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Debt Ceiling Chicken

Jul 14, 2011|

The date at which the Obama administration and most economists say the United States - and the world - faces economic catastrophe without a deal to raise the debt ceiling is less than three weeks away. Lawmakers are still far apart on a deal, with a contentious meeting yesterday ending with President Obama abruptly walking out. Howie pondered is Obama bluffing.

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Habits in away from the the the M debt ceiling. Talk -- it to me I mean again there's going to be. It's gonna be in its 88 increase in the -- sea that ceiling approved so mean so everything you know it's -- following the -- day machinations of the NFL strike you know what I mean -- mean. I see I guess I guess there's somebody who's read all those stories about the NFL strikes that are that's in the paper but I don't. And ever believe that of the season is going to be it was in jeopardy I still don't dense so I don't read any stuff. And some basis some them to pick up the headliner -- the newspaper or turn on the Internet and see that headline NFL strikes well. And -- say -- on in the eBay and sometime before August 2 you're gonna read you're gonna pick up the newspaper -- on the Internet and it's gonna say. Debt ceiling compromise worked. -- Still it's kind of interesting to watch the the the ins and outs Europe Barack Obama seems to be losing his cool. I don't understand what he meant when he said is said to wise Eric Cantor relative there you know Nancy Pelosi is denying he said this but they're probably bear camp are meant to policy. Nancy Pelosi after it was the one who told us that though we are losing 600000 jobs a month and she also told us that we had to pass the health care bill so weakened. Read it. But Eric Cantor said the the president told them at a meeting don't call my -- off. I use. Why would so. So what is. They're watching reruns of west wing is this exact scenario happened and west wing and the president was triumphant and I think that's what he's gone for. Don't but what's this what what does that mean don't call my block I mean she's usually -- capital at a debated on the tubes. So always Lulu will also means he's -- Well he's now we don't call -- blocked meaning don't think I'm bluffing because I'm not is that the translation of that really. I prefer to go literally don't call my block sold high end result I am bought it at that. And I guess what he means he means that he's happy not to from the Jackson wait a second C and I put this that was the most articulate president we've ever had had an IQ of 160 and now you're telling me you have to translate simple. Sentences like don't call my bluff and -- by by saying don't call my bluff he really means I'm not laughing yes. What -- why didn't he say I you know -- -- how would I know why he does anything. Seems like this again again you wanna give -- a poker game with those in the dog believe doesn't ladies didn't seem to have too good of the grasp of how to walk. Of knowing when to hold them know when to fold them but anyway. There's this guy from from Illinois named Joseph Walsh. -- by -- -- -- -- -- Life's been good to me is one of the great -- of the 1970s a lot of good work for the gulf -- now I guess he's a congressman. I'm I'm joking it's different Joseph Walter obviously and it's also not the Joseph watcher used to be -- state senator from Dorchester and -- Who was having an opponent. Have a strong opponent run against some one time and that so that stick to work cut the yet to split the Al opposition votes. And the opponent later on -- -- -- job at the MBTA and more importantly the the straw opponent who got the job the MBTA after running against. Against Joseph Walsh his brother was -- to -- the mafia leg breaker who wants that that threat our phones that was. It was one of those those. Underworld known notes you know when you threaten somebody don't leave the voice mail message try to do it in person you know never. Never it's never right when you can speak. Never speak when you can now another one never speak when you could whisper never whisper when you cannot and never nod when you can -- That's neither here this is Joseph Walsh this Jo-Jo Walsh show the Republican congressman from Illinois. Put up a YouTube video embassy will just we'll just play a few cuts from and as we go along here today but it's wrote. He's just telling the present your full of it when you're talking about holding back the Social Security check you know there's plenty of money. If you're just trying to scare the America well well well well listen it. Life's been good to me by Joseph Welch. Quick look. You know it will this day comes and goes. There's plan. Yeah net income or are all or -- security issues. We'll also you need you guys today -- it's. What's next year. You try seniors -- -- this. Unless the race and you won't be at least that long it's. -- military it's. Tell us your dad he won't if you hear this. I'm really happy with -- Tax -- NN. You know change mean he's really short years -- bankrupted this country in just a great job creation. You're yeah you're -- you don't understand what makes his way or your best for us he's you're yeah. I've hopefully all of you lost your -- but it's. Three years. -- -- -- No matter your motivation there people that -- Yeah it hurts. And today. This people in the past January to these what. We will not really sure to ask him unless he pass the clubs that in past. Easy. The American people don't trust politicians. Yourself boot. Unless -- force policy. They're supposed to hear the -- -- the only way -- -- and reduces. Yeah. Quit playing politics with these guys. That's. These are gonna get that obviously did this this month that pixel lot of lot of effort to get a constitutional amendment issue noticed we passed by congress signed analogue and it has to go before the legislatures and be passed by three quarter -- legislatures of the country. So that's what happened but the whole point is he's just studies just offering and trying to scare people and it's just early it it's it's not very. Presidential is that. That to try to scare people pretty Chicago now. Premature it's pretty Chicago I mean Chicago you just try to knock people bow and the -- this is. This is just a a ball off its end you you know while I mean I think that in Chicago you you don't. You know you never late your your mouth -- it checked your ass can't cash. Mean that's a way that's Spezza that that's I'm sure that's a saying in Chicago and ought to say in in the south. But -- -- what she what -- back it up with peace and an end this is -- this is not help from a guy. By the there was a a new poll out today did that they have the generic Republican just you know would you vote for Barack Obama or aged eight were eight were public. Right. 47 to 39. Mean the incumbent president. Is down to 39%. It's not it's like I mean I know what sued the elections -- long long long way away but the that's not a good number. 1877469432218774694322. Karl -- and a great column today. Obama owns the debt ceiling fiasco it doesn't help that he's declared high speed rail and even unspent stimulus funds as untouchable. So -- they can't they can't cut cut on high speed rail funds. Mean high speed rail is another one of these. These these these moon -- religions you know it's a cult it's not it's not our full pledged religion like global warming but. It's a cult. You know all these all. All these calls with. If we give people high speed rail bill all will hold it'll be wonderful -- you -- just want. Don't give up their cars. Don't wanna take that that the train. Though they wanted to train from Boston to Portland and and and then they'll have to get in -- camp to go anywhere they wanna go. All -- and it'll take three or four hours to get to Portland instead of two hours on the highway. He had an old cause. -- more -- even when you figure in the polls in New Hampshire and Maine. Right. 187746943221877469. 4322. Washington is dysfunctional says Carl -- And the -- phrase that the president's senior advisor David who for whatever it is or who -- and -- Mr. Obama owns the dysfunction the president does not only governed as a liberal he's governed is an incompetent liberal thereby reminding voters that electing a Republican congress and president next year. Is the only way to change. Direction. One don't call my bluff. Don't call my bluff. 18774694322. Mr. Obama has offered no evidence of becoming president that he wants to restrain the upward trajectory of government spending. He does want higher taxes to pay for significantly higher federal spending but he wants Republicans to -- over the tax increases. Since Democrats couldn't pass from last year despite controlling both branches of congress. Republicans have wisely declines. The demanding the GOP vote for immediate tax increases the would be offset by vague future tax cuts conjures up images of Charlie Brown Lucy in the football. The tax increases would be real future tax rate cut would be imaginary. And Obama has opposed any serious spending enforcement mechanisms such as a balanced budget amendment -- hard caps on spending. Our 18774694322. Convening a high profile White House meetings without offering substantive concrete proposals and then having his aides we madly in inaccurately to the press afterward -- on squandered trust. 18774694322. Mike your next with how -- cargo ahead Mike. And now we've got to imagine not although these other player in the ass out give bill would create. A million jobs over 400000 immediately. At any job. Jobs are we creating a month like 25000. A month right. It is in the country and then they well why you have up 400000 new people filing for unemployment every week. Yeah that's that that's well Richard sort out the database and I think this that's silly thing like you said it's kind of but on news issue but I but I think it illustration like back to deepen this digital the Arctic curious operation out of an illusion at all. It's amazing how many people IE a text that it's -- tell us more about fast and furious I mean it. Yeah I understand that hasn't been in the mainstream media you know but it but it's been all over talk radio the Internet for for weeks now you know how. You think people what do caught up whether it. Well all you know mainstream media is doing about blocking action out you know how that work. Right -- -- that much remedy even even though of most people I don't think are are that interest that in is in the NFL strike or that he or the budget. You know what maneuvering. The they they still -- the -- -- them a story that really has has. I mean this just like this has good video you can show the you can show the murdered. Police officers down in Mexico you know you can have an interview with the family of the Border Patrol agent was killed with -- one of these guns. There we bought for the band these doubts. That's just three years ago they want a bit out of character pregnant we're talking about all the all the other stuff that so last week. He's a big -- a lot literally life and fan you know. Our REIT -- Chicago white. Adamant that. -- thanks thanks for the call Mike. 18774694322. Can imagine not being able to name a single member of the Boston Red Sox. -- -- now one. You know early in it in and beat the interview last year it the game at a baseball game. Didn't didn't restrict its current members of Chicago White -- you could name any member of the Chicago White Sox. Boy back to Shoeless Joe Jackson -- so. And he couldn't come up with -- one thing but it was a big tubes big White Sox fans who have -- go to -- Kaminsky Kaminsky. Kaminsky field. But he called it. 1877469432. To go call his bluff he knows those White Sox. Jack you're next with how white cargo ahead Jack. Bury our. Just or what Mike just if there's people seek. (%expletive) that was gonna create a 400000 jobs. She used to be held accountable for lying to the people. And sort this portion rocket is being help up on the carpet. -- lying to congress. We all of the congress people accountable for all -- the college industry mobilized. Well and unfortunately Nancy Pelosi was not under old when she promised a 400000 job. She is -- should talk at all to a halt these. Spending towards the constitution. But that doesn't that doesn't charter that doesn't cover lighting -- -- -- site. I'm sorry I'm going to be a stickler here but she couldn't she and why she's under all she could light or heart's content it's -- Under all of everyone -- There there're that you may say that there ethically. -- at ethically. -- -- No wait there's no expert expiration date and there is no exception there's no exclusionary principal. Now. We're just talking about law I mean you're sworn your sworn to what tell the truth it's that are etc. when you testified before congress Roger Roger Clemens -- I mean there's no doubt about that she she thought she was not. I I I. I have -- telling you I agree I I don't care I really don't care but I object but I'm just saying that. If you if you let if you let somebody walk away when you would you prosecute somebody else for doing it. That's what Joseph said about Clinton they said that no one ever gets prosecuted for rough for lying in a civil the deposition. But somebody did some research and they found -- that they 416. People at the time that he died in the civil deposition to 116 people in in prison for lying. I incident depositions and that's pretty that's pretty you don't want. And our assistant chief -- 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue just applied to orders in totally incompetent. It is saying that there might not be money there because you -- -- even over the -- -- from the -- general bond board doesn't look -- company in general fund so was lying. Well they've all been lying over the years when they talked about the unlocked but for the thanks for the well. Now now you're guilty of it's because he has he is our dear leader he's he's a Demi god. 1877469432218774694322. But see it's on its -- against a lot of lot. Now publisher under all American tell you -- -- -- you. You know what. I remember back in the that's the first home run derby that they had in at the all star game in 1972 I won that. Now that's a that's a bald faced -- obvious right it's a crime. However. If I'm -- sworn witness. And I say right then I'm then I'm -- could be and I could be in Roger Clements electoral fray you're next with how we cargo ahead frank. -- NATO and if I think the actual rocket already pretty -- a crowd. They're wants. Really get up and govern this country who are. -- -- The deal why don't we start paying you people that -- a way. And -- old Daniel is going to be desperately -- use a -- -- -- get a commission. And you're gonna get exhibition at great. And it showed that aren't gonna get Iraq you'll little daily waited all congressional district and all rank on. Right this is good this is a good theory is that theoretically this is a good idea but do you durable what happened when Fannie Mae and -- Freddie Mac -- giving -- when they were being given the executives all of these former politicians and -- holders for Al Gore. And the rest of them when they were all being given bonuses for hitting a certain. It's so certain. Quotas and goals in the last. You remember -- do remember what happened right frank. They don't make it for those who don't remember they cooked the books. What do you think there'd be any book cooking going on if -- you started giving congressmen and senators. Bonuses per hitting certain financial goals. I'll leave it would be he has -- the best out of all program. I scenario is. Idea program -- Affleck Communists that we have in the congress now. Google absolutely apoplectic with bad idea program just a bit out of this albeit. It that would notable that that would get him on board if you just mentioned a five year plan I. Caller agers. Page are run up but god -- saying stroke we have to. And there's guys a lot of those guys still think uncle Joseph Stalin got a bomber -- -- While he receive restraint everybody. I know just like the rosenbergs. Thanks for call rank 18774694322. Tammy you're next with how we -- ahead Tim. Yeah you gotta be nice to Barack Obama is so much like that's our. Almost four people he has. In his boot have to be bought by the government anyway -- not government housing. I don't know about you -- have I -- private jet. I can go wherever I want right if I wanna put on the Broadway to a New York for Broadway play with a bit of my wife I jump from a private -- -- -- my job like my private but you know this -- the law eight yet improve life we're always glad to be set by the government glad to be out by it. And now I like what he said he did -- he makes more money that he needs you know it was payable by its lowest pay all my bills -- got a private jet. You know what I probably would need as much money as they do now you know if you don't ever ever. Senses if you -- expenses -- cuts down your monthly not. -- it's funny and everything HI dude great. Guys just like you'd like the best resolutely wherever you are seeing now as early as. How would David mark set about -- about a David Brooks the support -- alleged conservative columnist for the New York Times. Any -- to meet committee in just fell head over heels of -- problem he says. You should see the creases in his pants. -- what the deal with your ability to lead an agent right like you say he's the best dressed loser in world history. I expect -- 18774694322. Reminds me pick up my Mike -- it to the cleaners wanna have some what. Well was creased pants for a Cindy's wedding 18774694322. Of -- -- short pants and swimming -- all week long here at the radio installation. There were short pants gentlemen dressed formally. 187746943221. Point -- 18774694322. Tax tomato. The 680680. Right now for your chance to win a thirty dollar certificate to restaurant -- -- Roddy and reading. Restaurant the pop. Ms. in my New England perks dot com now where you can get for thirty dollars certificate to restaurant -- Iraqi. For just fifteen dollars you only have ten minutes to text and so text tomato. The 680680. Right now brought -- you by my New England perks from Boston's park station AM 680. WRKO. 187746943. 22. If things don't improve Obama may lose his job this -- John adults column in the New York Post today. Oh man he says. Here's where my understanding -- he talks about how they get they are gonna raise the debt ceiling how exactly are raising the debt ceiling and pretending to cut the nation's federal deficit going to cure our biggest problem lack of jobs. Unless we create jobs the economy isn't growing to grow enough to make any of the budget and debt ceiling predictions come true. President Obama once -- we thought there were really things called shovel ready jobs. He's now seen the error of his ways -- ways on that issue but now we believes jobs will be created because companies will suddenly feel better. Once congress and the president come to some sort of budget and debt deal. This might stop cut a few companies from firing more people but why would this create jobs. Our corporate executive suddenly going to feel better because our elected officials who along with Wall Street are largely responsible for the country's predicament. Stop the US just short of the cliff. The president's own job is now ready for the -- he's digging a very big hole. And putting both his career and his legacy into it. And then. Then there's been Bernanke. In addition this -- it's from the same column Ben Bernanke ought to watch always explains things entry a question yesterday from senator after he addressed congress. The Federal Reserve Chairman explain the social the Social Security's problems have to do with too many Americans collecting money. And too few people working and paying into the retirement system. It's a democratic demographic -- the critics including me have been bringing up for years. But then Bernanke blurted out that this imbalanced was bound to happen when Social Security's pyramid structure becomes -- bottom -- too many people collecting. Mr. Bernanke you're describing a typical pyramid scheme. Up Ponzi scheme just like Bernie Madoff -- well this is an open secret about Social Security you shouldn't be using the word caromed in front of the kids.