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Even Mitt Romney is Unemployed

Jun 18, 2011|

Avi Nelson talks with callers about the recent GOP debate in NH where Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachman made some obvious blunders.

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And welcome back into our number two the program this -- -- notion that you join with us. Our phone number toll free 877469432. To the little local number 617. 2666060. -- -- your charge. The text message code is 68680. And email address a Nelson wrko.com. We've been talking about well a number of things. Including. The difference between the way Vancouver. Reacted to games settling Boston and and the questionable. Understanding or lack thereof of economics on the part of the president. Let's play that clip again in the AB ATM -- just for people who are joining -- -- know this is what. Barack Obama said in an interview last obviously about the economy. Which he gets asked about frequently now because things are not going so well and here is his excuse. Goes to the point you're just making. Is there are some structural issues where our economy where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers. If you see it when you go to a bank and there. He has an ATM you don't go to a bank teller or you go to the airport and you're using a kiosk -- sort of checking in at the gate so. Right that's right Mr. President. Business efficiency is our problem. We need less efficient business tried it this is a structural problem structural problem that we're getting a -- let speech. Let's be sloppy -- inefficient just like government and then we'll all be doing better this is nonsense at the most fundamental level. From 414 Obama has redefined what it means to be moronic. He's now the gold standard for failure honorable the gold standard for failure but the issue as well thanks to think that technology causes problems. Is actually absurd. And the analogy I use before it with a railroad he could use any number of things. But just think of all people would have to be employed it instead of running a railroad between Manning -- Chicago. As a causing me had to do it by human how -- think of all the additional people would implement. The other tried railroads cause unemployment. So this it you have this is the president. You've got some serious problems in terms. Of thinking understanding how or somebody like this going to come up with a legitimate policy and of course he doesn't. So the shovel ready projects. Didn't work 800 billion dollars later we have unemployment higher than it was supposed to ever get to and in addition -- that we had the economy in the doldrums he made an offhand remark about shovel ready -- shovel ready projects. Dan let's run it. To shovel ready with products. Shall we expect. Yeah and furniture chocolate. I suppose he meant that the machines will be a smiling at one level it's an animation. Of failure. And a more serious level the shovel ready concept didn't work at all. We're out 800 billion for no particularly. Valid reason -- There's no succession air shall the -- whole -- she was flawed. Well look if you make a mistake -- -- for a few bucks that's wanting to take the country down that road. Of more than three quarters of trillion dollars and say I sharks didn't work I guess so we're laughing at all. I don't think so. 877469432. Cougar fans credit for knowing when to riot you -- when you lose now when you win. I don't know determining ever come up with the concept that may be you know -- all. Ethnic and try that one on for size you're you're -- lost the hockey game. Not the first time may not be the last we've all been through it doesn't mean did you go smashed. Buildings and and trashed cars go and steal things was he what was happening lots of looting. 877469432. To the phone number Brad you're next on the program good afternoon. Go up into another. Part. I wondered you're talking about these machines and such like I wondered if you such honest also program. Where he pointed out. That the minimum wage -- price human workers so high that the people have. That the government restaurant tears except for I have had to revert to machines and other things and actually they'd rather have that human touch. But they have in a way daisy I mean with the price and mister price so labored going up by it that they switched to machine. I hear I didn't see the program but you're right that's an interesting point and that and it's a wonderful example Brad what happens. When you distort the marketplace with regulation. And hear what you're saying is because. The minimum wages in price so high that if you make the minimum wage is is just a new round numbers if you make the minimum wage eight dollars an hour. And somebody comes stealing his labor is it worth more than five dollars an hour the American hire him. And that means not only does she not have a job. But you as the employer. -- left of the benefit of his service and you have to make other arrangements. And it may very well be that some of those other arrangements include machinery. Which do not serve your interest or your patrons as well as the person would. If you could name five bucks an hour which can't because it's against the law shall all you do is send up with a higher unemployment. In the war drew the lowest ranked the people who need the job the most and who need the on the job experience to be able to work there way up instead. That's prevented by law. And so the people of the lowest and don't get. The job and you're right the other the restaurant tour doesn't provide the servers to you and me. They say capitalism the market economy is unfeeling and in no way they may be right. But this -- system is what brings goods. And plenty to the poor and maybe allows for the -- existence of the middle class that's what's. Sometimes you have to live with paradoxes. You're actually write bad nobody is saying. That the free market. Is fair or wonderful it's like nature. Nature may be in balance but not in harmony. Anybody who's ever seeing a predator. Takedown pray. Understands and you know we we've sanitized to allow when we. Chip in or will eat before you can fish we haven't been involved in the killing process. The marketplace is like that as well. In other words -- alternately provides. A better standard of living across the board but he doesn't do it without some inequities. And without some dislocations. And without some problems for people. But the distortions that are imposed by regulation ultimately are worse. And we end up with a more inefficient marketplace and we all are the worse off for so what you're saying is actually choose the market healing. You know what the market is the mark it is. You and I -- and millions of other people coming up with the idea is expression preferences. And going about our daily visions when I go in and buys something I don't stop to think she. MI am I going to be a feeling personnel my sensitive. In my purchase. I go and buy something because I want it. And the marketplace works that way so you're right it is in a way. Devoid of feeling. What regulation. Can make it worse and by the way the politicians pray on this because what they do is they find the people who have been dislocated. And they say call vote for me. And I'll come up now improve your short consent I'll give you this I'll take from the wealthy guy and give it TU and -- and so forth and so they. They barter for power and the rest of us are the worse off for. I just wanna say often on -- -- -- listening to you among other things I've been listening to among other things for years and I remembered you mentioned dom. Up back in chilly day. It was that -- Allende actually did it take from the rich and stock consultants talk from the red. And the country collapsed economically. I don't remember saying it but advice did that's been identified did not wish I had -- you phrased -- well that and that's what happens the you know you're. You can end up. Why regulation. Awarding the marketplace and you can get some political gains on that. But you end up -- -- worse situation Bret thank you for calling. By the way you should look where we are now always talk about danger here. Well bottom 47%. Of the population 47%. You would look this subject rejecting honest. 47%. Pays no income taxes. Now it is in the interest of these people the continuous system like that. That's dangerously close to 50% once you get to the point where people can vote themselves. Other people's largesse. And we use democracy where majority vote wins warts to stop the avalanche. How do we prevent this from being a runaway problem where people will always vote themselves more -- your pocketbook. So parties here. To just vote themselves money from you than to go on -- at themselves right. I think that's why lotteries are popular. Easy way not guard way. 8774694322. As the phone number. These toll free. The email address and Nelson wrko.com. And the text message code is 68680. From percent of counties is a good message from 71 door with com lines in pick every single year of corn by hand yeah you employ a lot of people right. But in reality there would be fewer ears of corn it would cost more to do it. She you have to pay more for your record that means you have less money to spend on other things the money you can't spend on other things. Cause -- unemployment do you see employees if you will. The other things you would have bought the people working in those fields and so -- spiraling down. Not up it was course the reverse that is actually taken place. Technology has made things made us more efficient as workers. Therefore we can buy more and that expands the economy and that's why we do better now than say in the Middle Ages. -- your thoughts are welcome got some other things that with regard to. Politics we wanna get too bad move let's go line -- bet there's I don't unfair to keep people away. Show 8774694322. Is a phone number and Paula here next on the program good afternoon. Very have to lose there are of course there -- -- ASCII vending machine edit it but people unemployed. They'll call -- call -- the one that started this whole thing with a Coke machine. -- I don't know who -- with dead -- Coke machine but it's early in the dining at the larger Coke but they act like god we can try it all the way back. Yeah I tried and if we can find and we can do something with the -- if not let's get this family right here. But and the other part of that it didn't encrypt that -- recently. Eight -- of Barack Obama at a 160. I -- He -- -- we asked why he did a whole thing with the candidate he had. Because nobody it was happening quite well we -- you know it's a tech guy with a 160 -- figured ala. It did Matthews actually say those that yeah bummer you know one GH I'm. That the Obama had he -- -- he's you know he's got bad guy accurate but -- -- 160. Well I notice that this is the same purse while it's not clear. Maybe meant there's a dash will play in their somewhere. Ya got one point film sure it. But the other. The other thing is -- -- Chris Matthews that must've been -- fighting the -- is neither one who got the tickle up the leg all the time yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It and -- -- -- that you today yet yet either. It probably doesn't know how. That's that's remarkable look I don't know that this is a matter of IQ or it's a matter of knowledge or whatever it is it certainly comes out as as. Clear ignorance that if you don't know. That that ATMs and kiosks and machines are not causing unemployment. Then you really shouldn't be in a position of making economic policy. And then and again if need if people left to -- if it's regarding this shot already and regarding gates -- aren't some part of somebody campaign commercials. They are single well I need it you know -- about what one -- so above point eight. Should -- hero dog let's go after the people make the ATM's cell. That's well thanks for gone back in you know part of the problem here though is that because economics is rarely taught in the schools I wonder how many people. Immediately reacted. The way I did when I heard that it was horrified by apparently not because you know has become a big thing -- last haven't heard on the on the talk shows. And nobody talked about Obama's gaffe -- he has now walked in baction part of the problem here. Is that there isn't enough information being transmitted in schools to students so we'll understand. What economics is all about this is really basic stuff. Cheryl you next on the program good afternoon. Having. This you brought up on the marketplace again I thought we. You're our discussion from last week. I what do approaches from a different angle to. What was our discussion last week give a good memory show. We will we were arguing about the start of the marketplace. And whether it not regulations should be instituted when people -- -- corrupted. It's. You mean like him in the making ATM machine. I'm proud people making ATM machine they do would intentionally. To tow order on out of work I don't I -- do you use an ATM machine at UC your contributor to this. Well we will can we get back to more sane discussion I mean that the best is. I -- suggesting that Obama is insane for suggested that ATMs. Because unemployment I'm horrified I'm shocked that -- -- Starts to -- -- video actually set that I don't know why I'm surprised but I I was. Afraid they'll use set last week that. You know they'd be it would not willing to give up your freedoms. Is able regulation. Just because it may -- if you are corrupt greedy people you know are manipulating markets and and and you know in -- in etc. Yeah I I would not I just had to give content -- -- just -- give context to that I would not support. Regulations. To ban ATM machines just can't. Because Obama has decided that that will mean if -- And -- Bartlett that loaded dogs 'cause I attended a little too greedy profiteering corporations that makes Fannie ATM machine. Not what I'm referring to. You're not giving context anything you're putting words in my about that I never sat. -- all I can -- I'm showing you where where regulation can lead. Right let me can I make my point -- Okay now. Do you remember the late nineties. You know if they repeat this was signed by Bill Clinton. This was legislation initiated by programmers some Democrat is signed by Bill Clinton it was -- -- repeal of the Glass-Steagall act. You know which which you know which was put into place -- disparities you know to prevent. You know of the exact thing that happens. You know is 2008. You know preventing banks -- speculating wildly. No -- preventing you know -- you're irrationally exuberant artificial real estate bubble. No prior to the repeal of that fact did you feel. The -- freedoms were being curtail. Yes of course Carol yes but troubling issue Richard which you're reaching for hitters if you take a regulation. Which is complex and up even obscure enough so that you don't know that your bumping up against it. Bjorn this has been in -- is very I know it instituted to prevent what it banks. -- I know that -- but most people don't aren't even aware -- and we're not aware of of the functioning that. What I'm saying is as you compromise. That's what I mean what I referred to. Change the rules and regulations. Is this something Shane well and I won't I don't I don't throw around. I'm talking about this meant to prevent thing. Spent big situations. You know that that started in the early two thousands of companies does and and she. If you believe that the Federal Reserve System. As some on the regulation has prevented all sorts of difficulties you welcome to that it's not. If they have anything resembling 2008 prior to that we the last that we had something. Resembling 2008 was of the disparities. Yes and you know what caused it and with the Federal Reserve Bank was already in existence that came in before and it was because the regulators decide to contract the money supply. At the beginning of the 1930s and then they compounded it by passing. A -- back and that's what the -- Regularly and are yeah yeah yeah very good job well so what that brought it up. The national title what do you what are the killer uptick rule. You if you feel this in Ukraine prior to very repeal of that rule -- Listen to me share I feel constrained in the free market is violated it's not because I believe everybody is a good guy. But I believe that. Will be ruled that it. And liquid not air holes subject shouted down -- darwinism does the survival of the fittest. -- survival of the fittest in terms of he'll pitch in the marketplace. He -- company does -- one company puts out an ATM machine that. And I are talking about eight I have -- ambassador talking about -- Stallone. Snap its general -- talking about. I'm talking about reading -- corrupts -- little people and it. I see and what about the greedy corrupt old and no I won't say lawless because they pass the laws but greedy corrupt people in government. Who passed more. He picked up where are you a little below to regulate the best bet I see who's gonna -- -- they're -- -- -- -- regulations. That. But there are responsible for this incident -- responsible for this so what you've been referring to have no idea what it's doing its own glory she sees it seems pretty clear that. Not -- K thank show at least one of listeners clarity on. Erica and I I believe in the free market that means I don't believe in regulation. The other people who will abuse the premarket shore there of the Bernie made option the world that always were there always will be. And then when you get to the regulators how about the sell the nations of the world. With a Barney Frank -- the world says don't give me the perfection business question is which one is better or at least bad fuel. -- -- from 414 of Obama as a 160 IQ than my curious has to be at least 350. And I hope there aren't dash four points in both of them. And I got. Here's one from 978 you can interpret this sports stop making fun of that ten year old kid you jerk I would rather listen to him -- -- -- make any sense -- the bit. Up his you're have to put up where it. The Charles Walters to talk about regulation when -- that by the way she talked about degree throughout the where I was trying to get it crushes if you have a company. That puts out an ATM machine and can build the ATM machine. Let's say a better ATM machine and sell it for less than their competitor down the street. Then -- their competitor down the street goes out of business because of that so be it what I do not want -- some regulation. There's some regulate or comes up with that says -- We can't have that competitors fail. All the people that he employs and he probably employs more than the efficient manufacture all those people will be out of work we go to usually about that. If the arms who are in office now or an office a hundred years ago or 120 years -- we would now be on will be -- you know line. All the people involved in the horse and buggy industry all the launch in May -- carriages. And the buggy whips. And the bits and all the other things already know the terminology that erosion. All those people would have tried it on to Washington and they got their law obviously can't do usually they'll draw unemployment. And those greedy profiteering automobile manufacturer they're the ones are doing it. Well Obama can't take on the cause there's a pretty well established -- blames the ATMs in the kiosks. From 404 different 404 officer mark bring back the train break men that your eight. Remember they had trained break -- who didn't do anything anymore. Whether authority than they were of the firemen or something on the on the old steam locomotives and didn't do anything you have but the unions lobbied to make sure it. That those jobs were kept. Meaning ticket prices were higher. Among the Nelson and his name's Dick Cheney WRKO. Welcome back this is on the Nelson ho let's go back to the telephone lines and respectful of those people who have been holding on and you conjoined at 877. 4694322. Peter you're next on the program good afternoon. Yeah it all out on. Real generational. And you look. By Brit Brit out bowl. At at first mechanical issue. -- no one allows boy yeah I'm surprised you the guts to calling using your real name. You know it and I ever ever ever at its main you know what. And he was out there read you know reaping brain. Yet our people are critical and oh yeah as I. Do you realize that we have nine point 1% unemployment because your grand uncle when he went no where did he do -- Ups that are actually -- Monday. Yeah and what year was. Eight point five. You see that and here we are a 160 plus years later obamas finally figured out that if you're grand uncles wall. -- -- What is it that's right. You you're not tell you appear the only they would make it worse about Juergen -- event that not only your grand uncle do that. But you work for an ATM manufacturer. Not a medical field though. Dog show we can find some technology that that you order an employment went yeah that's really. Yeah and now all that's not enough we want more we want to lie about it you did not admit it. But a look at an interesting story that that -- back in your family that there was that technological development deal making money what the reaper. I'll actually I'll speak with our partners they wouldn't it reaper. And my I'll open it up into that machine ware is on the progress -- -- out -- -- They to argue that and and then went back -- -- it'd -- yes the governor or practice of but I tray of. Is that right did you show are you sure they have we didn't have the training. Wouldn't have gotten killed. -- Had more problems with technology. -- -- -- -- -- If I. I'm sorry that -- the descendant of such a which is difficult legacy who caused all these problems would try to be aware that. I'll bet that there's there's only yet. There -- you at least slot cloth and ashes into that and thank you for a lot of it's 774694322. -- you next on the program good afternoon. Hi they don't like gum -- fresh yeah I carry you so much. The ball. You -- it -- shallow won't agree with me but he. Nor -- all all but after this program is over I'm gonna go and hang out and ATM machines. And this sort of put my arm around at the two of us will commiserate. That's right yeah I'll meet you. You know I don't know if you've heard Obama they get that -- on the radio I wouldn't the other -- and outlook it. And his. -- fountain. -- That I I and talk like gotten him quickly and turned up. Like -- is gonna. Well maybe -- just gone by a kiosk. You know about how -- he he was talking about and -- -- we. So wait yeah I could make a big diet what date would again and. And I heard that come where he talked about he -- is that Anthony and his wife well. Do you after -- You speak about how wonderful -- can -- net caught a break and -- Well he has on occasion now. I. Pretty pretty -- maybe you Wendy at 2 o'clock everybody stop what you don't play a little trip rock and something you know. That's a good idea or the other you should ride him and she she wouldn't -- that. Yeah I'd like to you know it can't keep a phony. All different body that are. Thank you for -- -- -- 8774694322. Is the phone number OK I want to -- were. King will they close on time there're couple things I wanted to talk about that came out of the debate earlier this week than one of those -- by Romney. Actually a couple of comments by Romney that that were were focusing on. I talked about offhand remark that Obama made with regard to shovel ready. And Romney -- and also it offhand remark about being unemployed. And while the people who are there laughed at when he said it. I thought you is an inopportune remark and I think that Romney would be advised. To. To what to walk it back alone and on issues sometimes the best thing to do with some that is to leave it alone. Do we have that flip stand with the we Gilbert would get -- in a minute. The other things that I wished. The clear when you're out there and Romney's strong shooters not humor and he was trying to be funny and and identify with the unemployed. That the problem is that it wishes not -- didn't go over well. And there -- a whole bunch of people who and they think about it this this is the unemployment have the one where he says that I I was unemployed. Leave this is -- I think who's in Florida talking to group of people who were trying to find jobs we know it. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is taking some political heat for a comment that he made some unemployed workers. At a campaign stop in Florida yesterday Romney told the jobless group that he is looking for work soon. But I'm also on what. And finally this. And I've been working. Yeah you know then the people took it in the spurred wish it was offered the problem is that Romney -- what what's usually 300 million dollars or something like that. And even though he was joking about it. Upon reflection a whole bunch of people who probably won't find it quite so funny show. Offhand remark doesn't work so well and more serious remark he made during the debate when asked about Afghanistan. And I was surprised to hear him say it he was talking about are getting out of Afghanistan and here's here's the remark ammunition during the debate. It's time for us to bring our troops home as soon as we possibly can consistent with -- eight. The a word that comes from my generals that we can hand the country over to the Taliban military in a way that they're able to defend themselves accidentally. Afghan military to defend themselves from the Taliban that's an important that distinction. I wanna say first of all thank you to you for that sacrificing your family and your sons and defending. The liberty that we have and our friends around the world thank you for what you've done. -- Presumably continue and that is I think we've learned some important lessons. In in our experience in Afghanistan -- want those troops to come home based upon not politics not based on economics but instead. Based upon the conditions on the ground determined by the general's. But I also think we've learned. But our troops should go off and trying to fight a war of independence from other nations. Only the afghanis can win that Afghanistan's. Independence for the Taliban thank you. Now there I don't know why they applauded the attached just nonsense. That -- is rubbish we didn't over the net. To free Afghanistan. From from the Taliban -- to have to somehow get beat the Afghans. In independents. This -- with the recent that we went over there is because that was the place from which al-Qaeda. Granted safe haven by the child and it launched the attention on eleven. -- amount of sort of deciding in this country over there that we should make sure we're independent and you could make that argument maybe. About Iraq always and that which couched more in terms of security issue the United States. What I found remarkable. Is that after all this time. Well that Romney would get it wrong. And I Durbin and other I think was Lindsey Graham who pointed out jumped out of -- shinji said that's just a mischaracterization. That she is wrong. Now speaking of not getting things tried also in this debate. I'm Michelle Bachmann was asked a question about. Whether she would come to New Hampshire any -- or campaign against them there. There are statute that they have panels with regard to marriage and she said. All -- all I wouldn't Telecom don't think the president running for the presidency of the United States only issue coming and overtime loss in a particular state literally applaud. And then. They. The moderator asked the question well okay what about the marriage. -- married Jack to war should there be a constitutional amendment. Two. A marriage declared to be a man or woman. And you weren't on the panel and Michelle Bachmann probably realize that she made it sound like she was in favor of gay marriage. Should she try to amended and said ditch. John I do support constitutional amend that it found about marriage between a man and a woman that I would not be going into the states to overturn their state law. Now. You know John King I think was the moderator who did barely a mediocre job why didn't jump on that and say where women. What are you talking about here. If there's a constitutional amendment that you're gonna support. That would override even a federal statute would override anything going on. In the states -- you wouldn't come into the state million sit in Washington and supports something that overturns the state law. It was just it was a contradiction. It was inconsistent. It was nonsensical. But king was too busy with coming up -- know they must have spent time coming up with those silly question. Deep tissue that being crushed Pepsi or Coke spicy your miles. Good deep question we're trying to decide the presidency -- the United States and and the idiots at CNN spending time coming up at those kinds of questions. In any event. Be the comment by Bachmann reveals. A problem that he. -- can get that ride and was functioning she skated through and everybody said. Upon reflection that all out -- -- Michelle Bachmann did really well. And that she she was with the open -- I thought that was the worst blown question of the night. And that people didn't pick up on it is a little bit this morning. Okay now we have to get till before the program is -- rivers take a break before get a project. But do we have we have harsh introduction this segment who uses his -- we have our our call for. For mr. -- Anthony. -- we have that we go okay that this will be a tease for the other side of the break. We might not be able to -- much longer. Somebody else. Welcome back this is Don Nelson got an email from Jack. Genius in chief and he has a new RNC gadget show this administration's solution for energy independence. In employment but picturing ATM. Shovel snow on the ground rusted. Right. Okay can we Harold. Poor Anthony. And anywhere. Has resigned. And now we're hearing people say she -- -- Report guy is just a victim his constituents wanted and -- -- says something about the constituent. That he has turned into a national embarrassment he. I didn't want to resign I want that the Democrats have to carry Anthony all the way through November 4012. But the reality is that he is done something that is just awful now. You know I think they'll talk about him lying in the argument all everybody lies a politician -- -- fly -- expose that -- and Anthony Weiner. Undoubtedly had done his share of distortion before that. But when you getting into. The domain of sex. And you are. It in such an embarrassment that nobody can talk about you without ending up there every comment has. A double on tonne and then there's innuendo and everything. Then you have gone beyond. What is tolerable you know you can survive adversity in politics but you can't survive ridicule. Once you get to the ridiculous stage. You are real problem he was a burden for the Democrats. There -- takeaways committee assignments. And that would make him -- OK giggle giggle that your. The the reality is therefore -- that he had to go because of -- of what has happened this is in a different category from. The ordinary stop that you get where you distort policy or even by the way. If you shave they'd ATM machines cause unemployment which arguably is more serious but not as ridiculous. Sounding or looking at what wiener did. And actually the argument that other people have done worse before. A part of this isn't too different here I know Ted Kennedy and Jack Kennedy and then Robert Kennedy was especially that Kennedy did things. Back in those days it was not reported it which considered off limits and quite frankly. If we -- had done then when he did not and I realize you know what he could now because there weren't the social. The networks available in the computer technology didn't exist. But let's just say if he had been. Sexually lascivious. Had been. I've done things which. Were improper. He would've done away with it and I'm sure people did. It would not have been reported it was considered inappropriate to talk about those things I'm not sure that we're better off now. That we talk about everything the same -- -- comes up with a a picture that was sent in private it's considered open season and we put it. -- front page in the newspapers and and on the TV screens. I don't know that we're better off. Crying into people's private lives to public officials private -- we saved it's in the name of art turner. We want to know what's going on because it's important. But let's admit it. At least some of this is just downright Korean interest we like to get involved in intimate details of other people's lives. If we you'd find out what our neighbors -- doing in the bedroom we'd be only too happy to watch those two. And by the way we wouldn't mind finding out about his bank account what he learned to what he spends sectors such. We just are no -- -- you know we've gotten the world is changed and now the kind of stuff that that wiener did. Is not only reported on by a judge and the fact is that this is not ashamed. As a plea you know somebody in the police -- fire department or somebody down the street who works in the dry cleaning establishment. If you're going to be a congressman and a noisy one at that which is one Anthony Weiner walks and he was out front obnoxious sleek. Involved you know criticizing Republicans and and implying that they or immoral it's ultra you're really doing that. You can't beat also sending pictures of yourself in improper sexual positions are experts -- these two women who archer wife. My O'Neal who do it's your wife let you know he's certainly can't do it to others. And when you do something like that. You are going to be the -- ridiculed the bottom hostility eventually to go there is a different standard you all are role model when you're in public life. And he knew that going it and by the way you know others have done before Chris -- who did something I think less bad. He was gone faster than we -- hours. The anomaly is Clinton's I don't know. He does have to do carry the burden that he is one of two presence in the history of the United States. Who were impeached and the other was not Richard Nixon was Andrew Johnson. In the nineteenth century. Incidentally. The fact that Clinton has become rehabilitated. Then may yet happen to -- I don't know that he'll ever be able to run for something but look at Eliot Spitzer client number nine right ego involved with a prostitute -- now. -- CNN he's a commentator. I don't know if there's anything in politics for him -- he's able to do something it's something we'll have the work wiener do unfortunately. We will not. She the end of wiener. And that's fortunate for us because we have Paula and the name and the name. Parent was just short one more time as we edge of the program -- out there. We use it to. Go to -- now as he's fading out -- we have a good week and happy Father's Day tomorrow. Thanks Dan for producing see you next Saturday afternoon. Somebody else and neither of them listening to -- six AEW York area.