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Joe Battenfeld breaks down the GOP debate

Jun 14, 2011|

Battenfeld talks GOP NH Debate. Who impressed, surprised and disappointed.

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Well sky China rose one another day -- Bruins are going to win the Stanley Colorado according to town -- veterans groaning I'm just quoting an idea I think their analysts yeah it's you do you know. I know it once again I haven't when -- on Friday yeah tomorrow night what's tomorrow and -- tomorrow. It is we are a little confused because -- -- ever -- it -- has a little a little groggy but happily. Groggy except for Joseph Banfield who's never groggy I asked I asked what I that's true I look forward to the day when we catch a Moneyline. Joseph being -- how are you sir it's only. Iraqi lately he's been like now. Pumped up about the game in that debate I was doing I was like in the game -- tweeting at the same time about the debate watch this debate now. Wait a minute I thought the game while you watch in the debate or -- tweeting about the debate while I'm watching a young. Mostly it was awhile about the game and why. The game between on the debate you just -- half the values and. -- -- -- You know it would ultimately behind it now on scene of the W you know who's gonna send it right we continue to have many things that you -- -- -- over -- channel seven year. I. Got I got through college Bible that you like you know law. That is that is impressive so give us yet. We won't hear your take on the Bruins will last about another time given. I could I wouldn't want it over. At home only two years and I find it over. It's not will be it will. It is -- that out though. Nadal I'm I want my my my concern is it that the game the winner is the team that's most violent. And I think that the Bruins a pull off the violence effectively at home but. Yet they have to do it on the road you're right the key. Then is that playing the same way which you which. You know they haven't done so far and obviously in Vancouver they have to go out aggressive and hitting people without you know. Going crazy about it but you know they picked up went -- that you've been more visible. All right -- let's -- right. But until that -- what's your take on the debate who did well who don't. And I can make art references debate -- That always he was there Roberto Luongo of the night. Griese he's got old early earlier I'm ready -- -- Nat. Not a better do you watch him. I bought it at me saying it totally well why -- when he Rodney -- yeah. The impact that was packed it up quite that was -- I didn't know what what. I was like deer in the headlights on his own -- -- have a yard kick John King actually did positioned him very very nice to know what it might I think it's going to a wide leading man. -- tell you why because apple from the midwest generally courteous respectful enough to erupt and they don't look all around the world with a chip on -- I think this just like hi this is like this Stanley Cup. Used to get in the corner and -- arts. You can't have it got picked out -- which is permitted food it's is that -- problem. He had no problem not being aggressive. So. Don't act and so if I didn't even need to listen to what they were saying there rob a of that little smile on his state in Poland is good here in the headlights look that would -- that all the public he needed to speak. And that there in the headline is that it's in the headlights is itself on presidential yeah you wanna see some manhood out there so. I think -- I think I'll agree with -- on that question I think Pawlenty missed an opportunity to really drive home. -- -- all the negativity associated with the Romney mandate there are a couple of other questions I thought he hit very saw it. Batters later -- it and it. If you did it mean if you -- the first big west and then you know that the big bank and also. I actually bought it so -- had won the debate because everyone after that happened after. -- he kind of backed down everyone else -- afraid to attack Romney. How did you -- Herman Cain did. Make the good debate appearance. I don't know what he was saying. It was music really you know appealed -- that many people but it. It was that around and ask them about the auld mug -- on the what you questions somebody. And and Gingrich actually had probably the best it's there of that but. They've got are actually. And Michelle Bachman -- but it was second placed around in a debate I think because yet lower expectations. I think as he did better than that. Though. You know and now in their presidential campaign that was and eight that'll be good idea. But it helped her with the media coverage considering nobody watched it last night I actually just in a good idea that's a good -- -- -- -- she's getting headlines today users. Yeah I know about it. Yes he should know because why do you let the debate if you're not running. Hope -- keep me out Joseph before the debate we were told -- is gonna be -- well we -- -- things that they'll gang up on Romney that did not -- we're also told us will be all about jobs and if I recall the first question that was on jobs. Proxy has some sound from Pawlenty I think he was at the first one to go on the question of jobs I I went to grade his -- a -- I gave it my own great and -- this happened very early on go ahead. This president is in decline as he views America as one of equals around the world we're not the same as Portugal. We're not the same as Argentina and this idea that we can't have 5% growth in America is hogwash it's a defeatist attitude. Delegate in there I'd given up only a beat. -- -- Yeah okay I just curious whether we were watching the same guy the actor angry little deer in the headlights on the robbed -- thing but. -- of the separation of church and state the jobs question there was one other he handed the ball last night I think Rodney did very well as well so we kind of agree under. It moment though you know you can get good but -- -- if you're a reverse it does -- is missing a key moment. You know that feeling not good -- debate. -- Joseph -- to tell us about in Tulsa quickly about Mitt Romney. Ended was -- something different about him last night that you think led to the victor. Well I think made to -- the level of competition. Is much weaker this time that it was. Before any obviously he knows wore out view react to quest in me and how to act in the debate -- most people haven't been in net -- That's what I mean he was a little more aggressive I think and. -- -- -- he had that he had bad go to one note I have Obama failed Obama failed -- -- kept driving net well. And also. You know like they I think he tried to do this but we know there's a lot of questions that I spotted the debate which is you know not relevant. Really what's going on it yet -- -- know all. Boxers Burton Burton briefed or whatever. When we're -- so we're gonna go to break but Ellison and given new to them. -- an American Idol resisting answered with a stylus and Johnny Cash roses albums going out. And read nor I should not much in the. -- I tried to -- we're not talking only if you -- answers to how well Coke or Pepsi can edit it. I cannot -- Panama or you won't even answer that well you. Know -- -- it again. -- got just. It. Now you do not Joba and Phil idiots that's Austin Harold there was too much work -- -- and have to --