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MBTA train breaks down. The rescue train breaks down too!

Jul 13, 2011|

Tom And Todd have some fun at the MBTA's expense. What a nightmare!

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This is really wonderful you know obesity is such a big problem today in the city of Boston us found a way to deal with a much people on to trains. But I'm underground. -- -- -- -- lock them down -- for three and a half hours hundred degrees it's called Osama -- in other places Golisano they judge you want her son socialists are so this mistake this is. Tough tough tough tough. Honest to god IE pump camaraderie as you know -- don't want. One powerful platform and. Does well. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean they're all there. So the trade star reporter square. No I didn't get rid of you see any -- Don't call it clocks. And -- -- -- -- Confirmed the patent. I don't want to overstate the frequency with which I ride but I still -- occasionally -- And I find it to be generally satisfactory service and very affordable it's just not too expensive. But these stories. -- a multitude of these -- Hey don't -- well let's head now. -- last night. Iranian I didn't want to. -- -- -- -- -- Well as yourself -- -- one of these three hour call you and I seriously doubt that this is when you become. Absolutely ballistic about it because they have taken the grandkids on the on the trend the most of living out of that at one time to only two yup. God two little ones and all of a sudden as well you know stepped down here we're gonna go through the tunnel and do this and do that all bio Lloyd -- -- -- in the -- by the doesn't represent child abuse. To take kids on the MBTA. Just happy to be out there sunshine did not underground. The evacuation took almost two hours. Summer slogan have me. Behind him down there but. But did the crew and the firefighters have made a pretty good job to to make us feel comfortable lives. So that's exciting the most I brought. The crew of 500 other -- Colombia to we're gonna make the best this situation I health program closed down its radio as I helped my match as this are -- hundred degrees on the track up. So they keep them here's the situation they leave the they leave the air conditioned on which means after run power. To the train to the -- which means she -- Internet out of its third -- Shia alliance -- is here are just seemed locked on the train with the air conditioning or be able to get off. And have a hundred degrees for a couple of hours. Which so they opted for a hundred degrees for a couple hours. And then there's no lightning. It's really barbaric. The way they run this thing. Only this -- could get away -- being very you know if favor firmer. Little Cat Stevens get the -- the CI. This is not exactly the peace train okay. My attention -- zero. Anyone gone anyway -- Hello well. I'm whiz stuff. -- -- -- Boy did -- Bet -- this in my right Jeff Smith yeah. The other quietly about -- Saw they have it today you know they have no plans for getting people -- -- these tunnels where there there is some there actually some tunnels that have the -- automatic backup generators we're at least a -- -- a light -- this happened to be because this was out in the country exporters were. And should show you know how come -- -- that is and it happens to be the deepest section of track 200 feet -- is there -- yes -- did not know -- guys aren't they -- -- -- southern limits of people do we have firefighters stand there -- flashlight. Okay all right that's the white guys to -- commitments attached. According to the MBTA six car train became disabled in between the Porter and Harvard Square stops along the MBTA brought in another six car train to move it. But then that -- also died. The power was shut down and every one slowly evacuated. So they very early evacuation. They were able to keep the air conditioning running in the trains or estimates -- oppressive it's actually relatively comfortable not on the platform. I was for one relatively comfortable one of mobile yeah I don't see if I want -- they don't want you only because it's not accurate according to what's in the paper. One out of the three hours that they were down -- they had air conditioned version so he was talking about the best hour. Well if you generally pick your best talking point. -- -- When was the last time you're on the take. When I went to a Tea Party event I took it from ill wife into parks for all that's right that's right Jerry Bremer and was amazed at how long -- it took forever -- mail like -- are all right it's like 25 minutes or something. Maybe I don't think so. But still said. No real I was in their forever I was amazed at how long term because you're you got nothing in the way -- -- -- -- -- to stop for the stops but otherwise you just cruise along light -- whole bunch of phenomenon Clinton but. It'll be all yeah highways and this same. They crowded shopping set -- -- shot of the every PA's new way to increase revenue was. Gonna go. Maybe a flashlight yeah -- did make them. -- -- If you can get out of returns. So we were thinking that's a good sponsorship opportunity you have more breakdowns and then you can find happiness is shall. -- -- sandwiches and tried a little fans within court shall we have no way to get them to people so they have fully muff talk until they get out. That's a little enticement to escape and it's a strong finish to an otherwise bad debt -- traded some I think SI is good deal look at the budgetary stuff here. Right they need billions of dollars worth remained stone on the trains they have to spend 700 million dollars a year on training maintenance. Just so things don't get worse. That's how bad things are in the T I think they're I have to closest thing. I don't know how we're gonna keep running now do you think these -- the new trains by the way. There were the other -- 1994. Sorrows of the -- strains have got to show must mean that is enough so they speculating that it's the -- -- -- piece of track where the -- while it is just. You know gone crazy while -- on and -- death and then this there was a -- breakdown because there were running the rest of Linus just I tried I -- didn't intrigue that these six downtrend they sent -- pushing along yup the first disabled -- That became disabled highly unlikely to transit road become unless while there's a malfunction in the power complicated devices they have motors and you have to plug event now and then when you plug it into -- They have trouble with us. I love the way. Love the way you mocked people -- it's god show us secretary desist the next removes some 200000 people dead -- generally as usual rush Urlacher getting -- front edge it is a little bit of that you always should go -- step on -- you go to that turnstile you step -- -- the trendy new. Kinda heavy finger scrubs basically is sort of just you just say let's hope -- you got an appointment you know the emergency savior turn in what's called Superman took -- Superman they test. Who works fine work so they send it out that's gonna rise up -- to nudge it supposed to push the train into the stations are running get out. It dies when he gets there -- they work on a -- wildly get back Carter working again. For six minutes it pushes the train -- cut and then it die guys are and yeah. And then I honestly give up because that's all I have. Why. But generally the -- was pretty convivial people said that kind of bonded while they're on the train some people even talked about starting a business based on the people that they met while they. They got -- -- and the rest finalize it I think regular thing okay if there was a marriage proposals Chicago's tough tough but we're actually some defense appropriation I think which is he's glad that. I'm here already underground in the darkened sweating might as well. But this aside this is the sponsorship opportunity you can rewrite that whole the honeymoon suite on the red hot. Didn't realize that hole MBTA -- Obama's echo unbelievable. Which analysts are about to start on the -- Okay. Sorry okay. Okay. This is the state of America today it's encapsulated symbolized. By what goes on in the -- They -- the first car brakes on the rescue car Superman. -- runs in the -- died on the way right -- million dollars at the pageant is serious serious problem that's a court Suzanne earlier minute terrorist attack terror attack how the idea of us. Performing when somebody's trying to make us fail -- verses just failing because we can't achieve bourse rose to achieve in the first. Gloria I know it's all all of those systems are extremely vulnerable and incredibly vulnerable. Not just an obviously not just announce a small follow those systems again -- perhaps and a lost opportunity with -- we talked about last week. Stimulus money what the heck did he get for our -- actually at least leave something behind that's been that are built like some like -- train got an anticipatory of possible problems particular with people who out of dire threats and a regular basis show. It should they have some up propane tanks or something on the train so when they shut off the third rail I can run something. I wonder what -- 150 it is then you have to have an alternative system code gen system. Because if you run enough electricity to switch it over to propane -- or whatever it is complicated on -- and position like Africa and electoral occasionally provide a fact. Part I'll just say this is some kind of back -- you thank you would think that it would be designed in such way that actually they're prepared for trying to break fellow already I was actually you know on an underground because she's a brilliant on this at the temperatures are reaching close -- -- hundred degrees or suppose that's no bargain but -- miss sunshine yesterday it was no black and to be underground yesterday was actually not is pretty it's a hundred degrees as not a lack of error is -- this something that happens. It's worse if you're a closed space social or brochure even it's cooler down into and to be you have stifling air is awful -- -- in Europe you how many people on it I -- and it's they have -- the -- -- There are a hundred and some odd points because Syria was have been telling lot of I don't know fifteen or twenty people per cup. There's total us 400. For 47 was -- -- -- and I'll sister who was the Superman -- 0% and deal was -- carrying passengers didn't have a dual -- would have to be empty -- can't send trying to push another turn and with people wanna I'm sure thank you can do -- I think so. -- volunteers yeah. Think you could do that your life NBA yeah. I'm sure your fellow arrived yeah. I'll get married to -- I've had changed throughout brocade -- Shows I'm reluctant. -- -- Good thing is -- after the first rescue train break. -- Wouldn't they have another or they can send around -- while that was still you know that's the next thought -- I have absolutely no idea but and I suppose of they do and they have to probably think of pulling instead -- portion. Has some the to screw an -- We'll find so in his disabled -- -- something -- something -- they'll sit around on their offices contemplating your knowledge this morning right now at this moment of this of those two trench still. All I don't know that it's a good thought I don't know maybe distilled down now let's go for -- and you can I and you -- -- some sort of tug of ha ha ha -- I fashions are they -- I got to tour the MBTA -- not those not a -- of the formal given to a when I was in high school left school do you mean you you would remember -- who has a new -- on the great blackout. Now remember that I do great black had no. You don't -- it sounds vaguely familiar it's not around 1965. I'm gonna guess sixty was our first case there's no mr. also won the PGA's wrote the song about a non. To end. Because -- then man number. And he didn't like it junkies in need who doesn't change. -- -- Oh is that right maybe they were supposedly airborne over Massachusetts I'm sure was a made up stories and the -- all the lights go out his -- how can I -- -- So I had a -- we can -- Yeah yeah they -- Yeah yeah actually today. Take the -- I know let's get the grand children's garden. Element to the -- Yeah why the Green language -- just say yeah. Governor Deval Patrick hates the working man. As although most of Massachusetts do come and up and we've got the details -- Todd WRK. And don't need them into. Remember enough Wisconsin there. Over the winter there was a big war there. Because people Republicans wanted to try to make ends meet in the state and be able to pay their bills. So they -- some of the abusive. Collective bargaining things that were won by the public employee unions and pullback on them and limited the rights to collective bargaining. In order that people could start. Taking care of our business and stop getting screwed by there aren't employees. That created and how rage -- war. All kinds of grandstanding union protests. All kinds of misbehavior at the state house of Wisconsin. The governor there was portrayed as some kind of evil hater of the working man. And now quietly. Democrats in Massachusetts and on the same thing may have curved. The collective bargaining rights of public employees. And where is the outrage where are the protests. Where are all the angry people. A final. But look like -- class. What where is the moral outrage. On the part of -- whacko left it populates our federal offices here from Massachusetts. Where is my Cappy auto going to beat up -- Patrick. -- Sometimes you have to get a little why do you Mike. Should we ever allowed them. Did you book the basic right to -- but it wages and benefits. You go they go to -- takes away their right up to collective bargaining for their benefits. And nobody says anything here in Massachusetts how can that these. Everyone who want to get to get. -- he can get a little bloody when necessary. I guess she was talking about a bloody Mary. -- -- It's just short man. In union talk let's get a drink. Because I don't see anybody outraged. Nobody's taken over the -- yes no very no less demanding in the governor's resignation a very different outcome -- Democrats are getting in buses. Unfortunately and leaving the state that the difference was that this was actually done by. Democrats -- -- public why -- why would Democrats pursue the evil. That they were ready to fight for just a few months ago there's also there's also a fundamental difference between this proposal that they did what was done in Wisconsin and that's this. -- given date. Voice and responsibilities. Over timeline to come -- certain agreements if they don't. Other things happen that's an analyst does -- and -- those employers my -- are just said is usually don't. Limit collective bargaining rights. If you do you hate the working man. That's what we know. About the Democrat philosophy -- -- -- why does why does Deval Patrick hate the working that's what we have to get the answers that you have to ask him that what he's your party irresponsible formed on not putting it. Jim Solomon -- hand to those folks at the AFL CIO. A reasonably satisfied that they have a voice they realize the days of but veto. A -- That the that they be an -- kind of sole and exclusive position rove. But they have a voice they have I don't know whether they have they don't mind getting some restraint you always want to go it is so he's got violation of the moral code of liberalism. To do what's right for the people over what's right for the unions and yet they have done it it created outrage. In that Wisconsin created our region Indiana in Ohio and so I am sure he started to create some outrage around here I what happened what they pay them off -- well the not the the actual outrage was directed I think -- beacon to Leo I'm not then the Massachusetts house because they're the ones who work. Very aggressive on this in. -- what was seen as union powers but that's again most -- -- the house -- strong the senate goes weaker compromise agreement. The governor grandstands all we need a little more power for the unions they needed. CNET TNN news -- citizen living doing while we hold hands -- sentencing -- So that it looks like he's worked out some kind of compromise it's acceptable the bottom line is now. The -- doing -- on this is usually give it up you let me tell you should be happy with the show what what do you mean the work and the union guy you're you are you guys get screwed by his partner -- -- pays. Millions of dollars to. To bribe them and make sure they never violate and yet there be -- violated atop this highly screwed in comparison what's going on out there well you are not want to hear economists through the eyes of a Democrat. -- I'm -- -- you're never supposed to take anything -- I -- doesn't matter how much -- so I'd -- audio -- I thought this morning you'd be applauding the fact that rational Democrats seeing some obvious -- say you know what we're not gonna put -- put this any -- doesn't matter who's -- we're gonna go -- -- will we thank -- I just know you might think I just need to establish -- principles because of Democrats want to start doing the right thing -- this is just why this is an -- this is this is -- Tara I see this spring -- high -- of -- I'm. This just a little sounds like you suck it really does not hi this list like one skull out. Wrapped in one old greasy piece of bacon. So let's get down to the mail let's get the double SA rail or that's our deal with -- really needs to be done because now the Democrats wanna screw labor. There's a lot of work to the -- secure. Looks like -- class act but they will now. Nor should they hadn't nor should we ever allowed them. To give up the basic right to bargain but it wages and benefits. Boy those cars are supposed to do that that was congressman -- ought to just have a couple months ago and now he's saying nothing while. While his fellow Democrats are doing exactly what he said you should never did so business groups endorsed this labor -- -- all sorts of people is going to lose who were very laid off -- with what money very -- right so that's our money -- our money that's gonna pay people off to keep them quiet. So who's -- -- I'll put our money it paid up. Well this is actually gonna help your city and -- I know -- I know this but. Something was done that was right for the state that means automatic utterances so somebody got pride because we know. The way the money flows. Usually agenda initial goal of yesterday's -- -- -- -- your mind and while those days -- over it's safe now to tell the truth that used to not be safe but you can do and it -- so far. It shouldn't be talking like why because it's silly don't these troops to use the word bribe his show highly inappropriate. Is like -- keep looking for harsher words than nails it down a little more accurately about a bribe is all I can come up. You vocabulary is that limited now -- -- what you're imagining what is -- dividend right it's called doing the right thing. The -- the -- that did the right thing I know. So it -- like god it's really good speaker deal Leo's the one who pushed the envelope don't leave your system to do what you are making the assumption name doing the right almost impossible circumstances that cities and towns. Have phased out face OK and so okay appreciate that -- -- -- had a -- you within and it's not the usually we talked about a little bit the speaker said. Susie was sworn in he said look. This is going to be the top priority of mine I can't speak for anybody else but of mind. Democrats in the house are looking at a -- oh my god this is bold this is aggressive. And he followed up his photo with some very very aggressive -- -- governor wrapped up points and whoa I think does is going to file so they had the back and forth and now the step back from the -- boom the most aggressive parts of the -- like. There's one part to enroll does that say it's actually good out and when the one party actually does something that helps the state jumped. Did he he can't be anything but shocked that you have to want to investigate to -- know who's exchanging money and I think yeah. You have people who want to the end that is more than just send me email they -- to go. Everyone don't want to get to get out of the street. I don't bloody when necessary. That was February apparently you don't need the F bloody anymore when labor gets screwed at the hands of Democrats. You're breached the Washington DC office of congressman Mike -- one now. -- --