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Will the Debt Crisis be Solved in time?

Jul 20, 2011|

The debt ceiling deadline is days away, but something unusual is happening in Congress. Rather than playing the short game, and following the old tradition of kicking important budget decisions down the road, dozens of senators are building the case to think long. Even as they plan a vote to avoid default, they have a rare opportunity to accompany a debt ceiling increase with a plan to bring our fiscal situation under control. They should take that opportunity. In recent days, the real action has been in the Senate, where Senators Reid and McConnell are working to put together a package that would enact the lowest hanging fruit in deficit reduction (which will likely include domestic discretionary caps that could hurt investments and programs for the poor), while appointing a new fiscal commission to recommend the rest. Will a deal get done in time?

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There is no more important task for making sure the United States continues to repair bills for pre existing obligations like Social Security. And because of that and we're gonna stay in session every day when Saturdays Sundays to congress passed legislation. Tension tension and pulling -- obligations. Welcome back Boston this Disney Johnny B we are AM six CD WRKO. -- senator Scott Brown. Giving us an update honestly plan and offering some hope in the -- battle. A bipartisan group of senators unveiled its deficit reduction plan. Across the limiting Social Security increases in reducing mortgage and this is scary. Another cherished tax deductions. A last minute development act quickly want praise -- president Barack Obama. And this could provide a path to break a months long budget impasse. So I want to hear from you what do you our ideas. In -- battle 6172666868. That's 6172666868. Yeah and there have some hope. For the Republican Party now I just heard senator Scott brown and if he is knocking around for president is only one other guy that is really going to improve the brand. But the Republican Party. Here in this country and that is Chris Christie. And Garrett is -- story. Right now. In real clear politics -- Chris Christie making a trip to Iowa. In that little trip to Iowa could be a call for all of us who want our real candidate. Chris Christie. And Chris played you in the opening. His great quotes a day I can't -- I can't comment. On the debt crisis because dated a I don't know what the heck is going -- So does not solution. Do you have any hope with this -- plan not our 6172666868. Richard you are next with an atomic -- -- I'm well thank you especially -- at least ought to talk to a woman proper response which is great. And -- do. You know let -- we -- That's right show. Concerning the debt in this country. We have. We just have to stop this what he's spending the spending too much money. And we have to get out of this in India that they is. The key members of congress do not have any incentive. To work with the people of this country I want them at all well we should be doing. Is caddie get salaries. Let them suffer little so that they understand what -- of people in this country are going broke. -- Richard in that's why it's comforting to hear from people who actually work for electing worked hard for letting analogy arts editor Scott Brown. It's the things that are in this and are frightening like why should and it says right here in the globe story ever do missing mortgage tax deductions. And it. So why don't write thank Marty paying mortgages of people couldn't afford to buy triple Decker Dorchester because they employed. Hairdresser back in name Freddie Mac helped them out. Is still out that in a polite and I have paid my luggage without bail without any solid anchoring to sit there and I'm not get a break and now I'm gonna lose my tax deduction. But -- I bring it. You bet that text. Tax reduction as a tax increase. Well exact play you know that's a very good point Richard I think you've just read the writing on the wall which is our reduction in mortgage tax. Deductions is an increase in my taxes. In an -- -- commute -- any of this a neat to. Spend more money. We should vote them all out of opposite -- of the liberal votes this stuff it is has spent more money. Then -- should be listed in the papers so we ultimatum up -- get them -- a lot of congress. They haven't Richard macho -- Bob you are on ME IWRKO. I'm -- that some piece you played prior to this news segment. I think what senator Reid not that there's -- ground. Notes -- on the show to secure that -- but you play. Right I mean I didn't mean those. Temporary. We will have built of 32 billion balls. We sixteen billion dollars in revenue. So we can't hey war national debt which by the way way more important than paying for security. In terms of these fiscal stability in the states. Well and so okay. Would it just solution and Bob. Wallet solution as the state and national debt. We don't can impact our rhetoric. Palin when nobody is talking about any sort of elimination of spending other they don't know. Well we we're gonna -- the government fault entirely shut will have out. Well the money we need on that day to -- Right antibody here the problem that's the question I asked the senator just a few minutes ago and that is. Okay we talked about not in the military we talk about knocking in the -- the latest security checks. And the welfare recipients why they never part of the only. Bombshell. You know -- the just wondering -- -- all compensation. Bet. If in fact development above all it can't hated bill that is not gonna go -- much longer than a few days. Well all of you talking about these guys packet it checks and -- up arrow pointed out last week the big difference between again like Stevie lynch. Getting taking out the. It won't even be noticed in these social. All right so I mean everybody is talking about this -- just Gary byte out. But the fact is that we will have money will be able picked up by higher bills. And it won't go on much more than a few -- if that happens then by the way isn't gonna. Well let's see what's gonna happen -- we do know what's not gonna happen and it's a -- market capitalism navigation app does it. No matter what they give Bobbie I next I about a cover your -- masonic -- right ahead. I was listening to Richard and he had the same. A question I had like that the government starting with a topic that president not take -- salaries until everything is sick. Instead of threatening seniors and our military who aren't doing their job it doesn't seem like our government is doing their job -- -- Washington. How much you know I mean I absolutely agree with you I think an impressive I really believe that the first people to lose their check to the do not things. Exactly exactly. And I don't hear any one thing about their calories the only one I carry -- -- op -- with 98. It said that she would take -- state heartache to pretty and fun for the military. Why don't you -- trying to cut senior within the military. Senior said -- Kate yeah and the military that are doing their job that I don't see these are fat cats in Washington want. Hey I'm not -- off fat cats you think about how much money people like its lot with Jack. People like Barney Frank along three properties that. Mad -- you can't keep up britney's people went off they've got Barney Frank walked. I don't ask me I was all for show I'm -- lap -- if I could have voted for John below and I absolutely what have. So I can't forget how we get to our. People don't pay attention and then we get into the -- they still say the majority of people are on Obama's site quit that's saying. Now all botanist said that 80% of the people there on his side. Average and I had an outrage at the -- talked about how much money Michelle Obama's personal staff was costing us. He had. Almost two dozen people on the payroll in many of those people making 100000. More. Probably eliminate Michelle Obama's -- what did she do for the people. Other than her asinine let's move program that's -- going to fight childhood obesity. Which she talks about over her 15153. Calorie lunch. You know when I was growing up our parents that we held as I do with site today and as I do with these people could do -- I say not this site can't keep telling -- -- to cut while he's vacationing playing golf. Living high on the hot and picking up the -- we're picking up their -- -- security and everything else which you find that court that they. But you know what they see. Yeah. -- -- out there is no reason that it guys and 800000. Plus. And that's money that week in that is in all on vacation to not. Wanted or vacation retreat at Camp David go there. Exactly exactly and make it look this Betancourt that much -- that. When you start getting captured and -- told all the little things and -- being baked up. And until they start I want -- -- docked to the rest of us out here at that arguing with that we have from the time he. And Iraqis -- my view on that they Q for the -- and I know you providing copies to welcome. I it. Looked as probable. Our studio is so much out of every different -- the world. When you get on radio that the American public know. It is not public. Scott. It's not a situation what he's pretty -- But he might. Want -- -- urged people vote should work very America collect all it would get. What's happening in Mexico and that's -- here -- You know we spent he spent. Billions of dollars and I'm not exaggerating. We. Dollars an eighteen month eat at investigate. It -- a tied -- in mind that was. From Mexico. That's -- The FBI act he's now. At the FBI bought -- -- that you -- -- So. Much money means we get aliens to fight the Mexican drug cartels. -- -- -- we get Mexican drug cartels themselves. 2000 and that we can't find. -- -- -- So. And we do is why. Because they want to take on this drug kingpin who is also selling guns and now we find out that the eighteen -- ETF has been wasting our money in our time because that I was protected by the FBI don't hold. Well. What can I wanted to get it up because you are Mac -- -- -- A college might give every conscious world and I -- -- -- great to talk that is. -- -- -- -- -- People want to know what it is -- -- you are not. The only country. Learn to keep -- ever. If you can put it on radio America people -- Sure it appears some repercussion. I'd like myself meet. It's hesitated about a -- to a ship packed where he. I don't care what they eat it you know we need to. Get you appreciate. Artwork reaches out. Well thank you very much -- for the call 6172666868. That's 6172666868. -- -- sneaky though and all these folks up on Capitol Hill. The language they use. They don't talk about raising taxes but I'm reading. This tax code plan. And it's not like I am going to be paying more taxes so how that not reading my taxes on the next plane into a cement this is. Masonic secret it's saying that they have a plan when they have no plan at all. That's what's absurd that we are here today dealing with this challenge ought not be -- surprise anybody. Decade after decade congress after congress president after president. They have borrow it's too much spent too much. And -- much which is why our new majority now just over six months in office has put port positive. Substantive proposals to change the way the Washington does business it's exactly what America is demanding. Our challenges are huge but solutions based upon principle is exactly what is needed. White Ciena solutions folks that was congressman David Price of North Carolina clearly is a Republican I am I John McPhee. We are gay and six CD WRK Al so some of their proposals. That are being made in this yeah this late night. Deal. Plan to reduce the deficit OK they want to simplify the code to three rates. Ranging from 8% to 29% instead of the current six tiered system that ranges from 10% to 35%. Now this is -- part that alarms me a little bit. Reduce. But not eliminate. Breaks for expenditures. Such as mortgage interest. Charitable deductions. Retirement savings. And tax credits that family with children. You had you'd hear tax increase. It did get to reduce. You are tax break is that not akin to reading your taxes. Church sounds like him. And MI may not reading this -- really looks 6172666868. It's one of those fourth grade English lessons. Where. Yeah aren't you raising taxes. If you reduce the tax break maybe just you again. Does this not sound to you like we are about to have our taxes raised if you currently. Right up the mortgage interest write up charitable deductions. Right up party retirement savings or you have kids. You're not going to be able to. Get the same amount of tax breaks. That is raising our taxes does it not -- -- next what Michelle McPhee on AM six AW RKO. Yeah I'd definitely brazen -- going to be raised every year we know it. Like get Barack content Social Security though they do they are guaranteed is gonna be another revolutionary. War. Well and -- that's part of -- they wanna reduce Social Security. I mean what am I paying for exactly -- where's the incentive for us to continue work as hard as we do to give as much money to the system as we go. Only to see what minimal tax -- we get like mortgage interest. Being reduced that's the only tax break I get. I tell -- -- in my thirties and I just for three years though it's you know you go that we view if you -- Every guy yet they don't want it in then they get in the -- Your insurance goes up every yeah which it's just a joke. In my taxes go up every year and now my tax is gonna -- up as well. Because the interest that I currently -- able to write up is no longer a tax write off. And meanwhile I need -- is I just got an email from my city counselor today. And I quote I was in a -- this morning and I quote -- yet I -- there. Program for people who don't pay their bills and in believe me my heart goes out to people lost their jobs I wouldn't want them to. Lose their homes but there's so many homeowners loan programs out there that it completely to give the ball 800 -- Lewis. It would sell on the Tina says dear friends here is some information on the emergency homeowners loan program. Which may be upheld to you -- someone you know been. And they're also talking about heat assistant. He'd assistants. We wanna make sure that every unemployed or underemployed homeowner. Who may be eligible hears about this important program before it's too late. It would mean that want to get these people are gonna have did bills paid as there as I work 23 jobs to pay my mortgage now on the lose my tax break. -- did that work for us once again we're working -- -- Right any -- that McVeigh. And it's true. The only responsible people -- society. Its stake -- court to step great. People people like Q and equal collapsed six years. It. Eight mortgage. Default. And basically are only getting psychic. And -- And basically. Crap decrypt it until we can torture in January. That they are all these people. Are absolutely. And saying I mean when you when you hear about these. You know creepy people eight PR. Or pilots were issued aren't buying now. I don't believe it but it really picnic -- our initially. Only people are paying -- and keeping the current economy. I don't understand it so let me get this straight the people who are actually working details. And pay -- I didn't is not that many of us paying your mortgage the people who actually give to charity. In time it's happened many I'd much rather write a check to the hundred club of Massachusetts. Pops the kids with cancer charities that I believe and think continually pay federal income taxes that become -- Johnny charity pool. For the do not being fat rear -- Who have they can't like on the Tony getting -- Plame being Allen might not. And now you don't get a break for the for the checks you -- To charities when you're constantly giving money they don't wanna give to charities like illegal immigrants getting satellite TV dishes in my neighborhood. You know an 800. I'll I'll -- fourteen days vacation Earl. Where you get put into perspective. Next -- it can take away. You know tax breaks. Of people or Arabs say or to. Share it out. And pay my mortgage amber and I. It just think people are you know and it's also -- accurately in the media because they're not telling the story. They are saying late planned visit Atlanta bus late plan offers hope in the -- battle all the little the well recipients -- -- need to know about it I already -- are getting ready to do two hours -- what are they are all and I turned on your show. And I am I am absolutely. Captive because I know. What this will do. To anyone -- irresponsible. And laughed I'd -- cheers. Out you know I think basically just you know money well I just not pay my mortgage -- let the government take over. And it's a -- in the region. I hate it and well -- RD straight basically allowed anybody is pretty. Eight. You know they understood what was gonna happen numbers down what happens is. People paying the bill mechanic at current trip that the only one responsible. And artists. And you know cannot keep rewarding bad behavior and you can't keep punishing could be a connection to share it to -- -- are. In -- again. -- -- Stop and a bit. Stock car can be such as shocking to try you know like empire it was so popular. One general like -- -- -- it. Did very well said any thank you so much that a Kyle and X 97 reminds me now is a painful heat. But then mayor of warrants in his girlfriend Willie Antigua heat she stole deeper -- still hasn't paid it back she's living with the mail. The proud father of lions went -- that those the charities folks the so called charities that I don't get a tax break for. The charities that I -- want to contribute to oh well I did this new and that everybody is is you know. Clapping hands about -- and finally came to a deal. Let me read this from the Boston Globe to you again. In its content radically change the tax code the plan would want to simplify the code. At three rates ranging from -- percent to 29%. Instead of the current six tiered system that ranges from 10% to thirty Pakistan. Still reduce. Not eliminate breaks. -- expenditures such as mortgage interest charitable deductions retirement savings and tax credits that families with children. So that are right and number two is. Knowing all hardworking. Middle class families who have done the right thing like many a -- So lucky Kate you luggage. Well rodeo he are gonna get ahead. Reduction in tax breaks. If you give money to charity it's rodeo you're gonna get -- reduction and you charitable deductions. If you actually do the right thing you put money into your 401K or your retirement savings. Rodeo. You're not -- -- -- adoption of that savings either. We incentive to do the right thing anymore -- had kids and you get a tax credits rodeo. How helpful to the hard working American people it bolsters once again my argument. That neither party has the backs of the working class the Democrats are now watching out for the -- -- The Republicans are watching out for the business and Wall Street elite who want to offer us Alley next. -- are -- at what point Dutch illustrious. -- -- -- were not able to deduct our mortgage interest. It's got that really what the patient the housing market it's getting it out troops. As if it's party down the tubes that's a maddening. That's right but it it's actually -- -- I'd rather they take -- our deduction for interest. I don't like I was so I got an email at my City Council like okay once again instead of people going well in. Hey so so you watch a job at fidelity make it -- 100 grand am sorry have to do with the rest of us what happened did and that it get to three jobs. In you making mortgage payments but instead I work 23 jobs -- and pay my mortgage payment on time EN am mortgage payment on time. That's right. It added it to -- get eroded our lit up Obama's. Texas seven you wanted -- I have attended to suspend her fuel assistance money then got a local charity paper he. And that did that's the crap Al I want to give money to charity my money like I I am a member of the hundred club in Massachusetts which helps out. The families of -- cops and firefighters. I like cops that kids with cancer. I have I have my nephew was artistic -- -- -- isn't charities go to charities that I want to give my money to. But -- federal tax have become a big charitable donation now for every loser doesn't wanna get up every Iran and get a job. And there's a lot of hot beer because most people based logic it is system it'll have brought flash. It's a lot of what get a job. Exactly and now that people who work in the artist and do the right thing again get screwed again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do yourself -- shouldn't put those little bit bad incessantly. I have my -- with a guitar player who -- winding those lyrics of that I'm home and I love it. -- yeah. Yet we know that's a bad don't troops lose its -- Atwood it's having trouble -- your mortgage I guess if you don't like to -- it. You can call on the government and we'll give you. Our money. Well it that's the whole thing got and that's why when I woke up this morning. You know my the bad -- said to me on to kill -- on the team to get you all worked up at 7 o'clock in the morning -- the first email I opened in the morning -- like. You have to be kidding me. Overall out of money bailing out people who have homes in this neighborhood they can't apple in the first place. The lessons together they're not only that. There's so -- public service announcement surprised him this Lou remember the pocket change to. And makes you crazy doesn't it -- John EM wanna stay tuned because your -- the dead body in the pool in Fall River. Remember that dead body in the pool in honor you're not gonna believe the outcome of that case that's coming up soon. I am I sounding -- we are AM -- WRK out so let me get this straight headlining the Boston Globe reads late plan offers hope in -- battle. Called the real. Not for us.