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Governor Patrick trying to keep families in homes

Jun 20, 2011|

Boston Globe: "The Patrick administration, facing a record rise in family homelessness, plans to introduce a system next month that would fundamentally change how the state addresses the crisis. "

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Aren't soaring -- the globe today a big story Google -- administration facing a record rise in family homelessness plans to introduce a system next month. There would fundamentally changed. You think they put those two words the other by accident the story. There was fundamentally change how the state addresses. The crisis that's the homeless family crisis. Despite going on in the spending on homeless families so that the policy their food they're dealing with. In the past drug administration. Is not any increase in homelessness of their concern with but suddenly they've gone from. 49 million dollars in annual spending at ten years ago for eleven years ago 261. Million -- Of homeless family dollars so they hope to bring this down. Instead of using hotel rooms as a place to put up families when they become almost give the money to stay in their homes in the first place save a ton of money Yahoo! is that though hotel motel as home. Is a very expensive. Solution to this problem that's -- the problem escalates with a couple things one the economy to. What are continue what I continue described as the breakdown in society with people having children. Starting families having taking no responsibility -- those famous or just walking out when he gets in convenient a difficult. You know something not new -- younger prettier comes along. And there's a woman left with two or three of four children and no obvious means to support herself for her kids so that's it the states sometimes put somebody into a hotel or motel as a shelter very very expensive -- -- -- -- -- huge huge expense of the solution. However. Once you become a government that's in the job of taking care people. All you do is end up where we are today were the cost of having that little social safety net that little old. You know like the guys up on the high wire. Any false. Then he gets hot by this Nazi death so he doesn't die in Iowa says -- if I fall off the high wire wrongdoing my act. I want one of those little spring you soft fall thanks to catch may -- And that idea everyone everyone connects of that idea but they don't notice. Where is Democrats keep running around saying quote don't you -- social safety net when more than half of the population is covered by a social safety net. It becomes not a social safety net anymore but the ground upon which everybody X its stance and why should be the government's. Responsibility if someone walks out menuing leaves you with two kids and a bunch of bill's chances -- -- Sox shouldn't use you have to go to your -- homeless I mean you have a family go to. You'll first see your family -- your parents leave the GD church it. -- -- -- -- he shrugged and some private engineers drug dealer and the outlook -- foul whatever whatever social network there is in your community it but you destroy communities by offering the sky. This system is he made a point out about it becoming. That's a certain baseline. That then in my opinion. Certain behaviors I mean nobody would probably do this willingly. But if you are forever protect if you are forever protected against the stupidity of the decisions. And is no. No way does that kind win latest around those little hole you do have little aside you throw in the nobody would do this. It cooks -- what was your reaction when you heard the story cooks he gave this perfect visceral response they came straight from his heart -- -- -- talks. The state really the heck creek high sophomore carried an idea how come nobody else may tell him. And care can you channel yourself for a moment proxy -- so well. Now I can't Kara. Is so you see people all I go to work every morning why isn't the government pay my bills. I'm just a sucker. You know that was set sort of play harder it reading what you set off the page you so a little thin in the liberals the other little Matt Moore had a little more that a little venom. But that's why did it engenders is this sense that society is incentivizing. That's astounding if the state can cut -- and -- That's better now much much better for the statement text is at the same time taxpayers look and say how. Half of 2500 is 12150 bucks you mean at 12105 they are playing by the rules on pay taxes through the -- some work and write my tail off. I don't know this is this this is this we have just. Stay silent cry yeah I just -- crazy behavior quite nice that's what it -- if you're somewhere near that margin and you're working. You know they talk about the working Porsche say your work and minimum wage job and you make a few hundred bucks a week. Barely enough to to take care a couple of your bills and you say hey I got a much rarer for -- fall away so the government can't catch me so I get caught and that's soft net. As of Friday 15140. Homeless families were living in motels in the state of Massachusetts and 15140. People getting 2500. Bucks a month. For their house and how much money is that quick -- and -- had all wow oh wow that's that's a lot of -- That's a lot of it looked at I will be at the -- in my head but I'll do little fly or La multiplication -- maybe 300000 dollars a month -- it's it's it's it's -- Why who don't. What is wrong with us that we fall for this crap that we let them do this to us. As soon as they start this and by the way they're 2500 dollar month figure 24 under whatever it is to house families in a motel. That's the most stupid thing you could ever do to put a family up. So. Then they compare everything else to that lower spending this ridiculous 24 under role as a month. So now we have to find some -- I mean you're comparing to that number is kind of legitimizes that level spending and then I think every intent to 2000. 18100 lady in her -- you say what a big win. The only the only reason all the motel hotel -- things started was because sometimes that was literally the only alternative. -- and sometimes a little circle highlight a landlord will sometimes not rented to families that of this -- there's a ruthlessness to these -- And an editor responsible lamb what do you get to a three responsible tenants in the rest of the property. If -- energy if you're gonna find more I hear about reasons I tell me in on -- the apartments to pay it seems like every time are part of talking to somebody owns a piece of property that's -- section it's loading and I don't sense any resistance when I talked to these landlords. They seem to think it's a delightful lifestyle they always get their check. It always comes in the first amount they don't have to worry about going and looking for somebody's not paying their renteria but it's hard to get rid of himself. Well they don't media room could also and you wanna get rid of it's hard to get rid of what started irritable tenants I think that's a permanent problem but how do you -- a lieutenant who's got six months without paying -- -- in my taking a year a year and a half. And then you know OK your money back so I I think that's a big fear that landlords have especially in in poor neighborhoods. Dead that would make them like the section eight housing. Anyway it did it just seen it seems to me it's crazy if you say look you go fly section eight says you find and Parma will kick in right. -- is so. The burden is on the family to go find its own housing. The government cuts a check you -- motives are willing to accept a section at the most most most glamorous as you said it you know cocktail party -- Muslim what's happened at to a happy to do it. It pays a good rent. It's always there guaranteed money never ever ever go so well at least and so we -- ball and he is the problem more more than anything else in certain neighborhoods. They've they've become what I call cluster neighborhood so their clusters of section eight in a particular neighborhood. By definition that neighborhood is going to be in turmoil by definition these are screwed up families for the most part they have drug problems. Alcohol problems. -- employment unemployment problems troubled kids are sound a little too familiar yeah I had as a -- morning our -- But I don't a couple of tripled Beckett who are there -- section eight housing. He goes they're got a couple of -- checks surprised Jack yeah RY watt bulb go off fourteen practices on the walk. In the nordic what these people so they get sect Jay Carney in the sub -- They read it out based beta yet but they right now at this acts at 25 bucks a week to illegal immigrants. And then make -- -- he says that might make that I call the building gets back that. They want don't not been about it -- that's why we've wrapped around him -- it sounds like bad. This loan to buy them back is in the trash all the time that's because certain people bulk back. They are they operated quite five bucks a week or mark tolerated but that's what -- ability as you walked in the houses. And Iran where the actual credit flip and yeah it's big screen TV saw what had a computer screen aren't as big entity beyond the wall. Why I'm excited to hear that says they do a little larger turner a spare feels good diminished if it's hot -- like death. -- did try to make something out of their circumstances. Kevin good morning cheer on our jail. Board though so I wanna do what senator Bob was just mentioning clusters of neighborhoods within -- certain communities. -- I think what we should basically do. There's just pick a giant district aren't sort of neighborhood out of all of -- it's cyclical -- a city like Brock gonna just clear it out aired you know. It if you wanna -- affection their welfare you refuted the government's. Serb pays the thousand plus to district going to go there -- -- -- -- The latest -- how's that different from what Brockton is today. How does that ever having you just describe like Fall River New Bedford and fool on Lawrence. What you report enjoy your city has brought to -- all district you know it's just little certain areas of adopt. You don't put put all into one basket. If there it would be an incentive for people to -- their lifestyle because they don't want a little bit for the rest of. Total is putting all those democratic votes in one city. Then you wanna spread out ceding control all the cities of the -- -- the good folks in Brockton and Fall River Lawrence -- and unfortunately left shaken they had because they have become in some respects so in the dumping grounds for all of society's. Troubled folks and they are troubled mostly -- posted his troubles start a self inflicted wounds by the way did the math. It's slightly under four median -- -- dollars and. I'm very point 853 point 85 don't know exactly the idea figure that out cook since message. Well good cop hi guys the best way to do math my lawn tennis that's Ryan you know I'll stop trying and now don't get rewarded from where the failure of the tech Smith. Let's say I try to reduce my -- they tell me I can't do this after really six months behind. And ethical problem they've got to stop payment that yup it's makes it thank bill good morning to you sir. Hey bill. How are you. OK okay. Pertinent doesn't -- Cambridge. -- Boston's old son Austin yes you to my knowledge you don't yesterday. How many more -- Being -- in postings. Well they just -- -- just morneau brought him out pollutant. You have to assume there's thousands. I -- thanks so and I well I would I would start talking to -- people. And and find out how many even clear if there -- -- -- Well how do you who's gonna kick them out you've got you've got a government wants them there -- a party that wants them there. Those are democratic voters those are people do Deval Patrick supports him wants in the housing. And he'll pretend he'll say oh we've already got mechanisms in place and make sure that I think that this is actually with a Democratic -- began to fall apart. Internally. You know -- always if you'll he has so many people describe themselves as a Ronald Ramon to Reagan Democrat or JFK or Truman Democrat. It's on the it's on precisely on these issues start with a Democratic Party is at war with -- -- In more traditional conservative rural school Democrats can say. This is insane because insane and racist this in a -- -- the -- we should be paying for anyone anyone at all who tried in this culturally. Are you guys are saying irrelevant to the -- as I do you fallen ninety energy use our current with our works today we'll continue the conversation Thomas -- two minutes and were back NW RKO. Homes on the. Paul -- never Rivera. We are Boston's talks -- hay Adams Richard WR field. Thomas Todd W are you good morning zoo Monday morning a beauty and how high we don't have a 758 yeah maybe I ninth 1989 his 500. I'd -- it if these from a right here are -- five run out of Knox and let us not. I love those warm temperatures I -- that we -- wrong upper seventies and low eighties and stuff that was fun beautiful weekend now feel the joy and we're talking mode and this homeless story that's in the paper today and and the idea that the Patrick administration is just being so wonder for the money because. Of the 1510440. Families that they have in. Hotels hotel and motel shelters had about 2500 a month -- figure it out runs about four million dollars a month or do that million just under fifty dollars just under fifty million dollars the isn't that subject just it in and by the way I don't think anyone often a -- we -- -- the political spectrum Todd -- of -- left to send a way out on either fringe. Thinks that that is the best solution because. Hotel motel shelter is a disaster and we need not hot plates. Not to the extent that do you have any any kind of a budget for food. He UP of -- -- the most Luke Lewis type of person. And a lot of these places you know we're aware when it Rick we're really create a distortion -- exist in the school system. So let's say for example that -- has a lot of motels and rue wander around the -- school system all of a sudden has. You know 45 kids that that technical right there -- and paid for technically reside in saga as an American paid well actually you know know that the that the the -- another chapter seven reform he would take account of these kids. But they have did did not a -- of the fabric of the community and -- not likely that Karzai press Scotch American property taxes for them it's yet they're not really getting anything follow up. Other than from the hotel motel on -- Joseph you're NW RQ good morning. What are they about it -- what's up with the U. I just wanted to talk about section eight my wife and I know -- to finally -- lost and they'll let us check traders saying we don't like. Because it's. You have to deal with the section eight people. That's the first and they will actually like what moral priority cracked righted the very top scorer the wall. What Jerry did report should all oral. Why it would do. That's what I don't help our brush them that and they're like although I don't know it's gotta be cut its. And it lets you leave soon take their clients years that story you'll get the nail -- why you want them. Why do you want them so badly it's in the senate don't wanna see you don't take them. We don't we we we we but I don't Greg lynch a couple times. And we put no checks and saying Craig's list by embers were two weeks because of that and so now we just after -- and then we have to tell imply that we don't takes action saying. And imagine that we're very well these are legal something to. Well I don't think you chilly go but Craig's lawyers just Detroit Ford did employ don't want any aid agencies that you can -- -- -- all they just -- I don't know. Luckily provocative for the understood thank you for the call volume -- -- on what's up Paul. Remarkably well what's up. You know the perception has it that this actually go out and -- all drift a Lawrence then Brock then and that's -- think. However. Did you get sexually scattered throughout I mean I knew a guy and his wife they work actually because they had their spirit had. C announced its ability to mentally disabled to not exactly the brightest guy in the world but Bob. But they would be downtown Newton on the first floor apartment though section eight feet. -- will milk this you know what I would call us you're certainly not rocket. Look how nice is communities in the state sure how many how many units are there where you can be set. The -- even number -- units in Brockton this is out is that all the way to -- is currently number but. You know very units in the only willfully didn't. And you. Do that probably at this. We should establish -- -- -- OK so to speak you're gonna pay a certain amount based on you know. Based on your income your ability to pay an end you and I pay the rest. So just -- -- wallet to a lot more rock and guess how much more you're higher pay which the -- it brought in compared well click. Or -- that period. If if we -- -- ballot -- actually you know this actually purchase that is responsible for 200 -- -- This brand. So is our cap on what section you'll cut to a landlord. I don't I don't think I mean it doesn't make that created that there -- happy if people really -- beat higher counter. You know except in the same section eight. Intrusive questions exercise and -- -- to a -- analysis community of our community standard market. So they tell us what the what the market rate is are they say it got better -- apartment away -- -- -- and -- 2200 dollars a month. Then and the person who pay 400000. They pick up and never deny it then you by the -- the into the program the section of programs picking up the difference. There are some people out did Todd who will go up by a two or three family house in foreclosure -- not fair number two families in some decent suburban bedroom communities. They can they get it at such a discount from the banks they totally do it over so that that previous color with a -- details ya you know. It's all done to splendid -- And then they just rent it out the next 1015 years for the occasional make -- money collecting government money he's good morning -- somebody who don't know they do well. I got a -- units and don't expect some I won't take effect cherry pick a pick that's perfect it stopped or why would a secondary. The district court -- -- you know because you're 1 o'clock in the morning complaint. You get the -- that they beat the limit how I would report. Our armed -- -- -- -- I don't I won't pick up against you you all you have to do is enough but when they share -- look. Well I hear the call our and that I narrowly accept additional or different that area. You know you hear there are people who could build it up above the apartment. And then make it out for the court house that you are prepared to -- their biggest free representation. You have to get an attorney and that previous call -- -- yeah or visit or if there's a terror in the greatest fake card. Or there's a problem on the inside it aren't you can't Specter -- they won't let inspect Iran. I mean it is I mean and. It's not like a nightmare emptied out to get a text message help me understand this a text message says I am a real it is absolutely illegal. To refuse to rent on the basis of section eight. Interest and Billy RW RKO off. And I don't want I'm Barbara I thought all. Along. I don't know what it was regarded. -- want to know they. Are actually opposite it is illegal to experiment where they get that on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It and speculate there actually had there was big act quart eight where they add a lot of a lot of black -- they were being here. -- bring about a year. They -- cool way you're back in -- -- -- C speculate the. Real thank you we'll call sorry out of bed herself thing on on the either not very just that is to be had it has that -- Seneca falls section eight check that out. We'll talk more about it we're talking about the housing story in the globe today. And the 25 under all is being spent per family about 15140 families to be put in motels and is this even a business of the government should be in. Because that's UN high -- and their.