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You Can Have My Peas When You Pry Them From My Cold Dead Hands

Jul 12, 2011|

Message to President Obama: give peas a chance. That's the reaction of the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council to the president's urging of budget negotiators to make the difficult choices necessary to reach a "grand bargain" to raise the nation's debt limit. Howie said give me peas or give me death....

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Our scope I've I think I've paid my dues I really do but the weather having a hearing today at the state house on. On freezing the polls on the Massachusetts turnpike that's another place I think I've beaten my peace more than somewhat. They get beaten frozen peace on the Massachusetts turnpike they they were extremely on -- the and you know what. A pair and take the same p.s my grandparents -- the same piece. That's in the we were promised the polls were coming down in the 1980 sometimes in the and yet. Property that these bills to freeze the colts a doorway with the poles are gonna go get. The Tea Party and again. Cricket displaced. Were my crickets. It's tough for -- and yet. 1877469432. Too much they say those 200 new lights -- -- the -- 200 million dollars -- seems about right. Million dollars -- light. But you're next with how we car. Hourly try this one not recite it could be really big well we do it we picked a date. They are there's fifty let's say we get everyone you list there's descent one canopy overnight mail to the White House. If somebody wanted to sit frozen peas with Betsy I -- my brother. That there would be that's too yucky. Yeah right right right well so imagine Brian Williams copper that the next night. Four million piece on Obama arrived that -- Okay I gotta like that Baghdad Timmy Geithner on the other. I know -- obviously he's like he wants to know whether summer camp is is -- tax write off overnight summer campers -- -- -- 187746943221877469432. To think about unity he's. I think that it was on the -- that this truly is an idea. Jimmy Carter like the Malays speech you know where he never mentioned the word Malays in the speech read that I'd forgotten but. Read that somewhere that he did they ever were called but the -- speech. And I -- I was driven back to Boston for Maine when the speech came Monday was on like Sunday night to -- made the speech. And he was and he was blaming Americans I was square were screaming at the radio in the car just saying. It's not my fault we're at a recession it's not my fault that the inflation rate is 18%. And sure everybody on the Maine turnpike along with me in every other. Turnpike and free wrote in the country was screaming the exact same thing. Then and now this guy. This guy who has who came into office with a with a crappy economy and proceeded to make it infinitely worse who came into. Office with a giant deficit and proceeded to make it infinitely worse is now lecturing. The people. Who voted against them the people who pay the taxes. That they have to eat their keys to get him out of this this whole that he died he died on behalf of his fellow lay -- -- -- you're next with how -- -- ahead Judy. Yeah hi how wait I just can't beat -- I don't like most of us spectators -- the hearing and I was about the mean. Not to mention that matching amount that the employees the played a key and -- -- fifty years the money belonged to a lot. -- -- main network is my children younger retirees. But what about the older retirees that if it in depth about the threat of losing their benefits. That's not -- -- the they have been in and while we're giving billions in aid to warring countries in the legal. And now. Publish it but I didn't we just give a hundred billion to the to the United Nations -- we did but. But I mean how many times can they cry wolf what this thing I mean they've been they didn't you know used to say that -- -- Republicans in the eighteen hundreds. Whenever the Democrats got close and election that wave the bloody shirt of the civil war you know it's a these that this the party that started the civil war the Democrats. The Democrats that they use Social Security is the bloody shirt now right -- -- -- but again today for after a while it didn't work for Republicans. And and it's not gonna work for Democrats either -- I. People were I think people present. You know decide a campaign of -- Now it's terrible I don't think anyone -- that closest finish ever -- -- other. Vote for this -- anyone who support in. I agree I agree these just by the way did he mention that congress was gonna lose its was gonna lose its paycheck or he was gonna lose his pay well Steven Nissen. DC has -- his his incest. How many people in his administration make over a 100000 its its way over -- is and I read that last week when I was on vacation. Yet it probably won't have any thought the security right they've got all their benefit upfront. Well they they I'm sure I'm sure congress and and that the president staffers and Tim Geithner. -- Tim Geithner such a fine but he he's devote his life to public service and if you don't believe me just ask him. TF re told a senate blasphemy appeared before thanks for the call Judy. 187746943221. Of the text -- said the you know much money goes on Social Security just Social Security. Every month 37 billion. That's that's amazing -- 37 billion. And it was originally designed as a sort of -- and measured to just. Help a few people out course -- most course when it was design when it was set up by Franklin Roosevelt. It was a Ponzi scheme I suppose but you know you could look at the actuarial numbers the the Social Security. Checks didn't start until you turn 65. In the average American lived. To the ripe old age of 62. So what can look like such a it's a tree runaway monster that it has become. Jordan who -- a it was a who just turned 56. And he said he said he would steel. Cut the deal with the government just say. You take all the money and you just stopped taken that money out my paycheck and then get my employer to get me back the other seven and a half percent. And you can have all the money attributed this guy's been worker forty years he's 56. And you can have all the money because you don't think it's going to be there. I don't know I don't know I I used to say I would do that now now close enough to the age that I would. But the government to try to hang on and try to get a peaceful saw the back. 18774694322. Michael your next with our cargo that Michael. There LLR its -- First congratulations and then the other nuptial. Thank you claim all thank you thank you myself even votes even though it's not be getting married. I just -- initiative torpedoes service motion edit -- Good bill raised -- that's silly we will be able cover our. Existing debt. I don't understand how people don't understand is -- I wanna do realize hypothetical about a hypothetical that most people can relate to. -- have a mortgage of 200000 dollars balance. Campaign without -- all the -- vomit my wife and I both have a job. And we go to a bank in -- way out so perfect they don't know or home equity -- They're putting additional allows. And they say no the less well we passed them to reassert that limit. They're saying no we still origin out of their ability to pay our existing debt that was -- there. Just. He had ordered debt. They've become part of first prepared then why do you care I just don't understand why people can't grasp that concept. I can't grasp anything with the numbers as big as they are but I I am positive that the Social Security checks in the checks of the veterans there are gonna and the checks of the military are gonna go out August 3. As. If the end of each if you actually tries to pull this BS -- -- it would be the end of -- You know don't. You know he he's in top shape now no one's ever been reelected with a an unemployment rate over I think it's over 7%. If -- sea org and the key. Sandy how many times on Friday did you see the word unexpected I didn't in the in the reports about the unemployment rate going up -- for things. It was number one word wasn't it -- all air and over and over -- The -- doesn't always surprised I there was an -- -- with a -- yeah go ahead Michael one last. If -- financially I'm not gonna take a temporary Bellic does that whenever you won't -- fine. It's temporary until you hit it again and after an actual. And now. And now. It hate it certainly make a speech on the floor of the senate wants about how he was gonna vote against the debt limit -- it was a phone the it was a phony accounting tool. We now know it's now what sacrosanct. Thanks for the call Michael 187746943221877469432. To pat your next with Howard Clark or that path. Yeah hey how people get there have been thinking graduation I didn't know you got there it is the -- -- -- Oh great she's getting she's getting married on on the Sunday -- -- okay and that's speakerphone. Yeah. Not much did you really get -- a billionaire Fred you're okay now you're okay good. That well anyway I left I wanna look like -- O'Reilly had Michelle Bachmann -- and he was called herself popular that was really in the opera Obama argue all the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think we can't -- you probably can pay you know -- -- notably probably are worried before publicly and Geithner about anything. Right you you know -- you know she's a real threat now to them pat are they the you know ABC news -- the eco lab last night with the with this story they pulled. They pull one of these are bright part pipe -- scams on some organization on some mud. Which equality. Therapy group for gays or something like that you know they -- -- of people and claiming they wanted to be cured of homosexuality. An ABC news led with it. -- -- -- I mean did you break. It's you know in some -- and -- was our role as part of a -- bravely worked very. I say hey you know here's the -- what I'd like this he has. We need to have a website up and every technical look at all the money we VOA every single parent idiotic thing. You know him say there's no room to cut anything below eight. We get this thing under control and uncle are unemployed problem after all realize that there -- really doesn't do what the people what the. Didn't didn't Boehner asked do you have a specific list of cuts which is what they always ask Republicans you know what are you wanna cut about everything. You know just cut I just 5% of everything just for starters and then that we get them telling the 5%. How about we just go back to the to the budget that he inherited from George Bush that was -- that was in the red by. Billions hundreds of billions of dollars you know with the services any better. No matter volley and what about the department education and that they get. But the the -- how many how many barrels of oil has the Department of Energy produced over the years. How about the United Nations. I always thought that was a that was an old fart bumper sticker now I'd like to have one US you and out of US asks. I wanna I wanna -- I want -- re develop that whole area on the on the east side in New York you know all that beautiful -- riverfront property there you know I -- think all the illegal alien car -- that Mayor Bloomberg could could put up -- -- that building. Thanks for the call out. 1877469432218774694322. Fat so Judson says. Hi C a beacon graphs on your wedding I have always respected you as a real lady always keeping your dignity best though lock. 18774694322. Remember what Paul Saunders was talking about reorganizing Social Security of Clinton bludgeon them with that in Florida told the -- people its longest was going to put them on the street. Yeah and saga so went to his went to his money guy got nick Rizzo. For Massachusetts and said said -- I gotta I gotta put up some spot -- to fight back. And -- Rizzo said we don't have any money in the campaign kitty and it turned -- been embezzling money. Nick resort -- know he was somewhat responsible for a Bill Clinton being elected president of the United States because he stole all the money. 1877. Forces can. Jim we play Obama's sound bite from the senate floor when he voted against the debt limit you should put that in the intro. Delta I'll see if Bob I put up -- see if there's a guy if there's a guy who may be able to help us out with the -- we can get that this afternoon. Eric you're next with how we cargo had Eric. They hourly salary today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I accurate I was really are however they'll make it more probably about these people -- -- on the program. You know and they're just there. But Mario over the last period are much problem there. I want everybody to our -- but admitted -- administration. And his constituents. And his constituents. Well they're putting it sacrificed everything pretty ineffective or pick it up and a sacrifice but. So let Obama so are -- there is certainly true that he -- FaceBook security and inspect are gonna get cut. -- ridiculous I mean how many current. Happy here that you know the the ritual that people could actually make a living earn money at eight tactic after. Bear that burden of of eating peas I'm tired PP government bilateral regret my cult because. It just it it is preventable I can't -- anymore up well with what my paycheck looks like every week we got what they want money the problem. I know he he just he wants he wants you would -- EPs so but the people have voted for him cannot continue to watch take period he's a Tony cards down to a local bar rooms and -- by around for the house. I can't look at. He's so that that make me -- I never -- who knows but I soup was overrated. I know some people like he's soup sales wanted to they've tried the immediate trial outright it's. Yeah you're right pea soup I don't want I don't like it. So what Erickson would suggest that quite a bit Banda brand geez that's what that's what illegal alien -- the sport for that one year illegally over the it. I don't like Black Eyed Peas that's a fine so the -- not not the brain not the group but. The the southern delicacy that they they couldn't -- either huge. Huge amounts of salt pork in bacon fat just bacon and it's moderates are. Two big New Year's Day thing in the south it's pretty pretty good. Mean because the bacon and pork. 18774694322. Otherwise it would -- is like regular piece. I thank I'm now -- -- and 18774694322187746943225. -- as MSNBC has been running that -- story all day. But the the the halfway house or whatever it -- I don't know our group therapy. Organization when Everest and he says that they're calling her the Christian Balkman. Like they said the Jewish -- Mormon read -- in the Muslim who hates her yeah. Well you know goes -- and you could say anything you want about a born again nor Catholic and that's okay. 18774694322. Day of your next with how -- cargo ahead day. Years -- good. Really is is Barack Obama anything more than just that -- I mean I was always taught that that you you you shouldn't scare people -- for no reason right I mean it's not the whole thing about yelling. You know you have freedom of speech but you don't have the right to yell fire in a crowded theater right I mean this is that what he's doing. It isn't is now with folks do I mean and he could go back. Go back. And look at his entire first term conceded everything he's accomplished he's used -- used. The ferry -- methods to accomplish these things. At NEC and you know again the need this a guy who claims that he respects Franklin Delano Roosevelt someone tried and again as I said earlier what do what do Franklin Roosevelt's say you know what it was a Margarito -- as of march 4 1933. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself right. That's what -- real leader sets. Real a real leader tries to home people's fears that he and he especially doesn't try to make stuff up not a whole lot that's not gonna happen but. And we enforcement I think. I think Obama is kind of accomplished with. He's wanted what -- you what you believe what he decides who copies of -- is is to divide the population after a brief fight with one. I think that's this objective is. You know divide and conquer and he's he's destabilize. And be constructed. The country and I'm not so sure that that isn't what -- What he intended to do when he got elected I think he gives a damn about you know the American people it's. And we surely be just -- -- but it's also so while he he he hasn't yet changed it. Is. Is court. He may not care about the the long term wellbeing of the country but surely he wants to be reelected he wants a right around on that private that corporate jet the EU wouldn't. He wouldn't be so upset obsessed with -- other people's jets if he wasn't obsessed with his own jet right you think he wants to give up his own jet. You know I don't but I it doesn't seem too worried that that's what kind of interest that. Banks that. Thanks for the call today. Dick Morse once said that you know the reason why Clinton wanted Hillary. Elected not much is because people because it is rare and again but because he said you need it you need an income. A fifty million dollars a year. To to lead the kind of lifestyle the president of the United States leads fifty million bucks a year you know the private -- Latin you know the guards in the limos it's moderate senator Camp David. And no one no one wants to give up that one you know Lyndon Johnson was Alaska who -- who walked away from. One and the he walked away from it because he was gonna be ejected from. 18774694322. When he did walk away and took that became exceedingly clear. George you're next with Howie -- go ahead George. Yeah I hope but count it all right -- black belt on they're -- to reduce. I I heard that I -- they haven't they have it's they haven't come by this evening IE golf. I'll forgive him if the place if the place on file but I hope they -- for and find shape it's a great restaurant analyst -- -- Well it you know I'd get yeah if you -- the sound byte isn't saying that he's got practice over a dollar -- -- to meet. Any -- seem like it's. All government money and what you need -- couple 100000 dollar but he's talking about Egypt certainly credit check to the treasury. Exactly. No there isn't there is a mechanism I'm told for a doing that just like there's a mechanism in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for paying higher income tax rate if you so desire. And just address what very few of the people who were lecturing us on on the eating peas are taking advantage of this wonderful. Loophole in the law that enables them to pay higher taxes. Again so hypocritical little lives study double cheeseburger certain that it cheese burger joint. And Washington and you're saying before he's flying and aren't yet living in our house Easter party at the white house with Kobe case art art died. Coughing -- art golf course you all tax Payer -- Of course he's got to go out of the Arctic. I already spent -- I don't -- tell it he tells people don't go to Vegas. There what do you what do you need -- private jet for will what do you -- a private jet for. You know -- Don't. Be in BNV. Is a is one of the deadly sentences and it. Well you're out color and right he's dividing. This country in terms of class. More so than any other president with his rhetoric. That and it's actually quite dangerous is like yelling fire. In any in -- crowded theater because he's making chipping people against each other back I've never seen anybody else do all the kind of gently get a law after all get urged they shouldn't be so down the rhetoric and he's got. The Democrats are all was called wedge issue right it what is it what is at the tell tell elderly people. A lot I hate that they're not gonna get their Social Security each is a wedge issue though. But of course you'll ever hear -- use that phrase Fareed Democrat on on MSNBC. Because the congress can appropriate situation like ducks took its findings so clearly they wouldn't. They wouldn't cut that that type of finding out. But it's rhetoric about remember humor and nice to fight we'll bring a gun and expect guns to -- -- people just looked at the top of the. Certainly success with -- he was sent them down at a Mexican drug cartels. Thanks for the call George 18774694322. Do you think ports open in that fast and furious program that was. Design it is sort of demonized the Second Amendment crowd in the United States of America may -- was one of the second area. Secondary goals you like -- the -- talking about the people you have to watch out for a -- law enforcement you have to watch out for veterans. You have to watch out for people that Second Amendment bumper stickers on their cars and trucks. Those -- the real terror acts. Not al-Qaeda the Taliban and and the the extremists who who killed 3000 Americans on nine elevenths. It's. Got founders. People -- right -- bumpers stickers. Rotate your next with how we cargo ahead -- I'm -- It'll be a little black meal hot. You guys turning in -- -- A little black male was the right word. He's a funny here he's a fear -- longer. He is just he -- free agent what I do. So creative this is this is from page one of the democratic playbook. And the way they're gonna take away your Social Security. To stop me if you've heard this one before. -- -- that will be direct guarantee he's just what went in the win. -- -- -- You know I hope we'll get the president but he doesn't mind living with Michelle Obama because he's got a he can't talk but not just some but it it did not lead that. She exits right. -- that well when she leaves office in the first -- -- check arrives you know which -- now and has one of these double cheeseburgers and Fries and chocolate shake. Somebody hands -- for twenty box. As she says she's gonna how hard you gonna keel over. Thanks. Thanks for the call route he won 8774694322. But at least like the Kennedy's -- that girl but he never carried it -- Spock you know just expected everybody else pick up the -- for. 18774694322187746. Don't forget the trip to the vineyard dog I forget the trips that the -- Our. Let's see. Now you know I don't one know more -- about the fire cal loomed. At the cal little in the cal loan has a wonderful place and we appreciate that are on their -- spreads every Tuesday night. Even though looks said he is has the -- little guy checked and today with video with a -- But not yet okay she's running out of time -- now. 18774694322. On how we are. 18774694322508. Says MSNBC still hasn't gotten wind of fast and furious yet Murdoch is public enemy number one. 18774694322. Obama wants us to EP's well illegal to eat lobsters clams and scallops they got what they're even EB key cards and SSI and SS DI checks. 18774694322. Mike you're next with how we cart go ahead Mike. Failure you don't like -- first time. I just wanted to -- -- book -- last night. They have -- yeah. My grandfather within the government step grandfather -- -- -- -- it would then forced. Out Trulia. Early eighties late seventies. He went on the run my grandma they hit some crazy stop this apparently related to talk much -- it was you know -- Is Joseph McDonald. Joseph McDonald. You know I just want to tell you that not -- -- -- Democrat James turns to return to. BP you know on those books some -- -- you do the research. What are on -- we've got our. Why do you regret that well. I mean I you know -- you -- that you. I never noted in a December have a clock the party unite Democrats Friday night in the air. Unfortunately you don't what he there's crimes we produced our country is. A prisoner in -- Missouri and yeah. In the federal enormous federal possibly the president. A lot like there's -- you know in the Russo died there too yeah. But he would catch an indictment. Or it would sell well it would the president -- like that. Get out they were able to do things in here it's changed a lot now but you know the mosque is kind of added that made a little bit and -- in the eighties and nineties. Yeah yeah yeah you know -- you know anybody. Anybody who was around that time chances are widely widely I don't know -- He on everybody. He had any -- note cards and Irish name. Admits this about. He recorded after the Italians. Or eighties you know he. He he didn't know anything about the Italian -- ever you wanted the dog house on prince street where the and jewels hung out once and his whole life -- -- He was -- -- the Irish guys you know there -- you know their rubbed the make and model their cars he noble -- license plate numbers he was trying to get rid of people it's how the that might give them. Heartburn is as congressman Dan -- -- one time. 187746943221. Now.