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Max Robins Monday August 29, 2011 - America's Most Wanted And Human Target

Aug 29, 2011|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) wwas with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...including this week questions on Sons Of Anarchy, Human Target and the now defunct America's Most Wanted.

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As you know it's Monday afternoon so that means it's time for Max -- the the veteran journalist who for many years has covered the broadcast industry IE network. Television and he's He is now the executive vice president the paley center for media in New York City he's here to answer all of your questions about TV. Are you there Max. I always -- have you heard the breaking news story about the president's uncle. -- you know what idiot for me right this simplified tradition of you know sibling in. Relatives. President. This she did did she give you the sordid details that He was leaving a He was leaving a karaoke night -- known as -- -- night at the chicken bones restaurant a fine establishment enough Framingham. -- This chicken bones are up yet -- like my second. Writes it its its its look at look at up on line -- took notes on what a wonderful place I guess he's referred to in the books in the Obama boxes uncle Omar and -- officer mark you know is always looking ahead for -- He will He wants say yeah. He's pitch and -- you know this is pitch season in Hollywood. I know I this is the of this. If you've got suggestions for the monkey business channel this. So a -- is sole the officer mark has come up with a few pitches here for new shows consumers about uncle Omar Obama. Here. Everybody loves Omar. Curb your immigration. Omar -- deal. Two and a half court dates. I liked to would have scored about CSI chicken bones I am I bet I'm. Eric the phone and here's a web site displays -- but -- -- -- picture there their winnings or award winning. Eleven different kinds of chicken bone development chicken wings excuse this and I'll ever get chicken bones -- I don't. -- -- you know you've been -- Paper reported by. There 1800 wings see you know. I'd been -- by a text their Macs do that for all this free advertising today I will eat on the arm. And chicken bones you. Steep vote just there to be given a number. I'd I'd -- demise. This should be the big wins the night should be the biggest bode hockey night ever the chicken but I see it. They're going to be it's going to be Astaro. It is I. Probably. In. Just such a fine tradition. Relative. The commander in chief. And it brought back memories of Roger. -- -- -- -- And of course for going further back -- Houston Johnson. I mean I think He was I think there literally picked him up off the out of the homeless shelter in the city. Well of course Donald Nixon. He was just a crook did. It it. He was sober what it was so that the. -- inspect what was his excuse that. I don't know I would straighten -- okay. All right 18774694322. Let's go straight to a phone lines and it looks like a few here. The three years of -- all ice excuse me the three years of a person under 21 refuses to brutalize -- OK so the only gets you still only get six months. Uncle Omar demanded the breathalyzer that that in itself is evidence of this is some. Some loss of off faculties -- -- demanding that the police give your breath allies are best. I would say now that this. What are they put in those. -- -- did you did -- of cold beverages to Washington I would say. Good. But see return -- always sunny and fell. I'm real no -- outlook that it's a testament do. I think -- week. Okay let's see. How. How we the chicken bones saloon is tremendous don't market who's not gonna I'm gonna eat and drink there on the arm I'm looking forward to -- Telling him we're how are you we're gonna -- a. We're gonna. -- -- Is controlled -- it's ugly Americans on the comedy channel. Ugly is citizens speaking of well speaking of how is ugly America all ugly all okay we're talking about that the piece in the New York Times yesterday -- -- demanding the. Read regarding the breathalyzer uncle Omar said don't call my bluff. 18774694322. Kevin you're next with how we car and Max robins go ahead -- That they are good there will be -- -- -- yeah. And in total we are on uncle mark and it's also security number yes. And we are now. Why Obama. Connected to security number. Now that all these all questions are coming up now that is the sky uncle Omar Max He -- call registry of motor vehicles today and he's he's had a license for over twenty years. I said and I said well how to get it in the -- they said He He apparently present a valid Social Security number. Oaxaca -- an illegal alien have a valid Social Security number. I'm sure will be your world and Omar. She put into -- and fewer papers that put the. Why couldn't you just the taken overtaken you know taken gotten the employee discount that at -- slick liquors. -- -- that's where it works you know He works at parties package store. It is. Stated hope that -- -- -- all -- karaoke. That's why does anybody know it was thinking. Now we don't -- the big question of the day. 1877. We have one guy call in who -- city goes every week except last week so -- that we don't we still don't know what the song of BP's got like a favorite turf He tries new stuff every week air -- -- what -- what the deal list. Republic I think it was more than a few. 18774694322. Billiard next with Howard Kerr Max -- go ahead bill. Thanks Ali expects. Any I didn't work -- if there will be foresees an American walker. I believe there will be. Don't ever return date. It should. It's not American blogger LE GE. Why do I notice. Because it's from multiple heart that. Thanks for the call bill at 18774694322. TWO driving while Obama. Let's see here. Ugly American this this sponsors ugly Americans is an awesome cartoon show on on Comedy Central c'mon now did you know that Max. I do with the cartoon I didn't know was actually. Okay. Patrice Euronext with how we card Max -- go ahead Patrice. Hey Howie I had to be missing in the -- uncle my scene everything -- in America. Matt how -- you ever heard of rescue and I -- in this did it mean anything you have. I think it's it's chicken bone was on rescue last night that the that the that the. What does that they take crappy like a diet that ticket. If they take a dive they they like -- they rescue a dive bars that what they don't. Died quickly. Which the I know you've been there. And decide. Walking dead. What He did yeah a lot of spirit Milwaukee. It will be back in the fall. And AMC. Someone says He was singing one of Jerry Lee Lewis is great songs what made Milwaukee famous has made a loser out of committee. -- Thanks for the call Patrice. I heard was that He was they with the country western song how do -- excellence. Oh like. I don't know about yet well -- -- -- break it doubles two in singles and also. -- this -- is more appropriate Ted Kennedy's favorable -- drink it doubles they'll make a party. -- quarters on -- do. Growing. My wife watches that show sometimes and she she may be 121 time and I said as a what do they do -- -- on -- the -- it must be the same show over and over at right. And there's -- real -- to -- a real business in you know these shows about turning trash in the cast. I mean it's like -- show about a guy who's addicted to eating matches and then every week -- have a different -- that -- matches are stupid right I mean it's the same it's. It's the same. I don't know what you what you call a lot of these. Officer mark says Max try to Jaeger Meister wings. It. -- -- and supernatural coming back. Actually I -- in the -- you know. I want the urban -- The -- and wings yeah. Kentucky straight urban whiskey. 18774694322. Lee your next with how we cargo Hadley. They don't -- -- when three out walk or effect for cheap in the auto industry there where the good question. I think it's -- it's I think it's already in effect. It's been it's been violated I think already. I'm I mean and it hurts you know you don't see how they always got -- wanted it. These. Are you of the commercial kidnapped in order. And the show it but what they would do -- take out when -- and one. Visit I tires old and they could they could play it -- let let's really hope that they. It's just carry -- and I think ultimately. Counterproductive. Yeah I know exactly -- I just think they wonder why people are fading away from watching network TV right. How we you know this is this is something we've talked about this over your city is. This is what they've done we have commercials were so. Especially in the page so many people were up there. -- They're killing the -- that way people. There was that I'm not there long. People -- rolled Arctic you know 1520 years ago they have asked the commercial load up the number of minutes now to get about 43 minutes. -- -- Really and well and how much or how much it'd -- like if you watched like that show from 1965. -- how many -- The cut eight minutes out. Yes in -- and that's not even including all the crap they throw on the screen which I think they've. You know. I'm not one like there'd be many more regulations. Rules I'm free speech absolutist but I'll tell you. I wouldn't might have yet to be -- do you can't like. -- -- animated figures in messages going in the middle of the show about what comes next what. It's just. In all of the. Well I mean the viewers voting with his remote control. That's right that's right and make one wonder why I mean in and I think if you really beard and the numbers -- actually watching. -- I don't know -- -- powered -- -- abducted these are my cable systems here and it is -- -- -- -- -- Of course you know your 24 hours. Yeah. And oh yeah -- that's that's that was on the reality TV it. Better safe than -- autumn where is ours. There was still. That was four toward -- were funny story today about that polio was one of the funniest story she's ever written I never think of him a seven a great sense of humor but He did that it was a real plumber actually read it in the next hour right. Well bots are about -- -- Anderson Cooper is usually seen in a tight fitting T shirt and He was wearing disaster casual. A little bit. It was tough stuff they had thought -- So you -- I devastated. These. Sure it is. Urologists I was -- on the theory network. Rounded up were stationed here or were all. So specific. There were. Killed. Let's been a long tradition mean. Yeah I think one of the one of the all time one of the most the one of the web sites that gets the most it's probably in the top ten worldwide is. Women of the weather channel. I'm serious. -- they fired that guy forget mom -- that lead the -- that the guy weatherman the mail weatherman for hit on the women. He was a weird guy that I had it made was about 55 He was when He was you know right -- day was downhill -- was rounded third and He got fired and humiliated. -- Now. All right okay we have we now have a post it here at the -- okay. We of the chicken bone restaurant in the next to him is we have uncle -- right next -- one another. All that's beautiful. And by the way yes you can. It has its -- I would give it its own address. -- -- wrko.com. Back slash uncle -- you'll come up with justice page. And everything uncle on -- going on this page there are other links to it on our regular page but if you wanna go directly to with a tiger will. Driving record up and we hope that this police report and we hope of the police incident report very shortly. Where He -- where He should He repeat seven times that is correct. It's amazing what's hard fairways. Perfect way. There comes a night when the best get tight. And some tells -- -- when one of the best. I heard there was this statement issued that He was just fired at them. Kayla you are next with how we card Max -- glad -- He did He did it -- would you care -- guess how many drinks He had. It was very he's a very traditional American in this regard. Now a couple of Beers. The traditional a couple years now. First He said none in the the guys who will you reek of alcohol for someone who's at no beer and he's okay one. The pictures of what's cool well in the that's what He came out with a couple. This couple of Beers. Failure next with how we guard Max -- go ahead Kayla. I don't think action then it's Carolina why -- broke out in -- and I'm Cherie. -- -- -- Human target with it was targeted for. Our. Sorry sorry sorry Kayla Stephen your next with how we card Max -- go ahead. Yes. Yeah I wanna park crowd I don't doesn't with the Mets but -- I wanna park about Kelly I get. And the -- and Jack Kimble in the. Jury okay I -- we sort of play who you would wanna talk about New Hampshire politics we're we're talking about something else thanks thanks for the call. That's the Kelly out as the senator and Jack Campbell as the German and I know that's more than you wanted to know about the masses at the controversy currently boiling in New Hampshire we. It in the granite state declared -- live free or die. Phillip you're next with how we card Max -- go -- fill up. It's right there. Well. -- -- then how He -- I I think you're getting two weeks ago when there was at least sit hillbilly insisting Belmont last night I can't believe it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's really scary unit -- like what does. I mean that's right up there with -- demolition derby. Which you're handed a model to women out there that what. A trade era guy it was incredible anyway. What's what's crazier Philippines the people produce that show or you for watching. It and I -- while they're around people for this like I can't -- This. It isn't -- great country yet. That Disney Channel LD. The Waverly place in the and I in a month and a I mean well they're barely my daughter watches them but I -- all been watching them till they're fairly well written like Waverly place political meant. But that stuff that's I don't know if any opinion about that. Well -- -- Was in there in the business security ratings that week that we shape be. Moral decision. Mayor. They have they have issues shows that they put a lot of Peter. And how united vote out. We know it's a challenge. Yes. I -- -- got a song here -- uncle mark ten buds and Omar Singh and it's time to hit the road. I think key here is cops come and He is Colin president Roh. Sorry Max like can resist. Powered. It up at -- bit bigger then that's your great columnists and wonderful radio. Thank you thank you. I'm not a chicken wings guy either to be honest with oracle I don't like. Like boneless chicken breasts that's might feel when that what I when the first Amanda boneless chicken breasts are so why didn't think of this year ago. This is great this is a lot easier Mac senior next with powered car and Max -- go ahead Maxine. Now -- happen to America's Most Wanted. Oh -- we talked about that a couple weeks ago America's Most Wanted. After one. Mortgage rates oh with 23 years that. Fox pull the -- -- but I do think it will come back and in my guesses -- Which proxies agree -- -- ought to wait till the last. Act. Max. Next we got a while we got a break -- policy -- the united -- hockey night you don't. How we end and a little bit about what that they. -- attitude can. I'll work on it thanks Max I'm powered car.