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Banning Rug Rats In Public Restaurants

Jul 13, 2011|

A restaurant in Pennsylvania is banning children under six from eating there. Howie wanted to know how as parents did this make the callers feel.

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Starting July 16. -- Danes the Pittsburgh berg area restaurant will be in children under the age of six from its binding area. Restaurant owner Mike Duke said the policy came in response to complaints she received from older customers about -- causing a ruckus. In an email to was clientele who view co wrote we feel that -- -- that make Danes is not a place for young children and many many times. They have disturbed the our customers it's a small restaurant that seats about forty -- people. It's nestled on a golf course sorts natural that the casual eatery caters to an older clientele. You said we've got lots of older people complaining in the parents refused to do anything about their kids' behavior they just ignore it. What do you think. You've got to go right they're not. 18774694322. There are such a pent up disgust and frustration with this issue in terms of people who've had meals disturbed and no one has taken the forefront on this issue he explains. View points out that there's nothing wrong with babies all that's mighty nice from that say that but the fact is you can't control the volume. He adds that the screaming and crying disturbs many of his customers what do customers think about this. Some said they supported Fuchs write to set rules he thinks are best for his business but others say they're offended by the policy. You said children might be at the center of their parents' universe as they should be but they're not the center of everyone else's universe -- From. But that. Pretty much problem with kids in restaurants lately. 1877469432218774694322. It's it would bother me one way or the other way you know approach would even notice -- if there were no kids in the if the fact I have an a but I haven't had a meal spoiled by by -- screaming. -- -- Means I probably wouldn't even notice of the kids disappeared from the but you know I mean what you can be unwise -- golf course anyway. Where the baby BR -- on human. Excuse me. Now -- they've Nazis and a second here what. We're people sneeze at and restaurants the desire Bali to should they be banned from restaurants maybe now and -- 18774694322. Would you would you are you offended that the kids under six years -- gonna be banned at this restaurant would you like to see your favorite restaurant in kids children under six years old. Carly are next with Howie -- go ahead Carla. -- -- -- Yeah I thought it should be at our -- our air and an -- And I don't get that at some aces at at April but what people -- it now. Yeah like I do it. Yeah that makes you sick. But a ups are not. Listen Carla I'm not in the car with you you know I just -- it just sounds like them in the car with I didn't I'd spread the germs to -- their blend and analysts. Biden blow my nose I was gonna have another sneeze and -- Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Junior next with we cargo -- June. Yeah. We had scandal. That. I am I wanna tell you know that it -- but why idea at the front and I noticed the date. I loop current and declining. Caring about what their children are doing. And it like that I like and admire what -- place a year and electing to limit it. That there are criminal and today was as Shaq and their appetite it and I don't it was rounding out. Where I sit up and down this giant killing. Opening making. -- -- Illinois understanding other vehicle and -- women Ali it will. Like I like that after what happened LE IL. I want I want to me. I would. Some tells -- -- a gene if which if they've been eating a full Leo and you were looking at a decent tip that you probably would have been a little more or. -- more tolerant but you weren't getting you weren't even gonna get a big tip out of this crowd. -- end -- actually I would be colonel Abbas as they weren't able well I totally out lounge area. But but they kept it you know that that -- like. You know I am sure that all of it they would have been happier and -- Well I'll sure I'm sure they would've -- I'm at bat -- and you don't -- it looks like I -- it via Internet is like not. Light weight and it -- in spite. You know Ed how long have anal -- -- in the fortunate aren't at that aren't so there's a little -- I learned like Bob. No they don't I read in New York mayor told -- story once before it was in New York on like the day after Christmas. In this this it was a heat it was packed you know it was everybody was in in New York City does -- play or something like that it was before the Great Recession. -- depression. And that this woman told her hosts were all packed and -- in this restaurant there was line out the door at least two kids were misbehaving and the and the mother said. If you don't want if you told there were two voice if you don't one more thing we're leaving this restaurant. And you know they didn't believer. And guess what they did they did one more thing -- in chief -- -- -- Dan Coats on in China left it was beautiful. I can't do you like. -- Thanks for the call Jane 18774694322. To -- were shocked. We couldn't believe there will be in through there were -- -- that but wait in the line outside in the snow you know another or another have to go back out into the cold weather on the you know with -- all -- every restaurant in the city up packed. But you know the mother want to up put her foot down and she dead. You're next with how we cargo ahead -- What a great topic our sadistic that I did have borne out by I believe the restaurant owner can have -- every once in there I mean it is quite he'd made bogey by the -- need third the -- It out so that it is sort of what he wants to build -- -- which they had an airplane like that bill. It out to go to -- Actually actually they do -- I don't think they fly into New England Malaysia airlines has announced. Few weeks ago but it would be an -- from flying in the first class cabin because other passengers had complained about squalid babies. And last February it was rumored that virgin Atlantic and British Airways had been pressured to consider child free zones and even child free points. -- -- a business travelers who according to a travel survey lists that I'm only children as their number one travel related complaint. All the you all borne out by visit regularly on the the other wipe out because you know how many times you got kind of play besides and -- -- in other -- -- all in all bowl my yard everything nickel or whether. There I have a daughter which do little Q and -- BA -- -- -- I'm glad you didn't pull it banged up but everybody group because. You know bitter they can't help -- -- to help but they got the entire visitors to -- everybody else do it bill. Yeah that's 97 it says can't we keep them out of restaurants until -- twelve. 71 says I'm a mom and kids who don't have manners drive me crazy I've seen parents will ignore the bad behavior armed with a restaurant owner on this one. Band the kids. Let's seat to a seven yeah I think everyone under eighteen should be -- Under eighteen would you be bidding my daughter from going to leveraging his pizza reissue of that place I almost go to tip 20%. Should be be hurting the waitresses. 86 the I'm a father of three ages 46 and eleven. Lost 11877469432218774694322. Kids running around a place I worked asked them to make him stop looked at me like I was stupid just -- practice had open on the quarter of the salad bar. 18774694322. -- like the band creaky bartenders from restaurants. McDonald's handle people now mcdonalds and all people who said that. Maybe they don't want all people sticking around all morning read in the newspaper and you know chat about whether Whitner bodies but I don't -- ever be handle people. 18774694322. You hate to a sevenths if you hate children have a lot of children I don't hate children. -- your next without -- cargo ahead Alan. Now we are. I suspect -- again. I would probably used to bring cracker -- -- little choice for the it is the bill. We have a lot of cute though and a little like four years old -- while BA it but I see where -- -- today else there are a lot of kids that they're. They don't think anything particular of the parents is that they bought herself just wanna get a meal themselves you can bet he did you all that it was the same bailout terrible. Well they just did -- have acute -- reform. There -- only there for them now I don't blame their daughter call. Yeah but I mean you know if you go to Disney World well Alan I mean you gotta expect that right it's like going to African or big game preserve and unsafe and geez I saw rhinoceros. And they'll particularly at -- -- -- speak with Jimmy. There's so. Not making most the only other outcrop and -- thought that they be able. You know they should be it just should be like any other -- There are being very easy to get that we're right regarding executive from retrospect it's. They don't want to beat their kids don't wanna be -- parents who don't. The other day you know what that's a good point too that there is some some of the problems are by the fact -- from the fact that the kids don't wanna be there the kid. The I don't wanna be like can't you probably did rather be one of those McDonald's as a player. -- in the entry into anybody you don't -- the -- area at. Thanks for the call dial 18774694322. A child like the ban people with cell phones -- saw a lot of restaurants have tried to do that anyway. Spanking has disappeared and kids rule the parents IC parents beg for compliance. Kit parents sleep with kids on beds and kids. Sleep on kids' beds for three hours to kids -- sleep parenting skills have not been passed -- -- -- the PC crowd. -- you're next with -- cargo ahead -- Hi how weight -- I think this guy is just beg or borrow lots. So. Eight breastfeeding bombshell about the besides that bitter child. But lawyer will be all over. I don't you know but I don't know Bob Dornan and a in a jury trial. -- you know if I mean if they I mean that that probably win at the you know what the agency level but you know there a lot of people who don't like breast -- in restaurants like -- for example -- is appalled by breast -- you -- -- myself I LT I don't see anything I don't see any problem -- as long as a surprise as long as you know as long as the woman. As long as the mother it's good look at you -- to say it's much like his opinion of justice that she's good looking and she should be for. That's that's the way I look at -- and that's the way I look at its minutes away it's always been and I told -- read those Perry Mason books from the nineteenth I know I read them Perry Mason was talking about now you know unity he always liked have a good looking woman for client -- he was a lot easier to win I was shot up and -- -- -- him as much as I'm shocked and appalled by -- 18774694322. It's the it's the parents were the problems at seven it once I once saw a woman change her kid's diaper and a bu Chile stock investments over that is just that is that's horrible. I agree with them -- kids it's cute kids job is to act out that's what it's with the parents do about it that makes them and -- a kid's going to be -- but if the parent let it -- that's when the problem occurs now when you get a good parents it's not knocked the crap out. My parents used to put this in a car. That they could see up inside the glass window when we missed the name. Bible and listen to load lightens. No but their favorite restaurant had had a apartment space right outside the front glass window the restaurant means to him is made -- -- we sat vacant lot just and that's -- Five awaits as I've had many more bad meals due to bad servers that bad kids. 1877469432. To show on your next with Howie -- go ahead -- But hey Ali great topic straight talk X belts under full disclosure I'm a parent of story and I have more than one ripped my kid trying to out of that Russia. But how far we go without the other night me and my wife well to a beautiful dinner that beautiful restaurant and we were seated next to a table although. Well shall we say dissection of the crowd middle aged women -- if you lock. And they were louder than any child could ever have there. Cougars on the prowl -- Yeah more like squealing hyenas on the probable. So where we are right here I mean they're where we interrupt our dinner the act the we actually asked to be no. Well okay but I'm sure the cougars are running around a restaurant which is what happens with kids -- had no place is safe for anybody in -- restaurant -- -- running well I don't know what he's talking I think I shot I think you're right -- screaming. Who either could be more offensive and destroy a -- even -- kids running around the the bar area. Exactly and -- don't have -- -- at least you know at least some parents to calm them down. No but today it got a wallet they're spending money in RS China. -- Job and shot I think the next you know if if the -- restaurant has a bar areas it tracks who is its best to stay out of the bar area. That's my advice. And all I know I place in the suburbs ward goes sometimes it's it's it's really cool -- In the bars a cougar children fasted is that Richard fast that exactly. But it just go to the other side where did where they just of the tables it's no problem whatsoever you know -- cougars. Thanks for the -- show on show your next without point -- go ahead Joseph. I doubt we are yet they use the you've got to be beyond this restaurant owner. -- this -- place he could do what he wants to. And I'm sure are from the nature of his clientele these bigger systems this is going to be good for his business made up because everybody is I mean this goes back back in the day Mike my two kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- But back I remember they were -- -- six -- they had. They're -- -- critters out of the -- of a restaurant he go to water for yourself it's so people will. Speak at the waitress and clearly had its say what you want to -- good -- say things like baked stuffed shrimp. -- prime rib and eat -- get. Now that I remember going out the price point is as though you're gonna go -- to it doesn't have the fancy restaurant we could wear a jacket and I'd put. Just a place where you don't remember back in the eighties don't bring special occasion radio -- hundred dollars for the family. Eat it and from what to Boone sold her baby get -- high chair wrapping that medal table display and all night. Are just early. You -- -- this guy. This guy is the only the only seats forty people so all of would take would be one kid to -- the ambulance of the whole restaurant you know it's -- -- going to say yeah. A Cheesecake Factory you know where they where the seat. I don't know 500 people. You know. And they've got all these little books and and crannies and and you know you some kid could be -- could go go crazy -- one of those big in one of those big mall type restaurants like it cheesecake. And -- you've never even though it was there. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. On our car. -- 18774694322. To a seven says I'm sick of all the kids on this -- but plain. 187746943220. Yeah I mean it's hard to. Kids on planes are a lot bigger hassle when kids on the idea that kids -- a restaurant everybody's. It's especially if the kid is right behind you. Right from -- he can't get away from your years it's like your run WR your your stock. Not like Steve your next what -- cargo ahead -- -- at eight I don't -- brought -- I grabbed a bogey there. We got a lot of right crap -- had to carry other red rock by bringing it. As that would have been either reliant. Well I got out of that they were twelve years ago. Is that right it's really. All. I -- a lot of local got out as the Dark -- at Edward and a very tight. But it was not that it would buy up in the air but -- -- it right there so why we realize our situation. I. That's good. Boyd who went to Germany there hasn't been claiming -- -- if you think kids. Or restaurants. The drawback. It somehow we.