -- -- Seniors to pay more for Medicare we can't afford to do both -- -- -- gut magic. Lord or those two things we -- ask seniors to pay more dramatic -- -- -- -- pay their fair share of taxes for the world it's asked. Seniors to pay more for -- yeah. And more than two point one and what does one have to do you know why can't you afford do both it's -- to fix them. I don't get -- correlation between those two clintons -- -- -- cut education and medical research young or we've got to reform the tax code so that. Most profit report. Corporations have to give up loop tax loopholes that other companies don't movies don't want to know what happened no penguins and who lies do you realize. His underwear is the wrong size. And he's under a lot of stress for a we've got to reform the tax -- I was always -- most profitable -- corporations have to give -- -- It's human literally have spell check on the teleprompter handy hints here it's not it's only. Mitt who had a -- problem my hot I don't we've got education and medical research okay war we've got to reform the tax code so that. Most profitable corporate corporations afford to give a group taxable the -- companies don't get boot loop we can't afford to do both this is not class warfare. It's math it's math. Okay. Smack it is a really cool thing looks bad -- -- -- you can line up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is not what they weren't that -- that's -- eight and He and they. It's a deficit happened I don't know and many clip that's Matt Damon -- up. That's about all these tough minded that. Mozilla think craft and I got my good listen -- always a good listener atlas powered refusals and Jack Black. Joey I heard she is the Mets have a hot hot hot and made this form is a problem. Tell you ready for some math what is 04 times three -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We do is the Rhodes scholar at the top guys jealous and he's got my eye that said. I was okay presidents -- And -- okay. I would wonder if anybody noticed that hypocrisy of real -- administration by having this guy from GE building a plant in China with 3.5. Billion dollars. And training all these Chinese engineers. And he's supposed to be -- jobs. Well He got him but He didn't say you win the problems we're gonna be that's that's what in this job you -- and pace and I'll get that it. -- Keep in mind he's got the most experience with the president of anyone in business so He knows where to go all the factories they didn't make you very much guidance nobody's gonna be a perfect a -- -- who turns three my. To learn more visit Sesame Street -- Yeah the president is such a good listener I'm gonna expand jobs in China it's met up with its -- -- that I might hear her jail. -- I got into our. Harvard educated most brilliant player at each week -- Jack or are we -- mr. Brad. -- you have to talk in a way that the little people can relate to. I. Know He has yet. You know he's southern. Central and times is that's right he's never actually -- to the south. I know he's he's got the accent. Jane Lynch in her Hollywood friends now. Where are -- yeah yeah right Mary Jane Lynch are Hollywood friends talk politics at the -- You know while we're raising a little girl here in Hollywood but it's a pretty normal existence for her kids are kids everywhere. Yesterday my daughter had Tea Party with her little friends that He was so cute. They complain about taxes. Called Obama a Communist. And want to have a -- Tina came down and. -- isn't what passes for humans sometimes. Eludes me I don't Kenneth I don't I mean don't they know these tough minded and syndication that's what you thought -- These sickness and all my you I guess so well I'm glad that they have a nice little to -- the other Hollywood can you imagine risen to child in Hollywood -- -- -- -- -- music out of some because Tom's got a mix is moments into -- -- I don't know how I'm gonna go read the Michael -- oh I didn't want to interrupt because no -- don't always come first do not know. You. Very tied to -- a big big move. Unless this every -- amendment might go. -- let's listen as Michael Moore weighs in our president Obama's reelection is that fat joke. No. The problem with the base without a doubt would. You mentioned move on. Not knowing what to do next year. India and how the people who are members of move beyond the Michael Moore result there. You going to be you know number you're gonna vote for Barack Obama that really just problem isn't mean or reform move on so much. As it is. All the people who voted Foreman 08. Cool. May vote for him again they probably won't vote for the Republican. But they're not gonna -- -- -- bring ten people to the -- wind down. They're not going to be excited about voting again and and that's where you can really hurt himself this thing that happened today is very exciting. And pretend it happened just repeat over and over again. I refuse to let these bush I tax cuts for the rich continue I would refuse. You know what Michael Moore with political analysis well -- good luck Michael -- are gonna vote next here. Curious now drop dead -- from a heart attack you for. But not very interesting analysis imagine being excited. By the idea that Barack Obama will do this thing that He said would be bad for the economy and that is raise taxes in the middle and they just can't wait there last fall. In their desire for higher taxes there's a new number one hit on YouTube we're gonna share with you right now you read it. Now. We've misleading -- right this is why the liberals are fighting to protect him which is. Is what Michael Moore loves so much for weeks to turn out. -- Didn't she she hit smart. Yeah just like my DP I TV tuner. -- -- We see our disclaimer I DC PP tumor PG ER display -- needs me. She did -- -- -- I'm never go. -- And we can. It's a big. -- -- -- -- -- If I wish them good. I devise a way yeah. Yeah me. Well 000 my what liberalism has done firm in America we hear from Jeff could happen to step up. This is a direct deduction here He was only doing this stuff He was on the line. Jeff tried to call and we had a boat -- calls. The boat -- but that's repertory Jeff -- don't you think there should be a social safety net to catch those people watched core fallen. I don't know naive we did it. That's not my good aren't getting the gym is I can I get -- shares are Hillary salad I guess they're Florio's. Oh it's early said He had I don't know. You mentioned Cyril cooks cocoa puffs on -- -- was it Coke or probes will. Some like that one of those -- pure -- pure sure He did He say got a big auditorium snuck. Are you do you did you wanna expand the budget for that 6170626. Exceed sixty. If you're Michael Moore and if you're a liberal -- you know even if pluses and how -- -- to a debate -- -- -- -- the not XB in the budget -- He called the during the hot was generated a cut your hair if you don't I'm more money for food stamps. There have never. Good morning okay so notice. My got a web gem yeah forgot now. This band is playing -- -- for November 19. All just announced yesterday oh yeah I told him she -- -- Cool. Anywhere recognize army's first Guns 'N Roses concert November 19. I'm so sorry Olympia. Hot hot hot hot hot. We're told that could be -- -- -- -- integrate a -- grade do you brought it to have a negative go back good idea to let us we're gonna talk about how much to expand the budget for EDT cards. Todd Todd. WR here.