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The President And His Obsession with Corporate Jet Owners

Jun 30, 2011|

President Barack Obama hit Republicans over tax breaks for corporate jets at least four times in the opening moments of his news conference, seeking to dial up pressure on the GOP to accept tax increases as part of a budget deal. Republicans weren’t having it. They suggested repeal of the corporate-jet break – which they’ve so far opposed – is a stalking horse for much larger tax increases that Democrats really want. Howie had no faith that President Obama has any clue about the economy.

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I gave kind of idea. Kind of -- past Tuesday at this press conference of Obama's apparently it was really really that. That's where the that's where the -- even a guy and MSNBC said that the said the Obama act like it there in his words. Who was that what was that -- better said that. Halprin Hal David Halperin says that means and I believe he's been taken off the air and MSNBC indefinitely. He has four for the for the crime as it is it blasphemy -- -- matches. Or is it blow. Could be both -- and that's a -- he heats at some. We're in the 72 delay today. I want to characterize how -- -- the president behave. That having these Wellington and we -- which means that right Alex yeah sure Colombia take -- down for -- say yeah let's see what happens is you. I get the behind you fall down the engines business and the president has been sat on the it's not a young guys but -- kind of a -- yesterday phone might get delay that. Could speculate that what you do and I think the president yeah. And you know I'll just say that word on MSNBC. If you says about the Michelle Bachmann for. Somebody or -- Q and you could say it but not not about for a not about our dear leader. 1877469432218774694322. Should read some of the stuff from did you did I know I know people listen to this thing they saw last night even if it was -- yesterday afternoon I'm sorry evidently with a but again we've been tied up Y eighty. It we will get back to -- you later on today. Here's here's a Barack on yesterday and is at his news conference if you -- the CEO -- helped hedge fund manager in America right now you're taxes are lower than they have ever bad. Did you know this to your taxes are lower than they've ever been. I don't even I I don't even own a corporate jet and I know that's bowl. They'll lower than they've been since the 1950s. In the that might in fact he's been way they have a have marginal rate of 90%. Does this guy you know any -- And you can afford it you'll still be able to write on your corporate jet you're just going to have the pale little more. And this is up from a power line about blog dot com. What on earth is Obama talking about the current top marginal federal income tax rate is 35%. This chart is from Wikipedia but I believe it's accurate the top marginal rate was 28% for a time during the 1980s. As for the 1950s that was the -- of the highest ever top marginal rates. Obama's claim isn't true for capital gains either in fact they went up this year. The more you listen to Obama the more you realize he has no idea what he is talking about on any subject. When it out he just make stuff up. Here's an idea let's give Michelle Bachmann to please repeat Obama's tax claims tomorrow. Within fifteen minutes every news outlet in America will be telling us how stupid she years. It's. It's so that you grow. No way that won't work Michelle is a former tax lawyer knows better. He see -- so this really believes. Of American history and American politics. You know this isn't like somebody you know who you know campaign in the French and Indian war this is the tax rates back in the 1950s. In the -- and I thought everybody who knew any thing. About politics and and history knew that the top marginal tax rate back in the 1950s was I think around 80%. 90% remember when not JFK cut the tax rate in the shadow rising tide lifts all boats and that that was that the beginning of the -- cutting. From the from the Cold War era. And in the -- this guy gets up there and talking about these these corporate jet owners. He mentioned corporate jet owners six times -- guys get the biggest corporate jet -- ball. Wouldn't see what is he talking about. Today he -- Should this is Jim Garrity from the national view online today he mentioned the tax -- for corporate jets six times he didn't mention that he signed legislation. Preserving the tax code provision in the law or that the grand total of the savings of -- that tax rate would be about three billion dollars over ten years. The man who flies everywhere you anywhere he wants any time tax free. The cost free excuse me complained at great -- that other people's private jets are insufficiently taxed. Tomorrow Obama won't fly on Air Force One to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attend to DNC fundraisers. Where he will probably again denounced the current tax rates on corporate jets without anyone remarking on the irony. I think this reveals is that Barack Obama is not used to being challenged yeah if you challenger mayoral races that's the reason. Most of us have scoffed at his predictable straw man his off the cuff references to console stealing doctor's. His exhausted some might some on the right say we should take this extreme path some on the election we should take this extreme path. But I choose the sensible path in the middle framing of every issue. They went through a couple of the other things he said. Asked about the ATF fast and furious operational Obama said that attorney general Eric Holder made very clear that he would have opposed the operation. You know the one that occurred on his watch. Discussing the DREAM Act Obama's -- kids who grow up here and think of themselves as Americans let's make sure those kids can stay. And as Jim Garrity says -- thinking of yourself as an American is not the same as being an American citizenship is not that the same is not a state of mind. It's time to stop playing games he concluded that men and that the press conference for the next event on his schedule welcoming the WNBA champions. Seattle storm for the White House Rose Garden. 18774694322. The problem with taxing corporate jet owners -- from the Wall Street Journal. Is the most of the people would be subject to the higher taxes the president wants aren't likely to beat private jet owners. Someone earning 250000. Dollars a year among those scheduled for a tax increase next year. Is unlikely to afford it yet or even a few charter trips on a jet. A new citation CJ an entry level jet cost five million dollars annual operating costs fuel hangar space pilots. About a half a million. Cheap issues yet 600000. Annual operating costs anger pilot mechanics fuel about a million dollars a year. Cost of chartering a -- 3000 dollars an hour typically. Jadox and its central business jets says. That most of those who own their own jets have networks of 100 million or more. Or and earned more than ten million dollars a year minimal. But that's who -- that's who we mentioned six times that's a big that's a big hunk of America isn't it. Those corporate jet on people making over ten million a year people would networks of over hundred million. Arthur you're next with how we are going out are there. Art call are we about Hollywood carrier made -- great approach -- but do vice president John Edwards. Political about it there's been one of the best the ball side -- -- there's no how could anyone doubt that aren't there you're right. There you go and I carry it everywhere you talked about Obama but guys the -- is very the world doesn't wanna do the job yet the bigger. Eagle in the world and meet our country is -- about the tools and they could care less. Can you imagine just -- out there and spouting that nonsense not even going to tax rates. You know I mean you don't have that you don't have to be an accountant or tax lawyer to know that but I mean. Just it just from reading the newspapers what did you have some kinda idea what the tax rates had been over the last 5060 years I mean I do and I. I don't go home put on a Green -- -- you don't either don't know what the general rates war and -- don't wait. We shall we certainly do what everybody was sacrificed to startup there's there's. I get to make those sacrifices what you witnessed side business I would if -- finally you know get the support what you might like -- barks. It Beckett can actually -- open. I have got my business is gotta wait -- that would be great to. I expect about what for what Serbs don't work out already more they take all the money it of people -- workable larger. Right I know there's a story there's a story in the in my -- pile that dale read it later on as saying that. Obamacare is already a crushing job is it's a crushing job killer because people don't. People are gonna pay for all this obamacare they -- don't know how much it's gonna cost but they know it's gonna cost a lot more so it just gonna ask the people they've got to make make do -- blasts you know. Elected elected senator sotomayor's spirit what I had 75 people were paid for 80% of their health. That -- -- -- care now that my company is don't wait government -- because so what it might clients and customers have gone out of business for the same reasons. I can't I I couldn't irony -- I'd have to pay for anymore. Yet again I was it looked before and then and -- you know another thing that these guys ever mention is -- cut rates. There's this this couldn't couldn't afford it you couldn't get money in the banks so they want the credit cuts. And maxed out at port 25%. -- nobody wants to sing about it. Thanks for the call Arthur right in your next with Howie -- go ahead Ryan. Alec -- take my card a couple of points. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it -- great wouldn't spend a good positive signal of the retro world that we put the sky and -- that would be great. And of course we could see how. And worked out exactly so well that they don't want to say it about. They'll pop them in that same crap -- yesterday. Obama meant anything it could walker by hand the heat them up for that you won't work blue -- But he let -- beard and got on the ball on quite what -- are gonna happen but can you imagine if that was what are often. You do us. Terror violence -- -- the. Right and it could -- -- Finally that he is com I totally agree that the pats part but. When he grabbed great pain is could be an actual. Receipts for the treasury current income taxes. Compared to do. -- the GDP to about 8 o'clock and breaking up some numbers from. -- actors and that and that there angle that putting not. I don't I don't know what he's talking about those shouldn't he know that when the -- should be no the taxes are higher now than they were in the 1980s I mean he was no. He was know what grade school student in the 1980s he was you know allegedly an adult I guess who's going to school. But you shouldn't you know what the tax rate was when he was and is when he was in his twenties and thirties. -- -- -- but as you point out at you at some point you know at a real job paid income. Actors look it's okay it's double or are the lack thereof what's left over. Had a concern I think people more more finding out that. Got in a professional duty and is now lecturing not so called -- thirty and -- the president. Yeah I know it's it's thinks it's a disaster. 1877469432218774694322. The -- in the world that he lives and community and the world where you know doctors poor predatory creatures. You know trying to chop off -- to what they'd get more money. And the -- the tax rates were were infinitesimal during the 1950s. And now there and now for that now we of course tax rates of all time. And the the only problem we have with with with oil imports is that one well properly inflate their tires -- this in this. This this is our world world -- to to use the the old Superman comic books comic book race it's it has no. It has no relationship to any kind -- 18774694322187746694322. Bill your next without -- cell. It isn't cute it was a bit like Herbert who work at this. -- This guy doesn't know what he's talking about football and what to talk about actors in this guy does what -- got. While Gartner Treasury Secretary door ask about pay taxes could certainly do want to -- It that it chuck chuck jolly waigel John Kerry. All I thought police but -- -- -- tax cheat video conducting standup but what you people alternate access. What did you see what Geithner said last week they had the -- these it would have to raise taxes on small businesses so was not to cut government services. You know just what I think -- get a lot more from small businesses that I get from government services so call. Cut -- -- -- services as far as I'm concerned. Exactly that we need to -- Meeting you are -- talking about this book just let it -- the opposite energy that's were each up about oil closed down over the last -- quite yet I just. You know what I like they've ever been the one of those Department of Energy gas stations bill. You know the DD OE gas stations that provide a lot that provide a lot of energy to a lot of people over the years haven't. There although well what did he says the Gallup poll. I. I would dissect what this whole thing is he's a whole -- these separate that they could no one is talking about he has absolutely no idea how to create a jaw. He certainly does not Iraq about -- that are talked a lot. He spoke at all. If there -- that to the college tuition that's what to do it it'll detect if this is twenty billion talked about fanatics don't even that out I the other -- you -- -- in the eighties where you're already tried -- deal without a public square but so what that dot. The Detroit wasn't what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- again though it imagine Republican candidate any Republican candidate who's making these series of misstatements he made about the tax code yesterday. They won't be they would have been that the -- checks will be going on. To labored. And be ripped apart with -- would they would never be allowed to forget it and not know what even mentions it anymore you know because they X. They these big concession is you know what's the unspoken concession is. Of course she's a boom but these -- -- so we're not gonna tell anybody else maybe if we don't tell anybody they'll realize what an idiot idiots. Right any -- o'clock respect the court. I don't put that those few plot if you close you know you read YouTube bodies it would control put. 2006 to 2010 and Iraqi our economy -- the -- -- that's. Those were the ones who worked at it and -- -- to that. Well it didn't have anything to do with that at all -- all of course it's -- -- or slip -- as well if people don't yet have you need epic put all over the disaster quote Barney Frank. And allegedly kept in jail the. -- Chris Dodd book. Right now the ahead of what now he's the new Jack Valenti the head of the motion picture association wonderful. Thanks for the call when I wonder if he'll sign off on a movie about the two senators and a waitress sandwich. 18774694322. Rusher next without -- cart or hatteras. It'll probably job creating entrepreneurs know is that gamble song goes. Is on those who are Barack Obama is the president in other states it's time not hold up. Well you have to do is note two things Obama care in depth attacks in just think if the death tax goes back to a million dollar. Most businesses that are worth two -- three million dollars out there. If the if that if the owner died in -- about it is apparently. They're gonna have to sell that business in -- at page 55 -- taxes which is outrageous. And it'll tell it up and Barack Obama -- -- fault and -- about the body airplanes one beat all of them out at the state of California. For scrutiny at the steelworkers and United States by giving China a contract. To build the new Oakland Bay Bridge in California. In what they do and therefore that sections 6500. Mile across the ocean when he got should've went toward tool I'm American companies. Instead. The auto workers would be steelworkers -- -- growth in remote look at the about Marxist state the State of New York. The Alexander -- is being out refurbished by Chinese company. And also there's. -- but on the -- built many Yankee Stadium in the Chinese contract has got that -- That's what dumpster -- full should be -- at a -- about. Not this foolishness. That he that he's talking about which is up in the class warfare. He understands he understands airplanes though because he travels on them you know I mean you can't economy -- pretty simple for the you know. He can't see he doesn't grasp about complicated issues very well and so he's. Arms around the the the the corporate jets and so he's gonna he's gonna -- those corporate jets just like he would Malia. The evil positions chopping off people's limbs for more money for months at a time thanks for the call. Ali we're not we're going to be number tool under under Barack Obama -- going to be number one. Now now I know which is the question of how -- are we going to be number 21877. 4694322. On our car. Okay. This just then. Whitey Bulger declared in the that means we'll -- about the JW Carney uses -- he has to stand. You believe this. I know -- and there are no bad lawyers on these public defenders JW Carney is a great lawyer Kevin Pennington is a great lawyer. Why. Are we pay. Stashed it all over the world and now -- now that not even gonna ask his brother's where the money years that I can ask him where the money is that he stashed. We have the paper of it was bad enough the paper seldom -- that was an outrage this is a quadruple outraged that. 18774694322. We'll keep talking about Barack for a while hello this is this so many outrageous to talk about. 1877469. So marriage is so little time. Yes so little time. 1877469432218774694. Victory. 22. Failure next with how we cargo ahead -- Are you -- eight. But it could take out particular release Barack Obama -- -- school great I guarantee there's one great. In a -- that junior achievement -- icicle. You know ripping into this little -- -- taxation was tried in California before they say they. They took easy target it started attackers boats yachts. Delete built boats and yachts and the people actually suffered -- were all the artisans and outlook are workers actually help these yachts. Right. Did the island remember -- patches Kennedy thought it was a wonderful idea because who's gonna so local people like himself. And they realize they were putting all of his constituents out of business in the boat yards in Rhode Island that he had the lead the lead the charge to get the that repeal of the the tax on boats. Exactly an album and he has gone after the Internet you know I mean it's just ridiculous. That a -- that we know -- if you sent -- tables bandit. I hope the Republicans have a step back on -- and not really really really jet. Some good mileage out of not proving yet increased the tax deal. India excuse me in the debt ceiling because we don't stand here this is gonna be ridiculous this is like kit. Well when you take particular -- currently hold a brat it to you item up I mean we got it we got to call a block of the large start breathing again. I'd just like the book that's just a little kids still. -- Last December remember when lame duck congress approved the continuation of the bush tax rates. Did -- say that we needed to keep taxes low because that's how jobs are created right. What is it six months later and he's saying. We need that we need to war start. It's the start bickering and the people who actually create jobs and produce goods and services in the country. I think Ed it's ridiculous because that you -- heard about it but government wages tax freeze urged Israel a government wages freeze. Everybody still get their 35 or 12% increases in another quiet and -- you know they're going. I know. And you know well well. Almost ten million people lost their jobs in the dreaded private sector probably how many government workers have lost their jobs very many. -- and government workers there it is entries. I'm so glad I live in a statement right now -- it's it's it's only thing that keeps reached eighteen it is watching the news -- in all -- make a comment to try to Simone. Pets or media I mean we're at the leak. Well you know TrueCrypt being crazy appear whenever he makes the comment or whenever he does something. And I just look at G as is that you know I don't read the editorial page that's comedy -- we've got to spread this across United States. These these people. I picked. The voters are sheep on it I don't understand why they don't get it why don't ask these questions like why haven't we gross wages. Public sector workers while we're in this crisis. Q what you will take a look at what they're watching on TV at night you wonder whether their brain cancer. Are are shrinking went -- when he thing. What -- when they don't even have the ability to vote their own best interest and. If it's at our Karl on the it -- -- -- keep your radio and -- don't what it wasn't some basic couldn't understand what it's trying I mean it it's just so dumb down. It's it's just ridiculous -- you know I I hope. People start to realize that we can't continue to do -- -- can't do it as an individual. You can't spend your away. -- success. They don't -- like -- -- critical so late to go and take you can't put -- -- and it goes to an op and expect to find a bunch -- in there you're just gonna kill the -- political. Thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. Too much spending is Washington's disease not in sufficient revenues mrs. that your post editorial. Besides what could be worse for America's shaky economy the new taxes that's especially true for small businesses and revenues are generally -- as personal -- As senate GOP leader -- call vote Obama himself as said. Quote keeping taxes where they are enables businesses to hire more workers in other words that raising taxes leads to if you were jobs on quote the Prez he said quote can call for tax hikes but he -- corporate tax hikes and job creation. It's one or the other. Obama should also come clean about just whose taxes -- hike after such as millionaires and billionaires and corporate jet owners in the cross hairs. Scraping the corporate jet break for instance is estimated to bring it just three billion in ten years. But Democrats are calling for 400 billion. 400 billion in new tax revenue. Americans as particularly in New York should know by now the when Paul's talk of taxing millionaires. They usually mean folks earning as little as 250000. Dollars what do married veteran teacher co -- often nearly. Fact is Obama's hikes would be economically oneness but equally troubling is his use of divisive class warfare rhetoric Damascus -- intentions. America should just say no actually hell. John your next without cardinal John. I always I could good. Particular Obama very brief -- Wall. Street Journal recently published the perhaps they do periodic we have -- Amount of tax rate verses tax revenue yes. -- recall what our tax rate highest tax rate was what you're and I were born in 1952. There was it was about. In the fifties it was about 90% right. He want to pursue anyone there -- men who were Obama you're okay Jack can. What was supposed. It's -- Went up there right. Is that clearly there's need to know anything more about the simple. Very simple. This graph goes to 1952 of present day. Every -- tax rates and revenues go. Obviously he doesn't care about studied -- things like. Graphs and tax rates if he believes that tax rates were low in the 1950s. -- that's a real that's a real how war. That's that's right up there with 57 states when you get right down to right. Yeah it's it's pretty bad. It was supposed to be smart. Never. Yeah I have I ever bought it I never bought it in a big way but little that I know how just how dumb he really was. Well. -- I know I sit in haste repent at leisure. I think there's only one guy going to be it honestly who's. I really -- because it eliminates the one thing that that he's gonna use a race car. And that -- McCain. He can't use the race scout against K. -- -- the only one who's gonna win and I believe. I don't think. Herman's Herman may of people -- thanks for the call John. Josh you're next with how -- -- ahead Josh. There are you doing. I'd like oh well Brothers ultra. You mean by obscene profits -- -- who brought us. It profit. You that. You know the Obama administration have a problem -- unintended -- Last summer the parties started all doubt attract few weeks and they tried -- -- -- Billion dollars. And exported commodities. And out of oil right well hopefully. It brought out there. To -- quick thing about jets Belichick go. The first at. They jet owned by people there on a core ready. The unit that. All of them. -- he's saying is written -- They're a record at the corporate -- or whatever that it. -- people had these corporate jets are right -- all expenses. Ready. It. When -- get. In such -- all of apart. For the -- -- the report. Rational here may rise all the way Detroit. Right 'cause they couldn't take they didn't take commercial airliners from but Detroit to Washington to was to ask for handouts yes. Right but the problem was they made them rot. I remember reading an article when you look at how much is people are paid that makes much more sense. -- jet waiting their for the when they're out there that it ought to. About out at all. Should tell you about the guys the guys psychology. With the -- he hates people who have smaller jets than him. He has always has the biggest -- at all and yet he's running around the country. Just repeating it. Six times in one speech. That how much how much they are ripping the people lost what what is and he part of the problem. The only thing that is gonna do that if he goes through which I don't think. What people are people. Actually only when people are these little puddle jumpers. Art you know they don't at all. Multi million dollar. People are harder and 200 doubt. About it you'll. Because it is so great but. It is there. All incumbents -- when they bite. It's been put out. I know it's like everything else he does win especially economically thanks for the college -- 877469432. To a mile car.