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Jen Brien - Weinergate: The Aftermath

Jun 18, 2011|

By now, everyone knows about former Congressman Anthony Weiner and his "sexting," but Jen brings up the fact that maybe the reaction was too harsh. She takes some very heated calls on the subject!

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So it's Anthony -- because so I I need to ask this question and honestly I wasn't here last week I cannot remember. Week to week the self. But this is now when I was here last I know Anthony Weiner had not resigned and if I remember correctly right did we not talking and he was headed with was headed to rehab. He had was a week before. It was two weeks ago he did admit didn't really I don't I don't think yet admitted -- I've got time to rehab had asked the question you know BD -- doing enough. And then right after like maybe the next day or so well he I'm about it and I says may Miami beloved produced of course check case so. If that's the case a first of all let me just Syria I the heat so he goes to rehab and I have said this rehab for what. Pornography. Effort for tweeting too much for. Being in love with himself what kind of rehab. 00 by the way Gloria all read the adults she is such. All -- get a legal or Darren said -- I don't care. Anyone that comes forward with any issue for anything about anybody there's Gloria Allred here she is with a new hairdo right. A new color lipstick and her power red suit glory all right so now she's with the porn star that send out the congressman asked -- a lot. And help covered up so I have they had a little presser last week she is so awful -- not so she makes her money. But but anyway so it happening Weiner is head off to rehab and he wasn't gonna resign and he said I only -- and I want -- -- how -- apparently don't. You know whole bunch of ladies -- alive 'cause Josh you -- law. Was not humiliated violation in stand by him like every other dumb woman does win. When Spitzer or RO whomever has -- host a guy that was the lawmaker that was gay had a gay affair. Carolina and his wife stood by a comment I mean what these women do -- I think I remember asking -- -- But now here's a with the with Anthony Weiner and I am dead serious. Outside of the fact that. He lied to his wife. Any you know I consider it cheating I mean it doesn't matter whether you engage in something physical -- not I mean there's emotional cheating and you know this sexting an -- that he cheated I think it's cheating. But if he would not married and he was just to single guy I honestly I have got to tell you. I agree with what Alan Combs said the other night on Bill O'Reilly. This is not a big deal this is high school crap this is I mean this is silly partisan politics where one side gets to say. CCC. Yeah you guys are scum on the other side too because the other side is always saying see see see you're hypocrites problem. This is just a great opportunity for people to engage in that kind of behavior. If the guy who -- single and he was sending pictures of his body. This pride -- on this tax. On his feet all of our you know I honestly it. I would Sadie who cares. What congressmen. By the way doesn't behavior that we've had so many politicians. Lie. -- a beat up security guards to ride to wrong. Play footsie under the stall as. -- Steele I mean when you look at the grand scheme of what competitions have Don and or gotten away with including talking about Ted Kennedy. And Mary -- compact because that's a scandal OK and so how he overcame. But you are so many -- you still. Loved Ted Kennedy didn't matter. What she was involved -- course he was around what his his his nephew who's our grandchildren were up to you guys just didn't care. He kept getting it back it off this year. Odd years after years of yes. So why is Tiffany -- any different seriously. I got asked is did -- Ted Kennedy lied to his wife. On many occasions yes did Ted Kennedy cheat on his wife. Yes on many occasions was he a drunken fool did he make grand mistakes. Did he lie to the public chance. What that I'd been thinking about this why someone like Ted -- Able to survive but -- Anthony -- cannot and I'm gonna tell you why my opinion is this that it's a 24 hour news cycle. A 24 hour news cycle that has a hell of a lot more power than he used to. This is not about what the American people think do you really think I'm wrong thing about this why it was eight Ted Kennedy. Aren't you a speed people love -- Able to survive scandal after scandal after scandal. Yet if any -- is forced to resign for taking a picture of his penis. Come on world grownups here. 61726668688774694322. I think lying to the American people. I don't know being involved in. And he was partying and drinking any member of the picture with Fisher wide open and his fat deli in his hairy chest with his flip flops. Marianne as I -- out of the club the night before. The young our young politician able to drive not a car off a bridge guy -- you know two run home have a press or say he was -- how. I mean. -- some politicians survive and some don't and I when you look you what what happens in politics. I think it's it's hypocritical. And I really believe I'm -- Tyson that I think Anthony Weiner in many ways is a victim. He is definitely a victim did he victimize. His wife in many ways yeah. He made a lot of mistakes and if she doesn't wanna leave home and then yes the president is right. They've got to refocus and work on their marriage but what do you do. He did what he'd do other than send women pictures that we know love of his pride that so he's got an eagle problem. We we he didn't have sex with a process to as far as we know he didn't have sex with any of these women. He didn't I mean what did he do -- I'm dead serious guys I'm asking this question please explain. Estimate because -- I get confused. 61726668688774694322. You compare and you contrast Anthony Weiner is shenanigans. With Ted Kennedy's somehow Camelot. Was able to survive. I don't panic. Semi tech's by the way 6868 annual wireless he can also send me a note on FaceBook if you like Karl welcome you're NW WRKO go ahead. Are you gotta be triggered me waiters affecting -- The recent Teddy Kennedy got aware what where he got away with this money power and there was still a lot of residual -- her brother who was chilled. Just -- years before at best happen. And beyond sort give their a lot of stupid people in this world vote because they're gonna get their check couldn't -- in the mail at the end it'll -- That's -- Teddy Kennedy supply. -- -- -- we're a victim act somewhat. I multiply. I think you know what he's he's a bit dumb all politics he's a victim of hypocrisy about -- yeah you don't -- -- everybody so that he is a victim not seeing any -- -- -- -- right okay clearly they had. What you hope we don't know you don't directly to -- Expedia it was a unit are nowhere around nobody all right big Al. IB jerk guy and it's like not just a jerk he's not a legal being a liar is not illegal unless your on Donald. The Democrats met Barry you are trying to crunch -- he was a Democrat party. Let's face it and I'm now why don't like idiots I'll let you like idiot. Which you know why did they look like idiots because of hypocrisy. Because and because this is why I'm saying he's a victim. He's a victim of politics and hypocrisy he did not break the law as far as we know he. So -- sort -- -- satellite that people don't break the law that the F suffer the consequences they're better off. Of their actions so there you think I'm gonna -- sorry -- the kiwi. -- -- -- -- Now I did not ask you -- I ask you -- sergeant Anthony we have. -- sweet skills sharp stroke victims -- not all victims one of the problems of the god of the United States to everybody to affect the. Well you know not everybody Karl but definitely I'm really believe if Kenny -- -- now again about this if you -- -- eight. And I believe he cheated on his wife although not physically. And yes he lied to the media. Attrition doesn't lie to media Obama lies every single day Nancy Pelosi lies every single day. I don't Schwarzenegger is governor lies every single day Republican lawmakers like every single day. What since windy is lying to the people and all it's yeah and it's still -- To be held to a higher standard. True but we don't hold them to a higher standard because we love some and we hate others and that's what I'm saying -- -- -- is a victim here. He is a victim of the the culture of our times right now and he's a victim victim of bad timing. That's what he's a victim because some politicians get away with this crap and some don't. And why is that this quick question for you guys why is that and why was it Ted Kennedy able to -- com real scandals. Real scandals murder. How all drunk driving. Ideology I just do what I how many do I won't list them if you'd like. How many must we go -- Comment you know. It's 1726668688774694322. Minutes you think that Ted -- I'm just saying I'm getting Texas that say what are how you semi -- Janine had any arena. Because I'm making -- point. Ted Kennedy murdered somebody in my opinion. And got away with that if any waiter takes a picture of his job and he asked to resign and his whole life is -- he is lost all of his political career. What sense -- that week does it makes sense steel. 61726668688774694322. NW RKO go ahead. OK well I just posted at Bentley went to bed it'll wipe I -- I don't think that that's between him quite. So he didn't commit a credit. I don't usually -- simply because this. If he didn't emerge that are critical they have different republic and other now or you don't let it go to the athlete. -- very political side. I am pretty sure that there are true they -- -- don't True Blue US soil would be good Lulu will also could come back. Sir. You know they're they're not. Great little women pressed those charges. Remember resolute refusal is -- back because of Obuchi yellow rope and you didn't want you do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll but the difference Pete is that no -- never told them not to send pictures and as far as we know the porn star was reciprocating now someone sent me a Texan said he sent it to a teenage girl no problem now he did not send a picture of his penis to a teenage girl. He sent a few Texas to a teenage girl that said something along the lines of she saw him on Twitter and she he in turn said. I she said she want to be president the United States someday and he said wow I'm so cool on talking to the future president of the United States. There was no law broken and he said no pictures to the teenage girls to put that away guys can use that that's not you know that's not -- I'm just and I've tried. -- this little incident doesn't mean to a minor didn't do anybody who didn't solicit that action. Right I know but that what I'm saying is as far as we know peek into the called the women that were receiving those taxes word war into what he was doing. It wasn't just thought there's our random -- Jeremiah -- still -- You -- six or seven. 6176668688774694322. Anthony -- yes is a victim of the political culture right now he's a victim of the times. If this had been I believe any other time and political on. I guess political history. He kind of got -- tests. And if you say no -- I'm asking you to answer this -- me. -- What -- Ted Kennedy able to get away with. All of the lie is. And law breaking that he was able to get away with in his political career and in his personal life people still love dumb people forgave him. His political career was thriving. To the day that man died and even after his death they used his image they used his words to push Health Care Reform bill for which was I thought disgust. It's hypocritical. Happening -- is is is it ego maniac he's a sick guy he's an ego maniac who cheated on his wife. Any had a resigning because of that his whole life is over our. Everything he loses everything 'cause he's a lying cat. I just don't I don't get it 61 -- In 2666868877469432. To send me -- X 8680. On -- wireless will continue to take your calls in just few minutes we need to quick break stick around folks. Which mopping up -- -- Boston's talk station and 680 WRKO join. Let's get Dennison right before the break hey Denis welcome thanks for hanging in there that's -- All right to -- yeah guidance yeah I think. I put it Samir -- -- reporting now that. Congress side and maybe people don't take the walls there's no -- in what they did something that might be grown there's no bucket and a law. That -- Jews make them accountable for their actions that's one. Part of this -- -- is Aaron and most these people are always go back in state Catholic priests and the -- everybody that's some type of so listening children the part of our character of listening themselves. Or don't getting. Ego thing they have ambition. There aren't a very it's also a place. And yes there are an excuse. It's this or -- -- they have egos that run on and it just doesn't sit in their of their best. Come that their personal life and unfortunately. They're family members in that situation -- -- are all up there. But again they don't have the same Walt we'll -- Now you're right Dennis thanks for the call you actually write I just look at it this way you Mac guy -- -- died. Jefferson congressman Jefferson who put the the 990000. Bucks in his freezer that's a -- not taking pictures of your penis. They like guys who continued conversation also why -- -- speaking English a lawmaker asked. Someone testifying during a hearing we're gonna talk about English and the official language that coming out Boston's taxation and 680. Generate with you until three ready -- WRKO. Get -- fantastic. All right -- continue the conversation just a fuel take these -- cause you guys hung on during the break it I'm grateful for that I will be here until three with -- 617266. 68688774694322. David you want to mention some anybody interviewing a -- answer. I yeah mom I have a comment and question I can't comment and I think hypocrisy argument classic good deflection. In question it goes -- a teacher or firefighter. Dead mom that had those political online what you wanted to be fired. That's different if there's sending you know if they are sending these pictures to minors these are people these are grown much in adults engaging and then -- things that we're not illegal so if you had a teacher sending a student pictures of you know his in his private -- that's illegal that's bad and they're gone. Well particular -- finger that during the work day. -- -- that that it doesn't mean what during climbing if you're sexting where and we we would you. Breaks during the break didn't have time or whatever you. No matter to me to do when McNamee seriously I mean how many people at and I hate to say this. How many people you know star are trolling around on -- our -- whatever when there worker Garnett FaceBook or whatever. I mean that's you know that the business the organization would have to how many people Washington how many. How many people do you think are on the computer Washington not working for that 8000 Davis supposed to be working I'm just -- That's how all people immediately result in the real problem they jump start holding people accountable we start with any -- thing we heard and hypocrisy. Are you don't would probably disappear. You know -- David I don't know about that and maybe you maybe you're on -- something but it's awfully hard to hold somebody like Anthony Weiner suit to a higher standard when the media itself is so. Damn. Bias we don't lot of thought of the -- a Walter Cronkite long Long Island are the days of CBS AB CNBC. You know you've got I mean I consider myself I'm not a hateful person I mean you might think I'm insane but you hate people like insults and -- Olbermann and some people even think Glenn Beck. You know perpetuates hate or Laurie Ingram so you've got a different type love. I guess news. Journalism going on out there you know I'm just a talk show host and other journalists and and what's happening. Is dramatically different from what we saw in the forties or fifties and sixties the -- that's David it's always been and has always been under current. Bob I guess some I guess that not mean spiritedness. Or. -- for lack of their words I I don't know just salacious nest when it comes to the press they pushed down -- to see how far -- -- get depending on you know what's decade worrying and now anything goes anything got an eleven. I Gary you know but I think all the people accountable for their actions and Jerel and politicians and everybody. You know something has decided you have to do that you are pulled. You know wolf what we struck out here as a nation and some you know it if you look around at all McConnell bullets are. Let me ask you this David because somebody -- -- was are rallying com's I mentioned it earlier and an O -- -- -- -- -- -- rally about the fact that Al. He doesn't think this is a big you know big deal and because no laws are broken and this and that which I tend to agree but he also said if we. If we hold everybody accountable Washington who lies there would be no one left. And and Bill O'Reilly was stunned when he sat and I so why is he stunned by this you know if people lie politicians lie they're not. Yo -- I mean there's still Mr. Smith Goes to Washington David it's never read it. You know you see I actually agree with what you're saying it I guess -- start someplace no -- like this is a good place to start because people are both sides of the -- Aren't happy with that anecdote hypocrisy argument deal -- those few people actually feel that way it gives them a little boys and some credibility to. You know to letting some really good -- object sure they all live by the you know there comes a point where you have to take -- we're gonna start old people probably know we haven't. -- well David you know what I'd I'd I'd knowing you're saying thanks to the Colin thanks for hanging in there and I agree with you on some level. But again a win win you know have a chess game is played and you know that that's not. Part of the equation holding people accountable or really people Campbell when it's politically expedient. Then you know it's never it's it's just the playing -- never going to be level. And it's never gonna be it's never going to be fair so -- you know I don't think we can actually do that. Sadly it's. 6172666868877. 4694322. -- then talking about Anthony Weiner and I'm I'm -- guys -- just joining us. I don't you know I don't I'm trying to understand why Anthony Weiner has to resign in the midst of of the political climate in Washington where there's so much corruption and scandal and lying. And I mean it looked the president would do we have zero the president he lies right to our faces he lies about the economy lies about job growth. And he I mean -- you know every president has lied. Ended -- politicians do lie. The politicians break the laws and unfortunately some get away with that but some don't and that's why NASA the question why would if -- -- have to lose everything. Every thing. Because. He took a picture of himself and then lied to the media up it's over. 339 his political Chris over 339 says Janet doesn't have to be a crime to be way wrong. Well what's her -- -- texting pictures of his penis to other adults. And they wanted him to do it. And 97 A semi tech spyware is 686 -- new wireless 978 says the wiener. The wean -- did the 21 century version of the flashier and a raincoat he's a curve and we should demand better from those who represent us well. I say yes but when you have a Ted Kennedy or when you have the Kennedys out there. Who you know slap in the face -- when it comes to you know all we want politicians to uphold the law apparently. There's Ted Kennedy this Patrick Kenny and this JFK well wait there's Robert and then there's Robert. Sleep with the same woman a decade -- -- let's talk about that it can't even feel like a television shell we can't know the truth -- hearts gimme a break I just you know. I don't make the news folks I see this every week don't get mad at me I just talk about it Nancy I since I need to hang out getting the WRKO. I don't I don't I'm good -- -- rally hey oh no -- you learn not I'm just I could not agree with you more on the I just think it's completely silly and sitting there watching QB. In at all over the QB this little parade hockey parade we're talking about. Are you kidding me know these people have the average -- has absolutely no connection to these people wouldn't be obsession. Now. A meet up every soldier are hot -- out every unit. If you have from Boston or Massachusetts comes home after -- you know two years in the trenches and and in Iraq why don't they get this kind of a party. I'm just say and I'm just ask a question. It -- into these people don't even know we exist what do we care about them before they don't even know we breathe air. I think I'm 31 year -- -- said earlier that you constantly -- -- you're saying earlier mighty scary old out of -- -- I think we're the minority. Win normal that's just silly you're really gonna go down and we've. Share to grow a man but I think what you do you -- to -- people must still still we -- doing that. I mean I consider myself an average casual sports fan I would now are made the trip down there. Signal lions -- might -- it's ridiculous. Well I I guess you know what -- for me thanks for the call and and -- me and I asked the question and I don't mean to be you know what we retirement the rally before we -- into Anthony -- so you can. Call another rally or Anthony Weiner. But I it is it's always curious to me when icy cool we. Poorly put on a pedestal in society and who we don't and why we put people on a pedestal society and why when they're up there we want to tear them down. And and I just wonder you know again and I don't mean to be a downer Debbie downer year old Janet do you in my day I'm not you know if I'm making you think. And I and that is considered ruining your day then shame on you seriously. Because I'm just curious as you know -- and you say again why do we. You have a massive parade with hundreds of thousands of people. Four. But wouldn't a true heroes come home in my mind you know there's the -- fanfare in the child runs to the father -- and yeah I'm just to I don't get it. I decide don't understand society I don't understand our culture we are really screwed up. 61726668688774694322. I asked the question about the rally by the way. Why why did people code down to the rally why why fight the traffic it was innocent enough at first and then again a little deeper. Why do you fight the traffic why you do this -- And somebody actually said -- it's all about being part of something. People love to be part of something and that fascinates me because that's very true it's just like with the election of Obama. Excuse me I believe Obama was elected in many respects because the young crowd. They want to be part of history they wanted to feel like -- part of something they could look back in if they did nothing out of there alive they were living in their mother's basement with a tin foil hat on playing dungeons and dragons. Or are our medal of honor they can say I I voted for Obama I changed history math. -- you a part of something. That's why I believe part of the reason why Obama got elected. So any text by the way 68680. On your wireless -- anyone says. Let me say it's an ugly thing when -- people hate him because he's ugly while he suddenly. I can't tell -- -- we are you are not hot I wrote that in my FaceBook page why does he think he's so hot right Nancy thanks for hanging in there welcome your WRKO. I'll hide then I declined to agree with you it is that about in other entity and David Villa they got away with that. About my opinion and I heard it on some of the program is Anthony Weiner all the rest and I -- special meeting and he lied to them. He lied to everybody in the track and then two days later it's an -- that. You know what he had done and actually you know did he admit what happened and I think the track just would not let him get away. Okay but Nancy hang on don't go anywhere do you favor can you play a clip that don't want to listen -- he played a clip of you know I did not. That that men can get that Farmington I can't Kenya Russia Nancy when you listen to what what. Yeah you. All right why why was it then that Bill Clinton was able to do what Bill Clinton did and get away with that and people love to and he got a rousing. You know standing ovation at the Democratic National Convention. He you know people still love them they'll paid hundreds of dollars to have dinner with them. He raises lots of money and I think that's what I don't understand about society also Nancy why can some get away with that but some can't. I don't know if you don't let him. And he's definitely -- completely different world. Now right go ahead give it give it to us. I want you to listen Clinton Amadeus again. How did not have sexual relations with a woman. Miss Lewinsky yeah I never told anybody to lie. These allegations are false and hand and I need to go back to work. I don't you're not yeah that's great. Well what you started then Californians I get I I let it let you know what I love about my favorite part is doesn't look like when he's going. Yeah -- see -- -- I did not and he's proud that I make that point EUR. Us -- I. I and I just got sick and they would let them get away with it so that's my opinion. I mean granted it was impeachment Nancy thanks cynical I -- but still didn't even. They love then everybody loves -- he's the first black president. -- no he's not. Is neat well so what -- Obama he's not really all black now so what would that make him. I don't it's confusing 61726668688774694322. Nino just saying I'm just saying no wag my finger. If Barack Hussein Obama had some -- scandal like destiny you know it's not gonna happen because Michelle wears the pants in the family god she scary. But if there was some scandal like this in Barack's. Closet or if he was up to some shenanigans or -- -- -- he was even but -- caught smoking because he said he quit we would did you know our society would turn your head you turn you -- and he -- I don't. And the question is why is Anthony Weiner. Being ostracized. Why is he being pushed out of the party why is he losing everything because he lied to the media. His constituents FYI still love him and they support him. So I don't get it I don't understand and I don't think this is really a major scandal at all and he's a Vick. -- of the political climate right now that's the problem. 61726668688774694322. But if you disagree I'd love to hear why not also love to hear why you think some politicians survived scandals and some don't Ted Kennedy Bill Clinton. Anthony Weiner adios he's. It he's gonna lose everything by the way his cell it was a hundred and what it was a 150000. Dollars to support is that if the baby. Do you even care about that I I sort of -- I gotta tell you I sort of dip into welcome -- NW RKO. They generate what you gotta ish questions tonight we will get giddy because with Clinton in the media -- -- -- she -- And they at a CPI Clinton. There's just too much time minutes the president goes down so it was Friday ideology shatter what we are you have warmly applaud the election. Not enough time for our resurrection no immediate be able to -- they -- a stop now what do I was gonna go out -- are even or 2012. So you really -- out a lot of -- this was kind. Like when it happened right let me in the we're keeping her own secretary of their no no option whatsoever to try to stick I have -- So enter MI wrong in saying because I I'd really thing -- city and he's a victim of the political climate bad timing that's what I mean by that. It's bad -- because you look how he survived this I mean how could Barack Obama survived the scandal. That he did with Reverend Wright. US of kkk kkk. Hate Powell. My outlet what was it Bill Clinton doesn't know what -- identity but ran he wears a rat and party I mean like I'd ease. Even Barack Obama survived that scandal then to me that's a -- sitting in the church of someone who spews hate. Hang out with bill Errol let's got a scandalous. Domestic terrorist he -- not get them but if -- we -- Britain Saudi cell phone pitching pitching click click click click click goal look at look at a little Anthony isn't he fabulous and all of a sudden it's all worked it makes no sense to me. Do you have any answers for -- 61726668688774694322. It is and it's XX 8680 on your wireless let's go to bill hey bill welcome NWR camp. How are -- I'm blitzer. All all our as far as we always go yeah. I think if not you're not getting -- the United States is that doing rallies like this forever is the spot and only just started when he recently. So what we're getting -- had participated. Recently we've won seven championships in the past ten years with all fourteenth. I understand I'm a huge -- yeah by at least that's what we see so many parade but we went about forty years with no operate nano mouse hockey player made it my point is it's not a new phenomenon and I think it's. It's harmless in this -- people like itself on -- they've brought that I need the -- we need to go up. I think that or they'll be part because Clinton advised him to get out the guide the Mac does all this stuff it's very tight with some. Probably told them you know take a year off the -- I thought that elsewhere. Do you think he can resurrect his career -- do you think that's possible. Because I know I do I really don't. Look we all I think he's definitely. You know people don't care about Scott up just that the but he wasn't the political climate make it sound like. The partisanship forced them all but Democrats forced them out Republican in the -- while. Well but in a way though the Republicans did because he was you know he is fodder for jokes it was I was I mean that the Republicans were relentless semi -- -- jokes just I mean they went on a non I mean John -- Boehner. Rosie last week you know and he actually you speaking before a group of people like you remembered who he was speaking. It was pretty important group of people annexing you know he drops -- Anthony Weiner general. I mean so on what you and it's serious enough for the -- to resign but on the other hand you know it's it's funny. And that's what I this is what I don't understand about America and what we what we find is an important politically what we prioritize. 6172666868877469. At 4322. Because -- could be this way if we found out. That Sarah Palin. Announced that some crazy. At Sarah Palin. Had love her and and Tallahassee. It's a winner -- -- -- any winners sick I mean forget it. You don't you you know -- -- pat welcome your W -- -- Hi -- -- big difference between. Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton Anthony Weiner -- a stick update you like. That guy in the long raincoat who wears nothing that it needs an exposing themselves to limit and I think every and that you guys are asked to resign. -- because more and more and more picture there it came out not men. Recoup all with what he really in fact Bill Clinton as bad people -- the regular per common. You know womanizer which you don't that white and he won't cut it if you don't go that. By pounding now what was seasick what was the so you saying he's sick what was it what's the. This exhibition that. He critics could. Really -- -- -- -- more people around people -- raincoats and they are part Brad naked and exposed themselves and your rest and people don't want to do that they can do it on the Internet. Are going -- I pat I don't we know because you -- and some points are highly no they weren't having. Some sort of you know sexual speak I'm not on the telephone you know and all of a sudden she sends a picture of -- Of her behind and then he send a picture and that's a man you know what I'm saying so I don't know I don't. So -- and because of technology people I mean is not something I would do quite frankly because I don't like paper trails and besides I would never some pictures of my self because I just don't find myself you know that dot. Great like Anthony -- does he clearly is in love with himself. But I think that's is sickness he's an eagle maniac I don't thinks it yet I don't think sending pictures of your Pryor is a sickness I think Bill Clinton is just as well sick. As in anywhere -- keeping these aren't -- -- rain Coronado who don't produce -- yeah it's. Okay and ice. -- bring me today he'll be suspect because he doesn't ring. -- I just walks up to anybody knows what. But this -- -- if any we knew who he was talking to he didn't just send you know pictures of his privates to somebody that was following him on Twitter are Gerald. I'm just cannot I'm just you know I'm not trying to -- -- -- -- -- I think I can't believe that's what -- feel that they don't believe there really is out yeah because he'd spent so many pictures that because yes. It was let me mention specific people but cut. And here you. Know I don't -- endanger -- didn't care he needed. He did and you know -- thanks for the call pat because he's in love with themselves as the guys' egos aside and Texas. -- Say she thought you know he thought I'll. You know if any is it you know little -- ain't that little and look at my body mind too sexy for -- -- -- exactly what his problem is ego. 61 -- -- 6668688774694322. We will continue to take your calls all of you hang in there I promise just a few minutes we need to not pay some bills. But we will get to a Carly and Michael and Cheryl and the rest again just a few you're listening Abbas taxation and six NE WRKO. Insiders it's just very happy contrasts you have to get. And this is part of the problem -- -- the way it is just for grass and one of the reasons why I would. Scare yesterday. -- -- -- -- It's 235 at WRKO. Good Saturday afternoon of anybody's having a great day 603 that is you know -- 603 threaten me seriously that's. 600 threaten me this is really messed up I mean I he -- just -- you know. Interesting disseminate I'm hurting every night seven day one in five and policemen or -- or records data one wiener did -- And about them doing above the law they would lose their jobs -- one day that I'm a moon that. That's not true don't we have some firemen that had cocaine in there and now all kinds of crap in their blood and went in and or part participating in a rescue and they got what paid. Paid time off when there was an internal investigation no no no no no 71 it doesn't it's not that simple I'm sorry. What Eddie van -- -- a -- that I'm asking the question I mean I I don't consider myself a liberal. But it doesn't matter to meet you know whatever or India and what everyone a label me as I'm simply asking the question that I think it's a valid one. Why do some politicians get away with various scandals and others don't. Why can't Ted Kennedy survived but Anthony reader cannot. Why does President Clinton thriving in politics now. And write his books and make his money into his speeches after the Lewinsky scandal as president of the United States. Okay it makes no sense to me it makes absolutely zero cents and a nasty to help me sort through this Michael welcome you're next up on WRK out I had. -- -- Or wherever it's really gonna ducks. So all the way to it saying they -- -- -- He's a married guy you know I if I -- -- -- -- I wouldn't think Larry ever get back that's why I think it's you know -- I I think the people basically it's totally do law beyond alarmed at the direction our countries don't. First of all spent and we take -- out on on the politicians are just so I think we spend sixty actually spend 68. Percent more than we steak dinners is. They're very country that our politicians ever -- have faced the problems that we. I'll go there all they are concerned about is getting reelected. Yeah I know -- well. I don't know how well you know I just wonder I YAM. I never thought I'd -- taken in this country I don't see how. How I'm there any illegal street come across the oil and survive I thought there. We need import jobs but what I don't jog anymore. They are about the soldiers -- seems like. I don't accept Norwalk for a slow walk Vietnam Korea you know any now in Korea or Iraq we we. Soldiers diatribe partridge and aren't -- -- politicians. Spending RH. Drive and our country to require -- going to be like another eight women in Hollywood no one in the world got. You know it will it will alluding to wait wait we can't afford this -- march and they don't gin up politicians just don't care. Well but then and Michael in a way that's -- thanks for the call that's sort of my point but not really -- -- tracked down I mean politicians don't care. And they don't care about the things that you and I think that they should care about. What they care about is power ego money and the next election now with that said let's get back to Anthony Weiner. Anthony Weiner is constituents still support him they like him they want him to stay he's being pushed out by the Democrats why is that. Why is that why why. Or why did they now embrace a Bill Clinton who was -- he was up political cancer to the party years ago. If you -- what was it that he did other than why did the media and cheat on his wife which are too disgusting things believe me I'm it's unclear on that. But in terms of breaking the law. What did he do what did Anthony waited -- -- constitute his political career going up in flames 6172666868877. 4694322. -- president when I supporting Anthony -- I'm just asking the question. Because it makes no sense to me -- welcome in except when WRK out. In -- are -- Get replied this decree the army can't quite get it out there -- if there are based. Not Carly you hung on all that time and IV is yourself. -- -- is dropping out to do if they were called back RA called back you'll get to right up there I'm sorry about that Sheryl welcome the next up and WRKO go ahead. K gents. I just want to make. A couple comments on the rolling rallying in -- You know I agree with you said. The servicemen and women coming back from wars. Should be honored with -- I I couldn't agree with our I. You know having said that I watched the -- rolling rally. The entire rolling rally at home and what I notice -- the crowds that it was. You know mostly. -- you know -- little -- then. You know this the first time at 39 years that the brewers don't -- -- -- this feel it was one I think they're little kids. You know insist C you know being heroes the Bruins you know I -- bad that's a -- for a little kid -- I really don't give us a minute. No I don't see listen I don't I don't see any harm at all I just don't get it I don't understand why. -- -- They nearly anything any Q ridicule or whether I don't want to deal with a bunch of stars they. -- I know honestly no I don't think there's anything wrong with that but I I you know the questions -- to get bigger because. What we prioritize in this country and what we consider hero what we don't it's is an always fascinated me so. We we say this studio library listen WEEI for a lot of years majority is sports fans tend to be conservative along with our post do I think the same people that showed up at the rolling rally would show up. At a parade for servicemen and women coming called -- best that's just my opinion. Not know what you probably right that's a great points and cynically as we -- yeah go ahead. Are -- just devastated separate specific picture of it we're about those things. Yeah he does I mean I can you know I -- so so the -- of the call this is and I believe this there's so much more out there I mean I really. I just think is gonna mean more are more women -- Texas -- this more that but again if two adults consenting adults. Are engaging in some sort of sexting or online behavior. You know the worst crime that Anthony -- committed was in my opinion cheating on his wife and I I just throw this in there and John canine gets in a minute did you see this story. We're not about politicians that lie right politicians that lie. -- did you see this treasure hunter is looking for bin Laden's body. This site claims he knows where it gets. Right at and I just wondering. I mean. The online conversation -- it put a debt and is he dead is he not dead blood a blood that that's sort of fell by the wayside. And I I think I asked this question switch among politicians that lie and they betray the public why is it that you guys out there listening. You don't trust your politicians you don't trust your politicians you don't trust your politicians. But then we have a president that says that we've got one of the most devious terrorist we kill one of the most devious terrorists. On in the history of this nation -- committed just atrocities against Americans. And we don't see pictures we don't see -- body it was taken away in the dead of night by a bunch of people who threw in the ocean and everyone's OK with that. You you are saying about craziness in hypocrisy of this country. What is this treasure hunter is now looking for it. First of all why are they letting him I just throw this in -- why -- letting him. Because they know he's not enough -- index. Don't think the government would step in try to stop this guy the guy says I know weary yet she's gonna spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money. I I'm just we're not sweet of the country are crazy. 61726668688774694322. No -- -- -- crazy and you are until -- only -- tin foil hat yet wait now I don't think so John welcome here on WRK out I had. I'm just sitting here at my tin foil hat on listening it's right on excellent I'm very -- one of the reasons I'm sure they're the Democrats sort of -- -- two winners. New York State is very close to. Congressional yes amnesty district and so they're basically so they can almost -- Over the district picture dessert beauty that we do democratic -- always one -- who are so Ali that is great majority. Yeah no I know and you know I just again I really think that I I I believe in my heart that he can bounce back in that this is something that. Not his constituents dilemma look and I mentioned this the other day to somebody it's like Buddy Cianci Rhode Island they love him. Doesn't matter what -- -- daddy went to prison for what 56 years are when he can run again he very well may and you'll. -- -- -- Basically -- -- TV the TV show. Now I mean that's John thanks to the car that's just a quick topic guys.