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Police Blotter Fax Friday August 19, 2011 - Dead Employers and Sniffing Sheets

Aug 19, 2011|

The two winners from this week's Police Blotter contest were a dude sniffing used massage parlor sheets and a woman who showed up for a job interview to discover her prospective employers shot dead on the patio.

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Friday my name is -- Released a lot of things -- Story is for. And actually got an accident on the senate. I pulled the microphone -- creaking door. It didn't. Perfect our -- opening day. Take your pick either way it is a good introduction and maybe into addiction to the sound of facts. For the police blotter which is a feature here on the program on Friday afternoon at the end of violent rally on Friday afternoon. And He comes into the studio. And regale you with -- things that happen in real life but sometimes sounds like -- -- -- They do these are submitted by callers and listeners during the week we asked me to send in your favorite. Police blotter stories from a local newspapers. And the winners get a lovely prize this week they're going to get a collector's items -- it's. A Howie -- T shirt and hat courtesy of our friend Bob -- concur enemy. At for exports -- sound those are gonna that's what the winners are gonna get the runners up do not get the teacher's hand. Mean I think they do by the way through until it shows I can't I I know somebody sent it and I really don't fact that you she won as your heart's desire we can probably brooks and that's -- -- and long time these other runners up Bennington Vermont a fight over a bag of candy led to a stabbing in Bennington. Police say eighteen year old Zachary desert stabbed a seventeen year old relative in the leg with a seven inch long ninth after the two got into an argument. Over zip lock bag of candy containing bite size three musketeers and a couple of Snickers bars. -- and our desert then allegedly pulled the phonograph the wall after stabbing -- prevent the team from calling police he's now charged with aggravated assault and interference. With the emergency services which I did not know was a crime by the way. I'm glad that it -- -- -- -- -- that -- actually -- on the -- It's and it's this -- explode in the education -- Tampa Florida deputy suspended for letting suspect escape. A Tampa Bay Florida sheriff's deputy has accepted a five day suspension for allowing a DUI suspect to escape from her patrol car and drive off. Eventually killing a motorcyclist. Romance yeah no -- Reports that its point three year old deputy left a window of -- patrol -- down while the suspect was in custody in the backseat after a traffic stop. Deputy said the 21 year old suspect out one hand free ever cops and escaped speeding -- or pick up truck and injuring a deputy when she tried to stop her deputy said. The suspect drove through a red light acted -- section and control the man. Riding motorcycles is now charged with his murder -- postscript is the deputy promotion five day suspension. Five day suspension. This is from a cost. A 76 year year old island grove man was arrested on DUI charge when a law officer found him and driving in the -- Shortly before 2:30 PM the deputy -- report about an impaired driver in the area of baseline running canning wrote a civil deputy -- vehicle driving in a ditch. On the north side of the road the driver identified as a Roger Lewis-Clark. Eventually stopped the vehicle because it was stuck in the mind. He apparently was confused because He told the arriving deputies He was trying says his Alec Stewart county residents the person -- reported the impaired driver -- market pulled up next to him. And asked if you worked for prize for progress energy and offered to pay is light bill. Clark told deputy here a couple of cocktails and also -- model vodka and the passengers. Can -- port Richey Florida at least nine customers at the port -- mugs and jogs. Fell victim to a credit card -- waitress the case ascension 125 year old waitress capturing section nine apparatus. During the interview she identified the people she scandal the ones that ran her around and made her work real hard. According to the detective maybe she scared of a hard day's work she could look in the face when she waited on -- and greet you and she took a long time to combat the table she didn't say thank you explain and customers. Shorts and a bank's fraud department and knew that signs to look for. So she had a little arms a little. Device that she used to skimming a tiny scanning device. Really area and her cousin 25 year old -- Cleland gave -- this camera so He could use the information she ripped off from our customers to make new credit cards. The new fraudulent credit cards and -- given to his ex girlfriend. They use the cars to buy more than 5000 -- with the stock from RadioShack surrounding area and Wal-Mart. The stuff she -- an insult for cash which the arrest report says she -- to -- -- So they go to -- home in the Missouri don't mean this is actually the actual little device of some time that the it and it is little device I do not know how many -- around but. My guess is if you checked out some place like eBay might find them under a different name on the customer. But there's going to be coming listen to the black market. In her second alleged attackers from Washington DC in her second alleged attack on a world famous piece of -- in the past four months. Susan burns was arrested for attempting to rip off a 2.5 million dollar on agreement -- oil painting off the wall. Of the national gallery of art and slamming the frame three times against the law burns -- dikes in it was held at the DC superior court. Her recent past includes a highly publicized arrest in April for trying to terror. An eighty million dollar Paul go campaigning up the wall in National Gallery of Art she found she pounded the painting which -- protected by plexiglass shield. With her fists after her alleged April attack she told an investigator. That she thinks that go campaigning to Tahitian women completed 1899. Is evil. He has immunity and is bad for the children He has two women in the painting very homosexual. I was trying to remove it I think it should be burned I'm from the American CIA and I never radio in my head and I am going to kill you. Then probably history of our major yes I would be surprised. What's -- -- you don't do it's almost got how many times as she of the didn't do something like double porcelain things are off the streets she's up the streets now that senator hospitals have been -- securities has done to with these -- and his close I heard somebody you know you can't put somebody away for life for her campaigning you can now. Even put him away for a little while but they're gonna keep coming out must have put her on mice to Celtic a schizophrenic to mean some -- -- and now they can -- her to -- -- -- -- and the European Russian. -- -- -- Providence, Rhode Island the head of the Roman Catholic Church -- provenance has removed a westerly deacon. Accused of exposing himself to drivers on interstate 95. Seventy year old Robert Alessio is the second deacon TV arrested this month. State troopers arrested Alessio on Friday after responding to reporter army and master reading in the woods near the weigh station on -- or enrichment one heck of -- church and they belong to can you imagine. I you know what it's not the only naked man on the -- Spokane Washington. Spokane county sheriff's deputies have arrested a 54 year old man after He responded fishing naked Sunday on west medically. If father fishing -- his two young sons complained after He spotted fifty for old teen -- Men's tennis fishing completely naked He said demand sit up and full near the Kansas are -- moved downlink. Sheriff's deputies arrived and told the man to put on clothing any -- a pair of light colored charts and continued fishing it was totally. Well they ran a check and his name discovered yet announced any award for stocking He was arrested on the war and also for indecent exposure -- -- then -- now. But see you -- stock and He has previously arrested for indecent exposure in 2009 which makes this arrest a felony so now. You get one will -- every one free and then. It down to introduce the one who doesn't like the opening it and indeed. So a Louisiana man. Is accused of decapitated and dismembering. His disabled seven year old son and leaving the boy's head near the streets the child's mother would see it. Killing a broad seasoned police officers to tears chair Miley writes. Activity Louisiana has confessed to killing jury Laurent. According to police statement He said when He put the head out by the side of the road it was so the mother would see it when she came by. The officials that are rights only explanation for doing so was just that He wanted her to feel stupid when she -- For heaven's sake you know part of an argument for capital plan and yeah I I do not disagree with you on now on our right these the two winners. The first ones. A woman in Arizona made a shocking discovery when she found the man and woman who were considering employing her as a personal assistant. Dead and their home. The woman who has not been named showed up at the house in Scottsdale to interview for the position. But when she approached the front door she -- the dead bodies an adult man and woman on the front patio and they appeared to have been shot. Police are treating the deaths and it's suspicious what was your first clue I don't know but they've got can you imagine going for a job interview on its. Yahoo!. Exactly. The other winner is from -- August. Police say an alleged trespass there is after people's dirty laundry and a -- gossip. An employee at massage envy on Broadway called police at 352 reports seeing a man. Smelling the dirty sheets behind the building. Yeah the suspect was described as a white man thirty years old six feet tall brown hair brown beard and wearing a backpack and army shorts. Police dispatcher told used to be on the look out for the suspect. You -- now I have trouble -- and and it's a dirty massage -- so it's a -- girls -- -- -- do need to Cali Carlin today for another exciting episode police blotter fax Friday. This case.