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Obama's 160 IQ and why Affirmative Action is wonderful.

Jun 15, 2011|

College kids love affirmative action, until it comes to thier favorite sports teams. Chris Matthews talks about our genius president with the 160 IQ.

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Webcam. Did you what you. We are your -- adjusts welcome to the jobs. That's your future. So happy about it. Well happy about the Bruins in game seven in the town -- -- we'll have a lot of talk about. I'm excited about her McCain idea you have to Allah grin on your face I wasn't harming Ingram -- also think of when you say Jamal just yesterday and think of the word I think it's -- -- But since it it is it's -- -- that's why -- -- smiling you know have to give -- those answers and if well I get smile about a lot of addition -- -- off first this -- a slight but Mike -- league -- -- Guy it might be merged it takes a lot a top. By the way we have broadcasting from the new ballots -- headquarters building that is the God's honest truth. And -- -- -- -- -- the first job of the day listeners hear or listen carefully tell us if this is racist and a trip. Dictator to dictator mr. Obama shares a laugh -- that's because Democrats. The first time he's an elegant and it's house smiled -- birdie. The incident one of Africa's most wanted. Not the first time he's adulthood in the big trip so what's with all of hoods and it -- a month after the White House. Posted the rapper common who glorified violence on tops. The president opened its doors to one of Africa's most evil dictators. And that -- Just a little fun. Think it's racist and of course I would say it's four. Now -- and for it was bush who work well is it. Yeah but why would that make your racist if if you if he's a black if I'm sorry yeah that's ebonics for house -- If you're gonna make fun of George W. Bush -- -- used Texas accent would that be some kind of ism some offensive of these bigotry towards Hillary. Appropriate -- -- -- somebody trying to imitating that exact reason you needed to put on -- ticker cowboy innocence and always having another round up but the rain gives something like that India would kind of bigotry yeah and that way thank. The way Fox's apologize. They have they really yet they say it went over the line who would do but let me ask you who -- it. You apologized who someone pull some things -- some -- -- -- you know that's my point yeah crazy groups until one thing -- wrote. In stereo. Let's listen as college students I asked about the so affirmative. Action. Did -- support. That's basically find that principles about what if right now as the African American diplomat overnight. American. -- basically. You know I'm mark eight. You've done that but I'm constantly judging. Candidates based on an athletic ability take into consideration batteries. Now let's let the -- -- African Americans in Lebanon percent African American. Point 9% to Africa 2001. It. -- configuration accounting trafficking and let occasion. Mean it's just par from. I hate -- and at an early. It's a very lot of talent where it will weaken the team's so so that these guys go out this very clever web site where they try to undermine -- by going college campuses and asking people questions with a video camera. And the contradictions immediately develop do you see. A bunch of people have a belief system that they've never actually thought about every kid they asked do you believe in affirmative action -- And then they give them an example affirmative action so -- is that we want excellence. We want the best. We should be chosen on merit. This is the second thing I've seen from them the first one you might remember was when asked about Adam redistribution while so college kids -- all for it. And then when he so can I have a point offering your GPA Cincinnati get a chance to study is an artist you all knowledge. It's gonna give you anyway I -- that what -- -- a couple of points a cut GPA. That's class. It was a very good -- is again this is -- because you really get to see you know what Ann Coulter was talking about with us yesterday in in her new book. I'm she highlights this kind of mindless mob mentality of the laughed. And you see all these kids who were so sure war. That affirmative action is automatically the right thing in -- -- one simple example should be and put in fact and they can't take and answer they can't think of the Guyanese. In the contradictions on college campuses are astounding because all of those kids. Would also say oh we believe in the First Amendment and the right of free speech and democracy. And yet they hit us they boo -- -- call. They all those part of developers able to change the auditorium doors to make sure that somebody you know of a certain -- political persuasion. Cannot speak is not allowed to speak -- what you see. Please read they wanna keep them in their super -- they who wants the kids actually grow and learn to think. And most of them never well and of how ironic that that's what we're doing on our college campuses the kids are brain -- the other part that I thought was really funny. Is that. You listen this tape and goes on for a few minutes the injury or is a college kid or college age kids. And he's asked all these questions there are answer all these questions the word light occurs. Approximately every third word well light and utilized so really ridiculous reckless government upon. Are you don't with the -- gonna play anymore. Removing non. You anymore that did you wanna play. Yeah I'll play. I'd like to hear the words like. Several times before. Support -- support from an accurate idea of but it your addition is seeing take -- to take better players -- -- Because of race I don't want can't he can't and. Isn't it. It taste it and I think that. I highly support candidates is where I feel like me. Maybe I'm not at Canon's -- This -- at the I mean it's something I think season look back. The like academic ability to thank athletic. House like academic ability like different than -- sort of athletic ability like like you you -- our. That is divorced or it might notice it even has five and he's picked up at school this here that you're supposed to say the words like constantly like life. -- -- They just throwing it in randomly in the middle sentence real five years old he's already being indoctrinated. He also talks about his -- all the time which he never congressman if I -- I aspire I have high hopes or it could. I know and that's why he's going to an elite preschool at yet that he -- of positions and open up a secluded enough. I eat the steps it is always this pre school gym. I'm just not a security and dozens of on the merits on the phone. Turning your keys one in his city and Ohio law once the keys to your house your business everything. It allows a more rapid access to the property without damaging the property this keep us citizen admire so greatly does that but the. Think that we have not duly considered. All the privacy and Fourth Amendment issues that come along with having the keys of your business. What's your home on the turn your property. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody department but safe city. Important government employee decides that town they need a new Xerox copy machine cool. Would be liable or they need to print her new computer what if the key is still an. Now you wouldn't think that anyone would do something like that we don't know clearly this box is going to be. Universal. You know you're turning your keys over this city most people probably don't know this exists right now but many businesses are required in most communities to have a key box that the fire department -- to -- -- in the building to gain access is a fire room at any analog goes -- the ironic that a -- they wanna respond as quickly as possible as. And and with as minimal damage as possible why I think because fire alarm systems do. False alarms much more frequently while Johnson to just or rather than having you know ten fineman swinging sledgehammers and and and and -- in -- right Doritos front back in every which way. A very quick access into professionals who adherents say yeah this is real let's go are it's not real false alarm. I've never heard of the community trying to have every homeowner do -- -- how often does the average home. Yet visit from the fire department that's if Napa. That's a beam this is a very this if that's a -- question of China's -- we should do a topic on it's it's interesting because it shows how. Often you'll see people in decision making positions make a decision based only on their perspective oh sure what problem if I -- -- if I am a professional firefighter. My world is kind of circumscribed by those responsibilities -- important. And I wanted to make sure entered the best job possible or your town manager yeah so the rest of the world says well we yell we want you to be the US firefighters concentrated enough -- I'll I'll. I'll privacy right loves this 10 search and seizure medicine warrant topic. Of oh boy. Well you know we also the president a -- as a very well well it's the entertainment that moment and you know. And that the president is getting meditative -- perhaps getting ready for his future. Have you ever thought yourself that maybe one term was enough. Well I'm glad I'm sure there are days words it's a the one term that's enough. What keeps me going is really believe that. The work that we started. In 2000 online has not yet complete. Why does he have to be such a fraud that can you play the phony laugh at the beginning again. I'd never thought yourself that maybe one term was enough. That's life -- I actually funny -- -- Why is -- necessary to say and. You can you bring back Cheney knows what dad is seen seated every person you have to have a conversation where it gets uncomfortable. Is a defense mechanism that we all have most of us don't even know what it is but you buy and time two seconds force that why it is you have to buy time at -- let these the other night in the debate and then somebody yeah. But himself about fifteen seconds while he offered a tribute to somebody whose -- restaurants and it wasn't enough time something like hot at eight he actually. You know god but my analysis of politics performances very different than anybody else's why he. He he did not -- admittedly missed a good opportunity at oblige admit in a gentlemanly way but to bludgeon them. The rest of his debate performance was very very. Solid volume but you know original how this thing works you can do 95% a look at Luongo now he stopped if you shot half ha ha ha. Ha ha. Good point that's just satellite goes. Now Chris Matthews you ask him a question about Barack Obama he has and hesitate he's right there with the exaggerated compliments their right. That's what I was thinking is they would our producers trying to figure out here in the White House side and engineering in my -- get taken. Okay we got a president who's got about a 160 I Jim he can move fast -- -- and adapt just you say Romney did at the -- with. He's only worried about what he's citing the Mario -- had box is this guy one punch in his entire arsenal but you don't wanna get hit by whom mr. punch we saw last night. He's is that it's killed it was a very interest in question in Dubai -- had said that's going back to go back everybody you don't have boots up about. Now Floyd Patterson didn't. That might have been a little before my time Floyd Patterson to the K -- -- Johanneson. And fuzzy on -- Floyd died and I don't know -- our -- still with us and on and this this -- -- but 1960 and now goes back long before I was I mean I didn't know boxing existed till Ali. Ali put it on the map -- yeah. -- -- -- It was -- -- Ali camera on right after Paterson who was list and took out Paterson -- took out less than you know Paterson is gonna -- -- -- -- but. You reveal my rights is the -- why don't you how well I'll buy it right right that's the best that watched that press box. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob is with us. Earn invitations yet Chris interest at about 166. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was this whole game was being perceived the most boxers bothering them loss before they anchors were so scared or intimidated yeah. But -- that would happen -- would of stayed away from him poked him. And you know kept pounding them. You know occupant wells would have taken does it destroyed. Any of them actually -- for operation yes I was just gonna say Joseph -- oh absolutely no question about. Does Joseph Frazier can take Joseph for patriotic. In when he hit you is usually the. -- -- That's what -- -- just balancing act. -- I don't like that. -- how. It was a good way go by god. I catch this Chris Matthews with a tangle up the leg now over Obama's IQ -- the most ridiculous stuff I have never had wireless a brilliantly as. He's a smart guy thought you know he's right. I just don't know why they -- I think everyone in my Brothers -- two doses have has a high -- -- and Chris Mandel you come from a bright family album that just that this notion that somehow rather that connotes some type of brilliance -- that. It's global past the point is why do liberals worship so at this very narrow intellectual ism that comes from book learning you know that you sell any university atmosphere so. Barack Obama can be absolutely. Ineffective and inefficient. An insufficient at decision making and survival skills kept at life instincts and they worship him because he can make it to watery go to our little liberals to. Stay on the point that look -- he'll make a great point here's the other thing that they don't. All of a sudden you know was supposed to we'll -- I don't worship -- Barack Obama is allegedly went sixty IQ on this the end of the world thank god for the greatly to you -- yourself now not and then how mark and Chris Matthews and the end. You know they say all the heaven forbid the use SATs. Heaven forbid that -- -- clueless -- to get into these schools are not you it's unbelievable him. Partners and -- we don't. And stop talking for you go -- please all of my water all hot hot hot -- a half a million go to a commercial -- puts -- six -- -- While the plane right now I'm -- for both teams never elements along plane right. Both teams have to go threat. We're here that's that's good. Both teams -- captured in America ready for for tomorrow and that. You know Stanley Cup finals games happen. How much armies. Needs to be said. There -- from behind it and try to reverse. By -- -- the line. You put the center. -- -- -- Reverse effect of -- -- drive one -- One night. And the Boston Bruins. We -- first period -- for a long ago and wind up being. Sports like teams sentinel wins. Do they don't have kind -- -- Canadians again all excitement. And it's. -- it's just. It's. They will we still have -- but I I would wear the miss the -- and I don't know. But to what text messages as of what sixty IQ he's hiding his transcripts how interesting and here's another one. Pot is on drugs yet we know obviously Tyson would have healed. Joseph for a month wait now okay -- it was the ice is Mike Tyson in my now he was a one dimensional. You are the ones aren't sure why -- want. People that's. Not in an in the -- in the boxing of the generation -- on the time in which he was dominant did not compare. The boxing that Ali and Frazier and -- by the way you romance. Run -- so Ron Borges a very good -- boxing. My brother Bobby these -- -- people ought to college by the Bobby -- boxing as good as anybody that. Shows the New Hampshire -- to -- -- and it is an amendment Morris it's a Tony cut now to -- -- -- box. Experts. Morris FitzGerald tough it's tough guy knows boxing to -- an -- It's. Five people out the details so I guess so let's -- -- -- Well I don't outset I think it's being around all -- all is said and I'm Natalie is. -- Eight and -- made by avoid any number of people I think to Bill Maher. I we have -- might have otherwise known as my favorite political cover it up against did this guy but he's talking about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. A lot of people thought Michelle Bachmann. Who I know you've had some choice words for over over the months and years did well last night do you do when your great. Of course not she -- well by what standard negotiate she's able to speak in complete sentences yeah I heard that analysis -- she was very effective she spoke in short sentences must have. You know act I mean the standards are so -- let's be honest we're we're we're judging her against Sarah Palin. That's that's what it is and yes compared to Sarah Palin. She does look better because Sarah Palin comes off as a complete airhead like it -- -- housewife -- a stewardess I think I Calder the past. As usual Bill -- You not funny hours discussing in -- his insights and neither funny another condescension. And condescension is that somehow cholera. We are fortunate to be in the presence of his brilliance and his analysis. The condescension is amazing usually. That at the very smart people I know. -- very humble about their intelligence. An arrogant SOB the I I think the point where he's correct is that we it's it's not that the standards -- below the standards are. The sort of pop culture standards their performance standards more than contact except that the standards differ by -- whatever other pretty cool across the board you know did I think I -- candidate had people's warning about Barack Obama or including -- body out and Mitt Romney did did well we're told because he looked presidential as one of the analyses I was reading last night. Boy here on -- yeah what's up. -- -- -- You know I gotta take exception to Eritrea I usually agree would you -- It wasn't even the best boxer is time you know to what -- for the fact that always feel productivity. Olympic trials he would even a better pro when he was. -- -- -- -- -- -- continue to fight. Immature -- -- he can go to the Olympics in Seoul Korea. Would have gotten a gold except his Korean driver got lost it he didn't make it to the rink and so we get forced abroad without losing -- match. And then when he finally makes it to the pros. -- -- approach I mean it was kind of coordinate the best fighter today much slash Andy as much as title killer hitter. -- Would have never -- getting close -- because he had artwork for longer than ties. And -- very good punch at a very powerful jab wasn't just like mosquito yeah very how -- guy. Any -- they can do it he couldn't walk around a little bit. I -- orbit coping -- he took George -- except you can't be all right Barry. -- -- me all you want all our last Q and you'll be too it's hard to lift your arms and alma -- -- of the drop in and and it's going to be Ottawa I -- Ali was just absolutely -- Paul you're either better probably than -- the long -- -- -- -- as did well I don't know -- -- infinitely of the indictment -- amendment called caller. And you sell bibles column -- -- -- him that began in -- lessons of the outskirts boxing. -- the most brutal and Michigan both -- with Chapman had never been that no one could badly led. Crocker know I'm Alexander he know Alexander I'm the best -- they've never been anybody. If I'm Jack did you did no one like -- netbook that no one can match me my. Out of mpeg two it might get that hat trick in the book and I've been approached about what's your heart I want -- -- children praise be to our. Safe -- said he's -- and so whatever he sat home studying. -- as a piece of Mohammed Ali -- they still couldn't make anything happen even verbal that would compare -- Mohammed Ali the Los Angeles schools have made finally you know how schools have drifted away from educational standards are finally Paula back in. With tough decisions they may soon ban flavored milk in the -- -- What's -- -- school district is going to consider healthier options for school lunches today. When idea would remove some those flavored milk from cafeterias. -- Spellman is in downtown LA. You love that top militants. You've got to shake it before you drink it. That's written on the side here on the instruct these guys aren't public schools really easily bored looking at you live mediating. Flavored milk things like chocolate milk from the school lunch menu and also. Added some healthier choices would you believe if you keep people from school instead dad mom I had sushi. Is there any bigger -- time by the way than watching the evening news this is an yeah well that's a great that's a great question this is the that. The predictable punting. On whenever there's a tough decision like what are we gonna teach these Scopes who apparently aren't capable of learning and thanks so you make. You may trial decides to make it decisive executive action all about chocolate milk. -- you know what I think you're being unfair because this is what America wants. They want the nanny state yeah. Just get brutal all the food in the schools no foods are and believe they don't have a vending machine don't have a cafeteria people numbering in their own bags of one inch. And parents can decide what speaking of branding either way if you -- just it don't go to school if you camping or peanut. That I was just an EU I am assuming you've never actually confessed -- -- associate with us. We will peanut butter jelly -- peanut butter fly off although all of -- ya anything with and and and most the classmates Williams you've enjoyed judge there's a lot of Red Sox did fairly recently on a whole section at Fenway Park. Yes they did the police have free zone because of guests chart children's real social small number of kids it's actually miniscule. Who are in deadly danger out if they even breathe the the dust from peanuts gone through the air now. I would think there be other things it would kill on the Fenway. But he just thinking how long did you concrete is villages Orleans on whatever. File vault. And a follow via added that it be great Ted Williams to come back and -- if -- -- human music out there. Now hostage died in Washington. Talent is Richard. By the way you might be suffering from some economic woes and economic -- at his blame the machines all of those machines I think that's what the president is doing brilliant. That happened though and this goes to the point you're just making. Is there are some structural issues when our economy. Where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers associates Hewitt only go to a bank and there. He use an ATM you don't go to a bank teller or you go to the airport and you're using a kiosk -- sort of checking in at the gate so. All these things are created changes in the economy and what we have to do now and that's what this job council is all about is a -- machines. The little rights that come back -- up at. What about the jobs were created from people that have to service the ATM machine no -- still are saying is -- but there's him just last couple years such an idiot and that's why is it actually. Nine dollars and he thinks it's actually help that's part of being I'm just -- -- that is that works for -- tenth graders to a college seniors that kind of analysis. And that was a pretty like. -- Todd WRKO.