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Max Robins Monday June 27, 2011 - Justified and Game Of Thrones

Jun 27, 2011|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...Guest host Michele McPhee talked to Max about The Event, Weed and the retro TV series The Fugitive.

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Is that right now why -- show. The would have walked the suit. While captains on Wednesday. Will go -- we were taught my kids might view this. Max re Bill Clinton is a breast there when you interview him. -- -- and asked if I well. I -- a body or not mine max I meant to say you know DeDe -- you look. Did you try to catch -- side by putting your had and I said you know. Did you go down to -- -- To make eye contact you know what I mean this. Is getting worse moment. You do it yourself even deeper I'm only now -- back about half. -- -- That -- so excited to tell -- how we are today as we -- -- with Macs and that vice president at least in New York media. And I -- the final episode of the killing. Yeah why not clip hangers that coming back you that you don't keep people you don't even with -- if you will become. Have to come back now what do rent me leave Britain shown not to the wire by the and that addicted well. You know I have to admit I didn't watch it I've got -- stacked up at home and -- you know on the DVR. By people like yourself who say got to see this they said it started out really strong. That the episodes in the middle kind of flag little that it ended strong so I'm gonna check it out a motive for -- you know we're in the dog days of summer -- -- them to regional program. Well there was that two episodes there were a little to back story on a female detective. Yeah I you know it's it's funny Michelle Mitt I had just the basic premise of it and with the -- the murder Kim won that. I just had trouble buying and it was funny it's it's like they're the first season of Dexter. It took me about a year to catch up and I love the show allotted in a lot of that had to -- with sandy it was a huge fan in encouragement to give Detroit. While last week -- on. I'm -- Howie -- of course and I heard someone after the game of two wrongs which is one of those and I thought it looked too much like Harry Potter I didn't think I would like it. I had to tell I am addicted to in the -- now yeah. I think it's it's it's it's got a real loyal fan base it is coming back next year I think we got another hit the making for HBO. I think a lot of people who were really excited about last night's return of true blood. But. Reviews have been mixed. And I tried to talk to us about true blood get I'd that is I tried many many that I had to get into that I can't do it. Me -- same thing here now people think this shows really sexy great get the whole vampire thing going and lot of what we like to call full value for your HBO subscriptions dollar and it. I never quite get into it either you know I have trouble making that we with a lot of the fantasy science fiction. And you know the vampire thing is always left beat Nicole. But again I know people whom that show while we at a Texas that I love teen will pilot the ratings. Rates for -- -- for strong lot of fans. So what does that what does it hot new show max. Very good question I mean I'm happy about a -- how old shall come and act and tonight we suspect. Which I think a lot of -- -- You know now -- another on whether writing was so strong in the beginning in the last. Season was so you think they got a little lost that ridiculously lost. Yeah I mean -- And there's I think there's some stuff coming out and -- real curious to see if the show on and BC's Playboy club or a pan am on ABC both kind of sixties period pieces. Hoping to you know build on the whole madman swinging sixties thing if they make it although I'm a little bit dubious. There's there you know they're doing an American version of that great producer. Series prime suspect. Although you know that -- Helen Mirren. And of course the American version. Instead of hell in north Helen Mirren type we've got Maria bell and I don't know if you know Maria -- looks like. I like I worry about you know I think look I think she's terrific and anxious to works terrific. So let's say let's see if they can -- Recreate. The kind of real subtlety and strength that that that drama -- I'll definitely check that. -- prime suspect has Kevin -- writing foreign Kevin -- as the son of Charles Hynes the Brooklyn DA. So we can have a little bit of fact Bates he was appoint a prosecutor himself policeman and he gets a real. And knowledgeable writers -- now. Yeah let's hope so let's really hope so and and and me when I'm really jazzed about -- a lot of shows it'll it'll be coming back in the coming months. That you know I've missed I mean like like weeds which comes back tonight. Well I think every week the Iran I text message crests are the yesterday. Sudden severe marquis one -- that cannot -- coming back it's got him back in the fall I think now I'm not sure we're gonna check that out for the guy October. I can't wait the Sons of Anarchy. We have large not a criminal -- series finale was disappointing is now. Yeah I think so I think to scan the -- and and it's it's been 1011 years. Yet. I cannot watch that it is just too many to match. I don't know if it was certain loyalty to its neighbors and I love -- I'm bad I loved it not -- -- but the boy in the blue cap I mean seriously. Now. We sees that its studio -- just elected to -- enough Rio. It's it's. Tired coworkers. -- -- -- -- -- like governor bad here Blagojevich is being convicted. I'm shocked shocked shocked at a -- and -- now it's easy to get a reality show gig now. -- -- I don't think so great although I gotta say you know the other night if you're flipping around the dial I think we really have like it is the end of western civilization as we know I mean between. Mob wives in the new Paris Hilton show -- and housewives -- -- jurors the other was one otherwise I'm Scarlett oh man. Gag me this is just I mean it's all over. You know ridiculous about mob wired stereo is that all those -- knife in my book on mob story. Yeah in many of there husbands or fathers are gangsters anymore -- Iran has found a symbol rat. Teach you grab the I don't rat at 8 PM -- nobody out and nobody not even a made guy. In the other when she didn't merit to do anymore I know I don't nobody tell. They give each of them like you know Apollo light wind does suck down in there already don't like you know start go to the Mets their punch and each other. Yes that flat out ridiculous where I mean none of those women have any validity in the mafia at all to -- of the dot as a rats and the other 2 American nobody's that morning they made that. What I mean what do you think people who watch -- they don't know they don't know they don't have the expertise you do it's. And it again it's just like I don't know that -- once or twice wears out its welcome with me. McKeon -- one -- -- your time but max robins and max max the first -- and -- and you are an act IMAX. -- I don't have Maxine I like like your name X. Actually -- MA CKS. But but coming -- at America. But others have -- blast it with the but he voted in. It's a lot of interest at least in my house the book you'll fugitive gave against and is certainly. You could see it -- get the whole series. It's -- -- could -- have -- video whatever CP. I checked checked Amazon.com. I don't know if it's out on dvd. Which I think -- if you go like on eBay you'd be able to get if you have a -- of a video cassette player play you probably confided we certainly have episodes are innocent and New York. You know they did a remake of that show this is going back several years and it was one of the most expensive pilots have done it tanked. And the show they didn't have they have little or no hope for a little show called cius I wanna to be a monster. That'd take all it takes to. -- -- like that you when he -- to to the mean I'd like people. Yeah well you know there. They may take another look at it I don't know that there are any plans -- analogous said the deterrent remake it but you know. I can't believe this whole thing with what we awaiting the way to bogus stories played really big here in New York it's well it's played big everywhere how long until we get. The Whitey Bulger made for TV movie out them. I gotta think it's probably in development as we speak show about somebody's gotta buy it relates to your book we sports at. Don't think I'm not writing a one page fits on the Catherine -- story -- -- oh I know port what do pathetic character. Well man. But she did just think it's yet the twin in the twin killed the dogs I mean that's a lifetime -- standing outcome on capitol rag on us and that little thing makes me you know. I also like the fact that she went to the tennis once a month together teeth. Yeah I mean I just say I can't believe the FBI never thought okay capping grade at the mobbed malls you might get our nails done and what our roots retouched. I mean it well look they've been hiding in plain sight for so long I mean there's so many questions at me. C'mon you tell me that could've found -- long time ago that it's just that with the biggest crock. And I am IPO Mac what it -- care I mean I know that I'm sure you know I know how we've been talking about this a -- seven several days enormous value of it's this is to me it is such incredible miscarriage of justice. And now we find out that YE in disguise snuck back into Boston on to the teeth to take care of unfinished business -- for all of us how we are still alive. Like I said they should let how we pull the switch. I'm with you on that one gaining -- a max Robbins on the comic our show with -- McPhee hi Dana. And guys that are about the end of civilization. Whatever happens of the event -- really hope they bring that back. Now the it's all over for the event sorry about that lot of hype is a new show by never really caught. Good pilot by. They couldn't make it work. You know on a network big network television. It's really difficult to make series television. To give people by -- for something. Well. Talk another one up and again. You know -- -- -- that be the all he was so great you got addicted to with the new beats stunk. It. It's it's look it's tough to pull off in its. But what really gets me is still in in September and October. The big broadcast that networks journal launch you know thirty news shows -- some some more than that. And how do they expect any of these to get any traction. I mean what are to a -- throughput it is tough. You know we have over nominee now need to render its -- the retread that it's so boring like the rewrites -- -- shows that reality shows a -- modest but some original content. I know in in the funny thing is is that when they do once in awhile. That's what breaks through I mean they kind of seem old hat now but think about it some of the shows we really enjoyed on the networks. Over the last decade or so. 24. Lost. You know the office I mean they they are -- -- and -- broke the mold Desperate Housewives -- and not personally a big fan but I got it I got -- that resonated. So now let's let's take some chances here and it really does that comes down to good writing it comes down to smart promotions of people in the way to find it. But it's still it's really hard it is to stand out -- Now that tutors that was on showtime is it now on television. Not to my knowledge and has they would I mean tutors they would had a real cleanup to to bring that to a TV. I think that the best thing about game at the pre teens between antigens queen who. They did we -- are beginning to wonder about its. Now it a good way. I need to shout out like he would out of her mind a that you are out max -- An -- Gloria what's happening. They're not only we but the Dixie is coming back that are another great Liu broke well written show. They get a show I'm gonna give -- -- given no Detroit to a you know watch the pilot. Again the subject matter won't -- -- Now. There is very good and one other show that's wonderful ANC to let the the first season of the chilling which originally sold as well so what could -- story -- Barrett that fox respect article retreads of female odd couple with Nancy opened take vcast if you break. But what every traffic killing rocked. Yeah I and they and I think because it did the bring in a beckoned -- AMC when they get it right they really get it right they hit it out of the park you know what spring -- to breaking bad. Yeah which will be back. We'll get a date for your breaking -- definitely coming back course we're gonna have to wait for -- that till 2012 for new episodes amendment which really pisses me. -- -- -- looked up the fugitive Buchanan fact get them on dvd at Amazon -- they just released the fourth and final season. Last month on dvd. Good news. Watch Hill Street Blues. And RK can get that him and. Can your -- max robins on Howie Carr show. I hated like Michelle next -- taking my call. It actually show -- what 10 o'clock Sunday night on the History Channel for probably about a dozen episodes so. Called spot here I haven't seen that in a while I'm just wondering if that's gonna become and that at all. Top gear will become a -- and you're free to the -- converse side. -- yeah and also you know that that's that's -- takeoff on a terrific British show that shows here on BBC America if you like the funny show I've ever seen I rally talking neurons in America opted. Oh dear oh it's it's it's it's a blast the guy as a close got a ticket out of checked if you like them the American version check out the original British or the guard. You know as much as I hate to admit that your right so. Try to do that as well especially here but I don't I don't almost the brits were really funny probably have roots in. It probably -- that. I you know the cradle humor in in in in in in Britain I've always heard is Liverpool. Which is you know I mean what percent of that town as a restaurant. Some -- I agree with you with showtime has some really good strong female each and I loved nurse Jackie. Yeah I mean it really too mean and they in the end and they're smart they -- of the cast these things really well. You know they do this -- jacket. Wonderful actress I'm Laura Linney as -- act that Olympics stars in the Dixie she's great I mean they relief line. The these these actresses who can really carry -- -- and I didn't meet -- and Mary Louise parker thank you looks great doesn't she -- yeah it's a kid either. Not she's she's -- -- -- -- out yet it is -- and they and I think -- this is this is that they paid by the way. Breaking gets Quebec sooner than I thought July 17 this summer Sundays. Arnold to start a new season in the summer I think it is I mean I think for cable network is they get out of the -- network promotion. People are Ers are for around for some -- for a re runs. And -- I think it is the other thing too is you know AMC will have most people now. Satellite or cable about demand channels on top of the you know if -- down the shore that week and it's. So I think it makes sense they they they stay the -- in the fall. Out Macs right on how -- show with John McCain. And I wanted to hear about it that. Much is itself. -- no it definitely will be back. It's you know one of the things about it its interest in case study there. Probably in a world without DVRs. Parenthood would not become a bit by a lot of their viewing happens after it's original air date. It's enough of it and it's enough of an engaged audience that advertisers like it. And the networks. Will be back in the fall is gold rush Alaska coming back for a second season. Natural have to check that for. Prying out Macs right. And shouting god are you of the current. They've got credit got a quick question -- -- -- And would know -- that -- justify that it would look at Eric. Berry. Way gold rush that's come Rebecca -- justified is definitely coming back season three of it. One of the best shows it's come on the year analysts to a three years. Liking this kind to me -- have been trying to justify an on demand for about three months now that's a really good question I don't know why. Maybe they're just that that will do better on iTunes and home video I don't know -- Netflix. In my disputed deal they have with the studio but a great show love it -- Yeah everybody is raving about it but I can't see it max Robbins we gonna. -- max robins through. Rob -- with you. I'm telling you Michelle it's great to talk to you great to talk teach you and I know you'll be back with us next week with Alec not act as well max -- Iraq thank you. Joining us here. I am sonic speed it is golly -- now.