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Jurors say no Evidence of Murder in Casey Anthony Trial

Jul 7, 2011|

Casey Anthony juror Jennifer Ford said that she and the other jurors cried and were "sick to our stomachs" after voting to acquit Casey Anthony of charges that she killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. "I did not say she was innocent," said Ford, who had previously only been identified as juror No. 3. "I just said there was not enough evidence. If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be." Do you now need a smoking gun to convict someone of murder?

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Welcome back Boston this is Michelle McPhee we are a and sixty WRK out I can not believe that we are still getting phone -- That the prosecution. Did not prove that Casey Anthony died due to violence. Okay now I did not follow the trial. All that closely up until yesterday. And then I started to restart the evidence that the prosecutors did percent. And this is what we have. He see it that he didn't tell anyone that are -- was missing the 31 days. She told her own parents. That Caylee was with Indian. The kid was last seen alive this little girl this little two year old are in June 16. On June 18. Casey Anthony went to the neighbors and take I borrowed schaeuble. Okay. She didn't say with a shovel was four but she -- schaeuble. One if I really found this little girl's body six months later it was sold badly decomposed. The oil wheat growing through her tiny little ball outs wild animals had ravaged term meets. Why the forensic scientists had to work with where in some cases little tiny pebbles a bone. -- and she had duct tape. Over her mouth and notes. Another lab test showed that there was evidence that a body. Had been decomposing. In Casey Anthony's -- So. How did the prosecution. Not prove that that little girl met with foul play. 6172666868. That's 6172666868. In -- average -- again. It was like is no proof. That the little girl is even kilt. While it. Because two year old always duct tape they're all miles put themselves into a trash bag enroll themselves into the woods. Why did you in the other jurors acquit case in and of murdering her daughter. There wasn't enough. Evidence there wasn't anything strong enough to say exactly I don't think anyone in America can tell us exactly how she died. If you play even just the told jurors in one room of the piece of paper. Right out how Caylee died that would you know. -- -- -- -- So it's cause of death that was a problem. How can you punish first that punish someone for something if you don't know what they did the prosecution wasn't able. -- it gives you a solid enough picture. How you do that picture I have no idea what it might. The menu and paint a picture for me to consider if you think that this might have been an accident that you might have drowned in the -- you believe the defense I'm not saying that I'm saying it's a lot easier to get to that conclusion I can I can walk from here to there and make happen with chloroform I'm all over the place I have no idea -- may I know I don't -- How ridiculous -- that terrorists -- I can walk from here there and make that happen that she drowned in a pool. They never told any line about that tragic accident and tells the opening day of the trial not ever. But after the little girl drowned in the pool they duck taped her mouth shut. Put -- trash bag impostor into the woods. Why that's easier to believe. And then she said that the prosecution didn't paint a clear picture of what happens. Well. I do not have all 400 pieces of and evidence. The jury did I do not but what I do know is that I -- pretty clear picture of what happened to little Caylee he. In -- when you say okay if she was last seen alive on June 16. I'm June 18 Casey Anthony borrows a shovel from a neighbor. During that time period she start to live around parents about indicated what's. Then police get involved 31. Days later. Six months later they find -- a girl's body. No one ever ever ever mention in this so called drowning death until opening day. Arguments in this -- Come mind folks. Am I losing I did this jury just committed travesty of justice that's gonna allow Casey Anthony to become a free woman adds up next week. And pursue her dreams of having other children who horrifying. Wearing sexy panties in getting her teeth lightened. She did have a better teeth why didn't show until they don't do anything she wants with the millions that she's about to make. Linda makes you sick doesn't night. -- in -- and a mother grandmother. Former pastor. However. I need earned him. And -- get a standing here at -- -- edge it RD. Party parity. Most people know it -- and get it out what you she can get our great. And -- and matching -- to -- and cheek and got. Well I mean certainly karma I'm a big believer in -- and a and this girl is not available to sleep and -- Roxanne hello we hope. But he is the problem with that theory. Is that social pats don't feel any remarks. In this girl is very clearly and the new beetle of wire. Are not our success in a sociopath which being -- she is not going to react the way you -- We have a conscience I feel guilty of I don't walk the dog three times a day point times today. We have a conscience she went into hot body contest. Days after her little girl was missing. Well now will be I don't think going to be doing it drinking and he Rodney I mean the area -- And I see it because she enjoyed the party led by statute wrapped up into. And -- You know and so many out -- that get. Celebrities whatever and that army and they need that I end. I think outlet so perhaps -- will come away that way. Well well hopefully karma will play a role but thank you Linda for the call sky sky ride with -- I can't. Yes parody or Michelle thanks for the call -- get me about thirty seconds are as disturbed as everywhere else in the country but here's like take. -- wanted to party. I think she accidentally. Killed this girl -- of phone can't. And work to follow that aren't are not the only question do with the -- All of a sudden it starts when you. So -- who are you bought. That -- was put around your nose. Ears are based credential which were criminal as -- -- she can look at the boarding ships. Did she got arrested. Under center asks that since if you want it that essentially you have said to me exactly how. I see that's exactly what happened she is kept true model shops and a -- -- Step by us. A lottery it's got that you did your theory is correct on that. I correctly you are correct source he was guilty of accurately the child abuse of judicial had district that witnessed today. That punishment we couldn't decide what punishment they were not supposed to decided -- punishment they wished -- a judge just decide -- sort of cure. -- -- -- an opportunity. And maybe -- the judge's fault and to make it clear that they had an opportunity to convict -- on manslaughter charges. But they aren't how to use our clients are. Is abuse and she neglected to report her kid -- and -- Oh yeah and. You are exactly right. But this woman was geared to death she didn't know what to do she was in -- Out Delanie got to tell us that she was it doesn't thank you so much for the and you are on with on the high end. I -- shell -- like. Talk about juries. The people call up insane that people were you know intelligent cured -- and so what I was on a jury some years back. And it was about two Brothers who were more let's not didn't wanna pay back a certain bank establishment. In on I was one of the jurors to what -- jurors couldn't tell what day it was. Another one says right up the vet says I don't wanna be yeah I've got things to do. To what -- says it's my nephews and my daughter's birth dates and I want to go home. It lasted three days. That people are so upset at me because I knew what was going on in the case I knew that they they would guilty. And the deep budget says the company has more money than anybody. Packet that the company. Forget about everything and let's go home and one woman. So estimate I hope to get age to keep an -- -- three days. -- die anyway so it that's in you know make -- fashioned -- I do not want to -- monetary. Jury duty is apps -- help for anyone I give them credit even showing up. I'll do anything eye -- at a jury duty most times I immediately declare that crime reporter and I'll always item with Clarke what's gonna indicates. I confess that I listen to talk radio which are usually deal breaker so. Yeah I mean it did so that what is up to the people who essentially have nothing else to do they of people like eulogized the -- -- civic duty. Destroyed but that distorted it and quick quiz was -- gentleman who would let me and almost three count up all of these -- -- And they didn't wanna pay back their loans are a lot of thousands of dollars and eight people point. Well they don't understand the law right says that people it's been millionaires and they all homes count and boats don't you think -- intelligent people they know what they're doing. And they just says we wanna -- only got things to do and I hope you get dates and as I walked down the -- out that the after the jury came back. Leaving the people were -- and -- all different obscenity of south -- And I says this is ridiculous like says is like twelve angry men movie all over again. And I -- -- through that thank you so much the story. As what do you think you know -- -- in a lot a pretty woman. When -- -- -- and the fact that I -- then you. Clear picture as to what happened. It is. I. -- Tiger show you know unfortunately. They netbook full bird. That's what they've made in the state or app -- her on yeah -- Okay her Italian let me let me give me let me give you up to you of them consulates so many people want here that's. Give any explanation plausible explanation for that two year old. To end up in -- bag tossed in the woods -- -- T under our purposes tell -- how that little girl -- ended in the wants. Maybe it'll probably admitted that Brett Butler. I didn't remote. Because. If you want to iron why not at all. Why -- Casey Anthony have a dead body. Decomposing in her trunk why did she borrow the shovel. Almost afraid that there was a dead body what the now while that was. -- -- -- Sorry. I that he may indeed test it current and former Florida it -- and her body was in case -- -- -- I don't know I may be ordered that dark I don't know. He's not -- America are. This is exactly why people like TT Antony and cop killer -- in -- Let's get up. Because you're not using your brain. -- -- on it that jury but now if they are brought forward this. What church he -- slot become a -- a debt to. Earnings and that's not a murderer. -- you are ignoring evidence it was evident that human decomposition. In her trunk. They don't want baby. They've found her hair don't -- shrunk. 00. Is better appreciate what that it could've been a Layla and look at the grand -- Right I don't -- -- -- cheaper flash eight get it -- right not the. Think this is a pretty strong case that she did dealer right there -- -- and -- this. Ali thank you for the -- hit the problem do you see Charlie he does -- mean decision. Casey Anthony. You can't prove that it was a well when you present facts to Charlie fact it was human decomposition. In her track -- junk science what are you talking about. It. Crime lab an accredited I Matt Cain and indeed testing on Casey Anthony's not. That crime -- concluded. That there was absolutely. Evidence that human body. Had decomposed. In backtrack. And in another shocking coincidence. A stream of Kane Lee Anthony's hair was and in that truck. Casey Anthony borrowed shall bull. And I don't know maybe she went to beat them at but it. But this is the problem guys like Charlie on that -- -- in nine before the conclusion of the trial. They spent zero time looking at the evidence. This was decades with decided on yeah things. Rather than facts because that fax eight the have a two year old child who was murdered. Who's my all in time in years where duct tape. Who has tossed into a bag like garbage in discarded in the woods where little tiny body was ravaged. I wild animals. To -- I don't get -- people like Charlie and Jerry -- this country not -- Casey Anthony all this country now it's a walking. Because there -- guys like Charlie on Jerry. He averaged out Ali. While they had barely remember on -- -- -- We all know she did it you know you get there what goes around comes around I think -- -- -- get they're still but let me ask guests to request -- You you have a child and put it in your cup but -- our -- at the -- watt come back out. -- -- charts where it let let. And not get that. And I completely agree. I mean come on -- lying. And panic about forty years so I would think it should not do another year on their L next week is a bit to a that's why everything that cover up error and hopefully she will get -- bill. Exactly. I did a great. Okay -- the -- yeah I took this being in this -- And they talked about the air that was found in Casey Anthony's -- in its pupils speaking from two year old Caylee Anthony's well. -- tested by the FBI expert testified. He's not evidence of decomposition on hair sticking from the child's well. More evidence. So they. Are in the trunk. Carries on in the means that I'm losing my nine when he talked of people like Charlie. It was a dead body in the trunk. And they just happen to be Caylee Anthony's Aaron at franking AT&T just happened to borrow a schaeuble. And it just happened alive about the entire thing a year as. I mean what you what picture is not being paid ear as Altria. Sorry I loved steel column I -- I -- I could -- one -- not only wired -- a strand of hair. But they -- up in the trunk. You know what that -- That one document hit by -- top. Also -- dogs can actually area which -- I got hit in the car and also in her back yard. It pretty much -- putting it can get it that when she and Q barbershop. That. They work so well I thought she might have plagued the baby in the art because the thought it hit. In the act act well. And investigators recovered more than three and ninety pieces -- evidence during gaze at the wooded scene when he remains were found. And it seemed residential neighborhood as the -- you need vehemently. IDF. Fifty investigators 390 pieces of evidence in the in the area was hit with back to teaching. Investigators used a county issued a steady nucleus and the area. -- -- I just as I think it was not so there. I never English -- duct tape. I'm also I believe when you're firing up skulls. They usually don't have a job all attached. Because they eat basically duct tape so early. -- prompt on a piece of hair. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would allocate. Your apple calls. It -- all day you've for the. Other fees are about that as we are AM -- CDW black and I'm glad your thinking people out there. Because there was a lot of work put into that -- 390 pieces of evidence in he had bats. Who's she headed Eric -- but the letter off. How do you feel about that that you may have let. A woman who murdered her own daughter. Walk off that -- It doesn't feel good as a horrible decision have to make but I had to do -- based on the law how much. Did the fact that this was a death penalty case. Way -- in the course of the trial and the new delivery. Model weighs heavily it's pretty. That's that's the alternate so ultimately. It's as big as you can get someone else's life in your hand. So if if they wanna charge and they want me it takes months life you have to prove it -- -- -- -- Obama murder to. And I'm not any better. -- -- -- I'm Michelle -- we are a and succeeding W market out in the more you read about the physical evidence -- investigators. Found this little girls remain. Three and ninety pieces of evidence recovered at the crime scene which are at the body -- They found. -- belonging to the little girl. They've found decomposing. Remains. In the trunk of Casey Anthony's car she borrowed schaeuble -- -- months. What else does -- -- these days and now Casey Anthony is about to become a free rich woman. She wrote these appalling jailhouse letters. In which she described -- can't wait to quit sexy laugh. Again might heat quite a and I want another baby. Walter you our next Iowa. Michelle thank you for taking my fault. This -- are tired it's Casey Anthony thing if those bad. But there's so many other important things to talk about like. Lol. They've residents still barred. Applying it to life but yet and I wanna know is a 107. And to all -- this is special dark and a lot. Is that. Getting now -- arrogant about it. All ultimately talking about. -- -- -- -- -- -- Which are. Essential in order to route to other countries in the US troops who like Patricia I forget how to get for -- You've got older cope and look how are being. -- I opensocial. She took a ticket to -- there's Universal Studios -- about it. You know I did not remember that's the. Commercial truckers -- to protect this Universal Studios to show that it has welcomed baby was that opt. Some gunships detectives to be Universal Studios. Actually judge I don't want to look -- Who do you can actually. Show I don't want more Q. The appointment that that this step in -- -- -- that -- the -- relationship nearly retaliation because actually showed what apparently you have to. Episode -- -- critical -- critical that they could -- you don't work our second degree murder that was all about it'll say. Yeah I mean to a child abuse cases -- can't. Well she -- -- -- missing the 31 days and when I got a tattoo and participated in the hot body aren't left and house. They're shelling them sequentially lower -- Politico after the nine I was. If you win -- publisher Puccio bet it was -- Chris I carried the verdict lives and writes turn the course of the break that well Casey Anthony better not make any summer plans all of hey it's -- I mean if you would voted for a not guilty at Vegas -- beer expert right now -- -- again you hundred dollar that would get you a down payment on a beach out. Absolutely air combat social isolation that so to -- Up. -- Thank you people in the world it's not common sense near right now he gets to -- Shari and acts with Michelle McPhee hi -- I've now and the -- tech. Yes it. -- you know quite precious. I mean how great that kind -- Yet edit may I I equipment there in Kentucky and I'll end up -- in Kentucky and we just passed. These law treat I don't actually. Which they -- class. It and pretend not to report child mid -- and well and how it because that that -- -- -- permit. Why would love it. -- in Kentucky. No no it did now I. -- -- -- Not addressing I want tickets we can't pass any legislation in Massachusetts that would protect kids that doesn't sound about what. And cut the public can -- it -- that it up. Holland record as a child abuse problem here but certainly the edit it lot of political but it people and we. They would repeat my call it that that's one China would think that it's coming out yet but I'm not about any -- I don't even try it would know why child. -- about her. That's not -- -- I would be topic a dog with a dog hair was found in my truck. -- -- -- you know what you said that she is gonna be paid by police that it came at. I don't -- I don't take it. Well you know -- I think that she should pay it up. For it. -- -- and how she lied about. That these people these I'd come unlocked or -- -- pack up my father. He he wouldn't end. Are they looking you know I don't think hit that dot com so people. ER costs Irene has from a lot of sportsman perspective and you just heard Steve I had no clue that she took people to Universal Studios instead. -- -- -- Every member Beckett a right because I actually I have lost child and twenty years ago -- It's an incurable illness that was horrible and it looked at any more. And I -- -- teaching now but you know I can get it. -- piece of trash. Miami yeah. It would it would it would it would she handle it I'll accept it and chat with -- at. -- again. And I got I mean I think -- I'm so glad you called thank you for the -- the pork people that I'll get beaten bush is literally a biscuit. Who organize search teams think the man hours that was spent by law enforcement. Taping these false lead at the universal studio fifty investigators collected 390. Pieces of evidence. At this spotlight Caylee Anthony was asked. FBI. Crime labs discovered her hair in the trunk how to get the track they found decomposing. Human matter. In the trunk of Casey Anthony's car she -- schaeuble she lied continually. She made up stories. She's just lying slot. She is absolutely positively. On -- In the jury -- and bother to -- view that 390 -- in the and that. Fifteen investigators. Spent weeks collecting. Using machetes in the middle as what do you. Buggy nightmare. So we can back and sonic the outrage of the day and then your calls on the fact that Casey Anthony will be out next week.