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Casey Anthony to Be Released from Prison in Six Days

Jul 7, 2011|

Two days after being acquitted of charges that she murdered her 2-year-old daughter, Casey Anthony was sent back to jail on Thursday to serve out the remaining six days of her sentence for lying to police. She is to be released next Wednesday, July 13. Chief Judge Belvin Perry sentenced Ms. Anthony to the maximum possible term – four years in the county jail – for four separate lies she told detectives in 2008. The four-year sentence was reduced by the amount of time Anthony has already spent behind bars in pretrial detention. Should have been found guilty of murder of her daughters death?

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Though but -- has his mechanic Steve we are AMC TV WRK out so Katie Casey Anthony. We'll be out of jail next week. Next week this this big old monster is mom. Will be walking out of jail -- In Florida. Next week. So I want your help on this 16172666868. At 617. 26660. K sixty K -- -- guide. Folks. She is going to not only be. Free she will also be wrecked -- I think the things that is all too disturbing in this matter. -- not Casey Anthony. Smile and laugh. As her not guilty verdict was read only saw her hugging. Her attorneys in celebration. Only saw them. -- slapping one another and giving each other high fives and pumping his fists in the air in the middle of the courtroom. And part of the grandparents by the way who decided to leave early because they was so -- had become. Well the question I have two questions actually. You all know that. That attorney one of the attorneys for eighteen Anthony Cheney -- Flipped. Reporters. Deb -- Now I'd like he did. That Jose Baez and mason. Held at a restaurant they had a champagne toast. At terrorists 390. Nothing like toasting the corpse of a little girl. But you're having a champagne toast at this fancy restaurant. In downtown Orlando. Reporter showed up outside. And Cheney Neeson was photographed flipping. There reporters the bird. The business end of his middle finger if you know what I mean and that's not the only new gesture. That mason has been accused of make it he also. Called the lewd gesture with both hands in front of is you know his junk if you know what I mean. So well. You know Casey Anthony case. That a judge. Sentenced the Dutch judge sentenced a teenager to six days in jail. For giving prosecutors the exact same treatment this teenager flipped prosecutor is the third. And guess what he found himself in jail cell the six days now clearly Cheney meets. And denied engaging contempt of court. Is unprofessional behavior. Was captured. By a photographer at a champagne toast. It's still raises an eyebrow does it not about professionalism. Does anyone else and you can finest -- right on my FaceBook page Michelle -- now and CP HEE. You can access that page through OW RKO dot com. But when you see this mug. Arrogant. Fool. And -- you hear from Cheney mason. After the verdict was read and he admonished all of the other reporters and pundits. He said that we shall be ashamed of ourselves well I -- Hope that this is a lesson. To those of you have indulged in media assassination for three years. Bias and prejudice. And incompetent Talking Heads saying what would be and how would be. I'm discussed a possible orders we have done this. Disgusted. While that it does disgusted when they see one of these attorneys. Hoist up a glass of champagne to toast there victory. That they want us think -- it's disgusting. That an attorney would engage in such lewd behavior in the first place. Do you think that he should in some way banks face any sanctions from the bar association. Because their kids of an activist. I think -- the way that. -- a window sun sentinel describes them. By the Florida sun sentinel excuse me describes this lawyer and activist who has filed the complaint against Cheney mason is that it's kind of a Nat. He did disbarred lawyer. But he filed an official complaint with the Florida bar association. Saying that Cheney -- conduct was on the coming to the profession. I'm and I analogy can be anymore I'm becoming to the profession and wasting a toast. To the remains of a dead little girl found in the woods. Six months after she went missing months after her. -- mother didn't even bother to look for her and that mama's going to be out on July 13. So do you think he should be in any way admonished by the bar association. What do you think the media does their -- 6172666868. That's 6172666868. In law. How Aurora agents. Then even that folks. Is the idea that there was that unmanned that was sentenced to six days in jail. But flipping the bird in the courtroom. And I'm sure that's something that Cheney mason witnessed. And what happened to Cheney may mean nothing. Should be sanctioned by just embarrassed. Should -- be sanctioned arm. Our 6172666868. -- editor at the flipping the bird doesn't bother me a better reporter for very long time. I've had people on the names flipping the bird. That is just part of the job. But this seed this guy popping champagne corks. That Timmy is five -- more offensive. To -- the defense team celebrate this so called victory is I think. We need more nauseating. And the obscene gesture that an attorney gave to the media but what do you think. 6172666868. And now -- you have learned that Casey Anthony. Well in fact be released from prison. On July 13 next week she will be a free. Woman next week. How long until she gets -- first seven figure book deal. How -- until we see her -- reality show what she did she call her and -- in does this but if she does confessed. To lying which she clearly has gone already does it opened her up to any other sort of legal obligations. That is the question we're gonna talk about the Casey Anthony case than we are gonna go to and then you are with -- stomach be on hand succeeded WRKO. I I REI and a bit -- likely get -- easier to warm up there. I'm way to my -- at that factory collision renovation right now in -- -- paint did it's gonna be unveiled I think on the sixteenth. At a rival. While EST about it -- -- and not now a hot topic you know I I this I really -- -- -- just. If you're just let it go pick your battles and he and in any case. Deepest are being -- city by a legal community in this country. -- light look at. The extremely -- all they had bearers but anymore. You know. -- and I mean there are here. You mean it is embarrassing. You know pre need you become now which. Acting attorney. And a high profile national media case to be allowed himself to be photographed. Acting like a frat boy flipping the bird to reporters. Half after he popped champagne to celebrate the so called victory. That he and his team lives in the case of Casey and it's not. Well up but what I think -- I don't work on the curb its interface. -- pretty much one that always. And it doesn't matter all world goes back was constantly excitable all. I just I just think if people have gotten you needed in I think that the real -- is I think what Liz Taylor said. Talking about the -- like about embarrassment it's opened the effect. There is -- -- aren't like except. And I personally -- yes what you which which it this week got off. Which she called her book at issue in its push it and call it and it. Yeah big oh winning as he has the -- All I don't know if you aren't on the national level art but apparently it's. It's -- there -- It certainly as an and is just you know I think this public behavior in the idea that people have no qualms about. They're behaving in such despicable manner being photographed doing. And such a high profile case and there is absolutely knows chain. Wait you with the juror had to -- in which Chris is -- fine for us and come back with it the germs and how. We did think she was it -- and a pair of wind -- has finally spoken out and you're here right here in just a few minutes peppers and thank you and rich you are sign. Hi Michelle how are you know. -- -- be nice stop patriotic fourth of July. At a co -- -- order and say it was nice -- giving up. Yeah you know somebody broke into my Jeep Wrangler twice over the weekend now we're. -- Twice. Seek that you are eager. They why actually we are an eight dollar like okay she's got -- -- -- not -- -- we're gonna. -- I am believe it. Without that. Deployment street important pocket -- -- -- locked. You're right about average that -- -- what do you think about it has -- And indeed the idea that AT&T will be a -- one on July 13 next. I'm I'm trying to not get my blood pressure to fire up I mean you know as well as I do well what goes around comes around. And I just wanted to chime in on the act up. Cockroach -- You know. I as a by the way I think you don't read the deadbeat dad. Who doesn't pay the bills. Was started -- two failed businesses and and left taxpayers well in the bag on them. I mean the guy that you know I can respect someone who let her run rough and tumble upbringing. Who made any served his country in the navy guided GE. Online. He each -- -- split across from mom. You watch somewhere down there and you know. -- but he just it's unfortunate. I he shared support equity not always are -- back but he's definitely he's right up there it probably in the top 25. Shall have a great day okay we -- take care. Thank you reds take yet but I mean there's many strange angles to this Casey Anthony trial. But then I think the most disturbing. Aside from him her legal team flipping people the bird and having this you know very spotty history. BI yeah the big security. And some cases one -- has said we think she was -- -- -- Then what they'll -- field track and field. Now. This is an economic feature. -- -- -- Murder itself. There wasn't enough. Evident from -- anything strong enough to say exactly I don't think anyone in America could tell us exactly how she died. If you play it even just -- twelve years in one room with a piece of paper write down -- Caylee -- so you know. We don't get them. So it's cause of death it was a problem. How can you punish for that punish someone for something you know what they did the prosecution wasn't able. Should give you a solid enough picture. About how he's. I -- -- I have no idea what it like. Been an even paint a picture for me to consider the. You think that this might have been -- Accident that you might have drowned in the -- you believe the defense -- another thing that I think it's a lot easier to get to that conclusion I can I can walk from here to there and make happen with a powerful I'm all over the place I have no idea I'm -- I know I don't know where that. That was -- purple heart -- she was adjourned amber history and she told ABC news. That key in the other jurors cried and we're sick. To our stomachs that's a direct quote to get a report by the jurors. Active voting to a quick Casey Anthony of charges that she killed her two year old daughter Caylee. I did not say she was generous and said Ford. Who had previously only been identified as to earn a victory. I -- said there was not enough evidence if you don't prove what the crime was you could not determine what the punishment. Should be. Well folks I think is clear enough that the crime as a whole all -- collect -- this Childs. Who was found. Duct tape didn't dead in the what it's. So. Jennifer. Lord who -- in nursing student at saint Petersburg college. Said there was a lot of conflicting ideas. And people didn't know whether or not Casey Anthony killed her daughter. And she said that she toggle -- manslaughter in not guilty. It doesn't feel good it was a horrible. Decision. To have to make. And she says that the reason that jurors having mountain and old -- us was because we were sick to our stomachs to get that. -- heard they're quite a few people only got back after the verdict was read. Where tears. While we -- after you handed down and not guilty verdict. Not guilty doesn't mean innocent. Because I mean innocent how do you feel about that that you may have let. A woman who murdered her own daughter. Walk off that -- It doesn't feel good there's a horrible decision have to make but I had to do based on the law how much. Did the fact that this was a death penalty case. Way -- in the course of the trial and new delivery. Model weighs heavily it's pretty. That's as the alternate so ultimately. It's as big as you can get someone else's life in your hand. So if if they wanna charge and they want me it takes one's life they have to prove it it. I mean honest to god folks and she went on to talk about pork I was waiting for this turn on at three nursing student poor Casey. If she only she comes from in the family that made her. What she is had some influence. This nursing student who was on the jury said what are they say here is sick as your secrets. I mean their family. Off. So it's their family's fault well I think yesterday that the Stanley is clearly banged up. But the idea that Casey Anthony will lock out of jail next week. She walked into a courtroom today all smiles her hair down. Looking like she's about to enter another hot odd contests like the one she entered a couple of days after her daughter was missing. How can you possibly find nothing wrong. With the way in which Caylee Anthony died. Do you think that this CSI effect is a real one that people expect. Experts to tell them improve exactly how this child died or anyone else 617. 2666868. That's 617. -- 666868. Steve you are next with Michelle McPhee. -- you do Michelle. You know what people would be lawyers they get a couple -- -- -- comic book within lawyers. Is it is a game to -- they don't care of their defending the perfect you just don't hear. Who they're prosecuting. It's a winning and losing with them -- -- -- -- -- CSI effect. I mean Heidi you know what it was little I think we will watch I don't watch the trial my wife did but there was really no proof. That said that she would kill -- -- duct tape and found in the woods from what I understand but will prove that you would actually murdered. So what. What is not including Steve that she committed suicide and raptors up conduct it and are out of the woods. No -- English you know nobody you know what accommodate and people have been convicted. In the United States. Aren't all aren't false testimony on certain spiritual evidence that happens all the aren't. It's you know -- what happens. You know I you know what I don't know what happened that little -- we know pretty have a problem. The idea added that Casey Anthony waiting attitude and partying aborting every -- You know what I I have a huge problem with that -- you know what that that that's -- stretch. From you know getting Quechua and being in a negligent abusive blow a negligent public it was no. No proof that she -- the baby. Turnaround and what is your definition of abuse because not a problem at the idea that she was found not guilty. Of abuse Steve when if I eyed dog home alone for a week it didn't feed it a lottery did the Peta people. In the and that's you know the Delray you they would lock the the that. -- you know you're you're absolutely right but you know a number one you know I didn't. I I don't trust what the government says she you'd see it all the. I trust with a deadbeat dad I don't know I I hate that I am I the on the bird flipping Cheney mason. You know -- you know what I don't but it's seeking to them you know -- or is it that it will -- -- and that's helping it like I said they don't cheer. Corporate defending. You know they in the prosecutors don't kill their prosecuting. It's about winning and losing to them and that's what we've had so many so many bad convictions. -- -- And so many people mark convicted -- it was so guilty. They'll OJ Simpson another example of that. You know I mean. Ticket you know the -- word it is quite in his wife's boyfriend. But it wasn't you know it it's not up its opening it into them and it's a shame and as far as the media. Sensationalizing. This whole thing in broadcasting it every day you know it it it's disgusting to me that. Discussing Steve because you know as somebody who covered court in crime for very long time there are out. -- -- at the event Steve -- here's the problem like reporters sit in the courtroom that's how I write books as it courtroom all day long. And you know that what court T the adult court TV how true TB. And some of the other networks have -- is just provide people what they want and that is a glimpse into -- -- and that's why you read my books Steve because partly app. Right now no I don't want any and I agree with double -- it I don't know for some reason this whole thing is -- -- it it's just took me. It it's been disgusting from the beginning you know like I would accept my wife watched it every -- she talking about every -- in chief said. What she said to me. And -- don't know for sure as you said. Everything was circumstantial there was no proof that you would even murder she was dark it in -- in the ports you'll. But some reason taken on this negative connotation as you know they're -- people who have been convicted of murder when there has been no body. In white all or let's all say a prayer tinted to whatever high -- believing. Now Whitey Bulger urged jurors don't think along the same lines that you when you liked you because there -- some cases that he is charged with in the homicides where there -- -- My wife's screams at me that she's guilty and I and I -- -- and I. She was screaming -- -- I can pick which ones are innocent and she was so upset with me that -- that you found innocent. That I touch with it to me it would open a -- and. John I don't quite get it to any of I don't know netstat violence but I'm glad they did appoint you thanks for the call. Tell you I next I. Shall argue. Our. That this opening segment -- guess right at one point and it might. Aggravate everybody but. It just look at and take a look a -- doing this stuff happened out on you are out and it held up have been Massachusetts. It's just another under a horrible umbrella of liberalism which is. All agree that hunger free and it's sickening -- yeah liberal don't. -- -- You know even listening to the -- and the three that nursing student. Well all she had a difficult childhood. You really leading -- no I Italian actress by it was a -- talk. And that's global and that's the problem we don't know how she died. Whilst Joseph I would like someone to give me a plausible explanation as to how Caylee Anthony wrapped herself up in duct tape and roll into the woods. I know I know I'd put that thing really gets me is neglecting. And abuse or on the table are out of that one there on how that long. In my right why they had mutually excludes from one another night meanest -- I I Dodd. For the weekend took up my copy though era and. They interview after and he -- -- -- Brighter future -- I touch my shot and they'll take it our action they'll take him away but. Yeah Almonte might be all right. It's I don't believable ballot on PP but basis. This liberal liberal again in this country in that state he just took -- too many leading our way too many thanks. An angelic day is having an effect I'll agree with you especially. When it comes -- the judicial system and public safety in this country that they extreme left has really taken a stance. I against public safety. And has coddled the criminal to second degree that some -- -- Anthony. Not only stands to walk at a jail next week she stands to become an extremely. Wealthy woman she went from whiskey tango in a wealthy. After she and I truly believe after she had something to do. With the death of her child even if it's as simple as not giving. Rats behind rats rare brand where her little girl was Tom what do you think you are next with John McCain. I was surprised me you talk about mature and experienced group what criminal larger analysts. Though I thought it would organs and mr. it's at all it was sheer speeches that took -- she had something to do. Well Patrice it is going to be more than something to do because that some -- and nobody. Knows what happened and you can say what did you do left to ask mr. -- I have no idea -- people the way they do people do write some part of it. Now what happened to the child give me. What happened to the child we do and these facts if you connect the dots as far as I'm concerned if you connect the dots. You come up with a pretty clear picture of what happens girl. Fact Casey Anthony asked her neighbor first shot. Fact Casey Ian he's trunk smelled like dead bodies and had her daughter's DNA and it. Fact -- EU need Google the word chloroform. Fact this little girl was found duct tape. And thrown into a trash bag that was discarded in a wooded area where it was not that by animals fact time. Casey Anthony lied about it continually in the please -- -- kid. With the nanny what they need any name's Andy of course that was known meaning names any. Where is the nanny the nannies with my favorite boyfriend there was no rich boyfriend -- on the fact. Casey Anthony sat in jail. And meanwhile. We what's expected to believe years -- three years later that this girl drowned. -- -- -- Act it was classic appearance could be -- eight Internet talk about car. About China. Yeah. You name would there. There was testimony that it lets not necessary in order of human body decomposing in -- -- that's -- as good -- actually. And just refused to accept that indeed quite a challenge pops they still have -- I don't know why I'm here actually right give me at its -- baby. -- didn't -- what I can't hide it saying yeah the legal. Steve I'm so stupid I -- I think Casey Anthony killed a kid I use stupid to Steve. You know Michelle each -- an example to all uncommon speed as to why people get away with murder. And they eat don't you. Use and I and I think the thing closing arguments all the time you don't lead to lead your god giving up incensed with you let the -- -- the war. This -- was titled. With duct tape over her nose and government health and they're saying at least each said there's no indication that she was murdered. I mean did you commit US and -- assault into the woods Steve. But this is the job which is what you have I. By the way ever try out. Thinking nowadays unless they're just fingerprint on duct tape which was thirty or forty years forty he had -- -- It was -- he's got. I had talked to an animal's. They're not gonna convicted. And that's the whole thing Steve they can for finger prints on duct tape. And we'll look at the fingerprints on the inside the trunk of the car. Probably know Casey Anthony who was it DV it's evil person in an -- manipulative liar. Put a pair of her mother is you know dishwashing gloves. Clearly her daughter had been in the trunk and I don't like you Steve I don't have kids but when I'm babysitting my seven nieces and nephew I don't transport them in the trunk. On the that they overlooked that Michelle Obama the common sense you don't particularly the -- don't let you know maybe cable. Maybe their -- in May want to get a wake of that house and maybe you wanna put a little -- -- connect those dots I mean it. -- cents. Yeah people do not understand -- everybody wants to CSI concluded in Steve the body was not found the six months after the kid was reported missing -- last seen at least. By that time. The body was so badly decomposed that weeds growing through the bones that had been ripped apart by wild animals and I'm sorry to be so gruesome folks. But this is what we would dealing with many forensic scientists have pebbles of bones. In his most of the tipping a print off some. Well that's what -- -- let's put that people want that as pro and editor -- Steve. I mean how can anyone who -- actually pretty rational. As Steven Tom. How. But Steve those people don't live in the real world and as -- -- six month sentence at times sounds like classic trust on weed smoking pot. But Steve people who don't encounter crime and evil on a daily basis like some of us do. Who live in the city who cover crime who'll prosecute crime arrest criminals that thank you your expertise -- Michelle -- we are AMS_X. eighty Bjork yeah. I mean honestly folks why -- happens to Casey. I'm sorry Caylee -- I dare say I'm sick to my stomach to make this decision. And -- folks at all in danger. Liking your reaction to that this is in -- There have been people who said the only deliberated ten or eleven hours and that shows you weren't series that's speculation you know what speculation is not back. And we have a lot of discussions. We started to look through stuff but none of it how does she diet. If you're either charged with murder don't have to know how they killed someone or why they might have killed someone -- have something where when why how. Those are important questions that we're not answered. Back. Gets to case right. 31 days 31 days that she does not report the death or disappearance of her daughter. And she parties -- and people say. That was evidence that she was killed and looks very bad behavior is very bad but bad behavior is not -- could prove a crime. Did you believe the defense. Accusation that this was a family. That had incest and at that Casey had been molested by her father or brother I have nothing to substantiate that so now -- I mean. Don't let -- -- rolling your delivery now if you don't -- I'm not gonna just because they're here now that's not a that's not a factor what did you make. It's so absurd folks I am Michelle -- we are -- -- CD WRKO. That was turn on the three. Who is 842 year old nursing student and I agree with. I believe it was on the called rally was sent up to the liberalism yeah. Now this is not about politics folks this is about the idea that these jurors had a job to do pieced together how. Caylee Anthony that they had the opportunity. To at least open manslaughter. Because let's connect the knots 31 days this girl is missing her mom's party then of course I neighbor. Testified. That. Casey Anthony. Borrowed car show full. What she didn't do it what you gonna take you to strip club and do it reenactment of the construction guy in YMCA. What she did you with the schaeuble please count 61726. X 6868. -- she trans. -- her daughter in the trunk of her car which by the way smelled like decomposing dead bodies. Who put -- that little girls and all the notes and threw in the woods which she was ravaged by wild animals. The idea that the jury is trying to say we don't know how she died. We know this much. Casey Anthony's explanation that the little girl drowned. And that they threw her body in the woods to make it look like a homicide. Does not even -- This smell test in any way that stings worse thing Casey Anthony's trunk mason are next with Michelle McPhee I -- -- I'm Michelle. You know something about this case that the prosecution. The prosecution. Has the job aluminum NAFTA in the -- right. Estimates are around. No -- if -- -- actually the police I didn't have the police on the stand to testify. As suggesting that pattern. Evidence that they found out. Right. It's a very good question. I don't understand that -- I would you have to do you can't I would I would just the end of the birthday present in the. You have to have such substantial. Evidence that the police probably had substantial evidence to. And I grew what is. Other -- -- this seems to be substantial evidence they tracked down and neighbors gag if you see Anthony double meaning they tracked down our priorities roommates who said. She she seem not so I did auto body contest that they are rarely win. Don't pull themselves early. You know they know what's going on and then if they don't have a -- on the stand. And look them up I think you won't find any anything. But now I happen -- that's right we are talking right now about Casey Anthony case that we are so many different. I examples of liberal journeys like. I gotta go with those who are whether it's grown men and I can't stand -- bad in this country may have beaten yet. And why -- nobody would why doesn't -- Oh. And -- this guy attitude until September and execute this put lousy lousy ball just don't have loved to have them. I -- May I mean look at I'm JW Carney I'm -- on the use the same arguments that the defense made you just apparel all kinds of things. Stop if you will that the policy -- stacks what do you think Stanley annex with masonic the end of act now. There have been leadership role. As. It just goes the short week that just -- is dying but dead truly is deaf dumb blind and stupid. And the hope you're right that I've witnessed that was -- missed a couple of minutes and grow. I was guitar. I was that year. -- sure I meant that a safe if she got a little information. What I can extend -- note to that you're -- and ask. Please clarify. On the rest. -- Given an opportunity to Stanley. It's. Only. It's sort of the region and we tried over there aren't prepared crowd and there's eleven there lose. -- they did not even take a look at cursory look at the evidence that they had a question she asked in -- teenager again. The question she asked as we don't know how Caylee Anthony died. Okay and then I want when the primaries. Okay event. I try harder than two weeks -- it won't soon. She clearly read it and slowly they're certainly not in this country that we should not -- the last. I agree Stanley I don't know about that I'm not gonna advocates of that but. It listen well we have the shovel that she bar we have this hair in the truck we have. The duct tape. We have. The chloroform search on the Internet I mean I -- sure he has a responsibility. To examine the evidence in pieced together a timeline. Why did you in the other jurors acquit Casey Anthony of murdering her daughter. There wasn't enough. Evidence there wasn't anything strong enough to say exactly I don't think anyone in America can tell us exactly how she died. If you play even just the told jurors in one room of the piece of paper. Right out how Caylee died that would you know. We know -- consisting with human decomposition and was found in the trunk of a car. Belonging to Casey Anthony. Both ordering now it says he lab results appear to be quite consistent with a key. Compositional. And then having occurred in the track of the vehicle according to a crime lab. Then they have a strand of Casey I'm sorry excuse me Caylee Anthony's hair they had the schaeuble. They have the fact that she lied repeatedly about with a kid is. Which is the question hair I don't understand. Debra you are arrived with the stomach the kind of New York mail hi Debra. -- that child did not die by accident otherwise she wouldn't have duct tape on -- let me tell you peace and other. Couldn't eat that had been an accident wouldn't you look at the other side. I put little child who -- out of her own body rotting in the swaps somewhere. She would clung to that child any decent runner but secondly I don't understand how this any different than that Scott Peterson case. Chile say -- maybe lacy Peterson drama and -- tried to cover up by dumping her body in the ocean. Where did the different Scott Peterson is facing the death penalty. Exactly and purchase this woman -- -- you know you're confident that it isn't absolutely liberalism somebody. It's a little. -- wanna make it that I talked decision they did not want it on their own conscience that they had to make tough -- It's -- when I. Jackie common sense at the door of the courthouse it is ludicrous and Abbott the idea that circumstantial evidence in -- on time. That's all police and prosecutors. -- circumstantial evidence you piece together a timeline of events that took place. They're violent events that took place that ended in. A homicide. And and that timeline. You tried to back up with as much evidence that took -- well isn't as prosecutors of being attacked right now. Forest seeking this and it's overzealous prosecution that jury had a choice. To. Pick manslaughter what is stated this was murder in the first degree when pocket of the death penalty conviction but clearly something happened to this kid. I'd be I'd be even acquitted her on on child abuse is neglect abuse. It is it is a pilot I -- a flood water while locked him in my car. That you get locked up the that my god I could be locked up by DN SE PA if I left Wilbur. With the windows rolled up in my -- If -- had been broken into twice now there -- no windows. -- I don't understand all these people and all these pundits thought you know talking about it in and not the jury here and say well they are right it wasn't because of murder well you know what. Don't you. That -- you're not out. You know like Debra in mesquite Ian this year -- she's putting up and the dead bodies in her -- Report that said and I quote. All ordering ounces in lab results appear to be quite consistent with the in layman's -- its human decomposition. Was found in the trunk of a car that belonged to Casey Anthony a line. -- It's great for. China so was so how do you spleen doing the dead body in the front. How do you explain the darling of the -- I don't -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- body and the child because a baby drowned -- and she was trying to cover it up she was afraid any authority. You're ready you're had a baby drowned in covered up why the duct tape. Ludicrous. Right about it. And how it and cheese and beer free -- on July 13 -- that would be next week. -- lines here at this have been. Figure book deal folks this is the Michelle -- show. I'm a baby. And oppress you stroke of duct tape. A bathing. In effect rotting in the woods and most people look at that they've put two and two together this. Well in our country unfortunately have to prove it you can't just be like yeah that really looks bad smells bad looks that I get done and it smells bad looks that I get back. But it's someone else's life and if I'm long and I kill someone else. I can't believe that. As fairly does smell bad like kids riding clubs that was in Casey Anthony's trunk. It's really all that and it actually looks bad in you know looks the worst the -- jurors who spent Annapolis ten hours. I'm just as a lack thereof. A little Caylee. Anthony. Now that mother Casey Anthony as walking out of jail a free woman next week. You know what he has written in letters. Kill us letters reveal the 25 year old can't wait to have more children. She says he is Symbian pregnant again is considering an option. You idiot dot ticket an email. You know now she's really looking forward to. She wants to write a blob in a memoir in a relationship advice Spock. I know that -- right -- entire relationship advice -- From a monstrous mom and we don't even know they're still RFK. Lead daddy was this kid from the people died car accident with a sister an official. So ST I next what Michelle McPhee -- -- else if you can you can't wait to do. -- teeth -- wears sexy underwear. Well at. That's right thing we want. But what I think -- is it is. I don't mind people being upset about this it's very. But the idea and you look at just recently. I call it command. And call this majority. All present name and stupid. All majority including the -- and it came to the same conclusion. What we all thought out that too early to select pool. Picking their community. That that's. Absolutely right book I don't mind Symbian apps that. Because people don't like the verdict. They go out the majority it makes no sense. But Steve they -- it for all of ten to eleven hours on this little girl's life they -- -- aren't bad starting at yeah. Talking about Steve -- explain to meet schaeuble what it Casey and I don't. But double put my neighbor that does. Last -- but you know. -- any explain why he needed to -- -- and -- -- body. You have nothing body in the front explain it to -- America that we can get the chloroform. As a -- questions seat she'll. We know they keep that I'm gonna -- we are and six days of Iraq.